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In hopes of better, we trudge through the worse

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Harry opens his eyes to blinding light which makes him wince horribly and he almost goes blind- not that he had great eyesight to begin with- but still it's the principle of the matter. 


He closes them immediately, then slowly opens them and finds himself in his hospital room, with no one actually present. He has a pretty healthy relationship with the room, he makes sure to visit it at least once a month(usually more), much to the dismay of one Hermione Granger who is definitely going to skin him alive when she finds out that he has woken up after Merlin knows how long. 


He finds his glasses on the beside table and immediately puts them on- fuck these are blurry -  he removes them and wipes them with his hospital gown and dones then on again, yeah that’s better,   he shrugs and lets his eyes wander around the room. 


As he takes around the room- he had been permanently assigned one after the number of times he had landed himself in the hospital and had been mobbed by most of the patients in the Emergency Ward. There's a chair beside him and it's clear someone sat on it, not so long ago because the dents are still pretty prominent in the leather padding and it looks hastily discarded as if someone was in a hurry. Probably Ron or Hermione.


At the foot of his bed, there are various flowers and chocolate boxes, he must have been here for a long time. He is so dead when ‘Mione finds him. He tries to remember what had happened this time to get him in. It has happened so many times, that at this point all of his accidents are blurred together into one. He thinks this time it was a Voldemort would-be. At least this is a new one. No Death Eater business, just straight up being the boss. Damn that guy, he looked like he was what? A few years older than Harry at max. If Harry wasn't getting second hand embarrassment in his stead for the silly stunt, he would have been impressed at the audacity of the guy. 


Just then the door opens and enters a mediwitch he hasn't seen in the entirety of all the two years he has been a Junior Auror. That's weird because usually Mungo's has very specific staff assigned to him, again the star-struck thing was getting a bit too much for Harry to handle. Moreover, they are trainee healers, not medi wixen so clearly something must have changed in the past few weeks he hadn't been here. 


"Oh, hello Mr. Potter, it's good to see you finally awake. I'm here to just check up on your vitals," the mediwitch informs him and starts waving her wand. 


"How- how long have I been out? And do you know where Ron or Hermione is?" Harry rasps out, his voice rough from disuse. 


"Almost a week this time, Mr. Potter. And no worries, I am going to inform your friends just after I'm done taking your vitals and your Healer will come see you shortly as well." She does exactly that and bids him a good day and is off within three minutes. 


It's Hermione who arrives first, she walks briskly in a crisp mint green suit with her hair pinned in the front, looking not at all how he remembered seeing her a day before he went on the raid. 


"God Harry, you scared the living shit out of us this time. Seriously what the fuck were you thinking? Don't even answer that one, it was rhetorical, you fucker. But why does it always have to be you who goes in-" she starts ranting as soon as she enters the room and Harry knows it has become her way of showing how scared and anxious she had been so Harry smiles fondly at her before he interrupts her. 


"Hermione, you look fabulous, honey. Just woah and when did you have a whole wardrobe change?" He asks her and it gets him a flat look from his best friend. 


"Seriously, Harry? That's your tactic? Complimenting me on my clothes which I have been wearing for who knows how long? You really should up your game. I mean you just fucking wake up after six fucking days when we had no idea if you would actually survive or not and the first words out of your mouth are to compliment my clothes !" She says the last word as if it's the most disgusting thing on the planet. Harry agrees it was a shitty thing to start with but really, it's not like he had a wardrobe turnaround when she was in the hospital.


And from when did Hermione Jean Granger start swearing this much? She has always been the one who berates them for all their swearing. Auror work, does that to you. 


"But Mione-" 


"You can't Mione the way out of this, Potter. You can't actually keep doing this and if you do then it won't be good. Because as you know, now that I'm the M-" Hermione is interrupted by Ron who barges in loudly. 


"Hey, mate! Scared the right shite out of us, you did." He tells Harry while he is wearing a freaking suit and when did life come to this again? Were these two at some party while he was at the hospital? Good best friends, he has got there. 


"What is up with the suit, mate? And not to mention the beard and the hair? What have you both been up to while I was out?" Harry questions them and Ron gives Harry a very dubious look. 


"What do you mean? I have been wearing suits for so many years now-" Harry snorts at that- " and I have had a beard for the past six years," 


"No, you have not. What kind of joke are you both playing, huh? Where are Fred and George? Are they outside? What's going on, you guys?" Harry pleads to them but before they can reply a Healer comes in. 


Harry reads her tag, Veronica Jones, it says. This isn't his regular Healer as well. What has happened to these people? 


"Harry, how are we feeling? I was actually hoping you won’t be stopping by this month but no, you just had to." Healer Jones replies and why is she talking like she actually knows him and they are old chaps?


"I'm sorry but why are you talking to me like you actually know me? I'm sorry but I hate people who think they actually know me and think they can call me by my name. This is the first time we are meeting, I haven't granted you the permission to call me Harry." Harry states and the Healer makes a slightly surprised face before it's gone, replaced by professionalism. 


He had learnt at the end of first year of training, that if he wasn't assertive enough then people will take and take and take. So he had asked Hermione for help and now here he was stating very clearly about what made it uncomfortable. He does it most of the time these days. He turns to share a look with his friends, because seriously who does she think- why are they both looking at me like they just received the worst news in the world? 


Healer Jones clears her throat and starts again, "Well Mr. Potter, I'm terribly sorry. We started on the wrong foot, I'm Healer Jones and I'll be seeing your case. Could you please tell me what was the last thing you remember?" 


"Apology accepted, Healer. And yes I can, the last thing was I bound that Voldemort wannabe and stunned him. Then I turned to Ron and something hit me from the back, it was darkness after that." He recalls a few smaller details to her, all the while she keeps a perfectly blank face and listens intently to his words. 


"Interesting, that was almost what had actually happened but we will come back to that later. Now can you tell me what today's date is? Or what was the date of this raid of yours? This is just standard stuff, we have been informed to go through recently." Healer Jones waves it off as a no big deal so he shrugs and tells her. 


"I think it's February 13th, 2001 if I didn't fuck up the calculations too badly," Harry tries to joke but beside him, Hermione and Ron gasp loudly in shock. These guys are so dramatic, can't they not joke about the May 2000 incident right now? It had been one fucking time. 


"Well, Mr. Potter, as it seems you have fucked up the calculations quite badly this time. You are off by twenty five years and six months. Today's date is September 13th 2026. It appears that you have suffered through a severe memory loss." Healer Jones informs him and what? That can't actually be true, except that would explain Hermione and Ron's strange clothes and hair. 


He turns to his friends and Hermione has her hands over her mouth and Ron's eyes are so wide that they might pop out of the socket any moment now. 


"Mate, is that- is that right?" Harry asks tentatively, both of his friends share one of their looks- at least that hasn't changed then- and nod at him and well shit




"That's somewhat disappointing, if I'm being honest," Harry finally says after Ron and Hermione finish retelling the last twenty five years. It's fairly uneventful except now they are married and Ron has left the Aurors and Harry apparently is the Godfather to not only Teddy but also to Rose Granger Weasley. 


Ron is now one of the most successful businessmen in the world. They have branched out WWW to various places around the globe, and are thinking of venturing into the muggle world as well. As for Hermione, she has been running Minister for the past five years. And that is why she now has the profanity of a sailor and wears beautiful suits all the time except on weekends. Harry, himself, has worked hard or so they say, to become Head Auror but he still occasionally takes on cases. Especially those which have Voldemort wannabes involved. Those are fun, according to past him? Other him? Whatever. 


"That had a lot of disappointing things, you need to be more specific, mate." Ron informs Harry in his sardonic way which makes Harry smile. 


"The fact that I'm still bloody single. I mean what the fuck? I'm forty six and I still have no partner. How is that fair?" Harry asks no one in particular but of course Hermione answers him. 


"Harry, wizards live upto almost two hundred years on average, altho the average of the past fifty years is somewhat bumpy due to noseless fucktart. But if we keep that aside, most wizards actually don't even think about marriage before a hundred. So you still have a lot of time to get there." Hermione explains. 


The door opens as he asks, "And when am I getting out of this hell hole? I do not like hospitals, so please Ron, Hermione." 


"Good news, Potter. I'm here with your papers. Jones sent me to check some last few things before we let you leave." Malfoy replies as he flips a page on his clipboard. 


