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Deku's Aide

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Waking up early was already a bad start to a morning. Having someone yell at you to get up was even harder. Waking up in someone else's room just takes the cake.

"Where the fuck am I?!" I frantically looked around and found a mirror. "What the fuck happened to my hair?!" I stared at my face, but instead of my usual black hair, I was replaced with brown hair.

"Zane! Get up already!" The sound of a familiar woman's voice came from outside the room.

I started to calm down, and looked around the room for anything that could help me. My room had a lot Boku no hero academia merch, while this one seemed like it belonged to a computer nerd. "Who the fuck needs seven monitors?"

"Get down here! Before I drag you down!" Another yell came from outside.

"Shit! Might as well face this head on, plus ultra," I mumbled before opening the door and slowly walking down the stairs.

What I saw when I came down shocked me through my core. A blonde muscular woman sat at the dining table eating a large american breakfast.

"Stars and stripes..." my eyes shine with wonder.

"What's wrong with you? Don't tell me you don't recognize your own sister?" Cathleen asked in concern.

"Sister?" The moment I heard that- wait a minute shouldn't I get some memories from this body or something?

"You good?" Cathleen asked as she stood, wearing her hero costume.

"Just fine? Just a little confused," I really need a save file here!

"Okay... I need to go, but if you need something just call me," Cathleen placed her plates in the sink before leaving.

"Okay okay okay, what am I working woth here?" I ran towards the room I started in. Opened the computer to try and get some information.

After two hours of grueling detective work. I pieced a few things together.

My name is Zane Bate
18 years old

I should be the same age as the UA big three but for some odd reason, UA is a college university here. Damn, talk about plot convenience, and yet they don't give me this dudes memories.

I'm in a character, that I don't even know existed. An altered version of Boku no hero academia. I don't even know this dudes quirk. But considering he's Cathleen Bate's brother, maybe something similar to New order?

He has a lot computers and techy stuff. Quirks somewhat influence a person's interest and hobbies, so maybe a computer related quirk?

"Okay test 1?" I touched a monitor, trying to feel something.

Calming my mind, I concentrated on activating anything. Then something flashed in my head. Codes? Programs? I guess that's something. You know what? There is much easier way to do this.

I looked around for a phone and found one beside the pillows. I opened it and found that it had a fingerprint lock, thank god.

"Hello?" Cathleen's voice came through the phone.

"Um Sis?" That feels wrong to say. "Can you explain my quirk to me?" Felt stupid asking that.

"You gone stupid or something?" Cathleen asked with a bit of concern.

"I just want to know how you see it?" Hopefully it works.

"You can program any non-living thing to do anything as long as it's possible for it," Cathleen explained.


"Thank you!" I exclaimed.

"Hey wa-" the call already ended, but who wouldn't be excited to try out their own power.

"Okay, let's give this a shot," I picked up a basketball.

Trying to focus, I tried to get the same feeling from earlier. It only took a few seconds, as if the body helped me get use to it.

(Bounce 5 five times;)

I didn't drop the ball since it would have defeated of programming it to bounce. Placing it down on the ground, the ball suddenly shot up, hitting the ceiling of the room, and bouncing five times.

"Okay, I should be more specific next time," this time I touched a chair.

(Move 1 inch to the right;)

And the chair moved, a bit. "Well it definitely works, probably comes with a mental drawback," I muttered as I began snooping through the phone.

Atleast we have the save first name, less things to get used to. The body is probably the hardest to get used to. This dude is jacked! I can probably bench press 500 pounds in this body. Which is half the highest recond in my world. Human evolution is beautiful.

The entire day was spent with me getting used to the life of Zane Bate. He's definitely stronger than average person. Definitely a loner though, dude's got only one phone contact and it's his sister. No wonder he didn't appear in the show.

"I wonder what else this guy got," I muttered as entered the garage?

The room looked even more techy. Probably a workshop. I scanned through the room, absentmindedly picking up a metal ball. I raised an eyebrow and clicked a button it. A few seconds it popped open and I got shocked.



With a groan I woke up back in my room or Bate's room? I guess it wasn't a dream. Cathleen entered the room carrying a glass of milk.

"You finally up huh," what followed was a thorough scolding, with a colorful amount of words. Goddamn.

At that I learned a lot more things about Zane Bate. Dude doesn't want to be a hero, doesn't want to be anything really. Not very close to his sister either. Doesn't have any friends, and only goes outside for school.

