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Praise the Sun (and pass the titanium axe)

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You are a kitten in a catnip forest.

You begin to cut wood. You'll never stop cutting wood. There is never enough wood. There can never be enough fucking wood. If you cut down whole forests, and make beams, and then make scaffolds of the beams there will never be enough wood. There is never enough fucking wood. The only thing you need more than wood is fucking titanium.

One day when you are chopping wood a zebra comes along carrying a basket of fresh titanium. You smile at it nicely and offer it gold, and slabs, and all the catpower in the land in return for the titanium.

The zebra hates you for no reason and gives you nothing.

The fucking zebra hates you for no fucking reason!

Fuck the fucking zebras.

You decide that you've had enough of this zebriachy.

So you go to the fields where your legions of unicorns are contentedly grazing and making more unicorns and you promise to give them all the furs and spices they desire if they will help free you from the tyranny of the fucking zebras.

Happy at your plan you go back to your catnip forest and begin to chop wood again (because there is never enough fucking wood). You wait for the unicorns to force the zebras to eat their fucking vegetables give you the titanium.

So the next time the zebras come in their ships they take all the fucking unicorns with them. Back to the land of endless titanium.

You were screwed over by a bunch of fucking zebras and unicorns.

You are a kitten in a massively overcrowded city. You have 27 observatories, 15 libraries, 54 aqueducts, 45 coal mines, 18 smelters and 27 tradeposts. You have discovered writing, and chemistry, navigation and astronomy, physics and biology. You have your own religion (Praise the Sun!). You have temples, and mints, and mountains of coal. But no fucking titanium. And now, no unicorns.

Fuck the zebras.

~ End

Winter (warm) Year 2139 . BLS 99%.

......Oh, wait. Are those zombies????? And they only cost two million scaffolds. Damn it - I need a titanium axe. Come back zebras. I love you.

Sad kitten.