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It's Only Fair If I Have A Taste Too...

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Finding out about Pat and Pran being in a relationship had been a huge shock at the time for Korn. He didn’t care that Pat was dating a man, it was the fact it was Pran. When he thought back it was obvious, he just didn't see it at the time. All the times Pat avoided the architecture students, working so well on the bus stop project and all the strange looks Pat and Pran exchanged. When the news of the relationship got round the university, seniors had told Korn and his friends to tease Pat a little, seeing as Pran was from their rival faculty. Korn could hardly keep a straight face as he told Pat he couldn’t sit with them at lunch, but seeing the hurt look on his best friend's face as he walked away was too much and Korn had to go after him. After apologising and explaining to Pat it was just teasing and that he was really happy for him to finally find someone he liked they laughed and agreed to meet later that night before rugby practice. 


When Korn knocked on Pat’s door later that afternoon Pat answered with a sullen look. “What’s up man?” Korn asked. “Pran’s having a really hard time at the minute, Wai won’t even talk to him after finding out about him and I.” Korn immediately felt his temper rising thinking of that asshole Wai, he already disliked him and now that he was the cause of Pat’s upset he disliked him even more. They had rugby practice in an hour and all Korn could think about was ways he could take his anger out on Wai on the field. As if Pat could read his mind he grabbed Korn’s arm as they walked out the door. “Don’t do anything stupid today at practice.” Korn turned to roll his eyes at Pat. “Sure, if you say so”. Truth is, Korn would do anything Pat asked of him.


Korn kept to his word and avoided any confrontation on the field, but Pat didn't say anything about when practice was over… 

Wai was over by the stands looking in the coolers for a drink. Korn lifted a bottle and pressed it to the back of Wai’s neck. “What the fuck.” Wai turned quickly and scowled at Korn. “The fuck do you want?” Korn smiled and replied “Looking for this?” holding the bottle up and shaking it slightly. “As if I’d take anything from you”, Wai sighed. “Ahh, this is the last bottle. Seeing as I’m a nice guy here, maybe I’ll give it to you.” Wai didn't want anything to do with Korn, nevermind take anything from him or owe him anything. But Wai was so damn thirsty, he had forgotten to lift his bottle before leaving his apartment. He had been so preoccupied thinking of Pran and how betrayed he felt he just couldn't stay focused on anything. Wai reached out his hand to take the bottle from Korn when Korn pulled it away. Wai could feel his temper rising, he was already pissed off about taking the bottle nevermind this asshole Korn teasing him. “Fuck it, I don’t need your water.” When Korn saw the exasperated look on Wai’s face, the sweat dripping down his forehead and neck he felt a pang in his chest. “Here man, sorry for being a dick. You can have the bottle, I’m going now”. As Korn walked away Wai felt a sense of confusion, he wondered why Korn had apologised to him, he wondered why Korn even offered him the water in the first place and most importantly he wondered why he kind of wanted Korn to stick around a little longer. 


When Korn got back to his apartment and threw himself down on the sofa he began to wonder why he had been so lenient on Wai. He had fully intended to lay into him about being a shit friend to Pran, using the water to wind him up even more. But when Wai had turned with that tired, miserable looking face and those sad eyes he decided to just let it go. Pran and Wai had always been best friends, they were in the same faculty and Korn had always seen them hanging out together on and off campus. The thought hit Korn that Wai is probably lonely without Pran, because he would feel the same way if he ever fell out with Pat. He shook his head and tried to get the strange feelings of pity for Wai out of his mind, this was the asshole he’d fought with so many times, the same asshole who cursed him out at every chance and the same asshole who just looked so.. crushed today. Wai’s gloomy face kept replaying in Korn’s head all week no matter how hard he tried to think of other things. It bothered Korn so much he just needed a drink to forget everything. On Saturday afternoon he pulled out his phone to text Pat and his engineering friends to go to the bar tonight. His friends replied straight away, they would meet him later on. God, Korn was going to get so drunk tonight… or so he thought. 


As he opened the door to the bar, Korn had the sudden realisation that Wai might be working, he had completely forgotten that Wai worked as a server here. And as luck would have it, there was Wai wiping down a table near the back of the bar. “Korn, over here!” Pat was waving at him from a table close to where Wai was. Pran was sitting next to Pat and you could feel the tension between Pran and Wai in the air. “Is he still not speaking to you?” Pat asked Pran. “No, I’ve texted him and tried to speak to him a few times but the best thing to do with Wai is to just let him calm down on his own. If I keep pestering him it will only make him more angry.” “I think he’s more sad than angry.” Korn muttered. “Since when did you care about Wai?” Pat said with a snort. “I don’t, he just seems… sad, don't you think?” as Korn spoke, he looked towards Wai and their eyes met. Wai quickly looked away and Korn choked a little. “Well, anyway… let’s drink.” 