"What the fuck are you doing here, Malfoy?" The words are out of his mouth before he even has time to process them. 


"As you'll know, I work here, Potter." Malfoy says slowly as if telling a three year old, it gets Harry's blood boiling instantly. Then the bastard has the audacity to add, “oh that’s right! You don’t.”


"Draco, stop being a prat! You are head of the Magical Injuries Department, for Circe’s sake. You are also Harry's other Healer, so why pretend otherwise?" Ron inquires and at the same moment Harry bursts out. 


"Other Healer? Are you both out of your minds? And why are you calling him Draco-"


"Exactly because of this. I knew Har-Potter would explode when he gets to know, but you don't learn at all, Weasley." Malfoy clicks his tongue and then faces Harry again, "Yes, I am your other Healer. You actually asked for me, and you are my only patient. I mostly take up big surgeries or the like but what Saint Potter asks is what he gets afterall. And yes, they call me by my name, Potter. That happens after seeing one another on a regular basis for as many years and as many times as we have. Even you call me Draco but for your sanity, we'll move back twenty five years, was it?" 


Harry is so dazed by all of what Malfoy just said that he just echoes his yeah instead of a witty retort about Malfoy and his memory and signs his release papers. 


In the end, he is kept for five more hours before he is allowed to go, even with his release papers signed. Malfoy had ordered that one, out of sheer concern. Yeah, right. 


Six hours later, he finally floos back to Grimmauld Place because he never left it. After assuring Hermione that he will be in for dinner at their place, he is finally alone. 


As he stands in the drawing room of his house, he takes in a deep breath of  fresh air around him. The place still looks all dark and murky, he can't believe he hasn't left this place yet. 


Shaking his head, he heads towards his room. It's made up properly, not even a speck of dust. Although that is a bit weird, given the fact that no one's home for the past week, it's no use thinking of mysterious things in the most creepy and mysterious place he has ever seen. So he goes into the ensuite, takes a shower before flopping down on the bed and napping for an hour before rushing for dinner. 




He stays at home for a week before it gets boring and not to include frustrating. He might have forgotten how to be Head Auror but damn well knows how to be an Auror, so with that in mind he marches down the Ministry Atrium and enters the department with a casual air of nonchalance. 


He just enters his office before anyone notices him, not that there are many people to begin with this early. What he finds, freezes him for a solid minute. His office is immaculately clean, all the papers look arranged and there are even some photographs of his loved ones. It hasn't been a minute he has been in when a bloke comes in. 


He is dressed handsomely in trousers and a white shirt and why hasn't Harry shagged this bloke?


"Ah, Mr. Potter, you are in today. Does that mean your memory is back?" The man asks politely and really who is this bloke? He isn’t an Auror, Harry knows this by his lack of maroon robes.


"I- um no, I haven't recovered my memory yet but I wanted to get back to work so here I am." Harry answers and thank Merlin he didn't say he was bored at home, what impression would that have made anyways?


"Oh, in that case, I'm Adrian Dickson. Your secretary, my main work is scheduling your meetings, sorting through your mail and sometimes I make you tea, mostly when you had a tough day. And please feel free to call me Adrian." Adrian explains and gives him a professional smile. So that's why he didn't shag the bloke. Well, too bad that he was rather fit. 


"Thanks Adrian and uh could you get me my Deputy Head Auror and even the Junior Head Auror too, please?" Harry asks, he doesn't even know who these people are. 


"Yes, I'll do that right away. Deputy Auror Patil and Junior Head Auror Abbott are still not in, so it might take a bit of time," Adrian informs him and Harry waves him off saying that's alright. 


He sits down and inspects his desk, there's a lot of papers, most of which look like finished casework left for reviewing. There are the trainee Auror exam sheets on one side, a pen jabbed in the middle, no doubt marking his place. There are no coffee or tea stains nor are there any mugs, very different from his cubicle during his former years or two weeks ago? He doesn't know how it really works, nor does he want to waste his time guessing. 


Someone knocks on his door and he grants them permission and enters Padma and Hannah, so these are his best Aurors. These two were better as a team when he was Junior Auror. 


"Hey Harry, got back memories yet?" Hannah asks as he gestures to both of them to sit down. 


"Not yet, Hannah. I hope that's alright? Calling you both by names, I know we did that when we were Junior Aurors but….." he gestures with his hands instead of ending the sentence but Hannah smiles at him and so does Padma. 


"It is alright, Harry. You are well acquainted with everyone except the trainees and you don't bother remembering their names until they have passed their finals." Padma answers him and asks why he called them. What she doesn't mention but is implied is what he is doing here if he doesn't remember shit. 


"Well, I thought the best way to get back in my life was to get back in my life so I'm doing that." Harry tells them but Hannah just arches her eyebrow. 


"So you got bored then, no need to look so shocked. We have known each other for thirty five years and worked together for almost twenty seven of those. We know you well, and oh let's not forget the part where we went to the Yule Ball together," Padma smirks at the last part and Harry goes red. Did she really have to bring that up?


"Love, you need to stop intimidating the bloke, he just got here and we aren't that good friends according to him. Harry, you don't listen to her, alright? Everyone knows you are gay after you came out about it almost twenty five years back and it's all water under the bridge. We just joke about it at times." Hannah laughs but Harry doesn't feel like laughing about it. 


He is gay? Well he knew that since 1999, but he is out? Why the hell did he do that? Well anyways it doesn't matter because he has already crossed that hurdle. Okay, wait- did Hannah just call Padma love? Too much information in a span of a minute, too much. 


"Are you- are you both married?" He starts with the least startling one, although it is somewhat of a shocker. He thought they both had a thing for Lavender Brown but well, mutual attraction to another person makes you see the other person. Enemy of the enemy is your friend or something like that. 


"Oh, yes we actually are. Almost nine years now, you actually gave Lavender away because her parents refused to participate in the whole affair." Hannah smiles at him and he is sure he looks gobsmacked because Padma squeezes Hannah's hand slightly before saying, "We are a triad, Harry. Three people in a romantic relationship? It's not that common and it was also a reason why my parents don't talk to me anymore." 


Yeah, okay it's not like he hasn't heard of triads but he never actually seen a triad before nor did he know someone who knew someone. Kind of a shocker but it's good to know that he had been supportive, he is supportive , and had given Lavender away. He does wonder who gave Padma away then, he'll know when he knows. Not now. 


"Makes sense, thank you. So back to work? Because I don't know my head from my arse when it comes to all of this," he gestures to the desk between them and they share an amused glance. "So how are things going? What am I going to do? Any ideas? Who are the best Aurors? Fill me in." He pleads with them. 


Turns out he didn't need to, Padma and Hannah have it all under control. They are doing all his work, mostly all his work. Assigning Aurors, checking paperwork and also calling them out on their shit. According to them, the last one is the best part. All he needs to do is attend his meetings, they will fill him in, there and then and he also needs to mark the exam answers. It's a fairly easy job, there's answers already present but he needs to read individual answers and if he finds something creative or unique he must mark that and they'll take it from there and on. 


So that's what Harry does, he goes to meetings- surprisingly there are several of them throughout the day- he marks one or two answer sheets in between and floos back home around six everyday. His home, he had noticed, consists of nothing. It looks like he just stopped living there after 2003 and that's because the first time he tried to cook breakfast, the pantry had been empty and so have been the cupboards except one. That had contained a packet of ramen, dating back to 2003 and was very much expired. 


He had asked Ron about it and he had said that the otherHarry always lived in Grimmauld Place. They never visited because it was so dingy and even Harry didn't stay there for most hours. The only question he had for his other self was why? Why had he never bought a new house? He had more than enough money, he knows that. Plus Ron had also mentioned something about his investments, so there was a chance he had more money now. He mentally noted down to go house hunting on Sunday as he stood up to go to the cafeteria for lunch. He had gone there everyday since he had been back and everyday it was something new. They followed a routine and the quality of the new food routine was much better than what he had when he was Junior Auror. Again, that was not even three weeks ago. He will be completing two weeks after waking up tomorrow. 


Adrian barged in then, and yelped when he saw Harry. "Mr. Potter, aren't you supposed to be at the Golden Dragon right now?" 


"Am I? And what are you doing here if I'm not supposed to be here, Adrian?" Harry counters back, he hopes he wasn't about to be snooping around. 


