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Izuku finished wrapping the girl’s wrist, before he was prodding it gently and smiling at her.

“Looks like it’s going to be a bit sore for a few days, but just make sure to keep weight off of it while it heals.  You’re lucky it wasn’t a fracture.”

She gave him a nod and a wave before she was hopping off of the examination bed and leaving Izuku to clean up the mess. It wasn’t much really, just tearing off the paper and then wiping before replacing it with new paper, but the work was calming, enough to settle his mind after seeing injuries.

It kinda sucks having a healing quirk but also being deathly afraid of blood and other wounds.  Izuku’s been getting better at it, he no longer faints at the sight of blood like he would have at the start of his first year at UA and since he started second year, Recovery Girl has allowed him to sit in in several surgeries at the nearby hospital, not too many, but enough that Izuku can soak up the information and use it if an emergency will require.

It hasn’t yet and Recovery Girl did tell him that it’d be years down the line before something like that happened.  But that was besides the point.  If Izuku had the sight, and the knowledge, he could usually recreate what was going on.

The door opened again and Izuku turned around to greet whoever was entering, oh it was just Recovery Girl, cane surprisingly silent on the floor. She must have just gotten it tuned by one of the Support students.  She made her way to the desk and sat down, before she was swiveling the chair around to face him, her normally cheery face serious.

“I’m leaving tonight, so you won’t need to come in for your after school lessons.”

Izuku tilted his head and pushed his glasses up his nose. “Will Arata-san be here? Maybe I could shado–”

“She will be accompanying me as well. Izuku, take a few days off.” Recovery Girl smiled at him and swiveled in her chair. “You need a break, always running around trying to know more.”

Izuku felt his face flush red and he ducked his head to the side, pulling at his scrubs. “I just want to be ready when the rest of the class becomes heroes.”

“And I know this.  Your quirk is a gift, but you must remember to rest both parts of it.  The healing and the muscle memory may have set you up to fast track to a skilled medic, but you still have the skills of a basic CNA or paramedic.” She reached into her pocket and pulled out an unopened bag of gummy worms.  “You were meant for greatness and heroics Izuku, but remember that even crabapples need time to ripen.”

“Crabapples are poisonous.” Izuku blurted out and Recovery Girl just laughed and tossed the bag of candy at him.

“Go get changed and head back to the dorms sonny. I’ll see you next week.”

Izuku didn’t manage to catch the bag of gummy worms, but he did offer her a smile as he walked out, signing off of the clipboard on the wall.

Another hour, another step closer to becoming a doctor, a real hero just like everyone else.

Midoriya Izuku-

DOB: 15/07 (Currently age 16)

Height: 165cm

Hair Color: Green

Eye Color: Green

Quirk Manifestation Date: 30/09 (age 7)

Quirk: Miracle Medic- Quirk allows user to see medical procedures performed and then replicate them nearly perfectly through muscle memory and practice. Quirk also allows user to transfer their own stockpiled energy to injured persons via skin to skin contact.  This transfer of stockpiled energy works like something akin to Recovery Girl’s, as in it allows the receiver to heal at an accelerated rate. Differences include that the transfer does not drain the energy of the receiver. Energy transfer cannot regrow organs/limbs that wouldn’t be able to regenerate naturally. 

Two days later, Izuku is sitting under a tree with Uraraka and Iida, study guides and textbooks abandoned in a pile as they lay back on the grass and stare at the impossibly clear sky.

Recovery Girl wasn’t the only hero staff member gone for the next week, it was almost odd, only Cementoss and a retired hero were on campus, along with All Might of course, but even the man himself had been scarce. Much like Izuku’s free period and after school classes, heroics had been canceled and any other subject that was taught by a hero had a sub.  It was odd, odd that Aizawa-sensei was gone too, but Izuku really didn’t think much of it.  Probably just some big conference or something like that.  Either way, no one else seemed to be worried about it, so he wasn’t.

“That cloud looks kinda like when Kaminari sneezes.” Uraraka said, pointing and Izuku followed her finger, letting out a quiet laugh when he saw the cloud.  Iida had also laughed, but it quickly fell back to silence.

It was peaceful.

And then Izuku’s phone went off, cheerily blasting the tune of one of All Might cartoons that was discontinued a few years back. (although Izuku would still argue to this day that it was the best Saturday morning cartoon.  He’d even caught Shouji watching it once.)

