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Burn To Flame And Reborne From Ashes - correction

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Harry Potter knew he had a temper, that became clear after the war with Voldemort. He was angry when his friends got hurt, and he was angry when that snake dared to besmirch the memory of his parents, but now he is furious.


The source of this anger began when he got a letter from Gringotts. It was already a few months after the war, Harry was now 18 years old, and he could sense something in his soul missing. His magic was in agony, he could feel it. It felt like half of his soul had been taken away. At first, he thought it was survivor's guilt since so many died in the war while fighting Voldemort and his Death Eaters, but that didn't really seem to be the issue, at least not the whole one.


Harry drifted around aimlessly with no real purpose, mostly living in 12 Grimmauld Place or in the Burrow, though he rarely went to the Burrow except when he felt up to accepting one of the Weasleys' many invitations. Harry generally spent his days in the Black Library. Even though he'd never been much of a reader, after the war it was one of the few things he could do that didn't instantly remind him of those he'd lost. The Black family library was legendary amongst the pureblood families of Wizarding Britain, and for good reason. There was nothing that one could not find hidden in its towering dusty shelves.


During one of Harry's periods of introspection as he was curled up in one of the library's armchairs, he had come to the realisation that he didn't love Ginny anymore. For the first month after the war, they'd tried but it was like neither of them knew how to return to the people they had once been, the ones who had fit so perfectly with each other back in fifth year. It was as if, with the removal of Voldemort's Horcrux, the puzzle piece that was Harry had lost one of its connections, and he and Ginny had realised that they belonged to totally different puzzles now.


This was about the time when Harry started avoiding social interactions, when he started to sink deeper and deeper into himself, and started to spend most of his waking hours in the library at 12 Grimmauld place sleep restless, disturbed by dreams of the fallen, of Tonks, Lupin, Lavender Brown, and of Colin Creevey. He may not have liked Colin in life, but he was still just a child. Fighting in a war. Children should never be involved in war.


Over the parade of death and madness in his nightmares, suspended in the dust-choked sky above the Battle of Hogwarts, a crimson eye always gleamed, looking all too familiar from that faithful night in the Forest. It enraged Harry that even as the others faded from his dreams, turning into wisps as their features got more and more blurred with memory, the crimson eye of Lord Voldemort glowed ever brighter over the hellish landscape. He was gone– dead and gone– like all of the others, and yet he remained. Tortured by his dreams and spending all of his waking hours in the Black family library, the world spun around, but Harry stayed still, not allowing himself to move forwards in time.


One day, Harry heard a faint tapping on the window from his armchair in the library–on itself an unusual occurrence, since he hardly ever got letters anymore. His friends had moved on without him. He rose wearily from his seat, with the weight of one who has carried the world on his shoulders, and opened the window to allow the owl to enter. Snatching the letter from the owl, he looked at the envelope.



  Gringotts Wizarding Bank


 614 Diagon Alley, London, UK


  Urgent Mail



Harry raised an eyebrow, all sleepiness gone. 'Well, this should prove interesting' he thought to himself as he sank onto the nearest couch, already opening the envelope.




Harry scanned the letter from Gringotts again, just to make sure he hadn't missed anything. Judging from the contents, it was quite the emergency.



  Dear Lord H.J. Potter,


We at Gringotts would like to sincerely apologise to you for our unacceptable handling of your accounts and our failure at guarding your account from thieves.


More information will be forthcoming if you come to sort everything out with us in person. This would be our preferred method of communication, as it is both confidential and allows us to quickly eliminate any misunderstandings. We are adding this letter to your account statement from last year.


We request your presence in our bank at the earliest convenience.


May your gold always grow and your magic flow.


Head Goblin of Gringotts Bank Diagon Alley branch,


Lord Ragnarok



Harry sighed. It wasn't like he had anything else to do, so he put his invisibility cloak on and Apparated to Diagon Alley with a sharp crack. Without further ado, Harry strode to the large marble building that towered over the rest of the Alley. As he rushed along, he started having second thoughts. It was hard to believe that the Gringotts goblins wouldn't be hostile towards him after he punched a large hole through their roof. Harry supposed technically it was the dragon who had punched the hole, but he didn't think the goblins would acknowledge such technicalities.


He pulled the cloak tighter around him, acutely aware and thankful for his Invisibility. Despite having totally faded from the public eye, he still attracted gawkers whenever he was visible. This had not been helped by his decision to break up with Ginny- they had been hailed as each others' "True Love" in the newspapers after the war, and news of their separation had been a field day for those same newspapers.


Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Harry went up the steps into Gringotts, pausing only for a moment to appreciate the imposing façade that had awed him so seven years earlier. As he stepped into the lobby, he pulled off his invisibility cloak theatrically, feeling slightly silly when he realised that there was only one person there besides the goblins. It appeared that today was not a particularly busy day for Gringotts Wizarding Bank. Harry walked over to a Teller and showed him the letter. In a flash, the teller guided him over to a nearby office and told him to have a seat on the sofa. Besides the sofa, the office contained a elegant leather chair and a table with another Goblin behind the desk, who immediately stood up when he saw Harry in the doorway...


"Ahh... good afternoon, Lord Potter. Please sit. We are very sorry for our unacceptable oversight in regard to your account. Where would you like me to start?" Lord Ragnarok asked as Harry sat across from him.


"Good afternoon, and it's a pleasure to meet you, Lord Ragnarok. I would like to begin with the first sentence of this letter. I don't understand why it refers to multiple accounts and why I'm addressed as Lord Potter. I also don't understand why what you have to say is so confidential that you could only share it in an in person meeting." Harry asked confused, brandishing the letter. "Also, what do you mean by thieves?"


Lord Ragnarok scowled and looked somewhat confused by this question. He took out a sheaf of paper and what looked like a ritual dagger.


"It seems there is more to this than meets the eye, Lord Potter. We could get a more accurate reading if you place 7 drops of your blood on the paper I've placed before you. That would show us your Abilities, Inheritances, Soulmate if there is one and surviving relatives if you have any."


Lord Ragnarok held out the ritual dagger to Harry causing him to hesitate for a moment, not fully wanting to know who or what his inheritance or potentially surviving relatives was. He mentally shook his head, steeling himself and took the dagger hilt from the Goblin Lord. He sliced his middle finger and allowed seven drops of blood to hit the paper. Together, he and the goblin waited until the writing appeared.




After a couple of seconds, a medieval script of twining purple and crimson started appearing on the paper. Not too long after it started the writing stopped and the paper sat waiting to be read. Taking it slowly, Harry started to read the paper. The more he read the more shocked he was.


Inheritance Test


Name: Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black

Born: 31 July 1980

Age: 18

Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Magical Core: Gold (Merlin Level)

Father: James Fleamont Potter (deceased/ Pure-Blood)

Mother: Lily Marie James Potter née Evan née Pendragon(deceased/ Pure-Blood)

Blood-Adopted Father: Sirius Orion Black (deceased/ Pure-Blood)

Adoption: 07 May 1994

Godfather(s): Sirius Orion Black (deceased), Remus Lupin (deceased), Peter Pettigrew (deceased)

Godmother(s) : Alice Longbottom (unfit guardian)


Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter (Paternal)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black (Blood-Adoption)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Gryffindor (Paternal)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Hufflepuff (By Magic)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin (Blood-Adoption/ Conquer)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Ravenclaw (Blood-Adoption/ Conquer)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Royal House of Emrys (Maternal)

Lord of the Most Ancient and Royal House of Pendragon (Maternal)

Master of Death

Crown Prince of Camelot/ Britain Wizarding World

Vault :

Trust Vault (Num. 11,560)

Potter Family Vault (Num. 125)

Potter Vault (Num. 11,563)

Black Family Vault (Num. 115)

Sirius Black Vault (Num. 11,670)

Gryffindor Vault (Num. 4)

Slytherin Vault (Num. 5)

Hufflepuff Vault (Num. 3)

Emrys Vault (Num. 1)

Pendragon Vault (Num. 0)

Properties :

Potter Manor (Unplottable; unknown location)

Potter Cottage (Godric's Hollow, England)

Potter Summer House (Mykonos, Greece )

Black Manor (Wiltshire, England)

12 Grimmauld Place (Unplottable; somewhere in London, England)

Black Cottage (Villefranche-sur-Mer, France)

Black Beachhouse (Manarola, Italy)

Gryffindor Manor (Unknown)

Ravenclaw Castle (Unknown)

Slytherin Castle (Unknown)

Hufflepuff Manor (Unknown)

Emrys House (Unplottable; most probably in Caerfyrddin, Wales or Tweeddale Forest, Scotland)

Pendragon Castle (Unplottable; somewhere within the area formerly known as Camelot)

Island of Avalon (Unknown; may be mythical or simply not exist anymore)

Abilities, Blocks, and Current Potion Effects :

Parseltongue (at 90% capacity; 10% blocked)

Parselmagic (at 10% capacity; 90% blocked)

Natural Occlumency (completely blocked)

Eidetic Memory (completely blocked)

Core (at 25% capacity; 75% blocked)

Soulmate (completely blocked)

Glamoured in the image of James Potter

Compulsion Charm leading to Personality Change (Laziness, Rashness)

Loyalty Potion (Subjects: Molly Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Ginevra Weasley, Hermione Granger, Albus P.W.B Dumbledore)

Hate Potion (Subjects: Slytherin House, Malfoy Family, Severus Snape)

Love Potion keyed to Ginevra Molly Weasley

All blocks keyed to A.P.W.B. Dumbledore


Marriage Contract between Harry James Potter and Ginevra Molly Weasley signed by A.P.W.B. Dumbledore and Molly Prewett Weasley


Tom Marvolo Riddle




After reading and rereading the inheritance paper with growing astonishment, Harry paled over the final section, as a sinking feeling settled in his gut. Could this possibly be true? Even if it was, did it matter? Ron, Hermione, and the Weasley family had proven themselves to him thousand times over, and he didn't doubt that they genuinely cared about him.


He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind for a minute, and wordlessly handed the paper to Ragnarok, allowing him to read the contents. Ragnarok took the paper and started reading it, his eyes getting wider the more he read as shock reflected in their black depths. He started distractedly mumbling in Gobbledegook, the harsh, scraping sounds pulling Harry out of his half-meditative state.


Among goblins, few wizards are ever considered worthy of mention, let alone respect. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was one of those few. Lord Ragnarok had never doubted that Albus Dumbledore had a good soul. Marred, perhaps, by his childhood, but still wholeheartedly good. However, looking at the writing on the paper, he starts to wonder whether the goblins had placed their trust in the wrong person.


It just goes to show, it never pays to get involved with wizarding affairs. He leaned back in his chair, steepling his long fingers and smoothing his face back into a carefully neutral mask, careful not to let his thoughts breach the surface. He studied the hardened man(still a teenager, really) sitting across the desk from him. It was a miracle that Lord Potter managed to survive during the War with 75% of his core blocked. He knew that the only reason Albus Dumbledore would ever do such a thing is if he intended that person to die. In addition, the business about this boy being the Crown Prince of Camelot was very interesting, though not as unexpected as the first thing–it had been eighteen years since any money had been withdrawn from either the Emrys or Pendragon vault.


"What do you want to do, Lord Potter?" Lord Ragnarok said, his eyes locked on the boy sitting across from him.


"Can we remove all of the blocks? Isn't Camelot mythical? What the hell is this marriage contract? Was I stolen from whoever my real guardian was supposed to be?" Harry asked in rapid succession.


"Lord Potter, we c-"


"Please call me Harry."