It was nearing 1am when Korn and his friends were leaving the bar. They said their goodbyes out the front and parted ways. Korn hung about out the front for a while before heading back inside. Wai was sitting at the bar alone pouring himself shots, when he heard the door bang he turned to look. “Oh, it's you.” he mumbled. “Why are you drinking alone?” Korn asked him. “Well, it's not like I have any friends to drink with.” “Mind if I join your pity party?” Korn laughed and sat down beside Wai. They drank in silence, taking turns to pour each other drinks. Korn noticed Wai was a bit of a lightweight, he hadn't drunk half as much as Korn did but he was swaying in his chair and his face was flushed. Korn thought to himself that Wai looked cute with his rosy cheeks and blank expression. “Alright, time to get you home.” Korn said as he stood up and put his hand out to Wai. Wai pushed his hand out of the way. “I don’t need your help, I’m capable of getting myself home. I don’t need anything from you.” As Wai stood up he stumbled and Korn grabbed him by the waist, Wai flinched and backed up. There was no way Korn was leaving Wai in this state. “I have to lock up.” Wai slurred and Korn reached out his hand once again, “Give me the keys, I'll help you.” Korn turned off all the lights in the bar and closed the door behind them, he locked the door and put the keys back in Wai’s jacket pocket. 


The crisp cool air of the night hit Korn as he stepped outside, and he began to feel more drunk. He could tell it was affecting Wai too, as he had now propped himself up against a wall. He pulled out his phone and ordered a cab. When the cab pulled up, he put Wai’s arm over his shoulder and walked him over toward the car. He placed Wai inside, closed the door and walked to the other side of the cab and got in himself. He knew Wai lived in the same building as him, he just wasn't sure what floor. Korn put the window down slightly and let the cool breeze hit his face as he gazed out the window. A sudden weight pressed down on Korn’s shoulder. He looked down and saw a very drunk, very drowsy Wai leaning on his shoulder. A short time later they arrived at their complex, Korn didn't even want to wake Wai. He wished the journey had been a little longer. “Mmm.” A  half sleeping Wai mumbled as Korn pulled him out of the cab and sat him down on the kerb. “What’s your room number?” Korn asked. No reply from Wai. Korn reached into Wai’s pocket and pulled out his wallet. “I’m checking for your room key, okay?” Wai nodded lazily in response. “Okaaay room 303, let’s go. Can you walk? Or do you want me to carry you?” Again, Wai just nodded. “You’re going to be so embarrassed in the morning.” Korn said laughing. He bent down in front of Wai and Wai stretched his arms out around Korn’s neck and climbed onto the other man’s back. “Hup.” Korn stood up and walked towards the elevator. The sensation of Wai’s warm breath on the back of his neck was sending tingles down Korn’s spine. Wai was nuzzling into the side of Korn’s neck and if Korn was totally honest it was turning him on. The elevator doors pinged open and they walked towards Wai’s room. Korn opened the door and headed towards the bed, he turned and gently set Wai down on the edge of the bed. He tried to unclasp Wai’s hand’s and release him from around his neck but Wai was intent on gripping on. Korn had to get out of there, the tickling on his neck from Wai’s breath combined with the faint moans Wai made everytime Korn tried to move him to lie down were driving him crazy. Wai must have fallen asleep because he let go and Korn gently placed him on the bed, taking his shoes off and placing a blanket over him. Korn lifted a pen and notepad from the bedside cabinet and scribbled a quick message. 


It was around 2pm when Korn finally woke up the next day. He sat up with a moan, his head was banging and his mouth felt like sandpaper. He reached to his bedside cabinet and grabbed a glass of water, gulping it down he remembered he had given Wai his Line last night. He fumbled around his bed looking for his phone and found it under his pillow. No messages. He couldn't even contact Wai himself, he didn't have his number or ID and he sure as hell couldn't ask Pat for it. He could head down to his room but he’d rather not get a punch in the face now that Wai was sober. Korn spent the day lying around his room playing video games and intermittently napping to get rid of this hangover. He headed out for a run later that evening when he started  to feel better. When he returned to his room he checked his phone, a new friend request. He laughed as he saw Wai’s photo. As soon as he accepted, a message from Wai came through. 


Wai: I guess I gotta say thanks for last night.

Korn: Thanks for what?

Wai: For bringing me home.

Korn: You know you were kinda cute hugging me like a baby koala lol.

