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“I don’t see why we can’t all go,” Echo grumbled. He looked very cross indeed, his brow furrowed, his mouth turned down in a frown. 


“Planning a wedding is a big deal, Echo. She was probably limited to how many people she could invite. Plus, not everyone has five boyfriends,” you explained. “A plus one is one thing, a plus five isn’t...normal.” 


“We’re not normal ,” Crosshair drawled from across the room. He was cleaning his rifle, and anyone who didn’t know him already might have thought the worst--he did look rather threatening. 


“I know. But she is. And this is going to be her day.”


“You’re just jealous that I get to go instead!” Wrecker said gleefully, smacking Crosshair with his Lula. The sniper angrily pushed the stuffed animal out of his face and rolled his eyes. 


Hunter looked almost pained, and Tech looked rather forlorn. 


“I just wanted to see you as you, yah know? Without...the uniform, the regulations, and the army,” Hunter explained. 


“Sweetheart, you have seen me without all that. All of you have,” you sighed in exasperation as you folded one of Tech’s shirts, fresh from the wash. 


“Yes, but...we’ve never seen you interact with...non-Jedi or GAR and Kaminoans. What are you like around your friends and family?” Echo asked. 


“Do you not consider yourselves my friends and family?” you asked. 


“Of course we do,” Hunter said, as if he were shocked you would ask such a thing. 


“Stitches, you must understand. We only know you through the lens of the Grand Army of the Republic. You were introduced to us as nurse, and we’ve really only seen you interact with other officials and troopers. This is the way we know you. We’ve never seen or heard you interact with people outside of this circle,” Tech explained. 


You didn’t have a lot to say to that. It was true, after all. You’d commed your family a few times to let them know you were ok, but you always did it in the privacy of your quarters so you wouldn’t be interrupted. The boys had popped in and said hi a couple times, but virtual communication was no substitute for physical interaction. 


“I’m sure you all will get your chance. Plenty of friends from nursing school are getting engaged lately. There will always be a wedding. Or a bridal shower or a baby shower or a birthday celebration or... something ,” you said, trying to reassure them. Really, all of them except Wrecker looked very downcast.


“At least take images for us,” Echo said sullenly. 


“I promise,” you said, ceasing your folding and reaching over to hold Echo’s hand. He forced a rueful smile. 


“And you all can have your way with me however you please when I get back.” 


“Wear that bridesmaid dress for us when you get back,” Crosshair said with a wink. 


You threw a balled-up shirt at him from across the room, causing everyone to laugh and the tension to ease up a bit. 



“You look cute without your armor,” you teased as Wrecker pinched the fabric of his shirt. He didn’t have many civilian clothes, so you’d taken him shopping in Cloud City for some things to wear to the wedding and other celebrations. 


“It feels weird,” he said with a frown. 


“I’m sorry, baby. Is the fabric itchy?” 


“Naw. Just used to my bodyglove.” And his armor, and his various doubt he felt rather exposed like this. 


You nodded. “I understand. You look good, though.” 


He perked up at that, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “You think so?” 


You grinned. “Yeah, I do. Everyone’s gonna be jealous of me at the wedding tomorrow.” 


Wrecker blushed, as he often did when receiving compliments. Poor thing was so used to hearing negative comments about every bit of who he was. Even after all this time with you, he still blushed. At least he was looking more relaxed today. He’d been fine when you two first arrived in Bespin, but with so many questions from friends and family, and having to adhere to new social rules in the context of weddings, he grew overwhelmed. He withdrew, and got anxious. You’d noticed it at family dinner the night before. His leg wouldn’t stop bouncing, and you could practically feel his heart rate spiking. Wrecker never begged for anything, and when he finally got you alone for a second, he asked you, in a voice much smaller than normal, if you could go back to the hotel room. So you plastered a smile on your face, told your family and friends that you were tired from interplanetary travel, and needed rest. Wrecker had never looked so grateful. 


