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Now That She Had Them

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“I hate you!” Kylo shrieked at the top of his lungs. His high, youthful little voice was a piercing, rage-filled sound, but what was worse to his parents was that it sounded like he meant it. “I hate all of you!”

“Why, Ky?” Ben asked quietly, in a voice that should have been indistinguishable from his twin’s- but anyone could easily tell the difference between them, identical or not. And not just because their parents dressed Kylo in red and Ben in blue.

The angry five year old began listing reasons, or explaining, but he was so emotional- angry and overwhelmed and furious, and relieved to have been asked at all- that it sounded like gibberish to both Han and Leia. Whatever it was, though, Ben’s lip began to quiver and tears filled his eyes.

“That’s enough,” snapped Han, and Kylo shrieked loudly, unceasing, until Han began stomping up the stairs. Kylo wavered in fear, his voice dying out with a shiver, and then looked at Han as if he had been wronged so greatly.

They just hadn’t woken him up yet. Ben had gotten up first, then woke up his mother. Han had gotten up for work shortly thereafter. Kylo came down the stairs with sleep in his eyes and scowled at his family enjoying the morning without him.

Han couldn’t understand what the fuckin’ kid’s problem was. Leia couldn’t understand why, if he was so desperate for affection, he fought it relentlessly whenever it was offered.

All Kylo knew was that he was angry and alone and that everyone else deserved to pay for making him that way. He was five, after all.

All Ben knew was that Kylo was really, really mean all of the time, and he just wanted to get hugs and kisses and cuddles without Kylo teasing him for once. He was five, after all.

“You wipe that fucking look off of your face right now, young man!” Han shouted as Ben and Leia exchanged sad eyes. “You march right down those steps and you apologize to your brother-!”

“NO!” Kylo shrieked, barely sounding human, stomping and jumping. “You can’t make me! You can’t make- no- NO! Stop it! Let me go! LET ME GO!”

Han carried a squirming Kylo over his shoulder. Their faces were red and angry; Han also looked haunted, though, and Kylo also looked terrified.

Han didn’t know why. The worst Han had ever given him was ten swats- that was when he’d broken Ben’s nose. The worst he usually got was five swats, never hard. Just with the palm of his hand- never a fucking belt, like his Dad had given him.

If Han had had a brother, and treated him half as poorly as Kylo treated Ben, Han wouldn’t have been able to sit for a week.

It took Han two and a half hours in the den with Kylo. Kylo screamed and shrieked for the first half, then sobbed and snarled. But, two and a half hours later, Kylo dragged his feet on the way out and stared at the ground.

He looked really scary to Ben. The sight engraved itself into his mind. His eyes were red and surrounded by purple. He looked skinny and ghostlike. Ben shuddered and squeezed his mother close; Kylo’s eyes narrowed at the sight, lips tightening.

Leia would usually yell at him for that, but she didn’t want to know what Han would do. Besides, Han was already late, scrambling to make himself a thermos of coffee and muttering about missing breakfast for ‘this fucking shit’.

“Sorry, Ben,” Kylo all but spat.

“Try again,” Han snarled.

Then, Kylo got even scarier. His whole face neutralized and, in a scary, empty voice, he said “I’m sorry, Benny.”

“There,” Han said. “Was that so hard? I have to go. Love you all.” Han pressed a quick kiss into Ben’s cheek, then Leia’s. “Come here!” he snapped at Kylo.

It was a struggle to get Kylo to come closer, but as soon as he did, Han’s watch started beeping and he cursed.

“You took too fuckin’ long- damnit- Chewie’s gonna rip me a new asshole for it this time-”

Kylo watched his father leave without giving him a kiss, and turned to run up the stairs before Mama or Ben could see the tears welling up.

They wouldn’t care anyway. Daddy said it all the time- “no one gives a shit” whenever he really needed something.

He jumped onto his red bed and screamed, flailing into and battering his whole mattress.

Daddy had walked over to Mama and Ben. Why did Kylo have to walk to him?

He was so sad, so angry, so lonely all the time. And no one cared. So, why should he care?

He didn’t. He couldn’t. They hurt him too much for it.




They were fourteen when they started freshman year. It wasn’t even lunchtime on the first full day of class, and Kylo was leaning against a brick wall, cigarette in hand. Ben scowled from his spot near the window, watching. Kylo was surrounded by juniors and seniors, passing a cigarette back and forth. Kylo looked as unbothered as he had for years, his eyes cool and relaxed and moderately bored. Sometimes, he’d glance at one of the girls and give her an almost dismissive once-over- the boredom would grow, and something like pity would have his lips curling into a smirk.

Ben simmered in fury, but kept his composure. Something Kylo really fucking ought to learn how to do.

The years went on, and Kylo could often be found in the same little gap between school buildings, smoking cigarettes or joints or slugging Jack Daniels. When he was an underclassmen, the girls were always upperclassmen. When he’d hit junior year, though, he’d started taking a vested interest in freshmen girls, and by senior year, they were all he’d entertain, even a little.

There he was, Mr. Popular. Girls swooned at the sight of him, and every guy wanted to be him- for some, that manifested as hatred, and for others, some weird idolization, but they crumpled to Kylo all the same. Somehow, after failing half of his classes freshman year and having to double his load for sophomore year, he’d started magically getting female teachers for all the classes he did poorly in, and charmed and occasionally fucked his way to a solid B-. He was doing great at school- Cs and Bs in grades, and absolutely acing the social aspects of it.

What was worse was that Mom and Dad had given up on him. He did well enough in school, and he never got arrested. He didn’t bring home pregnant girls or ask for condoms or Plan B or anything like that. As far as they were concerned, Kylo had grown up as good as they could have hoped. They largely just let him live his life however he wanted now.

Ben was pissed. He worked his fucking ass off and all he’d gotten out of it were harder classes- stupid fucking AP courses that Mama wouldn’t let him switch out of- and Dad rode his ass when he slipped up and got a B+ rather than an A. He was told ‘no’ when he asked to go out to parties and the one time he’d actually asked a girl on a date, Mom had nipped that in the bud. Now, Voe fucking hated him and he was the butt of far too many jokes for something that had happened two goddamn years ago.

Kylo had everything. He had everyone wrapped around his finger and he mocked girls for liking him, then fucked them, anyway, and promptly lost their numbers. He did poorly in school and had next to no homework and he wouldn’t do it, anyway, and he was happy about it. He had fucking everything, and still, he had to rub it in Ben’s face all the fucking time- and the fact that Ben had none of it.

“Do you wanna come, too, Ben?” asked one girl just trying to get in Kylo’s good graces.

“Nah,” Kylo had answered for him, eyes shimmering with sadistic delight. “He’s studying- got a test for AP Chem that he’s been bugging about.”

It was true, and that made Ben even angrier. Why the fuck did Kylo get to do whatever he wanted, but Ben couldn’t flop one fucking test in order to feel like he was some semblance of alive?

“You got a date to prom?” Uncle Chewie asked.

Kylo snorted derisively. “‘Course he doesn’t.”

“Who’re you takin’, then, stud?” Uncle Lando asked.

Kylo’s eyes shimmered, and he grinned. “Bazine fucking Netal.”

Hatred, envy, greed, lust, vitriol. It consumed Ben, and he kept it locked inside. Let it eat at him until it felt like there was nothing left.

Everything ate at him until it felt like he had nothing left. He was a hollow husk of nothing.

And Kylo was taking Bazine fucking Netal to the prom. The girl Ben had liked since they all first started at Alderaan Preparatory School.

Immediately after the uncles’ footsteps had moved past the stairs, Ben grabbed his brother by the shoulders and shoved him into the wall.

Kylo lifted one brow, eyeing Ben in… Curiosity? He seemed only slightly wary, and mostly- intrigued?

Dare Ben think he looked- slightly impressed?

“The fuck do you think you’re doing, taking her to prom?” Ben demanded.

Kylo’s eyes narrowed, a grin spreading over his face. He tilted his head to the side, dripping in amusement. “Getting my dick wet. Benny’s crush puts out for anything over six foot with any semblance of sexual appeal.” Kylo gave Ben a critical glance, accompanied by a dazzling, cruel smirk.

Ben snarled, and again, Kylo watched- this time, almost in fascination. “Fuck you,” Ben snapped. “I don’t think you’ve fucked anything legal since before you were.”

Kylo laughed. “Keep track of my exploits, do you, Benny? That’s a little weird- unless you’re jealous.”

“Jealous?” Ben snarled. He shoved his forearm into Kylo’s throat, feeling frenzied and unhinged. “Of course I’m fucking jealous, asshole.”

Surprise passed over Kylo’s face then. “Yeah?” his voice was strained all of a sudden. He shrugged Ben off, straightened his jacket, and Ben bunched up his fists and glowered at eyes identical to his own. “Join the fucking club, golden boy Benny. Get fucked- oh,” Kylo took a step forward, something harsh and cold in his eyes. “You can’t.”

Ben punched Kylo in the face. Kylo bent over, hand flying to his face.

Ben had seen Kylo in fights. Ben could not take Kylo in a fight.

But in fights, even if the other guy swung first, Kylo’s blow always hit first.

Kylo flashed Ben a lethal glower. “You turn and you walk away,” he said in a low, threatening tone. But rather than angry, right now he sounded- bitter. “Or I’ll fuck you up, asshole.”

Ben kicked. It didn’t connect. The two started fighting- really, it was Kylo fighting and Ben flailing in rage and desperation, just like Kylo had done so often only a decade or so ago. “God- knows- it’s the most- brotherly- fucking- bonding that you’d- give me!”

That stopped Kylo dead, and Ben went to kick him, but suddenly, Kylo’s knees were digging into Ben’s and his hands had a death grip on Ben’s wrists. Kylo, panting, glared at Ben, shaking slightly. “Just because you’re fucking jealous that I finally found people that like me,” he snarled. “Doesn’t mean you have some fucking sense of ‘brotherly’ affection now.”

“Now?” Ben spat back, struggling- but it was no use. Kylo worked out, and Ben… Studied. He wasn’t small; against the average guy, he’d probably outmatch them as well as Kylo was outmatching Ben. But he wasn’t up against the average guy.

He was up against a more muscular and more experienced carbon copy of himself.

“What the fuck is that shit, asshole? While you were up here wrecking our fucking room, I was downstairs wishing my brother would come- I don’t fucking know- throw a ball around or some other shit kids do. Fuck you.”

Kylo snarled and suddenly, he was shoving himself to his feet. “Sure, asshole. Remember it like that. You’ve got fucking everything- you get handed fucking everything- and you don’t get to throw fists at me for the one fucking thing I had to get for my goddamn self.”

With that, Kylo slammed the door to their bedroom shut and all but tumbled down the stairs. Ben stayed like that, sitting on the floor with his legs extended, supporting his weight with one outstretched hand, for a long time.

Kylo put on a real show with Bazine at prom. Ben watched, numb and nearly unseeing.

It was the last time Ben couldn’t tear his eyes away when Kylo put on a show. Kylo only seemed to get angrier, but to Ben’s surprise, he started keeping it to himself more.

It didn’t feel better. In fact, it felt worse.

They graduated before they were eighteen, their birthdays in the summer- right on the cusp of zodiac signs. Ben was a Cancer, and Kylo was a Leo, and Mom would go on and on about how they fit it so perfectly.

Ben had scholarships to just about all of the best universities that offered them, as well as financial aid to the Ivy League of his choice. Kylo had scoffed at the idea of community college. He had a band that played on weekends at a local dive bar, and between that and odd jobs, he was saving up to ‘get the fuck outta dodge’.

Then, they were eighteen. No parties, but Dad sat them both down at the table, Chewie and Lando leaning on the counter, Mom frowning in disapproval from her usual spot. He slapped a case of beer onto the table, then a bottle of his favorite whiskey, then a big bottle of vodka.

“Happy birthday, assholes, and fuck you for all the hell you gave me. Drink up.”

Ben had two beers and a shot of whiskey. Kylo finished the vodka and the rest of the beers.

Kylo was passed out on his bed the moment he hit the pillow, his jeans unbuttoned and half unzipped but still on. He had lost one boot and his bare foot dangled towards the floor; the foot still in a boot lay on the mattress, dropping dirt onto it. He had a red mark on his face from where his cheek lay on the zipper of a pocket on his leather jacket. He was drooling and snoring.

Ben was sitting on his own bed. Their room was split into two, perfect mirror images. There was a white dresser on Ben’s side opposite Kylo’s black dresser, and in between them, the door to the hallway. Their beds were pressed into corners; Kylo had black sheets and a red comforter, and Ben had white sheets and a blue comforter. Their nightstands, black and white, sat side by side across from the door. The walls were all white, Ben’s side decorated in signed book covers hung in frames and posters from video games and comics; Kylo’s side was decorated in polaroids and photo booth picture strips and posters about musicians and movies.

They were so similar and so different. Ben’s brow knitted as he slowly mustered the will to sit forward and pluck off his slipper, then throw it at his twin’s face. Kylo snored louder, then sniffed and shifted. Ben threw the other slipper. “Get the fuck up, asshole,” Ben whisper-snapped.

Kylo’s eyes dragged open, face twisted with grogginess. “Fuck zzhjou want?” he slurred out, voice more messed up by sleep than booze.

Kylo was no stranger to chugging alcohol like it was water.

“I want a fucking hug,” Ben snapped.

Ben was a lightweight, and certainly not used to alcohol.

“You- what?” Kylo hissed, dragging himself into a sitting position.

“I want a fucking hug, asshole. Did I stutter?”

Kylo glowered at Ben for a long few moments. He almost looked- suspicious. “You woke me up for a hug?”


Kylo leaned forward, dripping venom and agitation. “Blow me.” He rolled over, laying on his side, facing away from his brother.

“Fine,” Ben said. “That’s what it takes to earn a fucking a hug, I guess.”

“Get bent.”

“Fine.” Ben crawled off of his bed and onto Kylo’s.

Kylo ignored him. Ben slapped the back of Kylo’s head as hard as he could and Kylo snarled- in an instant, he had Ben’s wrists pinned into the wall. “Hit me again, you dumb motherfucker,” Kylo spat, looking like a madman. His teeth were bared, eyes shimmering with fury, any hint of sleep or alcohol entirely absent. “And I’ll fucking kill you. And offer to blow me again?” Kylo leaned in closer. “I’ll fuck your throat until you drown in my fucking come, asshole. Get off my bed, you filthy fucking- pansy-” Kylo shoved a drunken Ben off of the red bed, and Ben hit his blue bed and doubled over with a huff. After a moment, Ben glanced back at Kylo to see him looking- upset. Ben didn’t have time to unpack the look before Kylo was rolling over again, facing away once more.

Ben clambered onto his bed and stared at the ceiling. “You scared the shit out of me,” he whispered. “All the time, everyday. But I always had some sense of ‘brotherly affection’, and if you ever say I didn’t again, I’ll fucking kill you.”

Kylo said nothing, just shifted slightly on the bed.




Kylo got the fuck out of dodge not a month after Ben left for Harvard. Kylo was touring with his band, The Knight of Ren, and he dropped Solo from his name and used his middle name, Ren, as his surname. Ben’s plan was to go to Harvard for his history degree, and Yale for law school.

Kylo didn’t plan. Ben envied that.

Kylo flourished as a musician the second he left the quiet, modest city of Chandrila. Before Ben could graduate Harvard, TKOR was on the radio. Before Ben could graduate law school, Kylo Ren was a household name, as big and as known as any modern rockstar could be. He was a master of making his songs palatable enough for the mainstream, but still kept the raw, rock-and-roll rage that called out to fans of his chosen genre.

At twenty five, when he was officially a lawyer at last, Ben was more than a little fucking lonely.

He saw Bazine Netal again for the first time in years when he was still a newcomer, but a promising one. He worked in New York City under his uncle- his only blood uncle, Luke- and absolutely dominated in the courtroom. Between his skill and nepotism, he had the pick of cases right from the get-go. He never had to protect anyone he believed deserved what was coming. She was his assistant.

He pined silently for her and watched her whenever he found the chance. She had pretty, hazel-brown eyes, her skin always so flawless and sunkissed. She’d let her natural hair grow out; it was dark where it had been platinum blonde in high school. She’d put on just a bit of weight, and it suited her well. She didn’t look quite so much like she starved herself anymore.

She looked good.

He still wanted her, but now, she was just a painful reminder- a walking memory of his darkest times.

“Mr. Solo,” Baz- she liked being called Baz, not Bazine, he’d learned- said as she poked into his office.

“Miss Netal,” he said.

She looked so flustered, apologetic. “My- my daughter’s babysitter cancelled, so I have to go-... I have to go. Pick her up from daycare, then watch her.”

Ben blinked once, twice, thrice. “Okay,” he said. “How, ah, how old is she?” He knew for a damned fact that Kylo had fucked her, and he knew for a damned fact that Kylo never used condoms.

Dumb fucking asshole.

“She’s five,” Baz said.

Oh, thank God. “Yeah- yes, of course. Family comes first.”

Baz smiled and thanked him before disappearing.

It started happening more and more. Always a new excuse- if she went back to one, it was well after using it the last time. Eventually, he heard her whispering with a coworker, Kaydel Connix, calling Ben a ‘sucker’ for letting her ‘scam him’ out of her paycheck for ‘almost no work’. Called him foolish and oblivious.

Oblivious? Hardly. Foolish? … He had to give her that.

He sat her down in his office. He was perched on the edge of his desk, arms folded, eyes as sympathetic as they could be.

“Do you know how many times you’ve called off in the past three months?” Ben asked quietly.

“I know,” Baz said, laying on her flustered charm.

It was a ruse. It didn’t quite meet her eyes.

“I know, and I’m sorry-”

“Thirty-seven times, Miss Netal. And those are just the times you showed up- you left early a fair amount, too. Miss Tico’s been doing more of your work than you have- maybe I should give her half of your salary, too?”

Bazine paled, and instantly, her charismatic veneer fell to anger and self-importance. Her lips were pursed.

“Now,” Ben said after she was silent for a few moments. “You’ll get your full pay. She’ll receive a bonus for all of her hard work and dedication. You’re fired. Feel more than free to file for unemployment. Now, go.”

Baz rose up and walked out without another word. She did file for unemployment- listing some bullshit reason for being let go- and she got it.

Cold, fakeness, distance, pressure. It was all he knew. He had the weight of the world on his shoulders, always. But Ben was fairly confident that Atlas had never found himself so close to crumbling.

Whatever. Good for Baz. She did, indeed, have a five-year-old daughter. Regardless of Bazine’s habits and attitude, he didn’t want to be the reason that little girl went without food.

Across the country, in L.A., Kylo was just as plagued by his own struggles.

Fire, fakeness, distance, numbness. It was all he knew. He was a starving wolf in the middle of a desert, hot and hungry and thirsty and alone, surrounded by deadness. It wasn’t as poetic as Ben’s Atlas scenario. None of Kylo’s ever were.

He saw Bazine again, too. He was twenty, and he fucked her seventeen times in the course of one week, violent and hateful, nitty and gritty. She came to him pregnant and he tossed her a band of money and told her to take care of it however she wanted.

He never bothered to call and ask what she’d done. He didn’t even think about it, really. It wasn’t exactly a unique experience. He didn’t bother with getting a vasectomy for years- until he did.

Women threw themselves at him, and they’d stay until they were serviceably dicked out, and then take whatever goodies he’d thrown money away on for them and leave. Whatever. It was a bottomless resource, just like money. And weed. And booze. And coke.

He was big on coke, but he watched how much he used it. Made sure he never needed it. Rehab seemed like a fucking headache and a half. Concerts were a blur. Interviews were a drag. If he was alive, he didn’t really feel like it, but it was a helluva lot better than feeling like it.

The more time passed, the less he wrote the songs they played. He’d run out of ideas, but his bandmates wrote good shit, too, so. Whatever.

His parents called maybe two, three times a year. Brotherly affection be damned, Ben didn’t call at all.

He was a hotshot lawyer with good old Uncle Luke- the one Kylo hated, the one Ben idolized. Luke had been absent for all of their childhood, sending amazing presents at Christmas and birthdays.

Kylo was fucking tired.

They were twenty-seven when they saw each other again- his manager had told him Ben wanted a ticket to the show that TKOR was playing in New York, and Kylo gave it to him. He didn’t catch sight of him in the crowd, but there was no chance in hell that noise-sensitive, timid Benny boy would be caught dead in the mosh pit of a rock concert, anyway. Kylo was uniquely sober for that concert, and he was almost surprised to find it sucked ass that way.

Oh, well. Now he knew to keep avoiding it in the future.

He did find Ben afterwards, though, waiting for him. He was sitting on a sofa in Kylo’s room backstage, pinching the bridge of his nose between a thumb and forefinger.

Long gone were the days of Benny in ill-fitting khaki shorts and random good-boy sweaters that Leia had picked out for him. Ben was wearing a bespoke three piece suit- the blazer and trousers were silver and almost shimmered in the light, his vest and tie were damask velvet and royal blue, and his dress shirt was a pale shade of blue. His hair was shorter than Kylo’s but still somewhat long, and his face was as clean-shaven as it had been since the twins had started growing any facial hair at all.

Kylo glanced down at his own outfit. Black leather pants and a red muscle shirt, a few necklaces dangling from his neck, some bracelets on each arm and two rings on his fingers. He had one garish earring. His hair brushed his shoulders and he had a messy goatee. It wasn’t his taste, but the women on Twitter who used his pictures as their headers and icons sure loved it.

Red and blue. A total coincidence. It left a sour taste in his mouth.

“Hey, stranger,” Kylo said, drawing Ben’s attention. Kylo walked over to his chair to start gingerly plucking off his jewelry.

“Hello,” Ben said. Just like always, the low baritone that should have been identical to his own sounded almost foreign to his own ears. Ben was poised and proper and polite; Kylo was raw and reedy and booming. “You did good.”

“Yeah? Didn’t figure that to be your kinda shit.”

Ben pursed his lips in something resembling distaste, eyeing the floor. “The concert is not, admittedly,” Ben said. “But the music is good. I grew up on Lynyrd Skynyrd and Queen, too.”

That much was true. Kylo plucked the earring out last and dropped it from a small distance onto the other jewelry. “How’s shilling for rich fucks all day, everyday?”

Ben pursed his lips. “As draining as I’d figured it would be, but it pays far more handsomely. How’s being a rich fuck?”

