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Fives Survives (and changes the galaxy)

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A ping from his com woke Hunter from his well-deserved nap. It’s just his luck that once he finally gets to sleep after the Batch’s most recent mission he has to get up and answer his com. It better be something important, he thought grumpily as he rolled over with a groan.


It was a message from Commander Fox. Confused, Hunter sat up to read the message from their former CO. In order for the Batch to do what they do best, they had needed someone to report to and were sending their reports to Commander Fox of the Coruscant Guard until he got too swamped with paperwork and dumped them onto Commander Cody of the 212th. But that was nearly a year ago, so why is Fox contacting us now? He wondered.


Fox: I need to cash in my favors…


Fox: All of them.


That wasn’t what he expected at all. He resigned himself to being awake and typed out a response.


Hunter: what do you need us to do, sir?


Fox: I need you to let an ARC join your squad


Hunter: and why would we do that? is he like us?


Fox: Hunter, please. He knows too much. There were orders out to kill him on sight, but I helped him fake his death instead. I need you to take him in.


Fox: Please.


Hunter: will he put my squad in danger?


Fox: He shouldn’t. 


Fox: If it helps, I firmly believe he can keep up with your shit


Hunter: and why do you say that?


Fox: He has very little impulse control but is still a talented soldier, he is fiercely loyal, and he worked under one of the most batshit generals in the GAR.


Hunter: i'll arrange a meetup. i’ll let the boys decide whether to take him in or not.


Hunter: what’s his name? 


Fox: Fives. 


Fox: And because I know how you are, his CT number is ARC-5555.


Hunter shut off his com, but couldn’t get back to sleep. He sighed in resignation and pulled out his datapad. He thought over what Fox had told him about this brother. He searched up the CT number that Fox gave him and got to learn more about ARC-5555. ARC troopers were competent and usually more feral than the other regs, so this ‘Fives’ might have at least a somewhat better chance to keep up with the Batch. 


Scratch that, Fives would definitely be able to keep up with the Batch. Hunter had spent the entire night cycle researching him, and what he found did not disappoint. Fives was part of the squad that had the idea to blow up the base on Rishi. He was there during the Battle of Kamino. He survived and escaped The Citadel, a mission that killed the only member left of his batch. He was there on Umbara and is one of the reasons that his battalion ended up winning their battles. He even stood up to a corrupt Jedi that was actively threatening him with a lightsaber. Hunter kept reading more and more insane things that this trooper had done. He was looking forward to meeting Fives and had a feeling that he and Wrecker would get along like a house on fire. 


He got up and went to the cockpit before he sent Fox another message.


Hunter: Corellia. 16:00. don’t be late.


Not even five minutes later, the doors slid open to allow Tech into the cockpit. 


“Good morning, Hunter,” Tech greeted him, settling in the co-pilot seat beside him, “Where are we headed now?”




“I was not informed of any conflicts currently happening on Corellia. Why are we going there?”


“Fox is calling in all of his favors. He’s going to meet us there.”


“All of them? That is certainly unexpected. What does he need?”


“You’ll see,” Hunter responded calmly.


Tech sighed and pulled out his datapad, curious, but resigned to Hunter’s fondness of being mysterious.


It took a few hours for them to reach Corellia, but they eventually landed in one of the docking bays and emerged from the ship.


Hunter placed his hands on his hips and leaned back, cracking his spine the way he likes to do after a long time sitting in one spot. Straightening out, he sent Crosshair, Tech, and Wrecker off to wander, with orders to not get arrested and to stay close by. Then he turned to look for a good space to wait for Fox and Fives to arrive


It turns out that he didn’t have to do that because he spotted Fox and another clone that must be Fives standing in the shade of a building. Fox nodded to him and he returned it with a nod and a motion to indicate that he wanted the two to come on board.


Once the three of them were settled at the small table in the Marauder, he turned to them, asking them to explain everything. And that’s exactly what they did.


Fives started off by explaining what happened with the disaster that was Ringo Vinda, how one of his brothers, Tup, shot a Jedi after seemingly losing his mind. Hunter was told of Fives’ trip to Kamino, how he discovered the control chips implanted in every clone, and he was definitely going to ask Tech to give them all a brain scan later, and he was told how Fives took his out. He was told about the way Fives managed to contact Fox and tell him about the chips.


Then Fox picked up the story from there, Fives’ breathing having gotten rough and unsteady. Fox had believed Fives, but could not do anything at the time. Fives had apparently tried to kill the chancellor, which, wow , but failed and managed to escape into Coruscant. Fox helped him make a plan and fake his death. He had apparently given Fives vital suppressors to take when ready and hidden a blaster-proof plate under his chest piece. When Fox ‘found’ Fives, he shot him, and Fives went down, drawing out his ‘death’ and quoting Tup’s last words before passing out as the vital suppressors kicked in. Fox took the ‘body’ and hid Fives in a safehouse before messaging Hunter.


There was…a lot of information to process, so he pushed it aside to deal with another time. He smiled at Fives. “I’m glad you escaped, kid. Do you want to meet the rest of the batch?”


“Sure,” Fives replied, sounding tired.


Hunter commed Crosshair and asked him to bring everyone back to the ship. He received a huff in response. They must have been very close because they arrived in two minutes.In the meantime, Fox left, having been called back to Coruscant for something or other.


“So, did you find what you were-” Wrecker broke off. “-uhhhh….Who is that?”


“This is-”


“I’m Fives,” the ARC cut him off.


Hunter sighed and continued, “Fox called in all his favors to have us take him in, but I didn’t want to do so without all of your approval first. He might be a reg, but I read his file. From what I can tell, he is loyal, fearless, and crazy enough that I think he can keep up with us. He knows stuff that made people want him dead, had to fake his death, and he could have gone into hiding, but instead, he still wants to fight for the republic.” 


From what he has learned about Fives, he had started to like him and wanted him to stay, but that would be up to his squad and not him alone.


“ARC-5555 goes by the name of Fives. The last living member of Domino Squad. Said squad failed the final test during cadet training but was allowed to retake it by request of Jedi General Shaak Ti. Assigned to the Rishi Moon base that was attacked by commando droids. Three from Domino Squad died as a result of the attack.” Tech started rambling as he listed Fives’ whole backstory until Crosshair cut him off in exasperation.


“Get to the point, Tech.” Crosshair chided, chewing on a toothpick that he pulled from his stash.


“I was,” Tech snipped back, “Anyway from what I can see, Hunter was right. He has a very good record that shows bravery, loyalty, and a willingness to do whatever is best for his brothers.”


“I don’t care as long as he doesn’t get in the way.” Crosshair said, trying to sound aloof and casual.


“I don’t see why not.” Wrecker chimed in. “It might be fun to have another brother around.”


“So…I can stay?” Fives asked hopefully.


The Batch shared a look before nodding their heads in agreement.


“Yeah, vod, you can stay. Welcome to Clone Force 99.” Hunter smiled and clapped him on the shoulder.