That’s what today was about. Tonight was the rehearsal dinner, which would be another big social event. Fortunately, the morning and afternoon were free, so you decided to treat your boyfriend to a little extra time. There weren’t very many opportunities for alone time on the Marauder, or in their barracks, or...anywhere else, really, so you’d decided to pack some food and take Wrecker to one of the hanging hydroponic gardens. It was pretty and private, and he seemed himself again very soon. Food and the sight of you in a short sundress often had that effect. 


He blushed again, and nervously rubbed the back of his neck. “Oh, you’re just sayin’ that.” 


You shook your head. “No I’m not, Wrecker. I think you look really, really, really good,” you said, placing your hand on his knee and moving it higher at every “really.” 


The subtle action was not lost on him, and he propped himself up, both arms behind him. 




You licked the juice from the meiloorun slice off your finger, and put the fruit down on the napkin before you shuffled over to him on your knees. When you were parked between his outspread legs, you leaned forward and kissed the corner of his mouth. 


“Didn’t you see how jealous my cousin was, to see me walkin’ into the dining room with a big, strong, handsome guy on my arm?” you teased, both your hands finding purchase on each of his thighs. 


“No,” he murmured, his eyes hooded as he looked down at you. 


You climbed into his lap, straddling his hips, and kissed him fiercely, your hands clinging to the front of his shirt, bunching the fabric. 


Almost immediately, he moaned into your mouth, his large hands skimming the tops of your bare thighs under your sundress.


“You gotta relax, baby boy,” you whispered against his mouth. His lips chased yours through the words. 


“I am relaxed,” he replied, still trying to capture your lips with his own. 


You slid your hands up to the back of his neck and let him kiss you again, the taste of shuura jam still lingering on his tongue. 


“Not as much as you could be,” you said when he finally broke away. “Lay back. Let me help you relax even more,” you purred. 


Wrecker gave a dizzying grin, grabbed one of the pillows from beside the picnic basket, and placed it underneath his head before laying back down. He needed no further coaxing. Although anyone on an airspeeder or a starship flying by could see you from above, this garden was still private enough that you were sure no one would catch you. Not that you cared…and you knew Wrecker certainly didn’t. When he confirmed that he was comfy enough, you scooted up on his body, your cunt directly situated above his cock, which you could feel, was half-hard already. You ground against him for a few moments, enjoying the low rumble of pleasure emanating from his chest. 


His large hands reached up almost immediately to fondle your breasts–a favorite of his, he’d expressed many times. 


“Impatient, huh?” you teased. 


“If you could see what I’m seein’,” he said with a wolfish grin, letting his sentence fade away for your imagination to complete. 


You debated teasing him like this for just a little longer, but then you reminded himself–this was supposed to be for him, to help him relax. So, you reached back and unzipped your sundress halfway, shimmying it off your shoulders until it pooled around your waist. 


The way his face lit up was all worth it to you, and as you unclasped your bra and let that slide off your shoulders too, you watched Wrecker’s face become all the brighter. 


“Oooh…Stitches…” he breathed as you leaned down to kiss him again. Your breasts were pressed against his chest, but that didn’t keep him from sliding his hands between the two of you to squeeze them. 


“Relax, sweet boy,” you whispered into his neck, leaving little nips and kisses as your mouth traveled south. “I’m gonna make you feel really good, ok?”

You didn’t give him much time to respond as you slowly unbuttoned his shirt, planting a kiss on his warm, broad chest and tummy each time you undid a button. By the time you reached his trousers, he was painfully hard, nearly ready to burst through the fabric. Your own mouth watered as you unzipped his trousers to let his cock spring free. 


“Mmm, Wrecker,” you murmured against his length, letting your breath ghost along the side of it before planting another small kiss on his tip. 


Wrecker’s whole body shivered at just that contact. “Fuck…look so pretty, Stitches,” he moaned. 


He didn’t get the chance to say anything else as you took the tip of him in your mouth and swirled your tongue around it. Your mouth already was burning at the corners a bit–Wrecker’s cock was proportionate to the rest of him, and sucking him off could prove to be quite the challenge. But you knew he appreciated it–he loved the sight of your pretty lips struggling to take him all at once. 