Kylo barked out a laugh. “It’s shit. Who knew coke and cunt couldn’t quite fill the lonely?”

He hadn’t been expecting to admit that, but he played it off all the same. Ben’s eyes found his reflection, but Kylo avoided them.

He had a quiet, pensive look. Sympathetic. He looked just as tired and lonely as Kylo felt.

… It had been all he wanted, as a pissy little preteen, to make Ben just as miserable as himself. So why did it only make him feel more desolate?

Ben got up and Kylo felt his shoulders tense despite himself.

Blow me.


Get bent.


Words that echoed through Kylo’s head constantly.

Ben set a hand on either of Kylo’s shoulders and squeezed softly. “I miss you,” he barely breathed.

Kylo scowled. “Yeah? They ain’t got phones here in NYC?”

“Do they have them in L.A.?”

Kylo only glowered at Ben through the mirror, a warning. Ben clapped into Kylo’s shoulders a few times in gentle acquiescence, then walked back to the sofa.

“How long are you in town? We should grab drinks.”

“That was the last show on this tour,” he said. “As long or as short as I want my stay to be.”

Ben nodded, sitting down and expertly adjusting his suit. “Alright. Do you have my number?”

“Is it the same as it was in high school?”

“No,” Ben said with a frown.

… Kylo’s was. He scowled slightly. “Well, then, no, I don’t.”

“Is yours? What if someone from school leaks-?”

“Shut the fuck up, Dad. Eat my fuckin’ ass.”

“Fine,” Ben said in an even, unbothered voice.

Kylo turned to scowl. “Do you remember that fuckin’ night, lightweight?”


Kylo was on his feet in a moment, and then loomed over Ben. “On your fucking knees, then.”

Ben… Slipped onto his fucking knees. He loosened his tie considerably.

Kylo actively shut his mind off and fumbled with the stupid fucking leather.

“I’ve never done this,” Ben said. “Just a warning.”

“Never sucked your twin brother’s cock? I hope not- I think I’d remember it. Unless we’re triplets and Mommy and Daddy never bothered to mention it to me.”

Ben pursed his lips as Kylo shoved the waistband down not three inches below his growing bulge. Kylo was actively fighting off any rational thoughts. “I’ve never sucked any cock,” Ben said, voice… Almost conversational. “So, if it sucks- that would be why.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Kylo snarled, shoving his briefs down. “And get your brother’s fat fucking cock in your- mouth…” Kylo groaned the last word, head tipping back as Ben wrapped his lips around the tip of Kylo’s dick.

Fuck, yeah.

Kylo thrust forward and Ben grunted, brow furrowing. “You can take fucking more than that, Benny. Come on. Choke on it- let me feel you fuckin’ gag on it.”

Ben grabbed Kylo’s hips and experimentally worked more cock into his mouth. Kylo was taken with the sight of Ben’s focus as he swallowed more of his cock. His eyes were closed and his head turned very slightly back and forth.

Ben bobbed his head and Kylo thrusted lightly. He buried his fingers in hair that felt so different from his own- thicker, silkier, straighter. When Ben pulled back to breathe, Kylo set his foot on the cushion and guided Ben’s lips to his sack. “Suck my balls, Benny- fuck. More tongue- fuck, that’s good. Yeah, bitch, just like that- fuck…”

Kylo could tell Ben had never done this before, but he seemed to grasp the concept fairly well and learn very quickly.

“Eat my ass,” Kylo urged, leaning forward towards his foot on the couch, urging Ben’s mouth back.

“Better have fucking showered,” Ben grumbled.

Kylo scowled. “Of course I fucking- shut the fuck up, bitch, and put that fucking tongue on my asshole- fuck. There you fucking go.”

Ben reached up to grip both of Kylo’s thighs as he rimmed him, every once in a while letting a soft grunt or groan slip out. Kylo was a lot fucking louder, spitting filth and praise in turn, hissing and groaning and grunting.

When Kylo grew tired of that, he shoved Ben’s head away. “Bend the fuck over, chest bare and fancy fucking pants around your ankles.”

Ben pulled back and rose gracefully to his feet, looking casually debonair despite the bulge in his pants. Kylo went fishing for his lube while Ben shrugged off his jacket, then his vest. He lost his tie, then his button-down, then the white t-shirt beneath. He undid his belt and opened his pants, dropping them and his boxers to his ankles. He kneeled on spread knees pressed into the cushions of the couch, settling his arm on the back of it and his temple on his arm.

His ass was spread, his hole exposed. It was almost strikingly pink against the porcelain of his skin. Kylo lubed himself up, taking in the sight of Ben’s strong back, and his handsome and almost sleepy expression.

“Are you gonna fuck me or not, Ky?” Ben asked after a moment.

Kylo scowled and stalked forward, and Ben jumped slightly when he sprayed a stream of cold lube onto his asshole. The younger twin worked Ben’s ass open with one finger, then two, then three, until Ben was groaning and gently rocking into Kylo’s rough, unceremonious attentions.

“Tight fucking ass,” he grumbled. “Pretty little fucking hole- fuck, Benny, you look so good, offering yourself up to me like this. Twenty-seven fucking years, and I finally get some of that brotherly affection you’re bursting with.”

Ben gave a warning scowl of his own, and after nearly a decade of distance, Kylo was surprised to see it now carried any weight at all.

Little Benny wasn’t such a fucking nerd anymore, at least.

Kylo added a bit more lube to Ben’s ass as well as his own cock, then notched at his entrance.

“Use a fucking con-”

“Shut the fuck up,” Kylo snarled, sinking in.

Both men groaned at the same time. Ben’s eyes closed, jaw tightening, and Kylo could feel him struggling not to tense up around his brother’s cock. Kylo felt like some hot, wet, perfect little vice had clamped itself right onto his cock. He grabbed one of Ben’s hips in one hand, and his shoulder in the other, and sank in halfway before pulling almost all of the way out and slamming back in, balls deep.

“Fuck,” Ben gasped, walls fluttering. “Calm the fuck down, that- it fucking hurt.”

“Sorry, Benny,” Kylo grumbled, just grinding into his twin. He leaned forward and peppered Ben’s shoulders with kisses. “You feel so fucking good, Ben. Fuck.”

Ben reached up, grabbing Kylo’s hand and dragging him more soundly into his back, leaning back to brush their cheeks together.

Ah, okay.

“Fucking huge,” Ben mumbled. “Fuck.”

Kylo slunk his arms around Ben, finding and teasing his nipples. Ben hissed in a breath, brow knitting. “Yeah, Benny? My cock’s so fucking huge in your tight little virgin ass?”

“Yes,” Ben said. Kylo could just barely see his cock twitch, dangling over the cushions. Kylo let one hand continue to twist and tug at a nipple, spitting on his other hand and wrapping it around Ben’s cock. He groaned and bucked his hips forward, then slowly slid them back, fucking himself on Kylo’s cock.

Kylo moved to kneel on the couch, too, shoving Ben up further. He stroked Ben’s cock slowly at first, dictating how Ben moved his hips and learning just how to elicit each jerk, each groan, each shudder. Kylo was close to coming by the time he was pumping Ben’s cock with haste and vigor, and Ben was fucking Kylo’s hand and then slamming his ass back into Kylo’s hips in turn.

It was so fucking good.

Kylo’s other hand stopped moving between nipples to bury itself in Ben’s hair and yank his head back. “Gonna fuck this ass full of come,” he panted. “And I’m gonna suck you off as it leaks back out of you.”

Ben nodded, eyes firmly closed, face awash with lust. He still looked sleepy- and almost frustrated. He was frowning, but the better Kylo made him feel, the deeper the frown got.

Kylo turned Ben’s face towards his and kissed him. Ben grunted in surprise, then kissed him back. When Kylo was on the cusp of an orgasm, their tongues were making figure-eights between their mouths.

Kylo grunted and thrust forward into Ben as he felt himself unload, leaning in to kiss his brother with far more insistence than he had before. He kept thrusting until he was done, then a few more times to keep it packed inside, before pulling back and yanking Ben around, shoving him onto his ass on the couch.

Kylo had never sucked a guy off before, either, but he’d sucked off a few girls in his time- trans girls, mostly, and one girl who’d detransitioned but had a cock.

This was a lot fucking different than that, though. Kylo, and therefore Ben, had the biggest fucking cock Kylo’d seen that wasn’t edited out the ass, and it was firm and masculine and looked thoroughly harsh, blunt, unapologetic.

Kylo spat several times, using his hand to coat Ben’s length, then shoved his head down as far as he could bear to and began bobbing, sucking, slurping, moving his tongue.

“Christ,” Ben gasped suddenly, grabbing Kylo’s hair. “Ky- oh, yes…”

Kylo reached down to fondle Ben’s giant fucking balls, identical to his own. He seemed to have a fair few of the same unique interests, too- pinching, tugging, squeezing…

Okay, Kylo didn’t actually know how unique that was, to be fair, but he revelled in it all the same.

“I’m gonna come,” said Ben in a strained voice not terribly long after, and Kylo groaned and nodded into his cock. Carefully, he managed to work it all the way into his throat-

And then, Ben came. Kylo chugged the bitter seed that followed, looking up through narrowed eyes to watch as Ben’s head tipped back against the couch, eyes closed but fluttering. It was, perhaps, the first time Kylo had seen him look truly relaxed since they were really fuckin’ little.


When Ben’s cock started to soften in Kylo’s mouth, he finally pulled away and gasped in a breath, sitting on his heels.

“Fifty bucks says Dad’s having a stroke as we speak.”

Ben’s eyes fluttered open as he frowned. “You talk too fucking much.”

Kylo pushed on Ben’s knee to rise to his feet, then adjusted his pants. “I’m staying at Gramercy Park. You look like me- say you forgot your card, act all pissed off, maybe through a plant at a painting. They’ll let you up, or it’ll be really fucking funny to me.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “What room?”

“Fuck if I know. Ask Mitaka.”

Ben set his jaw, then began slowly redressing. “Fine.”

That continued for a long time. Whenever Kylo was in New York; the rare occurrence that Ben was sent to California for work; the one time they’d both been in London at the same time.

They were thirty-one when they decided that they needed a change. They were thirty-eight when they finally got it, finding themselves on set to film their movie. Starring Kylo Ren, directed by Ben Solo, written by both of them.

It was the talk of the world, really. Heartthrob modern marvel Kylo Ren starring in a movie- directed by his fancy ex-attorney, thought-to-be-estranged brother Benjamin Solo.

Ben stalked into Kylo’s changing room to see the younger twin finishing a blunt. Ben scowled, setting his hands on his hips as he always did when he was annoyed. Kylo glanced over in mock interest, then offered the blunt. Ben’s scowl deepened.

“Put that out-”


“And take off your fucking pants,” Ben snarled, opening his own.

Kylo wavered, then glanced at the clock. They were three minutes late already.

Fuck it, sure.

Kylo put out the blunt and got up, loosening the bottoms of his costume and leaned over the futon. He wrestled with the drawer of the nightstand until Ben yanked it open and grabbed the lube. Ben was not as patient nor as infuriatingly slow as he normally was; he squeezed lube so quickly that the nozzle hissed, and took no hesitation to quickly lather up Kylo’s asshole that hadn’t quite managed to tighten back up since he and Ben had started working on the movie thing. Three quick strokes of Ben’s cock later, he was notched at Kylo’s entrance and slid right in.

“Always on your own fucking schedule,” Ben snarled, fast and hard and sure and even with his rhythm. Kylo groaned and relaxed fully as the weed really started kicking in. “Always more fucking concerned about three seconds of fucking pleasure than whatever the fuck you’re supposed to be doing…”

Kylo’s eyes rolled back as Ben located his prostate and began stroking it with each unforgiving thrust.

Ben always made Kylo come just by fucking him. Kylo had to finish Ben off with his mouth.

That being said, Kylo was much better at foreplay, so.

For once, something in their lives felt even, equal.

That, and the movie- Ben was responsible, and smart, quick on his feet, good at problem solving. Kylo was creative and wicked and passionate. They worked damn well together and they got shit done.


If only they weren’t twins- if only they’d stayed as one fucking body way back when they were still in Leia’s guts- they might have had a chance to feel like a whole, complete person without burying a cock into the other’s hole.

Not that Kylo was complaining about getting railed by a massive fucking cock every other day, or having a tight fucking ass to bury himself into the rest of the time.

They came at the same time, just like they usually did. Ben painted Kylo’s insides and Kylo painted the futon, both groaning and grunting in tandem.

Ben recovered quickly, standing up and cleaning things up well enough, tucking himself away. He snarled as he fixed Kylo’s costume, then dragged his brother towards the door.

Kylo was sure he was upright and exuding his usual confident swagger before Ben could even open the door.

Let her rip, baby. Hit me with your best shot.

Chapter Text

Rey was sitting on the armchair in front of the chaise lounge, her recorder set up and ready, her notepad in her lap. She did not want to be here, and she was trying not to look like it.

Somehow. Some way. Mum couldn’t make it to her interview with the two main stars and director of Valore, a blockbuster historical movie set in Renaissance-era Italy. Somehow, some way, Rey had been roped into filling in for her.

She was Mum’s assistant. She did not interview Hollywood zeitgeists.

But she had a list of questions, and apparently, the three people she’d be interviewing had been ‘forewarned’, according to Mum. Rey tapped her pen against her pad, waiting.

Two large men and a fairly small woman filed out and sat on the chaise lounge. The last one out, who sat on the far left of the seat, had to be the director, Ben Solo. He was tall and broad and muscular. His hair was pushed back and swept over his ears, the nape of his neck. He wore a navy blue button-down, bespoke dress pants, and black suede loafers. He set one ankle on his other knee and folded his hands together.

Beside him was Kylo Ren, then. He had a nearly identical build to his twin brother, of course- they were identical- but where Solo was slightly softer, less chiseled, Ren was lithe and ripped, probably specifically for the movie. His hair was longer, and he had a neat goatee that complemented his face well. He wore a red velvet sport coat, a modern and trendy shirt, tight, worn black jeans, and shiny leather boots.

To the rightmost of the couch was actress Jyn Erso, who played the main love interest of Kylo’s character. She wore a gorgeous blouse and olive green trousers.

“Hello,” Rey greeted, donning a bright smile and regarding all three of them.

“Hello,” Ben said, crisp, clear, and cordial.

“Hi,” Jyn said with a friendly smile.

“Hello,” Kylo said, eyes settling on Rey’s- they were shimmering, and he was wafting his usual dark, intimidating charisma.

It was strange to see three people with such- imposing auras, all right next to each other. It was like their energies permeated through and dominated the whole room.

Rey was feeling wholly stifled as she read through the list of questions and went off on related but more conversational tangents- of course, it was mostly the three of them talking, but Rey guided them along. Rey was freshly nineteen, only having officially been her mother’s assistant for a year, but she’d been watching Mum do interviews for more than a decade- longer than they’d lived in England, even.

Hopefully, she didn’t look as overwhelmed and out of her element as she felt.

Eventually, it was all said and done, and Rey stepped out to the alleyway she’d been told she could take her smoke breaks at.

She called Mum right away. “Hey, doll,” Mum said, clearly in the middle of something outside and not home sick like she had said she was.

Rey set her jaw, resigned herself to simply accepting this, and moved right along. “They’re intimidating people.”

Mum laughed. “Are they?” she asked airily.

“They’re, like, 190cm.”

“Darling, I’ve lived in England for a decade and that still means nothing to me-”

“Six-three, Mum. They’re at least six feet and three inches tall. And Jyn- she’s shorter but she’s still- intimidating. I just hope I looked calm. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin and disappear.”

“Did it go well?”

“I think so,” Rey said, taking a drag. “I mean, they answered all the questions and I managed to coax each one into at least two tangents- Solo was difficult to inspire to talk more, but…”

“Mm, I bet. Stuffy, haughty fucking asshole…” Mum grumbled.

Rey’s brow knitted, and she cleared her throat. “Okay, ah-... Yeah. Ren seemed more than happy to go off on tangents on his own, which judging by the other interviews of his that I’ve seen is less than commonplace for him. He usually just sits there and smirks, gives one word answers, like he enjoys leaving them fumbling for more- I was so fucking nervous. But, luckily, he talked a fair bit.”

“Good, good,” Mum said. She was no longer paying any attention at all.

Rey sighed. “I’ll let you get back to Sex And The City, or whatever else you’re doing. I’ll drop off some soup after work.”

“Oh, don’t worry about me, dear,” Mum said. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Rey. Love you.”

“Love you, too, Mum.” Rey was totally bringing by some soup, anyway, just to scowl at her mother and let her know Rey was fully aware she was just playing hooky.

It wasn’t like her mother to do that, not when a celebrity interview had been handed to her on a silver platter. She was more than happy to delegate all sorts of things to Rey, but she wouldn’t usually miss an interview for the world.

Rey was content with that arrangement. The magazine articles were fun to write; the paperwork for The Resistance wasn’t too bad; Rey got paid very, very well for it. She just hoped that she wouldn’t be slated with too many more interviews, like, ever.

“Did your research, I see,” said a familiar voice and Rey jumped, dropping her cigarette into a puddle. She cursed, but luckily, it had at most a hit or two left in it, anyway.

Rey turned just as Kylo Ren approached, snickering.

“Didn’t mean to scare you,” Kylo said, eyeing Rey like a wolf catching sight of his prey. Rey stiffened, adjusting her blazer and then pulling out her pack of cigarettes for one more.

“It’s alright,” Rey said, though he hadn’t apologized. “Just didn’t hear the door open.”

Kylo leaned against the brick wall and pulled out his own cigarettes- Marlboro blacks. Rey tucked her Camels away almost shamefully.

She liked Marlboro blacks, damnit, but her Camels were way cheaper, especially at the gas station she usually nabbed them at.

He suddenly flicked the pack, sending a few cigarettes standing farther out of the pack, and offered it to her. “Here, babe. Better than that shit, I promise.”

Rey was slightly offended, but she forced a grateful smile and plucked one free. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it,” he said, putting one to his lips and lighting it; he watched as Rey fumbled with her Bic for a moment before outstretching his Zippo with glittering eyes.

“Thanks,” Rey said as she exhaled her first drag.

“Mmm…” He let out an almost obscene amount of smoke, eyeing her still, and looking too good while he did it. “How’d you get started doing all of this if you’re so intimidated by celebrities?”

Rey flushed slightly. He’d spied on her, and for a while. “My mother works for The Resistance- has for a while. When I turned eighteen, I became her assistant- paperwork, mostly. She’s sick, though, so she had me do the interview.”

“Ah,” Kylo said. “Do you like your job?”

Rey blinked. “Usually, yes. More than most people like their jobs, anyway, and it pays pretty decently.”

“Mm- what do you want to do?”

Rey sighed, then shrugged. She leaned against the brick, too; her heels sucked. She didn’t own much that was nice enough for an interview, and that which she did was too uncomfortable. “I dunno. I like writing and editing the articles for the website- maybe, I’ll work my way more into that as time goes on.”

Kylo nodded. “I’ll be blunt,” he said. “I want to fuck you. How does that sound?”

Rey’s eyebrows raised at once and she turned to blink at his face. He looked as impassive and threatening as always, stoic and calm and big and dark. She gulped. “I- ah- I-I-”

He chuckled softly and took another hit. “You got a boyfriend? Or other romantic hindrances?”

Romantic hindrances. Ahem. “No, I don’t,” Rey said, shifting.

What the fuck was she supposed to do? Did she want to fuck him? She wasn’t wholly opposed to the idea, in theory, but she doubted getting railed and ditched would be her thing.

What the fuck was she supposed to do?

“You a virgin?”

Ahhh- “Define ‘virgin’,” Rey grumbled before she could think.

Kylo looked surprised for a moment, and then, predatory delight washed over his face. “Well, let’s start with this- have you ever had a flesh-and-blood cock inside of your cunt?”

Rey flushed crimson at the vulgarity, then shifted. “No,” she breathed.

His nostrils flared and his eyes shimmered. “And you said you’re over eighteen, right? I doubt you could be here if you weren’t.”

“I’m nineteen,” Rey said.

He nodded. “Got some I.D.? Sorry, just- best to check. I don’t need legal shit ‘cause some slut wanted to lie.”

Rey’s jaw clenched. She was a little more opposed after a comment like that, but she dragged her wallet out of her deep blazer pockets just to prove her age. Just to prove she wasn’t lying. She fished out her I.D. and showed it-

He grabbed it and she tensed again.

“Rey Anne Niima,” he said. “Born January 3rd, 2000. Pretty signature. 1704 Niima Street, London- your last name is the same as your street name?”

“Yeah,” Rey said. “I changed my name when I turned eighteen. Never liked my mum’s too much. I grew up there- still familiar.”

“Nineteen, still living in the place you grew up in?” Kylo asked, looking up and finally handing her license back.

“Down the street,” Rey said. “About a half-dozen doors down. Nice condos, fair price. My landlord’s a nightmare, but he gets repairs done quickly. My first name used to be ‘Rachel’, but that’s boring and ugly, so- just Rey, it became.”

Kylo studied her for a few moments longer, then nodded slowly. “Just Rey,” he repeated softly. “Pretty.”

“Thank you.”

“You know,” he said. “My parents tried to name me ‘Kyle’, but there was a typo along the way. Ended up being legally Kylo, and they decided to go with it. Just a… Fun fact, in case you write an article. Could throw it in there somewhere.”

“Okay,” Rey said, a little too amused by his typo anecdote. It sounded a little made up, but who cares? He’d said it, and given her permission to throw it in. “Kylo’s way better than Kyle, anyway- seems to suit you better.”

“Or, maybe I grew to suit it,” he mused.

“Mm. I’m sure you’re a lot better off than whatever Kyle Solo would’ve been like.”

Kylo laughed, eyes twinkling. “Here’s to hoping, I suppose, that what is is better than what could have been.”

“I’ll cheers to that, mate,” Rey murmured, and they tapped their cigarettes together like they were clinking glasses. Silly, but- whatever.

She could… Yeah, she could fuck him. He was hot as hell, and his domineering masculinity had its own type of appeal, if it was still fucking intimidating. She could fuck him- that was fine.

“You busy today?” Kylo asked.

“Yes- I have to work.”

“When do you get off?” he said, eyes shimmering.

“Ha, ha- so witty. Seven or eight, probably- usually, four or five, but I’m doing two peoples’ workloads today- my own and my mother’s- so…”

“Lame,” Kylo said, and Rey shrugged. Then, suddenly- “Have you seen Valore?”