Wai: Fuck off.. Lol sorry for being a nuisance.

Korn: Nah, it's okay. I get what you’re going through. If you ever need a drinking buddy I’m your guy. Although, it seems you can't handle much lol.

Wai: Want to drink again tonight?


Korn would never turn down a drink. 


Korn: Sure, come to my apartment in an hour. Room number 508.


Korn felt strangely nervous about Wai coming to his room, and he just didn't know why. A week ago he hated Wai and now he was sitting perched on the edge of the sofa waiting for him to knock on the door. When the knocking sound came, Korn jumped and waited a few seconds before answering. He didn’t want to look too eager. He realised he was acting like he would before going on a first date but he couldn't help the way he was acting. “What’s up, man?” Wai said as he walked past Korn and sat down on the sofa spreading his arms out along the back. “So, what we drinking?” “Beer okay?” Korn replied whilst looking in the fridge. “Sure.” Wai smiled. Korn felt that pang in his chest again as the other man smiled at him. They sat on the sofa drinking and chatting for a while, and Korn realised Wai was actually pretty funny and they liked a lot of the same things. “What the hell is this song?” Wai laughed and tried to grab the remote out of Korn’s hand. “Hey! My house, I decide on the music.” Korn said laughing himself. Wai reached over and again tried to take the remote from Korn. Wai overreached and placed his hand on the arm of the sofa to balance. Wai was now leaning directly over Korn, their faces were so close they could feel each other's breath. Korn’s heart was beating like crazy, he was surprised Wai couldn't hear it. Or feel it, considering how close they were right now. It could have been the alcohol, or it could have been the fact Korn had been thinking about Wai for days but before Wai could steady himself and sit back up, Korn leant forward and kissed him. Wai froze, not moving an inch, his eyes wide. It was only for a few seconds, but Wai snapped back to reality and pulled back pushing Korn hard. Wai stood up. “What the fuck are you doing?!” he snapped. He was breathing heavily with his fists clenched by his sides. Korn was sure he was about to get punched any minute, was it worth it? Probably, he thought to himself. The punch never came, Wai turned and left without saying another word, the door slamming behind him. “He’s going to hate me even more now”. Korn sat back and chuckled.


Korn didn’t go to class the next day, it’s not that he wanted to avoid seeing Wai. He wanted to take time to think about why he kissed Wai. Was he starting to like Wai? Why was Wai making him feel nervous? Pat was blowing up his phone with texts asking where he was and why he wasn't in class, and although he knew Pat was the one person he could trust and tell all about the situation he just wasn't ready to, or in fact he didn't even know how to begin explaining. That afternoon there was a knock at the door, Korn perked up thinking it could be Wai. Korn opened the door to a stressed out looking Pat “Everything okay, man? You had me worried not replying, you always reply!” Korn sighed and walked back into the room. Pat immediately knew something was wrong, Korn looked like he hadn’t slept and the room stank of beer. “Did you drink by yourself here last night?” Korn flinched. “Or did you have a girl over?” Pat laughed but stopped suddenly when he looked over at Korn’s wide eyed expression. “Seriously man, what’s going on?” “I.. “ Korn began but he couldn’t finish his sentence. “You know you can tell me anything.” Pat reached out and touched Korn’s shoulder. “I think I’ve done something stupid.” Now Pat was really curious, he raised his eyebrows and motioned for Korn to keep talking. “I… kissed Wai last night.” “For a minute there I thought you said Wai.” Pat laughed nervously. “Yeah, I said Wai.” Korn burst out laughing at Pat’s expression, he was struck dumb. “How? What? Tell me everything!” Korn and Pat sat and talked for over an hour and honestly Korn felt such relief at being able to let it all out and hear another opinion on it. “Look man, it sounds to me like you like him. So him what can you do? Although, I probably would have told him before going ahead and kissing him.” Pat winked at Korn. “Yeah I know, I’m blaming it on the beer.” “Sure, sure.. The alcohol made you do it. Do you regret it though?” “No. It was like a relief to kiss him. Everytime I see him recently, I get this overwhelming rush throughout my body. It’s like, an excited feeling.” “I get that every time I see Pran.” Pat gushed. “Shut up, man!” They both looked at each other and burst out laughing. “I wonder why he didn’t hit you though?” Pat said thoughtfully. Korn had had the same thought, Wai had punched him for less in the past. 


A week had passed and Korn had only seen Wai once in the lecture hall, where of course Wai had completely blanked him. Korn couldn't help feeling a little sad, but he felt better knowing that Wai and Pran had become friends again. “At least he’s not lonely”, Korn thought. It was Sunday night, Korn was sitting in his room finishing up some coursework he had. He could hear his phone vibrating on the sofa. When he checked he had a message from Pat.


