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Caged Chapter One

Kate closed her eyes as she laid in the motel room that Viv's band of women were staying at. It had been seven to eight months since the fall of the farm and since she had been separated from the group. Seven to eight months since Alice, Sutton and Lucy had saved her in the woods.

It had been a month now since she gave birth. That she had been keeping track of in a journal. It had been a month since she gave birth and her baby, a boy had been stillborn. A month since they had, had to put the baby down because he had turned in her arms and almost bit her.

"Katie?" A sleepy voice asked from beside her in the bed and she turned to look at Lucy, the redhead who had been keeping her company in a not so friendly manner. Something that had started out as comfort long before she had even lost her son. Way back when she had convinced herself Zac was probably dead. That would have had to been three months after the fall of the farm.

"Yeah," Kate said as she gave a smile to the woman and leaned down to kiss her on the lips.

Lucy smiled as she kissed Kate back briefly before pulling away to yawn, "Are you okay?" she asked raising an eyebrow. "I mean it's three in the morning and I don't think you have slept a bit. I have felt you tossing and turning all night."

"I just keep thinking about Lennon," Kate said honestly as she thought of her son. Lennon was the name she had chosen to name him and the name on the marker that Viv had put on his grave. "I keep seeing him as he turned in my head," she frowned feeling tears in her eyes. "The blood on me after you had to put him down. I just feel so awful because he should have been here. He shouldn't have had to be put down and maybe him being taken is my karma for even getting pregnant when the world fell to shit."

Sitting up Lucy shook her head, "It wasn't karma. Those things just happen and without the right stuff now they happen a lot more. Hell we are lucky you are even alive," she whispered knowing that Kate had came close to hemorrhaging after giving birth. They hadn't realized it until after Lennon had changed and Kate had almost fainted after his burial and taking down several walkers as they ran through the woods for safety.

Kate frowned more as she rested her head on Lucy's shoulder, "Well it feels like it was karma," she whispered as she slid her arm around her lover. "It feels like I got what I deserved."

Frowning Lucy kissed Kate's forehead, "And you are wrong," she whispered as she pulled Kate closer to her so their naked bodies were touching. "You didn't deserve that and I wish Lennon was still here. I wish he was waking us up at god forsaken hours or even calling zombies to us which says a lot."

Laughing at Lucy's words Kate yawned and sighed. She knew Lucy was right deep down but she wasn't sure if she could admit that out loud. She had lost the last thing of Zac she had left remaining. She had lost Zac altogether and that crushed her even if being with Lucy did help the grief at times.

"I love you," Kate muttered to the woman beside her as she drifted off falling asleep in the woman's arms.

Avery awoke in the bed she laid in at the house where the group was staying at. They had been on the run all winter and it seemed to her they kept going in circles. Maybe they were though no one else had said it out loud yet. Feeling the bed shift some she turned on her back making out Daryl's form as he slipped into the bed beside her.

During their months on the run they had become closer. Closer than they had gotten on the farm where she had admitted she liked him and taken his virginity after his spiral over Sophia's death. Being on the run they had learned the ins and outs of each other and Avery knew without a doubt she loved the man and she hoped he returned the sentiments though she doubted he'd say the words out loud if he did but then again she had never really said she loved him. She had just said she liked him and a part of her was almost afraid of saying the word love out loud to him.

"How was the watch?" she asked him as she felt him move closer to her. "I mean are there more walkers showing up?" she asked knowing they could never get settled somewhere for long. Whenever they did they were driven from their places by a big group of walkers.

Daryl made a face at Avery's question, "We will probably have to leave in the morning," he said honestly as he slipped an arm around her waist. "Go back to running again," he whispered before kissing her cheek.

Smiling when Daryl kissed her cheek she turned her head and kissed him on the lips, letting her body move closer to his. It had been awhile since they had been intimate. It wasn't that she didn't like sex or even sex with him because she did. She liked sex with him better than she had with Jeremy or Shane and he even let her set the pace. He knew the issues she had and why she had them.

They just weren't intimate much though because the running made that hard and somehow they weren't like Maggie and Taylor or even Jessica and Glenn who it seemed could do it on the drop of a dime anywhere. Daryl just wasn't the kind of guy who'd push her up against a tree and fuck her senseless. It was something Avery had to admit she liked about him even if it had made her feel guilty that she had basically fucked him senseless the first time she had sex with him.

"I need you," Avery muttered into Daryl's mouth as she felt his hand slip under the hem of her shirt, an action which caused her to shiver slightly.

Hearing her say she needed him Daryl kissed her harder as he pushed her shirt up some more. Pulling away from the kiss he slipped her shirt off and threw it to the floor.

Avery smiled up at Daryl once her shirt was off and she reached up sliding his angel wing vest off of him and then undoing the button down shirt he had on. It was only after it was off that she moved up to kiss him, her arms wrapping around his neck as she pulled him down over her.

Feeling his hands go to her jeans she kissed him deeper as he undid them then slid them off along with her underwear, a moan coming out as his hand slipped between her legs were she knew she was already wet. Just kissing him it seemed was enough to ever get her in the mood and going.

"You're so fucking wet," Daryl muttered in between kisses as he continued to rub her, feeling her getting wetter at his touch. He knew she would be wet but to be honest he only did this to get her going. He wasn't in the mood for slow. It had been a month or two now since he had been inside of her and he wanted her hard and fast. He wanted her sore in the morning.

