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It's Only Fair If I Have A Taste Too...

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The bright light shining through the gap in the curtain woke Korn from his slumber. He fumbled around the bed reaching over and feeling the empty space beside him. As he opened his eyes slowly he realised Wai was not where he left him when they fell asleep last night. He got up stretching his arms high in the air and walked towards the fridge, grabbing himself a bottle of water before gulping it down. He sat down at the small table in the kitchen in nothing but his boxers. He looked around Wai’s room, Korn had never seen it in the daylight before. It was immaculate, well apart from Korn’s clothes lying on the floor near the bed. He thought to himself it was very like Wai to have everything organised and to have a place. The silence in the room was disturbed by the door opening and closing. “Oh, you’re up. I didn’t want to wake you, we didn't get much sleep last night.” Wai said, smiling. “Where did you go?” Korn asked. Wai held up a plastic bag and placed it onto the table along with his own bag. “Breakfast.” “You give me a place to sleep and provide breakfast? I’m never leaving.” Korn laughed. Wai headed to the cupboard to prepare the bowls and glasses, he filled the glasses with water and emptied the food from the bags. They had idle chat over breakfast, neither daring to mention what had happened the night before. “Do you have anything other than water?” “Mmm, there’s coffee in my bag.” Wai motioned towards the bag on the table. Korn pulled the bag towards him and looked inside, his eyes widened. Wai realised at that exact moment what Korn was about to do. “Did you… get this this morning?” Wai couldn’t stand that smug look on Korn’s face. “Yeah. Why?” Wai replied curtly. “For us?” Korn knew this was winding Wai up, and he was really enjoying it. “Obviously, who the fuck else would it be for?” Wai snatched the bottle of lube Korn was holding from his hand and threw it onto the bed. “Oh, you wanna go now? Is that it?” Korn stood up, eyes full of excitement. “Sit down you idiot.” Wai laughed. “Finish your breakfast.” 


“Do you have any plans for today?” Wai asked Korn. “I have some course work I need to finish, but it’s not urgent. Why?” “No reason really, I was just going to ask you to hang here today.” Wai didn’t want Korn to leave just yet, and Korn didn’t want to go anywhere either. “Do you want to wash up, I’ll lend you some clothes.” Wai opened his wardrobe, lifting out some light clothes before folding them and placing them on the bed. Korn chuckled at how careful Wai was being now compared to last night, ripping his own clothes off and throwing them across the room. “Want to join me?” Korn raised his eyebrows at Wai. Wai shook his head laughing quietly and started to clear the table. “Suit yourself.” Korn lifted the clothes and headed to the bathroom. Wai’s bathroom was just as clean as the rest of his room, everything was perfectly in place, towels folded on the counter and bottles of shampoo all in a line. Korn stripped off and stepped into the shower. The water was warm and the room slowly filled with steam. Korn lathered himself with the body wash, inhaling the sweet scent that always emanated from Wai. So caught up in thoughts of Wai he didn’t even hear the bathroom door open and close. Wai stepped into the shower behind Korn, taking the body wash from him and lathering it up in his hands before rubbing Korn’s back. Korn didn't say a word as Wai slid his hands from his back to his chest, rubbing in circular motions across his pecs. As Wai brushed past his nipples he flinched. Noticing Korn’s reactions, Wai continued to caress, taking his time to tease as much as possible. Before Wai could slide his hand down Korn’s abdomen, Korn turned to face him. Korn reached up to push his hair out of his eyes, brushing the hair back with his hand, he stared straight at Wai with hungry eyes. Wai couldn’t believe how sexy Korn looked right now. His jet black hair soaking wet and brushed back to reveal his whole face. His eyes were almost frightening with how fierce they looked. Water cascading down his tanned skin, glistening in the bright lights of the white bathroom. Korn reached out his hand, tracing the drops of water that were descending down Wai’s chest. Wai quivered as Korn’s touch was so light it almost wasn’t touching his skin. Wai edged forward, reaching past Korn to turn the water off. Korn felt Wai’s cock brushing against his own and moved his hips slightly. Wai gasped at the fleeting movement and pushed his body forward grinding against Korn. Korn took a hold of Wai’s hand and brought it to touch his hard cock. In turn, Korn wrapped his hand around Wai’s cock and started to move up and down. Both men continued to pleasure each other, the wet sound of skin against skin and the combined heavy breathing filled the room. The sound of breathing became louder and more erratic, the pace of movement quickening. Wai leant his head on Korn’s chest before releasing his load, sending shivers throughout his body, his knees becoming weak and the only sound he can make are almost whimpers. Korn at the same time reached his climax, flinching and releasing, gripping onto Wai’s arm. They stood for a while, their breathing slowing to a regular pace before Wai looked up smiling. “Let’s wash up for real this time.” 


