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Book of shameless conversations

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“Lan Zhan, what are you…”

“Hm, it is nothing.”

“But Lan Zhan! Your hand…!”


“Are you perhaps trying to suggest something?”


“Lan Zhan! Talk to me! And leave my robe alone.”


“Lan Zhan, could it be you want to…”


“Do you really mean it?”

“Do I?”

“Do you really truly mean it?”

“And you do not want to?”

“No, of course I would like to, Lan Zhan. It is just that…”


“You know, the wedding. It is in a week’s time… What would your family say to this? The great Hanguang-Jun doing something like this out of wedlock.”


“Do not tell me that you do not care about your reputation!”


“Lan Zhan!”



“I do not.”

“You are impossible; do you know that? I know, I know. We have been together for quite a while now. We are living in the Cloud Recesses too. When else should we start to act like a couple, right? We have known each other since we have been fifteen. We have already missed so much too... But still…”


“But still! We cannot just like this…”

“Why not?”

“We are not in the Jingshi right now. What if someone saw us? You do not want to explain this to Lan Qiren, do you? What if he will call off the wedding preparations? He had just acknowledged us too!”

“I will not let that happen.”

“Lan Zhan! If you will continue like this, I will not know what to do with you.”


“Lan Zhan, why is your hand still…”

“You want it too.”

“Yes, of course, always when it comes to you. But we should not do it now.”

“Should not?”

“Someone will see us and it will only mean problems. Let us wait until the wedding, it is just a week away…”

“No waiting. It is better like this.”

“Lan Zhan! Again with this, what are you… Someone will see us!”

“No one will see. We are all alone here.”

“Now you are making things up to suit you. Obviously we are not alone here.”


“Lan Zhan! He is looking at me; I swear that he is. All the way into my very soul.”

“Mn… Is it bad? He will tell no one.”

“And what if he will? You can never tell who is spying for your uncle here.”

“You are exaggerating.”

“Lan Zhan! We should wait after all. The wedding is just behind the corner. One more week will do us nothing…”

“I do not want to wait anymore.”



“Oh, this is actually quite good. Yes, Yes… Lan Zhan, wait! He is looking, he is looking straight at me. I cannot, not like this.”

“You are exaggerating now. You are just stressing yourself out.”

“After the wedding, there will be plenty of time.”


“Do not like at me like this. You know it will not work.”


“Lan Zhan, this is not fair. You know that I cannot resist you when you do something like this.”




“No! I cannot! He is looking again!”

“Wei Ying, it is just a rabbit!”