When you figured you’d slobbered enough, you flattened your tongue, hollowed your cheeks, and bobbed your head up and down, taking more and more of his considerable length with each bob of your head. His hips began to buck just a little at that, causing you to gag and pull back. 


“S-sorry, pretty girl, I just–” he sputtered, but you gently shushed him.


“No apologizing, baby. I need you to just lay back and enjoy. Got it?”


He nodded, and those shuddering breaths of his turned to moans quickly, as your tongue slid from base all the way to tip over and over again. An outright growl escaped his chest as you took one of his balls in your mouth and sucked ever so lightly as your fist tightened around his cock, moving up and down in a fluid motion. 


“Fffuck, Stitch, I…fuuuuck, feels so good,” he stammered. 


After releasing his balls and trailing your tongue up his length one last time, you decided that was enough for the moment–there was an ache between your legs that desperately needed attention. And you knew Wrecker would be more than happy to oblige. 


“Lemme ride you, sweet baby,” you crooned, sitting back on your heels and wiping some of the drool from the corner of your mouth with your hand. 


“Can you…you do that? Even though you haven’t…” his voice trailed off. Usually he made you cum before you even thought about fitting himself inside of you, just to make sure you could accommodate him easily. 


“I’ll be fine, honey,” you reassured him, climbing up and situating yourself above his cock. You still had your panties on, but you could feel them absolutely soaked through already. “I’m so wet. Feel,” you urged, grabbing his hand and placing it on the wet spot that had gathered.


“Ooh,” he exclaimed, his cheeks turning red. 


“Yeah. You did that to me, baby boy. Just by letting me suck your cock. And now I wanna ride it.” 


He nodded vigorously, his eyes hazy with lust as he watched you sit back, remove your panties, and situate yourself on his length once more. You didn’t put it in right away, instead preferring to grind against it for a little. Wrecker looked up at you in awe, his hands coming to fondle your breasts again. 


You felt so supremely sexy in this moment; your sundress half on, tits out for your hunky boyfriend’s pleasure, grinding on his massive cock in on a blanket in a secluded hanging garden on a beautiful planet, the sun bathing the both of you in that late afternoon glow. How much better could it get? 


When you finally felt ready, you reached a hand between the two of you and sat at an angle that you could begin to fit him inside you. It was a little difficult at first, having not…found your own pleasure before taking him, but you managed. Your cunt burned ever so slightly as you sunk down to accommodate him. The pain went away as quickly as it arrived, and soon you were grinding your hips in a rhythm that pleased you both. 


“You’re so beautiful, Stitch,” Wrecker breathed as you picked up your pace, now practically bouncing on his dick. 


“Do you feel good, baby? You like this?” 


Wrecker answered you by grasping onto your hips and holding you still so he could buck his hips, fucking up into you. The sudden change of pace had you crying out; your hands scrambling for purchase and landing on his bare chest. 


“I feel amazing,” he answered, putting a large hand on the back of your head and bringing you down for a searing kiss. His tongue pried open your lips easily, licking into your mouth and sucking on your tongue. You still tasted a hint of shuura jam through the kiss, and smiled. 


“Good,” you sighed when his lips left your mouth and began to map out a course on your neck. “You make me feel good too, baby. So big and strong…so sexy…” you moaned aloud when his hands squeezed your ass, pressing you closer to him, his dick hitting even deeper inside you. His hands slid from your ass to the front of your thighs, and eventually between your bodies. Those large but nimble fingers found your sweet spot right away, and he pressed down, rubbing in circles the way you liked. 


“Wr-Wrecker,” you panted, “I…this…s’posed to be for you!” 


He groaned in pleasure as his hips bucked up hard into you. 


“Yeah, I know. Makin’ you feel good…it makes me feel good, too.” He pushed you up suddenly, so that you were sitting upright on top of him like you had been at the start. His fingers still rubbed at your clit, stoking that flame in your lower belly. The free hand came up to squeeze one of your breasts before rolling your nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. He gave a delighted grin when you sucked in a breath at the sensation. 


