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Just Between Us

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(Finally I'm alone.) Sanha thought to himself, he made his way to the bed and opened his phone.

His phone had pictures of Bin shirtless. Sanha knew it was wrong to keep photos of his own friend like this. But seeing his hyung's well defined body, it turned him on.

Sanha pulled his pyjamas and underwear downwards, his dick was already hard and leaking precum. He's been holding it in for hours and now he can finally take care of it.

Sanha started playing with his dick in one hand while scrolling through his phone in the other.

Pictures of Bin swimming, working out, cropped pictures of his chest and arms. Every inch of him was beautiful to Sanha.

(If only I could have you right now.) Sanha wished to himself.

"Hey Sanha I forgot do you know where I-" Bin stopped, he could hear his dongsaeng.

(It can't be.) Bin couldn't believe what he was hearing, he leaned in on the door.

"Fuck Bin you're so good." He could hear Sanha moan.

Bin was in shock, he wanted to give Sanha privacy. But he couldn't stop himself from eavesdropping, hearing Sanha moan out his name like that. It turned him on.

Bin started holding the growing bulge in his pants.

(I'm about to do something stupid. Im sorry Sanha.) Bin quietly opened the door.

But Sanha was too occupied to care, he was jacking himself off with both hands and his eyes were closed.

He was masturbating to his own imagination. Thinking about all the dirty things he wants to do to Bin. His phone was at his side and it was open, showing a pic of Bin lifting weights.

(Should I . . .) Bin paused, he didn't know what to do. He slowly made his way towards Sanha and moved closer.

"Hey." Bin spoke.

Sanha opened his eyes. His eyes widened and he was in shock. He could see his hyung on top of him.

"What are you doing here." Sanha was in denial, he felt like he was hallucinating no way is Bin in front of him right now.

"What are you doing here?!" Sanha moved back and his face was flushed. He was caught red-handed.

“Okay first of all your masturbating in MY bed, in MY room.” Bin spoke, his words cut through Sanha, he was too needy to care earlier but now he's digging his own grave.

He has no idea how to get himself out of this one.

Sanha’s heart was beating fast and his face felt hot, the seconds felt like an eternity and the clock's ticking sounded significantly louder than usual

Bin laughed. Sanha was confused . . He thought Bin was going to scold or punish him.

“Ah, no wonder why you’ve been wanting privacy all day.” Bin teased his dongsaeng endlessly.

"You won't tell the others about this right?" Sanha gulped after speaking.

“No worries, I won’t tell anyone that I caught you jacking off.” Bin started to speak.

"I won't tell anyone you were jacking off to pics of me either." Sanha hoisted himself to sit and leaned on the headboard of the bed.

(Oh God.) Sanha was terrified.

"Im sorry." Sanha mustered all his courage to apologise.

"Don't worry about it." Sanha felt a wave of calm after hearing Bin's answer, he knew he could trust his hyung not to make things worse.

"But I'll keep quiet if you do me a favor."

Sanha gulped. He could barely look at his hyung directly. What could he possibly want?

“You jack me off too.”

“HUH?!??!” Sanha could barely process anything going on.

“Look you’re not the only one with a problem okay?” Bin raised the shirt he was wearing to reveal he had an erection too, forming a tent in his grey sweatpants.

“I’ll get you off and you do me. It’s that simple.”

“Oh . . . Okay.”

Bin took a closer look at Sanha’s dick. He held it with one hand and lightly pressed his index finger at the opening. Upon lifting the finger a string of his dongsaeng's precum formed.

Bin noticed Sanha was scared.

“Hey, everything's going to be fine.” Bin placed his other hand on Sanha’s shoulder.

Sanha breathed in deeply. He was so sensitive to his hyung’s touch.

"But what if you snitch on me."

"I won't." Bin reassured Sanha.

"Okay but isn't it kind of . . You know . . For us to jack each other off." Sanha wanted Bin to keep going but he can't help but think that there's some sort of catch.

“Don’t overthink it too much, we’re just . . . Bros helping each other out.” Bin tried to keep his dongsaeng calm. He could feel his hips twitch and jerk slightly with each touch.

"And by the looks of it, I've been helping you out for a while now." Bin picked up Sanha's phone, he scrolled through his gallery and found all the pics of him in there.

Sanha froze like a deer in headlights. Now he's been caught red-handed, and of all people it had to be Bin to catch him in the act.

“Hyung I don't think we can be ‘just bros’ if we’re gonna jack each other off.” Sanha said so matter-of-factly, desperately trying to hide the embarrassment in his face.

“Maybe but that’s a problem for future us.” Bin replied as he looked into Sanha's eyes.

“For now let’s just have fun.” Bin moved his hand from Sanha’s shoulder to his dongsaeng’s wrist. And gently placed it on the bulge of his sweatpants.