Pat: We’re at the bar, I have a present for you.

Korn: Huh? What is it? I have work to do. :(

Pat: Just come. Now. :)


Well, Korn would never turn down a drink. He got a quick shower, threw on some clothes and headed to the bar. He wondered what gift Pat had got him, but he wasn’t expecting much. He walked into the bar and stopped dead. Pat was sitting with Pran, their friends and… Wai. A mix of nervousness and excitement coursed through his body, he took a second to compose himself then headed towards the table. Fortunately the only seat available was the one directly facing Wai. This gave Korn the opportunity to look at Wai all he wanted. The whole table greeted him, except Wai who just looked up and looked away. Korn could have sworn Wai was blushing. “Let’s get the man a drink!” Pat shouted as he poured Korn a glass of beer from the large jug on the table. Korn downed it in one and slammed the glass on the table, “Ahhhh” he exclaimed. “Let’s get drunk tonight!” Korn could tell Wai was getting tipsy as he began to talk more and even join in conversations Korn was a part of. Korn was having a great night with his friends, it was as if last weekend never happened and he finally felt relaxed. Korn jumped as he felt something or someone moving up against his leg. He quickly realised it was Wai slowly moving his foot up the inside of his calf. As Korn looked up, Wai smiled at him and motioned his head to the front door. Korn furrowed his eyebrows at Wai, Wai sighed and pointed at his phone. Korn pulled out his phone just as Wai’s message came through. 


Wai: Come outside with me for a bit.


Wai got up from his seat, Pran looked at him. “Just going to the toilet, I’m not going home.” Pran nodded. Korn waited for what seemed like an eternity, jiggling his leg impatiently, checking his watch and then finally rose from his chair, Pat quickly asked him where he was going. “Just heading out for some fresh air.” “Ah, fresh air. Sure.” Pat smirked at Korn and gave him a thumbs up. Korn winked back and laughed. Pran nudged Pat as if to say what's going on? But Pat just ruffled his hair. Korn walked out into the cool night air, he looked around and spotted Wai sitting on the wall outside the bar. “I didn't think you’d want to see me…” Korn began before Wai grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him behind the bar. Wai pushed Korn up against the wall, “God, why did you have to do that last weekend? Everything was fine the way it was.” Wai had his arm’s on either side of Korn’s head with his hands on the wall and even with his head down, Korn can see that Wai is trembling. “Are you angry? Will it make you feel better if you hit me?” Korn laughed. Wai looked up with a straight face. “No.” Korn was taken aback and didn’t know what to say, they just stood there, in silence, observing one another. The muffled music from the bar and their deep breaths were the only sounds that could be heard. Korn had a thousand thoughts running through his mind, mainly that Wai smelt so damn good and that Wai had the most fascinating face he had ever seen, up close his features were delicate, but his nose, oh god his nose was his favourite part. He wanted to kiss it. He wanted to kiss Wai. He wanted to kiss Wai more than anything in the world right now. 


Wai shifted forward slightly, bending his arms allowing their bodies to press together. Wai rested his forehead on Korn’s. Korn didn’t dare to move, to him Wai was like a baby deer. One wrong move and Wai would bolt off into the dark night. Korn didn’t know how much more of this he could take, he was so turned on. In fact he’d felt himself get hard from the moment Wai slid his foot up his leg. This was torture. Just as Korn was about to reach his limit and grab Wai pinning him against the wall, Wai spoke softly. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Korn smirked, “Are you going to kiss me or are we going to stand here all night?”. Korn had barely finished his sentence before Wai’s lips crashed into his. The kiss was fast and frantic. Their breathing intensified and Wai whimpered. At that moment Wai opened his mouth slightly and Korn slid his tongue inside, their tongues intertwining. It was hot and wet, and perfect. Korn couldn’t catch a breath and he didn't care. He never wanted this kiss to end. Wai moved back slightly and wrapped his arms around Korn’s neck, Korn in turn moved his hands down Wai’s back. He slid his hand up the inside of Wai’s shirt and Wai gasped at the cold hand against his bare skin. Wai pulled back panting, “I… can’t breathe.” Korn looked at Wai and couldn’t believe how beautiful he looked. His usually fair unblemished skin was flushed pink, his lips slightly swollen and his big dark eyes were pooling with tears. “Fuck.” Korn exclaimed and pulled Wai in closer, as Korn pressed his body up against him he could tell right away he wasn't the only one who was hard. Wai groaned as Korn moved his hips, forcing the bulges in their pants to grind against one another. Wai closed his eyes and tilted his head back. Korn used this opportunity to place wet sloppy kisses down Wai’s neck, his skin tasted slightly salty as Korn licked down towards his collarbone. Korn couldn't resist sucking and biting down on Wai’s pristine white skin, he wanted to leave marks all over his body and this is where he would begin. Wai was so distracted by the sensation of their bodies moving together in sync he didn’t even feel Korn biting down on his lower neck, nor did he notice the crowds beginning to emerge from the bar. A loud bang brought the two of them back to reality. “We can’t do this here.” Wai spoke softly. “Do what?” Korn said with a smug look on his face. “Let’s go to my place.” Wai took Korn by the hand and walked towards the car park. 