"Sir, I am here to take whatever exam papers you had marked, '' Junior Head Auror Abott sent a memo to bring them to her. And you had asked me to mark down your Thursday lunch for ages now, sir. You change the place every two or three months but you always go out. You asked me to remind you it's the Golden Dragon now, last Thursday you were here. One time you hadn't, the very next day you asked me to put a reminder. I thought you had seen it this morning, hence I didn't remind you. I apologise." Adrian informs him all of this in the span of two breaths. He nods at him, asks if he knows where it is and then starts waking out of the Ministry, after he gets his answer. 


Why does he go out every Thursday? Maybe he just didn't like what they served here on Thursdays but why would he tell Adrian about it the next day? Perhaps he was allergic to something or maybe it had made his stomach upset. Yeah, that must be it. He shakes his head and apparates to Muggle London as soon as he gets out of the Ministry wards. 


He finds it easily enough and smiles to himself and gets in. His eyes roam for about three seconds before they are upon Draco Malfoy. He is sitting alone, looking out of the window quite pensively. On a whim, Harry decides to join him. 


"Hey Malfoy!" He greets him as he comes to stand in front of him.


Malfoy looks up at him, surprised. There's something in his eyes for a second before it's gone again, he sits up straighter and nods at him before asking, "Can I help you, Potter?" 


"I just saw you sitting here alone and thought I would join in. Am I interrupting?" Harry asks earnestly, although he hopes he gets to spend time with Malfoy. He just wants to get to know him. 


"No, you can sit here. Do sit, Potter. I suppose we can have lunch together, this once," Malfoy says and calls for the waiter. 


Soon the orders are placed and they start talking. Malfoy asks after Harry's health and if he has made any progress or not. When Harry shakes his head, he gets a sad, wistful smile from Malfoy. They talk even after the food is finished but soon Malfoy calls for the check, he has to get back to the hospital. 


Harry snatches away the cheque before Malfoy can even touch it, "I interrupted your peace so it's the least I could do," Harry tells him and Malfoy gives him a pained smile before he replies, "The next one's on me then." 


"Same time, next week then? I somehow have Thursday lunch booked in my calendar for outings although I have no idea why, so what say?" Harry proposes and Malfoy actually agrees. And so it's done. 



Sunday morning comes bright and beautiful, he has already booked an appointment with a broker and he is going to show Harry around. They start with houses but those turn out to be too big for Harry. 


So August takes him to studio apartments next and those turn out to be too small. He needs some space after all. Finally, just as the sun is about to set, Augusta takes him to this beautiful flat which is based just on the edge of Muggle London with a beautiful view and has electricity but will work alright around magic as well. Harry decides to take it, there and then. 


That's when the problem occurs, not really. But it was where it actually started. The next morning, he is just getting started on his first answer sheet when an owl comes in from August. He had said that Gringotts had denied the cheque on the basis that signatures were missing. He had assured Harry that he was keeping the flat on the hold for him, so he need not worry much about it. Although he should contact the Goblins about it. 


Harry frowns at the letter, signatures missing? What is that even supposed to mean? He decides to take a sandwich for lunch and visit Gringotts in his lunch hour; he even checks in with Adrian to know if he has any meetings right after lunch. He doesn't, not until late afternoon. 


So when lunch time comes, he wastes no time to grab a sandwich- which tastes bland- and heads to Gringotts, only to receive the shock of his life. 


The Goblins still eye him warily as he enters, they have a long memory. He goes to the front and tells the Goblin about his cheque being denied. The Goblin turns to another Goblin and sends him to one of the many rooms in Gringotts. Another Goblin is sitting there, seriously it's getting too many Goblins. He fears for his life. 


"Mr. Potter, I believe you are here because of the cheque issue?" He nods his head and the Goblin continues, "Mr. Potter, a cheque larger than fifty thousand galleons has to be signed off by both parties. Since the cheque, Mr. August had dropped didn't contain so, I thus, did not pass the cheque through." 


"I'm sorry, but could you tell what you meant by both parties?" Harry asks politely, trying to keep the hysteria out of his voice. 


"Yes, I meant you and your spouse. After you both merged all your accounts together, that stipulation had been made. A mutual decision of the two of you, I had been present at the time for the decision myself." The Goblin replies back calmly. 


Spouse? Spouse?! 


"And who would that spouse be?" Harry asks hesitantly. 


"Mr. Potter, I really do not appreciate you coming here to joke with me. Now if that's all the same with you, good day." The Goblin dismisses him, turning back to his work, leaving Harry more confused than ever. 


He quickly leaves the place and heads for his office. Asking Adrian to get everything about himself might be the weirdest thing he had ever asked, other Harry included but thankfully Adrian doesn't question him and provides him with a thick file just shy of six in the evening. He shrinks the file and takes it home. 

Not reading the file right away had been tough but he is here now, showered and dressed in comfortable clothes. He might need to go see this spouse of his at some point. He has also ordered takeaway, which would be here soon. 


He opens the file and starts reading about his whole life. The first few pages are about his vaults, he has four new ones now. All of them are joint with spouse, again no name present. There are his promotions and medical records. He has been admitted to Mungo's a total of three hundred and twenty nine times in the span of twenty five years. How was he still alive? Oh yes, magic. And then there it is. His marriage certificate. It's a thick piece of paper which binds him to the other person forever. Along with magical bonds as well, ones used commonly in wixen marriages. He is married, he knew that from this afternoon. The person he is married to, comes as an absolute shock.


Draco Malfoy.


He looks around the room for something– anything to contradict his discovery, there's, of course, nothing except him and the eerie feeling of Number 12.


He needs to know where Malfoy lives, but a niggling feeling tells him the actual place won't be mentioned. His residence is also marked to be Number 12 but he is sure that's just for show. All the clues click, the dingy rooms, the ramen packet, his cluelessness as to why he is still here. All of it.


He checks all the properties that are in his name, there are quite a few. Most of them are joint -with spouse and then he comes across it. Malter Cottage, Godric's Hollow. This is it. This is where they live, it has to be. 


Making up his mind, he makes copies of the marriage certificate and the properties they have together and the Gringotts accounts. He then floos to his house. 


The sight that greets him fills him with peace, for a moment before it's gone as his eyes fall upon his apparent partner, Draco Malfoy, on a chair with a book in his hands. 


Malfoy is staring at him with wide, slightly red eyes. Was he crying? Why was he crying? It's not the time for those questions. He opens his mouth to speak but Malfoy's faster. He is upon Harry in an instant. He gathers Harry in his arms and hugs him tightly in the most comforting, if slightly uncomfortable hug of his life. Harry hugs him back automatically, it just feels right. Then he realises what he is doing and pushes Malfoy back. 


Malfoy looks crestfallen and Harry wants to take him back in his arms. 

“What the fuck, Malfoy?" Harry says and maybe he should not have started with that and he needn't be that harsh but he is confused and this is making him dizzy. 


"Harry," Malfoy whispers, his voice full of hope and desperation. 


"Potter. I am Potter to you, Malfoy. Tell me why it says everywhere that we are married or I am doing an official investigation on you." Harry says briskly and Malfoy's face falls some more. "And what the fuck are these?" He demands and slams the papers on the coffee table. 


Malfoy takes one look at it, then closes his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he opens them again and looks up at him, "I see. Well, we had the stipulation placed after one of us tried to book one of the palaces in Scotland for the weekend of our anniversary and it would have cost a pretty galleon. We decided henceforth, any gifts should be under fifty thousand galleons and thus the signature requirements." Malfoy explains calmly as if the marriage certificate doesn't even affect him in any way. 


"What- why haven't you mentioned us being married earlier?" Harry asks, he faintly thinks that maybe the shock of being married to Draco Malfoy hadn't set in yet. 


"Pshh, when would I do that? Would you tell me why you need my signature? You may wish not to." It is all very surreal to Harry, how is Malfoy so calm about it. 


"I uh- I don't want to live in Number 12 any longer." Harry replies at last, maybe he should ignore the marriage as well….he obviously can't because then he adds, "You could have told me at lunch the other day." 


"Oh, well you can take a look at our properties, most of them are already rented out. But a fair few are still vacant. If you don't like any of them then you can contact me, I'll be sending in my signatures on the papers." He completely ignores Harry’s last words, as if he hasn't even heard them.


Harry nods and tries to ask something- anything but nothing comes out of his mouth. 


"Is that all, love? I really need to go to bed, I have an early shift tomorrow." Malfoy says at last, when it's clear Harry is just going to behave like a fish and nothing more. 