He sat up and fumbled for the device, noting that the number was unknown.  Uraraka and Iida had also sat up and they watched as Izuku answered it.

“Hello? This is Midoriya, how can I help?”  Izuku said and there was a sound on the other side, maybe someone was in a car?

“Midoriya Izuku?”
“That’s the name.” Izuku shot a look at Iida, who looked confused at why he’d answered the name question twice.

“Pack a bag and come to the front gates, Recovery Girl decided to have you come on an impromptu work study.”  The voice on the other end sounded official, but after one kidnapping scare back in his first year, Izuku wasn’t ready to write it off so quickly.

“Really? What’s her Hero ID then?”

The voice rattled off the numbers, and well, that was right and it was the code that Recovery Girl had given him, so Izuku thanked the voice, confirmed that he’d be out in about fifteen minutes and then hung up.

“Who was that?” Uraraka asked as Izuku began to gather his things and get up.  He shrugged and offered her a gloved hand, which she took with a smile.

“Apparently I got approved for a quick work study.  Which is weird since you know, it’s almost the weekend end and she’ll be back tomorrow for classes.” Izuku explained as they started to walk back to the dorms, arms full of papers and books. “I don’t know why she’d call me out so late but the phone voice did give me all the right information for things like this.”

“Well, I am glad that you have gotten an extra work opportunity like this.” Iida interjected, hands chopping. “You were complaining earlier about being bored.”

They got to the doors, parted ways and Izuku ran up to his room, quickly changing from his normal clothing into scrubs, adding a jacket for outer protection before he was grabbing his quick night bag.

Recovery Girl had drilled into him the importance of having a bag that you could just pick up and go with. Just something with a change of civilian clothing, some toiletries, his copied first aid notes and a random fantasy book one of his classmates had shoved in as a joke. Recovery Girl’s reasoning for the bag was that as a healer, especially a hero one, you’d never know when you’d be called out suddenly and need to drop everything to go heal someone important.

Izuku swung the backpack on and left the dorms without too much of a goodbye, just a yell to those who were in the commons area and Kacchan in the kitchen.

He’d be back tomorrow.

Izuku wasn’t going to be back for a while.  He realized that when he saw that there was an armored car outside of UA, but when he tried to backtrack into the building, the doors on the back of the van swung open and a whole team of people in what reminded him of riot gear stepped out. 

Izuku got in the van.  When he sat, there was a taller person on each side, almost boxing him in and no one said anything until the doors were shut and they’d already been moving for a half hour.  The first person to speak was a rather severe looking woman, who’s blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail that he could just hear the migraine coming from.

Apparently there was a war happening and that’s why all the teachers were gone. Izuku had been given exactly one minute to sit in silent shock before he was given the news that they were low on medics and had to call on the reserves of healers that weren’t supposed to be there.

Izuku had asked where Recovery Girl was, was he going to be joining her as a field medic, or would he be working with someone else he’d talked to when he’d done internships and work studies?

"I’m sorry, but you won’t be seeing Recovery Girl."

He asked why.

He got an answer.

Izuku didn’t even get to cry before they were rolling to a stop and the doors were being flung open.  There was a bunch of cars, the air thick with heat and ash, with decay.

Recovery Girl’s medic station was closest to the fighting.  It was a half mile walk to get there and Izuku couldn’t remember any of it.

“I’m Azumi.”  The woman stuck out her hand but Izuku didn’t shake it, he could see how badly she was shaking, eyes tightened with pain. “I’m here to help you Midoriya-san.”

“Izuku.” He corrected before she could ask. He glanced at the wire that she was holding, how it went from cot to cot, how the injured people were also holding onto it, or at least touching it, some asleep, most staring at the top of the tent with glassy eyes. “What are you doing?”
“My quirk lets me disable pain receptors via electricity.  The wire is conducting it since we ran out of medication for pain hours ago.” Azumi explained in quick tones, her breathing labored more than it should be for such a simple quirk. There had to be a drawback of sorts.

“It’s hurting you.” Izuku had said simply.  All he got was a nod.  He pulled off his glove and reached out for a second, taping her cheek.  His quirk flowed from him to her, giving the smallest boost of energy he could afford. Azumi’s breathing steadied for a moment.

“Thank you Izuku.”

