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My husband is an insatiable bunny

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“Aaaah...aaah, yes… more…. AaaAaah!”

Dalong savored the sweet noises floating out of his husband’s mouth as he fucked him ceaselessly. He was taking his cock so well that night (like every other), getting fucked so many times but always ready for another round, his libido seemingly endless. Gazi really was a good representative of the rabbit clan in all aspects, sex drive included.

Dalong pulled Gazi’s soft, long ears and felt him tighten around him.

“Aaaaah.. Yes… more… more… Dalong…”

Dalong kept pulling at Gazi’s ears as he sped up the thrusts of his cock.


“Gazi… you’re taking me so well… Come for me, my sweet bunny...”

Gazi’s asshole visibly twitched at the endearment.

Dalong wasn’t the type to call his husband cute names most of the time, but he loved doing it during sex, as Gazi was visibly really enjoying it. This time was no exception.

“Dalooong...” Gazi pleaded.

Dalong bit the nape of his neck and only needed to give him a couple more deep thrusts before Gazi came hard.

Dalong emitted a guttural grunt at the sensation, and a few seconds later, he spilled semen inside of Gazi, earning him more pleased noises from his husband.

Their pants echoed in the bedroom. Almost as soon as Dalong removed his cock from his husband, Gazi tackled him into a hug, making both of them fall flat onto the bed.

“Dalong… Dalong…” Gazi gasped desperately.

Gazi still looked touch-starved, rubbing himself against his husband while kissing him senseless.

Dalong, still recovering from his own orgasm, wondered if he could survive another round, his husband visibly still not satisfied.

He really married the horniest bunny. Dalong chuckled at the thought, which earned him a pout and a little slap on the shoulder from his husband.

“Please focus, honey. I’m not done with you yet.”

Dalong kissed his husband to make amends and appease those cute pouting lips.

“Ahah, I’ve gathered that much,” Dalong said with a soft laugh. “I have less energy than you, though… I don’t know if I can get back to it right away.”

“If you can’t get it up, I guess it’s time for me to fuck you,” Gazi replied with a smug face.

At this, Dalong’s eyes moved down to his husband’s crotch, and as expected, the horny bunny was already getting hard again. Cats were known to have good sexual stamina, but rabbits were really on another level, or maybe Dalong just got himself a particularly energetic one.

Dalong kissed his husband on the cheek.

“Do as you please.”

Gazi didn’t need to be told twice.

Dalong was lying on his back, and Gazi positioned himself between his open legs. Yunlong appreciated the view, this angle emphasizing the fullness of Gazi’s chest. The rabbit prince’s milky skin was covered by red marks made by Dalong, showing how much they had made love already that night.

But Dalong didn’t get to enjoy that sight for too long, as Gazi bent down to kiss him.

Gazi’s kisses were hot with lust and desire, his tongue penetrating Dalong’s mouth and ravishing him incessantly. Gazi’s hands were all over Dalong’s body, making his skin on fire.

Dalong felt his tail wiggling incessantly under the stimulation. Gazi noticed it and caressed the long fluffy cat tail with a smirk.

“Aaaah… Gaziii… Aaaah...”

Dalong’s tail was extremely sensitive, and Gazi knew exactly the right way to stroke it. He kept kissing Dalong while playing with his tail, driving his cat husband insane with pleasure.

“Ga… aaaAaaahhh…” Dalong let out a surprised cry when Gazi suddenly pulled on his tail, causing him the most delicious kind of pain.

Gazi used his free hand to gently wipe away the tears gathering at the side of Dalong’s eyes.

“Do you like it when I pull on your tail like that?”

“I do! Do you want me to spell it out every time you do it?”

If anyone but Gazi were to touch Dalong’s tail, they’d be clawed in a second, but the rabbit prince had special husband privileges, and he was very pleased about it.

“I want to be sure this is good for my dear husband,” Ayunga replied right before pulling Dalong’s tail again, multiple times.

Dalong couldn’t control the movements of his body under the sweet pulling of his tail and the kisses given by his husband. This was so good, Dalong might really be able to get hard again very soon at this rate.

Somewhere along the way, Gazi lubed his fingers and started fingering Dalong while still pulling on his tail, eliciting an endless wave of moans and pants from him. Dalong wasn’t sure how his body still had enough energy to bear all this stimuli. He was reduced to a puddle of need and pleasure, and his cock somehow really found a way to get semi-hard again.

“Dalong, you keep telling me I’m a horny bunny, but who is the horniest of us, really?” Ayunga said teasingly before removing his fingers from Dalong’s ass.