"You must call me Ragnarok, then. Merlin was known as perhaps the greatest wizard of all time, He was the son of the Dragon Lord Balinor. He had a duty to lead Arthur, who was still a Prince at that time. Merlin hid his Magic, because at that time Magic was seen as a Curse, and Evil. Camelot was the greatest place, for the Wizards and Magical Creatures were in fear because of the Executions. Therefore they stayed hidden. But when Arthur became King, The Rule to Banish and Execute the Magical Creatures was lifted, and the rest, of course, is history. I cannot answer your last question right now, though there may be something in our records. Allow me to check."


With that, he stood up and walked through a door on the other side of the room that Harry swore he had never seen before. He returned a couple of minutes later, bearing a new folder. This one was much thinner than his original one. After leafing through it for a couple of seconds, he pulled out a sheaf of paper and handed it to Harry.


"Here is every transaction made from the joint Potter account since your parents died. You may find some clues there."


Harry ran his eyes over the paper. Money going towards Albus Dumbledore to act as his guardian, a bribe going to the Malfoys to act nasty towards him, a small sum of money going towards Arthur and Molly Weasley, and much more. 


As he continued to read, he started shaking with suppressed rage, and had to put the paper down to stop entertaining thoughts of homicide.


In a carefully neutral voice, he asked "And what about the marriage contract?"


"It was drawn up by Albus Dumbledore and signed by Molly Weasley in your second year, presumably as a result of that money being sent to the Weasley family. It would have gone into action this summer, but since it was not signed by a member of your family, it is null and void."


"Thank Merlin!" Harry sighed in relief. Second year, that must have been around the time he first showed signs of being able to speak Parseltongue. Dumbledore must have cast around for the first witch he could find close to Harry's age, and when Harry dragged Ginny out of the Chamber of Secrets, he also unwittingly set his future on yet another course determined by Albus Dumbledore.


"I want all of that money to go back to my account, except for the money given to the Weasleys," Harry said, remembering the shabby state of the Weasleys' clothing.


"I don't want the innocent Weasley involved. How can I claim my inheritance, and how do I access my blocked skills and resist the compulsion?" Harry asked in a firm voice.


A nasty and predatory grin flitted across Lord Ragnarok's face. "Of course we will claim your Inheritance first. Then we can proceed to the Lower Mines and have a Medigoblin give you a Purging and Block-Breaking ritual."


He walked through a different concealed door this time, returning with a couple of black boxes, each engraved with a different golden crest. These he carefully placed on the desk in a semicircle around Harry.


There were eight boxes on the table, each containing a ring in it with each bearing their corresponding Family Crest. Harry took a deep breath and began to take his Inheritance, every ring that stayed on his finger warmed his Core except for Slytherin and Ravenclaw, which filled him with a deep sadness from the Ring's Magic.


This made him realise that his Soulmate, Tom Marvolo Riddle or Lord Voldemort, heir of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, was truly gone, bringing sadness to the rings. He also suddenly understood why half of his soul felt lost. He killed his Soulmate with his own two hands under the guidance of a manipulative old fool.


The next task they underwent was the ritual to cleanse his Blocks and Compulsions. It was painful and suffocating like he stayed underwater for too long, and eventually it made him pass out. When the Goblin Healer came to the room he saw Harry waking up, and rushed over to check his Core. Harry felt amazed by the power that overflowed from his Core, he felt lighter and free.


Harry looks at the mirror and gasped in surprise. His face had changed: it was no longer square and masculine, but rounder shaped, soft and with snowy white skin. His raven black hair was now tame and shoulder-length with emerald eyes that glowed with power. Harry also noticed that his body had become more slender and that his vision had cleared.

He thought he looked like a replica of his mother which made him tear up a bit, Harry took a deep breath and went to Ragnarok's office.




Harry entered Ragnarok's office and sat down across from him, sighing. Lord Ragnarok looked at the crown prince, observing the power rolling off of him, which reflected the blood of Merlin and the Royal family.


"Is there a Will from my parents?" Harry asked.


"Yes, Harry." Lord Ragnarok gave him 3 letters.


"I will read them when I go back home." Harry said, and then remembered: "Ah... Also, Ragnarok. Take some money from my Vault as a tip and as an apology for the incident with the dragon, please."


Lord Ragnarok's eyes widened in surprise and nodded to him, "As you wish, Harry."


"Once again, I'm truly sorry about the incident with the Dragon and apologise to the Goblin Nation for trying to break into Gringotts." Harry said apologising once more and bowing to him.


"You're forgiven. The Goblin Nation will stand alongside you Harry. You are the Crown Prince of the Britain Wizarding Throne and it is our duty to protect the Royal Family." Lord Ragnarok said.


"Then we shall become friends." Harry said firmly as he stood up: "Thank you my friend. May your Vault overflow and your enemies cower at your feet."


Lord Ragnarok gave him a grin showing his sharp teeth satisfied by his sendoff: "May your gold flow like a river and your enemy flee before you."


Harry went back to the Grimmauld Place only to be stopped by Hermione and Ron talking in front of the shop which made him curious, so he decided to stop and listen in on their conversation.


"How did he manage to live? Dumbledore said he was gonna die in the war with those Blocking Charms!" Ron whined making Harry clench his hand to keep silent.


"I know! That's why we brewed the Obedience Potion, so that he would remain obedient to us and we can get our wishes! Imagine how many books he has! Imagine how much money he can give to us!" Hermione said in a gleeful tone.


"I know! With this Potion, we can become rich and famous!" Ron says joyfully.


Harry Apparated away from the shop and went to Grimmauld Place, where he unleashed his anger until he was panting, and slumped on the sofa. While he sat on the couch his throat kept constricting allowing little air to enter his lungs. He was sobbing tearlessly, if he kept this up he would certainly cry so he calmed himself and focused on his parents' letters. While Harry didn't cry the fury in his heart was immeasurable. He clenched the letters. It was clear his parents told him to not trust Dumbledore and his 'Light'.


He has no doubt that Severus was also a victim, and it made him feel exhausted. Harry leaned back and drank warm tea to ease his throat. He wondered how to call Death, since he was the Master of Death since he opened the Snitch in the Forbidden Forest that day.


"Death?" Harry called to no one making, himself snicker. There was no way that by just asking out loud De- he was yanked out of his thoughts when he heard a flap of feathered wings.


"You called, Master?" A genderless voice, void of any emotion called out making him yelp.

Harry noticed a black shadow surrounding the person who was wearing a black cloak. He couldn't see anything except darkness and silver eyes glinting like spotlights in the night.


"You are Death..." Harry said as he sat in stunned silence until he blinked back into reality. "Uh... Hello, I guess. Finally, we meet. I'm your Master, apparently."



"Yes...You are my Master." Death drawled making Harry nod. "What makes you call me out, Master?"


"I want to know what happened." Harry says in a determined voice.


"Oh?" Death asks in intrigued. If Harry could see its Appearance, perhaps it looks like a cat, tilting its head with a cheshire grin.


"What happened to Tom Riddle?" Harry asked after he took a deep breath.


"His soul is scattered away Master... He can not stay or Rest In Peace. Tom Riddle is a victim. Just like you he was a scapegoat used by Albus Dumbledore. He is your King. Soulmates can not live without each other." Death explained.


"I- Can you explain?" Harry said in a questioning tone.



  "Yes, Master. Tom Riddle was a Pure-Blood. The Slytherin and Ravenclaw Heir. He was a charming man and he wanted to reestablish the Wizarding World to its former glory. Embracing the old Holliday's once more, changing Christmas to Yule and Halloween to Samhain. He wanted to change the world he embraced as his home. Albus Dumbledore, who saw this, felt threatened by his power and knowledge, so he plotted against him and arranged for Marvolo to become the next Dark Lord. The people began to shun him, except his followers. Albus Dumbledore was the one who commanded Slughorn to tell Tom Riddle about Horcruxes. Slughorn couldn't do anything except obey him, since Albus Dumbledore had a lot of power and the fact that everyone believed in him. Tom Riddle didn't know the consequences, but Albus Dumbledore did and all the sanity Tom once had slipped away with that first Horcrux..."



"And Voldemort was born." Harry said, finishing Death's sentence. Then he blinked because he heard something that didn't fit his memories. "Wait... wait, Pure-Blood? I thought he was a Half-Blood?!"


Death smirked inside the darkness and for some reason Harry could sense the Mischievousness in it's Silver Eyes as Death almost purred: “What would be the fun for me if I answer all your questions immediately, Master~”



 Harry sighed and took a deep breath. Balled his hand into a fist, then unclenched and took a deep breath: "I dream about him. Voldemort and Tom Riddle, they are different people."


"Yes, Master. They're different people." Death responded.


"Every night I have dreamed about those crimson eyes," Harry admitted, looking down.


"Yes Master, the Longing of the Soulmate is painful indeed." Death informed him.


"Everything he said was a lie. I have no doubt that the Prophecy that began this madness was also fake." Harry said, rubbing his face up and down with his hand.


"Yes, Master. That Prophecy was indeed Fake..." Death's words trailed off making Harry's head snap up.


"What?" He asks in disbelief.


"There was no such Prophecy, it was Albus Dumbledore's plan to let Sybill Trelawney have another interview in the Pub. It was because of this a Death Eater heard of it. Also," he said pausing dramatically, b"it was Albus Dumbledore's spell that controlled Sybill Trelawney, who produced the fake Prophecy."


"What was the original Prophecy?" Harry asks with dread in his stomach.



  "The one with the power to stand along the Dark Lord approaches. Born as the seventh month dies, the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal,



  Heir of the Serpent and Eagle will stand beside Heir of the Lion and Badger who will become a King...



  He who stands and is Marked by the Lost One will bring back the former glory of the Wizarding World and the long lost forgotten Britain Royal Magical Family will return.



  The Kings who are destined to bring back the Wizarding World to its former glory will be Blessed by the Lady Magic herself.




  Neither must die at the hand of the other for neither can live without the other by their side.




  He who is stronger than any Wizard since Merlin to defend his Kingdom from any threat using his brilliant mind, and He who is gentle like Mother Magic herself with the courage and wisdom to protect the Innocent.




  At last, the peace of the Wizarding world will come under their Reign."



"That was..." Harry groaned, then slumped on the couch in defeat.


Everything was a lie. Everything was a fabricated lie to control and destroy him. Harry never felt this kind of betrayal in his life and it burned as tears streamed down his cheeks. It felt like he was Fate's play-toy. He killed his own Soulmate and the people who he thought of as friends backstabbed him.


"Death!" Harry called out.


"Yes, Master?" Death replied swiftly.


"What should I do?" Harry asked. He looked down at the floor through the gaps in his fingers.


"You have 3 choices, Master: " Death said, making Harry look up, with hope blooming in his eyes. "First, you can go back to the moment Voldemort killed your parents, secondly you can go back to when you were 8 years old and finally you could go back to when you received your first Hogwarts letter."


"Go back? I can travel back in Time?" Harry asked in a hopeful tone.


"Indeed. You will merge with your past soul." Death informed him.


"But, what about the Block?" Harry asked.


"Unfortunately Master, you need to go back to the Goblins to remove them once more." Death informed him.


"What about Tom?" Harry asked, worried and concerned.


"You would need to find all of the Horcruxes so I can bring his sanity back, the faster the better." Death said.


"8 years. Please transfer me back to my 8-year-old body." Harry demanded in a determined voice.


"As you wish." Said Death.


"I need to tell Ragnarok about this." Harry said, before standing up and walking towards the door.


