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Trust me, my Love

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Eren wandered in behind her mom, emerald eyes to the floor. She took care in making sure she didn’t step on her dress. Eren was dressed in a cream coloured, lacy ball gown, making her tan skin stand out even more. She had always known she was the prettiest maiden in the land. This observation was not made out of vanity, but it was made clear with the unwanted attention she seemed to grasp and her mother’s constant reminders of how men wanted her.

Unfortunately, Eren had never reciprocated any love she received. She believed she was broken, not understanding why she couldn’t be like any of the girls that spoke excitedly of the men that fancied them. She had never found them attractive and she just believed that her standards were extremely high.

As Eren finally lifted her head, her eyes were pulled towards the colour of piercing silver, the gaze cutting right through her soul. She felt her heart pump louder in her ears, her breaths coming out in shorter puffs.

The narrowed eyes belonged to a striking, dark-haired woman with pale skin and thin lips. Her red velvet gown contrasted her alabaster skin, making it almost look white. Eren felt her eyes widen as she took in the beauty of this woman. Something about her drew Eren in, making her completely forget why she was here in the first place.

The ball she was attending, was in fact, for the Prince to find a wife. She couldn’t be distracted by someone else, no matter how beautiful they were. She had to make her mom proud, no matter how much she did not want this.

As they continued on, the Prince’s arrival was announced, the crowd separating to allow him to walk through to the front.

As he addressed the room, Eren could feel eyes on the back of her neck. Taking a quick peek over her shoulder, she briefly saw silver, before glancing forward again. Eren continued to zone out, not caring enough to listen to the Prince’s words. She only broke out of her trance when she heard clapping, quickly joining in so as to not be seen as disrespectful to the royal family.

As the crowd broke apart and people started mingling with one another, Eren’s mother gently tapped her shoulder in parting to go speak with others. Eren stood still, unsure of what to do with herself. All she could think of was those silver eyes and that velvet dress. She then felt a presence behind her, slowly turning around to meet the dark-haired woman from earlier.

“Hello there.”

Eren’s eyes widened, the woman’s voice was velvet-smooth and husky. Eren felt her heart flutter. Eren, realizing she hadn’t answered yet, was quick to stutter out a greeting.

“I just couldn’t help but notice that you don’t look that particularly interested in being here.”

“Oh, well my mother wants me to be married, so she brought me here to meet the prince obviously, but I don’t want to be here. I have no interest in this man, and my mother’s persuasion will not work on me tonight. How about you? You simply look bored out of your mind.”

“I see…Well, I am simply here to keep up appearances. My uncle is well aware of my disinterest, but he prefers if I just show up as to not tarnish his name, it is the least I can do. And now, I am not bored anymore, since I am speaking with a beautiful maiden who has yet to tell me her name.”

Eren blushed hard. This stunning woman not only started a conversation with her, but was also complimenting her in a way a man would. Eren felt her heart stutter as she felt hot all over.

Completely caught off guard, she let out a flustered, “My name is Eren Jaeger, and what might your name be?”

“Mine is Levi Ackerman. It is a pleasure to meet you, my Love.”

Eren was trying to understand what was going on. She had never spoken with a woman like this before. It was always men and she never enjoyed it, but there was something about the woman in front of her that sparked a whole new feeling in Eren’s chest. It ached with how it felt, something she had never experienced before.

Levi had noticed Eren’s silence and flushed cheeks. She glanced around the ballroom to see everyone was completely occupied. No one had their attention on them, making it so Levi could easily slip out with the beautiful woman she had just met and no one would see a thing.

“Would you like to go somewhere private? I saw a greenhouse in the gardens on my way in and I think we can hide from everyone there? What do you say, Love?”

Eren wanted to go with Levi, and she knew her mother would be furious but her desire to know this woman more overtook the need to please her mother. What her mother didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her, right?

“I think that would be lovely.”

Levi placed her hand on Eren’s back and began to guide her towards the doors.

“Let’s go then.”

They walked out into the garden, basking in the moonlight. Levi guided her around the garden. They spoke about their childhoods, their greatest and worst memories, what their dreams were and who they wanted to be. Eren felt a weird connection with Levi as if she had known the woman for her entire life.

Levi started pulling Eren towards the beautiful greenhouse that sat on the other side of the garden. Levi wanted them out of prying eyes. She knew that she wanted Eren, but wasn’t sure of how Eren felt, so she wanted a quiet place where she could ask Eren.

Eren thought the greenhouse was beautiful and followed Levi into it. Levi closed the door behind them and swiftly walked up to Eren. Eren was stunned by how close Levi was, the woman standing right in front of her. Levi picked up Eren’s hand and held it close to her chest.

“Eren, I brought you in here because I wanted to ask you something without others hearing. I understand if you are apprehensive about it and if you don’t want anything to do with me. I just think you are gorgeous and I can’t get you out of my head. I am extremely attracted to you and I am not sure how you feel about that. I just hope you will give me a chance to show what I can provide for you.”

Eren was unsure. She had never considered the possibility of her attraction to women. It had not crossed her mind as it was forbidden. She had grown up with the knowledge of it not being accepted. Women were expected to marry a man and bear children, forcing her to never think outside of the box. If she were to do this, her mother would surely kill her for shaming their family.

Levi could see the uncertainty in Eren’s eyes. She knew all too well as to what Eren was feeling.

“I promise no one will find out, we share the same secret. And if they do find out, I promise to protect you.”

Eren looked back at the palace nervously. Swiftly bringing her eyes back to meet Levi’s.

“Trust me, my Love. I promise all will go well.”