Noone dared utter a word on the way home. By the time they reached Wai’s door, they had both hit their limits. Korn threw Wai up against the door, kissing him hungrily, he didn't care who saw. Wai on the other hand fumbled in his pocket for his room key, he was torn between wanting to get into the room where no one could see and not wanting to break the kiss. Wai turned, opening the door and stumbling into the room. Korn followed, both trying to remove their shoes as fast as they could before falling into another kiss. They made their way clumsily across the room, before Wai pushed Korn by the chest onto the bed. Korn collapsed onto the bed, wriggling himself back to the centre. Wai climbed onto the bed, and in turn climbed on top Korn. Korn looked up at Wai, for a second he couldn’t believe that this was happening and wondered if it was all a dream. “What are you thinking about?” Wai broke the silence. Instead of answering, Korn flipped Wai over onto his back, pinning his arms down. “Just thinking about all the things I want to do to you.” “Why don’t you do something about it.” Wai teased. Something in Korn snapped, all inhibitions went out the window and he couldn't stop himself from what he was about to do. Korn’s grip on Wai loosened and instead he focused on dragging his hand slowly down Wai’s front stopping just above his pants. He started to push Wai’s shirt up when Wai unexpectedly sat up hurriedly pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it on the floor. “Fuck, you’re taking too long.” “Oh, someones keen.” Korn laughed. “I just… can’t take much more of this. Just do something.” Korn pushed Wai back down on the bed and took a minute to admire Wai’s bare chest, shimmering slightly with sweat. His body was defined, but not too muscular. His nipples were peach coloured against his pale skin and were starting to perk up with the cool air hitting his exposed chest. Korn reached out his hand, tracing very gently around one nipple. He was barely touching and he knew it was driving Wai crazy. He leant forward and took the other nipple into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the edge then sucked hard before releasing. He moved to the other nipple and did the same. Korn felt Wai’s hand on his head pushing him down, who was he to stop him? He placed soft kisses from his chest to his bellybutton. Wai fumbled quickly with his pants and pushed them down. Korn looked at Wai as if to ask permission, Wai nodded and laid his head back on the pillow. Korn ran his finger along the waistband of Wai’s boxers, back and forth, back and forth before lifting it up and then pulling them down. Wai lifted his hips just enough to allow Korn to push the boxers down to release his already hard cock. If Korn was honest, he was a little nervous. He had never sucked off a guy before, in fact he’d never even really thought about it before, but right now it was the only thing he could think of. Wai’s cock was already glistening with precum, and Korn couldn’t wait to get it in his mouth. He touched the tip, wiping the cum onto his finger and tasting it on his tongue. Wai flinched as soon as he was touched and covered his face with his hand. Korn leant closer to Wai’s body, using one finger to trace the vein on the underside of Wai’s cock. He then traced the same vein with his tongue before taking the cock into his mouth. Wai let out possibly the best sound Korn had ever heard, it was less than a scream but more than a moan. Wai flexed his hips as Korn moved up and down sucking, licking and kissing the length. Wai spoke breathlessly, pausing between each word “I’m close… I’m going to cum, move…” he tried to push Korn’s head away, but it only made Korn speed up, taking Wai deeper into his mouth. Korn pressed down hard, taking Wai deep into his throat, he could feel his eyes watering and it was getting hard to breathe but he had no intentions of stopping. He pulled back slightly and at the same moment, Wai trembled, jerking his hips and a warm liquid released, gushing into Korn’s mouth. He swallowed without hesitating, pulling back completely and letting Wai’s now spent cock flop slowly onto his stomach. Wai was lying back, panting, still with his face covered by an arm. “Why did you.. I tried to push you off.” Even with his arm covering his face Korn could see how flushed Wai was, even his ears were a shade of red. Korn pulled Wai’s arm away from his face, leaning down and giving him a quick kiss. Wai opened his eyes and looked up at Korn. Korn licked his lips and smirked. “How was that, for my first time?”. If possible, Wai blushed even harder. 