“Whose fault is it?”

“I guess we are a perfect match,” Gazi said fondly.

Gazi didn’t waste any more time entering Dalong with his lubed-up cock, which was already leaking with precome. The rabbit prince spread his husband’s legs with both of his hands, finally giving his tormented tail a short respite. It didn’t last long, as he started pulling on the cat tail again as soon as he started fucking his husband, matching the rhythm of his pulling to his thrusts.

“Aaaaaaaah…. mmmmmmh… aaaah…”

Dalong meowed and hissed incessantly, overwhelmed by the sharp pleasure. The sweet contractions of Dalong around Gazi’s cock as he thrust caused him to come hard while emitting a low growl.

When Gazi removed his softening cock from Dalong’s ass, the cat prince was finally hard again.

His brain was overcome with lust, and he started fucking his own asshole with his tail to try to reach for his own release.

Dalong looked absolutely debauched, thrusting his tail in his ass while panting and moaning helplessly, completely forgetting about Gazi’s presence

As sexy as this image was, Gazi’s instinct made him want to be the one to make his husband reach his orgasm. He pulled Dalong’s tail out of his hole, leaving it gaping open, hungry for contact.

Dalong emitted a dissatisfied noise.

“Gazi… please… I need to be fucked… I need to come…”

“You’re so shameless, Dalong… and I love that about you,” Gazi said before giving him a chaste kiss on the forehead. “Please trust me, I’ll fuck you again very soon.”

Dalong nodded obediently, even if his unfocused eyes betrayed how painfully hard he was and how much he needed to come.

Gazi brought his cock toward Dalong’s mouth. The cat prince understood immediately what his husband had in mind, and he started sucking him in earnest, distracting himself slightly from thinking about his own painful cock.

Dalong licked Gazi’s dick carefully, not missing any part of if. Gazi moaned at the sensation, and soon enough his cock started to get hard again. Dalong innerly thanked Gazi’s superior bunny genes. Gazi fucked Dalong’s mouth a few times until his cock was brought into full hardness. Dalong loved having his mouth fucked like that and feeling his husband grow bigger in it, but right now he really wanted to take Gazi’s dick in his ass, so he emitted a satisfed gasp when Gazi finally removed his dick from his mouth.

Gazi positioned himself to penetrate Dalong’s ass again, not bothering to lube himself up again, Dalong's ass still full of come and lube and his own cock coated with saliva.

“Aaaah… finally…”

They both moaned when Gazi’s cock entered Dalong’s ass.

Gazi started thrusting his dick immediately, fucking his husband energetically, as if they hadn’t had many rounds of sex already.

“Yeees… yes… Gazi… more…”

“Aaahh… yes… Da-... Aaaaaaah…”

Gazi suddenly shrieked as he felt Dalong’s tail enter his ass.

“Dalong? What are you….?”

“Just keep fucking me,” Dalong replied, his eyes full of tears caused by the overwhelming pleasure he was feeling.

Gazi kept thrusting his cock inside of Dalong’s ass while his own ass was fucked by Dalong’s nimble tail.

“Aaaah… aaah…”

Gazi could only emit incoherent noises under this double attack.

Dalong was also moaning and gasping incessantly. Suddenly he pulled on Gazi’s fluffy rabbit tail with his fingers, finally getting his sweet revenge from earlier.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah,” Gazi cried in pleasure, his mouth wide open, displaying his cute bunny front teeth as he came desperately.

“Dalong, Dalong, Dalong!”

“Gazi, Gazi, Gazi!”

Dalong came right after, not really sure how he had it in him to ejaculate and not just come dry. His semen covered both of their already sweat-covered stomachs.

They both fell listless in each other’s arms, panting hard.

“Daloong… this was… amazing.”

“Aaah… yes..”

They cuddled in bed, licking each other’s face and kissing listlessly, ready to sleep.

Or so Dalong thought…

His eyes were already closed when Gazi suddenly said:

“Dalong… I have a request…”

Dalong sighed… he really couldn’t go for another round this time.

“Can you put your tail in my ass once again? I want to sleep with you inside of me.”

Yunlong opened his eyes and chuckled.

“You really are such a perverted little bunny!”

But Dalong didn’t deny his request and inserted the tip of his tail in Gazi.

“Thank you, Dalong!”

Gazi huddled himself against Dalong and the cat prince closed his eyes again. Dalong pretended not to notice how his husband was rubbing himself against him and tightening his ass cheeks around his tail as he fell asleep.

He guessed his husband could have his fun as long as he could get his rest.