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Behind Closed Doors

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You stayed up and waited for Chris to come home from the studio. It was 12:00 am, and he still wasn’t home and not a single text from him. You knew dating a musician entailed long nights and early mornings, the tours and promos but none of that mattered to you. All that mattered was that you would be with Chris even if it was just for a couple of months, and the occasional breaks in between tour. Chris was an amazing boyfriend of almost two years, and you were head over heels for him. Yet, you couldn’t help but think something was wrong in the relationship. It wasn’t what it used to be, and maybe you were just being paranoid but you felt as if things were different. As the night dragged on, hitting 1:45 am and still nothing from Chris, you decided to send him a text.

Y/N: hey amor are you gonna be in the studio for much longer?

As you awaited a response you went on with your nightly routine, trying not to think about Chris and what he was doing, fearing the worst. As you were brushing your teeth, your phone buzzed making you glance over the screen.

Papito😘: No it ended early but we went out

You read the notification, making your heart sink. You knew what we went out meant, and you knew how he was when he got drunk. Lately, you felt as if Chris was avoiding you, choosing to spend time with strangers or his bandmates than his own girlfriend. You were feeling abandoned by the one person you loved and trusted the most. You missed how he used to make you feel like his top priority, always going out of his way to see you, call you, text you anything. You left Chris on read sighing as you got into bed, in your shared bedroom. Laying in the darkroom, your thoughts clouded your mind. The room was infected with him, his scent, his things, a few pictures of him, and worst of all his presence. You fell asleep with tears streaming down your face as all you could think about was Chris and what you did wrong and where it went wrong. When you woke up the next morning, you were still alone just as he left you. With a sigh, you got out of bed completely miserable and drained from your crumbling relationship. After brushing your teeth and washing your face, you exited the bedroom and made your way to the kitchen. If you were being honest, you weren’t even hungry, you had no motivation to cook and just wanted to go back to bed. As the eggs sizzled on the hot pan, the front door unlocked and sluggish footsteps dragged themselves into the kitchen. You looked up from your cooking and there appeared a very tired and hungover Christopher. He poured himself a cup of coffee after kissing your cheek and saying good morning. When he embraced you into a hug, his scent pierced your scenes, but it was different. It wasn’t just his, you smelt the perfume of another. What was another girl’s scent doing lingering on him? Was he cheating on you? Was he so fed up with you, so bored of you he opted for someone new and didn’t have the heart to tell you?

“Nena want to grab lunch today?” He asked interrupting your thoughts

You looked up from your cooking and at him, a little wide-eyed making him raise an eyebrow at you.

“Nena?” he asked again

“Y-yeah that would be nice wanna go to our usual spot?” you asked

“Sounds good,” he smiled as his phone buzzed making him look over at it “listen nena I gotta go, but let’s meet at one”

He kissed your temple and rushed out the door.

You sat in the little quaint restaurant at bouncing your leg nervously as you waited for Chris. Little did he know, that before lunch you ran down to Adore Me and picked out something you knew he would love hidden underneath your sundress. Even though you were afraid that he was cheating on you, you couldn’t help but miss him, his touch, his attention and what you used to have with him. 1 o’clock rolled around, and still no Chris. Maybe he’s just a few minutes late, it is a busy day in the city after all. Then it hit 1:30 PM and not even a single text from him. Then the waiter came by at 2 with an apologetic smile.

“Miss it's been an hour, its either you order something or I’m going to have to ask you to leave I’m sorry it's policy”

“Sorry for wasting your time” you mumbled as you gathered your things and rushed out calling Chris

On the third ring, he finally picked up “nena?”

You could hear a girl laugh in the background making your blood boil. You were already suspicious of being replaced, but he couldn’t even give you the decency of ending things beforehand or hide things better.

“Chris you said we were meeting for lunch! What the hell?” you hissed

“Nena it’s only- oh shit,” he said “listen nena I’m sorry-”

“Whatever Chris” you sighed, “it’s not like we haven’t spent time together in months or anything”

You hung up after that not wanting to hear another word or let him sense that you were holding back tears.

Back in the shared home, you gathered your belongings and prepared an overnight bag, for maybe a night or two. In truth, you packed so many things you could leave for a week without a problem. You needed to clear your head and see where you were going with Chris. It wasnt as if you could really have a heart to heart with someone who was never there. In a rush not wanting to walk into Chris you zipped up the luggage and beelined for the front door. As you swung the front door open you were shocked to see Chris on the other side of it, ready to unlock it.

“Nena what are you doing?” he questioned looking at your luggage

“I’m leaving for a few days not that you would care” you huffed as you tried to move past him

Chris blocked the door, growing slightly annoyed as his confusion grew.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked shocked

“Chris, when was the last time we spent time together? You’re never here and when you are you make no effort to take time and do things with me! When was the last time you paid attention to me? When was the last time you touched me?” You spat out as you pushed him to the side walking away with tears streaming down your face. “We’re through” you said trying to not let your teary face become obvious

Day 1:

Papito😘 calling


Papito😘: Nena please im sorry

Looking at the notification you rolled your eyes and huffed. Did he really think such a cliche line would make you run back to him?

