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Tech pondered the arrangement and smiled a little at the way his darling teammate squirmed and let out a low needy whine.  She’d wrapped her hands around the restraints but did not pull the loops that would free her hands.  He was actually really pleased with the harness she’d helped him build.  Mir could writhe, squirm and thrash, it didn’t matter how she chafed her thighs or spread them and arched the little vibrators hooked into the harness didn’t shift, didn’t press deeper and give her any relief.

He settled down beside her and let out a soft contented purr as she squirmed her backside into his groin.  The low vibrations combined with the warmth of her skin kept him comfortably hard as he wound his arms around her and dropped open mouthed kisses over her neck and shoulders.

The long slow torment let the want rise slowly for him, when Tech pulled the loops to free Mir’s wrists, he wasn’t sure what she would do given he’d been teasing her for over an hour so he was expecting anything from her trying to get more stimulation or even trying to get the harness off.

He hadn’t quite expected her to writhe around to face him and hungrily kiss her way down his chest, Tech let out a strangled gasp as she found the spots on the insides of his hipbones that made him groan and squirm.  Now he knew what was coming, not quite what he’d anticipated with this particular play scenario, but he was not going to complain as her mouth shifted to the spot at the very base of his penis and began the licking sucking kisses that he knew would make him crazy in very short order.

The little whimpers and the way she eagerly swallowed him down and kept whimpering and squirming as she worked him.  He let it go for a while, letting out low moans and whimpers of his own as he stroked his fingers through her hair.  But then he groped down, clumsily reaching for, then catching his long fingers in the waist strap of the harness around Mir’s hips.  Once he had a grip he tugged, making her half scream as things pressed harder into her, tug, tug, centimeters at a time he pulled her around until he could unlatch the harness and toss it aside and bury his face between her legs.

She was soaked, and he groaned and nuzzled then licked and when he wrapped his lips around her and began sucking, he felt her keening around his cock.  Tech kept one hand spayed over the small of her back so she couldn’t squirm away as he worked to make her come.  He knew she loved doing this, loved making each of them come undone with her mouth on their cocks knew because of quirks of her species she could swallow even Crosshair to the root and still breathe so he had no fears of making her choke as he groped his free hand down to tangle in her hair.

Tech whimpered and sucked harder as she moaned around him in a way that was making it very difficult to focus on making her come first.

The press of a fingertip hard behind his scrotum cost him his focus and had him howling in surprised pleasure as he came.

He panted for a few moments then rolled and began devouring her, sucking her clit hard until he felt her curling around him and letting out a thready keening cry as she came and flopped panting back into the bedding.  Feeling her tugging on his hair got him crawling back up beside her where she cuddled into his chest and let out contented little murmurs as she petted over his chest, back and side.

Not quite the way he’d expected his payback to go, but he wasn’t going to complain about being able to doze of with her cuddling into him and tangling their legs together.

He hummed softly and rubbed his cheek into her hair as they both dropped into a contented doze.


Echo laughed softly, then let out a low sigh of pleasure.  He’d waited until Mir finished sorting out the plumbing of a soaking tub and how to quick drain it if it was needed.  They all felt a quick drain was a safer option than sealing the tub in case someone was using it when crazy maneuvering became a needful thing.  They all were of the opinion that if they had a contingency in place, they’d never actually need it.

But contingencies aside, it was really nice to be able to lounge nipples deep in water that would stay at a reasonably constant temperature for as long as you wanted it.  And being able to bathe with a lover was something he’d never actually experienced before, showering yes, pampering in a bathtub no.

He’d have to pass on the pleasures of having someone else wash your hair and massage your scalp and shoulders on to Hunter, because it was nice.  Having it happening while he was buried balls deep in a very welcoming heat was even nicer. 

Echo let out a low moan as she rocked back a little harder and caught her hip to push up tighter into her.  The little cry she muffled into his shoulder made him let out a low groan and began thrusting faster, and harder.  The water sloshed in the tub, and he let out a small giggle as he realized the paranoia of a secondary basin in the step-down area around the main tub with its own drain was well founded.

But that meant he didn’t have to be careful, so he shifted so Mir was more under him and began pistoning harder, muffling her little gasps and half screams of pleasure with his mouth until she was clamping down hard and he was keening out a finish of his own.