There was the sound of screaming, getting closer and Izuku closed his eyes for one last second of peace.  Maybe this was just a nightmare, a silly dream he could wake up from.

Maybe no one was dead.

The screaming got louder.  Izuku sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes again, nodding determinedly at the other healer.

“Where’s my workstation and did Chiyo leave me notes?”

Aizawa Shouta was dead on his feet.  Not literally thank god, but the most recent wave of fighting had ended, after a grueling seven hours taking down villain after villain, trying to gain ground to where the League and Liberation Front were camped out.  It was nearly four in the afternoon, and as he trudged back to where he could rest, he vaguely wondered where Hizashi was.

His husband had started the morning with him, they’d ran in together, but got separated somewhere along the way, a Nomu being a bigger priority than keeping together.  Shouta’s current goal was to get water, and then start checking the medics stations, there were only five, so it’d be quick work to confirm who was out of commission and who had gone down.

Not for the first time in the past five days did he look up and thank whoever was out there that his students and the younger classes weren’t here. Everyone over eighteen and in third year had been given a choice to fight and Shouta had watched in muted pain yesterday when a dead third year had been pulled out of a tent, already wrapped in a shroud to be placed with the other heroes and soldiers that had died.  He’d taught Hanaki, he’d been powerful with a quirk that allowed him to extend root systems in a way that was amazing for capture, but the boy had taken a brutal thrashing from a Nomu and even the healers could only do so much.

Especially with the loss of Recovery Girl Sunday morning.  The woman had stubbornly refused to stop giving care to the swell of injuries coming in, and when she’d attempted to heal Mount Lady, she’d succumbed to quirk exhaustion and left them down one of their aces.

Shouta made it to a station where a medic was handing out water and doing quick body scans to check for internal bleeding.  They gave Shouta a water with a grim look, eyes glowing a faint pink before they were clearing him a seven.  Unneeding of medical attention, but advised to rest for the next wave.  He thanked them and then set off back to Recovery Girl’s old tent.  There were still healers working out of there, and Shouta knew that it would probably be the first place Hizashi would be if he was injured, due to it being closest to the fighting. Heroes could get treated there and then moved further in once they were stable.

Shouta entered the med tent, scanning over the rows of full cots, how there were heroes and soldiers alike there, a wire stringing between them even if there weren’t currently any healers in the tent. It was cold- colder than he would have thought for a tent at the edge of a battlefield but Shouta just made his way through it, scanning for Hizashi.

 He wasn’t here, and the curtain at the back was opened a bit so Shouta glanced through, at the empty operating table that was used for emergency procedures, the curled up body leaning against hastily set up cabinets. 

Wait a minute. 

“Midoriya?” Shouta whispered and the body lifted their head. Midoriya was wrapped in a shock blanket, glasses tilted askew and green curls wilted with sweat and grease as the teen blearily blinked at him.

 “Sensei? Are you hurt?”  Midoriya whispered back, voice completely groggy and shot.

Shouta was, but that was beside the point since his injuries weren’t serious, he’d already been cleared by one of Endeavor’s medics back at the water station, why on Earth was his student fussing over him? Midoriya stood up and wobbled forward, leaning against the operation table as he shed the shock blanket to reveal medical scrubs that were splattered with blood. 

“What are you doing here?” Shouta walked forward and closed the curtain behind him. “You’re supposed to be at UA.” 

Supposed to be with the rest of class 2-A because they were still children. Supposed to be back and not here, because everyone had agreed that it was far too early to introduce an entire war to literal minors.

Midoriya blinked at him, clearly confused. “Recovery Girl’s gone and they..” a deep shuddering breath of exhaustion, “..needed someone with a quirk like hers.”

 “How long have you been here?” 

Midoriya glanced around, looking for a clock. When he saw the cheap one hanging on the cabinet and he sighed again. “It’s Wednesday? Forty three hours on my feet if it is. I got here Sunday I think.”

  Oh god no . Shouta reached out, careful to avoid making contact with Midoriya’s skin. “Have you been using your quirk this whole time? You’re going to work yourself to death kid.” 

“No, no. Did a.. field amputation too a bit ago.. Nejire-Chan lost an arm, it was too mangled for me to fix, I’m sorry.” Midoriya tugged on the edge of his scrubs and closed his eyes for a moment. “And there’s a bit of a lull, I was just tryin to get a nap before I do another round of healing out there.”