“Come on now I can’t be the only one doing all the dirty work.”

Sanha paused for a moment. He hesitated but decided to just go for it.

He pulled off his hyungs sweatpants and underwear and Bin’s dick sprung out.

He held onto Bin’s dick and started stroking it’s length, earning a moan from the older.

“Ah yes. . . Just like that.” Bin tilted his head back from the sensation.

Bin moved his other hand and started playing with Sanha’s balls. And Sanha did the same.

Out of nowhere Bin took Sanha’s hands and moved them away.

“I can’t cum like this.” He wiped Sanha’s precum off of his hands with the blanket. He then opened his nightstand and took out a bottle of lube.

He squirted a small amount on Sanha’s hands.

“Apply it on your fingers.” Sanha obeyed.

Bin then took his sweatpants and underwear off and sat on the bed. He leaned his back against the wall and spread his legs to expose his hole and cock.

“Now gently slide your fingers inside.” Bin ordered the younger.

But Sanha didn’t move, he was too busy staring at his hyungs hole.

“Do I really have to do everything myself?” Bin took Sanha’s hand and slid the younger’s fingers into his hole.

He held onto Sanha’s knuckles and moved them slowly in and out of his ass. He could feel his hole twitch and take in his dongsaeng’s fingers.

“Can I finger you too?”

“Huh- But I . . . I don't even know how that works . . . doesn’t it hurt?” Sanha stopped moving his fingers.

“Not if you prepare yourself well enough. Turn around and move your ass closer to my face.”

Sanha did what was asked of him.

Bin pulled down the cute pyjamas Sanha was wearing.

He traced his finger around Sanha’s hole. It was smooth and pinkish. It was begging for him to do dirty things to it.

Bin moved his face closer and kissed Sanha’s hole.

“Hyung what are you doing?! Stop it’s dirty down there.” But deep down Sanha wanted Bin to keep going.

“Fuck.” Sanha moaned loudly as he felt Bin slide his tongue inside.

Sanha moved his body down from the sensation. He held onto the sheets with his hands. His ass still being eaten by his hyung.

Bin moved his head away to catch his breath.

“Look at you, how you’re going crazy over my tongue.” Bin stared into Sanha’s eyes. He was panting with his tongue sticking out.

Bin moved his body down, His dick brushed against Sanha’s face.

“Suck me off or finger me while I prepare you.” Bin spoke before continuing again.

Sanha started kitty licking the head of Bin’s dick. He could feel it throb and he could taste the precum leaking from it. Sanha held on to the base of Bin’s dick and slowly made his way down with his tongue.

He knew he couldn’t take all of Bin in his mouth so instead he places the tip in his mouth and swirls his tongue around it.

Moonbin moaned and jerked his hips. He felt Sanha gag.

“Ah.” Bin took his mouth out. A string of saliva connected his tongue and Sanha’s hole.

Bin moved next to Sanha’s side and laid down on his stomach.

“You good?”

“I'm okay.” Sanha sat and held one hand around his throat. The sensation was unfamiliar to him . . . But he loved the feeling.

“Here let me suck you off, while you eat my ass out.” Bin laid his hand on Sanha’s chest and gently pushed him so he could be on top.

Bin’s ass was directly in front of Sanha, he could see it twitch and leak the lube from his fingers earlier.

Sanha started making out with it. He held onto his hyung’s thighs for support. While Bin started sucking Sanha off.

Bin tasted light and sweet to Sanha. The taste was addicting. He loved the way Bin’s insides felt gripping onto his tongue. Begging him to keep going.

Bin licked and kissed Sanha’s length and moved his mouth down until his mouth was filled with Sanha’s cock.

He moaned while doing so, and Sanha felt the sounds Bin made while sucking him off.

Sanha moved his head away from his hyungs hole.

“Hyung I’m about to cum.” Sanha warned his hyung, but Bin didn’t care he just kept going.

Sanha couldn’t hold himself back anymore. His legs jerked and his voice hitched. He ejaculated in Bin’s mouth.

Bin kept his mouth on Sanha’s cock, he felt the warm cum ebb and flow in him.

Sanha breathed heavily, while Bin moved his head back, making sure not to spill any of Sanha’s cum.

Sanha raised himself and sat, Bin held onto his chin and gestured to him to open his mouth.

Upon opening his mouth Bin kissed him, he could feel his own cum filling his mouth. It felt warm and slippery.

Cum was dripping from Sanha’s chin. Bin moved away from the kiss and licked Sanha’s chin.

The two made out again, Bin invited his own tongue inside Sanha’s mouth. He could taste his cum and saliva.

Bin moved back, and breathed deeply.

“You know I haven’t finished yet?” Bin sounded annoyed.

“Ah, sorry . . .” Sanha apologised.

