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Short Skirts

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The climax of my story had already happened. I had gone on my Pokémon journey and came back as a champion Coordinate of Sinnoh, for as little as that monthly title meant in the long term I was proud of myself. The whole ordeal took me two years. I met many friends along the way and collected a good many Pokémon.

It always ends though. My energetic friend and his Pikachu moved onto the next region. We said our goodbyes and that was that. The buildup. Those aspirations. The excitement of travel and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

That’s what a Pokémon journey is all about. Those who undergo it always aspire to great things afterwards. No-one tells you about what comes after. Many would go from one major objective to the next. By the time I saw my friends turn away from me for the last time, all I felt was tired.

I decided I’d take the next year for myself. I filled my head with all sorts of little objectives. Learning a new language, picking up some fitness skills. Become a fighter girl maybe. The reality was I just wanted a break. I didn’t know where to go and all the goals offered to me seemed so tame in comparison to what I had just done.

I set about releasing my Pokémon not long after I got home. The ones I used the least were the first to go but over time even a few of my core team decided they wanted back into the wild. I’d miss them but having them suspended in storage was twice as cruel as saying goodbye.

By the end I was left with my Lopunny, Piplup, Togekiss and Luxray.

We spent our days lounging and occasionally traveling to this town or that. I had traveled the whole region so Mom didn’t feel bad about leaving me home all day.

I was at peace, for a while. With my sulking- but the world can never truly leave you be for long.

I was thirteen by the time things started to take a strange turn. I kicked a foot up onto the coach, splayed out in my panties and tank top. I yawned heavily as I flipped the TV on to watch this Month’s Championship title battle. I had done well as an aspiring coordinator but those matches weren’t until next week.

Cynthia easily wiped out the latest challenger. Except for his snow cloak, double team Froslass that wiped three of her party before going down. I yawned again; wondering what to do with the day. I threw myself out of the coach. A small bout of dizziness hit me as I walked over to the bags of Pokémon feed in the kitchen.

I poured two bowls of avian food and as I bent over to grab the field kibble; something round, moist and soft prodded the crotch of my panties. I felt the fabric lightly drag and press against the sensitive skin underneath. The feeling sent lightning up my spine and I immediately jumped a few feet into the air. “EEeeek!”, I rounded on my assailant brandishing a heavy bag of feed.

“Oh, Samson. It’s just you. What the hell! You know better than to sneak up on me!”, another shudder ran up my spine, an off feeling I didn’t know what to do with. The Pokémon in question, a Luxray, looked up at me. His tail swished aimlessly from one side to another.

I looked at the open door and spotted three other pairs of hungry eyes looking in on me. I gave my big electric doggy a little scratch on his ear.

“Oh, my bad for forgetting then. Let me get you guys fed!" I quickly poured their feed and added a special puffin for each of them.

It was the sorta thing you go about your life not thinking about. A small, momentary encounter you could wag your finger at and excuse as something one off- maybe if I was too young to feel the things I felt. Maybe if I was old enough to understand them.

No, I sat right in that all too influential middle ground. A vacuum of potential waiting to be filled with anything.

I handed out bowls of food to my companions. The four had split into two duos. Piplup and Togekiss spent a lot of time together. Often taking short flights around my hometown. Luxray and Lopunny were clear friends, chattering idly while munching away.

I yawned again debating on a quick shower to alleviate the heat that had come over my body.

Not thinking too hard on the things I felt.