Death disappeared swiftly into the darkness as Harry walked away and went to Gringotts to tell Ragnarok about this. When he did, Ragnarok agreed for him to travel back in time.


"It's a pity that you won't remember me when I travel back, my friend." Harry said in a sad voice.


Ragnarok gave a great toothy grin, "Goblin Magic is different, Harry."


Harry let out a sigh of relief knowing he would have an ally in his journey back. He went back to Grimmauld Place, still sad as he thought of Hermione and Ron and when they went on their epic adventures together. Harry stood in the Study Room and looked out the window taking in the scenery.


"Are you ready, Master?" Death asked, reappearing beside Harry.


"Yes." Harry said in a firm voice with a sharp nod.


Harry could feel a coldness surrounding his body as if there was ice engulfing him, until a warm feeling started to overwhelm the cold and surrounded him. Then he felt as if someone brushed his cheek like a mother would do to her child. Before losing consciousness he heard a woman's gentle voice speak into his ear:


"Please bring back the Glory of the British Wizarding World, my Heir..."




Harry opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the darkness. That made him frown. He looked around and finally realised that he was back at number 4 Privet Drive, the Dursley's home. Harry looked around, wanting to see how much things had changed. He looked down at his body and indeed he was 8 years old once more, which made him exhale in relief.


'It worked! It really worked! ' Harry thought in delight.


'Of course, it worked!'




'Death! You can connect to my mind?!' Harry's eyes widened.


'Of course, I can Master! You are Master of Death, after all, we're connected." Death informed him, to which Harry hummed in response.


'I need to get out from this hellhole... Can you look around? Are there any Wizards who are looking after me?' Harry asked in caution. He couldn't let Dumbledore's spy notice him using Magic.


‘There's no such thing.' Death informed, making him freeze. ’There is no one who checks up on you, Master. There are no Blood Wards there are only Protection Charms around the house.'


'No way!' Harry said excitedly. He then gasped. 'Then I can do wandless Magic without being found out!' Harry said in an even more excited tone.


'Yes.' Death said in amusement.


Harry stiffened when Aunt Petunia's footsteps came down from the stairs, and not long after a loud banging noise from his door followed. She then shouted to him that he needed to make breakfast. Harry sighed and got out from the Cupboard and made a simple breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast for everyone but himself.


After breakfast Vernon went to work while Dudley went out to terrorise the neighbourhood and Aunt Petunia left to shower. Harry had no belongings to take with him. He decided to write his aunt a note as a final goodbye.



Aunt Petunia...


I've decided to go away from this house. 

I will send you Money as payment because I stayed under your roof.


Harry Potter


Harry then took some money for the bus from his aunt's wallet to take a bus to the Leaky Cauldron, and to buy a well-fitting outfit. He bought some simple jeans and a button-up t-shirt. He also purchased a jacket and a cap to hide his scar.


He rode the bus for about an hour until he arrived at the Leaky Cauldron. Harry adjusted his cap as he went to the Bartender who he remembered as Tom.


"Can you show me the way to Diagon Alley?" Harry asked.


"Follow me," Tom gestured for him to follow him to the backdoor and opened it, "Have fun."


"Thank you," and Harry reentered Diagon Alley.


He could see a lot of children and wizards gathered around, making him feel a little nostalgic. Harry shook his head to get rid of those thoughts and went straight to Gringotts, heading for the first free Teller he could find.


"Greeting, may your vault overflow and your enemies cower at your feet. I'm Harry Potter and I want to meet with Lord Ragnarok if the Master Goblin doesn't mind." Harry said, bowing to the Goblin, surprising him.


"Greetings young wizard. May your gold flow like a river and your enemy flee before you. Please, follow me." The Goblin said, leading him to Lord Ragnarok.


"If you don't mind, can you tell me what your name is, Master Goblin?" Harry asked politely.


"I'm called Whitefang, Mister Potter." Whitefang replied, introducing himself.


They arrived at Lord Ragnarok's office, who stood up immediately when he saw Harry and gestured for him to sit down.


"Greetings, my friend.." Lord Ragnarok greeted Harry.


Harry exhaled in relief fearing that what he said before about goblin magic being fake, "Greetings, my friend."


"What do you want to do first?" Lord Ragnarok asked.


"The Inheritance Test and clean all the Blocks from my body. Also, when can I take my Titles?" Harry asked.


"You can take the Rings but it will be an Heir Ring, except for Potter, Pendragon, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Emrys" Ragnarok explained to him.


"Good, I want to take the test and the Rings," Harry said after a few seconds of thinking.


The Test and the results were the same as before. Harry, no... Hadrian brought the Rings to his finger and the moment they touched his hand, they disappeared. The only thing that remained was a Dragon Ring. He looked up at his Goblin friend with a questioning look.


"The Rings know you didn't want to show them so they have hidden themselves from people's eyes." Ragnok informed him.


Hadrian hummed: "And my name. It was Hadrian Lilian Potter-Black, right? I want everything that had Harry Potter changed to Hadrian Lilian Potter-Black. Please inform them about this. Everything that is written as Harry Potter is not me."


Lord Ragnarok gave him another a predatory grin: "Of course."


"Thank you, my friend. Now let's clean these Block off." Hadrian said, standing up and stretching his arms.


He went to the Ritual Chamber and indeed it was the same pain as before, except for some reason it was not as painful. Hadrian could hear a melodic humming, a gentle female voice trying calm him. He could feel his blood boiling in his veins making him wheeze out but with the gentle brushing of fingers in his hair, all the pain was gone.


Hadrian woke up with a warm feeling like Magic itself engulfed him in a warm blanket. Ragnarok told him he had been passed out for 1 hour. He looked in the mirror and it made his eyes widen. His reflection was different from before, so different.


He had the same wavy shoulder length raven black hair but there was a bit of crimson there when the light shone upon it. He had the same soft-shaped face, cushiony cherry-coloured lips and small nose. His eyes shone like an emerald, but this time there was a sliver of silver that danced around his iris, making him frown.


"Silver in the eyes is a sign that you are of British Wizard Royal Blood and carry the blood of Merlin himself." Ragnarok informed him.


Hadrian looked at his body structure. It was more feminine and slender, he had milky white skin as if the sun had never touched it. He hummed in response and followed Ragnarok back to his Office.


"You know much about Royal Wizards. Can you tell me about them?" Harry asked.


"Yes. 500 years ago the Wizarding World was ruled by the Royal Family. It was ruled by a man named King Arthur Pendragon along with Merlin Emrys and Morgana Le Fay. King Arthur ruled the Muggle World with Merlin and Morgana ruling the British Wizarding world. Merlin knew that the Royal Line was going to lose everything, so gave a blessing to four people. Godric Gryffindor for his bravery and courageousness, Salazar Slytherin for his brilliant mind of tactical abilities, Rowena Ravenclaw for her knowledge and helping Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff for her wisdom and peaceful nature."


"The four of them ruled the British Wizarding World, but the moment the Royal Line was lost they made Hogwarts to teach young wizards like yourself."


"How did the Goblin Nation have such a close relationship with the Royal Family?" Hadrian asked.


"The Royal Family's Ancestors and Goblin Nation's Ancestors are Sworn Brothers. They protect each other and even now the Goblin Nation still protects the Royal Line. As a symbol of our friendship, every Crown Prince at age of 18 is to be crowned. The Goblin Nation gives him a sword made personally by the Lord of Goblins. It is I who made the sword for you, Hadrian."


"Me?" Hadrian pointed at himself.


"Yes. When you are 18 years old you will be crowned by the Lord of the Goblin Nation and that is me. The Goblin Nation will give you a Sword as a sign of friendship, and of course, your mate will also be crowned along with you." Ragnarok informed him.


"Okay..." Hadrian drawled blinking slowly: "Okay. I think I understand now."


Ragnarok talked more about his duty as the Crown Prince and as Lord of the Houses, until the sun had set. Hadrian then went to the Black Manor, but before that he transferred some money to the Dursley bank account.


Chapter Text

Hadrian went to the Black Manor and knocked on the door only for it to open showing a House Elf.


“Mistress didn't have a guest. Doesn’t the stranger know that the Black Manor is been empty for years?” He said.


Hadrian smiled: “I'm Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black. Heir of Black House.”


The Elf perked up, looking at him. “Welcome back, Young Heir.”


Hadrian smiled and entered the house. He looked around, and came to the conclusion that the interior was quite elegant, unlike the dreary 12 Grimmauld Place. He welcomed the magic of the Black family into his core, and looked down at the Elf.


“Well, it's the first time I’ve been in the Wizarding World. I got sent to live with Muggles until now.” Hadrian said, looking down at the Elf. “What is your name?”


“I is Kreacher, Head Elf of Black House. Young Heir…” He burst into tears, making Hadrian flustered. “how could Young Heir being sent to filthy Muggles!"


“It's okay... I’m already back home now.” Hadrian hugged the little Elf make him burst into tears again.


“Young Master is too kind. Kreacher be’s touched” Kreacher said sniffling.


“Now, now... Let's not cry anymore. How about you show me the House?” Hadrian suggested, making Kreacher give a beaming smile, before nodding: "Yes. Kreacher will show Young Master the house!”


Hadrian already knew the way but he thought it would be better to know more about the house. When Kreacher finished introducing the House to Hadrian they settled themselves in the living room to relax.


“Kreacher, I have some rules.” Hadrian waited for the old house-elf to nod. “First, I don't want you or any other Elf in this house to blame or punish themselves. Second, if there is a problem we will talk about it and solve the problem together. Thirdly, all of the Elves in this house need to eat proper meals, so make sure to inform the other Elves to eat nutritious food. Fourth, all of the Elves will need to be a proper Black Elf, which means that I will order Uniforms with the Black Family Crest on it. I don't want to see Black Elves wearing rags as clothes. Lastly, please treat me as a friend or family and I will also treat all of the House-elves as my family and friends. Understand?”


Kreacher nodded his head in enthusiasm. “Yes, Young Master! Kreacher will be’s telling the other Elveses about this.”


Hadrian nodded in satisfaction. “I want to bring back the Black Family to its former glory and to do that I need your help, Kreacher.”


"Of course. Kreacher will be doing anything the Young Master wants!” The Elf responded.


Hadrian yawned giving a sleepy nod. "I will now go to my bedroom to sleep. It is later than I thought.”


“Has a good sleep, Young Master.” Kreacher popped out after giving his new Master a bow.


He exhaled and went to master bedroom. There was a blue coloured bed with an accent of elegant vines with a vintage wood bed frame.


It was still early at night but his body felt heavy from the busy day. Changing into some pj’s he found, Hadrian shuffled over to the large bed, snuggled under the warm blankets and let the darkness engulf him.




Hadrian woke up after a peaceful deep slumber. He looked outside to see that the sun hadn’t risen yet. Getting out of bed he pulled on his robe and went to the bathroom to wash.


He walked aimlessly around the house until he arrived in the room where many of the portraits hung. Hadrian walked inside the room, looking around until he halted in front of one particular portrait.


'Dorea Black.' Hadrian read looking at the portrait of a woman. 'My grandmother.'


“Hello.” Hadrian called out to her.


The other portraits woke up when they heard Hadrian’s call, including his grandmothers. She looked down at him, her face remaining neutral as she spoke.


“And you are…” She drawled.


Hadrian bowed to her politely. “Greetings. I am Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black. A pleasure to meet you, grandmother.”


“You... You are James’ son?” She asked.


“Yes, grandmother.” Hadrian nodded. “Uncle Sirius Blood-adopted me a few months after I was born making me heir Black, Ma’am.”


“So polite…” A male voice beside the woman commented.