“I’ll be out in a minute.” Wai shouted to Korn as he shut the bathroom door. Korn removed his towel to dry off his hair then lay down naked on the bed. Something hard pressed into his back as he sat up on the edge of the bed to see what it was. At the time, Korn couldn't believe Wai had even thought of buying lube, nevermind going out this morning to get it. It made him excited to know Wai was thinking ahead, and thinking about the two of them having sex. Sure the thought definitely crossed Korn’s mind too, but he didn’t know Wai would be so proactive about it. Actually, if he really thought about it, this wasn't the first time Wai had taken the initiative and Korn really liked this side of Wai. Korn flicked through his phone whilst lying back on the bed, he had many missed calls and messages from Pat so he sent him a message to let him know he was alright. They messaged back and forth, mainly with Pat teasing Korn about being so soft on Wai. Korn suddenly felt cold droplets hit his thighs and when he looked up, he saw a very naked and very sexy Wai standing in between his legs at the end of the bed. Korn went to sit up but before he could Wai pushed him back and motioned for him to move up the bed. He did as he was told immediately. Korn found himself getting seriously turned on by this commanding Wai, he was never one to do as he was told but with Wai he just melted.


Wai climbed up onto the bed, slowly making his way towards Korn who was now lying in the centre of the bed. Korn’s heart was pounding out of his chest, this was a thrill unlike anything he had ever felt in his life. It felt like time had stood still as he watched Wai move up the bed slowly until he was straddling him. Wai’s legs were on either side of Korn’s thighs and Wai leant forward placing a hand on the pillow beside Korn’s head. Beads of water from Wai’s hair and body were dripping down onto Korn and although they were cool, as they hit his skin one by one it sent a fiery sensation coursing throughout his body. Korn broke the unbearable tension in the room by grabbing Wai by the back of the neck with one hand and pulling him into a kiss. Wai gradually lowered his body, putting his weight onto Korn. The kiss was passionate, fast paced, both hungry for more. The hot, wet kiss was disturbed when Korn rolled them both, pinning Wai down to the bed by his arms. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Korn whispered breathlessly to Wai. Korn’s breath was hot, and the vibrations of his low husky voice in Wai’s ear spread tingles quickly down his spine. “Yes. I’m sure.” Wai replied, giving Korn a quick kiss and wrapping his legs around him playfully. Wai released his loose grip and Korn sat up onto his knees. Wai lay his head back onto the pillow and spread his legs, Korn took a second to just marvel at the sight in front of him. Tearing his eyes away from Wai’s breathtakingly beautiful body, Korn picked up the lube that was lying on the bed. He squeezed a substantial amount of the cold gel onto his hand and let it drip slowly from his hand onto Wai’s behind. Wai gasped at the cool sensation and gasped even louder when Korn began to gently rub around his hole. Korn teased by rubbing in a circular motion around the area with his middle finger. “Is this okay?” Korn asked calmly. Wai mumbled a soft yes. Korn turned his palm upwards before starting to insert his finger very slowly into the wet hole. He pulled his finger out, wiping lube from the edge of the hole then inserting his finger again. Korn pushed in slowly, his finger going in easier than he imagined it would. He began to twist his finger a little before bending it. Wai groaned with pleasure. “Put another one in.” Wai ordered him. Korn pulled out, squeezing more lube onto his fingers before starting to insert two fingers. It was a little harder to push in this time, but his fingers went in smoothly. Korn moved his fingers in and out ever so slightly, twisting his fingers, opening Wai’s hole wider. Wai’s breathing quickened as he grabbed onto the bed sheets, his cock twitched as he wriggled in pleasure. Wai reached down and gripped tightly onto Korn’s hand. “Stop, please. Just… put it in.” his voice was almost a whisper. 


