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My Game. My Rules.

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I was on tour with Chris traveling around the globe and seeing him perform almost every night. At first, it was really enjoyable seeing new things and different places but as time went on the hours of sleep dwindled and I do not remember the last time I had a full meal. To say the least, I was irritable and so was everyone else. I woke up, annoyed as ever to the sound of Chris’s alarm. He groggily turned it off and went back to bed, but I knew we had less than an hour to get ready, pack our things, and run to the airport. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom to cover my dark circles, brush my teeth and get dressed. When I walked out of the bathroom, Chris was still sleeping and we had about half an hour left before we had to go.

“Mi amor get up,” I commanded shaking him awake

“Mmm” He moaned

Normally this wouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did but I snapped.

“Chris really? We have to go.” I groaned as I threw my suitcase next to him and rapidly shoved all of my belongings in there.

“Cálmate" He mumbled as he slowly got out of bed

“We have to go and you’ve done nothing!” I shot back “Get up already we’re going to be late.”

Chris incoherently mumbled something under his breath as he walked into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

“Well fuck you too,” I mumbled

Angrily, I finished packing my things and stormed out of the room. I waited in the lobby with Zabdiel who was sleeping in the lounge chair, and Joel who was barely awake playing on his phone. Richard walked over to us, mumbled good morning and pulled out his phone. Erick appeared next, and then Clara.

“Y Chris?” Erick asked me

“Late as usual,” I grumbled

Erick nodded and went back to his phone. We waited for a couple more minutes until Clara sent me back to the room to retrieve Chris as she finalized the checkout. As I went to slide in my key card, Chris opened the door with his suitcase. His eyes bore into mine fueled with anger. My inner brat began to show, as I met his gaze with just as much anger, challenging him to do something.

“You’re on thin ice nena.” He warned as he pushed past me and hit the elevator call button.

I rolled my eyes as I turned around and waited beside him for the elevator. Chris entered the elevator first and I stood in front of him facing the doors.

“So this is the kind of day we’re going to have?” I questioned

His hand slithered around my throat and squeezed lightly. Not enough to turn my face blue, but enough to send the message I better stop.

“You’re the one who’s had an attitude this whole time” He hissed in my ear “and if you don’t stop you’re not going to like the consequences.”

The threat sent a heatwave down to my core, feeling his dominance uncover itself. I could not help myself, I had to challenge him, see how far I could push his buttons until he would break. As we hit the first floor Chris let go of my throat and I slowly walked out of the small box. I grabbed my suitcase that rested by a still sleeping Zabdiel and waited by the door for the bus. I felt a familiar presence stand behind me as I kept my gaze at the glass door. Chris’s hands wrapped around my waist as he pressed his chest against my back and nuzzled his head in the crook of my neck.

“I noticed a change in your walk. ¿Ya estás mojada? I think you’re looking to be punished aren’t you princesa? You like acting out? Por que te gusta cuándo yo tomó control.“ He whispered in my ear.

More heat flowed down my body, creating a pulsating pool between my legs. He felt my legs twitch and smirked. Blood began to boil in my veins as Chris teased my body’s needs and desires.

“It’s none of your business as to how I walk and if I was wet I would take care of it myself considering you’re in a pissy mood.” I innocently whispered as the bus pulled up.

As I was about to walk out the door, Chris grabbed my wrist. I turned around and looked him in the eye, raising an eyebrow.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Christopher growled as lust clouded his eyes

I smirked as I loosened myself from his gripped and replied “Watch me” as I exited the hotel.

The whole bus ride Chris kept a firm grip on my thigh, his silent warning for me to behave. A devious smile formed on my lips as I leaned my head on his shoulder and placed my hand on his thigh. He squeezed my thigh tighter and let go, warning me not to do what I was thinking. I ignored his warning and innocently moved my hand up.

“Move your hand.” He whispered angrily

“Okay,” I whispered back in my most innocent voice as I moved my hand up hitting the tip of his penis.

