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The sun rose as usual, and Keqing was already ready to get out of the door. As usual. Except, this time, that god-forsaken hangover wasn’t ready to get out of her head, and no amount of cold showers and head massages would get it out.

“Wow, this really sucks.” She muttered to herself, slamming open her door to get to work.

Last night was a blur. Drinking with Beidou. Screaming along to something with Beidou and some girl with the prettiest shade of blue to her hair she’d ever seen. Dancing with a blue-haired girl. And maybe asking the blue haired girl for her number? She couldn’t remember the events of last night. Whatever, it was a one-night thing right?

It was not a one-night thing.

“Hey hey, Keqing!” said Beidou. “You seemed to be getting along with Ningguang’s secretary quite well last night huh?”

“What?” Keqing replied in a daze, after bursting into the company building completely out of breath with a splitting headache. Ningguang was snickering next to Beidou, her hand covering her mouth.

Secretary? Isn’t the secretary Ganyu? No way that she was there last night. Until Keqing sees Ganyu sitting at her desk, looking her way. They both avert their gaze with a blush.
“A-anyways,” Keqing stutters, “Shouldn’t we be getting to work? Wait a second, why are you here even Beidou?”
The person in question turns beet red, and surprisingly enough, Ningguang does as well.

“Ningguang, don’t tell me that you hooked up with my best friend last night!” screamed Keqing, causing the entire office to look over at what the noise was about. After that, they resolved to not talk about it again unless they wanted office gossip to go around.


The morning passes in a blur, until at lunch, when everyone has gone out for lunch, someone comes knocking on her office door.
“Who is it?” calls Keqing, still engrossed in her work.
“A-ah, it’s me Ganyu here. I have some documents that we have to work through together. Also, maybe we could eat our lunch together while we worked?”
Keqing flinched in surprise. Yes, it was a surprise alright? Her heart most definitely did not skip a beat. That did not happen. Nope.
“Ganyu, you’re such a workaholic,” she calmly replied, trying her hardest to keep her voice steady. “Come in then, we can have lunch together.”
A sweet smile appears on Ganyu’s face, and she sits down opposite Keqing’s desk as she places down the documents and her food. The warm and fuzzy feeling in Keqing’s heart refused to go away, no matter how much she tried to deny it. Ganyu opened up her lunch box, which had a goat on it.
“That’s cute, almost as cute as the owner of that box.” Keqing subconsciously thought. “Wait what.”
Keqing really shouldn’t be thinking of her colleague like that. Nope. It would interfere with her….uh… yes, work. She gets down to working with Ganyu, eating their lunches and chatting while filling out the documents. As the sky got darker and darker, more and more employees left the building, when finally, it was the 2 resident workaholics of Qixing Co., Ganyu and Keqing who were the last ones still working.
“Well, that’s all of the work for today. Surprising that we were told to work together today even though we’re from mostly different departments.” said Ganyu, in the midst of a long yawn.
“Yeah, I wonder why. Well, at least we got the work done.” replied Keqing.
Keqing obviously knew why. It was one of Ningguang’s attempts at getting back at her after the morning’s fiasco, to try and fish for feelings that Keqing most certainly doesn’t have for her co-worker. No, not at all. She was pretty sure that Ganyu only saw her as a superior and nothing more than that.
“Anyways since it’s so late Ganyu, why don’t we go home?” said Keqing, not thinking about how she honestly could have phrased that better.
“U-um, alright Miss Keqing. If that’s what you really want.”
“Alright then, pack up your stuff and let’s go have some dinner before we return home.” replied Keqing, completely oblivious to how Ganyu’s face was extremely red.