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"Like hell I will calm down!"

"Ginny, please..."

"They tried to kill me, Harry!"

Without looking she threw her Quidditch bag on the sofa; it bounced off it and fell open on the floor.

"They tried to kill me," she repeated. "They almost killed one of my teammates. I'll get to the bottom of this with or without you."

Harry surveyed her. Cheeks red, her hair was coming out of her ponytail and sparks were shooting out of her wand. He sighed.

"I won't make you change your mind, will I?"

Ginny crossed her arms and lifted her chin defiantly.

Harry caught himself this close to actually liking the idea. He moved to sit on the couch trying to stifle those thoughts. He couldn't be excited about going to investigate this with Ginny, not at all.

"Your family is going to kill me," he said, maybe more to convince himself than her.

"Not if they don't find out" she stated flatly, reminding Harry of forbidden fireplaces and dungbombs. He couldn't help but smile.