“No,” Rey said. “The Resistance was given a longer few trailers than the public, but they didn’t want too many people to see the movie until it comes out, I guess.”

Kylo nodded. “Do you wanna watch it?”

“Yes, actually. It looked very good, and it’s my sort of film. I’m a sucker for any historical film, really-” she was talking too much, but she couldn’t just stop it here, and he seemed to be listening intently, so whatever- “But with the action and the- ahem- steamy scenes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of my favorites. If the plot doesn’t suck,” she added with a teasing smile.

Kylo laughed again, hearty and rich. He looked like a lion, she decided, more than a wolf. Big and handsome and majestic, the king of the jungle. Predatory and regal. “Well, I certainly hope it doesn’t,” he muttered. He leaned in close, eyes glittering. “And I hope the steamy scenes will be to your liking, too.”

Rey flushed and smiled, looking away. Maybe she was a lot less opposed now.

“Here,” he said, fishing out what looked like a key card. She took it tentatively. “I’m staying at Organza London- do you know where it is?”

Rey blinked. His parents’ world-class hotel. “Yes,” she said softly, tucking the key card away.

“Cool. Top floor- Executive Presidential 2. Pop by after work.”

Rey swallowed and nodded, overwhelmed once more.

“I’ll make it worth your while, baby,” he said in a low, seductive tone- but it was gentler, somehow, coaxing. Rey softened, looking up at him. He pulled out a phone and unlocked it; he pressed a few buttons, then handed it to her.

Her contact name was to be ‘Just Rey’ with a sunshine emoji. Rey flushed and typed in her number, then handed the phone back. “Try not to leak my number,” he said in a playful voice.

Rey flushed. “N-no,” she said. “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Good. Have a nice day, Rey- I’ll see you tonight.”

Rey nodded slowly, and he gave her one last look of amusement before turning and walking off.

Her cigarette burned her knuckles and she dropped it with a hiss, listening to the door close loudly.

Rey spent the rest of her day preoccupied and jumpy, but she was at least fairly productive- her brain was in a whirlwind, and luckily- for once- more than happy to pour that energy into getting things done quickly.

She made a list of things she needed. One- an outfit that wasn’t horrible to wear there. She already had to shower before she went there; she hadn’t since yesterday morning. She wasn’t gross, or anything, but- still. She needed to shave, too. She ought to pick up condoms and, hell, Plan B as well. She had to book an appointment to get tested. She had to book an appointment to start birth control like she’d been meaning to do, but she hadn’t figured she was going to be having sex any time soon, so she’d allowed herself to procrastinate that.


At a quarter to six, she was done. She pulled out of the office and drove straight for a little boutique, then panicked and sat in her car before calling Auntie Kay.

“Hey, kiddo!” Kay said brightly. She was Rey’s godmother.

“Hi, Kaydie,” Rey said. “I’m- um- I’m getting laid. I’m fucking- an actor. He invited me to his hotel- what- do I wear?”

Kay giggled. “Reyby, oh, my God!” Rey cringed at the childhood nickname that neither Kay nor Rosie seemed content to let die. “Something sexy, but casual. I was not expecting this from you. Maybe you are Bazine’s daughter, after all.”

“Of course I am,” Rey muttered. “Keep your phone on. Pictures of options will be sent. I want- I wanna wear a dress, is that, um…?”

“A dress is fine, sweetie,” Kay giggled. “I’ll be sitting at my phone waiting for options. Auntie Kaydie’s got you, girlie.”

“Okay. Thanks. And, um- keep it quiet, okay? Don’t tell Mum. She’s lying to me, so I get to lie to her, too.”

Kay sighed. She tried to push, but Rey evaded. Begrudgingly, Kay agreed to the silence. Not too long after, Rey made her way inside and settled on a casual-enough sexy dress- it was short with spaghetti straps and a floral pattern, red beneath peach and yellow and orange and pink flowers, green leaves, all small enough to let the red take center stage. She spent maybe too much money on a cardigan to wear over top of it, but she needed a new one for work, anyway. She got little brown strappy heels, brown nylons, a set of new fancy matching underwear- she needed a new set, anyway, and this was pale pink and lacy and sexy and cute, so, fuck it. She went home and showered and shaved, then got dressed and did her hair and makeup. She pulled on jewelry- cheap, little things- and grabbed one of her nicest purses, if it was a little too strange to match most of her outfits. She filled her little purse with necessities- her tiny wallet, her keys and his key card, her phone and charger and headphones.

(outfit - )

She looked good. She felt restless, nervous. It was almost eight. She set out for one of the fanciest hotels in London in her Jeep Wrangler that held onto life with a hope, a prayer, and more duct tape than Rey had believed a car could handle under the hood.

She walked to the elevators to see a man standing there. “Where to, ma’am?”

“Um- top floor, Executive Presidential two?” she said, unsure.

He gave her a cordial smile. “Do you have a key, ma’am?”

Rey fished it out. “Yes,” she said, and he tipped it into sight and then nodded, pressing a button behind him.

When she arrived, it was to a sprawling little entryway. There were just four doors on this floor, it seemed- 1001, 1002, 1003, and 1004.

Rey walked nervously towards 1002 and swiped the card, and luckily enough, the swiper turned green and she opened the door.

Should she have called first? Or… waited for him to call? He hadn’t given her his number, but he had given her a key- one would assume that meant ‘let yourself in’.

The suite was beautiful. There was a giant living room with fancy fucking furniture- as well as giant grand piano- to the left of her. In front of her, just before a balcony, was a grand dining room. Beside her, to the right, was an open closet door, then a door that was open to reveal a washer and dryer, and then, a wet bar set into the wall. “Hello?” she called out. Past the wall was a giant, grand kitchen. Beyond that, a long hallway- Rey started towards it, calling out again, “Hello?”

Rey glanced into each room- there were quite a few- before finally turning down another hallway and catching sight of double doors that seemed… Promising enough. “Hello! Kylo?”

After a few moments, the doors opened, revealing Kylo in nothing but his trendy shirt and dark jeans. He quirked a brow, tilting his head as he studied her. “Look at that- baby got all dressed up for me.”

Rey flushed slightly as she walked forward. “I wouldn’t have bothered if I’d known you’d leave me to wander aimlessly around a maze of hallways for a bit.”

Kylo’s eyes shimmered. “Sorry about that, babe. I got a little distracted, lost track of time. It’s not typical of me to leave beautiful women waiting for me…” He took her wrist and dragged her towards him as soon as she was within arm’s reach, wrapping his other arm around her waist. Rey was left breathless, looking up at him with an agape mouth. He studied her face for a few moments. “Mmm, you got all dolled up, didn’t you?” he mused softly. “Your makeup looks nice- I hope you took a few pictures. Before too long, we’re going to mess it all up.”

Rey bit her lip and his dark eyes immediately locked onto the act.

“But, I’m getting ahead of myself,” he said. “Are you hungry, baby?”

As if on cue, her stomach rumbled and he smirked. “A little,” Rey admitted.

“Okay. Should I cook something mediocre, at best, or do you want to head out again?”

“I- I don’t particularly mind either.”

Kylo chuckled softly, letting his eyes linger for just a few moments longer, then let go of Rey to walk into his bedroom. “Make yourself at home, doll. I have to get dressed.”

Rey slipped forward and ended up sitting tentatively on a giant bed in an absolutely massive room. She lay back and stifled a groan of delight.

This was the softest bed she’d ever been near, probably.

Kylo fished some clothing out of a giant suitcase and threw it onto the foot of the bed- a pair of black trousers, a black button-down, and some socks. He stepped out of his jeans to reveal tight-fitting, dark crimson boxer briefs, then stepped into the trousers and left them undone. He dragged off his shirt to reveal abs only slightly less chiseled than they were in Valore, and quickly pulled on the button-down, tucking it into the slacks and then zipping them up. He grabbed the same red velvet sport coat he’d worn for the interview, which had been tossed haphazardly onto an armchair, then sat to pull on black crew socks and the same leather boots as before. He stood then and walked over to a vanity, glancing at his reflection and then shrugging to himself. He turned towards Rey then and smiled, outstretching a hand. “Ready, doll?”

“Yes,” Rey said, walking forward. He slipped an arm around her midsection and he walked her all the way back to the elevator, then out to a shiny red Jaguar. “Wow,” she said.

He cocked a grin. “Like her? She’s new.”

“She’s- beautiful,” Rey said.

“Yeah, well- for $133k, she better be,” Kylo muttered- then, he glanced over. “But she drives wonderfully, too, and that price is with all the add-ons. She’s nice…” He trailed off and opened Rey’s door for her, almost surprising her.

“She is- and thank you.”

“Of course.”

Kylo walked to the other side of the car as Rey buckled in, marveling at the leather seats and fancy interior. Kylo started the car and peeled out- he drove fast, almost hectic, but well. He broke the law, but did so smoothly and with confidence.

Rey was going to piss herself, but at least they wouldn’t get in a car crash.

“You- ah- please, slow down,” Rey managed.

He glanced over, then laughed softly. “Alright,” he said, sounding very, very amused. He drove slightly less chaotically- just enough for Rey to settle into her seat, only gripping the door in terror occasionally.

He drove them to a restaurant someone would certainly need a reservation for, but they were seated immediately at a two-person table off to the side.

It was all in Italian. Rey cleared her throat, then glanced up at him. He looked at her intently, patiently. “What… Does any of this say?”

He blinked, then chuckled softly. “I apologize,” he said quietly. “Sincerely. I’m not making a very good first impression, am I?” He walked Rey through the appetizers, then the beverages, and Rey had the first part of her order picked out before the waitress got to them- carbonara arancini, and he was buying a bottle of wine that cost $1000 for both of them. She ended up getting chicken marsala for her entree and he got linguine with lobster and a very strange name.

The wine was amazing. She wasn’t thrilled about him drinking and driving, but really, what could she say? She sipped her delicious white wine.

The carbonara arancini was delicious. When it came, the chicken marsala was creamy and divine. She got tiramisu for dessert, and he got something called affogato.

It was the best meal she’d ever eaten.

Throughout dinner, they chatted.

“So,” he said. “Tell me about yourself.”

Rey inhaled slowly, deeply. She had not been expecting- this.

A… Date?

“W- ah- I… What do you want to know?”

He looked amused, studying her. Question after question; answer after answer. She had to prompt him to answer anything about himself; he seemed far more interested in her.

Afterwards, they headed back to his hotel room, and he kept her pulled close to him all the while.

Ben Solo was standing in the hallway just outside of 1001, on his phone. He glanced over at the sound of the elevator and furrowed his brow slightly at Kylo.

“Hey,” Kylo said.

Ben studied Rey for a moment, jaw tightening. “A word, Ky?”

“Nope. Busy.”

Ben glared at Kylo as they passed, and Rey stared directly at the floor and tried to be as invisible as possible.

Kylo led her to his bedroom, then kicked off his boots and shrugged off his sport coat. “Clothes off, baby. If you’ve got some nice panties, you can keep them on for a bit.”

Right. This was a booty call, first and foremost. Rey pulled off her little cardigan and then slipped out of her dress, sitting down to untie her shoes and then slipped out of her nylons. In just her jewelry and matching bra-and-panties set, she turned towards him.

He was in his boxer briefs, standing there on display, eyeing her. He was smirking. “Look at you,” he said, walking closer. “Sexy, tight fucking body- come here, doll,” he said, dragging her into him, running his hands along her sides.

His hands were so big, so warm. Rey let her eyes drift closed and savored the touch.

The wine had really, really helped.

“So fucking sexy,” he breathed. “Love the way you lean back, loosen up in my arms… Love the way this gorgeous fucking body moves… Give me a kiss, baby,” Kylo cradled the nape of her neck in one big hand, gripping her ass in his other hand. Rey’s eyes fluttered open and her lips parted as he slowly leaned in, kissing her once, twice, thrice as her eyes took in the sight of his face before fluttering closed once more.

He deepened the kiss, and before long his tongue was dipping into her mouth and swirling around her tongue. She moaned and shivered; she’d kissed before, maybe even made out before, but it had never quite been like this. She ran her palms up his biceps, feeling the taut muscles, before she wrapped her arms around his neck and went all but limp. He groaned and nodded, slowly walking her back towards the bed, palming her ass almost greedily and biting down on her lip.

She felt so small, and so good, just from standing there and kissing him for a few minutes. She felt more drunk on his mouth than on the wine- and she much preferred his mouth, anyway.

Why had she been nervous or reluctant, again?

He scooped her up and leaned down, setting her on her back on the bed and climbing atop of her with ease, mouth never leaving hers until he was settled above her. Then, he kissed over her cheek, along her jaw, down her throat. “How do you like it, baby? How do you want Daddy to fuck away your virginity?”

Daddy. Fuck. She writhed beneath him for a moment, breathless. “I don’t know…” she breathed. “However you’d like to- Daddy…”

He grunted his approval and bit down on her collar gently, then kissed over the sheer lace that served as her breasts’ only protection from the outside world. She moaned as he tongued at her nipple, rolling the other with a thumb. His other hand- still on her ass- moved to slip his fingers under the matching fabric of her panties, fingers finding and stroking along her seam. She shivered and buried a hand into his soft curls, thick and downy.

“So fucking wet for me, baby,” he murmured into her skin. “And your pretty little asshole’s not quite so tight, eh? You been fucked there before, baby?”

She moaned as his middle finger worked into her rosebud, and flushed crimson, nodding.

“Mmm…” Kylo hummed, moving his mouth to the other nipple, slipping his finger in all the way. “Tight, still- but you’re clearly a little fucking slut. You like getting your ass filled, baby?”

Rey moaned again and nodded. “Yes,” she whimpered. “Yes, Daddy, I love it.”

He pulled his finger out and slipped a second one inside. “Fuck, yeah. Daddy’s going to wake you up by slamming into that sweet fucking ass… But tonight, I want that sweet little cunt. Been way too fucking long…” he trailed off, kissing down her ribs, over her belly. “Mmm…”

“Are you gonna eat me out?” Rey whispered, sheepish and eager all at once.

He glanced up, eyes glittering. “Do you want me to?”

“I-I don’t know…”

Kylo kissed over her panties and she squirmed; he hissed softly. “Fucking drenched through these little panties, didn’t you, baby? Fuck… I’m not big on eating pussy, but if you want me to, baby, I will. Such a good girl for me- if you want it, you deserve it.”

He didn’t like it. She didn’t want it, then. She shook her head.

“You sure?”

She nodded.

He kissed over her thighs, down her legs, back and forth. He kissed the bottoms of her feet twice each, once to each top, then back up. All the while, his free hand worked into her skin, and the other stayed buried in her ass, twisting and curling and teasing her expertly.

“Pull your little tits out of the cups, baby- lemme see those pretty red nipples. Just like that- there you go, babydoll. Don’t you look so sweet like this?”

Rey shivered, squirming. “Please…”

He chuckled. “Mmm, I like the enthusiasm- but…” he slipped her panties to the side, then spread her folds gently. “Though I’m usually a bit impatient, too, this tiny little pussy needs a little more care. Fuck- gorgeous fucking cunt, baby,” he pressed an almost chaste kiss into her clit and she gasped; he chuckled and used the hand not still buried in her ass to thumb at her clit. He pulled his two fingers most of the way out of her and, with some difficulty, worked a third into her ass. “You’re going to come for me,” he said. “Just like this. Then I’m gonna work three fingers into this cunt, and you’re going to come for me again. Then, you get to come on Daddy’s cock, and not a moment sooner. How’s that sound?”

Rey whimpered and nodded, squirming. She looked down and watched him as he started ruthlessly fucking her ass, circling and pinching and twisting her clit at the same time. He held her gaze, his eyes dark and hungry and predatory, lips pressing occasional kisses into her thighs or the barren skin beside her landing strip curls.

“When you come, say my name, baby,” he muttered into her skin as she worked closer and closer to an orgasm. “Tell me who’s making you feel so fucking good.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Rey whimpered, and he shivered and bit her thigh.

“Play with those tits, Rey. Let me watch you play with yourself, while Daddy makes you come.”

Rey moved her palms to her breasts and kneaded them, rolling and tugging at her nipples, still watching him watching her. His gaze had an almost physical effect, and it was only a few more moments before her budding orgasm spread through her entire body, making her whimper and squirm around- “Kylo! Oh, Kylo- yess…”

“Mmm… There you go, baby, come for me- come for Daddy- just like that…” Kylo said. After it ended, he slipped his fingers free and watched her face as she gasped, his own mouth slightly agape as he took it all in, eyes shimmering with hunger and delight. “Keep that ass open for me- fuck, look at that. Winking at me…”

Kylo slipped a finger into her cunt, then, still strumming at her clit. She moaned in relief- her cunt had been burning, yearning for friction for too long. He spun and worked his finger, crooking and stroking, for a few moments before slipping in a second finger.

Just two was a tight fit, a gentle burn. “Fuck,” he breathed, staring in wide wonder. “So fucking tight. Do you even finger yourself, baby?”

“N-no,” she breathed. She had, in the past- it felt good- but she just… Didn’t do it often. She preferred just turning on a vibrator, setting it against her clit, and moving on with her night fifteen minutes later.

He grunted and suckled some of her thigh into his mouth, kissing along it, teasing her with his teeth. “Fuck. Fuck, baby. I’m gonna rip this pussy apart.”

Rey shuddered and whimpered at the words. She closed her eyes and focused on the second orgasm as it built-

Usually, two was her limit. It started overwhelming her; even when she wanted to come again, she usually couldn’t bring herself to do it. And he was intent on giving her three.

It already felt like electricity was zapping through her body, and like her clit was a live wire. She could hear wet, almost obscene sounds as he fucked her expertly and unforgivingly, two fingers moving in sloppy, practiced strokes, curling into sensitive spots with every thrust. Her thighs were spreading more and more, and every so often, they’d twitch and lurch back together. The arousal had spread to every cell in her body; she could hardly focus on anything but the magical pleasure he was bringing her-

And then, just after he worked in a third finger, she came again, crying out and having to fight not to flail almost comically. She cried out his name over and over, then shuddered into the bed and sobbed softly as aftershocks made her feel like she was dying- like shattered pieces of glass drowning in agonizing ecstasy.

“Please,” she begged, voice raw and slutty and foreign.

“Ohhh, baby’s not used to coming so hard,” he said, and she looked down at him- he looked dark, hungry, threatening. “Please what, Rey? What do you need?”

“Insi… Need your cock, Daddy, please,” Rey sobbed out, then sniffled.

He stared into her eyes, so possessive all of a sudden- “You need my cock, baby? You need it?”

“Yes! Please, please, fuck me, fuck me right now- please- I need it, need it so much, please- please!”

Kylo slipped his fingers away and shoved himself upwards; Rey choked back a sob at the loss. But he moved quickly, resting one of her legs on his shoulder and pressing her other knee into the bed. Not gentle, but not hard enough to hurt. “Sweet fucking cunt,” he said as he yanked his cock free from his pants and stroked it through her folds-

He had the biggest cock she’d ever fucking seen. She gawked at it- it had to be, like, approaching fucking 30cm. Not quite there- but- holy shit, it-

He snickered when he caught sight of her face. “You like what you see?” he asked, a little proud but not quite smug, tapping the heavy head into her oversensitive clit- she gasped, surging forward.

“Yes, Daddy…”

“Mmm,” he cooed, giving her a soft, bright smile- one of the last expressions she’d expect to see on his face. She looked down at his cock, and there was no way she’d be able to wrap her fingers around it, it was so thick.

“Is- is it- going to hurt?” she asked.

“Oh, baby- you’ll be okay. My fingers are pretty big, and I got three inside- and you’re all worked up, wet as I’ve ever fucking seen, relaxed… It’ll stretch, but it shouldn’t hurt. Just tell me if it does- I’ve got some numbing cream, I’ll throw on a condom and use that if I have to. You’ll be just fine.”

… Condoms. “C-can you use one, anyway?”

“No,” he said. “Hate them. I’m fixed, though, and clean.”

“Right,” she breathed. Fuck the condoms. She had Plan B in case he was lying, and she wanted him in her cunt now. “Please, put in my pussy- please, I need it, now…”

“Mmm,” he hummed, grinning again. He slicked himself up with a few more quick thrusts against her, then notched at her entrance. “Ready, baby?”

“Yes! Kylo, please-”

All of the air left her body as he pushed in, slow and steady. He groaned, head tilting back before straightening so that he could look down as he joined their bodies. “Fuck, yeah, baby. You feel fucking fantastic- knew you would. Fuck, yes.”

“Oh, my God,” she breathed when she could, then gasped in for air. She looked down; he was only halfway inside and she felt full to bursting. “Oh, God…”

“Fu- uck,” he sighed. He leaned forward, supporting his weight with his hands, and went faster to drive himself home.

She could feel him pressed into her cervix, buried fully inside of her. He marvelled at the connection between them.

“Hell, yeah, baby- first cunt that’s taken all of it,” he said. He looked at her face, studying her- his pupils were blown out, eyes nearly black, and his nostrils flared. “And you feel so fucking perfect… Tight little cunt was made just for me, wasn’t it, Rey?”

Rey shivered and nodded. “Fucking- so- much… So fucking good, Ky…”

He shivered and nodded. “Yeah, baby- call me Ky, or Daddy… Fuck, yeah. Fuck, Rey. You ready? Can’t hold back long…”

Rey nodded, putting her hands on his biceps and gripping as he rolled out and then thrusted back home with another grunt. “O-oh…”

“Fuck, Rey,” he groaned, eyes drifting shut. His thrusts started out with rolls of his hips, almost experimental. He slapped uncomfortably into her cervix a few times before finding his rhythm, learning how to fuck her without hurting her. “There you go,” he said after maybe two or three minutes, and then, the pumps of his hips were harsh and rough and quick.

The sounds their bodies made were otherworldly, hellish and sinful and arousing in their own right. Rey whimpered and moaned and writhed and gasped; Kylo grunted and groaned and snarled and hissed. “Fuck, yeah, Rey- fuckin’ take it, take it right in that tight little virgin fucking cunt- fuck, yeah, baby, there you go. Fuck.”

Her eyes rolled back and reality seemed to melt away; all she could feel was the friction of his body in hers, and the hardness and warmth of his body against her, under her hands. She dug her nails in; he was bleeding, maybe, but he said nothing, and she could barely think.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, Ky- fuck- yes, yeah, fuck- o-oh, God, yes- please- please-”

He shuddered and leaned forward, gently shouldering around her leg to let it fall to his waist, supporting himself on his elbows. “Best fucking cunt in the world,” he ground out. “Perfect fucking woman- fuck, yes,” he nuzzled into her face with his nose, then kissed her deeply.

