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Project Winter

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“Project Winter”

Has a nice ring to it doesn't it? 


Well ring to it or not, its stupid. 


And painful.

The Arachnid


That's all he has ever been.


Well, not quite.


He has been called thousands of names.


Most having to do with blood or murder.


Very welcoming.

But he did remember other names too.


Something that starts with Pe? Pietro? Pedro? Pina Colada? 


Something like that.


And Russian.


Soft Russian.


Someone spoke to him like that.


Calling him soft words.


But that, that was a long time ago. 



James Buchanan Barnes woke with a gasp.


Cold and sweaty. 


Curly brown hair covered in blood, dirt and ash, yet so soft.


Winter liked to run his hands through that hair.


Doe brown eyes.


Sharp and harsh, eyes that had seen and caused much death.


But to Winter the eyes were soft and loving.


He was warm in the cold.


He was Winter’s light in the darkness.


His flame in the sea.


Yet despite the doe-eyed boy holding a spot in both Bucky and Winter’s hearts, he couldn't for the life of him remember even a name. 


That boy was his past. Well his past in Hydra. But who was he?