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Sunshine & Sassy meet Sunshine 2.0 & Nerd

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Recounting the tale of his and Steph's adventures in a different universe was always strange.  


It seemed absolutely everyone wanted to know what had happened, who they'd met, how similar the two worlds were. 


But, honestly? It wasn't as interesting as everyone wanted it to be. 


They were in, stayed an hour, and then they were gone just as fast. 


The only reason it had taken so long was because he accidentally kept distracting the engineer with questions of his other, genius, inventions. 


It wasn't his fault that the creations were so cool and beautiful and awesome. 


And Steph distracted the people they'd met too! With questions about the history of the many, many artifacts lining up the ship and asking about their abilities. 


And, okay, they had both asked about prank ideas, but that was purely for research purposes. Definitely not any other reason… 




Like he was saying, the story was short and simple. 


But, it was still very fun to talk about. 


And since you asked so nicely, he might as well tell you. 




The story starts with Tim and Steph falling. 

Like most stories seem to start, he's noticed. 


They were, luckily, caught, although it did obviously hurt to go from falling however fast they were falling to a stop, no matter how gentle the person holding them was. 


The woman set Tim down softly, steadying him in case he fell. Steph was already sitting on the ground, next to a man with black hair, staring at them. 


"Welcome to the party, Timmy." Steph joked with a nervous laugh. "You have 3 guesses to figure out where we are." 


Tim glanced around, seeing they were surrounded by fields and fields of greens and yellows, trees spread randomly throughout. A few yards away, a giant black ship rests, a large contrast to the otherwise peaceful setting. 


The two people they were with were also interesting. 


The woman had black hair done up in intricate braids, wearing a brown leather jacket with a t-shirt and jeans. She had a kind, joyful face, and was smiling brightly at them. 

The man, however, was an exact opposite. He wore a black leather jacket with jeans, and wasn't smiling. He wasn't exactly frowning , but he definitely didn't go out of his way to make pleasantries. 

The two were obviously quite close, too, based on the way they looked at each other. 


"Alternate dimension?" he questioned, glancing over at his girlfriend. 


Steph shook her head. "Close."


"Alternate universe, then." Tim decided, nodding once. 


"Ding! Ding! Ding! Point for Tim!" The blonde cheered, grinning. 


He's smart. The woman signed to the man, Phastos will like him.  


Tim curled an eyebrow as the man answered her, both with his hands and his mouth. "Yes, he will. Speaking of…" 


The woman's eyes widened, and she was gone, so fast that if Tim didn't spend time with Bart he wouldn't have seen her take off. 


"She'll be back in a minute." The man said. "In the meantime, I'm Druig. The woman that just left was Makkari. We're the Eternals, protectors of this earth." The man, Druig, said. "Makkari is deaf, but your girlfriend's memories show you both know sign."


"You looked through her memories?" Tim asked, suddenly very protective. 


"I gave him permission!" Steph was quick to intervene. "It was just to make sure we weren't threats. It's also how we realized we were in a different universe." 


Tim relaxed slightly, but he was still very much on guard. 


After all, it's not every day you're transported to an alternate universe (alternate dimension, sure. Those were quite common.)  where there's a deaf speedster and a mind reader, though Tim doubted that was Druig's only ability. 


Before the conversation could continue, Makkari was back, this time with another man. 


"Druig." The man greeted, eyeing them. "Guests from another universe." 


"Phastos." Druig responded, smirking. 


Phastos sighed, rolling his eyes. "Let's get on with it then." 


The Domo, as the ship was introduced, was a magnificent piece of machinery that needed to be preserved and cared for forever. 


Tim isn't totally losing it over the tech, whatever do you mean. 


Tim was wandering around the room, inspecting everything he found with an abundance of interest, each invention he found making his grin grow wider and the maniacal look in his eyes grow brighter. 


Steph was in another room with Makkari, having, as Makkari had put it: girl talk, because Thena isn't back yet and I need someone to talk with. 