Eren gazed into Levi’s eyes thinking of the consequences that might come from her actions. Eren had a heavy desire for Levi but was hesitant about showing it. Would Levi really protect her if things went awry? Eren knew that deep down she needed this. To disobey her mother’s wishes for once in her life.

“Okay, I trust you.”

Levi brought Eren in close, keeping eye contact to reassure her that everything will be fine. She leant in close and kissed Eren gently. Her arms moved until they were wrapped around Eren’s waist, keeping her locked to Levi’s body.

Eren melted as soon as Levi kissed her, all her worries dissipating. There was no fluttering of the heart, no racing pulse. None of that, just calm. Serene. Eren had never felt so relaxed and comfortable before. Levi brought that out in her, and it felt just right.

Levi started peppering kisses down Eren’s jaw and neck while her hands fell lower down Eren’s body, feeling her waist and settling her hands on her hips. Levi’s lips ghosted along Eren’s ear, nibbling on her earlobe.

“May I?”

Eren nodded, giving the go-ahead out of pure excitement. The forbidden act only made their time more valuable, bringing wetness to her lower area.

Levi slowly sank to her knees, lifting Eren’s skirts. Her hot breath hit her sensitive clit, forcing a gasp from her lips as a full-body shudder came over her. Gentle fingers delicately traced her slit, the soft touches bringing a fluttering sensation to her belly.

Levi admired the beautiful cunt Eren owned, perfectly glistening for her eyes only. Moving Forward, she lapped at the engorged nub, watching as Eren squirmed. Moans slipped through her mouth as Levi smiled, continuing to lick. She leaned forward to lick more aggressively, exploring with her fingers even more by sinking a digit into Eren’s hole. Slowly thrusting her finger, she felt the walls of the warm vagina clench around her.

Eren had her hands over her mouth to stop the lewd noises escaping, Levi’s tongue flicking at her clit, leaving a euphoric sensation inside of her. Breathing heavily, Eren placed her hands on Levi’s head pulling at the soft locks to ground herself. Levi grasped at Eren’s soft thighs, almost as if to pull herself closer.

Eren’s legs were shaking with pleasure. She had never felt anything like this before, never having even touched herself before, she was always told it was sinful. She had heard from the other women in her town of what their husbands did with them, but they had never described what Levi was doing to her right now.

Eren felt her lower belly tightening and her hips began bucking as if chasing something. Levi pressed down on Eren’s stomach and the feeling amplified tenfold. Eren chanted Levi’s name over and over under her breath as if begging for her to give Eren something.

Feeling herself edging closer and closer, Eren felt as if she were falling. Levi kept going, indulging in Eren’s warm pussy. Eren slowly felt her body slip away from her as her soul came crashing down, her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her body went stiff, hands still clutching Levi’s hair in a tight grip. She felt like a free-falling bird in the sky, a daze coming over her. It was truly an out of body experience, her thighs trembling uncontrollably as her clit twitched and throbbed.

Falling to her knees, Eren came face to face with Levi. She stared into those grey orbs as she gasped and panted for breath.

Eren leant in, kissing her softly as if she was thanking the woman, tasting herself on Levi’s tongue. She started leaning back, guiding Levi to follow her. Eren had no clue what she was doing, mostly just following what her gut told her.

She pulled her legs open and sat Levi in between them. Levi’s clothed pussy sat against Eren’s glistening cunt as she gently rocked her hips back and forth, Levi joined her hip movements, going slow and gentle, she leant down and sweetly kissed her, their cunts rocking against one another.

Bodies moved in sync with tender touches and gentle rocking, they enjoyed the intimacy of being close, their body heat intermingling as they breathed each other in.

Eren’s eyes were glazed over with emotion. She felt sad, almost like she knew they would most likely never meet again. Her mother wouldn’t allow this, never in a million years. Eren would be stuck marrying a man she will never love and bearing children for him and she hated the thought of it.

Eren’s eyes stung as the tears fell over the edge. Levi knew why, but she didn’t question anything, just gently dried her tears and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

They both shuddered as they came, pressing their foreheads against each other, enjoying what could be their first and last moment together.

Afterwards, they cleaned each other up as best as they could, choosing to sit next to each other, just to feel each other’s warmth.

“Eren! Where are you?”

Eren lifted her head off Levi’s shoulder, eyes wide with fear as she scrambled against Levi to get up. Levi grabbed her by the shoulders to calm her.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, calm down. She won’t know.”

Eren took a deep breath to calm herself and sat down again.

“Levi, I will probably never see you again. Tonight was special because it opened my eyes to who I am. It made me realise why I never had an interest in all those men my mom introduced me to. I don’t think I will ever experience a feeling like this, especially if I am to marry the Prince.”

Levi hushed Eren and brought her close, running her fingers through Eren’s hair and holding her dearly while admiring her features.

“It will be okay, my Love. I promise. This won’t be the last you see of me, that I can guarantee.”

Levi reached behind her neck and unclasped the locket that hung there. She brought it forward and placed it around Eren’s throat.

“I am giving you this, not only as a reminder but as a promise to retrieve you and the locket one day. You see, this locket was my mother’s, and she gave it to me before she passed away when I was a young girl. You keep it safe for me. Okay, Love?”

Eren’s eyes welled up with tears as she lurched forward to hug Levi. Squeezing her tightly, she tried to savour the feeling as much as possible.

“I promise Levi. I promise with all my heart.”

Eren leant back to give Levi one last kiss. It was soft and tender, a gentle goodbye.

“Until we meet again.”

Eren rose to her feet and dusted herself off. Turning on her heel with a bittersweet smile, she walked out to meet her mother.

“Until we meet again, my Love.”