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A Beacon Chainsaw Massacre

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It was hot, too damn hot if you were to ask Stiles. Summers in Beacon were always a little on the brutal side especially since old Mr. Jenkins the owner of the store refused to have the aircon fixed always mumbling about youths and their soft dispositions. Stiles was currently on his knees on the tiled floor, which at one point could be assumed to have been white but had cracked and become a dirty sort of yellow over time, he wiped the beading sweat on his brow with the back of his hand with a heavy sigh and grabbed another can from the carboard box sliding it onto the shelf when the bell above the door rang. He glanced up at the dusty theft prevention mirror in the far corner of the store and saw a few regulars come in, most of the customers were regulars given that this was the only convenience store still in business and Beacon was a small town but on occasion they would get some college kids looking for a place to camp out in the preserve stop in for supplies. He called out to them without bothering to get up, “Give me a holler when you need me, Joe.” The bell rang again, and Stiles shrugged assuming they had left, that’s when he heard the hushed whispers followed by cruel laughter. He knew who it was without even needing to look. Derek Hale. He was quiet and never seemed to bother anyone, but he was… different. The entire Hale family was different, they lived in the middle of the preserve in isolation, but they all worked in the meat packing plant and barely spoke to anyone that wasn’t family. Derek tended to put people on edge the most due to his intimidating size and the harsh leather mask he wore that covered from his jaw and up over his nose with barely a slit at his mouth to breath and drink through. Naturally he and his isolated family were the victims of most of the towns gossip as Stiles always said small towns breed small minds. Stiles dusted his hands on his jeans and bounced up from his place and smiled warmly up at the man. “Hi Derek, you got your list?”

Derek never really said a word but he offered a small piece of ratty paper out to Stiles who took it and glanced over it.
"Alright, I think we've got everything you're needing."
Stiles grabbed a basket and began to move around the store picking out the items Derek needed while the hulking man followed closely behind. He could hear the other men muttering and grumbling as they glared at the pair.
"Don't let that freak get too close to you Stiles, never know what something like that is capable of."
Stiles carried the now full basket over to the cash counter and started to bag it up as he spoke,
"Well lets see... Derek here has never had a single run in with the police but you've been arrested twice this year for beating on your wife. I am well aware of what men in this town are capable of, now get out of here before you really start to annoy me."
The two men grumbled before shoving off the counter calling Stiles a dumb fag as they slammed the door behind them. He clenched his fists on the counter and glanced over to Derek.
"Just ignore them Derek. Small towns breed small minds and those two have the smallest minds I've ever seen."
He slid the bags over and held out his hand. This was their routine Stiles would pick out the items and bag them and Derek would silently follow him around before he dumped the money into Stiles hand. Except this time Derek seemed to be distracted staring at the door, Stiles glanced towards it and back to Derek,
"Der ?..."
he turned his head, his intense gaze burrowing into Stiles as he held out the money and offered it. He took it from Derek's hand gently.
"Thank you. Here, you get on home now. Your mom will be expecting you."

10 years ago
The sun was beating down hard and made it almost impossible to stand being outside for too long but not for Stiles and Scott who found that if they made their way into the preserve they could avoid the harsh sun and continue playing. Scott had a large stick between his legs and was unsuccessfully trying to sharpen the tip with a rock as Stiles hung upside down for a branch letting his arms hang and enjoying the feeling of blood rushing to his head. He was staring aimlessly into the trees when he saw him, the boy was older wearing a strange sort of mask on his face and was standing just behind a large tree watching Scott with curiosity. Stiles swung his arms up and clambered until he was sitting on the branch facing the older boy. "Someone's watching us..."
Scott glanced up at Stiles with a squint and followed his gaze to the trees before jumping up and aiming his stick,
"Go away!"
Stiles jumped down from the branch and shoved at Scott's arm hard,
"What are you being mean for ?"
Scott gave Stiles a disbelieving look,
"He's one of /them/. A Hale."
Stiles whipped his head back around to look at the boy who didn't seem at all bothered about Scott and his stick. Stiles took a few steps forward and waved his hand slowly, he had heard the same rumours Scott had but he was less inclined to believe them. His dad was a cop and he knew that evidence was what mattered and if there was any evidence of those rumours the Hales would be in prison.
"Hi, I'm Stiles...Who are you ?"
The older boy watched Stiles with an intense gaze before he surged forward and stretched out his arm to shove Stiles in the chest. Scott let out a yell and ran at Derek with his stick, in one move Derek had snatched Scott's stick and slammed it down into the ground where a bear trap snapped shut snapping the stick in two. He looked down at Stiles for a long moment before the mask seemed to open a slit at his mouth and with a rough deep voice
The older boy turned and walked back into the trees leaving Stiles on the ground staring at the bear trap he had almost stuck his foot into.

