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soft kisses and sweet caress

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Wei Wuxian sucks in a silent breath as his eyes scan the expanse of Lan Wangji's bare back, marred with the remnants of the discipline whip's strikes from over thirteen years ago.


His hands reach out to touch but stops just barely meeting the sunken skin.


It looked painful. It was painful. Wei Wuxian knew the immense pain from just one strike, how much more would thirty-three do? He shudders, feeling his stomach recoil when he attempts to imagine a bloodied Lan Wangji.


"Lan Zhan." his voice filled with guilt, even as his sigh sounded pained.


"It is nothing." Lan Wangji answers in a beat. They have already gone through this topic of conversation before and many times over. But still-


It still hurts. It hurts that his Lan Zhan had to endure such a thing. And it was all for him.


Wei Wuxian sucks in another breath, not letting his gaze tear away for even a second, no matter how much it stabs his heart and twists his guts.


"Do you not regret it?" he asks, but knows the answer to this question. "Even once?"


"I do not." Lan Wangji answers diligently, patiently, then he turns his head to face Wei Wuxian. As golden eyes meet purplish grey ones, Lan Wangji utters his next words assuringly, lets them linger in the silence as he always has, "For you. I do not regret anything."


Wei Wuxian's eyes soften and water, a small smile taking over. He hums and blinks away the sting in his eyes, "Mn. You are so good to me, my love."


"Only for you, Wei Ying."


Slowly, Wei Wuxian's eyes go over each and every scar that cover Lan Wangji's back, counting and committing to memory once more. Gently, he lets his fingers trace the jagged, faded lines that have long since marked his husband's pristine skin. Softly, his eyes and fingers flicker from one to another. Lovingly, he leans close to a particularly deep one and leaves a ghost of a kiss on it.


He sighs softly on warm, sunken skin.


They both know sorry's and thank you's aren't their thing anymore. Having met with so many misfortunes and unfortunate events following those words.


So, Wei Wuxian settles for this.


Slowly, gently, softly, and lovingly—


He takes his time tracing sunken lines, engraving them with his careful touches. "Lan Zhan, my Lan Zhan." he whispers into the silence of the jingshi, "Beautiful." he utters over and over, littering sweet kisses wherever he can.


Slowly, gently, softly, and lovingly—


Wei Wuxian leaves his traces along the expanse of his husband's bare back. His caresses and kisses becoming even lighter, gentler, and feather-like each time, "So beautiful. Still so beautiful. Always beautiful, my Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian says in a loud whisper. "My Lan Zhan, my Lan Zhan."


Lan Wangji feels his ears grow warm and sighs contentedly, humming in response to each touch, each kiss, each call of his name from his Wei Ying's lips.


He lets his Wei Ying do what he wants to, lets him express himself in a way he can, lets him feel whatever he has to feel about an old pain. Lan Wangji simply lets him do this—no matter how many times, no matter how long, until Wei Wuxian finds forgiveness in himself and a semblance of peace from his dead past.


They let this intimate moment last for as long as they can until Wei Wuxian kisses the thirty third. His lips linger on it for the longest time, the sound of his peck echoes all throughout the silent room.


Then, Wei Wuxian releases another soft sigh on his husband's skin.


Lan Wangji slowly turns to look over his shoulder in time with Wei Wuxian who peaks from behind his husband.


The way Wei Wuxian's glassy eyes curve into crescents and gleam in the dim light, Lan Wangji didn't have to see his entire face to know his Wei Ying is smiling at him.


Lan Wangji can feel the ghost of Wei Wuxian's warm smile stretching on his skin when he leans closer.


"Hi." Wei Wuxian says in a whisper before placing an open kiss on Lan Wangji's shoulder then nuzzling his head on the crook of Lan Wangji's neck.


Lan Wangji replies with a gentle smile as he eyes his dearly beloved, his lips graze the side of Wei Wuxian's head as he hums in response.


Wei Wuxian huffs a wet laugh as he wraps his arms around Lan Wangji's waist tightly. "My husband, my love." he repeats over and over as he breathes in his scent, feels his warmth, burying himself further in his Lan Zhan's neck.


Lan Wangji closes his eyes and exhales softly, leaning his head on Wei Wuxian's, "Mn. I am here."


"I love you."


Lan Wangji turns around fully to face him, his arms wrap around Wei Wuxian's waist. In response, Wei Wuxian moves his arms to wrap around his Lan Zhan's shoulders.


Wei Wuxian gazes down, eyes stuck on the darker patch of skin on Lan Wangji's chest. He purses his lips and traces the brand mark that sits right above Lan Wangji's heart.


Wei Wuxian sucks in another breath and lowers his head. He closes his eyes and turns to his side, letting his ear rest on Lan Wangji's chest to hear the heartbeats. He sighs softly and so does Lan Wangji when Wei Wuxian turns to face the mark and leaves a soft kiss on it.


"A little foolish, hm." Wei Wuxian exhales an amused huff and raises his head again. He closes his eyes and bumps his forehead against his Lan Zhan's. It is silent for a few beats, the rise and fall of their chests move in sync, silent breaths intermingle in the space between them.


Wei Wuxian leans back, opens his eyes again and stares into Lan Wangji's awaiting ones—full of love, filled with longing, enveloped with warmth and understanding. They lean into each other's space, foreheads bumping once more, eyes not leaving the other as if stuck in a trance, lips brushing but neither close the distance just yet.


"Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian breathes out his name, but doesn't dare make a move. He waits as they stare for a little while longer, just existing in each other's presence, letting themselves feel their intimate moment.


Slowly, gently, softly, and lovingly—


They feel their love growing in their hearts, branching out from the tips of their fingers, seeping through their warm skins—meeting, interchanging, converging in every way it can, filling whatever void is left.


"Love you, Wei Ying." Lan Wangji smiles and pulls Wei Wuxian closer, lips finally meeting, hands roaming, breaths panting, and skin burning with so much love and yearning.


In this space only they share, they love again and again, tirelessly and endlessly, until dawn breaks, and then they love all over again.