"I want to go to UA," I said as Cathleen was still scolding me. Her eyes widened, but her shock quickly disappeared.

"Do you even know Japanese?" Cathleen said with a sigh.

"I... can make it work," I grabbed a headset from the desk.

(Translate foreign langguage;)

I smirked at her.

"I'm happy you want to go to UA, even if I don't know where this interest suddenly came from. But I'll support you," Cathleen said with a fond smile.


Currently I'm in a flight to Japan. I spent two months in New york adjusting to being Zane Bate. Practicing with my quirk Program, and training. Zane had amazing fighting skills. His muscle memory was trained to the point that I can fight on pure instict alone. I guess being related to the number one hero in America required to be a good fighter.

Cathleen warned me about it everytime I would go outside in that two months. Oh yeah, thank god I actually gained a few memories. I retained Zane's memories in academics. He was a genius in Programming and Engineering. He could probably apply to I-Island, but what kind of Boku no hero fan will I be if I didn't go to UA, right?

I needed to find ways to take advantage of Program. With Zane's knowledge, the best I can do is gadgets with special abilities. During the process of getting used to the quirk, I found another drawback. Unlike Cathleen's New order, I couldn't just touch air and program it. I needed an actual strong gust of wind to Program. So telling the Atmosphere to explode is impossible.

"Welcome to Japan," the speakers of the plane announced. I didn't notice we already arrived. That was probably too short a plane ride, are they sure we're here?

People began standing up and taking their bags. Huh, I guess we are. That was probably two hours at most. Some blonde dude with a comb over, held up a sign with my name on it.

"I'm Zane," I said in english, he looked American enough.

"Oh, my name is Jackson. I'll be taking you to your hotel," Jackson informed. I followed him intona black sedan and we drove off.

Not much to see on the way there, maybe I could go sightseeing. Although, there weren't much landmarks in BNHA, so maybe I'll need a guide. We got off a tall building with a large on it, and Jackson led me to my hotel room. He handed me the keys and left me a card with his contact info on it.

The fact that he left immediately meant Cathleen informed him of the original Zane's attitude. The rest of the day was spent sleeping.


Izuku stared at UA's front entrance. His eyes shined with amazement, until he was shoved by Bakugou. "Get out my fucking way Deku," the blonde douche snarked.

I just it watched it from a distance, a bit pissed, since I disliked Bakugou's character. Not a lot, but bullies were bullies. And I watched Izuku trip and got caught by Uraraka.

Yes!!!! Tha magical moment!

Wait... she's just talking and he's staring at her. Not very magical or romantic, or anything really. Awkward maybe. I guess seeing it front of a screen makes it more appealing. This just looks sad.

And she ran off.

And Izuku just flinched. I guess this is the moment he thought he actually talked to a girl.

That's just sad in my perspective now.

I cringed as I went inside the building for the exam. The written exam was fairly easy, Zane's intelligence helped a lot though. I had to explain my earpiece and glasses though. The earpiece translated vocal messages, while the glasses traslated writing. Neat right? Program is very versatile.

Then it was time for the orientation. I was actually seated in the far back, couldn't see where Izuku is too. Well, I'll find out later.

"Can I get yeah!" Present mic announced his presence.

You know what. "YEAH!" I screamed, can't leave a guy hanging right. Screw their stares and glares.

"I like you listener, everyone ready for the exam?" Present mic asked the crowd.

"YEAH!" Yeah I screamed again, what you gonna do Iida, I know your watching.

"I love your enthusiasm listener, now let me explain the exam," Present mic began explaining the exam. They didn't exactly explain much in the manga and show, but hearing it now. They really didn't say much.

"Excuse me sir," ah there's bluestick. "You only mentioned three types or robots, such a mistake is unbecoming of UA. And you with the green hair, your muttering has been very distracting," bluestick pointed at Izuku. Oh there he is.

"Hey!" I got bluestick's attention. "Present mic wasn't even done with the orientation, and you're already making accusations. And you interrupting the orientation is even more distracting than his muttering that we can't even hear from over here," that should loosen him up a bit.

Iida looked embarrassed and began apologizing. "Well you know what to do everyone. Go beyond-"

"PLUS ULTRA!" The crowd responded.


I don't remember which testing sight Izuku got, but I'm sure we didn't get the same one. I could see a few familiar faces. Kendo, Ashido, Tetsutetsu, Ojiro, and some others. The moment we got off the bus, I was shocked by the size of the gate. It kind of looked smaller in the show.