Tongue. Cock. A big, hard, warm brick wall of pure muscle. She just laid there on cloud fucking nine as he kissed her and fucked her into the bed for what might have been several years straight.

Then, his cock began to twitch and flex inside of her, and he rested his forehead on hers and panted. He was damp with sweat, but so was she- he was from the exertion, and she was from the heat of the room and his body and maybe the dreamlike sensation her body was making. All she could smell was sweat and salt and sex, so strong and beautiful and musky. “Gonna fucking come,” he said. “Gonna pump this cunt full of come and watch it drip right back out of you- fuck- Rey, fucking- yes, baby, so fucking good…”

His hips slammed into hers and she keened at the pressure on her cervix. His thrusts grew shallow and mean, and it almost hurt, but now that he’d broken her mind with his cock, even that was a glorious sensation. She whimpered and dug her nails in as warmth began flooding into her, and he grunted and snarled softly.

When it was done, he all but collapsed on top of her, tucking his face into her hair and breathing heavily. She went limp, feeling his come and his cock still buried deep inside of her. After maybe a minute or two, his body shifted and he dragged himself out of her, and she felt what had to be his come shift slowly inside her rolling, thoroughly used walls.

“Oh, my God,” she breathed.

He patted her hip. “Yeah, baby.”

They lay there for a while until he started trailing lazy kisses all over her body, slowly working down and dragging her slightly by her sore, aching thighs to peer down at her flesh.

“Clench up, baby. Push it out- let me watch.”

Rey did kegels that she’d learned to help her through period cramps, and shortly thereafter, she felt his seed trickle out of her, and he hissed in a breath, nostrils flaring. She flushed and nibbled on her lip, reaching down to drag one of his hands upwards; he got the message, stroking it gently over her side, teasing fingers over her belly, brushing over her breasts. “Perfect fucking girl,” he murmured, eyes scanning over her body before settling on her face. “I will give you whatever the fuck you want to come around with me. Maybe, if we keep getting along, we can date- please, just come with me. I’ll buy you anything you fucking want- I don’t give a shit. Just let me fuck you, baby. Please.”

Rey gasped in a soft breath, blinking in surprise.

“Don’t have to answer already,” he muttered, eyes scanning over her body again before settling on her cunt. “S’a lot to ask, I know, a lot to think about. But, whatever you want- I’ll get you a new fucking house, paid in full, a car, I’ll get you a bank account with all the money you could fucking spend, in your name- I don’t care. Anything, everything. Just let me fuck this sweet fucking cunt.”

“Ky…” she whispered.

“Shh. Think about it first. Okay?”

“... Okay.”

He gently fingered his spend back into her, sloppy and lewd, and she flushed and looked away. It did feel good, though, so she swallowed her shame and let him.

He leaned forward. He kissed her belly, then her sternum, gave each nipple a sweet, chaste kiss, then kissed her jaw and finally, more deeply, her lips. “I gotta go for a walk,” he muttered. “Be no longer than an hour. Make yourself at home- there’s food in the fridge, towels and soap in the bathroom. Is that okay, babygirl?”

Rey nodded slowly, then kissed him again. “Okay.”

He kissed her cheek, then pulled back and climbed onto his feet, shoving his cock into his briefs and stumbling back into the jeans and trendy shirt from earlier, this time stepping into Gucci slides over his socks. He walked out of the bedroom, and Rey stared at the ceiling for a few long minutes.

She located her phone and texted Kay-

Oh, my God, Auntie Kaydie. Oh, my God.

That bad, or that good?




kill me xx cannot cope with not being f*cked raw


Love that for u sweetie xx


He wants me to be his sugar baby. He’s big asf n I guess most girls can’t fit him all xx


Secure the bag, first and foremost.

Thus saith the Lord


Rey got up then, smiling and shaking her head. She shoved away the worries, just for now- she headed into the bathroom and got into the largest, most luxurious shower she’d ever seen.

Okay, now worry.

Worst case scenario? … He sucked. But it wasn’t like he could make her stay, and he said he’d get her a house and a car, paid in full- she’d get those, just in case she wanted to end it. Her mother and aunts weren’t rich, but they could and would help her get by if shit went sour- but the place and the car would make it so much easier.

Second worst case scenario? She caught feelings and he didn’t, or vice versa, but again- he’d given her the means to a backup plan. She might get hurt, or hurt him, but that was the nature of any kind of relationship, and that didn’t mean you just shouldn’t have them.

Third…? She really couldn’t think of one. Sure, it was frightening, but if he’d meant what he said about the house and car, paid in full-

She spent the shower thinking it through, and showered with his expensive products. She got out and brushed her teeth, too- she’d fucked him, there really was no issue, she hoped- and then made her way to the kitchen for some water.

She should have put something on first, though, because Ben Solo was standing in the kitchen, hands on his hips and lips pursed. She gasped and fell back, covering herself-

Ben glanced up, then immediately away. His nostrils flared and he quickly turned away as Rey scurried back to the bedroom to cower. She slipped back into her dress, then sat on the bed, cross-legged and heart pumping.


After a few moments, there was a knock. Rey stared at the door, a dial tone playing in her head, before opening her mouth and sheepishly squeaking- “Come in?”

Ben walked in. “Apologies,” he muttered.

Rey stared at the ground.

“Where is he?”

“He said he went for a walk,” Rey whispered.

“He just- what- left you in his hotel to entertain yourself?” Ben asked, seemingly offended on her behalf at the thought.

Rey shrugged. “I showered. I was gonna eat, maybe.”

Ben stared at her, but she stared at the bed.

“When did he leave?”

“Forty minutes ago? He said no longer than an hour…”

“Mm,” Ben hummed. When she saw him glance away, she took the chance to look at him.

They were identical. One could tell easily. But thanks to his clean-shaven face, and drastically different style and haircut, somewhat different build, they didn’t look terribly similar. It wasn’t weird for Rey to see him, identical to someone she’d just fucked but not the person she’d just fucked.

That was good, probably, if she was really going to ‘come around’ with Kylo, since the twin brothers were already working on a new movie.

After a moment, Ben met her eyes again. “Did he use a condom?”

Rey flushed, brow knitting. “I-I’m sorry? I don’t see how that’s-”

“That’s a no, then,” Ben muttered. “He’s seeing someone else- someone who likely doesn’t want any diseases because Kylo-” Ben clamped his mouth shut at once.

Rey struggled to keep the scowl off of her face. “I don’t have any diseases,” Rey said, thoroughly offended. “I was a fucking virgin, so.”

Seeing someone else. He had not mentioned that.

He’d said it had been a while. Her heart thumped. He was Kylo fucking Ren- of course that had been a lie.

… She’d get that house and car before going anywhere, she decided.

Ben got a deep frown- nostrils flaring, just like Kylo’s did, which was slightly odd to see- then he glanced over at her face. Seeing her expression, he softened, and his hands fell from his hips. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize how rude I was being- I was just… Offended on his partner’s behalf. Virgin, STDs or not, that’s not a particularly safe thing- sleeping with multiple people without condoms. But, I’m sorry I was rude to you for it. That has nothing to do with you, and you didn’t deserve that.”

Rey softened and nodded. “It’s alright,” she said softly. “He hadn’t mentioned- someone else. He said it had been a while, even, since he…” Rey trailed off; his words had been rather vulgar.

Although… He said a while since he’d fucked a cunt. Maybe his partner didn’t have one, or didn’t use theirs. Rey supposed that it might not have been a lie after all.

“Mm,” was all Ben said. He cleared his throat, then turned slightly. “I’ll leave you-”

But then the double doors opened and Ben had to propel himself out of their way. Kylo walked in and Rey nodded towards Ben-

Kylo closed the doors and looked over at Ben. “Hey,” he said, then walked towards Rey.

Ben’s jaw tensed. “A word?”

“Here, if you want. I have a guest to entertain, and I’ve already made a horrible first impression. You’d be so disappointed in me for it.” Kylo leaned down to press a kiss into Rey’s lips before plopping onto the bed behind her and running kisses along her shoulder.

Ben watched silently, hands returning to his hips. His lips pursed. “What do you think your partner would think of this?”

“My partner?” Kylo asked, sounding like he didn’t follow at all.

Ben scowled, then immediately schooled his face and just- walked off.

Rey turned to look at Kylo, who watched the door with an odd expression. “Should you- go take care of that? I’m alright, really.”

Kylo looked at Rey, seemingly ready to dismiss her, then sighed and glanced to the side, thinking. “Probably,” he murmured. Then, after a moment, he nodded. “Yes- and I’m sorry.”

“There’s really no need to apologize.”

Kylo kissed her cheek, gave her a tight squeeze- he was hugging her, which was also a slight shock from a man like him- then got up and headed towards the door.

Rey reclined on the bed and continued thinking through his offer to occupy her time.

Mum was liable to either kill her, or be unbelievably ecstatic. There was really no other option with her.

Chapter Text

Ben turned towards the entrance to his suite when he heard it open, running a hand along his mouth as something heavy and, frankly, exhausting settled in his gut- like dread.

Kylo leaned against the door after it was closed, crossing his arms and his ankles, studying Ben with something like curiosity. “Is that what we are, Benny? Partners?”

Ben scoffed, looking away, then let his hands drift to his sides. “I thought we were fucking something, Ky. It’s been more than ten fucking years.”

“Okay,” Ky said. Then, after a pause- with some sort of shimmer in his eyes that was impossible to discern- he went on. “We’re brothers.”

“Like that’s ever stopped us before,” Ben remarked.

He had come to terms with the whole ‘incest’ thing years ago, and didn’t particularly feel the need to reawaken that sour taste in the back of his throat.

“That’s not- this isn’t the point,” Ben said after a moment, pacing slightly, adjusting his belt out of habit.

“What is, then?” Kylo said, as impassive and cool as ever. And maybe a little smug.

Bastard. Ben clenched his jaw and shot a warning glower. “I told you,” he said in a low voice. “That I liked her. Wanted her. And just like always- you took her, anyway.”

Kylo’s eyes shimmered, and he grinned. Ben scowled in turn. “You wouldn’t have gone after her, anyway- not with her interviewing us. I know you, Benny boy…” Kylo pushed off the wall, stalking closer. “She’s fucking amazing-”

“I don’t need to-” Ben started.

“I asked her to come along with me. You can have her, too,” Kylo said- and this was his grand plan, Ben realized as he took in the look on Kylo’s face. A girl for both of them to share. Ben stared and stayed silent, waiting until Kylo was done, actively staving off any emotion until then. “She’s perfect, Ben. Took every last fucking inch of me- in her cunt- and loved every fucking second of it. She’s sweet, too- you’ll like her. She’s perfect.”

“You told her you want to share her with-?” Ben started, incredulous.

“No, of course not. Not yet. She hasn’t even agreed to come with- not yet. Gotta go slow- she’s cautious. But, she’s young- sounds like her mother- who is also her boss- takes advantage of her, and doesn’t compensate her fairly. She smokes shitty fucking Camels and her clothes are cheap- that dress couldn’t have been more than fifty bucks, I’d bet my left nut on that. And, she likes being with me, and I already offered her whatever the fuck she wants in return. Just gotta lay some more ground work before bringing up her getting spitroasted- but,” Kylo said, giving Ben a devious grin. “If you wanna flirt with her, see if she bites on her own, well, that’d be more than helpful.”

Ben pursed his lips, looking away, thinking.

It was insane. Absolutely insane.

He wanted her so fucking much. He wanted to share her, now, too. “She needs to sign-” he quickly remembered that talking about anything legal lost Kylo’s interest immediately- “Something to keep her quiet. I’ll have to work something up before you tell her anything. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, Benny,” Kylo said, giving Ben a small smirk and adjusting his suit jacket. “Got it. I don’t exactly want the world to know what a naughty little boy my brother is.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “Make sure she’s tested- and you are- before we do it again.”

“She was a virgin,” Kylo said.

“So she says- I’m not saying she’s lying. I’m saying I’m not putting up with the clap or something in case she is.”

“Sure,” Kylo muttered. “But I’m telling you I just popped that girl’s cherry- and fuck, was it sweet.”


Kylo dragged Ben closer and kissed him deeply- kisses were rare between them, usually just in the heat of sex. Still, Ben grabbed onto Kylo’s shoulder and kissed him back, sliding his other hand over the soft fabric of his stupid, garish shirt. They pulled away. “Can’t fucking wait,” Kylo murmured, eyeing Ben with a hunger that Ben had scarcely seen. “Can’t wait to see your face buried in her fucking cunt.”

Ben shuddered. He hadn’t slept with a woman in almost three years- he and Kylo had been busy with the movie, and in their free time, they usually fucked each other. Ben cleared his throat, taking his brother’s hand and squeezing it. “Go on back to your perfect girl, then.”

Kylo got a wolfish grin, eyes mocking. “Don’t worry, Benny. You’re the only man for me- but I’m straight, and Daddy needs some fucking pussy.”

“Mmm,” Ben hummed.

He had thought he was straight. And then he and Kylo-

Could either of them really be straight? It didn’t really matter. All he knew was that he didn’t have any interest in any other men, either- and that he could really do with sleeping with a woman again.

It didn’t hurt that she was the perfect type for both of them- the entire center of the venn diagram of their tastes. Tanned skin that would probably be almost as fair as their own if she didn’t look like she spent as much time in the sun as London could give her- mousy brown hair, fluffy and soft but well styled- some style in between sexy and professional. Lithe, strong body for Kylo; thick, juicy ass and thighs for Ben…

She really was perfect, at least on paper. And in the interview, she’d been funny and sweet and smart, endearingly nervous but sociable… Ben cleared his throat again.

Kylo grinned. “Oh, yeah, Benny’s already got it bad. Did I mention she likes anal, and mewls and whimpers like a fucking kitten?”

Ben’s jaw tightened. “Go. Now.”

Kylo rolled his eyes, but started walking backwards. “You’re not the boss of me, asshat.”

“Sure. Go have fun with your ‘perfect girl’.”

“I will.”


Kylo disappeared, and Ben stood alone in his empty suite and sighed softly.




“Hey, doll,” Kylo said, and Rey opened her eyes and looked over at him. He dragged her to the end of the bed by her ankles. “God, you look like a full-course fucking meal.”

Rey smiled and flushed. “About- your offer…” she said.

His eyes shimmered. “Mm- what about it?”

Rey bit her lip. “Um- actually, I need to ask a few questions.”

“Ask away.”

“You have- a partner?”

Kylo tilted his head to the side, glancing up at the ceiling. “Well. My ex-attorney brother advised me not to tell you much without you signing an NDA, or something, but… I have someone. We’ve never been particularly interested in working out the details, but he’s been around for a while, and will be for the foreseeable future.”

“What do you need me for, then?”

Kylo chuckled, dragging her ever closer and leaning down to press kisses into her cheek. “I don’t know the specifics, sweetheart- we just met. All I know is I’m a big fucking fan of that cunt. And… My ‘partner’ is a man. I’m straight. Whatever it is works- but it’s not really the same.”

Rey sat with that for a few moments, then nodded. “Okay. Would he- mind?”

“No. I talked to him- Ben was worried about it, I guess. He doesn’t mind at all. Maybe… If you like him… After you sign the thing, you could fuck him, too. No pressure.”

Rey nibbled her lip, studying Kylo silently. “No promises on that,” she breathed.

He only offered a reassuring smile. “No worries, I get that. No pressure, like I said.”

“What would you want from me?”

Kylo shrugged. “I’d prefer you close- staying with me wherever I am. I’d give you a credit card you could spend on whatever- you’d have to let my accountant know, though, it’s a whole headache I don’t particularly understand or care about. You can do whatever the fuck you want during the day, and at night, you’d curl up in my arms and fuck me a few times a week- depending on your sex drive. I’ve got a strong one, but I do have my partner for days you don’t feel like putting out.”

“And the house and car?” Rey asked softly. “I don’t- want to seem like I’m- fucking you for money, but if I’m quitting my job- it’d be nice to have the security in case… Something goes wrong, you know?”

“I understand, doll,” he said, kissing her neck. “I’ll get you that as soon as you sign the thing to keep it all quiet, no strings attached. ‘Cause with all I’ve mentioned, even if you don’t come along- and I very much prefer that you do- I’m gonna need you to sign something. Not that I think you’d spill- just a precaution. Ben’d lose his mind if you didn’t.”

“I understand,” Rey said. “I… Okay. I’m not quitting or going anywhere until I have the house, though. Can’t risk it.”

“Got it, baby,” Kylo muttered. “I’ll be here for at least another week, anyway- I’ll get Ben or some of his old work pals on it right away, and we’ll see how fast we can get that done.”

“I… Ah- my- my aunt is a lawyer. I- I should bring her to the signing, make sure I’m not, like, selling my soul, or something.”

Kylo chuckled. “I get that. We’ve only just met.”

“Cool. Alright.”

Kylo lapped at one of Rey’s nipples and kneaded the opposite breast. “I’ll get someone to help you look for somewhere to buy,” he said. “I know someone- name’s Amilyn Holdo. She’s a cunt, but she’s all about real estate and home renovation, design and all that. You can have your place picked out and we’ll put a hold on it until the NDA is taken care of, and then, it’s as good as yours.”

“Okay. I-... Thank you.”

Kylo hummed and pressed a tender kiss into her sternum. “Don’t mention it, baby. Today was fun, and I’ve got money to burn. Take it.”

Rey bit her lip. “You’re making me wet again, and I’m so tired already…”

Kylo laughed into her skin, then pulled back. “Sorry, baby. You ready for bed?”

Rey nodded. It was, like, two in the morning.

She and Kylo stripped and then curled up in the center of the bed. He cradled her in his arms, her back to his chest, and she cuddled into a pillow and very quickly found sleep.




When she woke up, Rey was on her belly, legs spread, as fingers worked into her asshole. She moaned and shuddered.

“Up already, doll?” Kylo muttered. “That’s a shame. Wanted to wake you up with my cock…” his fingers pulled away and, still half plagued by sleep, she whimpered.

Shortly thereafter, though, his cock nudged at her asshole. She cooed and pressed back.

She could get used to this.

“Ah, that’s right, baby. Chase that fat fucking cock…”

With ease, Kylo slid his lubricated cock into her soaked entrance and Rey moaned, shuddering.

“Fuck yeah, baby. You are a little buttslut, aren’t you?”

Rey flushed and forced herself to nod. He slammed home and she whimpered, burying her face into the pillow as she nodded more vehemently.

There was something so all-consuming about the pleasure she got from getting fucked there. Something that ate at her sanity and rendered her speechless. Coming with something in her ass was- transcendent, even if she was alone with her toys. She’d done things with a few people before, but she was largely left to deal with her libido on her own.

Partially out of shame of her interests. If Kylo wasn’t so ready and willing to take what he wanted, Lord only knew how long it would have been before she’d have sheepishly asked him to take her like this.

“Daddy’s pretty little buttslut,” he breathed, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around her, keeping her knees spread with his own. “That’s a sweet fucking hole, too- fuck. So glad I get to fuck it- whenever- I- want-”

He accentuated the words with ruthless thrusts, and for several hours he fucked her into the bed. After a while, he reached down to all but assault her clit, and she came four times before begging him to stop. By the time he was close to coming, she was on her knees, chest pressed into the bed, clutching a pillow for dear life as she wept into it, overridden with unfettered pleasure.

“Gonna fucking come,” he snarled. “Are you ready, bitch? Gonna fuck those guts full of my fucking come.”

Rey moaned and nodded. “Please,” she muttered into the pillow- then, she turned her head so he could hear her. “Fuck my whore ass full of come, Daddy. Give it to me- make me fucking take it- oh, fuck, yes- please, Daddy, please-!”

He let out a loud groan as she felt him unload inside of her, and her eyes fluttered as he gripped her hair and yanked it back. “Fucking slut,” he snarled. “Take it- take every- last- fucking- drop-...”

He let her go when he finished, but he remained on top and inside of her until he’d fully softened. He pulled back with a soft sigh and shuddered.

Rey fought her way onto her back and gazed at him in his full glory. He panted softly, eyeing her hungrily. “We missed breakfast,” he said. “I’ve got lunch plans with Ben- you can come.”

Rey blinked, then furrowed her brow. “It is Saturday, right?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Rey nodded slowly, glancing over at her phone that lay on the nightstand, still on the charger. “I’ll let you eat with your brother alone,” she said. “I should grab a bag, or something, if you want me to stay here. It’s a fair bit closer to my work, anyway.” She had to make sure BB was fed, and figure out what to do with him.

Kylo grinned, then leaned forward and pressed a kiss into her mouth. “Sounds like a plan, babydoll. I’ll nab you food on the way- c’mon, we gotta get dressed if I’m gonna make lunch.”

Soon enough, they were sitting in his Jag again. He’d buy her something, drop her off at home, and then pick her up when he was done. She’d pack a bag with enough clothes for a week- there was laundry in his suite, but still- and likely still have enough time to call Rose and tell her she’d be needing her for the signing, and call Kay to chat about it all.

It felt so surreal, and yet, each little act for it felt mundane. She’d probably relax for a few weeks, then find some sort of remote job where she could write or edit. The Resistance would probably get her something like that already- she was a good, hard worker. Reliable. And she had three family or good-as-family members who worked there, too- way high up.

Mum wasn’t going to be happy about needing a new assistant, but Rey wouldn’t tell her until her resignation was fully decided upon. He’d have to get her that house first.

… He was definitely and for sure getting her a house.

This was insane. Absolutely insane. This was so unlike Rey.

But… What was the harm, really? Either way, she got what she needed, and maybe- just maybe- their relationship would be… Something. She didn’t know what yet, but she knew that she was intrigued by Kylo Ren and wanted to… Learn. Explore. Something.

Sure, he was old enough to be her father- but she was an adult, and he was hot and strangely kind and killer in bed. Age was but a number, right?

She’d lived her entire life responsibly. She’d gotten good marks even in primary school. She’d graduated from the best prep school England had to offer after earning the rare honor of a scholarship. She worked hard at a good job, even doing at least half of her mother’s job for her, too. If she wanted to run off with a rockstar actor who also gave her a security blanket and be his- well, basically his sugar baby- so what if she did? She deserved to live a little.

