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You're Mine

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Tonight, it was you taken away with Chris’s appearance in his white button-down and gray plaid slacks. It was very rare for you to see him dressed up, but whenever you did it always lit a flame of desire inside you.

“You know maybe we should stay home tonight” you purred in Chris’s ear as you nibbled his ear lobe and pressed your chest on his back, arms wrapping around his chest

He was doing a last-minute inspection in the full body mirror and smirked, meeting your gaze through the reflection.

“Later nena we don’t have time now and we are going to the event,” he said making you loosen your grip on him and pout as you grabbed your purse and walked out the door mumbling “fine”

It was torture for you to watch Chris looking the way he did and not have a single ounce of his attention. He had left you with Ali and Clara and some other girls to fool around with his bandmates, and do some interviews. The ache between your legs screaming his name grew unbearable, making you do a last resort as a call of attention. Bring out his jealous side. Make him see you flirt with another man, lead him on until Chris has had enough of your little game and pulls you aside just to remind you who you belong to. Yet, your usual victim, Joel, who seemed too oblivious to your flirting, was busy doing things with the band so you had to settle on a handsome stranger. You really didn’t care much for the victim, so you settled on the first man you spotted who you noticed had his eyes on you. He was handsome, with pale blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, tall and well built but not Chris. Jason, was the perfect toy for your little game as you had a perfect view of Chris from your peripheral vision. You noticed Chris turn his gaze to you as you stood closer to his liking, with Jason, making sure to touch his forearm and giggle at every little joke and pick up line he threw your way. You noticed as you sipped on your mojito Chris’s jaw flinch in anger but he still had not made any moves to lure you away. The two of you locked eyes and all he did was gently shake his head no, warning you to not play this little game of yours. Not tonight. But you, being you did what you wanted and cocked your eyebrow pretending to be confused before Jason touched your bicep dragging your attention back onto him. As the night came to an end and people said their goodbyes, was when Chris had enough. He had watched you the whole night and genuinely thought you were going to go home with Jason. You excused yourself for the night claiming you were too tired to continue anything further and had work early in the morning. As you walked up to Chris you noticed a cold expression plastered on his face.

“Chr-” you went to question but yelped as he grabbed your wrist and rushed you out of the reception so quickly you couldn’t keep up.

“Hey! Slow down I can’t run in heels you know” you protested as you almost twisted your ankle

“Fine” he mumbled as he picked you up and carried you into the red sports car throwing you into the shotgun seat

“What is your problem?” you finally hissed as he got into the driver’s seat and sped away

Chris chuckled, mumbling something in Spanish as he hit the gas pedal harder making you a bit scared.

“Chris slow down! You’re going to kill us!” you whined as you grabbed onto the upper handlebar

He slowed down a bit, still giving you the cold shoulder until he parked in the garage.

“I’m going to bed Chris, I recommend you sleep on the couch since your acting like a child” you huffed as you got out of the car only to yelp out as he grabbed your wrist and stopped you from leaving.

“Nena, I’m acting like the child?” he growled as he pinned you to the wall “I didn’t give you what you wanted earlier and you decided to take manners into your own hands and act out. Did you know the comments said to me about you while you were off trying to fuck that guy?”

His black eyes, fully dilated in pure lust bore into your soul, as he waited for you to answer.

“Chris- I-” you shyly went to answer as he grabbed your throat and spun you around pinning you to the car, pressing your back against the cold window of the shotgun seat

“Que te dije antes de que nos fuéamos?” he hissed pressing a little tighter around your neck

“L- Later?” you said almost making it into a question as his free hand lifted up your dress his hands finally approaching were you needed his attention the most sent a pool of excitement down between your legs

“Was that guy part of later?” he asked clenching his jaw already getting angry

You shook your head no making him pull the straps of your dress down exposing your breasts to the cold air. He grabbed one of your nipples and squeezed hard making you whine out as you held onto his wrist for mercy.

“Use your words nena” he growled

“No!” you cried out

“Who do you belong to?” he asked as he pulled harder on your sensitive skin

“You Papi” you whimpered he loosened his grip as he dragged you over to the hood of the car and threw you on top of it

Chris stood in between your legs and teased your clothed slit making you whimper out for more.

“And who does this needy little pussy belong to?” he asked pausing to look up at you

“Y- You” you whimpered weakly

His arm stretched out and grabbed your throat again, making you whine as you grew more and more desperate for him inside you.

“Who makes you this needy you filthy little girl?” he hissed as his fingers moved painstakingly slow against your wet folds

“You! Papi, I’m sorry-” you cried out as he finally reached your swollen pearl “please just fuck me- I need you- I need you so badly- please papi”

Your begging earned you what you wanted as you gave him what he wanted to hear. He tore your panties off, burning your flesh a bit as the weak fabric ripped. Chris unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down with his briefs, low enough so his hard pulsating cock could spring out. He tugged on your legs pulling your soaked folds closer to him. You wrapped your legs around his lower back, bucking your hips, silently begging for him.

“Who makes you this needy you fucking slut?” he asked again as he slowly slid only his head inside you

“You! Only you!” you cried out

Chris slid his full member in and roughly thrusted into you, making the car move with him. The first thrust had your back arching and eyes rolling back as he angled himself perfectly inside you, wasting no time in sending you to another planet.

“Chris” you moaned again and again as your nails dug into his biceps gripping onto the white fabric of his button-down.

“Who makes you feel like this nena?” he grunted as he held your throat

“You” you whimpered out as forming a full coherent sentence felt impossible “only you”

Your hand wrapped around his wrist as his thrusting grew rougher making a knot tie in your lower abdomen. Your walls soon pushed the both of you closer to the edge, as they squeezed Chris’s girth.

“You cum when I say so nena” he grunted squeezing your throat tighter as he massaged your clit

You melted into a whimpering mess, creating music to Chris’s ears as his thrusting grew sloppy.

“Cum nena” he commanded letting go of your throat so he could paint red-violet clouds on you

Your eyes rolled to the back of your skull as you screamed out his name and slipped into a state of ecstasy. He quickly followed behind you filling you up with his warm seed. As you tried to catch your breath he pulled out of you and adjusted his pants before he helped you off the car. To your surprise, he pulled you into his chest resting his head on your shoulder (on top of your head if you’re fucking short) and whispered;

“You’re mine nena. No one else’s. It’s one thing when you play this game with Joel because I know him and I know he wouldn’t try anything with you. But I don’t know this guy and I don’t like sharing what’s mine with others.”