 Tim loved Makkari, honestly she was great. He knew Steph felt the exact same way by the loud laughter coming from the other room. 


His face softened from its crazy look into a more peaceful one.  Never before did he get to sit back and relax while someone else figured out how to get them home. 


He was finding it hard to relax. 


He picked up a tablet that was hidden in the corner of the room, inspecting it with shock. 


"No way-" he gasoed. 


"The Emerald Tablet. Makkari found it, though she hasn't told me where yet." Druig said, appearing behind him. 


Tim definitely didn't jump, you're imagining things. 


"This is thousands of years old! How did she get this?!" Tim asked, cradling the tablet as if it were a glass slipper worth every single cent he owned. 


(It was, but that's not the point)


Druig looked amused, saying, "Oh trust me, it took awhile. She's searched for centuries."


Tim blinked, scrutinizing the man in front of him. 


"I can't tell if you're exaggerating or not."


"No exaggeration here." Druig promised, holding up a hand, "Scouts honor." 


Phastos, who was leaning over a table nearby, scoffed. "You were never a scout." 


Druig rolled his eyes, not responding. 


"We're called the Eternals for a reason." Druig said, seeing Tim's confusion. "We've been here for as long as the earth has had people on it."


"Holy shit!" Tim exclaimed. 


Druig just took the tablet from Tim, motioning for the boy to follow him. 


"My beautiful Makkari," Druig greets, smirking at the two girls as they walked into the room. 


Makkari snatched the tablet from him, unable to hide the grin that lit up her face at the sight of him. 


"Is it time to go?" Steph asked. Tim shook his head sitting down next to her and wrapping his arm around her waist, not seeing the soft smile Makkari sent their way, eyes knowing. 


"Not yet. Phastos is still figuring out how to get us there." 


" He would've been done by now if lover boy over there wasn't nerding out over the technology." Druig teased, a smile on his face. 


He was much more smiley around Makkari, Tim had noticed. 


Steph rolled her eyes fondly. "Of course he did." 


"They have a tool that gets rid of trash without polluting anything. Just zap and it's GONE! " Tim said, waving an arm in a "poof" motion. 


I'm sure Phastos was thrilled to have another tech guy on board. Makkari signed, elbowing Druig in the gut when he became to take her braids out. He just blinked innocently, continuing to mess with her hair. 


Steph hid her smile behind her hand, meeting Tim's gaze. 


"Makkari was telling me about all of her artifacts." Steph said, grinning. "She has so many stories!" 


Makkari readjusted her grip on the tablet in her arms. Thousands of years on Earth with these dummies tend to make quite an adventurous tale. Sprite was always much better at telling stories, though


"And as wonderful it would be to see her again so she could tell them," Phastos spoke up, appearing in the doorway, "I figured out how to get you home."


Makkari pouted. Boo. I like them. She turned towards Druig specifically, when she said, Can't we keep them? 


Druig smiled, shaking his head. "I'm afraid not, darling. They have their own duties to attend to. Besides, soon enough their family will come for them."


Makkari sighed, nodding sadly as she hugged Tim and Steph goodbye. It was wonderful meeting you two. 


The bats smiled, nodding their agreement. "Yeah I had a lot of fun." Steph said. 


Phastos handed them two bracelets, instructions them to put it on their wrists and press the button. 


"It will only work once," Phastos said, "So make sure you picture your home very clearly." 


"Thank you." Tim whispered, looking at the bracelet in awe. 


Bye! Safe travels! Makkari said, hugging them one last time. 


" We'll figure out a way to visit." Druig said, " So Makkari doesn't combust out of boredom." 

He laughed as Makkari started his arm. 


"Bye!" Tim and Steph said in unison, pressing the buttons on their wrists. 


And then they were gone.


"Can I go home now?" Phastos asked. "I was in the middle of a date with Ben!"