Shouta shook his head. “No. Absolutely not.”

Midoriya didn’t even try to fight him, just closed his eyes, a few tears leaking out. “Okay Sensei.”

“It’s not because you’re in trouble.” Shouta tacked on before Midoriya could get the wrong idea. “It’s because you shouldn’t have been brought here.”  Especially not after Recovery Girl’s death, whoever had brought the healer here was going to pay, Midoriya barely had his healer’s provisional license. He was not qualified in any way for front lines work.  

And forty three hours on his feet? Working himself to the bone?  Most surgeons didn’t take longer than fourteen hours and that was for major operations, the kinds where everything went wrong. Not to mention, they were likely standing in one place, while Midoriya had probably been moving from the main area to his procedural room.

“Midoriya, you need to wrap yourself back in that blanket okay?” Shouta moved around the side of the operation table and picked the blanket off the ground, wrapping it around the shaking teenager.  Midoriya clung to the fabric like a lifeline and his eyes fluttered shut again under his glasses.

“M’tired.” He murmured and Shouta gently lifted his student up, cradling him against his chest. “Will everyone be okay?”

“Yes.” Shouta walked out of the room, out to the main area.  Those who were conscious and able to sit up were silently watching as Shouta took the young healer away.

Shouta made it to the edge of the tent.  Midoriya’s head lulled against his shoulder.

There was a single clap behind them. Shouta paused and turned to see that they were all staring and in the back, Rock Lock with a wrapped chest and head was clapping slowly.  Two more people joined, only three claps from five people in a room of adults.

“Thank you Midoriya Izuku.”  A soldier spoke from the center, her voice slow and melodic. “Rest easy and know you saved us.”

Shouta ignored the way that his eyes dripped and he gave her a nod. “He will.  Rest easy.”

He turned, still holding Midoriya, and left the tent.

After that, running into Hizashi was easy, but they were going in different directions, Hizashi to go eat, Shouta to go chew out the council that was spearheading this war effort.  His husband did leave Midoriya with a gentle pat to his forehead, a slight brush of bruised fingers over the green hair.  The student had stirred at the touch, face twisted in something unreadable, but he’d settled by the time that Shouta got to the tent where all the planning was going down.  

He gave a quick nod to Nezu before he was sitting at the table, Midoriya in his lap, still wrapped up in the shock blanket.  Poor kid probably was in shock with how long he’d been going, had he even been given a moment to process what had happened to his mentor? Or had he just been thrust into the battle without time to grieve.  Shouta remembered his own losses, they had wiped him out for hours after and Midoriya had seen Recovery Girl almost as a parental unit of sorts, that had to have been a blow to the gut.

“Why is a child here.” Shouta said slowly and the few that hadn’t noticed him when he came in and boldly sat at the table stopped talking.  There was a moment of painful silence and then Nezu was getting on the table, no trace of cheer on his face.

“I too am wondering how you managed to sneak a child here, especially after we put to a vote and decided that Midoriya Izuku should not be brought into the war.”

Murmurs of disease.

“We needed his quirk to preserve human life.” A burly man with walrus tusks spoke up. “With all due respect Nezu–”

“Not taken.”

The walrus man ignored it and continued. “Midoriya’s quirk and medical knowledge was invaluable these past hours.”

Shouta pushed down a hiss. “He’s been here for four days you bastard.  Not mere hours.”

“I also thought that Midoriya was a hail mary move.” Someone said daintily, raising a blue hand, their face sent in hard lines. “Mori-san agreed with Nezu and I and yet the child is still here, and clearly overworked.”

A woman with a sleek ponytail stood and shook her head, pressing a palm to the table.

“We needed him here, so I retrieved him.  Midoriya agreed and came willingly.”

“How much did he know? Was he aware he was walking into a medical nightmare?” The blue person shot back and the walrus man looked away.

This was taking too long. Shouta didn’t care who the hell supported this, he needed to get the healer out of here now , and before he became another Recovery Girl by using his quirk until he dropped dead from losing any of the stockpiled energy he had.

Shouta wrapped the blanket more securely around Midoriya before he was glaring at the panel of strategists.