"Huh? Yeah." He replies dazed and floos back home, more confused than he was when he woke up two weeks ago in the hospital. He has to know what Malfoy has been upto and more crucially what this other Harry has been upto. 


The first thing he receives on Tuesday morning is August's letter which says that the flat has been approved and he doesn't need to pay according to the landlord. Harry is still frowning at his letter when another letter comes in. This time it's from Malfoy. 




I contacted the bloke who deals with all our properties last night after our conversation to stop his transactions for the moment. He  informed me that he had only one client at the moment which turned out to be you. 


He even said that you had finalised on one of the flats so I informed him to give it to you. 


If you need any more help, feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to help in any way I can. I recommend moving out of Grimmauld as soon as you can. 





Huh , so that's the deal. Well, good for him. He need not buy a house because he already owns it. But he still needs to know about Malfoy. So he goes where he knows he will find answers. 


He exits his office and finds Adrian sitting at his desk, sorting through two enormous piles of letters. 


"Hey Adrian, when is my meeting with the Minister? And are those my letters?" Harry asks. 


"In about thirty minutes, Mr. Potter." Adrian checks his watch and he tells him, then continues, "Yes, Mr. Potter, they are your letters. I go through them before they are sent to your inbox." 


"You go through all my mail? Even personal mail? And please call me Harry. You are the only one who doesn't." 


"Sure...Harry. And no, I don't go through the ones signed off by Hermione, Ron and Draco Malfoy. I do go through the ones signed by the Minister of Magic, and Healer Malfoy. Mr. Weasley doesn't send any work related letters." Adrian explains and wow, here's another clue that Draco Malfoy does have a special part in his life. 


"Okay, thank you Adrian." Harry says and walks to Hermione's chamber. 


He barges in without so much as a knock. Minister or not, this is his best friend. He really should have not because he finds both best friends in a heated snog. They spring apart when they hear him come in but he has already seen enough. He has probably seen way more over the years, hopefully not. 


"Really, you two?" Harry rolls his eyes and sits down in one of the chairs and crosses his arms across his chest as his friends straighten up. 


"So Head Auror or is it Harry?" Hermione asks as she sits down and Ron starts to leave. 


"Harry," he replies and takes Ron's arm and makes him sit down beside him. 


"So mate, you need both of us? What happened then?" Ron asks as he gets comfortable in his seat. 


"Malfoy is up to something," he says without preamble and both his friends groan loudly. 


"Not this again, Harry." 


"It's always that blond git." 


He gives both of them a flat look and sighs, "It's not always Malfoy. But he is up to something, he is all of a sudden this kind and generous. It's like-" 


"It's like he has changed. Because he has, Harry. All of us have. He hasn't been a git since After." Hermione explains, she doesn't need to tell what she meant by After, they all know. 


"This is like sixth year and then that time twenty five years back. Merlin, it's like we all went to the past." Ron says from beside him and Harry swats his arm. 


"He was up to something in sixth year and what do you mean twenty five years back?”


So Ron and Hermione tell him that he had said the same thing almost twenty five years back. Clue number six- or was it five? He doesn't remember. They tell him he had asked the same questions and then suddenly quietened down about it and that had been that. 


Harry needs to talk to Malfoy. And soon at that, but now it's time for his meeting with the Minister and all the heads of the Ministry so maybe later. 


Later comes sooner than he would have liked because Draco Malfoy is standing in front of his office chatting and laughing with Adrian. He seems to be flirting, how dare he? Isn't he married to Harry? Adrian's boss


"Oh hello Harry, Mr. Malfoy had been waiting for you," Adrian greets him as soon as he sees him. 


Malfoy turns around and his gaze is icy cold, and so is his voice, "What did you just call him, Adrian?" 


Adrian looks like he is going to piss himself, "uhmm….Harry?" 


"Well, I don't think the relation between one and their secretary should be that of familiarity, don't you think so, Dickson ?" Malfoy says icily and Adrian nods frantically, somewhat intimidated and flustered. 


"Malfoy, office. Now." Harry marches inside and leans against his desk as Malfoy follows him in. 


"What the fuck are you doing here, Malfoy? And more importantly why are you flirting with my secretary? And what the fuck was that?" Harry questions as soon as Malfoy closes his office door. 


Malfoy for his part looks equal parts shocked and appalled. 


"I came to ask you if you wanted to get your clothes back for the time being? You have started wearing your old rags, you shouldn't do that. People will start to question, so. And for the matter of fact, I wasn't flirting with Adrian. But by the look of it, you might be interested. After all, he calls you by your name and you were so jealous when you saw us talking together." 


"What if I am interested? It's not like I can't be interested in someone, yeah?" Harry counters back even though he knows he shouldn't. 


"Oh, is that so? Have you forgotten that you are married, Harry? For the past twenty or so years? And I might have forgotten to mention this but Adrian knows we are married. And that kid is terrified of me most of the time." Malfoy snickers and arches his eyebrow in challenge. 


"What? He knows? People know then? Why doesn't Ron and Hermione don't then? Who else knows? Malfoy, tell me." Harry asks rapidly. 


"Say the magic word, sweetheart." Malfoy smiles sweetly and Harry is reminded of the Malfoy he actually remembers and not this new Malfoy. 


Harry gives him a flat look. When Malfoy doesn’t budge, he rolls his eyes and says. “Please,” and Malfoy gives him a breath-taking smile.

“Just Adrian and Veronica know. Veronica is your healer, by the way. Adrian knows because you told him off when you saw him flirting with me one day. That evening you told me that Adrian now knows so I won’t feel uncomfortable around him any longer. Veronica knows simply because she caught us. It had been one of your worse attacks and you had just woken up. Anything else?”

“Why are you doing this, Malfoy?” Harry asks directly, if he is getting straight answers from Malfoy for once, maybe he should just continue asking such questions.

“Doing what exactly?”

“This! Being so kind to me and so forthcoming and understanding-“

 “Why did you think I wouldn’t have matured after the War and in all these twenty five years? I really do wonder when you will realise this, Harry but I have changed. I might still be a prat and everything, Harry but I am not cruel. Not anymore, I’m incharge of a whole department in a hospital. Do you think being cruel takes you there? I know you are not my Harry, I don’t even expect you to be but at least try to give the actual arry, the one who is still inside there somewhere, some benefit of doubt, yeah? He deserves that much at least. The Harry I know, always believed in people and gave them second chances and that is why I am in your life. Is it too much to ask for again? Can’t you just give me a second chance like you did all those years ago, just for the sake of repeating history.” Malfoy’s voice cracks at the end but he shakes his head. “Anyways, I didn't come here for a heart to heart, I want to know when or if you will be available and if so then, when shall I expect you.”

“I’ll- I would be there at seven,” Harry replies after a long moment of silence. Draco gives him a curt nod as he turns around, Harry thinks he might have heard a mutter just like always but he can’t be sure. 


“Everything is in that box,” Malfoy says as a way of greeting when Harry arrives at 7:01pm. He points to a box which is sitting on the coffee table of the room. 

“Is that how you greet your husband? How are we still married?” Harry comments as he makes way toward the box, Malfoy tenses his jaw but otherwise remains quiet.

“Why haven’t you shrunk this box?” 

“Because the clothes are already shrunk there. You can’t shrink that anymore, it's not good for the clothes, you absolute dolt.” Malfoy says when Harry takes out his wand to shrink the box himself.

“Seriously, I let you insult me like this? All the time? How are we still married?”

“Well, it’s the amazing sex, duh. What else? You are a slut for my cock, Potter. I’m just generous enough to let you have fun with it.”

 Harry just glares at Malfoy, he feels his cheeks getting red but he ignores that for now. He takes the box and floos back with a firm goodbye Malfoy .


He returns again the next day to barge Malfoy with endless questions, he finds Malfoy sitting in his chair the exact same way as last time, only with more prominently red eyes. 

Why- why are you here, Ha-Potter?" Malfoy asks harshly and yes, this is more like the Malfoy he actually knows.


"Like I said yesterday, we are married and I want to know why I wasn't informed of this when you got the information that my memory has gone and more importantly why no one else knows about it." Harry counters back, he is sick of people withholding vital information from him but not anymore. He wants answers and so he will get them.


Malfoy licks his lips then looks around, before he sighs and sits down on the couch. And gestures for Harry to do the same, Harry eyes Malfoy dubiously before he sits down. 