“Phineas Black.” Hadrian read the name out loud and looked at the man. “Uh…”


“You may call me Grandpa.” Phineas Black said.


“What are you doing here this early in the morning?” Dorea asked with a curious tone in her voice.


“I woke up early and decided to look around the house.” Hadrian answered softly.


“Where did you live until now?” She asked, a fond spark twinkling in her painted eyes as they focused on him.


Hadrian ducked his head, looking away before settling his emerald gaze back on his grandmother. “Uh... I got sent to my Muggle family.”


This made the other portraits who were listening in enraged. Which caused Hadrian to startle and look around, finally noticing that the other portraits were awake as well.


“Who placed you with Muggles?” One of the older male portraits asked with distaste.


“An old man with a long white beard and a half-moon glasses.” Hadrian answered.


“Dumbledore…” Phineas growled.


“Dumbledore... Oh, he is my Magical Guardian. That's what the Goblin told me when I got an Inheritance test.” Hadrian said as his emerald eyes darkened and became cold. “And he is the one who blocked my Magical Core, eidetic memory and natural Occlumency.”


This made the others gasp in outrage and some of the stuck-up Purebloods even cursed Dumbledore. Hadrian looked up at his grandmother.


“You have an eidetic memory?” Phineas asked, making the other portraits go silent to hear his response better.


“Yes, sir. I remember what happened at that time. I remember Voldemort killing my parents.” Hadrian responded causing them to gasp once more. “I remember that Dumbledore left me alone at my aunt’s house for a whole night in November. I can’t believe in someone who could leave me in an abusive Muggle home. I refuse to believe he didn’t know things were bad there.:


“Abusive?” Dorea Black inquired, in her tone you could hear the infamous Black craziness seeping through.


'Shit...Well, it's better to continue my act…' Hadrian thought.


“Yes. but I'm really okay already.” Hadrian waved them off. “Besides, I'm never going back to that house ever again.”


“Indeed you are already home here where you belong.” Phineas said in satisfaction.


The rest of the morning Hadrian talked with the Elders in the portraits. He told them about his mothers Inheritance and it shocked them indeed. They promised him to stay quiet about these revelations. It could put Hadrian in danger if anyone found out before he could defend himself. They mostly worried about what a certain twinkle-eyed Headmaster would do. The other Black Elders who saw his intelligence, cunning, hunger for knowledge and wisdom and ambition could only be amazed by this eight-year-old magical prodigy.


After few months had passed, Hadrian often came to the Ancestor Hall with a bunch of books floating behind him and scattered around. The Elder portraits were satisfied that Hadrian wanted to study the Wizarding World.


“I wonder why we no longer celebrate Samhain and why Yule has been replaced with Christmas?”Hadrian asked from where he was laying on the sofa he had brought into the room as he looked up at the Elders.


“What do you mean, Hadrian?” One of the Black Elders asked.


“I mean… Samhain is a great thing you know. It gives a motivation to the young children to see their beloved family who have already passed away.” Hadrian scrunched his face adorably. “It makes no sense it became forbidden, it was our tradition from Lady Magic herself.”


“Because it was a Blood Ritual, Little One, those entering our world feared them. Called it Dark Magic…” Phineas responded.


“I know, Grandpa. But, you know it’s weird to abandon the blessing from Lady Magic herself.” Hadrian frowned, making the others chuckle.


“Then what do you think about different classifications of Magic?” One of the Elder Blacks asked in intrigued.


“There's nothing. Magic is Magic.” Hadrian closed the book and looked up at the ceiling. “There’s no difference, we are humans. We all bleed the same crimson blood. The most important thing is the intention of the Wizard casting the spell.”


“Oh? Do explain.” They inquired, motioning for him to continue.


“Light Magic, Wingardium Leviosa for example, is a levitating Charm. It can be used to levitate a person and send them to fall from a height that would kill them. Dark Magic, like Avada Kedavra could be used for medical purposes. A Wizard who has no hope to live could be relieved from a painful death if the Healer could use that spell. Light and Dark both are Magic. It was a blessing from Lady Magic herself and if someone says that Dark Magic is evil it means that they say that Lady Magic is evil.” Hadrian said, looking around with a smile. “Am I wrong?”


They all laughed at Hadrians explanation making him giggle slightly as he opened his book and began to read again.




It has been 6 months and Hadrian finally made a list of what he would need to do in order to repair the British Wizarding World.


1. Bring Tom Marvolo Riddle back


2. Get Skeeter as his ally


3. Basilisk and Cerberus


4. Unite the Houses (Hogwarts)


5. Destroy Dumbledores world (All false charges)


6. Make sure Voldemort dies as Tom Riddle returns


7. Make sure the Death Eaters are disbanded


8. Make sure there is no Light or Dark classification of Magic (Magic is Magic)


9. Restore the traditions of the Wizarding World


10. Open an orphanage for magical orphans


11. Make sure there is no more discrimination amongst each other (Muggle or not)


12. Restore the right of all Creatures in the British Wizarding World


13. Restore the Royal Family of the British Wizarding World


Hadrian exhaled and finished writing his To-Do List. It would take long to achieve this list. He hoped that there would be no bloodshed. He wanted a politic war rather than a bloody war and the only one who could do it is that person.


He would also need to tell Severus about his blocks and compulsions. Hadrian will also need to clear his guilt and let him accept the Dark Lord's revival since all of this was Dumbledore's plot. Let’s not forget Sirius. He will need to free Sirius when he goes to Hogwarts to steal the Rat. Also Remus. He will have to ask Severus to make the Wolfsbane Potion for him.


Hadrian bought a Whole Wizarding wardrobe from Madam Malkins. He hadn’t bought an Owl and Wand yet, but thankfully the Black Manor had an Owlery so he began writing a letter to Remus.


Dear Remus Lupin,


Greetings, I am Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black, your Godson. I don’t know where you are but I hope that you can come back to me at Black Manor. I was 8 years old when I ran away from my abusive Muggle relatives that Dumbledore sent me to.

I know about you from my Father’s Will. He said that you were like a brother to him so I want to get to know my Uncle.


Please come back to your godson, I miss you Moony.


I will never forget about you giving me a wolf stuffed plushie when I was still a baby. I have an eidetic memory, so I remember you. There is a Portkey to the Black Manor in the envelope.




Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black


That was a few hours ago and Hadrian was waiting for him in the Ancestor Hall. He woke up from laying on the couch when he felt someone enter the house. He immediately ran down the stairs and indeed saw Remus standing there, looking quite nervous.


“Moony!” Hadrian greeted him with a grin.


“Prongslet.” Remus greeted him with a slight smile and unshed tears in his eyes.


Hadrian tackled him without any hesitation causing him to huff out an 'Oof' and take a step back. Remus hugged him back, inhaling his godsons scent.


“Welcome back, Moony.” Hadrian whispered into the man's stomach.


“I'm back, Hadrian.” Remus responded, tightening his hold slightly.


Hadrian leaned away from him. “Kreacher.”


“Young Master called?” The Elf asked as he popped into the room.


Remus raised an eyebrow when saw the House Elf wearing an elegant uniform with the Black Family Crest stitched into the chest.


“Yes. From now on, he is going to live with us. He is Remus Lupin and one of my godfathers.” Hadrian introduced him to Remus. “Please treat Kreacher like a friend. There are no Masters or servants in this house.”


Remus’s eyes widened slightly in surprise as he looked at Kreacher, before holding out his hand for Kreacher to shake.


“Nice to meet you, Kreacher.” Remus shook his hand gently.


“Welcome to Black Manor, Master Lupin.” Kreacher responded, while he returned the handshake.


“Kreacher, please bring some snacks and warm tea to the living room.” Hadrian asked.

“Of course, Young Master.” Kreacher popped away to do as asked.


Hadrian led Remus to the living room where they sat and got comfortable, enjoying the snacks and warm tea Kreacher had put on the table.


“Where have you been, Hadrian?” Remus asked.


“I got sent to my aunt Petunia who hates Magic. It’s no surprise that it was an abusive household. Dumbledore sent me there.” Hadrian sighed.


Remus growled, making him touch his hand smiling. “Sorry.”


“No problem. Also, it's better if you go to Gringotts to get yourself checked since I had many compulsions and blocks on my body.” Hadrian commented.


“Who put them there?” Remus asked.


“Take one guess…” Hadrian raised his brow in question.


“Dumbledore…” Remus growled slightly, the sound vibrating deep in his chest.


“I'm going to ask the Goblins to make some potions for your wolf to calm down.” Hadrian said as he put down the teacup.


Remus stiffened. “You know…”


“I have an eidetic memory. Of course I know. But there is nothing wrong with werewolves as long as you stay in a locked, silver-lined room when the full moon is out. It was not your choice to have this curse. It was unfair for people to judge you in fear like you're some kind of beast. Those are the kind of people I hate.” Hadrian said. “That's why while you are here you can be free. You don't need to fear, and perhaps you can call Black Manor your home eventually.”


“Home.” Remus muttered, and sighed, giving a smile to his godson. “Did you know that you are a replica of your mother?”


“Hmmm, I didn’t know but from what I read from her Will I can see that mother was a kind hearted person.” Hadrian said, his eyes reflecting his melancholy at not getting to know her personally.


The rest of the evening Hadrian and Remus caught up as Hadrian snuggled into his side while listening to the stories of Remus’ travels. The Manor which was once serene and silent was now full of laughter. Even the Elder were smitten with Hadrians sweet and kind-hearted personality.


Everyone who stayed in the Black Manor didn't need to wait long to know that Hadrian had a gentle mind. Just like Lady Magic herself, especially when he joined the House Elves to cook or fix the Garden. Anyone could see that there was no border in the Manor.


Hadrian also made a painting so the Elders could move through the House making them grateful since it made it easier for them to watch over their child.

Chapter Text

A year had passed since Hadrian started living in Black Manor. He was now 9 years old, Remus had taken his advice and gone to the Goblins. He got himself cleared of possible potions and compulsions. Remus had been bewildered when Hadrian spoke to the Lord of the Goblins in a friendly manner. What shocked him more was Lord Ragnarok gracing Hadrian with a smile when he tried to speak the goblin language only for it to come out somewhat broken.


“Hadrian, is there something that you haven't told me?” Remus asked one day.


“Why?” Hadrian asked confused, looking up from the homework that Grandpa Phineas had given to him earlier. It was about a second-year potion, since they all knew that Hadrian was a genius child, thanks to his time travelling and eidetic memory. In his previous life he never payed attention to his classes because of the War.


“It's a feat to have a Goblin behind you, especially Lord Ragnarok. He is one of the Lords of the Goblin Nation. With him supporting you the Goblin Nation is also supporting you” Remus pointed out.


“Remus, what do you know about mother’s inheritance?” Hadrian asked.


“Uh... She's a Muggleborn?” Remus uttered in confusion.


Hadrian laughed softly. “That is wrong. Mother was a direct descendant of the Pendragon-Emrys family. Her parents were killed apparently, and she got adopted by the Evans family. She had found this out after taking an Inheritance Test with Ragnarok before going into hiding with me in her womb and father.”


“Wait… Pendragon-Emrys?” Remus asked, blinking several times in shock. Then his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. “Lily was born to the British Wizarding Royal Family? I thought they were killed off?!”


“Yes, she knew of her heritage when she graduated from Hogwarts, but she refused since it was too heavy a burden for her to bear.” Hadrian informed him, looking down at his forgotten homework. “She stayed quiet about her Royal Blood since she knew she would be targeted. The long lost British Wizarding Royal Family has been found. Every child who is born from the Pendragon-Emrys line have emerald eyes with a silver rim in them, but it depends on their power.”