But Bin wasn’t satisfied with Sanha’s apology, he wanted more.

Sanha moved closer. “Is there anything I can do to make up for it?” He pouted.

Bin smirked, he knew Sanha would do anything he asked him too.

“Oh no. . .” Sanha realised his mistake but it was too late.

“Don’t worry I wont ask too much of you, just a little multitasking is all.” Bin placed his hand on Sanha’s shoulder.

“Eat me out and jack me off at the same time.” Sanha paused at his hyungs request, he doesn’t know if he can do both well enough at the same time.

Bin stepped closer, his eyebrows moved down and he pouted. “Please? For Binnie?”

Sanha moved his face away and closed his eyes. He knew Bin would make that stupid face. He always does it whenever Bin asks something of him.

And yet, he still couldn’t say no to him.

Bin assumed the position, he raised his ass towards the younger while Sanha leaned against the headrest for support.

Sanha took a deep breath and started kissing his hyung’s hole. He massaged Bin’s shaft with his left while his right played with his balls.

He could feel Bin resisting the urge to jerk his hips. He felt Bin’s precum leaking all over his hands and lap.

It was an awkward position to be in, for Sanha to be out of breath eating ass, his wrists tired from having to jack Bin off.

But he enjoyed it. He couldn’t stop himself, Bin tasted so heavenly to him and his hoarse, whispery, moans were music to his ears.

“I’m close to cumming.”

Sanha pulled his head out and answered his hyung. “Cum in my mouth.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah we can’t let the hyungs know about this.” Was what Sanha said, but in reality he loved the taste and texture of cum.

When Sanha tasted his own, he loved the smooth creamy texture, how it’s slippery but also sticks everywhere. He wanted to taste Bin’s too.

Bin kneeled and pointed his dick at his dongsaeng.

Sanha moved his head forward, so the tip of his hyung’s cock was inside his mouth.

Soon enough Bin ejaculated. He moaned and grabbed Sanha’s shoulder from the sensation.

Sanha felt Bin’s warm cum pool up in his mouth. Bin’s cum was a lot more watery, and has a sweeter aftertaste.

Sanha tilted his head back, keeping careful as to not spill Bin’s seed. He laid his head on the headrest and swallowed it all in one big gulp.

Bin leaned on the headrest beside Sanha. Both of them were sweaty and gasping for air.

“Hyung. . .” Sanha looked at Bin and their eyes met.

“What do you need from Binnie?” Even after having sex with his bestfriend Bin was still a tease.

“Let’s go take a shower.”

“Okay, I’ll go firs-'' But before Bin could finish Sanha interjected.

“I meant, together.” Sanha was also shy, but this time he isn’t letting Bin tell him no

“Isn’t that you know . . .” Bin got shy.

“Bin, just a few minutes ago you were making out with me and made me eat my own cum. Showering together is the last thing you have to think about” Sanha said firmly.

Sanha stood up and took the towel he laid on the bed. It was stained with their saliva and sweat. “Ah so now you’re gonna talk to me in that tone?” Bin joked.

“Just admit it, you enjoyed my cum more than you enjoyed yours.” Bin smiled devilishly.

Sanha’s face flushed with red, even with all the excuses he puts up Bin still sees right through him.

“Oh shut up . . . Just get in the shower will you? I’ll join you in a minute.”

Bin opened the door into the shower, but before he fully stepped inside he peaked his head out and spoke.

“Whatever you say, Ddana.” Bin stepped in after, he knew Sanha was annoyed with him. He finds him adorable, even when he is pissed off.

“That little shit.” Sanha laughed to himself, and felt his chest flutter. He then paused.

“Eh, a problem for future me.” Sanha spoke nonchalantly.

“But for now . . . I’m just gonna enjoy a warm shower.” Sanha stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

After teasing and cleaning up after each other in the shower. Bin and Sanha laid on their individual beds.

But Bin couldn’t sleep.

“Pssst Sanha . . . You asleep?” Bin whispered.

“Not anymore, thanks to you.” Sanha answered sarcastically.

“I can’t fall asleep, can Binnie hyung sleep with you in your bed?” Bin pouted.

“Hmmm . . .” Sanha teased, he knew the wait was killing his hyung.

“I’ll let you borrow my blanket.”

“Deal. Now get over here.” Sanha scooched over and Bin made his way to the bed. He laid down, kicked the blanket with his feet to stretch it, and pulled it all the way to their shoulders.

“Hey hyung . . .”

“Yes, Ddana?”

“Good night Binnie hyung.”

Bin smiled from ear to ear, his eyes forming crescents.

“Good night, Ddana.” Bin rested his head on Sanha’s collarbone and placed his arm on top of Sanha’s chest.

The two slept peacefully. Both of them were warm under the blanket and were comfortable in each others embrace.