Korn lay himself down on his back beside Wai on the bed. Korn thought to himself this was the greatest night of his life. He had never felt this confident or sure of anything before. He could feel Wai shifting beside him, he turned his head to see Wai facing him. Wai reached down towards Korn’s groin rubbing the outside of his pants, Korn was hard. Korn was so fucking hard. Wai turned onto his side, propping himself up and moving closer to Korn. He fumbled with the button on the pants, pulling down the zipper and slipping his hand into Korn’s boxers. Korn let out a loud groan and lay back. Wai started to rub his hand slowly up and down Korn’s cock. Korn lifted his hips and pushed his clothes down. Now that Wai could see Korn’s cock in its entirety he was secretly pleased to see it was no bigger than his. Wai tightened his grip slightly and started to move up and down the length, quick then slow, quick then slow. Korn moaned every time Wai slowed down and it was driving him crazy. Wai touched the tip of Korn’s cock slowly rubbing his thumb in a circular motion before pressing down. Korn gasped, lifting his head from the pillow. “Fuck! Wai. Keep going.” Wai began rubbing the length up and down, quickening his pace, applying and releasing pressure. Korn inhaled deeply, letting out a growl on his exhale. Warm, white liquid shot from the tip, splattering up Korn’s chest. Korn panted, his body heaving with every breath, sweat dripping down the back of his neck. As he closed his eyes for a second to catch his breath, Korn was startled with a warm sensation moving over his chest. He opened his eyes to see Wai licking up his abdomen. Wai looked up, licking his lips. “It’s only fair if I have a taste too.” Fuck, Korn was in heaven.

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The bright light shining through the gap in the curtain woke Korn from his slumber. He fumbled around the bed reaching over and feeling the empty space beside him. As he opened his eyes slowly he realised Wai was not where he left him when they fell asleep last night. He got up stretching his arms high in the air and walked towards the fridge, grabbing himself a bottle of water before gulping it down. He sat down at the small table in the kitchen in nothing but his boxers. He looked around Wai’s room, Korn had never seen it in the daylight before. It was immaculate, well apart from Korn’s clothes lying on the floor near the bed. He thought to himself it was very like Wai to have everything organised and to have a place. The silence in the room was disturbed by the door opening and closing. “Oh, you’re up. I didn’t want to wake you, we didn't get much sleep last night.” Wai said, smiling. “Where did you go?” Korn asked. Wai held up a plastic bag and placed it onto the table along with his own bag. “Breakfast.” “You give me a place to sleep and provide breakfast? I’m never leaving.” Korn laughed. Wai headed to the cupboard to prepare the bowls and glasses, he filled the glasses with water and emptied the food from the bags. They had idle chat over breakfast, neither daring to mention what had happened the night before. “Do you have anything other than water?” “Mmm, there’s coffee in my bag.” Wai motioned towards the bag on the table. Korn pulled the bag towards him and looked inside, his eyes widened. Wai realised at that exact moment what Korn was about to do. “Did you… get this this morning?” Wai couldn’t stand that smug look on Korn’s face. “Yeah. Why?” Wai replied curtly. “For us?” Korn knew this was winding Wai up, and he was really enjoying it. “Obviously, who the fuck else would it be for?” Wai snatched the bottle of lube Korn was holding from his hand and threw it onto the bed. “Oh, you wanna go now? Is that it?” Korn stood up, eyes full of excitement. “Sit down you idiot.” Wai laughed. “Finish your breakfast.” 