Hearing Daryl's words Avery moaned into his mouth as her hips moved up some, "Because you make me that way," she whispered as she reached up and quickly undid his pants sliding them off along with his boxers. Once he was naked she kissed him harder biting down on his lip as she moved them into a sitting position where she straddled him, a moan coming out as she felt the tip of his cock right at her entrance.

Moving down on him Avery pulled away from the kiss as a moan escaped her lips and her head fell back some. He felt so nice inside of her and god she hated that it had been so long since he was inside of her. She only hoped they could find somewhere safe for longer than a day or two so she could be with him more often.

Daryl smirked as he felt Avery move down on him and he let his nails dig into the skin on her waist, "You feel really good," he told her as he leaned his head down and kissed her neck, biting it some as he did so.

Avery shivered as he bit her neck lightly and she began to move on him. Her movements weren't slow though. No she was riding him and she was being fast and hard about it. It was when his movements matched hers that she chewed on her lip hard, especially as his teeth went farther into her skin. She liked it when he bit her like that.

"Fuck," she muttered out softly as she closed her eyes and kept her movements up. Her arms wrapping around his back the closer she got to her orgasm. An orgasm that eventually made her lay her head against his bare shoulder afterwards so that she could catch her breath and give her heartbeat a chance to calm down.

Holding Avery in his arms Daryl smiled slightly. It wasn't something he did often but in these moments especially when he was holding her and knew she was safe it came just a bit easier to smile.

Waking the next morning Kate jumped in the bed as she heard screams coming from outside. Getting out of bed in a hurry she dressed quickly feeling a panic in her chest as she saw that Lucy was gone. After she was dressed she reached for the gun on the nightstand and threw open the door, freezing at the sight before her.

The front of the motel was surrounded by walker's and as she turned around she felt her heart drop as she saw Viv on the ground being eaten. She was already gone though as there was no movements from her.

"Are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna shoot?" Lucy asked as she opened the door to Viv's room to see why Viv had been screaming. She had come out to get something from the car and she was just gone. The moment she had opened the door she had seen Viv on the ground surrounded by walkers who were feasting on her as well as walkers slowly making their way out of the woods and then she had seen Kate frozen in their doorway.

Hearing Lucy, Kate looked away from Viv as she raised her gun and started shooting at the walkers coming towards the motel. From Viv's room she could hear Lucy shooting too as she heard Alice come out and gasp.

"Viv!" Alice screamed as she took off out of the room and headed to where the dead girl was before Lucy could stop her. Viv had been her favorite in the group. Viv had been her own lover.

Hearing Alice scream for Viv, Kate turned her head seeing Alice barely make it to Viv. The moment she did reach her though one of the walkers who had been over Viv moved and lunged for the brunette almost biting her arm.. It was after the almost bite that Alice reached for a knife she kept in her pocket and pushed the knife in the skull of the walker. Kate just stood there for a second before walking towards Alice and Viv's dead body.

"Are you okay?" Kate asked as she grabbed Alice before Alice could fall to the ground beside Viv and the dead walkers.

Alice laughed as she shook her head, "Do I look okay to you?" she said as her eyes landed on the dead woman on the concrete. "My girlfriend is dead and I almost joined her," she frowned as she shook her head. "I almost wish I had joined her."

Frowning Kate felt her heartbreak. She had lost a woman she had grown close to. A woman who she respected even. "We have to leave her," she told Alice knowing the plan had been if any of them got bit the remaining members would leave before the other turned or killed their self. Though she doubted Viv would turn. She was too far gone body wise to turn.

"I know," Alice spoke as she gave Kate a smile. "You and Lucy have to do it. Lucy knows where the keys to the car are."

Kate sighed as she shook her head, "We aren't leaving you behind. Now come on," she said as she held onto Alice still and lead her down to Viv's room or what had been Viv's room. Getting there she stopped when she saw Lucy standing in the doorway. "Get the keys Luce," she spoke as she kept a grip on Alice not wanting the woman to go anywhere else.

Nodding Lucy went inside the room and found the keys to the car. She was half glad they had two cars because the set for the other car was on Viv's body and she wasn't so sure she could face going to the body and getting them.

"Where is Sutton?" Kate asked as she watched Lucy grab the keys to the car.

Lucy froze when Kate mentioned Sutton. "That's why I was visiting Viv. She didn't come back from her run last night," she admitted as she turned to face Kate. "She more than likely ran into those fuckers and knowing that little bad ass she tried to take them all on."

"Oh," Kate whispered as she felt her heartbreak even more knowing Sutton was gone too. They had lost two women today. Two women and almost a third if Alice hadn't saved herself. Seeing Lucy walk out of the room and down to the car Kate followed behind,her grip on Alice loosening.

Once they made it to the car she helped Alice get in the back not caring that the woman had seemingly went silent. She was sure she had been the same way her first few nights without Zac and then again the first few days after Lennon died.

Getting in herself she buckled up as Lucy started the car and drove off. She couldn't face to look back at the motel at their sense of safety and security being gone.

After Lucy had driven away from the motel Kate closed her eyes and felt tears go down her cheeks. The safety she had felt was now gone and she almost felt like she did when Lennon had died. She almost felt like she deserved this pain too.

"We'll be okay," Lucy spoke as she looked over at Kate briefly. "We'll find somewhere safe and maybe another group and we will be okay."

Wiping her eyes Kate nodded her head as she laid back against the seat. She wanted to believe that but it was hard to believe that.

Alice too remained silent from where she sat in the backseat. She wasn't so sure she could believe Lucy's words not after they lost Viv. Viv had been their leader and she had helped them survive months on the road. Now they had no leader and nowhere safe to go. They were lost and they'd never be okay again.