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At last.

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Being at work was definitely draining to say the least. The people, your coworkers, and just everything in general was draining. So you were very happy to be home and away from all the people and noise; and to be with Druig finally. As you walked into the front door you were immediately greeted with a giant bear hug-he wrapped his arms around your waist- and a sweet kiss. “At last, your finally home. I’ve missed you my love.” Druig finally says after he pulled away from the kiss, burying his face into your neck and placing soft kisses on the smooth skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck,”I missed you too. A lot.” You spoke as you let your right hand travel into his soft brown hair, running your fingers through it. Druig looked up from your neck and gave you a small smirk “Well I sure hope you’d miss me, I am the best after all.” Rolling your eyes at his teasing you pulled yourself away from his embrace-much to your dislike- and started peeling your coat and sweater off. You could feel his eyes on you with every move you made, “You like the view?” You questioned him and watched as he eagerly nodded his head. “Very much so.” He replied, a big smile adorning his face. Even after these few years his smile still made your heart beat inside your chest, and butterflies fly in your stomach. I mean how could you not, he was perfect(literally). “Well darling, what do you say about a movie session and some cuddling?” Druig offered as you had finished getting your stuff off. Your eyebrows furrowed, “Is that an actual question?” “Yes.” “Well it’s a stupid one, because obviously I do.” And thats what led to where you two were now, on the couch cuddled up; Druig with his back against the couch and you with your back pressed against his chest. His left arm dropped over your waist and the other playing with your hair. And a movie in the background that neither of you were paying attention to. You felt content, at peace. Like it was the just the two of you alone in the universe, without a care in the world. “Druig?” You called as you twisted your head to see his face, “Yes my love?” “I love you. More than anything in the whole universe.” You spoke softly, your voice just barely loud enough for him to hear. “I love you too, more than you could ever imagine my dear.” He replied as he leaned in to connect your lips to his, the kiss was gentle but full of emotion, full of love. At last, you no longer felt drained when you where with him. He was the solution to all your problems.