“Do you have any plans for today?” Wai asked Korn. “I have some course work I need to finish, but it’s not urgent. Why?” “No reason really, I was just going to ask you to hang here today.” Wai didn’t want Korn to leave just yet, and Korn didn’t want to go anywhere either. “Do you want to wash up, I’ll lend you some clothes.” Wai opened his wardrobe, lifting out some light clothes before folding them and placing them on the bed. Korn chuckled at how careful Wai was being now compared to last night, ripping his own clothes off and throwing them across the room. “Want to join me?” Korn raised his eyebrows at Wai. Wai shook his head laughing quietly and started to clear the table. “Suit yourself.” Korn lifted the clothes and headed to the bathroom. Wai’s bathroom was just as clean as the rest of his room, everything was perfectly in place, towels folded on the counter and bottles of shampoo all in a line. Korn stripped off and stepped into the shower. The water was warm and the room slowly filled with steam. Korn lathered himself with the body wash, inhaling the sweet scent that always emanated from Wai. So caught up in thoughts of Wai he didn’t even hear the bathroom door open and close. Wai stepped into the shower behind Korn, taking the body wash from him and lathering it up in his hands before rubbing Korn’s back. Korn didn't say a word as Wai slid his hands from his back to his chest, rubbing in circular motions across his pecs. As Wai brushed past his nipples he flinched. Noticing Korn’s reactions, Wai continued to caress, taking his time to tease as much as possible. Before Wai could slide his hand down Korn’s abdomen, Korn turned to face him. Korn reached up to push his hair out of his eyes, brushing the hair back with his hand, he stared straight at Wai with hungry eyes. Wai couldn’t believe how sexy Korn looked right now. His jet black hair soaking wet and brushed back to reveal his whole face. His eyes were almost frightening with how fierce they looked. Water cascading down his tanned skin, glistening in the bright lights of the white bathroom. Korn reached out his hand, tracing the drops of water that were descending down Wai’s chest. Wai quivered as Korn’s touch was so light it almost wasn’t touching his skin. Wai edged forward, reaching past Korn to turn the water off. Korn felt Wai’s cock brushing against his own and moved his hips slightly. Wai gasped at the fleeting movement and pushed his body forward grinding against Korn. Korn took a hold of Wai’s hand and brought it to touch his hard cock. In turn, Korn wrapped his hand around Wai’s cock and started to move up and down. Both men continued to pleasure each other, the wet sound of skin against skin and the combined heavy breathing filled the room. The sound of breathing became louder and more erratic, the pace of movement quickening. Wai leant his head on Korn’s chest before releasing his load, sending shivers throughout his body, his knees becoming weak and the only sound he can make are almost whimpers. Korn at the same time reached his climax, flinching and releasing, gripping onto Wai’s arm. They stood for a while, their breathing slowing to a regular pace before Wai looked up smiling. “Let’s wash up for real this time.” 


“I’ll be out in a minute.” Wai shouted to Korn as he shut the bathroom door. Korn removed his towel to dry off his hair then lay down naked on the bed. Something hard pressed into his back as he sat up on the edge of the bed to see what it was. At the time, Korn couldn't believe Wai had even thought of buying lube, nevermind going out this morning to get it. It made him excited to know Wai was thinking ahead, and thinking about the two of them having sex. Sure the thought definitely crossed Korn’s mind too, but he didn’t know Wai would be so proactive about it. Actually, if he really thought about it, this wasn't the first time Wai had taken the initiative and Korn really liked this side of Wai. Korn flicked through his phone whilst lying back on the bed, he had many missed calls and messages from Pat so he sent him a message to let him know he was alright. They messaged back and forth, mainly with Pat teasing Korn about being so soft on Wai. Korn suddenly felt cold droplets hit his thighs and when he looked up, he saw a very naked and very sexy Wai standing in between his legs at the end of the bed. Korn went to sit up but before he could Wai pushed him back and motioned for him to move up the bed. He did as he was told immediately. Korn found himself getting seriously turned on by this commanding Wai, he was never one to do as he was told but with Wai he just melted.


Wai climbed up onto the bed, slowly making his way towards Korn who was now lying in the centre of the bed. Korn’s heart was pounding out of his chest, this was a thrill unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. It felt like time had stood still as he watched Wai move up the bed slowly until he was straddling him. Wai’s legs were on either side of Korn’s thighs and Wai leant forward placing a hand on the pillow beside Korn’s head. Beads of water from Wai’s hair and body were dripping down onto Korn and although they were cool, as they hit his skin one by one it sent a fiery sensation coursing throughout his body. Korn broke the unbearable tension in the room by grabbing Wai by the back of the neck with one hand and pulling him into a kiss. Wai gradually lowered his body, putting his weight onto Korn. The kiss was passionate, fast paced, both hungry for more. The hot, wet kiss was disturbed when Korn rolled them both, pinning Wai down to the bed by his arms. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Korn whispered breathlessly to Wai. Korn’s breath was hot, and the vibrations of his low husky voice in Wai’s ear spread tingles quickly down his spine. “Yes. I’m sure.” Wai replied, giving Korn a quick kiss and wrapping his legs around him playfully. Wai released his loose grip and Korn sat up onto his knees. Wai lay his head back onto the pillow and spread his legs, Korn took a second to just marvel at the sight in front of him. Tearing his eyes away from Wai’s breathtakingly beautiful body, Korn picked up the lube that was lying on the bed. He squeezed a substantial amount of the cold gel onto his hand and let it drip slowly from his hand onto Wai’s behind. Wai gasped at the cool sensation and gasped even louder when Korn began to gently rub around his hole. Korn teased by rubbing in a circular motion around the area with his middle finger. “Is this okay?” Korn asked calmly. Wai mumbled a soft yes. Korn turned his palm upwards before starting to insert his finger very slowly into the wet hole. He pulled his finger out, wiping lube from the edge of the hole then inserting his finger again. Korn pushed in slowly, his finger going in easier than he imagined it would. He began to twist his finger a little before bending it. Wai groaned with pleasure. “Put another one in.” Wai ordered him. Korn pulled out, squeezing more lube onto his fingers before starting to insert two fingers. It was a little harder to push in this time, but his fingers went in smoothly. Korn moved his fingers in and out ever so slightly, twisting his fingers, opening Wai’s hole wider. Wai’s breathing quickened as he grabbed onto the bed sheets, his cock twitched as he wriggled in pleasure. Wai reached down and gripped tightly onto Korn’s hand. “Stop, please. Just… put it in.” his voice was almost a whisper. 