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The Hale house stood alone deep into the preserve with only a single one way dirt track that acted as a road stretching out from the property. It was a hulking dark sort of farmhouse that could have at one point in the past been described as rustic with a scenic backdrop however over the years it grew dingy and withered like it was slowly rotting from the inside. Various windows had newspaper plastered to the glass and the porch steps buckled slightly in the centre from years of thick boots and heavy footsteps. There was a large pen that seemed to have been slapped together extending from one side of the house filled with two pigs and a few chickens. At the other end of the property line there was a decrepit old barn, the red paint flaking from the wood and the roof more hole than wood now, it was filled with old rusting tools and equipment long since abandoned and forgotten. To everyone else in Beacon this was a house of horrors, a scary story you told children to behave but to Derek this was home. It was safety and family. He hurriedly made his way up the steps and into the house making his way through the small hall into the kitchen. Pots simmered on the small gas cooker with pans piled high in the sink, Laura his twin was sat at the kitchen table repeatedly stabbing her small switch blade into the table over and over a sign she was in a foul mood. Laura had long black hair similar to Dereks except hers had more of a natural curl than a wave, she wore a yellow dress that buttoned up the front and thick white cotton socks with dark brown boots. She stabbed the table hard as Derek sat the bags down,
"What took you so long ?"
Talia a taller more matured version of her daughter Laura walked into the room with an apron tied around her blue checkered dress and smacked Laura on the side of the head.
"Don't snap at him like that. He was a good boy walking all that way to get us food since /someone/ crashed the car."
"I didn't crash that fucking bitch attacked me while I was driving!"
Laura emphasised her point by stabbing the table again so hard the blade stuck deep into the wood.
"And Derek dealt with her too. So maybe you should be a bit more grateful."
Talia patted Dereks masked cheek with a soft smile as she began to pull out the items he got at the store. She frowned as she pulled out a large chocolate bar and turned to Derek who was putting the two bags of flour into the cupboard.
"Derek where'd you get the money for this junk ?"
Derek turned with a furrowed brow and took a few steps forward looking at the bar before he realised that Stiles must have slipped it into his bag for him. He ducked his head down shaking it slightly.
"That shop boy is sweet on Derek. Always just so helpful...aint he /Der/ ?"
Talia cocked an unimpressed brow and held out the bar for Derek.
"Well...I s'pose its smart to have a good in with the Sheriffs boy just don't be letting him get too nosey. You know how I feel about intruders."
"...Yes mama."
Dereks voice was deep and rough like he had gargelled gravel it was mainly due to not speaking as often as he should and a little due to how he and Peter would howl during hunts. He took the bar as if it were a precious gift and quickly moved to the basement door yanking it open before making his way down the stairs. The basement was his place, his sisters had tricked him when they were younger into moving into the basement so they could have their own rooms upstairs but he didn't care. He liked having all this space to himself. He had his bed and his desk, his own radio, he had stacks of old college books and magazines he would take from campsites. Various pictures he took from wallets and purses stuck up on a corkboard on the wall above his bed. The bed creaked under his weight as he held the chocolate bar out in front of him with soft eyes. He bent down and reached under his bed pulling out an old shoe box, inside was various things; old candy wrappers, half of a broken stick, an old tattered teddy, a name tag, four pictures cut out of year books, he placed the candy bar inside and gently lifted one of the pictures, a 17 year old Stiles was smiling at the camera his hair short and buzzed but otherwise the same. Derek ran his finger over the picture before placing it back into his box and sliding it under the bed. He stood up from the bed and fiddled with the old radio until some music began to filter through and he slumped over his desk picking up his needle and thread as he started to work on sewing the skins from hunting together.