"So we are married. Have been for the past twenty years, in a relationship for four and half years before that. As for why no one knows," Malfoy sighs again, "I- we just decided to keep things under wraps as we got to know each other and well we grew accustomed to it. Then we started to get busy due to our schedules, we rarely had time for each other let alone our friends. We didn't just want to share the little time we had together with the world, and then it was too late to and we just didn’t." Malfoy looks up at him with desperation. He wants to understand him but he finds it hard. How can he trust him? Why should he? It could be a marriage of convenience for all Harry knows. 


"It is not a marriage of convenience and no I was not reading your mind, I just know you." Malfoy rolls his eyes and shakes his head, as if he should know this. 


"Why did we get married then?" Harry asks, because he really wants to know why his marriage was kept a secret even from his best friends. 


"You- I can't- I don't know, alright? Ask yourself, Potter. You were the one who proposed, you were the one who liked us alone, protected from the world. Not me. And I really cannot deal with this right now, so please leave." Malfoy pinches the bridge between his eyes and squeezes his eyes shut. 


"No, I'm not leaving without answers. I want them and I want them now, Malfoy. Why didn't you inform me? And don’t use that when I would have done that shit again, doesn’t suit you. I want answers, Malfoy and I want them now." Harry snarls at him and stands up, how dare he just ask Harry to leave. Just like that? It's also his house, in case Malfoy forgot that. 


"Then find them yourselves, Potter. I lost three patients today and what I really want is my husband and you are not him.  So get out or shut the fuck up. I don't have it in me to just explain it all away. Alright?" Malfoy yells at him and Harry sees the tears shimmering in Malfoy's eyes. He wants to comfort him but he is afraid of loss of limb. 


“I- I am sorry, it’s just frustrating, you know? Can I sit here for a while? I won’t be a bother, just until you feel better. I am not your husband but I am still Harry?” Harry asks tentatively, he will either be kicked out or maybe Malfoy will let him stay. 


Malfoy just nods his head resignedly and Harry sits down beside him. He rubs his hands over his eyes before running them through his hair, the gesture making a mess of his usually pristine hair. 


They sit for a long time like that, in silence. Malfoy with his hands covering his face before he finally thinks his head on the back of the couch and stays there with his eyes closed. When he actually does open them, he gives Harry a tight smile which doesn’t reach his eyes.


Harry squeezes his hand once before getting up and bidding him goodbye. 


He keeps coming by everyday, he just sits there with Draco- somewhere he had stopped being Malfoy in Harry’s head- in silence, hardly talking. It actually takes two weeks of silence before they actually start talking to one another. 


It starts with the weather then slowly turns into work and then finally when Harry thinks things are getting somewhere Draco breaks.


It’s just another evening, Harry gets there around half seven. They sit and talk. 


Tonight though? 


Draco interrogates him first thing as he floos to the living room.


“Why are you here, Harry? Why are you here every fucking day?” Draco snaps.


That makes Harry’s good mood evaporate instantly, and since Draco Malfoy always made his blood boil with even the slightest things, he snaps right back at Draco, “It’s my house as well, innit?”


In hindsight, telling your spouse that it is your house when you have no memory whatsoever of it, is not a good thing but it’s not like he actually plans these things. 

“Is it, Potter ? Do you remember building this house from scratch again? The months it took, not to mention the effort and love? Because this place is made out of love, every last brick of it. We started on it after you proposed because we wanted a house and not a flat after our marriage. And more specifically you wanted something close to your mum and dad so we remade the Potter’s cottage and you insisted on renaming it to Malter’s cottage because it was going to be our home. But no, you don’t remember a thing. 


Do you see me fussing over it? No. Do you see me spend my days and nights worrying about the fact that I might never get you back? You don’t. Do you see the sleepless nights, Harry? The nightmares? Do you know how fucking difficult it is to see you everyday? To see your husband and see him not recognise you but see him remember the worst version of yourself? You fucking do not, Harry.” Draco practically wails the last sentence before he breaks into sobs. 


Even crying he looks beautiful and graceful, Harry’s brain supplies the traitorous bastard. 


"Draco, I-" Harry starts but Draco interrupts him with a hand. "Whatever it is, save it. And get the fuck out of my house. And don't bother coming back," Draco orders with hot tears in his eyes. 


Harry flees because he doesn't know what else he should do. He runs like he has never before, he takes the floo and once he is home, he walks all over the house. Multiple times before finally stopping due to exhaustion. 


The following week is Draco-less and hence lacks lustre and excitement in Harry's life as well. He can’t even find it in himself to go to Thursday lunch and instead eats a disgusting tuna salad. He regrets quipping at Draco like that, regrets making Draco cry. Does that mean Draco means something to him now? And not just a former enemy turned husband he doesn't remember? Maybe. Probably. What does he know?


Life is excruciatingly dull without Draco to fill in the evenings, he goes to the Ministry, assigns a few cases- Parvati and Lavender are slowly letting him into the work again- and then attends a fuckton of meetings, flanked by his former school mates and roaming around the house. 


He wants to shift to the new place but everytime he actually thinks of doing so, something or the other comes up. He thinks of doing it the first Draco-less Saturday but then on Friday Teddy owls him asking him for lunch on Saturday and who is he to deny that?


He wakes up late, and eats a solitary apple before showering and getting ready to go to The Hopping Pot , one of the recently opened establishments in London. He apprates there at one o’clock on the dot. 


Weirdly enough, he had been looking for the three year old Teddy-bear whom Harry loves and adores, even though some part of his brain was aware that it has been more than two decades and more importantly, a three year old can’t write for shit. 


He recognizes him by his electric blue hair– at least some things never change– and then Teddy waves him over. Harry can’t process what he is seeing, it's a different thing to see Hermione’s new wardrobe or Ron’s beard, because wixen don’t change much. It’s a gradual change which occurs over two centuries. But Teddy, he is grown now, not an infant any longer but an actual man about whom Harry has no clue.  

“Hey Harry '' Teddy waves at him, and Harry belatedly waves back at him- even if it's more of jerky movement than anything else. 


“Hey Teddy-bear!” Harry says as he sits down and looks at him expectantly. It’s hard to replace the picture of a baby Teddy with the person sitting in front of him. He doesn’t remember his godson’s entire life, why is he so reckless in his missions?


“So I heard about your whole accident from Draco,” Harry’s eyes widened slightly at the mention but Teddy doesn’t seem to notice, “ when he last called. Sorry, I couldn’t call before, you know how– well no, but training is giving me a hard time and–”


“Woah wait, what do you mean by training ?” Harry inquires, because he can come to the Draco part of the conversation later as well.  


“Oh yeah, well I am a reserve Chaser for Puddlemere United?” Teddy says sheepishly , as if it's not something to be bloody proud of!


Godric , Teddy! That’s great news, I’m so proud of you” Harry gushes and grins at his son.


“Uh yeah, thanks, I guess. So that’s why I Couldn't meet you before, I tried but the coach didn’t budge and there was no one day around Portkeys available.” 


Harry is too happy to even be slightly pissed at Teddy. His son– godson , he knows but it hadn’t ever felt that way to him. 


The waiter comes in to take their orders and they both order salad, and then Teddy starts asking about how he has been doing and what not, before he asks after Draco.


“How would I know how Malfoy is doing?”


“Oh, I don’t know, Dad, maybe because you see him more than I do and we had a dinner scheduled a few days after your accident. So he must have also been in contact, other than usual Healer duties, that’s why,” Teddy shrugs but Harry has stopped breathing altogether.


 “What did you call me?”


“Wha– oh uh…Dad?” Teddy says hesitantly.


“You call me Dad? But Re–”


“I know about my mother and father, but they– you were the one who has been my Dad, and after the first few times you gave up. I thought I should stick to Harry till you get better, because it might become more confusing otherwise.” Teddy finishes and it aches Harry’s heart to see how mature and grown up his small teddy bear has become. 


“You can still call me Dad if you like, I, er, wouldn’t mind at all,” he gives him a smile and they start talking about Teddy and what not.


Before he knows it, it’s time to leave. Teddy promises to visit again next month and wishes him a full recovery before he comes back.


“You and me both, Teddy bear.” Harry says as he sees Teddy’s figure getting smaller as he makes way to the nearest floo.

The next day,  he is invited to Weasley Sunday dinner- or rather he finally goes to one after missing a couple of them after losing his memories. It's fun, talking to everyone and just being around family. 