Mum would have done it in a heartbeat- faster than a heartbeat, really. Kay would’ve, too- hell, maybe even Aunt Rosie. And Rey was still securing the house and car, just in case it fell through.

Kylo regarded her quaint little condo with curiosity. “Pretty,” he said.

“Thanks,” Rey said. “Home shitty home- but hey, it’s home.”

Kylo smiled at that, eyes bright. “That’s the spirit, babydoll. Daddy’ll get you a shiny new home, though.”

Rey smiled, too, and leaned over to kiss him a few times. “Thank you, Daddy,” she cooed.

“Mm- you’re welcome, baby. See you in a bit.”

“Text me,” Rey said. “I still don’t have your number.”

“Ah- right. Gotcha.”

“Drive safe.”

“Ha,” Kylo said, and Rey rolled her eyes as she climbed out of the Jag. She made her way to her front door and let herself in. She ate her food- delicious- then set about packing a bag.

She really didn’t have much that didn’t seem stupid to wear in front of him, but she did her best.

When she was done, she made sure it was all fairly clean and did the dishes just to make sure they wouldn’t get all nasty in her time away-

And BB. She’d nearly forgotten about her cat! Luckily, his automatically-dispensed food bowl was still half full. He mewled as he jumped up on the counter next to her.

“I’ll have to talk to Kylo about bringing you, my handsome little guy,” Rey said. “If not, I’ll have to have Rosie watch you.”

She should probably clean the litter box, too. Lame.

After dishes, she did clean the litter box, then walked to the settee and sat down to call Rose first, petting BB all the while.

“Hey, kiddo!” Rose said.

“Hi, Auntie Rosie! So, um- I need two favors, but don’t quite have the details for either. Just thought a heads up would be good.”

“Alright! What is it?”

“I might need someone to watch BB for a while, depending- I’ll know today, and I’d need to take him over today if I need you.”

“Anytime! Just let me know. How long?”

“I’m not sure- at least a week. I’ll spill the details as long as you promise not to tell Mum- I’m telling her after I know the details, and if I’m quitting my job. Auntie Kaydie’s sworn to secrecy, too.”

“Okay,” Rose said with a little giggle. “I’ll reserve judgement about you quitting your job until you explain.”

“Thank you for that,” Rey said, amused. “I, ah… Slept with a rich celebrity who wants me to be his sugar baby.”


“I’m not supposed to say much, so I won’t.”


“Nothing is set in stone at the moment- I need you to come with me to sign something. He said an NDA, but I thought that was a business thing- he’s not too keen on legal stuff, either, and has people working out the details. I just need fancy lawyer Rosie Tico to help make sure I’m not signing anything stupid. After that, he’s buying me a house and a car for my troubles- a safety net in case things don’t work out and I need to go back to work.”


“If it does work out, though, I’ll… Fly around with him and basically be his live-in sugar baby, I guess. Maybe get into a relationship, if we’re compatible that way. We seem like it, but that’s still fairly new, so… Who knows?”

“Okay,” Rose said, and proceeded to ask a million questions, a fair amount of which Rey didn’t answer. Primarily the who related questions.

Rey figured Rose would learn who when Rey needed to sign, but still felt strange just saying who.

“Okay,” Rose said softly. “I- would not have expected that from you, but if you’re making sure you’ve got backup plans and safety nets and… Okay, Rey. Live your life. I’m happy for you, kiddo.”

“Thank you,” Rey said softly, watching her little calico tabby as he purred contentedly- white and orange and grey. She loved him so fucking much; he was the cutest little thing.

“Just let me know when and where, and I’ll be there, of course.”

“Thanks, Auntie.”

“Of course, honey!”

They chatted for a little while longer, and then, Rey hung up and called Kay to explain it all. Kay was giggling, teasing, delighted.

“I love that for you,” Kay kept saying, just as she always did.

Rey hung up again, texted her mother to check in on her-

Doing well, dear! Miss u, see u on Monday xx

Miss you, too, Mummy. See you then xx

Then, Kylo texted her- ETA ~25 mins -Ky

Call me when you can?

He called right away. “Hey, doll.”

“Hi, Daddy,” Rey said, and she heard him hum in response. “I have a little kitty cat, and I was wondering- if I can bring him? Always? He’s my baby boy.”

“Of course,” Kylo chuckled. “Is he a hellion? We had two cats when I was a kid- Artoo and Threepio- and Artoo was a little fuckin’ shit.”

“No, no,” Rey said. “He’s an angel. He does pee on the floor if he’s left alone for too long, but that’s about it.”

She was surprised he hadn’t done so last night.

“Ah,” Kylo said. “Sure. Do you have a crate and all that for him?”

“I… Do not,” Rey admitted softly. Technically, she did, but it was at Rosie’s, a good forty-five minute drive away. “And, by the way, my lawyer is prepared to accompany me and make sure I’m not selling my soul, she just needs to know when and where- when you do.”

“Ben said it’ll be all ready by tonight, but if you’re bringing your lawyer, I guess we should probably save that for the late morning, huh?”


“Alright. I’ll talk with Ben about it when he’s done drafting it, or whatever, and set a time then.”

“Okay, cool. I vaguely mentioned I might be running away to be a celebrity’s sugar baby, but no details. I wasn’t- wasn’t sure what I was allowed to say.”

He chuckled softly. “Okay, baby. We’ll cover that tomorrow- just don’t mention anymore, alright? Do they know who?”

“No. But I figured- figured my lawyer would know when I signed… I didn’t mention, though, in case I shouldn’t.”

“Oh. Your lawyer? That’s a different story, yeah.”

“Well- she’s also my godmother, so…”

Kylo snickered. “Ah.”

“I told my other godmother, too- just the running away thing, and the house and car. And that I was signing something- but that was it. Oh- and that we slept together, but not who you are.”

“That’s fine, baby,” he said.

“Okay. They’re reliable, anyway. They won’t even tell my mum without permission.”

“Okay,” Kylo said, and Rey could hear the amused smile on his face.

They chatted for a while, and he mentioned stopping at a store to nab a crate and stuff for ‘the cat’- “BB!” she informed him loudly- and that they’d grab other things, like food and toys and ‘shit’ after he grabbed her and the cat. Soon enough, he said. “Okay- I’m pulling up now, doll.”

She opened the door and he came up. He eyed the house curiously as he set the crate down, and Rey coaxed her 11 kilo cat into the crate.

They picked up stuff for BB, then went straight back to the hotel, up to his suite.

Kylo knocked on 1001, and after a few moments, the door opened. “Cat.”

Ben blinked, then looked at the crate. He raised both eyebrows; a boyish hope passed through his eyes. “Cat?”

“Cat,” Kylo reiterated.

Rey grinned at once.

Stoic, composed, prim and proper Ben Solo- ex-attorney and current no-nonsense director- lit up in boyish wonder because cat.

Rey opened the crate and BB immediately jumped out, meowing in indignation.

Ben glanced at Rey for permission; still grinning, Rey nodded, and Ben moved forward as BB started wandering. He crouched down and held out a hand, making some noise that caught BB’s attention. The cat inched closer, sniffing. It wasn’t too long before Ben was petting him, and only a few more moments before Ben scooped him up and stood, petting him with a grin.

“His name is BB-8,” Rey said. “But I just call him ‘BB’.”

“BB-8,” Ben said quietly. “Just BB.”

BB nuzzled into Ben’s jaw and purred.

“Shit, maybe we should set BB up in Ben’s suite,” Kylo said. “He looks like he wants company.”

Ben said nothing, just stared at BB like the cat was the most precious thing he’d ever seen and hugged him gently. Rey’s heart melted. “Only if Ben doesn’t mind me visiting my cat all the time.”

“Not at all,” Ben murmured. “His card works on my door, too. Pop in whenever you’d like.”

With that, they set up BB’s things in the bedroom of Ben’s suite, the litter box in the en suite.

Layout-wise, his suite was identical to Kylo’s, but rather than red furnishings and gold accents, Ben’s suite had blue furnishings and silver accents. It was fairly cute.

Someone called Kylo just as they were done, and he groaned. “Shit. I have to take this. Ben- amuse the guest, please. And the cat, I guess.”

“Gladly,” Ben said, sitting down, still cradling a very content BB.

With that, Kylo walked off- he all but snarled Yes? into his phone as he disappeared.

Ben pressed a soft kiss beneath BB’s ear. “Thanks for letting me steal your cat.”

Rey giggled. “I couldn’t help it, what with how you looked at him. It would have been like stealing candy from a baby to say no.”

Ben grumbled- it took Rey a moment to realize that it was a laugh, gentle and deep.

Oh. Oh, no. Rey was hot for him, too.


After a moment, Ben glanced at her. He offered the smallest, most sheepish smile, his dark eyes bright and warm and inviting. “Please,” he said. “Sit.”

Oh, no. She was so hot for him, and soft for him, too. Rey sat down, feeling her cheeks warm slightly.


They sat in comfortable silence as Rey felt grosser and grosser about herself. Eventually, she reached out to pet BB, too, and watched the cat as he closed his eyes and purred near violently, his head resting on Ben’s shoulder. Every so often, he’d blink slowly- the cat, not Ben- and Rey would do it right back, just like always.

Rey was fighting the urge to rest her head on Ben’s shoulder, too.

After a long while, Ben cleared his throat. “You, ah- you should’ve joined us for lunch,” he said.

“I had to pack, and stuff,” Rey said softly.

“Ah- right. He’ll- I’m sure Kylo would buy you new things. He probably still will.”

Oh. Sugar baby- right. Rey bit her lip. “I also had to- clean up, and stuff. Grab my buddy. Get the house ready for my absence. Dishes, the litter box, and the like- you know.”

“Mmm,” Ben hummed.

Rey dared to lean forward to kiss BB’s forehead, her cheek touching Ben’s shoulder in the process. Ever so slightly, Ben adjusted himself- it took Rey a moment to realize he was… Inviting her face onto his shoulder, if subtly.

Rey flushed crimson and lay her head down, and Ben gulped.

Oh- oh, no. Ben was hot for her, too.


BB nuzzled into both of them and mewled softly; Rey mewled in return out of habit, then flushed crimson again, but Ben smiled in amusement- the smile turned into a grin. Rey scratched BB’s neck as Ben’s fingers worked into the sweet spot above BB’s fluffy tail.

She wondered how odd this was- leaning on Kylo’s brother’s shoulder like this. He hadn’t asked for exclusivity- and he was fucking someone else, too- but still. His twin brother.

It felt kind of scummy, and more than a little gross. But she was just leaning on his shoulder, right?

“Do you like cats?” Rey asked.

“I do,” Ben said.

“Do you have any?”

“No. Not since I lived with my parents, and they’re-... They’re passed now. The cats, I mean- not my parents. I’ll get one or two, maybe three, once I get the chance to settle down a bit again. Afraid of how they’d act on planes, flying around as I do at the moment.”

“Ah,” Rey said softly. “I’m… A little nervous for BB, to be honest.”

“Mmm,” Ben said. “It’ll be alright. He’s got his mama to cuddle into for comfort, don’t you, BB?”

Rey grinned, flushing again.

Her heart was pounding. She was so soft for Ben Solo.


“Hey, he’s got you now, too,” Rey said, and Ben’s eyes lit up. Rey gazed up at him for a long moment, and after a bit, he turned to meet her eyes.

Their breathing hitched at the same time. Rey licked her lips on instinct alone as Ben gulped, scouring her eyes with his and then looking down at her mouth yearningfully-

The door opened and Rey jumped; BB meowed in offense, jumping away from Ben and darting around the room to hide. Kylo was smirking; he caught Rey’s eye and winked. Ben cleared his throat, watching BB until the cat disappeared. Kylo walked up to Rey, slinking an arm around her waist and pressing a kiss into her cheek. “Go on back to bed, babe, and I’ll fuck you silly in a moment. Need a word with Casanova over here.”

Rey flushed and nodded. Ben looked away- he had been watching them- and gulped again.

God damnit.

Rey sheepishly departed, letting her feet guide her out of Ben’s suite and into Kylo’s, then stripped and lay down on the bed, throwing an arm over her eyes.

She was fucked. That much, she knew- she could feel it in her bones.

Chapter Text

“Sorry for interrupting your moment,” Kylo said with a wicked grin.

This was going wonderfully.

“I’d have just said ‘you two have fun’ and backed right out if she’d have signed the damn thing already, but-... You should get on that.”

Ben nodded slowly.

Kylo rolled his eyes and nudged his brother’s shoulders. “She’s fuckin’ into you. Smile for half a goddamn second.”

Ben cleared his throat. “I’m happy. Happy she’s into me.”

“You don’t look it.”

Ben stared at the door. “She’s gone, and now, I have to work.”

“Mm,” Kylo said. After a moment, he sighed and squeezed Ben’s shoulder. “Just a little while longer- especially with her into you. As soon as she mentioned she had a cat, I knew this’d be a helluva lot easier.”

Ben’s eyes found the big tail that was barely visible from the animal’s hiding spot. “She’s-... I like her.”

Kylo chuckled. “Good.”

Ben looked away, composing himself once more. “Go. ‘Fuck her silly’. And give her a kiss for me.”

Kylo snickered. “You got it, nerd. Now, get to work.”

Ben scowled, and only then was Kylo confident enough in his brother’s emotional well-being to turn and stalk off.

“Just a matter of time, Benny, before you get your dick wet.”

“That’s- crude,” Ben grumbled.

“Yep. Bye.”

“... Bye.”




After another hours-long sex marathon wherein Rey’s body could only tolerate one orgasm, she lay on the bed as Kylo went off to use the gym.

Ben was a cuddler, she’d bet. Kylo seemed to need physical activity after sex, which was all well and good, but Rey was a cuddler.

Shut the fuck up, goddamnit.

Eventually, Rey got up and roamed naked to the kitchen. Apparently, it was her fault for not having learned her lesson the last damned time-

Ben and a very sweaty Kylo were standing in the kitchen, chatting. Of course, Ben was facing her- he glanced up and then timidly away as she cursed- “Sorry. Sorry. You’d think I’d have learned last time-”

“C’mere,” Kylo beckoned, turning to look at her.

“I-I’m naked-”

“C’mere,” Kylo said again, grinning.

Ret inched forward sheepishly and Ben’s nostrils flared as he regarded the balcony.

“You were saying?” Kylo prompted as he pulled Rey into his side, her bum fully on display should Ben turn towards her.

To be honest, most of her body was on display. Sge flushed and buried her face into Kylo’s chest.

… Rey sort of wanted Ben to turn and look, stare at her.


“It’s ready,” Ben grumbled.

“Yeah? What time tomorrow?”

“As early as you can reliably be counted on to be awake,” Ben all but scoffed, turning more fully towards the balcony-

“You can look at her, Ben. You have seen naked women before, yes?”

Ben scowled, jaw tightening. “Of course I have-”

“Look at her. She’s got such a nice fucking ass-” Kylo spanked it for emphasis and Rey gasped, jumping.

… She was so wet. She could feel it.

God, damn it all to hell.

Ben turned to scowl at Kylo. “Leave her alone.”

“You can,” Rey whispered. “I-if you w-want.”

Ben looked at her face quickly, nostrils flaring. Kylo grinned, once more resembling a languid, smug lion as he leaned on the counter, pulling Rey with him- bending her over slightly. Ben gulped, then let his eyes slowly roam her body.

Kylo’s hand groped her ass and she moaned and shuddered; Ben licked his bottom lip, then dragged it in between his teeth. His pupils blew out quickly; he turned slightly, tilting his head as if for a better view.

Kylo’s fingers brushed against Rey’s slit and she squeezed her eyes shut as he snickered softly. “Oh, look at that, Rey…”

Suddenly, he spun Rey into him, pulling her face into his sweat-damp sternum and kicking her legs open.

“She’s so fucking wet, Ben. Do you see that?”

She closed her eyes and prayed, prayed that Ben would touch her.

“I do,” Ben barely breathed, and his baritone- so low and rich and beautiful- Rey shivered slightly.

“Ohh, baby, I told you- you’re such a little slut,” Kylo whispered, and she flushed crimson. “Reach back and spread those ass cheeks open- show Benny that cunt, that ass.”

Ret whimpered, reaching back and doing as he said.

Is this really happening? Her heart was pounding, blood rushing in her ears. Rey heard Ben hiss in a breath.

“I think you should fuck her, Ben,” Kylo said.


“I think you should bend her over the counter and fuck her right in her tight little cunt. Do you want that, Rey? You want Ben to fuck your slutty little pussy?”

Rey flushed and whimpered.

“Yes or no, babygirl. Either’s just fine. You don’t have to do anything- do you want Benny to fuck you, make you feel good?”

She did. She really, really did. “N- not on a c-counter,” Rey whispered.

“Okay,” Kylo said softly. “Do you want him to fuck you, though?”

Rey flushed even darker, if possible, and nodded.

“Say it, baby.”

“I-I want Ben to f-fuck me,” Rey said. She heard a soft groan behind her.

She was going directly to hell.

Gently, Kylo walked her back into Ben’s chest, and Rey glanced up to see him with his eyes closed- he looked almost angry, barely containing himself.


“Can I watch?” Kylo asked in a low, sultry voice-

Rey moaned and squirmed as her cunt clenched down. Kylo all but purred out a chuckle. “That sounds like a yes from Miss Rey- say it, though, baby.”

“Yes,” she whispered.


Ben’s eyes opened and found Kylo’s. Kylo lifted both brows, grinning.

“Can I watch you fuck her?” Kylo prompted.

Ben gulped, then gave a single nod. Kylo’s grin darkened, and his eyes found Rey’s again.

“Where do you want it, baby? Benny’s bed? Mine?”

“Any bed,” Rey whispered.

“Lead the way, then, Benny boy.”

Ben’s hand closed gently around Rey’s shoulder, then, and he led her forward- towards Kylo’s room. Kylo followed behind his brother.

Ben scooped her up as soon as all three of them were in the room, carrying her bridal style towards the bed. She heard Kylo unzipping his pants and saw him take a seat in a nearby armchair as Ben laid her gently on the bed, studying her with analytical reverence as he ran a hand over his mouth.

She whimpered and spread her legs, and his eyes narrowed slightly as he took in the sight of her exposed, dripping sex.

Her vagina had seen so much action in the past twenty-four hours alone.

He dropped down to lay over her, wrapping one arm around her waist and cupping her cheek with the other. He kissed her passionately, dipping his tongue into her mouth and groaning at the sensation. Rey whimpered and squirmed, wrapping her own arms around his shoulders, burying a hand into thick, luscious waves.

He kissed her until she couldn’t think, and she writhed and squirmed in pure desperation.

“Please,” she begged, and he kissed slowly down her throat, over her collar. “Please, Ben! I need-”

“Patience, sweetheart,” he whispered softly. “You need to be patient for me.”

Rey whimpered and let her head fall back. “I need you,” she pleaded.

“You’ve got me,” he said, sucking one entire breast into his mouth, tonguing at her nipple. She keened as her back arched, and her hands flew up above her head. She caught sight of Kylo languidly stroking his hard cock, watching intently.

After a few moments, when Ben switched to the other breast, Kylo moved forward and sat on the bed for a better view. She reached out, fumbling for one of each of their hands, and both of them indulged her- Kylo chuckled softly, playfully teasing, and Ben gave her soft, bright eyes.

She could get fucking used to this.

Ben kissed down her ribcage, over her stomach, in no rush at all. He kissed down one thigh, then up the other. He set his mouth against her lips, then, inhaling softly, then hummed- “Beautiful girl,” he whispered softly. “Sweet little flower…” The index finger of his free hand moved languidly through her folds, spreading her arousal, making a lewd but gentle sound.

Rey let out a throaty, strangled noise. “I’m going mad,” she whimpered.

“Mmm- it’s a good look on you, sweetheart.”

Then, he parted her folds with two sure fingers and lapped gently at her clit. She keened and twitched, gripping both hands tightly. Ben squeezed in encouragement, groaning gently.

“Taste so good, sweetheart,” he breathed, sending shocks of electricity through her skin.

“Oh- fuck….” Rey gasped.

“Mm- dirty mouth…”

Rey shivered as his tongue began circling, then flicking. His finger began circling her entrance, teasing but not quite indulging her- until he did, adding a second finger and then a third. Only then did his mouth clamp around her clit and suck, tongue battering her clit as his fingers curled into and prodded at a sweet spot-

Rey cried out, all but flailing, but Ben kept her still and continued his delightful assault. She felt hot tears form in her eyes as a violent orgasm raked through her body, and she whimpered and mewled pitifully as she rode it out. “Be -ennn…” she wept. “So much- too much- can’t take it-”

“You can take it,” he said, muffled, then resumed languid tonguing as his fingers picked up the pace.

“S’too much,” Rey whimpered, and Ben hummed in disbelief as his brow knitted.

“D’you know safewords?” Kylo spoke to wonder softly.

“Yellow- red- and m-mercy,” Rey gasped.


“... G-green,” she said.

She could take it. Maybe.

She sobbed outright when he worked her to a second orgasm, gasping and shivering. She was a tightly wound, twitching mess when he brought her to a third. After the fourth hit, it was just one, big, drawn-out, blissfully hellish wave of pleasure.

“Gonna die,” she breathed.

“Mm-mm,” Ben hummed. “One more, sweetheart. Come on my tongue…” his thumb replaced his mouth on her clit, and he buried his tongue into her core- thick and strong and expert and divine.

When she looked down, he could see her own come- and Kylo’s- on his fingers and his face. She whimpered and let her head fall back.

Her fifth orgasm felt like it took years, but her brain wasn’t particularly functional anymore. She screamed out his name- “Ben! Oh, fuck! Ben! Ben!” and writhed almost violently, squeezing down entirely too hard on both of their hands. Ben groaned and swirled his tongue eagerly around between her rolling walls, and his thumb quickened on her clit. “Fuck yes! Fuck- yes, yes- yes- yes! Ben! Ben!”

Finally sated, Ben pulled back and studied her with awe and lust. “There you go- such a good girl,” he murmured, and she whimpered at that- those two words- and nodded.

“M’ a good girl,” she babbled. “Took it all- your good girl…”

“That’s exactly right, sweetheart,” Ben said, kissing slowly up her belly as her cunt burned in his absence. She moaned and squirmed softly. “You are a very, very good girl for me…” he peppered her breasts with kisses, then her collar, her neck. Each cheek, and then, her lips-

She could taste herself and Kylo on his tongue, and with an utterly debauched moan, she suckled on his tongue. Ben grunted and reached down to slowly undo his belt, still holding her hand with one of his. He unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers as they kissed, then reached into his pants to free his erection.