The warm contented purr and the feel of gentle fingers over his shoulder had him letting out a soft happy hum of his own.

A soft cough from around the corner to the shower cube of doom, then the very amused sibilants from Crosshair.

“If you two are done drowning each other, Tech’s back with dinner.”

Echo shared a look with Mir and chuckled softly.

“We’ll be right out.”


Catching Mir off guard was actually relatively easy.  Safe on ship and in hyperspace they all relaxed a bit more than normal.  So, him being able to catch Mir in the shower and cuff a wrist to those ever so handy grab bars was fairly straightforward.

Not that she fought him, once he had one cuff secure, she just smiled at him.  That she trusted him, trusted all of them like this made something in his chest flutter.  She asked if he wanted to cuff both wrists and he had to think about it for a few moments before he decided no.  No, he didn’t need to secure both her hands this time.  He wanted to feel her fingers in his hair as he nuzzled and nibbled her throat and behind her ears.  Feeling the soft skin over her hips under his fingers, to feel his fingers sinking in with bruising strength, lifting her ass in the air high enough to slide a thigh between her legs and pull her down firmly.

That got him a super-heated cry and a squirm.

Using that corner seat she’d used against him so well mean he could keep her just barely off her feet, just barely off balance and dependent on his hands to keep her stable.  And he was enjoying having his hands on her, holding her securely by a hip, a hand at the small of her back, or shifting it up to between her shoulder blades as his mouth moved down to suck on one nipple then the other then rocked his own hips into the thigh he had trapped between his own.

Hearing her panting and whimpering gasps was getting under his skin, feeling her squirming into him was making his knees shaky so he reached up and thumbed the quick release on the cuff so he could take them both to the floor of the shower under something resembling control.

He flipped her around and half pressed her into the wall and sliding down, pulling her hips back away from the wall so he could squirm down and taste her.  The first startled outcry had him eagerly devouring her, holding her hips securely.  When Mir squirmed and tried to spread her legs, she let out a soft chuckle and forced her knees closed then went back to laving his tongue over her folds and sucking hard on her clit.

Feeling her frantically pushing back and how her thighs began to tremble, smelling how ready she was even with the steady shower of warm water, he let out a low groan.  That was the last bit of stimulation she needs to come screaming his name.

Her cry hadn’t stopped bouncing off the tile walls before he was sliding in and driving her hard and fast toward another orgasm.

Feeling one hand groping back for his hip as she clenched down and came again was all it took for him to lose what little control he had left and come hard enough that the world faded out for a few moments.  More than long enough for him to slip out and her to wriggle around where she could pet him.

Feeling her fingers in his hair and rubbing his scalp was really nice though, nice enough he just let out a few contented grumbles.  He just knew they’d have to get up and finish showering properly fairly shortly.

“Did you kill him this time?”

Hunter let out a soft, pained sigh.  They needed to shower properly, or Crosshair would catch then and snark.

Like he was now.

Hunter didn’t even have to look to know his brother was smirking.

“No, not permanently.  And you have zero airspace on that one hotshot.”

The wicked chuckle had Hunter sighing and reluctantly standing up and giving Mir a hand up as well.

“Just making sure neither of you were dead.  Oh, and that Tech had help repacking the bearing system for the smaller speeder, so Omega is filthy.”

Mir groaned and grabbed the scrubber and the shower jell.

“Thank you Cross, we’ll get a move on.”

Hunter just accepted the inevitable and hoped Omega didn’t ask to many questions.


Sneak attacking Mir was something only Echo and Crosshair could get away with, Wrecker was pretty sure that was because she could hear Echo coming which made it not a sneak attack.  Crosshair he wasn’t so sure how he got away with it, but he never did so he didn’t bother even trying to sneak.  He knew she was stressed; the Havoc’s Ghost had taken a hit from pirates none of which were still breathing to regret the decision and she’d been eeling into spaces to help Tech rerun wiring for the dorsal guns.

He’d already given his brothers and Omega a heads-up, even if Omega didn’t quite get the same heads-up Hunter and Tech had.  Omega didn’t need to learn pampering in the bath mean more than hair washing and bubbles just yet.  The hot water and bubble’s part was already sorted, and Echo had already fixed the one heating element in the tub that had up and quit so the water would be consistently warm.