"Hey Harry," Charlie greets him when he enters the living room. Nothing has much changed in the last twenty five years, except for the fact that there are loads more of Weasley sprogs now. 


"Hey Charlie, what is up with….life?" Harry asks lamely, he has no idea what anyone is up to nowadays. Hell, he doesn't even know who his husband was. 


"Ah, Haz it's alright. We know that you don't remember. No one is going to be upset that you can’t remember much about them, maybe except for the children so it would probably be in your best interest to stay away from those buggers for the time being, yeah?" Charlie offers and Harry nods his head. 


They talk for a while about Charlie's life in Romania and that he is aroace, hence he doesn't want or have a spouse and how he adores the Dragons. The conversation goes on before Charlie is called by his mother and Ginny joins him. 


"How's my darling?" Ginny asks him as she saunters up to him. 


"Uhm, good?" Harry blushes at the endearment, should she address him like that? What is his relationship with Ginny nowadays? They were awkward but amiable last he saw her but that was more than two decades ago. 


"Oh my God, I can't-" Ginny wheezes out as she doubles over in laughter. "Okay so that was my fault," she slings an arm around his shoulder and slouches beside him. How is everyone taller than him?!


"Want to explain maybe?" Harry suggests and Ginny reluctantly nods her head after making a face. 


"That's how I found out about, you know, him." Ginny says softly and Harry instantly freezes beside him. Surely she doesn't mean-


"I hope you have talked to Draco, else…" she enquires hesitantly. Well that does confirm it. 


"How do you know?" Harry whispers furiously into her ear. 


Ginny rolls her eyes but answers him when he gives her a flat look, "Well, I heard him ask you that question after you landed yourself in the hospital for the fifth time in a month and I went to visit. I knew you guys were dating back then, but I didn’t know you both were married . That conversation is now a core memory." Ginny shakes her head fondly, no wonder remembering the scene.


"Oh, so we were- we were actually in love then?" Harry asks, disbelief evident in his voice. 


"Don't tell me, you didn't think so," Ginny gasps loudly and her eyes widen comically as she looks at him. "Merlin Haz, you were– are stupid in love with Draco. I should really meet up with him. I can't believe you thought even thought-" 


"How am I even supposed to know what to think when he didn’t even tell me so-" 


"Dinner is served, all of you should be here within the next five minutes." Molly's voice booms from the kitchen, interrupting Harry. They both turn towards each other, sigh and make their way towards the table. 


Harry doesn't get to talk to Ginny again that night. 




Harry reckons it's talking to Ginny and finally confirming that he is actually in love with Draco Malfoy or maybe it's the Draco less week but that night Harry dreams of blond hair, tea and soft dainty cakes and laughter.


He dreams of smiling eyes and a soft kiss on the cheek, and holding someone's hand. He wakes up with a start, because that had been a memory. That wasn't just a dream, Harry just instinctively knows this. So he does the thing that immediately comes to his mind which is floo to Malter Cottage at 3 am in the morning. 


When you are explicitly said to not come to a place, you really shouldn't go there again unless invited again. And especially not when it's that late in the night or early in the morning. Whichever. But Harry needs answers. 


The first thing he sees when he enters the living room is Draco on the couch with a soft looking blanket over him. He looks soft and warm like this. But seriously, do they not own a bed? Why is Malfoy always in the living room? 


He stares at him for a long time before he realises that staring at someone-- even if that someone is your husband– when they are sleeping can very much be creepy so he slowly tiptoes to the couch and slides to his knees and slowly pets Draco's hair, in hopes of waking him up. 


"Draco, wake up!" he whispers and after calling him a few more times, Draco jerks awake. 


"Whassit? Oh, hi Hazza," Draco murmurs sleepily and then he softly grabs the back of his neck and pulls Harry in for a very slow and thorough kiss. 


Harry hasn't ever been kissed this way, it feels like coming home after a long day, like the first sip of water in the middle of summer. It feels like home. Just when Harry is starting to kiss back, because how can he not. Draco freezes suddenly, and pulls back. His eyes now focused and bright, sleep vanished. 


"Sorry, I uh I forgot for a moment," Draco reasons and Harry nods his head in understanding, when in actuality he is freaking the fuck out. That had to be the most wonderful kiss of his entire life, he doesn’t think he has ever been kissed like that.


When Harry doesn’t say anything, Draco sighs loudly before asking him, “Harry, why are you here? That too in the middle of the night?”


“I uh… I had a dream about- well I think it was a date. I just had to come here because I don’t know what else I should do. We were in a cafe, I guess. We had tea and cakes, can you tell me about it?” Harry asks desperately. 


Draco briefly closes his eyes before he looks at Harry, something very much like hope evident in his eyes, “That could be one of our many dates, Harry. It probably is the first one since memories usually come back from the first thing one has forgotten to the last one, but you can never know.” 


“Could you tell me about our first date then?”


“Why do you have this sudden interest in my love life, Harry? You certainly didn’t ask anything about it in the weeks you had spent here. Why now?” Draco questions and shit, Draco is quite smart and observant. He would have done well in the Aurors.


“Because I…uh want to know?” It comes out more of a question than a statement. 


“C’mon, Potter. You know better than to lie to my face. I have known you three fourths of your entire life.” Draco scoffs and well, it’s true Harry has never been that good of a liar to begin with.


“I may or may not have talked to someone about our relationship-”

“You what?” Draco screeches and Harry quickly adds, “They already knew about it!”


“Oh so Redhead finally told you. I was wondering when that was going to happen.” Draco says casually as if he hadn’t just withheld information from Harry about a very important fact.


“So what did she tell you then?” Draco continues and seriously, the audacity of this fucker!


“That is none of your business, Malfoy. What is your business is why the fuck haven’t you told me about Ginny knowing about us before? When I specifically asked you who knew?” Harry snarls at him and Malfoy- the git that he is- actually smiles at him. 


"Well, darling, that would have been no fun at all. Besides, you would have just run off to her and asked her a million questions. Questions she doesn't have answers to." Draco explains but Harry distinctly feels he is keeping something back. He doesn't comment on it, it won't do anything.


"If you have quite finished, I would like to know about our date." Harry tells him flatly. 


"And they say the romance is dead," Draco comments before he straightens up and asks Harry to take a seat beside him. 


He tells him in sincere tones about how it had actually started on the day from where Harry's memories have been lost. He had actually woken up to Draco checking on his vitals that day. He still had been a trainee then. He had firstly snapped at him but when he got to know Draco was to stay assigned to him and Harry would be in the hospital for the next several days, he started asking questions. 


There had been a lot of questions and then one night Harry had asked him out. Draco hadn't accepted because you are not allowed to treat a patient who you are in a personal relationship with unless they're your spouse. Harry had come back a week later, and asked him out again. After much persistence, Draco had finally accepted. 


That had been that and then there had been many tea dates or lunch dates, in the muggle world of course. 


"Altho I still do think that the one you dreamt of is our first date together. That had been quite a day," Draco says fondly and Harry desperately wants to share this moment with him but he can't. How much he tries, he just can't. 


"Now, I would like to catch up on my much needed sleep. My shift starts in two hours and a Healer needs all the sleep they can get." Draco tells him and Harry knows that's his cue to leave but he really cannot bring himself to do that. 


"Harry, get out." Draco murmurs without any of the usual venom as he lies down on the couch again. Why isn't he sleeping in their bedroom? Harry is sure they have one. Everyone has a bedroom, everyone who has a house that is. He frowns at Draco who looks half asleep already, before he shakes his head. He doesn’t want to know, not if he can help it. 


It takes a few more minutes before Harry finally leaves the house. 


He arrives again next evening- this time on a more reasonable hour- and asks Draco about his favourite ice cream.


“Why is that important?” Draco frowns at him, eyebrows scrunched up in confusion and Harry presents him with a smile. 


“Just wanna know,” Harry replies and Draco rolls his eyes before he says, “Earl Grey and Lavender but occasionally Salted Caramel Blondie as well.”


The next evening, Harry appears with a tub of Salted Caramel Blondie. He would have bought the Earl Grey one but one taste of that thing and he had enough to last him three lifetimes, and he actually wants to share a tub with Draco and not gag on it. Although he won’t be much averse to gag on Dr- nope, he is not going there. Even if the kiss that other night had been wonderful. Na nope. 