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Stiles pov ***
Stiles hated his friends. Well, to put it more accurately /sometimes/ Stiles hated his friends. Right now was one of those times. He laid back on his bed the bright illuminated screen of his phone lit up his face in the darkness as he scrolled through photo after photo of his friend in college enjoying their lives. He should be there too but college was expensive and they were still in massive amounts of debt from his late mothers medical bills. That, along with his record for getting into trouble at school meant that there was absolutely no chance he would be joining his friends in college and that had been two years ago so he knew from personal experience that the phrase "time heals all wounds" was bullshit because he felt just as cheated and as jaded as he had back then. The only comfort he had was knowing that Scott would be back home in a few days for the summer and they could pretend that Stiles wasn't wasting his life in the town he had sworn to get out of. He locked his phone tossing it onto his nightstand and rolled over trying to shove the bitter anger back down deep enough to pretend he had never felt it at all.

Victims pov ~~~
The radio blared music as the car sped along the empty long road, all of the windows had been rolled down to let the wind rush through the car. Lydia threw her hands up in dismay for what must have been the hundredth time,
"Christ, this is messing up my hair!"
Jackson who had his arm draped over her shoulder responded with a mocking whine,
"Princess you realise we're going to the middle of bum fuck nowhere right ? They eat roadkill and shit in the woods."
Scott glared at Jackson from the rearview mirror as Allison slid her hand onto his knee squeezing gently.
"I bet it's really nice. I love small towns."
Danny who was sat on the other side of Jackson huffed a bitter laugh,
"Yeah they're real nice except for the racist homophobic bible thumpers."
"Dont forget inbred hillbillys"
Jackson let out a loud laugh at his own comment as Lydia tried to her curls down. Scott tensed again and Allison gave him a sympathetic look as Lydia huffed loudly.
"Well we need to pull over soon cause if I don't get some H20 I'm going to literally die of dehydration."
Scott perked up a little and shifted,
"Stiles store isn't far from here. We can stop there. I still haven't told him about the whole camping thing. Its gonna be a surprise."
Jackson and Lydia had already stopped listening and gone back to making out while Danny pointedly glared out of the window.
After about 40 minutes the car rolled to a stop outside of an old convenience store, the signs outdated and a few tattered flyers stuck to the outside of the windows. The group tumbled out of the car and headed into the store where Scott made a beeline for the counter with Allison following behind as Jackson whispered to Danny about hillbillies and Lydia rounded one of the aisles to the fridges. She came to a sudden stop and let out a blood curdling scream.

Derek's list had asked for meat, that's what it had said just 'meat' so Stiles was stood propping the fridge open and pulling out different types of meat and showing them to Derek who was mostly giving disapproving grunts. Then the store was filled with chattering and footsteps and finally an ear splitting scream. Derek was immovable and unbothered by the reaction of the girl but Stiles slammed the fridge shut and slid around Derek to glare at the red head.
"You see a mouse or something ?"
Lydia was staring at Derek as if she had just ran into the swamp thing and it was pissing Stiles off. He was just about to rip into her when two meat head came round the corner to her rescue.
"Fucking hell..."
Jackson was staring at Derek with a look of horror,
"Can I help you ?!"
He whipped his head up to see Scott peaking his head around the pair of assholes.
"Scott ?...what are you doing home already. You're not meant to be back until the weekend."
"Surprise! I brought some college buddies with me for the summer."
Stiles realised a beat too late that that would be considered an odd response to anyone who wasn't from Beacon and he could feel the outsiders giving him strange looks.
"I need to finish up with Der and then...I'll talk to you." He turned with the basket and gently placed his hand on Derek's upper arm leading him to the counter

"Did you see the size of that thing ?"
"What was wrong with his face..."
Jackson and Lydia's voices were in hushed whispers as the turned with curious looks to Scott who nervously shuffled.
"Its a mask. He's always worn it...Don't be dicks. Stiles likes him...I'll get you guys out at the car just give me a minute to talk to Stiles."
The others cleared out and Scott hovered around the fridges still too nervous and cautious to get too close to Derek.