Now to find Mir.

He caught her, literally, sliding out of the maintenance tube that paralleled Crosshairs shooting range, and just wrapped his arms around her hips as she slid out and dropped toward the decking.

It was rather telling when she didn’t even yelp or twitch just let out a soft sigh of his name and stroked her hands over his scalp and shoulder as he let her slide down his body to the floor.  Of course, then he swept her up in his arms and carried her off.

The kiss he got when she saw the bath already drawn was a soft sweet one and she helped him skin out of his blacks as much as he helped peel her out of her ship suit.  Settling into the hot water was really nice and having her draped out over his chest was even nicer.  Getting clean was a rather leisurely affair, and Wrecker was grateful for the repair Echo had done and for the recirculation and filtering system Tech had devised having hot clean water was a luxury he had no real comparison for.

He’d had other plans but feeling her nestling her face into the side of his neck and doing the soft little purr trick she could do relaxed him a bit more than he had expected.


Crosshair smiled softly and nodded to let Omega know he had it under control.  She’d realized Wrecker and Mir had been in the bath for over an hour and gone to check.  Now that he was here, she was skipping off to get Hunter or Tech to help him move the pair from the bath to a bunk.  Probably Mir’s, it was just across the hallway.

Fortunately for Hunter’s blood pressure and sanity Mir had just been draped over Wreckers broad chest and he hadn’t been buried balls deep inside her.  The resigned look he got when Hunter cleared the doorway made him try to wrestle down the wicked smirk that crept over his face.

“Don’t even,” Hunter warned.

“Would I ever?” He snarked back softly.

“More than likely, yes,” Tech slipped in as well.  “Ah, I see why Omega got both of us.”  He moved to collect some of the oversized towels Crosshair and Wrecker had both found on Cato Blight and, ah, liberated because they were huge, plushy soft and the hotel they’d been rescued from had been on fire at the time.  It had been a shockingly practical theft and had been a helpful comfort more than once after one of them had been injured.

He laid one over his arms as Hunter and Cross carefully lifted a deeply asleep Mir out of the bath and swept her up in it.  Wrecker started awake as soon as her weight was off him, blinked at them then gave them a sheepish grin. Crosshair kept the desire to laugh down to a soft snicker and grabbed the second towel Tech had brough over and offered it as his bigger brother levered himself out of the bath.

“Spoiling our girl Wreck?” he teased softly as Hunter dried his arms and handed him the towel to do the same.

“Sumthin’ like that.”  The sheepish smile made Crosshair smile faintly as well.  “She’s been workin hard for us.”

“Your bunk or hers?” Asked Tech mildly as Crosshair reached over and began toweling the worst of the water out of her hair.

“Mine, I, uh, got her some stuff.  She should still be able to enjoy em.”

Crosshair nodded and stepped back so Wrecker could trundle out the door and shared a look with Hunter as he reached down and hit the quick drain for the tub.  Tech just followed along as Mir was deeply and limply asleep.

“Do I want to know?” Hunter asked softly as their brothers exited.

“Those weird purple berry things she likes, the ones where the insides are green or orange.  And that spiced chocolate mix that we’ve all been taking advantage of today.”

Hunter’s twitch at the mention of the berries made Crosshair stifle another smile, peeled the things reminded him of the weird fish eggs they’d run into on Gev IV, where it they were far enough along in development a tiny brush against them would result in an explosion of tiny, very hungry, wriggling mini fish with very sharp little teeth.  Fortunately, not big enough to get through their under suits, but the fish themselves had been small enough to get under armor plates and the resulting flailing and yelling had been highly entertaining.

But he hadn’t been hip deep in water with the damn things like the rest of the team had been.  Echo could look back on the memory and laugh, Wrecker had gotten a form of revenge by catching and eating the damn things.  They’d been startlingly good fried whole.

They finished putting the small space back in order and by mutual agreement quietly checked on Wrecker and Mir.

Wrecker was lounged back in the ridiculous pile of squishy pillows he’d collected with Mir half draped over and half curled around him, still deeply asleep.  Crosshair knew Hunter’s sharp nose had cataloged each of the treats Wrecker had collected together on the snacks tray and had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep the smile down.