“What do you mean it depends on their power?” Remus asked confused.


“Every Pendragon child has emerald eyes and from what I’ve read I concluded that  emerald eyes come from the Emrys bloodline, who got blessing from Lady Magic herself. Emerald is a sign of the Emrys Family. It was said that nature will obey their blood and magic. It also said that Lady Magic comes from nature so as a blessing she gave the eyes to their family to represent a lush emerald-green forest as a sign of blessing from Lady Magic.


The silver ring is from the Pendragon blood. The silver came from Arthurs ability to wield Excalibur. It is said that the Magic from the sword bled into his eyes, creating the silver ring. Green for the magic of Mother Nature and silver for the protection and ability to protect from the sword.” Hadrian informed him. “And every Pendragon-Emrys children have an eidetic memory and natural Occlumency shields. It’s one of the Great Mother’s gifts to help us lead. So we can never forget our mistakes and we can learn from them.”


“Depending on their power?” Remus repeated, barely above a whisper. He was completely stunned by what he was learning about his friend's family.


Hadrian smiled, giggling: “Silly Remus, of course every child has a lot of Magic in their body and when the children are strong enough their eyes will show a silver swirl like mine. It means that that child is strong enough to become the blade needed to guide and protect our people.”


Remus frowned, staring at Hadrian who was oozing warm Magic and indeed; his forest-green emerald eyes formed a swirling silver power in it, making him stunned once more.


“How?” Remus croaked out past his suddenly dry lips.


“Silver is Arthurs colour. It’s what gives me the rights to be the next Heir to the throne.” Hadrian exclaimed, grinning at the slumped werewolf.


Remus gave a quiet hum, too stunned to respond to the influx of information. 

After that he sometimes joined Hadrian in his lessons with the Black Elders in the Ancestral Hall. It is quite ironic to call it Ancestral Hall, with the soft sofa and tables and desks placed throughout the place it looked more like a study hall.


Remus knew half of the lessons which his godson currently was taking, but for some reason Hadrian mastered Wandless Magic up until third year curriculum. It proved that he had a talent in Charms and Potions, just like Lily.


Before meeting Hadrian Remus wondered what happened to his godson, would he resemble his father? His mother? Or something unique entirely? But the moment he saw the munchkin those thoughts were thrown away. The boy was too kind for this world. Hadrian was a replica of Lily and it relieved Remus that his godson didn't follow the footstep of his father. Instead he was seriously studying his Heritage as he aimed to reclaim the Throne of the Royal Family.


“Hadrian, did you say you don’t like to play Quidditch?” Remus once asked.


“I don’t know how to play but I followed a Quidditch match, I love flying.” Hadrian said with grin.


That grin and his love for flying were the only traits he got from James, other than that he was purely Lily's son and a Black. It was also the influence of the Black Elders who taught him about the Politics of the Wizarding World, both domestic and international. Not at all surprising he absorbed everything like a sponge, taking in everything the Elders said to him and storing it away for later use. Sometimes Hadrian had a debate with one of the Elders about Politics, displaying his more Slytherin side as he and the Elder Blacks tried to outwit one another.


This made the Elders of the Black Family proud of him ,until the day that he showed his Slytherin blood in full when he found a snake in the garden and brought it inside, making Remus choke on air.


“Where did you get that snake?” Remus asked warily, eyeing the snake in his godsons arms.


“I summoned her.” Hadrian showed the snake who yawned, displaying sharp fangs glistening in the light.


“Summoned her?” Remus asked alert.


“Yes. I was practicing Serpensortia and then a snake came out of nowhere and then she spoke English to me! It's amazing!” Hadrian said, looking at the snake.


“He's my godfather, Remus Lupin.” Hadrian said, not noticing how pale Remus became.


“He reeks of the Wolf.” She said to Hadrian, making him giggle.


He's a Werewolf.” Hadrian told her as he gently pet her scales.


“Hadrian…” Remus called him in a wary way, making Hadrian look up at him. “You're not speaking English.”


Hadrian remained silent, looking at Remus, and he blinked. “I… I am speaking the Serpent Language, Parseltongue.” He teared up: “Do you hate me for speaking Parseltongue?”


“No, no! There is nothing wrong with it, I was just surprised.” Remus sent the snake away and hugged him. “Parseltongue is a trait of Slytherin’s descendants. How are you a Slytherin descendant?”


“I think because of this mark.” Hadrian said, looking up at his Godfather. “You don’t hate me for having a dark trait?”


Remus snorted: “You were already dark, Cub. No matter what, it is a blessing. What do you know about Parseltongue?”


Hadrian leaned into his Godfathers warmth and hummed. “ In India it is seen as sacred.”


“See, there is nothing wrong. Just because the last Parselmouth was a Dark Lord doesn’t mean that all Parselmouths are evil! You must be proud to have a trait of Salazar Slytherin in you.” Remus said.


“Hmmm… Okay” Hadrian responded and stayed silent, until a wicked glimmer twinkled in his eyes. “Wouldn’t this make Dumbledore lose his face? His Golden Boy has a Dark trait?"


Remus looked at Hadrian’s mischievous eyes and it remind him of James so much that it made him bark out a laugh.




2 Years had passed and Hadrian has mastered Wandless Magic up until the fifth year curriculum. He also mastered Potions up to sixth year and battled against Remus with Wandless Magic. Hadrian was now eleven years old and he was excited to received his Letter, and finally go to Hogwarts.


He woke up in the morning and went to the dining room seeing that Remus already awake already, with Kreacher putting the food on the table. He greeted Kreacher and Remus, and wished them a good morning. Over the past two years Hadrian fixed the House Elf’s room with the permission of the Elders.

At just eleven years old Hadrian was already far more advanced than other children in his age group. He got taught to act like a proper Pureblood and sometimes he went to the Dragon Palace Ancestor Hall, where he got taught about the Wizarding World Politics and history of the Wizards from Merlin and King Arthur.


“Are you excited to receive your letter, Cub?” Remus asked, sipping his morning tea.


“Yup!” Hadrian chirped as he spread butter on his toast. “I'm gonna free Sirius from Azkaban.”


Remus pursed his lips in a thin line. “I hope you will.”


Remus was quite angry when he heard that Sirius didn't betray them but got framed by the Rat. He was angry at himself that he didn't realise that Peter was a Death Eater and the one who led the Dark Lord to James and Lily.


Hadrian ate breakfast in silence while reading the Daily Prophet until an Owl came to him, making him look up in delight.


“A Hogwarts Owl…” Hadrian practically yelled, jumping up from his chair.

He took the letter and gave some bacon to the owl. Hadrian saw the letter and gives Remus a smirk. Oh, how fun would it be to see the old man almost get a heart attack when he hears Hadrians true name at the Sorting.


Mr. H. L. Potter-Black

The Black Manor, England


“Well, there is only one place where we can get all of this.” Remus said as he read the parchment and looked at Hadrian. “Diagon Alley.”


“Perhaps we can visit Ragnarok.” Hadrian suggested, making Remus nod.


A few hours later after Hadrian sent a reply to the letter saying that he has a godfather, Remus, who could and would escort him to Diagon Alley, so he didn't need a person from the School to come fetch him. Hadrian wore a Black Family robe, and his raven hair got tied with a silver ribbon. He put a glamour on his scar so no one noticed it. Even Remus wore quite elegant robes to blend in with the Pureblood Society.


After they Apparated to the Apparition-Point in Diagon Alley, Hadrian grunted, making Remus laugh. They made their way to Gringotts and greeted the Goblin Teller in a polite manner, who called a Runner Goblin to guide them to Lord Ragnarok’s office.


“My friend, it's been a while. How are you doing?” Hadrian greeted his friend in Gobbledegook, making Ragnarok grin.


“I'm doing fine. What brought you here, Hadrian?” Ragnarok asked.


“I just got my Hogwarts letter and I want to take some money to buy my things.” Hadrian said, showing the parchment in question to the fierce-looking Goblin.


“Do you want cash or card?” Ragnarok asked.


“Hmmm… I prefer cash, but I think I will get both of them.” Hadrian said after some thought.


“As you wish.” Ragnarok gave him a golden card and a Galleon-Pouch connected to his Vaults.


“Thank you, my friend. Oh, right! About my heritage as Crown Prince: I heard from King Arthur in the Dragon Palace that I need to take a hairpin from the Vault the moment i was eleven years old, as Protection or something like that.” Hadrian informed him.


“Then please follow me.” Ragnarok gestured for them to follow.


They got to the carts and settled in for a long ride. Finally they arrived at the very bottom of the caverns, containing the Vaults of the oldest Families in the Wizarding World. Ragnarok told Hadrian to prick his finger and place a drop of blood on the door, since no one could open it except persons who have Royal blood.


The Vault opened, showing a bunch of gold, swords, books - including long forgotten tomes - and intricate jewellery in countless different styles. Hadrian entered the Vault, before looking back to see that Ragnarok couldn’t enter because of the barrier that only let those of Royal blood enter the Vault. He looked around, trying to find the item in question, until he noticed something at the top of the messy pile of coins. He then used Wandless Magic to bring the box to him.


Hadrian open the box to reveal what was placed within. It was a silver-dragon hairpin with an emerald wand clutched in its talons. He touched the hairpin and the moment he touched it a Silver Dragon came out of the jewellery, showing the Royal Family Crest, stunning him until it disappeared back into the hairpin. Slowly he pulled it from its box and slit the pin into his hair, feeling the magic embedded into it wash over him, similar to what he felt when he donned his Rings for the first time.



They left the Vault, letting it creak closed behind them as they returned to the surface and bid a proper farewell to lord Ragnarok.


“May your gold overflow like a river and your enemy flee before you.” Hadrian bid him as he nodded to the proud Goblin.


Ragnarok grinned and responded: “May your Magic bless you and your enemies fall to their knees.”


'Oh, they will...' Hadrian thought with wicked smirk.


“Okay, which way do you want to go first?” Remus asked with his arm around his godson’s shoulders.


“I want to get my books and an owl last. Perhaps clothes first.” Hadrian said, making the werewolf nod.


They went to Madam Malkins Clothes For All Occasions. Hadrian entered the shop, bringing the attention of Madam Malkins to the front who smiled at him.


“Hogwarts, dear?” She asked.


“Yes please. Uh, a whole wardrobe, if you don't mind.” Hadrian said.


Madam Malkins checked his posture, body and length until she finished, telling him to wait for a few minutes. Hadrian sat beside Draco Malfoy, who looked at him.


“Hello.” Hadrian greeted him with gentle smile.


“Hello... going Hogwarts?” Draco asked, caught off guard.


“Yes. My godfather is out getting my Potions ingredients while I’m getting my school robes.” Hadrian said to him. “Which House do you think you will join?”


Draco smirked: “Slytherin of course. It is the best House.”


“Indeed. A Cunning and Ambitious house.” Hadrian said in agreement.


“How about you?” Draco asked him curiously.


Hadrian hummed, tilting his head. “Honestly, my family already experienced all of the 4 Houses so they didn't bother me much about which House to join. They said to leave it up to the Hat to decide, but I think I’d go to Hufflepuff or Slytherin. I'm not joining the Ravenclaws since i'm not knowledge hungry or a bookworm. Or even worse, a Gryffindor.”


“Why Hufflepuff?” Draco asked, curious once more.


“Why not? Hufflepuff is a neutral House. No one thinks something is wrong with that House and Hufflepuff is often looked down upon. Isn't it great when they think nothing is wrong in there, even though there was a mole?” Hadrian asked with a smirk, but then he huffed. “But, I think the Hat is going to tell me that those poor Badgers cannot keep up with me. So rude.”