Stiles slid the cans into the bag when he heard Scott's deep voice cut through the quiet of the store his eyes darting to Derek's before dropping his gaze as a soft blush covered his cheeks. Scott didn't know, he couldnt know, he had only meant 'like' as in Stiles was kind to him. There was absolutely no way Scott knew that Stiles had thought of Derek like /that/. He tried to will himself to stop blushing but it only worsened it so he held out his hand from the money happily taking it and shoving the bags towards Derek.

Derek's pov ###
Derek was used to screaming and he usually quite liked it when they screamed but this one was irritating and she was making Stiles angry so he decided that given the chance he'd never let her scream again. He was busy thinking of all the ways he could get rid of those intruders when he noticed Stiles face turning red and how he avoided looking Derek in the face. He furrowed his brow a little as he took the bags and made his way out of the store, maybe he had done something wrong to make Stiles not want to look at him. Stiles always looked at him it was what he liked most about Stiles other than his face.
"...freak..." he slowed as he passed the car where he had heard the word hissed in disgust from the red headed girl. He turned and stared at her through the window until her friend came up to him scowling and shoving uselessly at his chest. Derek tilted his head and looked the man over slowly before looking to the girl and turning away. He had to get home before dark and he had a feeling he would be seeing them again anyway.

Stiles watched from the dust covered windows and was about to storm out when Derek calmly walked away, he sighed with relief at knowing Derek was away from that bitch and her douchebag boyfriend.
He turned to look at Scott,
Scott shook his head with an amused laugh,
"You didn't hear a word I just said huh ?. I was saying that I invited my college friends down because...Well, because I wanted you to meet Allison and she ended up inviting her roommate and then her boyfriend wanted to come and he'd only go if Danny could come... Look, we're going to go camping in and have a great time and you're gonna come and have some fun for once."
Stiles had turned to look out of the window to watch as Derek's hulking figure carried on down the road,
"Huh ?, yeah sure fun."
Scott clapped his hands together with a wide smile,
"Brilliant. Meet at mine after your work and we'll head out!."

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This what I listen to as I write to get me in the headspace to write slasher horror

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The jeep clunked and chugged it's way behind Scotts car as they turned into a small clearing by the edge of the preserve. Stiles thought it was a dumb idea not because of the Hales as Scott had assumed but because there are old hunting traps and wild animals and sheer drops and deep water that would definitely kill them. Eventually after a lot of nagging and the realisation that Scott would go into those woods with or without Stiles he reluctantly followed along behind. They pulled to a stop and Stiles clenched his hands on the wheel thinking about having to spend his night with a bunch of idiot outsiders but the thought that maybe Jackson would stick his foot in a trap made it seem like a worthy way of wasting one night.
Scott was heaving bags out of the trunk of his car and Stiles made his way over taking a bag from him with an irritated look which Scott responded to with a wide happy smile. The group followed in single file up a small dirt path into the preserve with Lydia in the back of the group complaining about her boots getting ruined and insect bites while Allison politely tried to make conversation,
"So, Stiles how long have you known Scott for ?"
Stiles huffed a laugh and glanced back to Allison,
"Put it this way he was in the baby cot next to mine in the maternity ward."
"Yeah and he was getting me into trouble back then too."
"Hey! No one forced you to go along with my plans."
"What and let you do it by yourself ? No way."
They walked for a little while longer lost in pleasant conversation with the sun dipping just behind the tips of the trees casting the preserve in shadow. Luckily they found themselves in the clearing and began to set up the various tents. Stiles furrowed his brow slightly as he glanced at the tents,
"There's only three, did we forget one ?"
Scott glanced at Stiles sheepishly and back to the tent,
"I thought you could bunk with Danny..."
"Scott, that not going to happen."
"He's gay! Plus he's not ugly."
"He's not my type."
Their conversation was rudely interrupted as two bright beams of light swept over them. Stiles cupped his hand over his eyes as Jackson swung the flashlight around to the edge of the preserve pointing to a small gap between the trees.
"Me and Danny are going to get some wood for this fire. Be back soon."
"Famous last words."
Stiles teased and gave Scott an amused glance before he grabbed his bag and headed over to the small fire pit area that had obviously been made by previous campers from before, Stiles wondered if those campers had made it back out of the preserve or if this had been the last place they sat together. Jackson and Danny disappeared into the tree lines only two beams of light bouncing around to guide them. Allison cuddled up next to Scott and Lydia had her arms wrapped around herself even though the night air was far from chill and was a welcome reprieve from the sun blaring down on them.
"Anyone got any good ghost stories ?"
Allison asked with a slight giggle as Scott threw a concerned look at Stiles.
"No...but you might have one of your own after staying out here tonight."
Lydia turned her head towards Stiles with a quirked brow and an unimpressed expression plastered on her heavily made up face,
"What is that supposed to mean ?"
"Just with how many people have died out here."
Stiles replied nonchalantly as he stretched out his legs "Missing...they're missing."
Scott's voice cut through tinged with slight panic Lydia sat up and glanced between Scott and Stiles her unimpressed expression slowly morphing into one of concern,
"Wait, people seriously die out here ?"
"People die everywhere. It happens every minute or every day. It just happens in higher quantities in these woods. Dumb college kids come to camp and get eaten by coyotes or walk off a sheer drop or drown or get caught in an old hunting trap and bleed to death..."
"Stiles! Quit it. Youre freaking the girls out."