It was, predictably, just as sinfully large as Kylo’s, but the veins were all different, and he had three birthmarks close together on the underbelly. She felt him gently roll his hips into hers, pressing down on his cock gently with a thumb to lather himself up. “Good girl,” he muttered into her mouth, and she shivered.

After he was suitably prepared, he notched at her entrance and she nodded, cooing softly-

They both groaned as he sank inside, much more slowly than Kylo had. His eyes drifted closed and his lips fell to her jaw. He seated himself inside, then started slowly working in and out, shallow at first, pulling out just a centimeter or two more with each thrust.

He fucked her with solid, firm composure, eyes closed and face overtaken with pleasure and focus. He held her hand still, that elbow resting on the bed, and had his other palm pressed into the mattress at Kylo’s knee. Eventually, though- once he started pulling almost all the way out with nearly every thrust- that free hand moved to cup her ass and hold her steady.

She watched Ben’s face for a while, then glanced over at Kylo. His face was stricken with lust, eyes dark and hungry and he pumped his hand aggressively. He didn’t smile when they locked eyes, but his eyes darkened as if he were smirking through his almost lethal expression.

This was the best thing that had ever fucking happened to her.

She let her eyes close then, and let her neck relax. She got louder and whinier as she felt an impossible sixth orgasm build from penetration alone-

Penetration had never, ever made her come before. She’d tried, desperately.

“So- so good,” she whimpered, nearly incoherent. “Gon- gonna- come a-again…”

“Come for me, sweetheart,” he breathed. “Let me feel you come for me. Be a good girl for Daddy…”

Rey shivered and nodded. So close- so close-

This peak washed over her in waves of surreal euphoria, and her eyes opened and widened as she hummed out a breath. “Hh-o-oohhh… Be-Ben…”

He grunted and shuddered, his rhythm not faltering once. His eyes opened and he looked almost pleadingly at the wall before turning his eyes to her face, studying her. He gulped softly, then leaned forward and set his forehead on hers.

“God, yes,” he whispered. “Such a good girl, Rey- good girl… Good girl- that’s it, sweetheart. Good girl.”

“Hhhhh…” she panted. “Please- please- come- come inside of me. Please- I need you to come inside of me…”

He shivered and his eyes closed again. “You want me to fill you up, sweetheart?”

“Yes- please, please, fill me up, Daddy…”

He nodded slowly. “I’m close- so close,” he groaned.

“So good,” Rey whined. “You’re so good to me. Please, Daddy, use me- come inside of me. Show how good you feel inside of me-”

He groaned and shivered, hips faltering just slightly as his orgasm began. His creampie was a lot messier- he still pulled out only to pump back home. He was dripping out of her before he was halfway done. He let out a gentle hum as it finished, then settled his cock inside of her as he softened.

He nuzzled into her ear and gave a soft kiss. “Good girl, Rey. You did so well.”

Kylo grunted then, and both Rey and Ben looked over to see his face twisted in desperation, teeth bared, as he jerked his hand back and forth- but his arm looked more than a little tired. He squeezed Rey’s hand and snarled softly.

Ben shifted, kneeling on the bed, still mostly dressed. He looked at Kylo, expression troubled, then glanced at Rey. Rey nibbled on her lip, shifting onto her bum, and studied Kylo.

She could try to blow him. She’d never done that, though, and didn’t know how, and he was so big that she probably wouldn’t help much, anyway-

Ben moved forward and before Rey could wonder why, he was laying down and taking Kylo’s cock into his mouth.

Rey gasped.

Kylo’s eyes opened and he glanced down. “Benny,” he breathed. Ben only hummed in response, sucking on his brother’s cock like he was an expert at the act.

How do you think his partner would feel?

Probably- yes.

She’s so fucking wet, Ben. Do you see that?

Can I watch?

Kylo looked at Rey in a daze as his free hand buried itself into Ben’s hair. Ben took every last centimeter of Kylo’s massive cock into his throat-

Kylo grunted and squeezed, head tipping back again as his hips thrusted up into Ben’s mouth. Ben swallowed over and over around the giant member embedded in his throat.

Tentatively, Rey set a hand on Ben’s back and rubbed her thumb against it.

… It really wasn’t her business, she supposed. Shocked and perplexed.

Ben pulled back and gasped in a deep breath, looking up at Kylo. Kylo looked back at him, eyes wide.

They both turned to Rey at the same time. Rey gulped.

Chapter Text

Kylo was the first to break the silence. “We’ve never done that before.”

Ben kept his face schooled. It was a bad lie- strange. Kylo was usually a good liar.

Rey’s face went from shocked and pensive to agitated in a split second, her brow knitting and jaw tightening. Her eyes narrowed as they settled on Kylo’s. “Don’t lie to me.”

Kylo lifted on brow, eyeing her, sizing her up. He hid his wariness well, but Ben could sense it just under the surface. He crossed his arms gently.

Rey shifted, face softening slightly. She glanced between the brothers. “I’m not- it’s not my business what you do, you know. I’m not going to judge you- I just held your hand while he fucked me, for one. Clearly, I-... Clearly, I’m not going to judge you.”

Ben looked at Kylo again, who took a few more moments to study her before shifting and clearing his throat. “For the record,” he muttered. “We’ve never shared anyone else. Never done this-” he motioned at the three of them. “Before.”

“But, the two of you…” Rey said.

Kylo’s eyes narrowed slightly- not angry, just… Cautious. “Yeah.”

Rey shrugged gently, beautiful eyes falling to the mattress. They were hazel-green, and they made Ben’s heart flutter and thump. She traced a finger along the red duvet. “Can I watch?” she barely breathed.

Kylo sucked in a breath. “Yeah. That was the plan… Eventually. Part of it.”

“You need to sign the agreement,” Ben said softly. “And you can’t- can’t tell anyone about us. It’s illegal, for one.”

“You can be arrested for it?” Rey asked dubiously, glancing at him.

Ben nodded sullenly. “In the U.S., anyway. Admittedly, I’m not too familiar with the rules here.”

“We were adults when it started,” Kylo grumbled. “You said that we probably wouldn’t be charged.”

“Probably isn’t certainly, and even still- we’d be fucked.”

Kylo looked down, eyes numb.

Rey studied both men with sympathy. “I’m not going to tell a soul,” she whispered. “That’s a promise, and as far as I’m concerned, promises mean a hell of a lot more than legal agreements.”

Ben knitted his brows at that, while Kylo cocked a grin.

“If you’re together,” Rey asked. “Why do you have different suites?”

“We fuck,” Kylo said, and Ben frowned. “I wasn’t aware we were any sort of ‘together’.”

“Oh. A-are you?” Rey looked at Ben, and so did Kylo.

Ben stared at the bed, then shrugged. Then, his eyes found Rey’s. “I want to be with you,” he admitted gently, cheeks flushing. He gulped subconsciously and then folded his hands together.

Rey flushed and looked down, a sheepish smile forming on her face.

Kylo nudged her gently with a foot. “So do I.”

“Both?” Rey whispered. “At the same time?”

“That’s the idea, babe,” Kylo said. Though his eyes were still wary, he got a small, gentle smile.

She squirmed slightly, flushing. After a moment, she nodded, nose scrunching in that quirky little way she did so often.

Ben’s heart was racing faster than the speed of light.

“Next time,” Rey said softly, then, she gave a playfully accusatory smile to Ben. “After my body recovers from that onslaught of torture-”

Kylo laughed, revealing his slightly crooked teeth, eyes locked on Rey and beaming with fondness.

“... Can I have you both? A-at the same time?”

“Yes,” they said in unison, and even at the same time, with the same inflection, their voices sounded so different now- in no small part due to Kylo’s singing and smoking.

Rey flushing, pushing her wrists in between her knees and drawing her knees up slightly. She looked so- girlishly giddy. She grinned slowly. “Cool.”

Both men just… Gazed at her for a while, and then-

“C’mere,” Kylo grunted, grabbing her knee and dragging her closer. She giggled and straddled his waist and he sank down onto his back, grinning at her.

Ben almost tentatively lay down; Kylo glanced over and threw an arm out with a funny expression on his face as Rey nuzzled into both brothers, eyes closed. Ben stroked Kylo’s ribs with one hand, running the other along Rey’s back.

It was… Odd, maybe. But all three of them had at least a faint smile on their face.

For the first time in Ben’s memory, he felt content around anyone else- and it was rare he felt content while alone, either.

“Mmm,” Kylo hummed after a few minutes of silence. “You two should go out for dinner- alone time, a date, like me and her had last night.”

Rey grinned, then pressed a kiss into Kylo’s chest. Ben leaned forward to kiss his ribs softly, and then, Ben and Rey leaned in to kiss each other gently.

Rey dozed until Kylo grumbled about them ‘getting going before it’s dark’, and Ben gently helped Rey to her feet. He finally fixed his clothing- he hadn’t even really noticed he’d left them amiss- as she pulled on leggings and a mustard-and-white striped crop top, little brown buttons in the middle, short sleeves with scalloped edges.

Somewhere casual, then. He mumbled something about getting dressed and headed towards his own room.




Rey let herself into Ben’s suite to play with BB for a few moments as soon as she was dressed, hair pulled into three buns like she usually did when she wasn’t trying to look nice for work.

Ben was wearing nothing but pale blue boxer briefs when Rey walked into his bedroom, dotted with small, sparse, navy blue dots. She smiled and BB immediately nuzzled through her legs; she crouched down as Ben glanced over, and she stood with BB in her arms as she looked up at him.

His belly was softer than Kylo’s, his body less lean and ripped and yet still home to so much muscle and strength. Rey bit her lip, scrunching up her nose. “Nice,” she said softly.

Ben got a small, crooked smile, then glanced down at the blue jeans on his bed and started pulling them on. “Glad you approve,” he murmured.

“I very, very much do.”

Ben smiled as he closed his jeans, then pulled a pale blue button-down on, then a dark blue sweater with the collar poking out of the top.

He and his brother were very, very different men. Still- Rey was already fairly fond of them both.

The other shoe had dropped, and yet, it was still pretty great. Better, even.

When Ben was good and ready, he reached out and set a hand on the small of Rey’s back and smiled at her, leaning in to kiss BB and then her. “As much as I’d love for him to come, he can’t.”

Rey leaned in to rest her head on his chest and he wrapped both arms loosely around her. “We’re abandoning our son?”

Maybe it was too soon for a joke like that, but Ben’s face lit up with a crooked grin. “I know,” he murmured. “But Uncle Kylo will keep an eye on him.”

“Mm,” Rey hummed softly. “It’ll have to do, even if ‘Uncle Kylo’ seems less fond of giving my sweet boy some lovins.”

Ben laughed gently. “He’s like a cat, himself,” he said. “He needs his adjustment period. I was surprised he’d take you home so quickly- but you’re our special girl, and I guess he sensed that.”

Rey hummed in honored delight, nuzzling into Ben. “Your special girl,” she whispered softly. “I like that.”

“I’m glad,” Ben said softly, pressing a kiss into her scalp. “Let’s head out, then.”

Rey gently set BB on the bed and she and Ben walked out hand in hand.

They got dinner at Nando’s and it was divine. She and Ben chatted and laughed, and he showed his dimples a lot more often than Kylo showed his own.

She kept noticing all the little differences, and admiring each one in turn. But she supposed that that was what she got for starting two relationships at once- learning two men at once.

Wow. It still felt so surreal. She ran her foot up his leg and he smiled up at her, eyes brightening.

If she had to describe Ben in one word- at least now that he was open and not reserved- it would be boyish. He was boyish and charming, endearingly awkward, and he had an altogether… Cozy… Feel. Big and warm and safe and gentle.

If she had to describe Kylo in one word, it would be masculine. He was dark and domineering, and encapsulated both the good and the bad of modern masculinity to a T. He was charismatic and energetic, seductive and yet somewhat emotionally.. Not stunted, but perhaps repressed. He had an altogether intoxicating feel- big and hot and dangerous and jagged.

They each had their own appeal. Rey couldn’t have chosen between them if she tried.

It still boggled her mind that she wouldn’t have to. They both wanted her- and they both wanted to share her.

“I feel- so lucky,” Rey whispered suddenly.

Ben glanced up, then smiled, eyes brightening. “We’re the lucky ones, Rey. Truly.”

Rey flushed, moving both of her legs up to rest in his lap, and his eyes twinkled. His smile widened, and he set his left hand on her feet, thumb slipping to the sole of one and massaging lightly.

Dinner was lovely. She got Chicken Butterfly and he got a Sunset Burger, and for dessert, she had a Choc-A-Lot Cake and he had a salted caramel brownie.

He took her to the cinema afterwards, and she curled into his shoulder and watched the chick flick he’d chosen that she had no interest in whatsoever- well. To say she watched it was a stretch- she stared at the screen and savored the way it felt to lean into him. As the credits rolled, she couldn’t even tell you the name of the main character or her love interest.

When they walked into Ben’s suite, Kylo was laying on his back on a sofa, hands outstretched, and BB was perched atop of them. Both Kylo and BB looked over and blinked.

Rey giggled and leaned into Ben as Ben got a small smile and shook his head. Kylo dropped BB and Rey gasped, but BB landed upright on Kylo’s chest and entirely unphased. Kylo poked BB gently in the nose.

“This cat can do a backflip,” Kylo said. “Artoo and Threepio never did fuckin’ backflips.”

“Artoo hated you, and Threepio was terrified of you,” Ben said.

“They sucked. Fuck them cats.”

Ben scowled at Kylo, but Rey gently coaxed him further into the suite. “You terrorized them.”

“They terrorized me!”

Kylo placed BB atop his chest, the cat on his back, and stroked his belly with two fingers. BB looked dazed and slightly frightened for just a moment before relaxing, and after a moment, he even started to pur. “Also, the cat vibrates.”

“It’s called-”

“I know what fucking purring is, asshole.”

“Boys, play nice,” Rey said.

“No,” they said in unison.

“Huh. Guess I’ll fuck my own holes tonight, then.”

Ben wavered, looking up. Kylo was on his feet in a moment- BB quickly climbed onto his shoulders- and clapped a hand against Ben’s shoulder blade. “Love you, bro.”

“Don’t call me that.” Ben glanced at Rey’s raised brows. “... Love you, too.”

Rey giggled as Ben tucked the leftovers away, and Kylo watched in amusement as BB carefully traversed his shoulders. “It’s a parrot.”

“He’s a cat.”

“He’s a parrot.”

“He’s a cat.”


Silence. Rey smiled, feeling… Oddly powerful.

She scooped BB up and Kylo frowned, offended. Rey set BB on the counter. “Run along, my handsome little guy. Mummy and Daddy and Daddy have to play like grownups, now.”

Kylo snickered as Ben shook his head slowly.

“Mama and Daddy and Daddy,” Ben echoed softly.


Kylo snorted. “I’m snipped. Fuck that.”

“Mama and Daddy and Stepdaddy.”

Rey giggled.

“Mama and Stepdaddy and Daddy.”


Soon enough, they made their way to Ben’s bedroom, and Kylo pushed Rey into the wall and all but attacked the back of her neck with his mouth. “Fuck, I missed you, doll.”

Rey giggled as she felt him cage her in, nudged into her as he groped her and ground his growing erection into her bum. “Yeah, Daddy? You missed me?”

He suckled on her skin. “So fucking much,” he grumbled, and he dropped to his knees as he yanked her leggings down. He tossed her sandals to the side haphazardly and, with a grumble, an already half naked Ben picked them up and set them neatly to the side.

She had them both. Holy shit. She had them both, at the same time.

Holy shit.

Kylo wrestled her leggings off and tossed them; Ben caught them as he slipped off his shoes, then tossed them onto an armchair. Next, Kylo spread her cheeks and began lapping eagerly at both entrances. “Fuck,” he grumbled. “I could eat Ben’s come out of this cunt forever- fuck.”

Ben hissed in a breath and, fully naked, he moved closer and gently eased them both back, falling onto his knees against the wall and suckling Rey’s clit into his mouth.

Rey moaned and leaned into the wall, and Kylo urged one of her legs onto Ben’s shoulder, then the other. They had her well supported, but as Rey rocked her hips back and forth and sputtered out gasps, she still felt precarious and something about that was so arousing, too. “Oh- fuck, yeah…”

She could feel their tongues finding one another every so often, felt them kiss against her slit, and she’d shiver and moan. She moved one hand into Ben’s hair, reaching back and finding Kylo’s with the other.

“Oh, my God…”

The pleasure ached. It took her forever to come, and she barely felt it when she did- but both men grunted. They could feel it, at least.

“Yellow. Fuck me. Please.”

They both pulled away and took one of her hands, but Ben waved Kylo off. “Strip,” he muttered.

“Mm- oh, yeah,” Kylo said.

“I thought you didn’t like eating pussy?” Rey asked Kylo as Ben lay down on the bed; Ben looked over at Kylo, horrified and affronted.

Kylo shrugged. “I don’t hate it, and like I said, I could taste you both all fuckin’ day long.”

Ben gently guided Rey towards him, setting her backwards on his lap, facing out. “Ky, grab the lube,” he muttered.

Kylo walked towards a nightstand as he stepped out of the sweats he’d worn to work out in, fishing out lube and tossing it to Ben. Ben lubed her asshole up, then himself, and pulled her back to guide her down onto him.

“Ohhh, yes,” Rey moaned, pushing past Ben’s hands to grind her ass into his hips. Ben grunted, and she felt his cock twitch.

“So impatient,” he muttered, slightly offended. “I was enjoying taking my time.”

Rey rode him slowly. “Needed you, Daddy,” she breathed. “Needed this cock buried in my arse.”

Ben cupped and spread her cheeks, then cursed slightly. “Gorgeous, sweetheart.”

Kylo stood at the edge of the bed, cock in hand, and prodded at her pussy. “You ready, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Rey said.

He pushed inside and Rey’s head fell back.

Both holes so full of cock it shouldn't have been possible. Kylo cupped the nape of her neck in one hand and kneaded a breast with the other; one of Ben’s hands moved up to knead the other.

“Oh, God,” Rey breathed as Kylo pressed into her cervix. She lay back against Ben and he hummed softly, peppering her head with generous little kisses.

Kylo grabbed Ben’s hips and dragged them both closer to the edge of the mattress, and then, he started pounding into Rey with wild abandon, spewing his usual filth, aimed at both Rey and Ben.

“Fucking like that cock in your whore fucking cunt, baby? Yeah, you love getting fucking skewered on our twin fucking cocks- fuck, yeah. Bet you came so hard yesterday, Benny, while you thought about me cucking you- fucking the girl you wanted. Fuck, yeah.”

Hours. Eventually, the men came in unison, pumping both of her holes full of come. She cried out and shuddered, nodding. “Oh, yes, please- thank you- yes, fuck me, please…”

Eventually, all tired and varying levels of sweaty, they dragged their bodies more fully onto the bed. Rey curled into Ben’s chest while Kylo spooned her, his knee thrust under hers, foot slowly stroking along Ben’s calf.

All in all, it had been a great fucking day.

Chapter Text

When Kylo’s eyes opened, he growled softly at the sensation of being awake. Something was vibrating his chest, though-

Cat. Purring. He looked down and saw BB on top of Rey’s chest, nuzzling into his. They were in Ben’s bed, but Ben was nowhere to be seen. The shower was running.

“Mm, right,” he murmured.

Rey was asleep, mouth slightly agape, head turned slightly towards Kylo.

Kylo reached out and lazily petted the cat, whose purring doubled in intensity almost immediately. Kylo leaned forward and tucked his head into Rey’s hair, which still faintly smelled like him.

Some dark pride swelled in his chest.

He’d have to come on her tits soon to massage his seed into her. Claim her.

Maybe, he’d ask Ben to come on her peachy little ass. Claim her.

He growled softly as his morning wood twitched. BB jumped and stared at his dick with wide eyes; Rey stirred and grumbled. Then, BB gave Kylo an offended look and darted off-

His tiny, fast-moving feet had Rey’s eyes opening. She scowled at the ceiling hatefully, cheeks all puffy and eyes slightly swollen.

Ah. She was not an early riser.

Maybe he should’ve fucked her awake again, but they had been exerting her body quite a bit. Kylo set his hand on her belly and grumbled in grumpy solidarity.

Rey whined wordlessly, then curled into Kylo. He grumbled again and wrapped his arms around her, and she let out a soft, almost begrudgingly pleased sound.

When Ben came out, he tossed a damp, warm towel at Kylo’s head, probably meant to annoy him into rising, but it felt pretty good, to be honest.

“Rey, up. Shower here. Kylo, up. Shower at your place.”

Two tired, grumpy, wordless complaints.

Ben scooped Rey up and she hissed as Kylo snarled. Ben walked off with Rey, and then returned to start dragging Kylo off of the bed-

Kylo kicked his brother in the shoulder, then sat forward to scowl. Ben was scowling right back at him.

Things were different. There was something in Kylo that kept him from snarling at Ben, something he always did when Ben woke him up. He even felt bad for kicking him, too.

“Mm,” Kylo grunted. “Morning.”

Ben blinked, actual shock washing over his face. “Good morning. Go shower.”


“If we leave on time, we can get breakfast. If we don’t leave terribly late, we can get coffee.”

“Mmmmmmm…” Kylo leaned forward, and Ben helped heave him up to his feet. He patted Kylo’s ass as the slightly younger twin hobbled off, not bothering with the clothing he’d left on Ben’s floor.




“Sweetheart,” Ben sighed softly when he came in to see Rey standing under the water, heat beating down directly onto her face.

She dipped her head down, letting it run through her hair. “Hate morning. Hate morning showers. Hate.”

“It’s eight o’clock,” he said. “If we leave within the hour, we can stop for breakfast. If we leave before ten, we can stop for coffee.”

Coffee. Food. Rey whimpered and glanced around, but his shampoo was too far away. She reached out for it and whined; he sighed and walked forward, grabbing it and moving it into her hand.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

That was how her shower went. As soon as all of the soap was rinsed from her body, he turned the shower off and she whimpered, but he quickly wrapped her up in a towel and dried her off. He blow dried her hair, brushed her teeth for her.

