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Renjun’s never been this nervous. Today was the day that he was finally going to Korea to try and achieve his dream of being an idol.
He always knew what he wanted to do since before he knew how to count. He could sing, he had the looks, in his humble opinion, and he had the drive to make it happen. There was only one thing that could possibly stop him from completing his ultimate goal.
He’s an omega.
Which is going to be a problem, since omega’s aren’t accepted by any company, since they could create “complications”. Since omega’s have heats once every three months, companies view them as money pits and refuse to work with them. There are also built-in prejudices against omega’s that stop them from getting accepted in any company.
So, Renjun knowing this, knew he had a problem. He knew that he would never be accepted by any company walking up to them with them knowing that he is fully an omega. So he had a couple of options. One, he could accept that he would never be able to achieve his dream and move on. Or, he could use super dangerous heat suppressants and scent blockers to hide the fact that he is an omega, that counting in that he wouldn’t be able to change his pretty omega features or his less than impressive height. One might think that it’s a no-brainer, but those people don’t know Huang Renjun.
He knew that it was a risky plan and that so much could go wrong, not to mention the effects the drugs would have on his body, but he just had to try. He wouldn’t let the oppressive thoughts of the companies stop him from becoming an idol.
So after getting the necessary things to hide his omega-ness, he looked up when the next auditions would be and booked his tickets. All that was next was to inform his parents of his plans. Of course, he couldn’t just come out and say, “Hi Mom and Dad, I’m going to Korea to become an idol and I’ll do so by taking dangerous off-the-counter drugs to hide a major part of what I am. Ok bye!”
So he came up with what he thought was a convincing lie for his parents.
“ Hi Mom, Hi Dad so you know how I’ve always dreamed about going to Korea?”, after they both nodded he continued,” well I did this without telling you because I was sure I wasn’t going to make it but I applied to a university there and I made it! So it's cool if I go there right?”
“Well of course sweetie! I'm honestly just so glad you gave up on that dream to be an idol!”
“Haha, ya mom,” said the blonde with a clenched jaw.
With a few more hugs from his parents and a comment about watching out for foreign alpha’s from his dad, he was off to pack.
He knew that they were of course going to find out what he’s really doing, he wasn’t an idiot, but he just thought that if he could make it by the time that his parents found out about it they’d just have to be supportive to not embarrass the family. He knew so much could go wrong in his plan, but it was worth it if he made it and finally achieved his greatest goal, right?

Donghyuck was beyond ready to debut.
He’s been in this company for years and so far that’s got him nowhere. He’s watched countless people he’s trained with debut and find success, and he wants it to be his turn. He’s been in the company since even before his presentation as an alpha and he’s tired of waiting

It was one Thursday that he was feeling especially tired and sad, that he heard the rumours that were spreading across the practice room that night.
“Pssst!” ‘whispered’ his long-time best friend Mark. “What Hyung?” sighed back at the younger.
“Have you heard the rumour yet?” at Donghyuck's silence he continued,” Well I heard from Chenle who heard from Jisung who heard from a director that they are adding a new NCT unit and that they are looking for all new people in our age group! This is our chance, and we’d get together with our Hyungs!” said the beta who at that point was close to shouting at Donghyuck.

Not letting himself get hopeful again he replied, “Ya right, I’m sure Jisung just heard wrong. And even if they are adding a new NCT unit why would they want us.” At that, the beta just pouted and crossed his arms. “Fine then, don’t believe me. But you’ll be eating your words when we get picked and become super big idols with millions and millions of fans!”
“Sure Hyung, sure. Now help me with this move. I can't get it.”

Just a little description of how my world works:
(things might change as I'm making this as I go)
People present at 16 and can be an Alpha, Beta, or Omega. Beta is the most popular thing to present as and Omega is the least popular.
Also, people have soulmates (true mates) . People's soulmates' scents affect them more and they would be extremely attracted to it. And, they can smell their mates scent through any suppressions
Alpha: they get a rut once a year, and they just feel more angry and irritable throughout it. (doesn’t affect them like a heat would an omega) They are (stereotypically) strong and tall and are taller than most other sub-gender.
Beta: just like humans really accept the fact that it has scents and can sense when someones going through heat or rut.
Omega: They get a heat once every three months and it makes them unable to do anything other than regular heat stuff (cue smut). They are (stereotypically) small and weaker and are shorter than any other sub-gender. Haven’t decided how their bodies will work. I'll update the tags when or if I do (I’m really lazy).