Before Stiles could reply there was a loud scream that came from the trees where Jackson and Danny had headed a few moments ago.
"Another one bites the dust..." Stiles muttered to himself as he reluctantly got up from where he was sitting and threw a glance at Scott who was already getting to his feet.
They silently headed into the trees with their own flashlights until they found Jackson on his knees over Danny who was laying on the ground staring up at the sky his eyes wide with panic. Stiles glanced down to see Danny's leg caged in a bear trap the rusty spikes of the trap having imbedded into his shredded up leg, thick rich dark blood pooling from the wounds in his leg.
Scott pulled out his phone and held it up in a desperate attempt to get signal,
"You won't get any bars out here and he'll bleed out before anyone gets here."
Stiles spoke calmly his voice staying even as he stared at Danny's leg
"Fuck ..fuck fuck fuck!."
Jackson tried to pull the trap causing Danny to scream out again and Stiles grabbed him by the shoulders hauling him back. He knelt down and carefully felt around the bottom of  trap for the release mechanism his hands getting soaked with the still warm blood.
"My dad taught me how to get these off. He's a bit of a survivalist. Scott, Im gonna need you to use your belt and tighten it really hard just above the bear trap to slow the bleeding."
Scott nodded and set about using his belt to slow the bleeding as Stiles pushed the release mechanism causing the trap to unhinge its jaw from around Danny leg.
"We need to get him some help...You two carry him...I know a place where we can go."

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Peter slipped the hunting knife into his boot as he stood up from the forest floor holding a small lock of black hair. Derek tilted his head as he watched his uncle stand up from the shallow grave that he had dug only ten minutes prior.
"Hair ?"
Derek asked curiously unsure as to why his uncle acts out his strange little ritual
"Keepsakes, same as your pictures. Its respectful Derek. We do it so they won't be forgotten."
Derek hummed thoughtfully as he began to shovel dirt down onto the body. He was plunging his shovel back into the pile of loose dirt when a thunderous blood curdling scream of pain filled the quiet of the forest and Peter slipped the hair into a small clear sandwich bag and tucking it into his pocket with a wide grin
"Looks like someone went stepping where they shouldn't."
He began to head off in the direction of the scream with the sick twisted smile on his face but Derek grunted loudly and jerked his head back toward the house. Peter groaned loudly and threw his hands up in frustration,
"Seriously ?!. We are not going back for that damn chainsaw! You can do it with your hands!"
Derek grunted loudly again and turned dragging his shovel at his side, Peter begrudgingly following behind. The pair trudged through the darkness until they broke through the thick line of trees revealing that back porch of the Hale house

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Stiles heart pounded in his chest as he slammed open the back kitchen door, blood smearing against the chipping white paint. His feet pounded on the dry yellowing grass as he sprinted across the back yard and into the tree line.