“You are going to join Slytherin for sure.” Draco blurted out.


Hadrian scrunched his nose, pouting slightly. “Why does everyone think I’ll join Slytherin? Well, no problem, though my grandmother was a Slytherin and grandfather a Gryffindor. Although personally I think there have been to many Lions in recent years in my family.”


“Your grandmother?” Draco inquired.


“Yes. My paternal grandmother was in Slytherin, My maternal great-grandparents were Ravenclaws, my paternal grandfather was a Gryffindor and my maternal grandpa was a Hufflepuff.” Hadrian counted with his finger and with a smile at Draco he said: “So I have all four Houses in my family.”


“That…” Draco was speechless.


Hadrian chuckled. “My Family doesn’t care about Light, Dark or Grey. They don’t care about Blood Status. They said that Magic is Magic, and as long as the children have Magic it is a Blessing from Lady Magic no matter where the child’s parents come from. In the end we are only one Creature: 'Human'. We bleed the same crimson blood. Even those ‘Dark Creatures’ bleed red. There is nothing wrong with anyones Blood Status as long as Lady Magic’s blessing is with us.”


Hadrian stood up when Madam Malkins had his clothes finished, he payed for the clothes, then he looked back at Draco Malfoy who was stunned speechless, making him smile.


“That is what my Family has taught me from a young age.” Hadrian said to him with a sad smile. “Even though my Family wishes to have the traditions of the Wizarding World back doesn’t mean we hate Muggleborns. We hate the Muggleborns that come to our World to change our traditions. It is an insult to Lady Magic.” He smiled at Draco, bowing to him like a proper Pureblood. “Let’s meet at Hogwarts.”


Before Draco could ask his name Hadrian disappeared among the crowd. He met up with Remus in the Ice-cream Parlour.


“How was Madam Malkins, Cub?” Remus asked.


“Interesting, I met Heir Malfoy.” Hadrian said.


“Draco Malfoy…” Remus hummed. “If I remember this correctly Sirius is Narcissa Malfoy’s cousin.”


“Oh, that means he and I are cousins.” Hadrian said, making Remus chuckle a bit.


“Now, where to next?” Remus asked.


“Wand... I need a wand.” Hadrian muttered.


“Ollivander's it is.” Remus commented.


They went to Ollivander's, and Hadrian entered the shop, looking around until he saw Mr. Ollivander appear.


“Hello, I wondered when I would be seeing you, Crown Prince.” Ollivander greeted him.


“Greetings and pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ollivander.” Hadrian greeted him with a wink. “But I hope that title can stay a secret a little longer…”


“Of course Mr Potter-Black.” Mr. Ollivander said with amusement, picking Wands from the pile of boxes. “It seems like just yesterday when your mother and father came to pick their wand.”


Hadrian tried multiple wands, but nothing matched until Mr. Ollivander gave him a wand with a hesitant look until Hadrian took it. He gasped when Magic oozed from his body and he could imagine his emerald eyes glowing brightly with a silver sliver like a whirlpool.


“Yes… very Curious.” Mr. Ollivander commented looking around.


“What is so curious?” Hadrian asked, eyes narrowed at the old wand-maker.


Even though he traveled through time he had forgotten what Ollivander told him about his wand, because it was so long ago.


“I remember every wand i've ever sold, Mr. Potter-Black. It so happens that the Phoenix whose tail-feather resides in your wand gave another Feather. Just one other. It is curious that you should be destined for this wand when it's brother gave you that scar.” Mr. Ollivander informed him, as he pointed to where his scar was hidden by a glamour. “We do not speak his name. The wand chooses the Wizard, Mr Potter-Black. It's not always clear why, but I think it is clear that we can expect great things from you. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible, yes, but great…”


Hadrian gave a soft smile to Mr. Ollivander, holding the wand like some kind of precious artefact.

“I made a mistake in the past, but I got a second chance and I will never let it go. He expects great things but he cannot do it alone. I leave the future to the Lady Magic and Fate. After all, we can not live when the other dies after all.” Hadrian declared.


Mr. Ollivander's face was filled with satisfaction. “Then I cannot wait to see what kind of world you two will create. Restore the British Wizarding World to its former glory, Crown Prince.”


Hadrian took out money and with a determined smile he said: “We will. Have a good day, Mr. Ollivander.”


Hadrian met with Remus in the Owl Shop. He looked around until he saw his snowy-white owl. He patted her head, making her coo as she leaned into his touch.


“Welcome back, Hedwig.” Hadrian murmured in nostalgia as tears rimmed his eyes, refusing to let them fall.


“That is rare, She's quite picky” The shop-owner said.


“I want her please…” Hadrian choked out.


“50 Galleons…” the owner said.


Hadrian gave the money to him, and showed the owl to Remus, who hummed in approval.


“You're not gonna buy a snake?” Remus asked curiously.


“Nope… Besides, in Hogwarts there is a Big Snake with a Fluffy Dog…” Hadrian grinned at him, earning a confused look that he ignored.


They decided to go home since the sun was setting and they had finished their shopping. The only thing left is to wait for the time go to Hogwarts.




Chapter Text

It had been a few months and it was time for Hadrian to go to Hogwarts. Remus checked everything and Apparated him away from Black Manor. The werewolf hugged him tightly.


“Study hard…” Remus said and whispered: “I’ll miss you…”


“I will miss you too…” Hadrian whispered back, and leaned away from him. “Well, I better search for a compartment since it is still empty…”


“Yeah, good idea. Have fun in Hogwarts!” Remus kissed his head.


Hadrian bid him farewell and wandlessly Levitated his trunk into the luggage-compartment. He ignored the looks, until he saw Neville Longbottom struggling with his trunk.


“Hey, you want some help?” Hadrian asked.


“O-Oh… Ah, Yeah… If you don't mind.” Neville said a bit sheepishly.


“No problem.” Hadrian waved at it and Levitated the offending trunk easily to the compartment, making Neville’s eyes wide. “Done, let's go search for an empty seat, shall we?” 


“Yeah…” Neville followed him.


They walked to the back of the train and saw an empty compartment. After they entered it Hadrian took off the glamour that hid his Scar and sat across Neville.


“I apologise, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black.” He spoke himself


“You’re Harry Potter?!” Neville asked in surprise.


Hadrian smiled sweetly: “No, I am Hadrian Potter-Black. And you are?”


Neville, who realised that this boy was not Harry Potter, the clueless Boy-Who-Lived just like Dumbledore said, introduced himself properly. “Neville Longbottom. Pleasure to meet you.” He said.


“Oh… I am sorry about your parents. Our family was quite close after all.” Hadrian said.


“Yes…” Neville nodded, staring at Hadrian.


“What? Is there something wrong?” The green-eyed boy asked.


“Uh… no! You are just different. I mean from the people I heard and the rumours you were clueless about the Wizarding World. But you're different…” Neville said.


“Ah, yeah… All of that is a hoax. I sued the responsible persons already. What is your favourite subject?” Hadrian asked intrigued.


“Herbology, I love plants!” Neville brightened, excited to share his knowledge about his favourite subject with the other.


“I see. You will become a Great Herbologist if I may suggest. Which House do you hope to join?” Hadrian asked.


“Hmmm… Perhaps Hufflepuff. But my G-Grandmother hopes for Gryffindor. What about you, Potter-Black?” Neville inquired.


“Please, call me Hadrian. I will call you Neville if I may since we are already friends.” Hadrian declared, make the plump boy lit up. “I love Potions and Charms. Perhaps I’ll join Slytherin or Ravenclaw. I don't think I will join Hufflepuff since I have a couple of trust-issues, or Gryffindor since I'm not like them.”


“S-Slytherin?” Neville squeaked.


“What's wrong with Slytherin? Oh come on, just because the Dark Lord was in there doesn't mean that the entire House is evil. It's a great House, cunning and ambitious.” Hadrian said exasperated. “Just because some of them are Dark doesn’t mean they are all evil!”


“That does make sense.” Neville mused.


Before he open his mouth to continue the conversation the door opened, showing Heir Malfoy. They stared at each other stunned.


“I heard Harry Potter was in here.” Draco said.


“Hello, we meet again.” Hadrian commented.


Draco looked at him. “You're the Hufflepuff.”


“Greetings, and you are?” Hadrian asked in a polite tone.


Draco cleared his throat. “Greetings, my name is Draco Malfoy, Heir of House Malfoy.”


Hadrian nudged at Neville's foot, making him snap back from his staring. “Greetings, Heir Malfoy. Neville Longbottom, Heir of House Longbottom.”


“Pleasure to meet you, Malfoy. My name is Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black, Heir of House Black.” Hadrian introduced himself last.


“You're Harry Potter?” Draco asked confused.


“No... I am Hadrian Potter-Black. I request that you call me as such.” Hadrian said, gesturing Draco to sit beside him. “Come, have a seat. I heard that your mother is my aunt. Therefore we are cousins. It is nice to meet new family.”


Draco hummed, sitting beside Hadrian. “You're quite different from what I expected.”


“I know, right.” Neville chirped up in agreement.


Hadrian laughed softly. “It is very interesting, is it not? I cannot wait to see the Old Man’s expression when he sees me resembling my mother instead of my father.”


“What do you mean?” Neville asked in confusion.


“Dumbledore sent me to my Muggle aunt and her family. They all hate Magic, and I would say it was an abusive household. I was 8 years old when I ran away from home. Thankfully I remembered the way to the Wizarding World so I went to Gringotts immediately. You two can’t imagine what that Old Man put in me.” Hadrian growled, clenching his hand.


“What?” Draco asked, a shocked look on his face.


“He put a Blocking-charm on my Core for 75%. He stripped me of my eidetic memory and natural Occlumency. But even worse: he put a block on my Soulbond to my Soulmate.” Hadrian said.


“That’s barbaric!!” Draco exclaimed.


“And this is the leader of the Light…” Neville shook his head.


Hadrian smiled. “Well, I was cleaned, thanks to the Goblin Healer. I went to the Black Manor, and now I live there with my Godfather Remus Lupin, since my other Godfather is still in Azkaban. I am trying to release him.”


“You mean Sirius Black? He killed 12 Muggles.” Neville said, looking around in suspicion.


“Oh no, he is innocent, got framed. He didn't even have a trial. But before that I need proof to release him from Azkaban and fortunately it is in Hogwarts.” Hadrian saw both of them sporting intrigued looks, making him smirk mischievously. “It was my secret.”


During the entire ride they talked to each other, except Hadrian. At some point he got tired of all this social interaction and grabbed his Potions book.


“Oh? You have my Godfather's book.” Draco said, after noticing Hadrian’s disappearance from their enlightening conversation about Puddlemere United.


“What did you just say? Your Godfather? Severus Snape is YOUR Godfather?!” Hadrian leaned into the blonds space, making him lean away.


“Yes. Now go away. You're too close!” Draco huffed and puffed until Hadrian leaned away.


“His work is amazing. He is the youngest Potions Master of the last few centuries. I admire him, you know!” Hadrian praised Severus with bright emerald eyes making Draco and Neville look at each other.


“You will meet him soon.” Draco commented.


“I know! It's one of my favourite subjects that I'm looking forward to!” Hadrian said delighted.


Suddenly the door opened showing, Ron Weasley. He looked around and said: “I heard Harry Potter is on the train!”


“So what? It's better if you get out, you don’t want to dirty the air.” Draco sneered, looking the redhead up and down. "Red hair, passed-down robe. You must be a Weasley.”


