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Café D'amour

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The door jingles as it opens. Cold air enters the Café along with a flustered Gahyeon, hair askew and scarf tousled from the wind. Stepping inside quickly she cups her hands up to her mouth breathing out slowly to warm up her frozen fingers. She had been in such a rush she forgot her gloves on the kitchen counter as she ran around getting ready. She stands at the entrance letting the warmth of the store defrost her as her eyes scan over the tables. Once her eyes lock on a familiar face she makes her way over towards the table they are sat at.


As she approaches a pair of brown eyes that were initially locked on their phone snaps up and pins her in place with their intensity. Gahyeon freezes one step away from the empty chair she was going to sit in and stares back sheepishly.


"You're late." Bora's voice states simply, no annoyance or anger in her voice. Just a simple fact stated almost casually, but Gahyeon still squirms a bit under the older girls' stare.


"I'm sorry, I didn't hear my alarm go off!"


Bora stares at her a little more, face indifferent, and one eyebrow raised. After letting Gahyeon sweat a little more, Bora finally cracks a small grin and tilts her chin at the empty chair in front of her. Letting out the breath she had been holding, Gahyeon follows the hint and sits down, deflating into her chair with a pout.


"Ah seriously, what am I going to do with you Lee Gahyeon."


Tilting her head in faux thought, the younger lets out a hmm before she smirks.


"I don't know, maybe love me unconditionally and dote on me forever?" Gahyeon smiles cheekily and bats her eyelashes a bit.


Bora scoffs but can't hide her amused smile. "Watch yourself baby." 


Gahyeon just continues smiling, sticking just the tip of her tongue out between her teeth. Bora rolls her eyes but continues to grin, more endeared than annoyed. Actually what was annoying was how it was basically impossible to stay upset at Gahyeon, not that Bora would ever tell the younger girl that in fear that she would become even more fearless. Bora still had her pride as one of the eldest after all.


"So, are you ready to order? I'm starving since someone made me wait an eternity. Your poor unnie is wasting away over here."


Gahyeon's eyes light up in excitement and she leans forward in her chair as she cheers, "I want strawberry parfait! Also get whatever you want Unnie, I'll be paying this time." The younger girl says proudly, chest puffing up.


"Oh Gahyeon is treating me, what's the occasion?"


"I'm just in a really good mood today and wanted to do something nice."


Bora's gaze turns soft as she observes Gahyeon, the way the edges of her lips curved up with her smile, how her eyes turn into half moons. A wave of affection wells up in the older girl, unable to properly contain it Bora finds herself reaching across the table and placing a hand on top of Gahyeon's head. Tangling her fingers into dark locks, Bora begins to gently run her fingers through the cropped hair.


Gahyeon had debated on whether to cut her hair or not for a while and after some encouragement from the other members she finally had taken the plunge. When she first came back to the dorm after her hairdresser appointment there was a lot of commotion raised by all the members. They all took turns fawning over the maknae and touching her hair, each one singing her praises. Siyeon especially had a strong reaction to the younger girl's new hair. Gahyeon had flushed under the attention but also enjoyed having everyone dote on her.


Bora especially kept finding her gaze falling back on the younger girl. Gahyeon had always been pretty. She was able to pull your attention and make you focus on her just with a smile. Bora was used to keeping her eyes on her both to watch over her and also because she just couldn't help herself. Her presence was always magnetic but with her new haircut. It had Bora doing a double take unable to come up with the words she wanted to say. So she did a lot of staring, much like she is now in this crowded Café, hand still softly combing through Gahyeon's hair. 


The longer Bora stares, the redder Gahyeon's cheeks become. Confused why she's being stared at but still enjoying the way Bora was looking at her, Gahyeon just sits there silently. Waiting for the older girl to break the charged silence between them. But Bora just kept on staring and Gahyeon felt like she was burning up under hee intense stare so she finally breaks the staring contest they had unconsciously engaged in. Once eye contact was broken it was like whatever spell Bora had been under broke and she finally removed her hand from Gahyeon's hair. 


"Your haircut, it really suits you."


"You really think so?" Gahyeon self consciously fiddles with the ends of her hair, still not used to having it so short.


"Yeah, you look beautiful. And it shows off a new side of you. You can really pull off any style."


"Thanks…" Gahyeon brushes a strand of hair behind her ear and looks off to the side. "You're too unnie, I really like your pink hair. You always look good no matter what."


"Careful, if you keep saying things like that I'll fall in love with you."


Glancing back in Bora's direction, Gahyeon smiles, feeling her confidence start to return.


"Well, is that a bad thing?"


They both stare at each other again, air charged with something different crackling between, and secretive smiles on their faces.


"No, it's not a bad thing at all."