2 hours earlier
Danny howled in pain as Jackson perched him up against a tree as Stiles clenched his jaw and twisted around to the group as they came to a stop again.
"We can't keep stopping."
"He's in pain! Let him rest."
"He'll rest plenty when he's dead Jackson which will happen pretty fucking quick if you don't keep moving."
He didn't bother to wait for a response as he pushed forward through the dark thick forest floor until his feet broke free from the thicket and landed on the dirt track. He glanced to the left and waved the group forward.
"Come on, it's just up the road."
Scott paled as he saw Stiles turn to the left and shook his head.
"No way."
"Do you two want Danny to die ?. Is that what this is ? Because you are working really hard to accomplish that."
Scott snapped his mouth shut in response and they continued to drag the bleeding whining Danny up the dirt track and towards the house

*back at camp*
Lydia brought her knees to her chest and dramatically chittered her jaw as she threw a glare towards the line of trees.
"Where the hell are they ?."
Allison was pacing as she watched for any sign of the boys with deep concern,
"Maybe they got hurt ?"
"Or maybe they're playing a DUMB FUCKING PRANK."
She shook her head, perfect curls falling over her delicate shoulder and down onto her chest as she spoke to Allison's back. A loud revving noise of an engine burst behind her and as she leapt to turn around the teeth of a chainsaw bit into her shoulder. She let out a monsterous scream as Allison turned her own scream joining Lydia's until a thick rough palm slapped over her mouth and muffled her voice. Her eyes widened as she watched the chainsaw tear out of Lydia's arm and pushed through her chest. Red blood poured from her chest drenching her clothes and her scream became wet as if she were drowning before she dropped to the floor. That was when the man holding her mouth finally spoke
"Such pretty hair..."

*The Boys*
Finally as Danny whimpered once again pathetically the withering farm house came into view and he ran towards the house.
"Help! Help, we need help!...Derek!"
Stiles slammed his open palms against the door until a tall dark haired woman came storming out looking pissed but beautiful.
"Our friend stepped in a bear trap...we need help."
Laura slowly looked over Stiles,
"Shouldn't be walking where you're not sposed too."
"Listen you crazy hillbilly bitch if you don't get us a fucking phone I will burn this shit shack to the ground."
Jacksons voice cut through the tension and Stiles turned to give him an eerily similar glare as Laura did the same.
"Jackson. Shut. The. Fuck. Up."
Stiles hissed out as Laura slowly walked towards Jackson with purpose and invaded his space before turning to glance at Danny's pale sweating face with a soft huff of laughter.
"Not my problem your boyfriend don't look where he steps." She tapped Dannys wounded leg with her boot causing him to let out a deep groan of pain. An older woman slipped through the door wiping her hands on her apron and tutted loudly.
"Laura enough with your foul manners. Come on in. Let have a look at that leg. Laura go fetch some clean rags and some vodka."
Stiles felt his shoulders slump in relief as he held open the door to allow the others in. They dropped Danny into an old beaten couch that was more patches than original fabric. Stiles slumped by the door frame panting from the heat as he glanced around the house. It seemed dark and a little old but other than that it seemed like any other home. It could use a good cleaning and some rearranging but it had potential to be a really beautiful home. His attention was caught by a long hanging wind spinner, it was brilliantly white and carved intricately. As he reached out to touch it Laura leaned against the wall next to him.
"Like it ?...I made it, out of bone. Waste none of the hunt. That's how you respect their sacrifice."
Stiles pulled his hand away from the wind chime and nodded as Laura spoke,
"Its really beautiful."
"Much nicer than the hides Derek makes."
Stiles eyes lit up a little at the mention of Derek and Laura smirked smugly.
"Do you wanna see some ?"
Danny cried out at Talia sat on a small foot stool and began cutting away the blood soaked fabric hushing him softly as only a mother can. Stiles nodded and followed Laura out into the hall, she held open the door to the basement and nodded her head.
"He stays down there."
Each stair creaked and protested as Stiles made his way down into the basement. A soft yellow light from the bulb illuminated the room a work desk covered in various skins and hides, a coarkboard above his bed held some photos. His bed was surprisingly small considering Derek's frame and Stiles smiled softly thinking of Derek trying to climb into the bed. He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his fingers over the harsh scratch blanket and frowned, he would have to remember to give Derek something softer next time he came to the store. Danny's cry filtered down to the basement  and Stiles pushed himself up to go check when the heel of his foot kicked something. He furrowed his brow and knelt down shoving his arm under the bed and pulling out a small shoe box. He glanced towards the door knowing he wasn't supposed to look into this box but he couldnt help his curiosity. What would Derek keep in a box under his bed, what did he hold as valuable and nostalgic. He pulled off the lid and sat back in shock as a photo of himself stared back at him. He rooted around in the box finding the candy bar, photos, a napkin from the dinner where he ate lunch with Scott every weekend, every receipt from the store where he had drawn small smiley faces or stars or a dog. Everything in here was about him before he could try to sort through his thoughts a blood curdling scream sounded from upstairs followed by a dull thud of something hitting the floor and Talias voice. "Oh Derek...what a mess."
Stiles shoved the box under the bed and ran up the stairs, he turned into the hallway and smiled as he saw Derek his eyes slowly falling to the floor where Lydia's cold dead eyes stared back at him. He looked back up at Derek in confusion as Scott slammed into him covered in blood.
"Fucking run!"
Scott slammed out of the back door in the kitchen and Stiles followed after.