“You slimy Snake! Harry Potter will become my friend and we will go on an adventure together and we’ll become heroes!” Ron boasted, looking at Draco. “There is no way that he will befriend a filthy Death Eater!”


Hadrian touched Draco's arm, and after making sure he wasn’t going to explode, said calmly to Ron: “It would be better if you’d get out of here. No one desires your presence here, Weasley.”


“You…” Ron sputtered, his face almost resembling his hair at this point.


“Get out!” Hadrian said with a cold voice, making them all shiver by the sudden chilly air in the compartment. “I will not hesitate to use my magic to protect my friend.”


Hadrian then proceeded to physically throw him out of the compartment and slammed the door with a bang, making Draco and Neville calm down slightly in amazement.


“That was Wandless magic…” Draco commented.


“Oh.. I forgot use my wand again.” Hadrian blinked, looking from his hand to the door.


“Remind me not to anger you.” Neville declared.


“Agreed.” Draco replied, stunned by the display.


The sun was setting, it showed that would be arriving at Hogwarts soon. Draco and Neville changed their clothes to school-robes and thankfully Hadrian already had his robes on.




After the train stopped at the Hogwarts station Hadrian, Neville and Draco stood up and got out of the train.


“Firs’ Years! Firs’ Years! Come out now ! Don't be shy!” A giant man shouted, holding a lantern.


One of the prefects was holding the door open for the first years to come out.

They then rode a boat to Hogwarts.


“Wow…” Hadrian said.


“Isn't it majestic?” Draco commented.


“Majestic, yes…” Neville was in awe.


Hadrian closed his eyes and let the Magic of Hogwarts reach him. He could sense a kind of joy and yet there was sadness until a girl’s voice echoed in his mind.


“Crown Prince? Is it you?” She asked with a hopeful voice.


“You are Lady Hogwarts… Greetings, my name is Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black, Heir of House Pendragon & Emrys and Crown Prince.”


“Oh, finally the Royal Family has come! It should be celebrated!”


“Ah, please don't. I don't want to make a ruckus, I want to stay low. I know that the Leader of Light is fooling everyone and bringing the Britain Wizarding world to its downfall.”


“Yes... I sadly can’t stop him. Please, Crown Prince, please restore the British Wizarding World to it’s former glory and I shall tell the ghosts to protect you from the Goat.”


Hadrian opened his eyes, got out from the boat and entered the Castle. He touched the wall, to let his magic and Hogwarts’ magic familiarise with each other.


“I promise!” Hadrian whispered quietly.


All the first years walked to the stairs. Some of them screamed when the ghosts appeared in front of them, but when they saw Hadrian they bowed to him making him bow back. When they arrived at the top of the long staircase they saw McGonagall standing at the top. Hadrian stood beside Draco, while Neville still stood on the stairs.


“I'm sleepy…” Hadrian whispered out of nowhere making Neville and Draco look at him. “I was excited and couldn’t sleep last night…”


“Ah, I know that feeling, I was unable to fall asleep too.” Neville patted his shoulder.


Hadrian sighed, waiting for Professor McGonagall come back. During that time they heard Ron Weasley boast again that he would befriend Harry Potter and they would go on an adventure together.


“Ugh... I don't want to stay in the same House as him.” Hadrian commented in disgust.


“Don't worry, I bet you’ll join Slytherin.” Neville replied.


“Where did you want to go again? With Draco and Ron coming to our compartment I forgot.” Hadrian asked.


“Uh, my grandma wants me to join Gryffindor-”


“Nope! Not your grandma or your father but you, Neville. What House do YOU want to join?” Hadrian asked, interrupting Neville.


“I don't know… If it not Gryffindor then maybe Hufflepuff?” Neville answered.


“No matter which House we go to, we will stay friends, okay?” Hadrian said, a serious expression on his face.


“Of course.” Neville said, making the other grin.


“Don't forget about me.” Draco huffed, looking away.


“Aw... I have best friends, Drakey-poo and Nevnev!” Hadrian said shamelessly make them first flush red in embarrassment, but after a couple of seconds they all burst out laughing together.


Not long after Professor McGonagall came to them, making them follow her to the Great Hall. Hadrian didn't look up at the ceiling, but he looked at the professor’s at the table. He saw Dumbledore there, making him clench his hands tight to suppress his anger.


Hadrian looked at Professor Quirrell and Professor Snape. He would need to give him the letter from his mother. It would be better if it happened as soon as possible.


“Before we begin Professor Dumbledore would like to say a few words.” Professor McGonagall said


Professor Dumbledore stood up: “I have a few start-of-term notices that I wish to announce. The first years, please note that the Dark Forest is strictly forbidden to all students. Our caretaker, Mr. Filch, has asked me to remind you that the 3rd floor corridor on the right-hand side is restricted to everyone who does not wish to die a most painful death. Thank you.”


Then McGonagall brought forward the Sorting Hat, who cheerfully began to sing his song:



"Oh you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

You can keep your bowlers black,
Your top hats sleek and tall,
For I'm the Hogwarts Sorting Hat
And I can cap them all.

There's nothing hidden in your head
The Sorting Hat can't see,
So try me on and I will tell you
Where you ought to be.

You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve, and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart;

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil;

Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
if you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind;

Or perhaps in Slytherin
You'll make your real friends,
Those cunning folks use any means
To achieve their ends.

So put me on! Don't be afraid!
And don't get in a flap!
You're in safe hands (though I have none)
For I'm a Thinking Cap!


I will not bore you with a list of previous sortings, I will just say that Draco made Slytherin, as expected, and Neville became a Gryffindor, just like last time.


“Har-” Professor McGonagall halted and looked back at Professor Dumbledore who stayed quiet. She then cleared her throat: “Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black.”


“Potter? Harry Potter?”




Everyone was murmuring through the Hall, but Hadrian walked gracefully like a pureblood and sat on the stool with Hat on his head.


“Aha, what’s this? Oh, I’m sure you don’t want go to Gryffindor after all that, Crown Prince.”


“Yes. Apart from that I don't care which House I go to. I promised Lady Hogwarts to bring back the glory of the Wizarding World and because of that I need to take down the root of the trouble. And I think you know very well who that is.” Hadrian answered


“Indeed. Lady Hogwarts told us about this. The last one failed because of the Goat’s interference but this time make sure you stand together not fight with each other, Crown Prince.”


“I know. This time I shall stand beside him and take back my Kingdom!” Hadrian said firmly, making the Magic of Hogwarts engulf him in warm feelings. “better hurry Sorting me out since it already took 5 minutes.”


“Yes, you can’t go to the Hufflepuff because they won’t be able to keep up with you, Ravenclaw is out so it is better going to be-”




The Hall was silent while Hadrian took off the Hat and put it on the stool. He bowed to the Hat who broke the silence: “Come visit me sometime.” He said gleefully.


Hadrian smiled softly: "I will try.”


Draco and Neville clapped and eventually they were followed by other students. Hadrian sat beside Draco who gave him a smug smirk.


“I told you. You're gonna join Slytherin!” Draco said, a smug grin on his face.


“Yes, yes, and now erase that smugness.” Hadrian replied, making them both chuckle.


“Attention please…” Professor McGonagall clang her spoon to her glass.


Professor Dumbledore stood up and spoke: “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Thank you! Let the Feast begin!”


As if on cue a lot of food appeared on the tables, making the student grin while they began to eat.


“So. Potter, how does it feel to become a Slytherin? It is the first time ever a Potter has been in Slytherin.” A girl sneered at him.


“Who said there was no Potter in Slytherin, My grandmama Dorea Potter nee Black was a proud Slytherin. And besides, I don't remember much about my parents and I live in Black Manor since I was eight years old, so I don't know much about the Potters since I was raised with the Black Family.” Hadrian said like he was speaking to a child. “and isn't it rude to not introduce yourself?”


She flustered slightly, but spoke: “Daphne Greengrass.”


“Greetings, Hadrian Potter-Black.” He introduced himself.


The Slytherin students looked at each other and decided to stop asking him questions since it was clear that he said that he was raised in the Black Family not in the Potter Family.



Chapter Text

Severus Snape looked at the first years who lined up. He could see his godson amongst the students but when he looked at the boy beside his godson he had to take another look because the boy was a replica of Lily except for her crimson hair.


The boy was indeed the Potter brat but he looked like a Black?! The boy also walked like a pureblood. The Hall was silent for 5 minute after professor McGonagall called: “Hadrian Lilian James Potter-Black?”while she looked at Dumbledore. His face showed worry because the boy took a long time, just sitting there with his eyes closed, while he conversed with the Hat.


“Slytherin!” The hat shouted.


It took all Severus’s skills as a spy not to make his jaw drop and his eyes bulge out in surprise of the result. Dumbledore had disbelieve shining in his eyes. Even the children were dead-silent, which emphasised it even more when the Hat talked to the raven-haired enigma.


“Come visit me sometime.” It said to him.


The boy bowed to it politely with soft smile that reminded Snape of Lily. He then realised that the little boy standing there was not like James Potter, and all of his remaining resentfulness disappeared from his mind, seeing that smile that always made his heart melt inside.


“I will.” Hadrian murmured softly, and walked proudly to the Slytherin table.


Severus raised one of his eyebrows looking at his godson and Potter interact. Obviously they were close friends, Draco had a smug expression on his face, and the Potter boy has a fond and amused look.




After the feast the prefects brought the first years to the Slytherin House Entrance. Hadrian stood beside Draco and heard the password loud and clear from the prefect. It was 'Basilisk'. The door opened showing a green and silver coloured common room, with an underwater view from the window.


“Everything is in order, Professor.” one of the Prefects spoke.


“Welcome to Slytherin.” Professor Snape said. It was like before, his low, silky voice echoed through the room, effectively silencing the students. It made Hadrian realise that he was indeed needed to save the Wizarding World once more.


“I am Professor Severus Snape, Your Head of House and the Potions Master of this Hogwarts. As a new member of Slytherin there are few rules that you must know and learn to abide. Outside these walls you will experience prejudice and discrimination because of your House, The Slytherin House has not been seen in a positive light for a long time. Because of this, all snakes within our main territory will appear as a united front. Even if you truly despise a fellow housemate, outside these walls you will allow none of this to show. If you see a fellow housemate in need of aid, you will help them. This rule is non-negotiable.” He looked each and every one of them to make sure they all understood.


“We are Slytherin, and this is the house of cunning and ambition. Therefore I have another ground rule: Do. Not. Get. Caught. If you think you might have been caught, be sure to have an alibi at hand. And if you do get caught, make sure that it is by me.” Professor Snape gave them a look that might get them a slow painful death if they didn’t obey, and it almost made Hadrian grin.



“The prejudice you will face, unfortunately also extends to members of this faculty. They will believe the word of another House over you in a heartbeat. So, if you have any problems, any issues or any concerns, you are free to come and speak to me at any time. My office can be accessed through the painting of the Stirring Cauldron, and if you are unsure, a Prefect or older student will show you the way.”


“All the first and second years are to travel in groups, unless absolutely necessary. Your curfew is at 8pm during the week and 9pm on weekends and holidays. I expect the prefects to organise and structure study sessions when necessary and see to it that our youngest members are settling and adjusting accordingly. Any concerns you may have, can, of course, be brought to me. Marcus Flint is the current Captain of the Quidditch Team, any questions about the sport are to be directed to him.” Professor Snape halted, regarding them all to see if they understood the meaning of his words.


“Any questions?” He asked.