 “Any special occasion for bringing over ice cream?” Draco asks him as he shows him what he had gotten for Draco. 


Harry shrugs casually and summons two spoons and offers one spoon to Draco and they both share the tub while Draco tells him about how Ginny found out about them. 


“I brought Draco with me,” Luna says as a way of explanation as they sit down. Luna beside Ginny and Draco beside him, who feels warm and welcoming beside. “Hope that’s not a problem?”


When both of them shake their head, she smiles at them and continues, “Well great! I thought today would be a great day for a double date!”


All three of them turn to stare at her in unison and Luna looks around in alarm before looking back and forth between Harry and Draco, “Was I not supposed to know? I thought it was quite obvious, the nargles are non existent around you both and the twainy wrankles are all over them for ages now.” 


Ginny gapes at Harry from across the table while Harry and Draco look at Luna with identical expressions of disbelief and shock. 


“Harry! Is that true?” Ginny exclaims as last and he shares a look with his beloved who nods resignedly at him. They don’t have much of a choice as is, the cat is out of the bag and there is no denying it now, so they might as well come clean. 


“Uh…yeah it is. We- me and Draco that is- have been together for about twelve years now…” Harry replies sheepishly, he is sure going to be hexed for keeping a secret this long. One which is about him and Drcao Malfoy together and he hasn’t even told her about his marriage.


Thankfully, that doesn’t happen. Instead Ginny looks heartbroken before her expression morphs into one of anger, “Harry James Potter, are you shitting me right now? You are in a relationship with someone for more than a decade- we will come to the fact that it’s Malfoy later- and you don’t even have the courtesy to tell me? When I told you about me and Luna within a week. I thought we were better friends than that, Harry” 


She then turns her venom eyes towards Draco for a hot moment before it softens and she sighs, “I guess it’s of no use telling you to keep him happy and all that bullshit any longer since you must have been doing so for more than a decade now.” 


“You might as well give one, Weasley. If that will soothe your soul, but it would just waste all our precious time.” Draco replies back and that had been that. 


“And that’s how Ginerva got to know about us,” Draco finishes his tale and Harry goes off with his questions.


Are Ginny and Luna still together? Yes.


Since when? About fifteen years. 


So Luna knows as well? She does know but they aren’t still sure how. 


Do they do double dates anymore? Yes, at least once a month is mandatory.


How did Ginny react to them being married? When was she told? Stinging hex. After that he had been squashed in a hug,because he had been in an accident after all.


What did Draco want for their anniversary? “That isn’t even related to the story!”


“Yes, I know that but it is in ten days and I want to get you something,” Harry reasons but Draco gives him a sad smile and caresses his face gently in his hands and says, “Just get better, darling. And that would be enough.” 


He says it so softly that Harry almost cannot notice the anguish and hurt behind it. Almost. But he has been reading Draco Malfoy for almost half his life (keeping in mind that he is mentally still twenty one) and he reads him pretty well. 


“Well, I would like three dozen chocolates of all sorts and if that breaks the fifty grand rule then it's your problem,” Harry says airily in an attempt to lighten the atmosphere and it does. Draco chuckles softly and murmurs fondly “Whatever Harry Potter wants, he gets,” 


“I would also like to know what type of Indian food you are partial to,” 


“So you can bring me some tomorrow?” Harry nods, “Are you trying to bribe me with food?” Harry nods again, “You little shit. Bring me some spicy vindaloo tomorrow and I might be persuaded  to tell you some stories,” Draco tells him with narrowed eyes, the effect is void due to his smiling lips.


“What if I get butter chicken and naan as well? Would that seal the deal?” Harry asks and Draco shakes his head at him, “It just might.” 


After that, Harry is more or less shoved out of his house to go to his old house but he is grinning like a loon and he thinks he understands why his other self actually fell in love with the bloke. Draco isn’t the Draco Malfoy he sees outside. Oh no, the Draco at their shared home and the prat he saw the day he woke up and entirely different beings. And Harry is okay- more than- to have this Draco all to himself. 


As he gets ready for bed, he thinks about how much he actually is looking forward to the next evening to arrive. He falls asleep with a smile on his face and he dreams.


As the week goes by, Harry gets tit bits of memories in form of dreams, hiking trips o lazing by the beach, even one at a Muggle fair and Draco tells him about them and goes on, every day Harry is there with food or just with the demand that he should be told about one thing or the other. They sit together for hours, eating and talking or ordering takeaway and just being. 


Until their anniversary comes.


Harry wakes up to an owl tapping on his bedroom window, insistently. He lets it in and unties a package tied to his leg. It's a small box and tied to it is a note, written in expensive parchment and in a familiar script. 



Happy 20th. 

In better or in worse.

In hopes of better,



Harry wants to curse himself for doing this to them. He wants to cry. Wants to sob but it won't bring back those memories. But that’s all he wants. Shaking his head, he looks at the box, it says TAP ME and nothing else so he taps it. Nothing happens for a few seconds then it dawns on him. Dumbass. 


He taps it with his wand and the box enlarges considerably. He opens it to find it filled with similar looking boxes and there appears to be almost twenty of them. He won’t-


But of course it is Draco Malfoy, so he did. When he taps one of the boxes and that expands into a huge box which reveals, if he is not mistaken three dozens of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. He rapidly starts opening all the boxes and yes, every chocolate he knows is there in each box, three dozens of them each. There are even some chocolates he hasn't ever heard of, much more surprisingly there are Muggle chocolates as well. The ones he had only ever seen Dudley eating and always envisioned to eat but never gotten up to it. 


As he sits in the heaps of chocolates, his mind reeling, he thinks maybe he knows why the other Harry loves Draco Malfoy so much, probably more than life. 


All throughout the day, he thinks of what to get his husband. He doesn't really know what he likes or what he needs, for the matter of fact. So he does the next best thing, he cooks him dinner. 


He takes the afternoon off, not that he was being useful anyway, and goes grocery shopping. He buys whatever catches his fancy and the more vital items needed for basic cooking. He takes out the part of his brain which stores all the Draco Malfoy information from the seven years he had watched him (not that he ever kept it away.)


 He makes Yorkshire pudding, raspberry scones and even some crumpets. He even bakes a lemon cake, because the git likes it more than anything else. He thinks about getting some wine but he hasn't got a faintest idea as to what he should buy so he leaves it be. Draco and other Harry must have something to go with the food. 


He still has an hour before his usual time. He shrugs and floos to the Malter cottage, with all the food and the cake, anyway. It's a feat but he manages not to stumble as he gets through. 


As he enters the kitchen, he realises he hasn’t actually seen the house. Every time he has come here, he is either sitting with Draco in the living room or seldom venturing into the kitchen for food stuff, but that’s all. 


So he decides on a house tour. At first he feels somewhat intrusive, it's not really his home after all. Just in name and that doesn’t mean shit. He still makes his way through the corridor to the front door. It has a coat hanger and a shoe cupboard, full of loafers and trainers. The coat hanger has a solitary outer robe hung on it, it looks like it has been collecting dust for a while now. The hall otherwise looks speck and span, not how he would have imagined his house but he lives with Draco Malfoy so…


He moves back in the direction of the kitchen, this time noticing the lamps all along the corridor, dimly lit and then there are a couple of doors before the last one which leads to the living room. Harry never even thought of opening these doors before but now he is really curious. He opens the first one to find it completely trashed. 


Harry doesn’t think he has ever seen an even messier room and he had gone to Grimmauld after Fletcher had trashed it. The room looks like someone was searching for something or maybe it had been robbed. But if it had been Draco or other him, couldn't they just Accio whatever it was? And the house couldn’t have been robbed because Harry had long since felt the wards and they are strong . He looks around the room, various papers strewn all over, some even torn. There were several shards of stained glass as well as a few pieces of clothing. It might be a storage of sorts, before being trashed. Harry hurriedly closes the door, he doesn’t even want to think about what had happened there. 


The next door opens up to be what Harry thinks of a guest room. Everything is done up nicely enough but it just doesn’t feel like the master bedroom and it is a bit too small for it as well. He closes that door and makes way upstairs. 


The first room blows away his mind. 


The room is filled with pictures. The wall parallel to the door and the wall parallel to a huge window is almost full of them. Each one comprises the two of them, smiling into the camera. They smile at the camera then at each other and then make faces at each other. The adoration, the love evident. This is what he had craved for, this is what he had yearned for a long time. Something he might have finally found, he shakes his head. Now is not the time for that. 