He immediately grabbed my hand and moved it off of him. I felt Chris glare at me, and I accidentally let out a small giggle.

“¿Impensas que esto es gracioso?” He snarled

“I think it’s funny how easy you fall for my games papi.” I purred

“When we are in private you’re going to regret this moment Y/N.” Chris reminded me.

“Papi that’s not part of my rules.” I taunted as I moved my other hand to his thigh.

In a swift motion, he grabbed both hands and rested them on my lap. His hands, which are bigger than mine laid on top of them caging them in.

“Do you really not trust me mi amor?” I asked innocently

“No” He snapped

“You know that really hurt my feelings papi.” I pouted, finally looking him in the eye.

“Te estas portando mal” He retaliated “Y va a terminar mal para ti.”

The bus came to a stop at the doors to the airport. Security was quick to barricade the screaming fans as another team of security escorted everyone out. From the airport, quickly checked in, and were ushered to the plan first. The whole time Chris never let go of my hand even through take off. I tried to wiggle free, but each time he just held on harder. During a moment of distraction, Chris’s grip on me loosened and I deviously got up and darted to the bathroom.

“vienie acá” Chris texted me as I locked the door

“no” I replied as I began to remove my clothes.

I leaned on the sink and took a few photos showing a lot of skin. Smirking, I sent the best one to Chris.

A few seconds later I heard a knock on the door.

“Taken” I grumbled annoyed

“Princesa abre la puerta ahora.” Chris hissed through the door.

Biting my bottom lip I slowly opened the door for him as he shoved himself in. His hand grabbed my throat, sending a new wave of excitement down my legs. I let out a moan as he lifted me to the sink. Chris shoved himself between my legs as I grabbed the edge of the counter trying to hold in a moan.

“Nena terminarla.” He threatened

I let out a small giggle seeing how riled up he was by my antics.

“Well you know papi you could just punish me right here right now.” I smirked seeing lust cloud his eyes.

“¿Quieres un castigó? Porque te lo doy.” He huffed

“Really? What are you going to do to me papi?” I gasped excitedly

“Esto” he whispered in my ear, nibbling the shell of my ear. I moaned and bucked my hips, feeling the heat in my core create a pool in my panties. Suddenly he let go of me and exited the bathroom smirking. I sat on the counter shocked, as the pool between my legs became insufferable. I slowly placed my feet on the ground and took a deep breath. I took my seat next to Chris, and refused to look at him. I heard a soft smirk leave his mouth as I squirmed in my seat trying to find a comfortable position with my entrance pulsating. I ignored Chris the whole flight and refused to even look at him, as he continued to tease me.

“So how are you enjoying your own game nena?” He whispered to me at one point

I scoffed in response as I shifted my body as far from him as possible. He let out a laugh, watching me struggle in my seat trying to create a nonchalant friction. I opted to take a fake nap, as a way to try to calm my body down from its urges and needs. Once the plane landed, I was one of the first people to shoot up from my seat all ready to go.

“Relájate cariño.” Chris mumbled with a huge smile plastered on his face.

“Chris, what you have been doing to me is a hate crime.” I spat

He laughed his loud, energetic belly laugh at my anger only making my blood boil.

“You’re cute when you’re this mad.” He teased

“Fuck you” I mumbled as I made a line in the aisle.

I was the first one off the plane, and on my way to bag check. I cursed at my smaller legs as Chris was quick to catch up with me.

“You can’t escape me mami.” Chris teased as I quickened my pace.

“No, but I can try,” I retaliated as I spotted my luggage on the conveyor belt.

As the other boys retrieved their luggage Chris went on teasing me. Once the bus came I darted to sit next to Joel. We made small talk as Chris couldn’t stop laughing every time he turned around to check on me. During check-in, I dragged Chris down a hallway and pinned him against the wall.

“Listen to me and listen clearly papi, you’ve been teasing me all day and edging me on all day. When our hotel door closes it’s my game, my rules.” I hissed

Lust re-clouded his eyes at my orders and demands. Chris grabbed my hair and neck and pushed me against the wall my back faced.

