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Betty Cooper.

Who was Betty Cooper?

A good question.

If you would ask anyone on the Northside, they would say that Elizabeth Cooper was the perfect girl next door. A straight A student, always helpful and kind. All good, no bad sides at all.

But that wasn't enough for her.

She wasn't happy there. It wasn't what she wanted. She was never that person, she never will be. So she decided to change, finally live out that true part of herself. The best and easiest way to do that was to join the Southside Serpents.

Who was Jughead?

To anyone on the Northside? A scum. Just someone, who got lost while growing up and now caused trouble by leading the Southside Serpents. He was 17 now. Maybe a little bit of a jackass sometimes, but only at school. When he was sure that he was around people, he could trust, than he was semi nice. Okay, maybe he did play with a few hearts.

But that time was over once he got to know Betty Smith. Now, a year later, she was on her way to be Serpent Queen, once Jughead was 18. But that only was a couple of months away, so who cares?

Elizabeth Cooper and Betty Smith were the same person. Jughead sadly did change, depending on how she met him. On the Southside he really was this caring boyfriend, protecting her and all. On the Northside however, he was not. When she met him there, it wasn't that good... he might say some mean stuff from here to there or start rumors.

That's why she changed, so that he wouldn't find out. Because if he did, she didn't know what he would do.

But she was Betty Smith by now, somehow.



"B? Are you even listening to me?" she asked, Veronica asked, waving her hand in front of her face. Betty just hummed, even though she didn't hear anything. Veronica sighed "Mr. Weatherbee just announced that Southside High got shit down and that we should welcome them"


"Yeah, some students eventually transfer here next week" well, that couldn't happen, this would be an absolute catastrophe. It couldn't happen, not at all. Jughead would come then. He would sooner or later put one and one together and figure it all out. Toni, Sweat Pea and Fangs were the only ones, who knew both sides of her. And that happened on accident.

"You okay? You're pale..." Veronica asked, bringing her back. Betty just nodded.

"Yeah- yeah, I uhm... I gotta go"

"You sure that you're okay?" she just hummed, getting and then walking out, making a bee line to the bathroom. After locking herself in a stall, she just turned around and opened the lid before throwing up.

Once her stomach and mind had calmed down, she flushed the toilet and then got up. After fixing herself at the mirror again, she exited the bathroom and then walked over to her locker to get her books.

School went by fine.

After it, she walked to Pops. Of course Jughead had to be there. She sighed, walking over to the counter to order, purposely staying close because she knew that Jughead wouldn't do anything bad since Pops didn't take any bullying of any kind.

Though then Pop went to the back.

"Say, Cooper, what did you order?" he asked, leaning on the counter and facing her.

"Just leave me alone"

"Or what?" he leaned closer.

"I don't know" he sighed.

"Oh, Coop. Why do you even-" Pop walked back in, he sighed "I'm just saying" he grinned and then left. That's how it usually went though.

Nothing more than a few words.




The day that people from Southside High transferred to Riverdale High, including some of the Serpents. Betty didn't worry about the Serpents in general to come. Jughead was the person that she was worried about.

He couldn't find out.

Purposely coming late, she thankfully didn't meet anyone before class and once she was in her classroom, all she saw from the Serpents were Toni, Sweat Pea and Fangs. Walking to her seat, she kept her head down. In the end, she sat next to Toni and the two boys were in a row behind them.

"Just a question, Betty, how can you like this school? There are so many rules, and they care about the dress code too. We can't even wear our damn jackets and have to hide our tattoos. That's just-"

"It's just a normal school, don't worry. It's not that bad" Betty said, interrupting Sweat Pea.

"Besides, Southside High sucked"

"I guess so" though then Betty turned back around as the teacher cleared his throat.

"Elizabeth, class has started. If you don't mind, I'd like you to pay attention to me now. You can talk to your friends from the Southside later on"


Things went smoothly. At least until lunch break came. Because now she had to choose. Either she would sit with her friend, Veronica and Kevin... or she would go to the table where the Serpents were. She would be accepted at both... probably. But Jughead surely won't sit with the others, right? He was known to just ditch schools. So, Betty went over to the table, where Toni and the others already sat.

"Isn't it kind of dangerous for you to sit here? Because... you know, your mom and your reputation?" Fangs asked, looking around. Betty did as well, turning around for a second before she sighed.

"I honestly don't care about it anymore. I just... I don't know. I want Jughead to know, who I am. Maybe then he will be nice all the time. That makes sense, right?"

"Well, yeah but... Why did you even start doing this whole cosplay thing for the Serpents?" Sweat Pea and she shrugged.

"I don't know"

"Anyway, you're going to figure it out now. jughead is coming over"

"What?" she turned around and of course there he was, walking over to her and then crossing his arms over his chest once standing in front of her.

"What are you doing here, Coop? This is the Serpent table" Betty turned around to look at Tony, sweat Pea and Fangs for help but they all didn't do anything. Sure, Jughead was a good friend. But he was also the Serpent King... you didn't want to go behind his back.

"I know"

"Yes, so you can't sit here"

"But I can" he frowned.

"Why would you?"

"Because I am a Serpent"

"No, you aren't" Betty stood up, being on the same level now.

"I am. Wanna see the tattoo?"

"Oh yeah that will be a must"

"Too bad that it's against dress code" she winked "But while we are at it, you might wanna stop treating your girlfriend like shit only because I'm from the Northside and you see her there"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, newsflash, Juggy, your girlfriend is pretty smart and sick of her 'perfect' life on the Northside, so I came to the White Wrym and you thankfully let me join"

That's pretty much how Betty told everyone, who she really was.

Including Jughead.

Maybe she should have done it in private.

But who cares?

Honestly, Betty was prepared for everything at this point. A slight push or a slap maybe. A couple of insults following, how she could dare to do this, how she just started a lie and how their relationship was based on a false life.

But that's not what happened.


Instead, Jughead cupped her face and kissed her with such passion, that she felt like her legs would give in every second and he would end up on the ground. Though Jughead kept her up, pulling her even closer to him.

Though then he pulled away.

"Damn, Coop, that was so hot"

She just smiled.

Well, that's the start of Riverdale's very own crime couple.