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Picture Perfect

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“Ah, the weather is nice. Would be nice if we can take pictures on the rooftop.” Jisoo sighed while looking at the clear blue sky. The weather had been bright with plenty of sun despite the current winter season.

Haein who was looking at Jisoo immediately responded, “Let’s go.”

Startled, she looked back at him. “Eh? Where?”

“The rooftop. You said you want to take pictures there.”

“We can? It’s not closed? Don’t we have to ask for permission?” Jisoo bombarded him with questions.

Haein let out a chuckle and turned his body to went up the stairs, “Come on. Stop asking and start moving.” They were standing in front of the stairs at the building’s main entrance, after taking photos of each other at the landing and then with the tree near there.

“Oppa, wait a minute! I have to tell my manager first.” Jisoo turned around looking for her manager.

She noticed her manager standing not far from them holding on to her coat while playing with his phone. “Saerom oppa!”

Lee Saerom looked up from his phone and approached her. “Yes, do you need something?” he asked while preparing to give Jisoo her coat.

“No need for the coat,” she rejected the coat. “We’re going up to the rooftop. You want to come or not?”

Confused, her manager glanced back and forth between his charge, Jisoo, and Haein.

Haein noticed the look and figured he should help him, “Jisoo wants to take pictures there, so I thought why not.” “And you should wear the coat, at least until we got to the rooftop,” he continued, talking to Jisoo.

Aish, okay,” she grabbed her coat from her manager. “Where’s yours, oppa?” she wore her coat and asked Haein.

“With my manager,” he answered dismissively. “Come on, let’s go while the weather is nice,” he hurried them.

Jisoo walked following him, “Wait, oppa, we don’t wait for your manager? Aren’t you cold?”

“Nah, it’s okay. Besides, I have hot packs inside,” he grinned at her, gesturing to his suit jacket while matching her pace, meanwhile Saerom trailing behind them.

“Is it really, okay? We don’t have to ask Mr. Director first?”

Haein chuckled at her questions. “Of course, it’s okay. Why won’t it be? Also, we don’t have any shoot there today so it will be quiet and empty which is nice.”

“You are right. Let’s hurry then so we can take many pictures before shooting starts again,” Jisoo fastened her steps up the stairs to the 4th floor.

“Ya, be careful!” he followed her quickly.

Jisoo arrived first at the rooftop. She turned around, put on a stern face, and imitated the dorm leader trademark phrase, “No running in corridor!” pointing at her manager who was still walking quickly trying to follow them. Her manager caught off guard at her stern voice and immediately stopped walking. Haein and Jisoo burst out laughing looking at Saerom’s expression. “Oppa, your expression.” Jisoo still giggling at her manager’s reaction.

Aish, Jisoo, don’t shock me like that. My school years were flashing behind my eyes,” he complained at his charge. “You too, hyung, don’t encourage her,” he turned to Haein.

Haein just shrugged as if saying ‘what did I do?’ and he went to take a look around the rooftop.

“Don’t be grumpy. Just enjoy the weather oppa.” Jisoo took off her coat and handed it to her manager, “Here, take care of my coat, please,” then she walked to Haein.

Haein noticed her approaching, asked her “Now, where do you want to take picture?”

Jisoo took a look around the rooftop through the camera lens. “Hm, oppa, can you stand there?”

He walked to the pointed area, “Here?”

“Yes. Now, look here.” He did what she asked “Perfect.” She took a few pictures of Haein again.

After that Haein asked her so he could take her pictures using her analog camera too. “Let me take your picture, Soo-ya.”

“No. Wait I want to take yours first.” Jisoo not giving up her camera.

“Okay then I’ll take yours using this,” as Haein pulled out his phone.

Thus, they take each other pictures, both faces covered with camera and phone that made them laughed at their own antics. “We’re ridiculous,” Jisoo said between laughs.

Finally, Jisoo gave Haein her camera. “Here. Where should I stand?”

“You can stand there, where you take oppa’s picture before.” Haein pointed to the same spot he stood before.

After her picture being taken by Haein, Jisoo suggested for them to take selfie. “After that, why don’t we put the camera over there,” Haein pointed at a spot on the ground, “And then use timer. It will take full body shot of us.”

