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Sunset and Moonlight

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Kanade hates camping.

You would think she’d be a little used to it after having spent almost a year doing nothing but that when she had to rest, but it never gets easier. Those many years away from traveling may have made the experience worse, though.

Her leg aches even worse than usual, she’s exhausted, she doesn’t want to get up from her spot on the ground, but sleeping out here doesn’t sound any more appealing.

At least she gets to watch her girlfriend set up some temporary shelter.

Honami always seemed like such an unassuming young woman, but she’s deceptively strong. Kanade is lucky to have her around. For more reasons than that, of course.

But… she also probably couldn’t set up a camp alone. Between her bad leg, bad eye, and generally low strength, it just wouldn’t go well. Unless she wanted to try and make a shelter out of ice. It wouldn’t last outside of the coldest months though, not even in the colder northern regions. She’s tried before.

So it’s up to Honami, while Kanade admires her at a distance.

Honami is very pretty, even while she’s working. Even when she’s tired and worn out from traveling. Her pinkish brown hair turns a brilliant color in the sunset, and her calm, focused expression is a lovely one to see. Kanade doesn’t need two working eyes to know that much.

She’s not sure how a wreck of a demon like herself deserves such a lovely woman, but Honami’s feelings are genuine, as she’s been reminded time and time again. After everything she’s been through, maybe she does deserve one good thing.

As Honami finishes setting up the tent, Kanade pulls herself off the ground with a groan, fighting to keep her left leg from giving out on her. She limps over slowly, and hugs her girlfriend from behind.

Honami laughs, a warm, soft sound, and says, “Hi, Kanade. Is there something you want?”

“Just wanted you…” she mumbles. And then her stomach growls, rather loudly. “Well… maybe food too.”

As night falls and the fire is extinguished, the small camp is illuminated by moonlight.

The way the light hits everything, it makes Kanade’s white hair almost glow, and Honami can’t help but stare briefly in amazement. It isn’t the first time she’s seen this happen with the demon, but it’s a rare and beautiful sight.

Kanade is always pretty, Honami thinks, even if she doubts it most of the time. But demons aren’t exactly well liked here, and she’s grown up in a place where almost everyone wanted her dead, so Honami can’t blame her either. Instead, she’ll prove just how much Kanade deserves to be loved.

The demon looks up hesitantly, her one blue eye turning reflective in the limited light, and she points to the tent.

She’s a bit shaking despite standing in place, and with how wobbly her first step forward is, Honami can’t just let her go like that. Instead, she scoops Kanade up in her arms, prompting a surprised squeak (and probably some embarrassed blushing that she can’t see right now), and simply carries her to the tent.

It isn’t long before they’ve settled in the tent to sleep. It isn’t very comfortable, but it’s better than nothing.

Kanade is restless, fidgety against Honami’s chest. It’s keeping Honami awake too, feeling her girlfriend’s worries.

She begins to gently rub Kanade’s horns, a little trick that usually helps calm her down. Kanade starts to purr not long afterwards, a rough but content sound, and her movements slow as she curls up tighter.

Once she’s sure Kanade is asleep, Honami kisses her once on the forehead, and shifts into a more comfortable position. It isn’t going to be an easy night, the first of many during their trip where they won’t be able to stay in a town for Kanade’s safety, but she’ll try her best anyway.

The feeling of Kanade pressed up against her, the knowledge that they’re together and safe, it’s enough to reassure her for now.

Eventually, sleep claims Honami too.

Their journey will continue in the morning, and every night after this will get a little bit easier.