 "I'm taking him back to UA. He's been running a longer shift than any of the other medics here and he needs sleep and food before you start forcing him to perform amputations on a battlefront again." He shot another glare when a woman tried to speak up. "Midoriya isn't even qualified to be doing surgery without supervision in a stable and sterile setting- supervision that he doesn't have since his mentor died from quirk exhaustion." 

Midoriya, mercifully, did not wake up from his sleep, even when Shouta's voice rose a bit, shaking with anger. 

"Eraserhead, our resources are exhausted and we need you here in case the Liberation Front tries an ambush." 

Shouta sighed and flipped off the protesting woman. "And this sixteen year old has been on a shift for longer than Endeavor. He needs someone he knows to take him off of here. You guys can last two hours without me, not to mention that the Liberation is undoubtedly exhausted as well."

 "Fine. Be quick." She relented at last.

 "Thank you." Shouta stood and scooped Midoriya up. "I'll be back."

“You broke a bone?!?”  Recovery Girl was prodding at his leg and Izuku felt an odd feeling down in there, as if she was pushing his shin back into place.  Probably was.

“Yeah. Kirishima-kun accidentally kicked me while he was all rocky.” Izuku laughed out sheepishly and he got a sharp look in response.

“So reckless, you kids will give me a heart attack one of these days.”

Izuku shrugged.  “Then I’ll get to wear the white coat?”

She smiled and swatted his uninjured leg. “Don’t be so excited to have me die boy, I still have years left in me.  And you don’t get a white coat until I think you’re ready.”

“Alright alright, fair enough Chiyo-sensei.” Izuku smiled and lay back as she went back to putting his bones back together.

Izuku woke up with tears on his face and his head in Yaoyorozu’s lap.  Most of his body was on other people, his torso was in Jirou’s and his legs were in Kacchan and Ojirou’s laps as well.  

“Midoriya-kun.” Yaoyorozu said softly, it sounded like she’d been crying and Izuku reached up to wipe at her face, but his hand stopped, tangled in a blanket that smelt of blood and death.


“Chiyo-sensei…” Izuku murmured and the people below him stiffened. “She’s not dead right?”

A hand on his knee, warmth, probably Kacchan.

“Nerd, you’ve been asleep for eighteen hours, we need to get some food in to you okay?”

Izuku choked on tears and nodded, wanting to melt into sobbing as a gentle hand began to run through his crusty hair.  Kacchan lifted his legs and moved out from under him, walking away and only then did Izuku realize that his glasses were missing.

“Glasses?”  He asked and a moment later, the familiar frames were sliding onto his face and a straw was being placed in his mouth.  He drank the water greedily, thankful for it, his throat was already feeling better and when Kacchan got back, he was carefully helped up into a sitting position, a bowl held in his shaking hands as he spooned curry into his mouth.

It was nice of Kacchan to not give him chopsticks. Izuku didn’t think he could keep his hands steady enough to properly hold them.  One of Jirou’s earjacks was resting deceptively gentle on his neck, right next to a pulse point and Izuku let it stay, he must’ve worried the hell out of the class, disappearing and somehow..

How did he get back?  Last he remembered… he’d been scooping someone’s acid-covered eye out with gloves on, apologizing as he did it without any painkillers for them because there just weren’t any.

“How did I get back?” He asked after a bite.

“Aizawa-sensei.” Ojirou said quietly.  “He carried you in last night around ten pm and we’ve been monitoring you in shifts since.”

“Did he…”

“He told us about the fighting and where you came from.” Jirou’s earjack shuddered and he felt her wrap her arms around his waist, almost as if she was assuring herself he was still there.  “Apparently the League has been demolished nearly and the fighting is expected to be done by Saturday.”

“Oh..” Izuku stared down at his bowl. “Okay.”

“Midoriya-kun, are you alright?” Yaoyorozu asked and Izuku shrugged.

“I need to shower.  I think.  I smell like blood, it’s itching me, I want it off..” His breathing picked up as the memories started to bubble up and there were sweaty hands taking the bowl away, something soft replacing it.  Izuku pulled at the softness gently, vaguely aware that the ceramic bowl had probably been taken away before he could break it and hurt himself.  At least Ojirou’s tail was soft and grounding, the sensation of sticky blood fading even though he could still smell it.

“Do you want help getting clean?” Kacchan asked and Izuku nodded miserably.

“Okay, that’s okay.” Kacchan said, and his hand landed on Izuku’s shoulder, smoothing down the scrubs. “Me and Tail will help you okay?  You don’t have to be alone for this.  You can grieve.”