When there were no responses he dismissed the students. Hadrian sighed and walked towards his bedroom. There was a curtain bed at each of the walls with a table next to it.


Hadrian took out his trunk and used Wandless Magic to put all of his clothes into his wardrobe.


“Say, we haven't met. Let’s introduce ourselves.” Hadrian called to his other three roommates. “I'm Hadrian Potter-Black. Pleasure to meet you, and please call me Hadrian since we're gonna be stuck together for seven years.”


“Theodore Nott. Pleasure to meet you Hadrian.” A small boy said.


“I am Blaise Zabini, nice to meet you.” Zabini was a large boy, and you could hear the slightest Italian accent in his words.


“Draco Malfoy, nice to meet you all.” The blond greeted them.


“We can use each others first name since we are going to be rooming together for seven years, if you all are okay with that.” Hadrian commented, and they agreed. “I'm gonna change my clothes and go to bed.”


The other boys went to bed with Hadrian, who laid in the comfy bed with Hogwarts’ Magic calming him down. It sounded like a humming sound that lulled him to sleep.




Hadrian woke up early in the morning, the sun still had to rise. He gave a pulse of Magic to Hogwarts and a warm magic hugging him made him smile.


'Good morning, crown Prince. It's still early for the a growing boy to wake up.' She said.


'It's okay. I am used to waking up early, and I wanted to read a book in the common room. A refreshed brain remembers better, my dear.'


Hadrian went to the bathroom to wash. He slept deeply since normally he sleeps late at night and wakes early, but now he slept at 21:00 at night and woke up at 05:00. It surprised him how long he rested.


He wore his school clothes, except his robe. Then he began meditating for at 30 minutes, after which he would read a book. Hadrian finished meditating on the bedroom floor. He meditated to organise his mind and to sort all the information that he stored there. He also meditated to circulate his Magic, making it spread out around Hogwarts.


30 Minutes later he opened his eyes and turned off the silent alarm from his side. He began to open the book he wanted to read until Draco’s curtain got pulled open, making him look at the blond boy, who yawned.


“Good morning.” Hadrian greeted him with amusement.


Draco blinked numerous times and frowned. “How long have you been awake?”


“Since about 5 o’clock." Hadrian answered, trying not to laugh.


“Merlin, it's too early.” Draco sighed.


“Go to the bathroom before it is packed by the others.” Hadrian said, making the pureblood nod and get out of bed.


Hadrian huffed, amused. He saw Draco coming back to their bedroom with proper clothes on and he seemed much more awake thanks to the water, Hadrian assumed. They fixed their beds in silence.


“I'm going to go to the common room.” Hadrian said, and Draco nodded.


The teen exhaled and went down to the common room, where he sat in one of the chairs. Hadrian saw Draco coming down the stairs after about ten minutes.


“What subject do they teach first?” Hadrian asked in curiosity.


“I don't know, perhaps Charms or Transfiguration?” Draco replied.


The sun was now rising and the students gathered in the common room. Eventually they all gathered at the portrait entrance to go have breakfast. Draco stayed behind, watching Hadrian who stood silently like a ghost. He rarely spoke to other snakes except Draco.


The students began to walk to the Great Hall for breakfast. Hadrian sat beside Draco and ate toast in silence while reading a book. He ignored everyone until Professor Snape gave him his schedule.


“Thank you Professor.” Hadrian said softly.


“What are you reading?” Blaise asked, a curious look on his face.


“A barely legal dark Ritual Book from the Black Library.” Hadrian answered bluntly, not bothering to look up.


“Barely legal?” Theodore ask in suspicion.


“Yes. Unfortunately this book is illegal in 40 countries, but barely legal in Britain. Thankfully a Black Ancestor got permission from the International Council to have this book in the Black Library.” Hadrian replied without hesitance. The other boys blanched at this answer.


Everyone knew about the Black Library, it had the darkest and most illegal books that the Black Family somehow managed to attain, but how? No one knew for sure. No one could open those books without having the blood and magic of the Black Family. It made the books safer from other wizards.


Their first lesson was Potionss with Gryffindor. Hadrian saw Neville walking towards him, making him grin.


“Hey. How was your night?” He asked.


“Agonising. Really, they talked about your Sorting into Slytherin all night, and when I thought they finished the discussion, they discussed it again in the morning!” Neville ranted, sighing.


“Ouch... I pity you.” Hadrian smirked.


“Thank Merlin I am in Slytherin.” Draco commented in relief.


“You don't know what happened. Ron is complaining that you joined Slytherin.” Neville said. And the devil himself appeared, it was almost magic!


“Harry!!” Ron walked towards him and shoved Neville away. “Hey! I'm Ron Weasley.”


“Hello, Weasley.” Hadrian glared, looking so similar to Professor Snape for a second that the red-haired boy almost faltered. “My name is Hadrian Potter-Black. Please refer to me as such.”


“Sure. Hey Harry, I'm sure that the Hat put you wrong, there's no way the Boy-Who-Lived is a Slytherin!” Ron completely ignored what Hadrian just said. The other Slytherins glared at him for implying that their House wasn’t good enough for the ‘Saviour of the Wizarding World’.


“Are you implying that the Hat, who was made by the Founders is wrong in how it judges the students, Weasley?” Hadrian drawled in a cold voice, void of emotion. His House mates all quietened at his tone and perhaps he even made Professor Snape proud. “Did you know that you just insulted a creation of the Founders?”


“I…I…” Ron’s face became red.


“Also, I don’t wish to befriend you. Please stop pretending to be my Friend.” Hadrian said politely.


“You… You traitor! You're just a slimy Snake!!!” Ron shouted, pointing at Hadrian, who, the embodiment of calm itself, took a sip of his tea.


“What is happening here?” Professor Snape came to them.


"Professor Snape, Weasley just insulted the Founders Hat. He said that the Hat put me in the wrong House, sir.” Hadrian said with a tone void of emotion. He then narrowed his eyes: “And it is an insult to the Founders, sir.”


Professor Snape looked at Hadrian, then at Weasley. “10 points from Gryffindor.”


They finished breakfast and walked trough the hallways on their way to Potions. Draco was surprised that Hadrian didn’t get lost, but they arrived early, and entered the class. Hadrian sat next to Draco and Neville, who decided to sit with them, on the raven’s other side. It was a comical scene since a Slytherin and a Gryffindor never sat together. They ignored the looks from the other students, especially Hadrian who sat in the middle, not caring about the disbelieving looks sent his way.


There will be no foolish wand-waving or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion-making. However, for those select few-” -hereby he looked at Draco. “Who possess the predisposition, I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even put a stopper in death. He spoke softly, but the sound of his voice carried through the entire classroom. It make Hadrian lean forward, absentmindedly flicking his finger to copy what the Potions Master said.


His voice was so calming and comforting. Hadrian wished that he would become his Uncle, since his mother was Severus’s sister in all but blood.


“Mr. Potter-Black.” Professor Snape called him. “What would I get if I added a powdered root of Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood?”


“Adding powdered root of Asphodel to an infusion of Wormwood would give you a Sleeping Draught so potent it is known as the Draught of Living Death.” Hadrian answered softly. This time around he realised that according to Victorian flower language, Asphodel was a type of Lily, meaning 'my regrets follow you to the grave' and Wormwood means 'absence' and also typically symbolises bitter sorrow. If you combined that, Snape basically said to him: “I bitterly regret Lily's death.”


“Where would you look if I were to ask you to bring me a Bezoar?” Professor Snape asked again.


“To find a Bezoar, you would have to look in the stomach of a goat. The stone would save you from the most poisons if administered in time.” Hadrian replied again.


Professor Snape stare at him, and hummed: “Correct, 5 Points to Slytherin.”


Hadrian bowed slightly to him and sat back in his seat, ignoring the glaring coming from one Hermione Granger.


“Mr. Longbottom.” Professor Snape called out the nervous boy, making him yelp and nod shakily. “What is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?”


“T-There is no difference betw-between Monkshood and Wolfsbane, they are the same plant… a-also know by the name o-of Aconite and is a key ingredient in the hi…highly regarded Wolfsbane Potion which allows a Werewolf to retain his or her mind d-during the full moon and was created a-and developed by you, sir Professor Snape.” Neville answered nervously.


Professor Snape stared at Neville in silence, until he nodded. “Correct. 5 points to Gryffindor.”


The other students’ jaws dropped in surprise that Professor Snape gave a point to the Gryffindor House. Hadrian was amused with Professor Snape while said man stared at Neville. It was a proof not to judge a book by it's cover. The class was delightful to Hadrian, he and Neville worked together to make the potion, while Draco and Blaise teamed up. Thankfully there were no accidents, except Weasley and Granger, who fought until Weasley threw his hands up in the air in anger.


“Well, go on then!” He shouted, and threw the ingredients into the cauldron, making it explode.


They looked at smoky Granger and Weasley, Professor Snape scolded them, getting angry with them for exploding a cauldron at the ‘first lesson, you dunderheads!’ making Hadrian and Neville shake their heads.


“That was dangerous.” Hadrian commented.


“I know, right!” Neville replied.


“There. We're done.” Hadrian said delighted. He nodded, satisfied that there were no accidents involving him in his first class.


“Professor, we're done.” Neville raised his hand.


Professor Snape went to their table to inspect their potion and looked at the boys. “5 points to Slytherin and 5 points to Gryffindor for a perfect Potion.”


“Thank you, sir.” They High-Fived each other silently.


“Ah, Professor. After the class, could you spare some time?” Hadrian asked.


Professor Snape narrowed his eyes and nodded. He then returned to the front of the class. Hadrian summoned the Will-Letter box and when the class finished he told Draco to go to the next class.


“What do you need, Mr. Potter-Black?” Professor Snape asked.


Hadrian put the small box on the table. “It's a letter from my mother and father, sir.” He gave two letters to him. "I should give you these as soon as possible since they belong to you, sir. When I was eight years old I ran away from my abusive Muggle family and Lord Ragnarok showed me this will and my Inheritance. Also, it is preferred if you check with Gringotts since we don't know how many blocks or compulsions you have on you, sir.”


“Wait… Block? Compulsion? Abusive Household?” Professor Snape looked completely baffled. Hadrian secretly felt proud that he managed what two certain red-haired menaces could not in all their seven years at Hogwarts.


Hadrian tilted his head and snickered: “I can imagine that the Headmaster told you that I lived a luxurious life, didn't he?”


“Yes…” Professor Snape had put himself back together. The only sign of his surprise being one raised eyebrow.


Hadrian smiled sadly, and closed the box. “I'm fine now, the Goblins gave me Nutrient Potions since I was 8 years old and they healed my Scar, even though it can not disappear since it was infected. Well, I'm glad that I ran away from that house.” He gave a cold smile that almost made Severus shiver, if not for his years spent as a spy in the first war. “I never believed in that old man who left me outside in the winter for the whole night with a bunch of blocks and compulsions. Also, can you give me a Notice since I am late for the next class?”


Professor Snape gave the notice to Hadrian who looked at him and said: “Mother told me to call you 'Uncle Sev' so please read the Will, sir. And have a good day.” After saying this Hadrian revealed a purple Hyacinth, and laid it on the desk. He then turned on his heel and left the classroom, leaving Severus alone to ponder about this new information revealed to him. Severus read the Letters and took a deep breath to take in the letter from James and Lily. He now had a nephew to whom he was Magic-Bonded. He picked up the purple Hyacinth, and thought long and hard about why Hadrian would leave it there, until he realised that it meant that Hadrian forgave him, and didn’t blame him for his parent’s death.


He sent a message to Minerva, saying that he need somewhere to go somewhere.