Not long after, she was dragging her feet towards Kylo’s suite as Ben got dressed in his own. When she got there, Kylo was still in the shower, so she played gofer for him like Ben had done for her, and as he dried off she got dressed. As he got dressed, she did her hair and makeup- that was when Ben came in, in grey slacks and a matching blazer, a navy blue turtleneck.

“Nerd,” Kylo said.

Ben looked at Kylo patiently and adjusted his blazer. “I miss the days where you owned no garish shirts.”

Rey glanced over. Kylo was wearing a red t-shirt with a strange print on it- what looked like wrinkly Sphynx cat heads with three eyes, the background constellations and stars and witchy, space-like things. Kylo pulled a leather jacket over top that matched the leather trousers, eyes locked almost challengingly on Ben’s. “I like them.”

“They’re stupid.”

“That’s a big part of why I like them, Benny.”

Ben only shrugged.

“You look like a shrink, or a dermatologist.”

Ben shrugged again.

“You both look good,” Rey said. “Now, stop bullying each other.”

“Yes, Mama,” Ben murmured, leaning down to press a kiss into his temple.

“Ben started it,” Kylo said.

“I distinctly remember you calling him a nerd,” Rey said. It was Kylo’s turn to shrug.

Kylo grabbed eyeliner from his dresser and sat down on the bed, not bothering to glance at a mirror as he applied some. Rey pulled on her shoes, and he did, too, and then, the three of them were off- this time, in the cabin of Ben’s dark blue Rolls-Royce. He had a driver.

“How expensive was this?” Rey asked as she gawked.

“Ridiculously,” Kylo grumbled, laying back into the corner and throwing his fancy Chelsea boots up onto the seat.

“A few million,” Ben murmured, and Rey gawked.

“A few- million?”

Ben looked sheepish as he shrugged. “It cost more than my house did, but I like it.”

Rey sighed and leaned into Ben.

“Oh,” Kylo spoke up. “You’re meeting with Amilyn at two. We can come, if you’d like.”

“Yes, please,” Rey said.

She wasn’t a big people person. Sometimes, she didn’t think she was much of a person at all.

They got a fancy breakfast, drank bougie-ass coffee that tasted good and woke Rey right the fuck up. Then, they headed to the building wherein they were meeting with Rose to sign the papers.

Rey kissed them both sweetly before they could be seen, and then, they waited. At 10:50, Rose was led in by a tall, fair-skinned woman with a bright platinum bob, and Rey grinned and shot over to hug her tightly.

“Oh- hey, honeybee,” Rose said softly, hugging her just as tightly.

“Hi, Rosie,” Rey said.

After the embrace, the two women sat across from the brothers, and they started going over the paperwork.

“It sounds like they’re trying to protect illegal information,” Rose said after a while, brow knitting, frowning at both men suspiciously. Neither man gave anything away at all.

“We are,” Kylo said evenly. “Rey already knows what it is- mainly, my little coke habit.”

Ben tensed and turned to glare at Kylo, but Kylo kept his cold, intimidating gaze locked on Rose.

It took a while, and a lot of pressing from Rose, but eventually, she let Rey sign it.

After it was done, Rose looked over at Ben almost… Curiously. “Strange to see you in this circumstance.”

Rey looked up at Rose, then over at Ben.

Ben gave a polite smile that didn’t quite meet his eyes. “You seem to be doing well for yourself, Miss Tico. That is nice to see.”

Rose gave a small smile. “Thank you. So do you,” she added, eyeing his clothing. Ben cleared his throat but smiled.

“Yes, well.”

“You know,” Rose said with a small grin. “Or- maybe you don’t, but- Rey is Bazine Netal’s daughter.”

Kylo, who’d been sipping water from a glass, choked almost violently, sputtering water back into the glass. Ben’s face paled immediately.

Rey took in the scene, silent.

Rose blinked at Kylo. “Did you know her, too?”

Kylo coughed, looking away and tucking his mouth into the crook of his elbow. He wheezed in a few breaths, then looked over at Rey, studying her.

Ben’s mouth was tight. He studied Kylo, then Rey, then Rose.

Rey kept her mouth shut only until they were safely inside the cabin of the Rolls-Royce. “How do you know my mother?”

“Fucked her,” Kylo muttered.

Oh. Oh, no. Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross.

“She went to school with us,” Ben murmured. “And then, she came to work for me for a time. I…” He looked at Rey anew, then cursed and glanced away. “You were about five when she worked for me.”

Oh. When Mum worked with Kay and Rose- she worked for Ben.

Rey looked at Kylo, much more concerned with that than with Ben having worked with her mother. “You’ve slept with my mother?”

Grimly, Kylo nodded. The cogs in his mind seemed to be turning.

“Is that- a problem?” Ben asked, looking between them both.

“A problem?” Kylo repeated, looking over at Ben with raised brows.

“It’s a problem, but it’s not a dealbreaker. For me,” Rey said.

Mum was going to kill her.

Kylo looked back at Rey. “How old are you? Nineteen?”

Rey’s face fell as sour, bitter fear flooded her. She nodded faintly.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

“You and Bazine dated in high school. She’s at least two, three years too young to be yours,” Ben grumbled.

“Mum was twenty when I was born,” Rey offered quickly.

“Too old for you to have gotten her pregnant in high school,” Ben went on.

“Right,” Kylo muttered, still regarding Rey. He cleared his throat after a moment and looked out the window, nostrils flaring.

They stopped for lunch, then headed to meet with Amilyn Holdo- a tall, lithe, beautiful woman with pinkish-lavender hair- who showed her incredibly expensive homes all around England. Rey settled on a few to tour and, since Amilyn personally owned all the options she’s chosen, the four of them went out. Rey crossed two off of her short list, leaving her with three options to consider.

Then, Rey and the boys went out for dinner, then made their way back to the suites. Kylo muttered about ‘having a guy talk’ with Ben, so Rey went into Ben’s suite alone to play with BB.

She texted her Mum. Just rip the bandage off, she thought to herself.

How much trouble would I be in for dating someone you’ve slept with?

You’re a grown woman, doll xx

For your sake I just hope it’s one of the good ones.

If it’s Beaumont Kin, R U N. Love u dear xx



Ok cool. Love you, too, Mummy xx

Chapter Text

Kylo lounged in his fancy red billiard’s room- the back of it, where it would be absolutely impossible for Rey to eavesdrop unless they could see her.

That couldn’t be good. Ben stood there, hands in his pockets, waiting. His stomach was rolling with nerves.

He couldn’t lose Rey. Whatever it was that had a shimmer in Kylo’s dark eyes- likely the same thing that had had him choking, and had him so grim before the visit to Amilyn- they couldn’t let it ruin things.

“Out with it,” Ben snapped when he couldn’t take it anymore.

Kylo smirked and draped a leg up, taking up a good half of the damn couch. “I fucked Baz when we were twenty. There’s a good fucking chance Rey’s-” he interrupted himself to laugh, looking away.

He looked like it was the funniest thing that had ever happened to him. Ben glared daggers into Kylo’s skull. He was all but shaking.

No, no, no, she can’t leave us- not so soon- she can’t. She just can’t.

Ben began to pace. “You cannot tell her-”

“Bullshit,” Kylo said. “Baz would fuckin’ know. The second she tells Rey, it’s over and you know it.”

Ben ran his fingers through his hair. “What the fuck are we going to do?”

“Calm down. You handle paperwork, all the big-brain shit. I handle people. You calm down, ‘cause I know exactly what to do.”

“And what’s that?” Ben hissed, glaring at Kylo again.

“We tell her- not tonight, but soon. We ask her the second we’re done here not to mention who we are- maybe, we take her out for a little vacation where cell service isn’t an option until we open her up enough. Just a few weeks- get her attached. You sucked me off without warning in front of her- she’s clearly not a particularly, ah, stuffy person. Just gotta get her to let us in- really in- before dropping a bombshell like hey, you’re actually fucking your absent, deadbeat father in her lap.”

Ben gulped and rolled his shoulders.

He had sucked Kylo off without warning, and she’d taken it in stride. She’d let them fuck her at the same time. She was so into them both, already.

It was going to be fine. “We can’t lie.”

“Oh, my-”

“She’d get fucking pissed at us,” Ben said. “And for something like that? She’d kill us.”

Kylo gave Ben a bored look, lips pursing. “What do you suggest, then, brainiac?”

Ben paced again, but slower, more composed. “We tell her there’s something we need to share, but we don’t feel comfortable doing so just yet. Hopefully, she lets it rest at that. Hopefully, that’s good enough.”

Kylo sighed heavily.

Kylo was her biological father, at least probably. Baz had always been responsible enough; waiting in between partners, getting tested. She’d bragged about it in the break room.

And if Kylo was her father, Ben was her biological uncle. “This is beyond fucked,” Ben whispered.

“She took so easily to calling me Daddy, too-” Kylo snickered.

Ben snarled, and Kylo raised both brows, grinning. “Shut the fuck up.”

Kylo laughed, rich and amused. “Benny. You’re already fucking your brother. How much weirder is this?”

“You made her,” Ben growled.

Kylo’s grin turned wicked. “Oh, yeah. Used Bazzie’s tight little cunt to make myself up a better one. S’hot as fuck.”

“You’re vile,” Ben snarled, pacing again.

“Hey, Benny. I share. With you, anyway, my darling brother.”

Ben ran a hand through his hair again. “She’s going to kill us.”

“Oh, please.”

“She’s going to freak the fuck out.”

“Oh, for sure.”

“I’m going to freak the fuck out.”

“You already are.”

Ben leaned against the wall, palms on his forehead. “I’m going to throw up. Grab the trash.”




“How does my baby feel about a little vacation?” Kylo asked as he walked into Ben’s bedroom to see Rey laying with her face buried in BB’s fluffy belly. He snickered as he took in the sight; Rey turned to look at him.

“Vacation? Where?”

“My family owns a little island off of Italy- Naboo, where my grandmother was born.”

Rey blinked. “Your family owns an island?”

“Yes. My grandfather was a businessman- Nona opened a slew of things, too. Now that they’re passed, though, it all belongs to my parents. Anyway- it’s beautiful there. A nice little villa where the three of us- four, counting the cat- can bond a bit. I already opened a bank account in your name- and now it’s got several million dollars, none of which I could ever touch again. I’ll email the details, but you’ve got your security net. Ben’s just feeling a little… Drained. Could use a nice getaway, and I’m sure he’d prefer us there with him.”

“Right,” Rey said, sitting up. “Is he okay?”

Kylo smiled. “He’s fine. He’ll be better on Naboo.”

Several million dollars. She was a multi-millionaire in the blink of an eye.

Capitalism, man. Shit’s crazy.

“Sure- I- yes. Yeah. Let’s run away to your family’s Italian island.”

Kylo grinned, winking. “Good girl. Don’t bother packing. We’ll get you some shit. Let’s go.”

“N- now?”

“Yes, babygirl. Now. Nab BB and we’ll go.”

They got BB and all of his things into Kylo’s private jet, and then, they were off to Naboo. Just like that.

The three of them lay in the giant bed in the bedroom, Rey in between the brothers, both of them turned in towards her with their hands roaming over her body.

She was the luckiest woman imaginable.

“We have to tell you something,” Ben grumbled.

“What is it?” Rey asked, looking up at him with concern.

“Personal. Heavy,” Kylo said, kissing her neck, threatening to send her spiraling into a horny abyss once more. “Might take a bit to open up. Ben just thought you ought to know- we’ve got something we should tell you, and we can’t yet.”

“Okay…” Ben kissed her temple. Her eyes drifted closed. “My body can’t take anymore orgasms.”

“Mm,” Kylo hummed. “You don’t have to come.”

“Yes, she does,” Ben growled.

“Not if she doesn’t want to.”

Rey let her hands drift to each of their cheeks. “Fuck me. See if I can fit both of you in one hole.”

Ben shuddered. Kylo snarled in delight. “Fuck, baby. You’re so fucking perfect…”

“Her ass,” Ben grumbled, gently slipping underneath her and freeing his cock with ease. Kylo slipped off Rey’s clothes eagerly, nipping and suckling at skin as it was revealed. Before long, Ben had three fingers in her cunt and his tongue in her mouth, and his freehand was pulling one cheek to the side to help give Kylo access. Kylo worked in finger after finger, and then-

His fist. Rey groaned and nodded, cheeks crimson, as Ben grunted and Kylo gave a low, pleased hiss. “That’s it, babydoll- fuck, yeah, you feel that? Feel my fucking wrist buried in your ass?”

Eventually, he pulled his hand free and then guided Rey onto Ben’s cock; he bounced her up and down like a ragdoll for a while, then slipped his own cock into her, too.

“Oh, my God,” Rey whimpered into Ben’s mouth.

“Fuck, yes,” Kylo said.

Ben’s eyes fluttered and he let out a soft sigh. Both twins worked together to move her- Kylo’s hands around her middle and gripping her by her hair, and Ben’s hands on her hips- while they ground their cock together.

“Fuck- fuck- fuck- fuck-”

“Naughty girl,” Ben grumbled.

“Well, she does have two fucking cocks in her ass,” Kylo grumbled.

“Love it- so- much…” Rey whimpered.

“Of course you do, sweetheart,” Ben said, eyes watching her tits bounce into Kylo’s forearm.

Kylo came, then Ben- the back half of Kylo’s overlapped with the front half of Ben’s. Rey moaned as it flooded her, as it leaked back out, and then, she was laying limp and empty on Ben’s chest, and Kylo moved down to tuck his cheek against the small of her back. Ben had one hand on her back, one in Kylo’s hair; Kylo smoothed his hands over Ben and Rey’s sides.

And then, they were landing on Naboo, and Rey got up to get dressed, still dripping wet and sore from the unspent arousal and the stretch.

It was great.

Naboo was beautiful, Rey realized only as her feet touched the ground. Lush green and gorgeous weather and clear, bright skies. “Wow,” she said, blocking the sun with my hand and still having to squint.

“First on the list is sunglasses,” Ben said, and then immediately scooped her up bridal style. Rey giggled and gratefully buried her face against his chest, effectively shielding her eyes. Soon enough, they were in a building-

“Ben! Kylo,” a woman’s voice said, bright and happy.

“Um- Mom…” Ben said, stopping dead.

Rey’s eyes widened. Ummm…

“Mom. Dad,” Kylo said.

“And… Dad,” Ben echoed.

“Who’s this?” a man’s voice asked, grim and almost suspicious.

“Mystery woman,” Kylo drawled in a bored tone. “Are you staying?”

“No, we’re just leaving,” their mother said softly. Sadly. “Are you two? Ah- three?”

“We are, yes,” Ben said.

“Well,” said their mother. Leia Organa- she was a politician. They talked about her sometimes, even in England. Labour liked her, didn’t they? “I’m sorry we missed you, but it’s good to at least catch you in passing. We miss you two- give us a call sometime.”

“Sure, of course,” Ben said.

“And- good to sort of meet you, Mystery Woman,” she said in a cute little voice.

Rey opened her mouth, but Ben quickly shook his head.

Oh. Um. Okay.

Rey shut her mouth, then waved.

“She’s shy,” Kylo said with a teasing lilt to his voice.

“Good to see you,” their father grumbled.

“You guys, too,” Ben said.

Then, Rey just barely caught sight of their backs as they walked out. Leia was in a bright blue dress, and her husband- Rey did not know his name- had a brown leather jacket and jeans on. His hair was grey and white; hers was brown and grey.

Then, the three were in a car, being driven for a few minutes. They stopped at a giant, gorgeous mansion, not a quarter mile from the sea, a lush forest in the background, and a vineyard about a half mile away.

“Oh, my God,” Rey said. “This is- it’s absolutely gorgeous!”

“It is,” Ben said softly, a gentle smile on his face.

“I prefer the city,” Kylo said. “Less bugs. But this- has its own charm.”

“What city?” Rey asked.

Kylo leaned back, crossing his arms, thinking for a moment with a small smile as the car slowly pulled up a long drive. “Hmm… Well, I live in L.A., I suppose. But I think I prefer New York. It was just less convenient, and then, I already had my place- beautiful, perfectly to my tastes, right up in the Hills. If New York had something more like the Hills, I’d move there in a second, I think.”

“Would you?” Ben asked, seemingly slightly surprised.


“What about you, Benny?” Rey asked with a smile.

Ben’s eyes lit up. “I like Venice. Have you been?”

“To Venice, Italy? No, I have not,” Rey said, looking down at her $10 sandals. “I’ve not been to L.A.- or New York, since I was a bit too young to appreciate any of it.”

“We’ll fix that, doll,” Kylo said. “Where do you want to go?”

Rey chewed on her lip. “Paris- but not for the Eiffel Tower. I don’t give a toss about that- I wanna see the catacombs.”

Ben laughed as Kylo snickered.

“Don’t laugh! It’s cool. If I ever go to uni, I’m studying history.”

“Do you want to?” Ben asked. Entirely solemn, serious, unbothered.

Rey flushed at once. “I-I don’t know…”

Kylo sighed softly, then playfully shook her a little. “He has a Rolls-Royce. We each have one of these-” he motioned around as they disappeared into a garage. “And I have a Hollywood Hills mansion. Take our money, Rey- please. Use it for something worthwhile.”

Rey shrugged. “I dunno,” she grumbled. “Maybe. I dunno.”

“No pressure,” Ben said softly, leaning forward to press a kiss into Rey’s cheek. Kylo shot Ben a playfully envious look, then leaned in and kissed her other cheek. Rey dragged their heads together and, with a laugh and a scoff, they kissed one another’s cheeks.

As they walked inside and Ben and Kylo leaned into gorgeous counters in a gorgeous kitchen, discussing all of the places they’d be taking Rey to buy her too many things, she remembered to inform her loved ones that she’d just left the country. Rey pulled out her phone, and as the minutes ticked away, her frown got deeper and deeper.

“Is there service anywhere?” Rey asked.

“Not reliably,” Kylo said.

“Damnit. Damnit… Okay. Um. My work-?”

“We’ll get it taken care of by tomorrow,” Kylo said. “Got people who can boat to the mainla- we’ll get it taken care of, doll. Don’t you worry your pretty little head.”

Rey sighed, not particularly fond of that, and squirmed.

Ben’s eyes flooded with some sort of- guilt, sympathy- and Rey frowned ever deeper and leaned into him.

He needed her. It was fine. Mum would cope. And seethe. And kill Rey upon her return. Ben kissed the top of Rey’s head, wrapping an arm around her and rubbing up and down her bicep, as he and Kylo continued making plans.

Shopping, then dinner, then shopping again. They toured the vineyard that had apparently started their Nona’s wine empire, which was apparently quite sizable, and only the finest vintages were made here now. They sampled some; it was the best fucking wine Rey had ever tasted, but for anywhere from $20k a bottle to half a million a bottle- it had better be. They walked through grapevines and made their way back to the house, where Rey’s new goodies had already been unpacked.

According to Kylo, they were going to buy her things for each place they frequented. Rey made Ben list out every permanent place they had; L.A., New Orleans, Detroit, New York City, Toronto, London, Edinburgh, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Venice, Naboo, Seoul, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Alexandria, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City.

“That’s- nineteen different wardrobes. That’s beyond excessive!”

“Twenty- one for your place, too,” Kylo said. “Trust me. Packing is a much bigger pain than you’re giving it credit for.”

“We have money to burn,” Ben offered.

“Donate it!”

“We’re very charitable,” Kylo said. “If you’d like, I’ll give you my accountant’s number and you can designate as much more as you’d like to any charity. They can only take so much- believe you me, it sounds ridiculous, but it’s a whole thing. You can listen to him ramble on about it if you’d like, but they can only handle so much money. It depends on how big they are, how well-structured… Blah, blah, blah.”

“How much money do you make?” Rey demanded.

“I’m a mulit-millionaire,” he said. “I could be a billionaire.”

Rey looked over at Ben, who shrugged. “Between the way our family’s money is piled up, and the way our parents trickle it down to us far more readily than Nona and Pops did, our movie and his music and my businesses… We make quite a bit of money, Rey.”

Last week, Rey hadn’t had enough spare money for a McChicken after loaning her mother $800 and cleaning out her bank account. The mere thought of money meaning so little to anyone was mind boggling- not to mention the thought of now having full access to that kind of bottomless pit of wealth.

“Growing up like that- I can’t imagine.”

Kylo chuckled. “We weren’t this kind of rich growing up,” he said. “We had nice toys and gadgets, a big, nice house. But it was the kind of rich that makes sense to poor people. This? This is fucking bananas.”

“Oh?” Rey prompted.

Ben cleared his throat. “Our grandparents didn’t spend much, didn’t give much away at first. Pops invested it and then tucked it right back into the bank. Dad had an auto shop that was a whole franchise by the time we came around, and he had decent money. Mom was a politician- a mayor when we were born. She worked her way up. She’s a Senator now, and she’s the Democratic candidate for Vice President alongside my godfather, Lando Calrissian. When our grandparents died, they left a third to me, a third to Kylo, and split the last third up between Mom, our uncle Luke, and charity. It’s been building since we were kids- but, when we were kids, it wasn’t… Incomprehensible wealth, as it is now.”

“Wow,” was all that Rey could manage.

“What about you?” Kylo asked. “Tell us about your childhood, your family.”

Rey cleared her throat. “I was born in the States- New York, but if Mum used to work for you, I guess you could’ve figured. We got by. I slept on the couch in our studio apartment, and we never starved. We left when I was seven, almost eight- she and my godmothers, Rose and Kay, pooled their money and moved out here when they got jobs for The Resistance- Kay’s a graphic designer, Rosie’s an attorney, and Mum’s a reporter. Better money here; we moved from a one-bedroom flat to her condo when I was eleven, and Mum’s still there. Ah… I moved out when I turned eighteen; Mum, Kay, and Rosie’s present for me was a security deposit, and all that, and I’d already been helping Mum with work, and she hired me straight away. And now, I’m here,” Rey said with a shrug.

“What about your father? Was he around?” Kylo asked.

“No. I asked Mum about it, but she gave dicey answers- I remember asking three different times, and I got three different answers.”

“What were they?” Ben asked.

“The first time, she said he was in heaven. The second time, she said he was a major celebrity who wouldn’t give us the time of day. The third time, she said he had been her high school sweetheart that wanted her to get an abortion.”

“That’s rough,” Kylo said softly.

Rey shrugged. “I never… Missed him, I guess. I mean, if he’d popped up one day, I’m sure I’d have loved it. But it wasn’t sad- I had my aunties.”

“And your mom,” Ben said.