Izuku burst into tears again at the kindness.

“I don’t understand my classmates.” Izuku swung his legs and Chiyo-sensei didn’t turn around.  Izuku took this as an opportunity to continue and he kept swinging his legs even though he should be sitting at his desk next to Recovery Girl’s, rather than on the examination table.

“They’re all so nice to me.  Even 1-B. I don’t think I’ve ever been hugged this much in my life.”

She turned around and tutted. “Of course they care for you Midoriya, you’re their healer.”

“That’s the only reason?”

“No, but it is a part of it.  People like us… our quirks only give, and we can’t take.  Having someone who’s quirk is just as selfless as them, they’d kill for you if it was needed.”

Izuku mulled this over, turning her words over in his head. “I like having people care about me as much as I care for them.”

The teachers were back by Saturday.  The infirmary remained closed and there was a memorial held for the heroes that died in the fighting, for the soldiers that had gone in even though they knew that they weren’t allowed to use quirks.

Seven third years had died.  Izuku left cherry blossoms at their memorials.  He recognized one of them, they’d been a student who could make people dizzy with a look.  They had arrived in the tent with their vocal cords ripped out.

Izuku hadn’t been able to save them in time.

He left roses at a few, UA had been lucky to not lose any of their teacher heroes, just Recovery Girl, and she was labeled as part of the administrative staff.  Her memorial was the last in the row and although Izuku had been with most of the class when they’d stopped at each one, here they broke away to let Izuku stand alone with a bouquet of chrysanthemums. Chiyo-sensei said they were her favorite flower and Izuku didn’t know why, he should have asked her at some point.

He knelt and placed them at the base of the memorial, not bothering to stand as he stared at the other flowers there, riots of color and bright.  The ribbons that were fluttering in the breeze and tied to every surface that was possible.  Izuku reached out and took one, turning it to read the words there.

My Hero.   Penned in child’s handwriting.

Healers aren’t often called heroes, no, even when Recovery Girl had the title as the youthful heroine, not many had acknowledged that, simply because it didn’t seem like she was one according to conventional standards.  But she’d saved whoever this child was.  Izuku ran his fingers over the satin of the ribbon and then untied it, stuffing it into his pocket.

His hand hit something metal. Izuku pulled a key out of his pocket.

He could.. He could go into her office, into their office, how had he forgotten?  Izuku stood and walked from the memorial, practically wandering to the infirmary, the door to the area was open, but their office was shut and locked still and the key slid home with a shiver of familiarity and Izuku slowly pushed the door open to the dark office, only turning on half the lights as he shut the door behind him.

Going through the drawers yielded the normal stuff he was used to, but when Izuku opened the cabinet above her computer, he was met with a wrapped package, his name and hero name written on in Chiyo-sensei’s neat and small handwriting.

For Midoriya Izuku- The Recovery Hero: Asclepius

Izuku pulled it out and moved back to the examination table, climbing on with the package in his lap.  There was a letter tapped to the top and he opened it, already feeling his throat close up.


You earned this.  I know that I left with little warning and to something that you have no idea about, but I know that whether or not I do return or not, you’ve progressed in leaps and bounds as a trainee and healer. No matter where you go now, or whatever you do, do it with passion and purpose. 

And stop breaking your bones in training, I’m not always around to kiss it better.  I care for you deeply and thank you for letting me pass my wisdom on to you as a student.  Anything I may have not taught you yet is stored in the notebooks in the safe that is in the closet, you already know the code. 

The world of hero healers is small, but I am glad that you joined it.


Izuku ripped away the wrapping and then stared in shock at what was revealed.  A few tears traced down his nose and hit the fabric, making it slightly see through to the next layer of folded material.  

He stood up and slid on the white coat.

Straightened his shoulders and tilted his head up.

It was a perfect fit, of course it was, just a bit loose enough that Izuku could wear his hero costume under it if push came to shove.

Yeah, he wasn’t okay.  Probably wouldn’t be for a long while, and UA would need to adapt to not having their main healer here, student injuries would take longer to heal and Izuku could only take so long to stockpile energy to give.  He needed time himself to recover from the shit he’d seen, from the four days of hell he spent trying to pull people from the brink of death and war.

No, Izuku wasn’t okay yet.

But he’d figure it out.