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Dark Side

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You sighed out as you turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up a bit. Your legs were still shaking and your body was aching from Joel’s denial. You quickly cleaned yourself from Joel’s mess and turned the water off. You stepped out of the shower, wrapping your body in just a bath towel and performed your nightly routine trying to distract yourself from your body’s screams begging to be taken care of. As you stepped into your shared bedroom you noticed Joel was already fast asleep. Sighing you cleaned up the room placing everything where it belongs, hung your towel and got into bed. Cautiously you neared Joel, hoping he would turn over and let you sleep in his arms like you always do.“You sleep on your side tonight,” Joel mumbled as he felt your warm breath hit his back.

“You sleep on your side tonight,” Joel mumbled as he felt your warm breath hit his back.


“Okay sorry” You faintly mumbled as you moved over.


You spent the rest of the night tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position. It almost felt as if you were sharing a bed with a stranger and not your boyfriend. After tossing and turning for what felt like an eternity your eyelids grew heavy, your body finally had drifted off the sleep. You woke up to Joel’s warm body pressed against you and his lips planting kisses all over your bare skin. You tangled your hands in his messy curls. This was the Joel you knew, he was softer and more gentle.


“Morning mi amor” Joel whispered in your ear with his deep raspy morning voice


“Morning baby” You moaned out as Joel licked the shell of your ear and squeezed your breast


Joel’s lips danced around your sweet spot, igniting waves of heat straight to your core.

“Are you a good girl?” He asked as his lips wrapped around your nipple

You arched your back and nodded.


“Are you a good girl?” He asked again as he stopped touching you, causing a whimper to fall from your lips.


“Yes” You cried out as your hips bucked towards him begging for his attention


“Are you going to answer me when I talk to you?” Joel asked as his lips enfolded around your other nipple.


“Yes,” you moaned out as you felt his warm lips press themselves on the valley of your breasts.


Your hands grasped his dark curls as he made his way hovered over where you needed him. He kitten licked your soaked slit, groaning as your juices danced around his taste buds. He drew diamonds on your nerve endings and you tugged on his locks, shaking your thighs around his head. You let out a whimper when he pulled away just to run his length through your slit.


“I want you to cum around me, baby.” Joel huffed as he slowly inserted his tip inside your entrance.


He groaned as he felt your walls tighten around him. Once you adjusted to him you bucked your hips again. He kissed your neck sending more waves of pleasure around your body.


“Faster please” You begged as your hands sprung to the bedsheets.


“Gladly” he grunted as he went harder smacking your g-spot


A knot formed in your stomach as your knuckles turned white against the sheets. Your walls began to close in around Joel earning another grunt from his soft lips.


“I’m close” you whimpered afraid he would pull away again


“Me too baby” he groaned as his thrusts started to become sloppy


You moved your hands and slithered them around his biceps

“Please let me cum” You cried out as you felt the edge coming closer


“Cum baby” Joel growled as he nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and nipped your skin.


You released, rolling your eyes to the back of your head and scratched down his biceps. Once you came down from your high you wiggled around grabbing his length and massaged it. You encircled your mouth around his member and bobbed. His warm salty juices sprang out of his body and hit the back of your throat. Smiling, you continued to massage him until it was only drops.


“Taste yourself” You whispered in a smile as you planted your lips on his


“You taste better.” He smirked