Chapter Text

Derek stared at the space in the doorway that Stiles had once been occupying and he spun to give his mother a questioning look. She huffed as she patted the pale sweaty faced bleeding man on the couch as she stood up.
"Now don't give me that look. He came to us. Look at the mess you've made of the carpet Derek!...Well, are you two going to stand there cluttering up my house or are you going to go after those boys!"
Derek frowned beneath his mask his brows furrowing, he did not want to hunt Stiles it made his stomach lurch and his tongue feel heavy in his mouth. Meanwhile Peter slipped out onto the front porch and dragged an unconscious Allison in.
"Tie this one up somewhere while we take care of the vermin."
Derek watched as Peter headed off down the hallway towards where Stiles had ran. Ran. Away from him. He was confused and probably scared and disgusted. He clenched his hand on the handle of his chainsaw and lumbered after Peter with his head down.

Stiles slammed his back against the tree dropping to his ass next to Scott as they both panted heavily.
"What the fuck....what happened ?..."
Scott was shaking his head as his eyes filled with tears.
"She killed him. Slit his throat...she just....oh god...Danny. We just left Danny."
Stiles shifted to face Scott
"Danny was already dead...he couldn't have ran Scott. He would have gotten us killed too. We need to get out of the preserve... the traps...We can try to run on the dirt track for a while but we'll need to use the cover of the preserve...Scott get it together. Please."
Scott was shaking his hands held out covered in blood. A loud roaring noise tore through the silence of the preserve and Stiles grabbed Scott by the shirt keeping low as they both moved as fast as the could using the cover of the trees.

Derek crashed through the trees the chainsaw roaring at his side as he hacked a path through the preserve after the intruder and Stiles. He was still unsure of what to do with Stiles when he found him, Stiles was sweet and kind and warm and Derek didn't want to cut him down. He didn't want to make Stiles stop being warm, if anything he wanted to keep him. Maybe mama would let him keep Stiles as a pet if he promised to clean up after him. He nodded to himself as he followed the trail of flattened grass and broken twigs. It didnt take long before he caught sight of the two scurrying low to the ground he set his eyes on the intruder as suddenly Peter whipped past him hollering loudly and throwing himself at the two in a chaotic attack.