Manda, they were a bunch of saps.

Wrecker was just lying there gently petting her hair as the curls dried and began to spring back into his hand, and from the droop in his eyelids and the soft smile on his face he’d be okay with putting the spoiling on hold until they both woke up again.

Hunter smiled and shook his head as they left their brother to his version of paybacks.

“We are so whupped,” he muttered under his breath.

Crosshair snorted.

“Speak for yourself.”


Manda, he adored this woman.

She’d found him a set of holo files and instructional books on the fine art of trying people up with silken ropes and ribbons and then found him the appropriate cordage, he’d been enjoying some of the forms where she was laced into a complex web of knots but could move freely.  Seeing her in some of them with a sheer gown over the top was an exercise in control for him.  Her nipples and pussy shielded from view, but not from his use.

A couple of undercover missions she’d been half dressed that way pretending to be his property and he’d had insane offers for her and had let his possessiveness slip enough to make it clear she wasn’t for sale.  A few idiots had tried being insistent and paid for it with their lives.

There were exactly four men in the galaxy he’d share Mir with, and those sleemos were not on that select list.

It had still hit his exhibitionist kink to have her on her knees sucking him when anyone could look under the table and see and in all likelihood some fortunate being had.

This though, with her actually restrained, her pretty thighs spread and her back arched just so, this was private.

And she knew how he loved watching her squirm, so she did a tiny writhing arch up, just enough to make the silk over her breasts dig in and make her already tight nipples push out just that little bit more and the bands holding her thighs dimple the skin in just the little bit.

His fingers traced skin between the cords, and he managed a breathless smile at her moan.

Crosshair could see the way the secondary lacing held her labia open and just barely grazed her clit, just enough to keep her wanting, just tight enough if he slid his cock into her, it would rub and turn her into a writhing, begging mess of wet and hot need.

He took a step and straddled her shoulder, putting his cock tantalizingly out of reach of her lips.

His cock was out of reach, but his balls were in range and she sucked one then the other into her mouth a hot moan that had his knees trembling.

She had teased him after she’d tied him up and turned him into a screaming begging mess and left him limply sprawled out over the bed, he’d sworn he’d make her beg for him and she’d promised him she would.

Mir had kept that promise, more than once she’d begged for him, breathless, needy pleading for him to own her, to make her come screaming his name.

He tangled his hand in her curls and focused on how good her mouth felt.  Then he shifted his leg back and went to his knees, running his hands down her back and catching the cording under her buttocks to lift her where she was straddling him.

She was wet, slick where he ground his cock into her, gliding his hard length over her.  Crosshair groaned and bent, burying his face in the patch of soft skin between her bound breasts and groped for the quick release pulls to release the bindings tying her arms back.

Her hands were wrapping around his shoulders and one sliding up to tangle in his hair as he reached for the loop that would release her legs. Then he was pushing her back into the bedding and sliding in.

He’d forgotten how the cords holding her spread down there would rub his cock as he thrust in, how much more intense that would make it when she wrapped her legs around him and arched into him.

And she was begging.  Little sobbing cries right in his ear, little pleading sounds interspersed with kisses to the skin there and little nips to his earlobes.

Her found himself catching her face in his hands, resting his forehead on hers and staring into her eyes as he felt her belly start tremoring.

And she tried to keep her eyes open as he drove her over the edge, tried not to close them in rapture as she came gasping his name.

And when he rode her through that first orgasm and into a second, he devoured her mouth with his, savored her screams on his tongue and tried to hang on enough to push her to a third.

He managed to, but only just barely and he was arching hard as she strangled his cock as he came.

There wasn’t any teasing about her being a good little slut tonight, no playful name calling.

Not tonight.

“Mesh’la,” he barely breathed it over her lips.

 She’d understood him.

Her ‘I love you’ was breathed into his lungs, and he let out a low moan and kissed her back, hungrily at first then gentling down to the soft sweet exchanges he’d never cared to share with anyone else.

She’d hold him and they’d sleep for a little, then he’d undo the carefully tied knots and more than likely she’d make his eyes cross by sucking his cock and he’d get even by devouring her pussy and they’d love enough other all over again.

Manda, but he loved this woman.