Papito😘: Nena ill do better

You read the text again, thinking he should have done better when he had you.

Papito😘: Y/N please I need you

You turned your phone off after that text not wanting to cave in to him afraid that one of his texts would send you running back into his arms. Without Chris, you were miserable and even more heartbroken than before. You missed him more than ever before, he had nested a piece of your mind and heart larger than you realized.

Day 2:

It felt like you weren’t getting better and Chris’s friends were now contacting you.

Richard started as you were closest to him out of Chris’s friends. He asked you to take back his friend or at least meet with him, telling you how unhappy Chris was without you. Then news broke out, shattering your broken heart into dust. Christopher Velez seen with mystery girl. Y/N and Chris over? Joel was quick to contact you after you drowned yourself in the vicious headlines. You cried yourself to sleep that night.

Day 3:

You stopped by the house to pick up the rest of your belongings and to return the keys at a time you figured Chris wouldn’t be home. You unlocked the front door, and quietly let yourself in.

“Nena?” a weak voice called out from the living room

You froze in your steps, being completely taken back by Chris. His sluggish footsteps made their way to the door, as he practically froze in his steps.

“W-what are you doing?” he asked

You studied his face, his eyes were puffy, and baggy from lack of sleep. Chris looked terrible, making the ache in your heart grow.

“I- I was just grabbing some stuff, I thought you wouldn’t be home right now” you meekly responded looking down at your feet

“Nena please don’t do this” he begged as he slowly approached you

You stood there still frozen as he continued to approach you. He gingerly placed his hands around your waist and pulled you in to him. His face nuzzled into the crook of your neck as his tears hit your warm skin.

“Nena please” he sobbed “te amo I fucked up…I fucked up”

Your arms slowly wrapped around him as tears fell from your eyes.

“Chris” you whispered “you abandoned me”

He moved his head, lips hovering millimeters apart from yours and met your eyes. His big brown eyes looked into yours, silently pleading with you.

“Nena” he whispered “I’m so sorry”

Looking down at his lips and back into his eyes, with your hands slowly traveling into his locks you tugged on them gently as you smashed your lips against his. Chris kissed you back as his lips melted into yours. This felt right to you, his hands roaming your body as you tugged harder on his making an ache between your legs. His hands went further down your body, behind your thighs and lifted you up as you jumped up. Your legs wrapped around his torso as he carried you to the bedroom.

“Let me make it up to you nena” he said between kisses as he laid you on the messy bed

He helped you get out of your clothes as you helped him get out of his. He kissed your neck hitting all of your favorite spots.

“I will never let this happen again” he mumbled in the crook of your neck

“You are my everything” he continued as his hands slid down your body

“You deserve only the best” he whispered as he left a trail of soft kisses from your neck to your collar bones

“You’re so beautiful nena” he said as he grabbed your breasts, encircling one of your hardened buds with his mouth

Your back arched as your breathing hitched, hands tugging harder on his hair.

“Chris” you whimpered creating music to his ears with every noise you made

He paid attention to the other bud making you moan as his fingers trailed down to your pulsating core. Your hips bucked as he teased your slit, as he continued his trail of kisses.

“Please give me another chance nena” he groaned as he passed your naval

“I will never disappoint you again” he whispered as he kitten licked your slit

“You taste as sweet as honey nena” he mumbled between licks

Your mouth hung agape as he did all the things you liked, drawing your favorite pattern on your swollen pearl. He slid two fingers inside you and curled at the right spot.

“Oh my god” you moaned as your toes curled

Chris pumped his fingers quickly building up your knot.

“Chris just fuck me” you whimpered as you wanted more, wanting to feel closer to him

“Anything you want princesa” he said as he pulled away from you and slowly slid inside you

He kissed your neck and collar bones as he set a slow pace. You scratched his nape and down his back as your walls opened up from him.

“Faster” You whined

“Fuck nena” he grunted as he snapped his hips quicker and rougher

His hand slithered down to your nerve endings and drew figure eights.

“You are my everything I love you nena” he groaned

He angled his hips and threw your leg over his shoulder, hitting right into your inner sweet spot. Your eyes were rolling back as a knot formed in your lower abdomen. Walls fluttered around his member, making his thrusts lose their rhythm.

“Nena cum for me,” he whispered as he kissed your plump lips “let me see you make that pretty face”

“Chris!” You screamed as your knot snapped

Your eyes rolled to the back of your skull as you entered your state of bliss. Your thighs shook around him as you left another trail of red marks down his back. Your breathing hitched as Chris rode you out for your high, and then slipping into his. You felt his warmth spread inside you as he released his seed in you. He slowly pulled out of you and lovingly kissed your lips before laying on the bed and pulling you on top of him. You nuzzled into the crook of his neck as your fingers twirled his strands of hair.

“Nena I’m so sorry about everything” he finally spoke as he nervously drew circles against your hips “please give me another chance I’ll do better I promise”

You looked up into his big brown eyes and smiled.

“Let’s start over” you grinned

“I love you y/n” he said as he kissed the top of your head