“What’re you smilin’ at?” you asked. 


Wrecker’s cheeks bloomed a deep crimson at the admission. 


“I…I like watchin’ your tits bounce,” he answered, obviously a little embarrassed. It was not new information, but he got a little shy whenever you pointed it out. 


You removed his hand from your breast and placed it on your thigh, moving up and down on his cock with even more vigor, so that he could enjoy the sight. 


“Like this?” you teased. 


“Yeaaahh, just like that,” he beamed. 


You moved his other hand from your clit so he could focus on enjoying the show just a little longer, before your own hand slithered down your belly and finally between your legs, your fingers working at your clit and stoking the fire again. 


“I’m gonna cum, Wrecker. I’m gonna cum on your cock,” you said breathlessly. 


He bucked his hips hard up into you at that, slower and harder each time. The pressure nearly took your breath away completely. 


“Do it, pretty girl. I wanna see your gorgeous face.” His fingertips dug into the supple flesh of your hips as his own rhythm became less regular–he was approaching his climax, too. 


Pleasure bloomed over you like the warmth of a Tatooine sunrise–slowly, and then all at once. Your thighs shook with the effort, your eyes were squeezed shut, and your mouth was open in a silent scream. 


Wrecker’s orgasm followed just as yours was ending. He’d looked up at you in awe as you climaxed, but pulled you down so your body was pressed against his as he came. 


“Fffuck, such a pretty girl, so fuckin’ soft an’ warm, Maker, I’m so lucky,” he babbled on and on, his arms encircling you and squeezing the flesh at your sides. He spilled himself inside you with a roar soon enough, his eyes shut tight and his breath shallow as his cock twitched inside you, your warmth milking him for every last drop. 


The two of you just laid there for a while and let the Bespin sun and humid clouds wash over you as you caught your breaths. Wrecker’s arms were still around your waist, and your cheek was smushed against his chest. You could feel his cock gradually going limp inside you, but you were unwilling to move just yet. His heartbeat against your face was calming. 


“Do you feel a little more relaxed now, baby boy?” you asked, shifting your head to look into his eyes. 


He smiled sweetly and brought one hand up to rest against your cheek. 


“Yeah, I do,” he murmured. 


You chuckled and kissed him gently, letting your tongue tease his lower lip. 


“I promise to help you relax all weekend, ok? I’ll do whatever it takes.” 


“Relax…like this?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. 


You nodded. “It’ll be a big party. No one will notice if we’ve gone missing for a little bit.”


Wrecker shifted beneath you, and you took that moment to withdraw his cock from your pussy. A little of his seed spilled out of you when that happened, and you exclaimed, a little embarrassed. Wrecker wasted no time in finding a napkin, laying you down on the blanket, and wiping away the mess.


“It’s ok, Stitches. Nothing that hasn’t happened before,” he said with a wink. 


Now it was your turn for heat to bloom in your cheeks. Wrecker only chuckled as he fetched your bra and gave it back to you. You put it on quickly, and he zipped up the back of your dress, slowly, planting kisses on your skin as he went. 


“I’m so lucky to have a girl like you,” he murmured into your neck. 


“Well, how do you think I feel, havin’ such a strong, handsome man at my side?” 


“Naww…I’m just a clone. I look like everyone else,” he said sheepishly. 


You turned around and grabbed his cheeks with both hands, pulling his face toward yours so that your foreheads were touching. 


“Stop that. You’re all different to me. All of you are unique. And you–Wrecker, I love you for you. No one else is you and no one else ever will be. Got it?” 


He nodded slowly. 


“C’mon,” you continued, urging him to lay back down. “Let’s enjoy this garden before we absolutely have to go back to the hotel.” 


“Yes ma’am!” he complied enthusiastically, pulling you close to him and kissing your forehead. 


For the time being, you could pretend there was no war going on. Right here, right now, it was just two lovers in a garden. Nothing else could come between you.