There's a small table beside the window, a pen and a small cardboard box on the top of it. He crosses the room and peers into the box, he finds more photos inside, from yet another adventure of theirs. This time at some beach, by the look of it. He moves closer to the wall of photos, there are some of him or Draco alone, some of just scenery even, most of them with a short note on the edge. 


He finds one at the bottom of the first wall with happy 1st year! Its them on a couch in some unknown flat. Both of them grinning at the camera, there’s some cake smeared on other Harry’s right cheek and Harry sees Dracio’s hand peeking from behind, cream on his fingertips. Harry smiles at the mischief of the moment. He finds numerous more like that, of them on their anniversaries. On their 5th, they got married. The photo says Finally hitched! Happy 5th <3


Harry carefully inspects each and every photo in the room. Slowly moving through the hundreds of them, of their twenty five years together. They look happy, content and Harry deeply yearns for that life back. He knows he can’t just will it back but he tries nevertheless. There are even some pictures of him with Rose, and even Teddy. Surprisingly, or maybe not, there are some of Draco and Teddy as well and one of the three of them together. Harry gazes at that for a long time, what had it all been like? He shakes his head and after some time leaves the room. 


The next one is their bedroom, Harry just knows it by the first look. What halts him on the threshold is the misty, unused smell it has. He frowns at the smell, how can their bedroom be unused? Draco must sleep her- but no, as Harry thinks back of the first few times he had been over, and then after that dream. Harry had always found Draco in the living room, in his chair or on the couch. Would that mean that Draco actually hasn’t been here since Harry forgot? That was more than two months ago…


His attention is grabbed by the huge frame hung directly behind the bed. It’s of them in some meadow, Harry can’t remember seeing it in the photos, they are sitting diagonally to each other, their legs facing opposite directions while they look at each other. The meadow is full of wildflowers, sun filtering through their profiles, making Draco look like an ethereal being. It's a muggle photograph captured at the exact second when Harry tucks a stray lock of hair behind Draco’s ears. They have soft smiles on their faces and a look which goes beyond love, beyond adoration. Beyond all that Harry has ever known, the faces exhibit expressions still foreign to him.


He can’t dwell on that, he just can’t. Not right now. So he promptly shuts the door, noting mentally to ask Draco about his sleeping arrangements. He tries to block that image of them but it's near impossible, as he opens the next door and gasps loudly. 


He thinks he must have stepped into a quidditch shop because he hasn’t ever seen so many brooms anywhere else. All the broomsticks, encased in glass, are on display and Harry’s hand itches to touch and caress each one. He looks back at the various shelves, there are different snitches covering one whole shelf; some gloves and headgear on the one below it and beside them there’s a huge scoreboard. By the look of which, Harry is losing. He spends even more time admiring the broomsticks. He is vexed that he can’t actually open any of the cases for whatever reason. He leaves the room and goes to the second last room of the house. He opens the door and immediately closes it, it's a library. Harry does not want to voluntarily go inside one ever in his life so he goes for the last room. 


It's almost bare, except for it’s wallpaper. Enchanted wallpaper. Ones he had seen in the kids room in the Burrow. 




This is supposed to be a nursery. For-


“Harry, what are you-” Draco halts when he finds  what Harry is looking at. 


Harry looks at him with wide eyes and gestures at the room, “This…this was-”


Draco moves forward and scoops Harry in his arms and keeps him securely there, for moments, minutes, hours- Harry doesn’t know. 


“I am so sorry-” Harry starts but Draco shushes him. He looks down at him in that sad, soft way of his and Harry remembers the photos in the room, in their bedroom. Then he is again hit with the thought that he was going to have a family; they were going to be a family and he had…


“We were finally going to tell everyone, because a child, they would want for their uncles and aunts and nieces and nephews and everyone else. We were going to tell Ron and Hermione first, then Teddy because he is your son and then my friends then our respective families.” Draco says bleakley and Harry’s heart breaks. He understands, if not to the full extent but he does, what Draco had to go through. Not just losing his husband but also saying goodbye to the idea of a child, for who knows how long. 


“I’m sorry,” Harry says again and Draco hugs him tighter before slowly releasing him. He squeezes his hand and gives him another sad smile. 


“So dinner?” Draco asks, and Harry gives him a bright smile, “Oh, I made you dinner. I didn’t know what to get you so…” Harry shrugs and Draco beams at him. 


“You  made dinner?” Draco clarifies again, Harry nods his assent and Draco gives him a million galleon smile and gives him a hug again. 


“Thank you,” he says with such sincerity that Harry suspects that he knows. Draco knows about his childhood –well they are life partners afterall, and he knows that Harry doesn’t cook food for just anyone. Not anymore. 


Afterwards, full of food, Harry asks Draco to take a picture together. 


“So you went through the whole house then?” Draco asks cautiously, not looking up at him. 


“Yeah I did. Why do we have so many pictures together? More so, they mark our anniversaries.” Harry asks curiously, he thinks he knows the reason. 


Draco gets up to clear the dishes, he takes Harry’s plate and piles it on his own then caresses his face and says, “Because you never had them growing up, so we play catch up.” 


He gives him the sad smile again, he has been getting an awful lot of them lately. He gets up and helps Draco clean up. Before both of them move to the couch, Harry produces a couple of chocolate frogs.


“So you liked your gift then?”


“Oh, I absolutely loved it. I don’t think I have ever seen so many chocolates together in my life before, unless you count the chocolate shops. I had at least one of each before coming over, they are delicious .” Harry grins at Draco and Draco gives him a small smile, “I’m glad then.”


There’s a moment between them, and Harry knows they are going to kiss. He wants it to happen, wants to taste Draco again after that first time. He slowly leans towards him, so does Draco. The moment’s suspended between them, their lips not even an inch apart. He feels Draco’s hot breath ghosting over his own. He looks down at Draco’s lips, then into his eyes and Draco is staring back at him. His gaze was intense and hungry. Harry sucks in whatever air is between them then both of them are moving towards each other. 


Lips meeting, breaths mingling and it's the same heavenly feeling again. The one he had been missing for the past few weeks. Draco tastes like chocolate and a strange combination of something Harry doesn’t recognize but he remembers from the last time. It’s something Draco and Harry keep chasing that taste again and again. He presses his tongue urgently against Draco’s lips and is immediately granted entry. He tentatively pushes his tongue inside before Draco’s lips are there, sucking him in, welcoming him back home and he gladly goes in. He slowly explores his mouth, taking time to acquaint himself with all corners, before slowly receding and granting Draco entry inside his mouth. And Merlin and Morgana both, if he isn’t thorough. More thorough than he had been the last time and Harry yearns for more. He even chases the lips as they part away from his, making Draco chuckle softly. He pecks him softly before parting away again.


He smiles up at him, content yet yearning for so much more, and murmurs, “I think I’m falling for you.”


His eyes widen in shock at his own words, he means them. He knows that but saying them outloud- 


“Don’t worry, I’ll be here waiting to catch you, no matter what.” Draco replies and before Harry can comment how cheesy that had sounded, his head starts pounding loudly and makes him take a step back. 


He takes in Draco’s panicked expression, he sees him reaching for Harry, he can distantly hear his name being called as well. He can’t comprehend any of it, as his vision starts to black out and suddenly he hears a thud against the floor and then everything goes blank. 



He wakes up quietly in the hospital bed. He summons his glasses and dones them on, only to find his husband sleeping with his head on Harry’s bed. He smiles softly at the familiar image of him. 


He caresses Draco’s blonde hair softly and Draco jerks away. Harry gives him a sheepish smile, sorry for making his man go through the torment yet again. 


“Sorry, love. Didn’t mean to wake you,” Harry tells him and Draco looks at him with wide eyes, like he has seen a boggart. 


“What happened this t-” ime? He gasps loudly as the memories of the last few months come back. Him losing his memory, going on with life, finding out, interrogating Draco, the questions, the torment he made Draco go through, then their anniversary, everything. 


“Oh, love ! I am so sorry,” he sobs out because he is, how could he do that to his Draco?!


Draco just rushes forward and flings himself at Harry who readily welcomes an armful of his husband. He squeezes him tightly against him. What he can’t express through his words, he expresses through the hug. 


“Thank you for putting up with me.” Harry whispers against Draco’s neck, who pulls back and looks into his eyes and says,


“You’re worth it, Harry.”