“¿Terminaste de tirar un berrinche?“ He growled

My sore pussy flooded itself in a pool of its own juices. If Chris had not held me as he did, I would have sunk to the floor.

“Ahora espera al lado del ascensor y no te muevas.” Chris ordered as he walked away.

I walked towards the elevator and hit the call button. As Chris came back with the hotel key card he grabbed my hand and hauled me into the elevator. Thoughts overpowered my mind as I thought about what Chris was going to do to me once the hotel door clicked shut. As we got to our floor Chris dragged me to our room. Once the hotel door closed Chris pinned me against the door.

“Strip down mami to your bra and underwear.” He whispered in my ear.

He turned around and opened his suitcase looking for something.

“Stand on the edge of the bed.” He commanded as he stood up.

I did as I was told as I felt Chris grab my hands and tie them together.

“My game. My rules.” he huffed as he pushed me onto the bed.

Chris grabbed my underwear and pulled it down my thighs letting it fall in the crevasse of my knee caps. He ran two fingers through my slit and smirked.

“Jesus Christ you’re soaked nena.”

“Well, that’s your fault for teasing me all day.” I snapped


Chris’s hand shot up and hit my ass. I winced, but as the sting turned to pleasure I bit my bottom lip.

“My game. My rules. Clearly mi amor you forgot whose in charge.” Chris growled

“Y-You are papi.” I stuttered


I moaned this time

“Did I ask a question?” He huffed

“Well now you did.” I whimpered feeling my juices coat my core.


Another moan left my mouth

“You want to keep sassing me?” He hissed

“N-no papi.” I sighed

“Good girl.” He praised as his fingers connected to my entrance again.

He rubbed my swollen pearl as two fingers entered my body. I was already so riled up from the whole day a knot was quick to form inside me. I knew Chris felt it because he pulled out and spanked my ass again.

“You don’t get to cum until I say so” He snarled

“P-Papi!…Please…por favor” was all the words I could muster out as he edged me.

“This cunt will cum when I want it too.” He instructed as his hands went back to the same rhythm

“I’m sorry Papi.” I cried out “please let me cum papi” I begged as I fought with every ounce in me not to break any rules knowing the consequences would be far greater.

He spanked me a few more times until my ass turned a shade of red.

“Ahora.” he commanded

I let out a string of curses and his name as my thighs shook and my head sunk deeper in the bed. I was sent straight into a bliss of sweet ecstasy and Chris rode me out. I was left panting as Chris pulled out of me and I heard him unzip his pants. I tried to move my head to see what he was doing but it was no use. I felt him grab my hips as his member hit my sore entrance.

“Chris…” I began to whine as he smacked my ass

“Mi juego. Mis reglas.” He grunted as my juices coated his length.

His tip finally hit my hole and slipped in at full force. My hands formed a fist in their constraint wanting to feel Chris.

“You feel so good princesa,” Chris grunted

I was a moaning tied up mess under him as my brain lost control of being able to form a single word or sentence clearly. My sore walls stretched around him as he continuously hit my inner sweet spot. My weakened nerves could not help but make yet another knot form inside of me. I shook my ass, creating a new feeling for Chris, making his thrusts break from his own rhythm.

“Fuck mi amor.” he groaned as he felt my walls tighten around him

I couldn’t even respond in a sentence form to him as everything that left my mouth was incoherent.

Grinning, Chris smacked my ass and said “Cum for me”

I let the knot unravel itself as my walls spazzed around Chris. I saw flashes of white as my thighs gave in, I was being held up by Chris. In the middle of my high, I felt a warm liquid enter me and Chris release cursing in Spanish. He pulled out and untied me. I let my body fully sink to the bed, exhausted from the long day. Chris ruffled behind me as he put his pants back on.

“Tenemos que ir en media hora” He notified me

“You’re joking right?” I mumbled