"GO!" ow shit. Thankfully, my body reacted on instinct and dashed forward. I'm definitely ahead of the group, and saw my first robot.

I touched the robot.

(Destroy other moving robots;)

The machine began attacking other robots, punching it with its metalic arms. I found a three pointer robot and programmed it to do the same, this time I hitched a ride.


"Who is that kid?" Cementoss asked.

"Zane Bate," Nezu answered, and All might's eyes widened.

"American?" Vlad king asked.

"Oooh~ imported meat," Midnight squirmed and the other teachers looked at her with worry.

"Did he just hijack a three pointer?" Powerloader asked this time.

"His quirk is called Program, he can basically order something to do something," Nezu informed. "That's how he wrote the description," everyone sweatdropped.

"He looks fun~" Midnight commented.


"This is so much fun!" I stood on top of a three pointer, with an army of robots behind me.

"The fuck," some random dude that wasn't relevant to the franchise cursed.

"Muhahahah! Destroy them!" Iron shooting iron, steel punching steel. The robots destroyed each other and wracked up more points.

Then the ground shaked. I almost forgot about that.


"This is concerning," Powerloader commented as he watched his robots tear each other apart.

"I like his drive~" everyone just ignored Midnight.

"I like his thought process," Nezu spoke, everyone felt a shiver up their spine.


I stared at the giant robot that got closer and closer. This thing definitely lookes scarier in person.

"Come on!" I heard someone shout.

Kendo was helping people get away from the robot. Helping some of them get up when they tripped. Damn that's hot.

"Stop day dreaming and run!" She shaked me. "Wake up!" Oh, she was talking to me.

"Oh, sorry about that," I scratched the back of my head. She definitely looks more beautiful in person.

She blushed. I said that outloud, damn it. Before I could explain myself, a shadow loomed over us.

"Let's go!" She yelled.

I casually walked to the robot as it stopped, and touched its wheel.

(Turn off;)

The robot's glowing eyes turned black and it stopped moving.

"Time's up!" Present mic's voice rang through the speakers.


"What the hell was that?" Kendo screamed at me.

Why does she look pretty even when she's mad? The fact that she blushed meant I said that outloud, again.


"Quite the crop this year," Nezu spoke with a glint in his eyes.

Nobody knows the chaos that awaited them.


I definitely got some inspiration from the entrance exam. I want an army of robots with me now. I also found out that size effects the amount of drawback I get. Mostly headaches and stamina drain though.

I spent a week waiting for the letter from UA. With some reference from the show, I know that my fifty four points is enough to pass. And when the letter came, it was confirmed.

"Congratulations young Zane!" All might spoke in english. "You scored 85% in the written exam and scored 54 villain points in the practical portion of the exam," I grinned. "And what kind school would UA be if we didn't reward heroism," a clip of me shutting down the Zero pointer was shown. "We decided to award you 25 rescue points, putting you two points ahead of second place."

The score board was shown, and saw my name at the top. Nice. Unintended, but nice. Bakugou will definitely be pissed, but screw him.

"Welcome to your hero academia!" The projector turned off.

"What now?" I read a piece of paper informing that I got in 1A. Wait then who'll get replaced?

Oh shit.


Izuku stared at the giant door of 1A. I kind of forgot what's running through his head right now, but it's my time to interfere. "Hey!" I greeted him, and he flinched. Oh right... "Want to go in together?" I asked. Hoping not to make him panic.

"D-don't worry about me, p-please go ahead," Izuku stepped out of the way of the door.

"Calm down dude, let's just go in together," thank god I made a translator. Hopefully they understand my broken japanese.

Once we opened the door, we heard Bakugou and Iida arguing. "Let's just ignore them," I noticed that there were still forty seats, but everyone was still here. Then that means...

I turned towards the door and stared at the sleeping bag Aizawa was in. I stared at for five seconds before Aizawa popped out. Creepy.

"You have good awareness," Aizawa commented. "It took the rest of you 8 seconds to notice me, we need to change that. My name is Shota Aizawa, I'm your homeroom teacher. Put this on and meet me outside.

I already know where this is going so I got my uniform and headed out. Watching the show, didn't mean I know where the changing rooms were. Thankfully a senpai helped me.

"You ready?" I asked Izuku.

He flinched again. "S-sort of," he replied.

I really need to help him with that. "So what's your quirk?" He liked quirks, so this might calm him down.

"Oh it's called Superpower," I gave him a look that said "really? Superpower?".

