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A name changes eveything

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There is a lot of power in a name. Minato Namikaze knew that; he felt it in his very soul. In the very few memories of his mother, before she passed when he was three, she told him that every night. His own name meant Harbour Wind Wave. He was the Hokage the harbour his village is anchored down inside of. The mighty wind that bows to his rule blows away all the enemies and those who refuse to lower their anchor. The waves he controls protect his precious people. 


Minato Namikaze's name is powerful, a protector's name and a Hokage. He was confirmed of that again when he started to learn sealing. How each Kanji you write has a meaning and will affect how the seal turns out. How you must be mindful and channel your intentions into each character, you must find the form of a word that means and resonates with what you want it to do. You must not hesitate with your chakra-infused brush strokes. You must fully be confident in what you want it to do. Do not hesitate; do not second guess. 


He is again confirmed of his name when he learns his elemental affinities, A primary of wind with a secondary of water. He is a true child of Konohagakure, with the wind that flies through the forest and mountains of Konohagakure and the water that rushes like a waterfall on the side of the mountain. 


So when he finds out he is having a beautiful baby girl, he offers up Kiyomizu.  


Kiyomizu means pure water. "Kiyomizu," Minato thought was a beautiful name for their little daughter. As pure as water, there beautiful little girl. Pure water was crystal clear.  Kiyomizu would be honest . Pure water was still but ever-flowing and adaptable.  Their daughter would be ever calm but would be there for anyone in need.  Nothing would ever stop her as gentle but ever flowing as the rivers in Konohagakure.  Their daughter would be pure and gentle. She would bring peace and not fight a losing war. 


The name played into the Uzumaki naming traditions, and his wife seemed delighted with it. Besides, Kiyomizu Namikaze has a stunning ring to it. Pure Water Wind Wave. 


Kushina means beautiful, Uzumaki means whirlpool. Kushina, as itself, just means beautiful. Minato really thought she was beautiful. It was the first thing he noticed about her. Her hair and how she moved but how she fought it were all beautiful. 

 . . .

Let it be known  Kushina's name means  beautiful whirlpool.  A Whirlpool is deceptively alluring, drawing you closer even if you see the danger it holds. Kushina is a true daughter of Uzushiogakure. She was as beautiful as the whirlpools and as dangerous as them too. 


She was always raging, always moving, always dangerous, always deceptive.

. . . 

Kiyomizu was a mighty name Kushina realized. Kiyomizu was a warrior name for a daughter of Uzushiogakure. Kushina realized with a bit of sorrow that Kiyomizu was not a daughter of Uzushiogakure and would never be named Uzumaki. 


Kushina was also so relieved that her daughter would not be named Uzumaki.  She would not be hunted like her brothers and sisters.  Kushina was glad that this name as daughter of Konohagakure would not throw her into a life of violence. 


She would watch her daughter grow as pure as water in the rivers of Konohagakure. She would help others and would heal others. She would be honest. She would be kind.  She would not be drenched in dangerous truths that others chose to ignore. 


Kushina was also prepared if, for any reason, she is named Uzumaki, that she would have a name that would make the village hidden in the whirlpools proud.


. . . 

Let it be known  if this child was a baby boy. This would be a child of prophecy and promise. This child would be named Naruto with blonde hair, blue eyes, and his mother's face. This child would be named after maelstroms and prophecies.


Let it be known  that this child would be called an Uzumaki but would be a son of Konohagakure. He would act like a whirlwind instead of a whirlpool. He would be his father's son with his mother's energy. 


Let it be known  that fate would not accept him as an Uzumaki. He had a duty to fulfil one that a Uaumaki could never.


Let it be known   that this child in this world is a girl. 


Let it be known  that this girl's parents want only peace for her when they give her the name Kiyomizu.


Let it be know that fate ticks on anyway. Nothing and everything changes because a baby girl was born on that fateful night. A baby girl that everyone knew would be called Kiyomizu. 


Let it be known  that this child was supposed to be called Kiyomizu Namikaze.


Let it be known  that when that child has a demon sealed inside of her, all anyone knows is her first name. For her protection, she is called  Kiyomizu Uzumaki. 


Let it be known  that this little girl was born with RED RED hair and BLUE BLUE eyes. With a face shape like Minato and pale skin like Kushina. 


Let it be known  that this little girl is so much more a daughter of Uzushiogakure than Konohagakure.


Let it be known  that when this girl is named  Kiyomizu Uzumaki,  it means pure water whirlpool. 


Let it be known   that this little girl has a warrior's name, for she is as pure of the water of the ocean, tides, and sea. 


Let it be known  that she will be everchanging, ever moving. 


Let it be known  she will be as honest as the deep sea. Nobody can see through the darkness of the sea. 


Let it be known  she will be as gentle as the whirlpool that is her namesake. People will know it is dangerous but can't help to go closer and closer.


Let it be known  she will draw people in like the ocean's tides. They will get closer and closer because it is addicting. Swim deeper and deeper until they can't breathe. 


Let it be known  she will be as calm, unassuming and deadly as the riptides. 


Let it be known  she will be as selfish and possessive as the sea. Sinking her treasure down to the deepest darkest of her depths. 


Let it be known that fate has accepted Kiyomizu Uzumaki as an daughter of Uzushiogakure.


Let it be known that Fate has decided on a new future.