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So I'll Stay Here As Long As I Can

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"Can I have this dance?" 

Kara holds her hand out tentatively toward Lena. She watches the way the brunette's eyes widen in confusion, only to be quickly replaced by recognition for what it is. There's a sudden uptick in Lena's heartbeat, her lips parting slightly as her gaze lowers to Kara's outstretched hand.

"There's no music," is the reply. And Lena's right, the music ended over an hour ago along with the reception. James had taken Esme home so she could rest after the wedding, the young girl already starting to nap after Alex and Kelly flew off for their honeymoon. Nia and Brainy left shortly afterward, leaving only J’onn, Winn, and just a few stragglers left, one by one slowly leaving to go back home. 

But Lena's words aren't a denial of the request because pretty soon, warm fingers intertwine with Kara's and the other hand finds its way to rest on her shoulder. Kara places her free hand lightly on Lena's waist and she can hear the way the brunette's heart beats even faster.

If anyone could hear Kara's heart, they would know her's is beating just as fast.

They begin to slowly sway back and forth, Kara taking the lead. Their position is a little awkward, somewhere between a waltz and what you would find at a high school dance, but Kara doesn't mind. The light from the setting sun is shining on Lena perfectly, her body surrounded by a soft glow that might just be the most beautiful thing Kara has ever seen. Lena's eyes are trained on her and she finds that she can't ignore her thoughts any longer.

Before she knows it, she's speaking.

"When I first came to Earth and learned about these powers, I never thought I'd be able to hold someone again." It's a confession of sorts. Thoughts and feelings that only Alex has ever heard outright.  "Everyone always seemed so fragile and I was so afraid that I would hurt them with just one wrong move."

Lena doesn't comment, but Kara finds comfort in the way her face softens at those words.

"I've never told anyone else before, but I used to make Alex practice dancing with me. She hated it," she continues with a quiet laugh. "To be fair, I may have broken a few toes."

That gets a chuckle out of Lena and Kara soaks in the melodious sound. 

"If it's worth anything, you may just be the best dance partner I've ever had," Lena smiles back. And yes, it means everything to her, Kara realizes. To be able to hold Lena close to her again, to move in this delicate rhythm they've set together without fear. It means almost too much for words to describe. “You won’t ever hurt me.” 

Kara gently moves to rest her forehead against Lena's, eyes closed, as they continue to sway for what feels like hours.

"No, not again,” Kara whispers. “I can't imagine a life without you, not after knowing what it means to lose you.” There’s a light squeeze to her hand in response. 

After all the secrets, all the lies, she wants Lena to know all of her. To share everything she's wanted to since the very beginning without any barriers. She takes a deep breath, fingers still intertwined as her heartbeat matches Lena's now-steady pace when she asks the question she’s been holding on to.

"Can I tell you about Kara Zor-El?"

“I’d love that.”