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Edward’s breathing was heavy through his mask. His fingers were flying across a keyboard, his eyes scanning the binary code with practiced ease.


“Fifteen minutes Fullmetal,” Roy recalled in his earpiece.


“Fuck you too Flame,” Ed spat back.


“Brother!” Alphonse hissed.


“Sorry. This isn’t as easy as it looks, y'know.”


“But Fullmetal, you’re the best around. Why else would I keep you around?”


“Cause you saw an opportunity with a crippled prodigy.”


“Both of you cut it out. You’ve had this argument a thousand times already. We all know you care for each other but like to pretend you don’t for your misguided sense of pride,” Maes spoke.


“Shit. Was that necessary?” Roy snapped.


“Everyone shut the fuck up!” Ed hissed. The line went silent. Edward strained his ears. He heard the tapping of bare feet and heels in the hall. Ed pulled his flash drive out of the computer and grabbed his laptop. He stuffed them both in his bag. He shut down the main computer before placing the small but mighty bomb he had brought on the keyboard.


Ed went to the vent in the wall and threw his bag in, then scrambled in after. He closed the vent just in time to see two people walk into the room. 


One was an androgynous person wearing a crop top, skort, and foot wrappings. The other was a woman in risqué clothing and heels. Ed’s breath caught in his throat. Envy and Lust. Two of Father’s sentries. 


“I swear I heard something,” Envy said.


“Well, there’s nobody here. Quit trying to get out of work Envy.”


“I’m not! I heard voices!”


“Fullmetal?” Roy’s voice was urgent. “What’s going on?”


“Do you hear that?” Envy asked.


Ed turned off his earpiece. His hood had slipped in his haste and he pulled it back on. He turned around to quietly crawl through the vents.


“I did. Let’s search the room before alerting the others.” 


Ed quickened his pace. When he got to the end of the vent that led outside, he jumped down. He pressed himself against the wall and pulled the trigger for the bomb. He put it in his mouth and ran to the fence. He hopped it with ease and on the way to the ground, he pulled the trigger from his mouth and pressed the button. With the other hand, he turned his earpiece back on. 


Ed ran to the street as soon as he hit the ground. The building behind him started to shake. 


“Fullmetal!” Roy shouted in his ear.


“Envy and Lust showed up. I managed to get the information and plant the bomb but they almost caught me! Heading to the emergency extraction point now,” he supplied.


“Shit! They weren’t supposed to be there!” Havoc shouted. “Where are you Chief? I'll pick you up now!”


“Running down Cherry boulevard. Crossing onto the fifth street now!”




“I see you Fullmetal,” Riza said. “Three men are pursuing you. Two of them are the armored guards that you snuck past. Is that…? Barry the Chopper!”


“There are advantages to being the State,” Al said.


“Fullmetal, duck into the next alley. Take that to Twelfth street! Smoker, go there now! Step on it.” Riza ordered.


"Yes sir!" Havoc said.


“I’m on it, Hawks!” Ed ducked into the indicated alley and took off, staying close to the wall. He jumped on the trash cans at the end and swung from the gutter onto the windowsills to climb the building. He climbed up and braced himself until he saw Havoc’s car.


Ed jumped from the roof onto the car. He landed lightly. Havoc opened the sunroof and Ed climbed in. 


“I’ve got him. We’re heading back to base now!” Havoc said into his earpiece.


Ed wouldn’t breathe in relief until they walked back into the base.