Korn used his teeth to rip open the condom wrapper, his hands were shaking in anticipation as he slid it down his hard cock. He picked up the lube once more and squeezed the gel onto his cock before rubbing it along the length. Korn pulled Wai by the hips down the bed towards him and angled his hips up slightly. Korn positioned himself in between Wai’s legs, and lined up his cock with Wai’s hole. Before entering he rubbed a little around the rim, Wai’s hole was now soaking wet, lube dripping down onto the bed sheets. Wai shifted forward begging Korn to go inside. Korn pushed gently, the tip entering easily. As he pushed further in he had to stop himself from cumming immediately. It was so hot and wet inside, combined with the tightness the more he entered drove him crazy. Wai moaned loudly the more he filled up with Korn’s cock. He clenched his fists tight, digging his nails into the palms of his hands. It wasn’t painful, but it was an overwhelming feeling he had never felt before. It was like he just didn't know what to do with his limbs, he didn’t know how to react to the intense pleasure he was feeling all over his body. Korn felt Wai tighten around his cock and noticed his clenched fists. Leaning forward Korn lifted one of Wai’s hands, loosening his tight grasp and intertwining his fingers with his own. He used his other hand to push Wai’s opposite thigh forward, allowing him to lean over Wai. He moved their joined hands up and placed them down on the pillow beside Wai’s head. “I’m going to move now.” Korn said in a hushed tone. Wai closed his eyes and nodded, his grip on Korn’s hand tightened. Korn began to thrust slowly in and out, Wai inhaling deeply on every inward thrust. As Wai’s grip on his hand began to loosen, Korn increased his speed gradually. The sloppy sound of Korn thrusting into Wai’s dripping hole filled the room as he sped up. The only sound better than the rhythmic slapping as he slammed into Wai was the way in which Wai was calling out Korn’s name. Wai thought he was going to lose his mind, his eyes rolled back in his head as Korn slowed his thrusts but began to thrust into him harder. Korn readjusted Wai’s hips and thrust in hard. Wai cried out as Korn hit just the right spot, Korn smirked and pushed in deeper. Making Wai feel good made Korn feel even better, seeing Wai’s expressions as he started to move again made his chest tight and his heart pound. Korn could tell Wai was close, his cock was dripping precum onto his abdomen and it twitched every time he slammed into him. Wai wrapped his legs around Korn tightly as Korn began to speed up again, pounding into Wai harder and faster than before. Wai could hardly catch a breath as he grabbed onto Korn’s shoulders tight, sliding his hands down and digging his nails into Korn’s back. Wai groaned, his whole body trembling as he came hard, splurting liquid all over his own chest. His whole body went weak as his arms and legs dropped to the bed, his body wouldn't stop shaking as his chest heaved for breath. Korn sat up on his knees, peeling off the condom quickly and throwing it as he slid his hand up and down his cock a few times. Gasping, he came. Shooting hot, sticky liquid onto the bed and Wai’s body. Korn threw himself down on the bed beside Wai, both gleaming with sweat and trying to get their breathing back to normal. Korn looked over at Wai who was lying with his eyes closed, his face flushed and his cheeks slightly wet with tears. Korn leant over and kissed Wai on the forehead, Wai’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled. Korn ran his finger down Wai’s sticky chest and laughed. “Guess we gotta wash up again.” Wai closed his eyes and groaned, he had no intention of moving for the next few hours. Korn pulled Wai in close, stroking his hair soothingly. Korn must have fallen asleep too, when he woke it was well into the afternoon and Wai was still sleeping soundly in his arms. Korn rose from the bed quietly, heading to the bathroom and returning with a damp cloth. The cool sensation as Korn wiped down his chest woke Wai, who sat up with a groan. “Time for round two?” Korn smirked. They both laughed as Wai grabbed the cloth and threw it at Korn. “Fuck you, Korn.”