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The room was akin to the aftermath of a battlefield.

“No, please!-” Clockblocker cried out as Vista struck his head with a bat, falling to the floor.

The Wards common room lay in ruin, furniture and decor strewn around or demolished as if a hurricane had passed through. 

Vista dropped the bat with a clang before grasping her teammate's leg and dragging him to the center of the room. 

There, Kid win sat bound to a chair, his head hanging in despair, barely coherent, hair-extensions hiding most of his makeup clad face.

Vista paid Kid no mind, dropping her downed target and moved to ruffle through a duffel bag.

“I can remake you~” she sang, as her hands slowly retracted from the confines of the bag, pulling out a puffy, pink, mini-skirt.


She tittered a melody as she started to put it onto the downed boy, all while lazily casting her gaze around the room.

Gallant lay prone atop the remains of the couch, his armor twisted into the approximation of a dress of jagged edges and frills, a tiara adorned with the finest of craft glue and glitter sitting atop his scalp.

Her eyes lingered on it, her work paused, but she quickly came to and continued with her work, eyes drifting over to the remains of the kitchen.

Aegis hung as if crucified, the tabletop formed into a cross while electric cords and knives held the quivering, bloody, mutilated body up. 

5 inch heels grafted to the bottom of the feet and the [ REDACTED ] twisted like a [REDACTED ] until it seemingly turned in on itself.

“soon~” she sang to herself as she fastened the skirt to Clocks waist, “soon the team will have enough girls!” she giggled, causing Shadow stalker, who lay in the corner, to whimper.

She did not count.