There was a loud animalistic howl and suddenly someone was on top of Stiles pining him to the floor and laughing magically as he struggled.
"Get off of him!"
Scott screamed lifting his foot to kick Peter in the ribs only the kick never came as Derek swung his chainsaw down tearing through his leg. Scott let out a sick blood curdling scream as he dropped to the floor blood pooling into the dirt his hands scrambling at the dirt floor in an attempt to crawl away from the carnage.
Stiles was screaming his eyes and cheeks wet with tears and blood as Peter watched Scott bleed in amusement.
"We got ourselves a real howler here Der!"
Derek let out a low deep growling noise and Peter scowled his mouth twisting unpleasantly as he turned to glance up at him.
"Mama wont let you....No Der!."
Suddenly the weight that had been pining him down was gone and he was being dragged up to his feet and then he was hanging upside down. No, he was being carried over someone shoulder. He settled his screaming and blinked the tears from his eyes to realise Derek was carrying him.
"Oh...Oh thank god. Derek, thank you. Thank you. Please, please dont let them hurt me!... " it was hard to notice at first but the more ground they covered the more it became obvious Derek was carrying him home.
"No...No, no, no, no...NO! NO! DEREK PLEASE NO!"
Derek shook Stiles on his shoulder hard, Mama definitely wouldnt be fond of keeping him if he was so hysterical.
"...Be calm. You're safe."
Stiles choked as he sobbed hanging over Derek's shoulder as the Hale house began to loom before them and Stiles fate was sealed one way or another.

Chapter Text

Derek hauled Stiles off his shoulder as the boy wailed and sobbed loudly begging for his life when Derek had already saved him. Ungrateful. That wasnt Stiles fault though he just hadnt been brought up proper. Mama would teach Stiles manners and then all this noise would stop but for now he had to make Stiles be quiet. He took one hand and held the back of Stiles head while the other clamped over his nose and mouth, his wails became muffled as he thumped and scratched at Derek before his eyes went hazy and he went limp. Derek let him drop before crouching down tilting his head as he did, his chest rose again and Derek made a small sound of relief. He wasnt used to keeping things alive but Stiles was his thing and he didnt want to break his things. He hauled the limp body back over his shoulder and carried him inside.

Talia glanced up and smiled as Derek returned with the intruder over his shoulder, "There's a good boy. Now go put it in the meat cellar..."
Talia was startled by Derek's sudden refusal and glanced at the intruder again watching as he took a shallow breath. Derek hadn't killed him which could only mean one thing.
"I always worried that this would happen. Peter filling your head with nonsense about trinkets and his...perversions. Derek we are family. This home is for family not for some little town whore to..."
Derek held Stiles tighter taking a step back from Mama and kicking the table when she used that word for Stiles. Stiles was good, he was clean and kind and nothing like the others. Laura leaned on the door frame of the kitchen and let out a low whistle at the commotion,
"Let the idiot keep him. He wont last long anyways."
Talia frowned and pursed her lips as she nodded,
"Fine...But he is your responsibility! He stays in your room, he needs to be clean and polite and if you break him then you break him. No fixing that."
Derek stood up a little straighter and nodded before hurrying down into his room with Stiles. He laid him out on his bed and pushed his hair from his face, he was dirty and would need a bath but he could sleep for now. Derek didnt mind too much if he got the bed dirty anyway.

His head was thumping painfully as he slowly and sluggish began to wake up. His body ached in a way he didnt know was possible and he was so...confused. Until it all came rushing back to him he sat up quickly and stumbled over the side of the bed only to have his arm retched back painfully. He let out a cry of pain as he turned to see his wrist cuffed and chained to a metal ring in the wall.
He tugged on it desperately but it was no use he wasn't going anywhere without a key or bolt cutters. He climbed back up onto the bed and glanced around the room, the all too familiar room and his stomach sank like he had swallowed a weight. He was in Derek's room...but he was still alive which had to mean something. Just as he was beginning to process and plan a large metal sliding door opened and Derek appeared in a once white but now stained yellow and brown apron. His eyes landed on Stiles and he wiped his hands on the apron almost like he didn't want Stiles to see the blood.
" have to let me go."
Derek shook his head as he untied the apron and sat it down before coming on to the bed and kneeling down.
"Keep you."
Stiles shook his head as tears slid down his dirty face,
"You-You cant keep me. People are gonna look for me...You'll be in trouble Der, come on you're a good guy. You don't want to do this."
Derek simply reached out to catch one of Stiles tears on his cheeks and licked it off his finger.