"Okay... what's it do?" I added as I put on the UA track suit.

"It's a stockpile quirk, it breaks my body though," Izuku looked down.

"Have you tried regulating the power?" I suggested, knowing how One for all actually worked.

Izuku just stared at me like I was the smartest person in the world. Feed my ego, will ya. "I haven't thought of that," Izuku began muttering as we left the changing room.

He finished muttering once we reached where Aizawa was. "Bate," Aizawa called and tossed me a ball. "What was your score in the soft ball throw in high school?"

"55 meters?" The score from my own world.

"Now do it with your quirk," Aizawa spoke.

How am I suppose to that? I can't tell a ball to fly! Might as well throw it with my full strength. But as I was throwing it I felt the wind touch my skin.

(Blast the soft ball;
Creat an updraft;
Push the ball further;)

I pretty much just threw anything I could think of into the program. The ball blasted out of my hands and the wind kept pushing it even further, until it was nowhere in sight.

A few seconds passed, with nothing happening. A ding was heard a few seconds later, and Aizawa showed an infinity symbol. Well that wasn't right. I guess if the machine thinks it won't be coming down anytime soon, then it's an infinity.

The class began praising me, but it felt degrading, knowing that it wasn't actually an infinity, just lazy coding.

"Your quirk is amazing!" Izuku exclaimed. "What is your quirk?" I began explaining Program to Izuku. "Wow! Can you tell an object to do something possible but unrelated to it? Like make a spoon balance an egg. Can you program water to turn into ice..." Izuku began muttering again, and just as I was going to snap him out of it, he said something that made me flinch. "Can you make an object deform and remake it, like ovhauling it?" Those words made me flinch.

Can I do that? Can immitate overhaul? Kai Chisaki's quirk?

"Bate," Aizawa's call snapped me back. It was time for the fifty meter dash.

So I tried it. I touched the ground.

(Create pillars;
Push me forward;)

The ground shifted and each step I took, a pillar would shoot out of the ground and give me a boost forward. Adding Zane's amazing physical fitness. I got 2 seconds, which was first place. But I know Iida could go faster than that with his Recipro.

Then it was Izuku's turn. I saw his legs began to glow with red veins, then the green lightning. Just his legs though. I noticed that Aizawa seemed shocked at Izuku's control. I grinned at that. That's what you get for not checking his file about his quirk. Izuku got 2.1 seconds. Damn.

"DEKU!" Oh right... Bakugou was behind me, so when he tried to shove past me. I tripped him. He fell face first into the dirt.

Some if the students laughed, and Bakugou began yelling and cursing. Aizawa reprimanded him a bit...

The rest of the exam proceeded smoothly until the ball toss. Bakugou walked towards the circle. Something tells me he'll be extra loud so took I off my earpiece.

(Noise blocking;)

I walked towards Kyoka Jiro and tried to hand it to her. She raised an eyebrow at me. I pointed at Bakugou. "Loud."

She put it on, a little bit wary of it though.

"DIE!" That must have been the loudest explosion I have ever heard. The fact that Bakugou got a kilimoter meant he was extra pissed on that one. Maybe he has a second quirk called Loud and Angry.

Jiro gave me back the earpiece, giving me a thanks as she handed it back. Everyone did amazing, some struggled though. Hagakure and Jiro didn't have a quirk that helped with test. Mineta just looked pathetic. I question how he even got in with how weak his body is.

By the end of it, I got third place. Izuku got second place. Yaoyorozu remained in first. Mineta was dead last, and he began crying. Oh... right expelled, but nobody got expe-

"Mineta, you're expelled," Aizawa dragged him away with his scarf.

"Oh..." wasn't expecting that one.

"But wasn't it a lie to get us to do our best," Yaoyorozu spoke up.

Damn she's hot. Being 18 definitely made everyone hotter in anime. Wait... age is fucked up in anime. I need to a way to confirm people's ages first.


I want an army of robots. The power definitely got to my head. But that required material, which requires money. I also need a workshop, which also needs money. Damn, even here, money is important.

"I need a job," I muttered as I walked back to class to get the syllabus.

It's friday so we get to move in to the dorms during the weekend. Which was definitely not canon. Why is everything so different? What's the use of having knowledge of the future if everything keeps changing without me doing anything.

Okay Mineta getting expelled might be because of me, but I mean something more relevant.

"Need a job?" I turned around and saw nothing. "I might be able to offer you something," I looked down and saw Nezu.