Korn used his teeth to rip open the condom wrapper, his hands were shaking in anticipation as he slid it down his hard cock. He picked up the lube once more and squeezed the gel onto his cock before rubbing it along the length. Korn pulled Wai by the hips down the bed towards him and angled his hips up slightly. Korn positioned himself in between Wai’s legs, and lined up his cock with Wai’s hole. Before entering he rubbed a little around the rim, Wai’s hole was now soaking wet, lube dripping down onto the bed sheets. Wai shifted forward begging Korn to go inside. Korn pushed gently, the tip entering easily. As he pushed further in he had to stop himself from cumming immediately. It was so hot and wet inside, combined with the tightness the more he entered drove him crazy. Wai moaned loudly the more he filled up with Korn’s cock. He clenched his fists tight, digging his nails into the palms of his hands. It wasn’t painful, but it was an overwhelming feeling he had never felt before. It was like he just didn't know what to do with his limbs, he didn’t know how to react to the intense pleasure he was feeling all over his body. Korn felt Wai tighten around his cock and noticed his clenched fists. Leaning forward Korn lifted one of Wai’s hands, loosening his tight grasp and intertwining his fingers with his own. He used his other hand to push Wai’s opposite thigh forward, allowing him to lean over Wai. He moved their joined hands up and placed them down on the pillow beside Wai’s head. “I’m going to move now.” Korn said in a hushed tone. Wai closed his eyes and nodded, his grip on Korn’s hand tightened. Korn began to thrust slowly in and out, Wai inhaling deeply on every inward thrust. As Wai’s grip on his hand began to loosen, Korn increased his speed gradually. The sloppy sound of Korn thrusting into Wai’s dripping hole filled the room as he sped up. The only sound better than the rhythmic slapping as he slammed into Wai was the way in which Wai was calling out Korn’s name. Wai thought he was going to lose his mind, his eyes rolled back in his head as Korn slowed his thrusts but began to thrust into him harder. Korn readjusted Wai’s hips and thrust in hard. Wai cried out as Korn hit just the right spot, Korn smirked and pushed in deeper. Making Wai feel good made Korn feel even better, seeing Wai’s expressions as he started to move again made his chest tight and his heart pound. Korn could tell Wai was close, his cock was dripping precum onto his abdomen and it twitched every time he slammed into him. Wai wrapped his legs around Korn tightly as Korn began to speed up again, pounding into Wai harder and faster than before. Wai could hardly catch a breath as he grabbed onto Korn’s shoulders tight, sliding his hands down and digging his nails into Korn’s back. Wai groaned, his whole body trembling as he came hard, splurting liquid all over his own chest. His whole body went weak as his arms and legs dropped to the bed, his body wouldn't stop shaking as his chest heaved for breath. Korn sat up on his knees, peeling off the condom quickly and throwing it as he slid his hand up and down his cock a few times. Gasping, he came. Shooting hot, sticky liquid onto the bed and Wai’s body. Korn threw himself down on the bed beside Wai, both gleaming with sweat and trying to get their breathing back to normal. Korn looked over at Wai who was lying with his eyes closed, his face flushed and his cheeks slightly wet with tears. Korn leant over and kissed Wai on the forehead, Wai’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled. Korn ran his finger down Wai’s sticky chest and laughed. “Guess we gotta wash up again.” Wai closed his eyes and groaned, he had no intention of moving for the next few hours. Korn pulled Wai in close, stroking his hair soothingly. Korn must have fallen asleep too, when he woke it was well into the afternoon and Wai was still sleeping soundly in his arms. Korn rose from the bed quietly, heading to the bathroom and returning with a damp cloth. The cool sensation as Korn wiped down his chest woke Wai, who sat up with a groan. “Time for round two?” Korn smirked. They both laughed as Wai grabbed the cloth and threw it at Korn. “Fuck you, Korn.”