“Oh, great idea oppa.” Jisoo agreed. Afterward the proceed to take selfies and the Haein set up the camera as discussed earlier.

Both Jisoo and Haein were already ready in front of the camera but Haein felt like it took too long for the camera to take the picture. “Let me check,” he walked towards the camera, not waiting for Jisoo’s response.

“Wait, oppa.”

After he took two steps, the camera does its job. Haein just laughed at his own impatience.

“I told you to wait, oppa.”

“Alright, alright. I’m sorry. Let me set it again.”

“Why don’t we ask Saerom oppa to take the picture?”

“Alright. Once more, with timer, please?”

“Oppa you just waste my camera roll,” Jisoo fake complained.

Haein chuckled at her complain, “I’ll give you camera rolls. So, once more with timer, then we ask Saerom to take the picture. Deal?” he negotiated with her.

“Deal. Now, get on with it.”

Aigoo, so impatient.” Haein set the timer and walked back to pose with her.

The shutter clicked marking the picture has been taken and Jisoo immediately went to her manager while Haein took care of the camera. “Saerom oppa, what are you doing?”

“Nothing. Just chatting with Haein hyung’s manager. He was asking me, searching for Haein hyung.”

“Oh, really? What did you say?”

“I replied him with these photos.” Saerom gave Jisoo a look at his chat with Haein’s manager. Jisoo checked on the photos he sent. They were pictures of her taking photo of Haein and vice versa.

Haein arrived at Jisoo’s looking at Saerom’s phone. “What are you looking at?” He also took a peek at what she saw.

Jisoo answered him, “Your manager was asking Saerom oppa of your whereabout.” She returned the phone to Saerom, “Oppa, send me those photos too.”

“Huh? Okay. So, you want to go down now?” Saerom asked Jisoo while sending the requested photo to her.

“Actually, we want to ask you to take our photo. Please?”

Saerom looked up at her and Haein, “Sure. Where?”

“Here, use this. And you can stand there. Full body shot, okay?” Haein gave Saerom the camera and instructed him how to take the picture.

“It’s not my first time using her camera, you know.” Saerom joked to Haein.

“Take it beautifully, okay, oppa.” Jisoo asked Saerom.

“I’ll try.”

“Ready?  Three, two, one,” and Saerom pushed the shutter button. “Hyung, I think you didn’t look at the camera there,” he informed Haein.

“Really? Well, it’s already taken.” Haein paid no mind to that.

Jisoo linked her arms with Haein’s. “If so, let’s take another one. Make sure you look at the camera this time,” she lightly hit his arm.

“Don’t want to,” he teased her. She retaliated by pinching his arm.

Ouch, alright, alright.” He grinned at her.

Saerom refrained himself from groaning at their antics. “Okay, guys get ready! One,”

“Two,” At two, Haein moved his head near her.


It all happened fast, Haein leaned in and kissed her cheek, Saerom clicked the shutter, and Jisoo too stunned to react. After a beat, she finally turned to Haein who’s sporting a smug expression, “Oppa! That’s cheating!” she hit his arm. Saerom just quietly moved away from them, not wanting to interrupt, or maybe sick of their behavior.

Haein wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “What, what did I do?” he asked with cheeky grin, teasing her. He could see her cheek got red from blushing.

“You ruined the pic,” she sulked and elbowed him in the ribcage.

Ouch. Did I? Saerom might have captured it perfectly.” She gave him a side-eye. “So, once more? This time I promise to behave.”

Jisoo sighed and wrapped her arm around his waist, “Okay.”

Haein called for Saerom, “Would you take our photo again? This is the last one.”


This time they took the picture uneventfully, with Haein and Jisoo still wrapped in each other’s arm, smiling to the camera. Saerom gave the camera back to Jisoo and she offered to take his picture in return. After they take Saerom’s picture, they went back down to the shooting set. Haein and Jisoo jokes with each other the whole way down stairs, while Saerom was trailing behind them.

Saerom sent a message to Haein’s manager, “Going down now. Finally.” He got a ‘Fighting!’ emoticon in return.