Rey nodded. “Tell me about your parents?”

Kylo gave a dark, mirthless laugh, staring at the faucet as he poked and twisted it. Ben cleared his throat. “Well-... Mom was busy with work. Dad was busy with our godfathers- Lando and Chewie. When they weren’t, they were yelling at Kylo for not understanding how to cope with emotions as a toddler, or for being an angry, rebellious teen. They smothered me with love when I was younger- the ‘good one’- and then smothered me with expectations when I was older. They tried, they just didn’t do very well.”

Rey leaned into Ben and tugged Kylo along with her. “That’s rough.”

They embraced for a long while, then settled into their spots on the counter again; Ben leaning on the fridge, Kylo bent over the sink, Rey perching on the island and kicking her legs gently. “What about your mom? Can’t imagine Baz as a mother.”

“Ahh… She… I dunno. Mum was- there, but… Distracted. When she went out, she’d drag me with her and I’d amuse myself. When she was in, she had friends over, and I’d amuse myself. When I bugged her for something, she’d do it and act like I was inconveniencing her by breathing, then sigh and give a tight smile and a kiss and say ‘the things we do for love, doll’. It was fine.”

“Doesn’t sound fine,” Ben said softly. Rey shrugged.

“What about- the others? Kay and Rosie?”

“Well,” Rey said. “Kay is the fun one. Rosie’s the responsible one. Both of them smothered me with love and attention. Neither of them were around often enough- hard workers, diligent and all that. Not much to say about them, other than I love them.”

Eventually, they retired for the night. The first week was spent sight-seeing during the day, then bonding after dinner. Rey had a date with Kylo, then a date with Ben, then made the boys go out together. The second week was far lazier; Ben let Rey and Kylo sleep in, amusing himself in the morning and then spending the afternoon and evening with them.

When the third week rolled around, Rey mentioned she ought to get back, or get somewhere that she could inform her family she was alright.

When the fourth week rolled around, she remembered again for the first time in a week. It wasn’t until the fifth week ended that they boarded the plane again and this time, they flew to New York because Ben had work to do.

Rey had almost told both of them that she loved them more times than she could count.

She intended to call Rose as soon as they were off the jet, but Kylo fucked her into the stairway leading down from the roof as Ben hurried down the stairs to answer a call. She let Kylo carry her off to Ben’s penthouse, and then, he fucked her in Ben’s bed as they waited for him. By that time, it was nine in the evening in NYC and 2 am in London. They curled up for a movie in bed and Rey made a mental note to call in the morning.

She didn’t get the chance. She used the bathroom and showered, then headed to the kitchen to see if there was food, but Ben was already cooking and a characteristically grumpy Kylo was nursing a mug of coffee.

Ben finished the eggs, looking more and more anxious as time went on. He was jittery, twitchy, face growing ever more terrified. Kylo slowly, slowly grew to resemble something human. Ben made three plates of food, and then, he looked up at Rey as she greedily dragged one closer to her.

“I have to tell you something,” he blurted out. “And then- we- are going-... To tell you the thing. That we mentioned last month.”

“Okay,” Rey said, reaching out to take his hand, offering him a reassuring smile. “You can calm down, dear. It’s alright.”

Ben gulped, then licked his lips and nodded. Kylo smirked; he filled his mug for the third time since Rey had come down, then dragged his own plate closer. Ben ignored his own.

“I’m in love with you.”

Kylo sputtered a laugh as he guided his fork to his mouth, turning his head to snicker. Ben immediately looked ill; he recoiled into himself and stared at Rey like she might scream and hightail it out of there. Rey slapped Kylo in the arm and he laughed harder.

“I’m in love with you, too,” Rey said, and Ben let out a breath and visibly relaxed. Kylo stopped laughing and stiffened. He glanced at Rey for a split second, then slowly poked at his food. “And you. Even though you’re a cunt.”

Kylo got a big, toothy grin. “You, too,” he mumbled.

Ben looked nervous again. He picked up his fork and poked his eggs. “We think- we don’t know-...”

Kylo dragged eggs off of his fork with his teeth, then met Rey’s eyes with a solemn expression. “We think I might be the one that got your mother pregnant.”

Rey blinked. “What?”

Kylo shrugged, looking down at his food. “I saw Baz again for a little while when I was twenty. She came to me after, pregnant, and I gave her a few grand and told her to take care of it however she wanted to. Now, nineteen years later, here you are.”

Rey’s brain was whirring, processing none of this. “Ah…”

“We don’t know, for the record,” Kylo said, taking another bite. “And, you know- we don’t actually care. Just thought you might feel the need to know our little… Hunch.”

Rey scratched her nose. “You think- that?”

Kylo tilted his head to the side, seemingly curious. Ben was shifting, sniffling, clearing his throat. Anxious. “We didn’t- at first. Until… After meeting Miss Ti- ah- Rose, and her mentioning your mother…”

Rey grabbed her phone and spun around, walking back towards the bedroom, and someone sighed- had to be Kylo. Ben wouldn’t.

“Rey-” that was Ben. Rey held up an index finger.

“Rachel Anne!” Mum said frantically. “You- how- for a month we’ve been trying to-!”

“Spare me the lecture, Mum, I’m a grown woman. Is Kylo Ren my- did he-?”

“Yes!” Mum all but shrieked. “Tell me, Rey, please- tell me you didn’t fuck him. Please.”

“Of course not! How easy do you think I am?”

“He’s- Rose- she said you’re his sugar baby!”

“I am! And I still require a chase!”

Mum sighed in palpable belief. “Do not sleep with him.”


“Okay. Okay. Okay.”

“I’m safe. I love you. I have to call them.”

“Right, right. I love you, too.”


Kay was next. Rey didn’t think, just moved and spoke.

“Rey! Sweetie-”

“I fucked- my- father.” The first thing resembling an emotion hit Rey with that, and she shoved it aside before even realizing what it was.

“I… Yeah. Baz mentioned. Rey…”

“And I lied to Mum, because she’d have lost her damned mind. I’m handling it- what’s done is done- we don’t need to fuck her head up with that information. Believe you me, I’ve fucked my own up enough. Okay?”

“Okay. It’s okay, Rey- it’ll be alright. You didn’t know- he’s a stranger to you- it’ll be okay. Just- get a pregnancy test and take care of it, if need be, and-”

“I know. I… I know everything I need to do. I need a- year to cool down before I unpack any of this, and I need to call Rose, too.”

“Right, okay. I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you, too.”



“Rose! I’m home safe. Mum thinks I didn’t- didn’t sleep with him. For the sake of her sanity.”

“Rey, I’m so sorry,” she said. “We tried to get ahold of you-”

“No signal,” Rey said bitterly.

“Right,” Rose said. “Well- you’re safe and sound, right? Back in London?”

“Safe and sound, but in NYC. It’s a whole thing. I need booze and horse sedatives to think about how- to… Cope.”

“It’s going to be alright,” Rose started.

“I know. I need a moment before we- do this- I just wanted to let you know I’m okay, and I’m aware now, and I’m fine, everything’s- gonna be fine.”

“Okay,” Rose said softly. “We’re just a call away, Rey. If you need it, we can work up a plane ticket back here-”

“No, I’m pretty sure he’d still get me one,” Rey grumbled. “But, if I need anything, I’ll call. Thank you. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”


Rey collapsed onto the floor at the foot of the bed and slowly extended her legs.

She fucked her father. The words meant nothing to her, really, but she knew it wasn’t good.

She was in love with both of them.

She was knee-deep in pure shite and had neither the will nor the know-how to get out.

Rey sat there and stewed for ten, maybe fifteen minutes, numb and flooded with panic. Then, she called Kylo- he answered immediately.

“Here. Now.”



“Us or me?”




They appeared, and Rey stared at the floor. Kylo crossed his arms, tilting his head as he looked down at her. Ben had his hands behind his back, thumbs probably looped into his belt like he did when he was perusing a new menu, or reading a paragraph at a museum.

“Now what?” Rey said eventually.

“What do you want?” Kylo asked gently.

Rey looked up. “You are- you- did. She said so.”

Kylo nodded slowly, then shrugged. “We’re brothers, Rey. Twins. I’m fairly certain none of us here care-”

“I want kids,” Rey said. “My kids. My lovers’ kids. And we couldn’t. You made… Me, and now, we’re in love and I couldn’t- couldn’t have that.”

Kylo’s eyes fell to the floor.

“Well- what if you found out we were infertile?” Ben said. “That’s no different, on this point- would you leave us for that?”

Rey pinched the bridge of her nose. “This is different, and you know that-”

“Different, how? If it was just that- the kids thing- then infertility would be just as much of a dealbreaker. So- what is it?”

Rey looked up at him. “You knew. You knew and you made me fall in love with you, anyway. You knew and you didn’t give me a choice but to deal with this, one way or another, after it was too late to not have some sort of real, genuine consequences.”

Ben looked away. Emotions passed across his face. “Yeah,” he said, voice breaking. “We did.”

“We didn’t want to lose you,” Kylo said. But from the tone of his voice, it was clear he wasn’t excusing it- he was admitting it.

Rey pulled her knees up, folded her arms atop them, and lay her forehead on them. “We’d have to keep it all secret, all the time. And what’s our excuse gonna be for you toting me around?”

“That you’re my long-lost-?”

“No!” Rey said, looking up at Kylo. “I don’t want people to think that! I want- to- be with you! And it’s your fault!”

Kylo looked down at the ground, face calm and gentle. Ben was guilty and sad.

Ben moved closer slowly, then sat down beside her and leaned into the bed. After a few moments, Kylo sat on her other side.

“A celebrity who wouldn’t give her the time of day,” Rey said after a long, long time. “And her high school sweetheart.”

“I wouldn’t call us-”

“Ky,” Ben interrupted.

Kylo looked down at the floor again.

“All that’s left to do now is gouge my own eyes out in despair.”

“I believe Oedipus killed his father, first,” Ben said.

Rey made a finger gun and pretended to blow Kylo’s brain out, and he dutifully tumbled to the side.

“We’re all going to hell,” Rey said.

“I’ve got far worse sins than being in love,” Kylo said.

Ben draped an arm over Rey’s shoulder. “We’re not hurting anyone, Rey. We’re all adults. It’s- difficult, it’s a handful and a headache- but we’re not going to hell for this. We’re not hurting anyone at all.”

Rey leaned into his shoulder and let her eyes wander closed. Kylo crawled forward, laying his head in her lap.

“I’m not on birth control,” Rey said.

“Mm- should fix that,” Kylo grumbled. “Benny’s not snipped.”

No shit.

“I’ll get a doctor’s appointment for you,” Ben said. “We’ll take most of the day to… Settle… And talk it through over and/or after dinner. How does that sound?”

“Oh- you’re asking me this time?” Rey snapped.

“Rey…” Kylo started, but he trailed off.

“Yes, I am,” Ben said softly.

“S’fine,” Rey said, softer but still hurt, and shrugged.

And settle, they did. When Ben started cooking dinner, Rey felt some semblance of alright again, and Kylo was back to his same old self.

At least there was that.

Chapter Text

They didn’t talk much as they ate, or as Rey rinsed the dishes and then set them in the dishwasher. Ben had people for that, but he hadn’t called them back into work yet, because he doubted Rey would respond well to that and they had enough to worry about as it were. They sat down in the living room, all more or less facing one another, and they were silent for a fair few minutes more.

“Are you leaving us?” Ben asked when he couldn’t stop himself from doing so anymore.

Rey turned her gorgeous, jade-colored eyes towards him. “No,” she said softly.

He nodded slowly. “... Thank you.”

“You gonna come around with us?” Kylo asked.

Rey looked at him, then nodded. “Yeah.”

“What’s our story, babe?” Kylo asked, gentle. Sweet.


Rey sighed softly, then lay her head back and looked up at the ceiling. “I wish-... I wish I could think of a way to get Mum, Kay, and Rose to just… Let it be. Leave me alone. But they wouldn’t. Mum- God, I don’t even know what she’d do. Kay would never be able to look at me. Rose would freak out at first, and she’d never stop trying to talk me out of it. No one else knows- no one else could. I wish I could just make them drop it. Mum could-” Rey looked guilty all of a sudden. “Mum could probably be bought. Her silence, I mean. Kay wouldn’t take the money, but she wouldn’t try to fuck things up, anyway. Rose-... she wouldn’t do anything, either, but it hurts most to lose her. The thought of it aches.”

Ben analyzed her words quickly.

She wanted to be openly in a relationship with one of them, and she thought her mother would do something that would fuck them over- unless they gave her a reason not to. She wanted to buy her mother’s silence. She was okay (enough) with cutting Kay off, who wouldn’t do anything. She didn’t want to cut Rose off, but Rose wouldn’t do anything rash, either.

Ben could work with that. Ben could work magic with that.

“So, we come to an agreement with Bazine,” Ben said. “Kay wouldn’t take the money, but she won’t interfere. Rose wouldn’t, either?”

“No, she’s- she wouldn’t.”

“Okay. So, that’s our asses saved- now, onto how to navigate life with your family as we… Exist,” Ben said. “Right?”

Rey nodded.

That was personal shit. Ben looked over at Kylo.

His nostrils flared as he thought. He pursed his lips slightly. “I’d have to know them before I could offer advice. I’ve met Rose, at least- tell her you’re not hurting anyone, you’re being safe, and firmly tell her to fuck off. Preferably with that phrasing, particularly. She’ll be offended and she’ll take it to heart, then sit with it and leave you be. Probably.”

“You- can gather that just from that one meeting?” Rey asked.

“Yeah,” Kylo said. “You got any home videos of Kay, or some shit?”

Rey blinked, and then, she lit up- she fished out her phone and, before long, handed it to Kylo. Ben could hear some sort of video playing- it sounded like a birthday party. Rey’s.

“She might be weird around you at first, if it’s such a great issue,” Kylo said. “But she’ll look at you again, dork. That woman adores you. Tell her that you’re an adult, you didn’t know me from Adam, and no one’s getting hurt.”

Rey studied the screen for a moment, then tapped it- the video stopped.

They spent another few weeks in New York City, then a fair few more in L.A., and then, they flew back to London to meet with Bazine.




It took a solid month for Mum to agree to it. Ben insisted on going without Rey; he knew Mum, he knew the law, and he might not know much about ‘loosening people up’, as Kylo did- Ben’s words- but he knew how to ‘make them sweat’, and ‘see reason’, and ‘help them benefit themselves’. They got Kay and Rose to sign something, too. But, when a month had passed, Rey had her multi-million dollar historic home in London, and a shiny silver Mazda, and finally, an appointment with the doctor.

She’d gained a few pounds. She was healthy and had no STDs, and the urine pregnancy test came back negative.

When her doctor’s office called her a few days later, she couldn’t really imagine why. She confirmed her identity, and then-

“So, you mentioned that you were spotting rather than having any periods as of late,” the doctor said. “The pregnancy test came back negative, and you said spotting was unusual for you, but periods have always been inconsistent, yes?”

“Yes,” Rey said.

“Alright. I would advise seeing your OB/GYN, as well as taking another pregnancy test in a few days- see if your gynecologist can do a blood pregnancy test, as they’re more accurate, and can detect lower levels of hCG.”

“Okay,” Rey said. “Thank you very much.”

“Of course. Have a nice day.”

“And you, as well!”


Ben, who handled all things scheduling since he had business meetings and phone conferences and Kylo had shit and Rey didn’t like going places alone now that she had two boyfriends who could very well pay her some goddamn attention, scheduled her an appointment for the next week.

All three of them went in. They both accompanied her back. They drew her blood, tested her urine, checked for other things as they waited-

The urine test was done first. Her gynecologist walked in, gave a gentle smile, and sat down on the stool. “Are we hoping for pregnant or not pregnant?”

“No pregnant,” all three of them said in unison.

The doctor smiled wider at first, but after a moment, her eyes softened and Rey’s heart felt. “You are pregnant,” she said softly. “I apologize. We can do an ultrasound to determine how far along you are, and see what can be done. Have you had any periods since you became sexually active?”

“No,” Rey said, heart thumping. “Just- the spotting.”

The doctor nodded. “It would be hard to calculate without the ultrasound. We can do it here.”

“Yes, please,” Rey said softly.

Cold jelly. Rey stared at the monitor.

“There,” said the doctor, pointing, but she didn’t have to… “And there. Twins.”

Babies. They looked like tiny little babies. Rey could see faces faintly through the fancy monitor, their bodies curled up and swaying slightly.

She felt her lip quiver. She felt hot, fat tears forming in her eyes.

“I’d say you’re about twelve weeks along,” said the doctor. “And doing well, which is good, considering the spotting- but that’s not particularly abnormal for pregnancies…” The doctor talked for a bit, seemingly stalling as she kept looking over at Rey, who could not tear her eyes away. Kylo was staring impassively at the floor, arms crossed, and Ben was studying Rey, brow furrowed, frowning as he was so wont to do when he focused.

“I can’t get rid of them,” Rey breathed. “I can’t.”

“Rey…” Kylo said gently.

“I won’t, and you couldn’t make me, so shove it.”

Kylo set his jaw and silenced. Ben’s face had twisted up with- something- but Rey couldn’t see him well enough with her eyes glued to the monitor to know what it was. The doctor cleared her throat. “There are vitamins, then, and…”

They didn’t talk on the ride home. When they got into Rey’s house, though, Kylo set his hand on her lower back and guided her towards the bedroom. Rey sat on the bed, Ben sat in an armchair, and Kylo leaned on a post at the foot of the bed, arms crossed.

“You can’t-”

“I’m not having an abortion,” Rey said. “I can’t.”

Kylo licked his lips. “Do you know what can happen to children of incest?”

“Sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis- any number of recessive genes coming out to bite them directly in the ass- I can’t get rid of them. I can’t, I won’t- I can’t.”

“You’re being selfish,” Kylo said, and Ben hissed in a breath-

Rey looked up, one brow quirking. “I should think I get that from you, Daddy. I’m not getting rid of them.”

Kylo tilted his head to the side, eyes growing- not cold, but… Harsh. Stern. Sad. “Whatever happens to them is on you,” he said. “And it will be forever. For all of their lives- however long or short that’ll be- and for all of yours. All of it.”

“Yeah,” Rey croaked. “And I’m making them deal with it. I know. I know I’m being selfish, and I’m telling you-... There’s no possible outcome where I won’t be. I can’t. I can’t.”

Kylo cleared his throat, then pushed up onto his feet. “Fine, then. I’m going for a drive. I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Drive safe, for once.”

“Mm. Love you both.”

“Love you, too,” Ben and Rey grumbled in unison. Kylo disappeared.

A silence settled over Ben and Rey, but it didn’t last too long.

“Whatever it is,” Ben said, voice so soft and tentative. “We can take care of it. We have the resources. We can take care of it. It’s no different than being born with a child who has it, outside of- incest-” Ben didn’t like that word. “These things happen, and we don’t even know that it will. You’re not doing anything wrong.”

Rey looked over at Ben, then down at her flat stomach. She put a hand on her belly, marvelling at the knowledge that there were… Were two little beans in there. Beans that would grow into babies- people- humans. “I hope so,” Rey whispered. She looked over at Ben. “Will you…?”

He moved closer, sitting on the bed at once, reaching out to run his fingers through her hair. “Anything, sweetheart. Anything at all.”

Rey fell into him and he moved ever closer, cradling her against his chest. “Will you make love to me?”

He cupped her cheek and turned her face up towards his, then pressed his lips into hers. He kissed her deeply and undressed them both slowly, then lay Rey down and pressed kisses into every part of her skin, saving her seam for last. He drank from her for a long time, lacing the fingers of his hand with hers as he always did, using his other to play with her as he always did.

Kylo came in during her third orgasm and watched from the doorway for a moment before closing it and walking towards the armchair-

Rey reached out. “Here,” she breathed, and he came closer. He sat near the pillow and she set her head on his thigh, turning to watch as he stroked his slowly stiffening erection. Every so often, he’d prompt her to spit for him, and she would.

When Ben sank inside of her, both he and Rey mouthed and suckled at Kylo’s cock, and Kylo shifted to give them easier access. Rey reached around and plunged three fingers into his asshole and he groaned; Ben reached forward to fondle Kylo’s sack. After Rey’s ninth orgasm- a new record- Ben and Kylo came in unison.

They curled up together and started to drift off, but then, Kylo spoke.

“It’s on us, too,” he whispered. “Just as much as it is you.”

Rey kissed his jaw. “What’s done is done.”

He looked down at her relatively flat belly, and the message was clear. He didn’t see it as done, and wouldn’t prompt further, and it pained him that he couldn’t even bring himself to blame her, and it pained him that he wanted to, and… Then, his eyes shut and his expression neutralized again.

They should all probably go to therapy before trying to raise children.

They moved to Naboo. The boys filmed another movie in the eight-ish months until Rey was ripe and bursting, her children at least seemingly healthy. A boy and a girl.

Mum stopped talking to Rey. Kay called every few months. Rose called once a week, as per usual.

Rey met Leia and Han- Ben and Kylo’s parents- and, eventually, Luke, Lando, and Chewie, too.

Rey started therapy after moving to Naboo. The boys started after filming wrapped.

As Rey’s due date approached, Han and Leia came out to stay in Naboo, as well, none the wiser that Rey was actually their granddaughter, which was perhaps the weirdest thing about it all to Rey’s own twisted mind.

She gave birth on her due date to two healthy babies who were, admittedly, on the lighter side, weight-wise.

Dorothy Anne Solo was born first. She had just a bit of downy, pitch black hair, and her eyes quickly settled into the same color as Ben’s- and, therefore, Kylo’s. They’d call her Dottie.

Greyson James Solo was born second. He had a mess of mousy brown curls, and his eyes settled slowly into the same color as Rey’s- or, rather, just a touch more brown than hers usually were. They’d call him Grey.

Ben was anxious through the delivery, squeezing Rey’s hand at least as much as she squeezed his, but they’d given her some damn good drugs and, truth be told, her lovers had done a number on her, ah, birth canal, anyway. Kylo was calm, amused by Ben’s worry, chuckling and snickering often.

It was afterwards that they switched.

The nurse helped Rey arrange the two babies to be fed at the same time, and Ben softened at once, gazing lovingly at them both. Kylo stiffened, not looking at them, shifting in his seat and sniffling. He glanced over just every once in a while, eyeing them like they were anything to be wary of.

Ben took Dottie first, and Kylo took Grey. Rey was exhausted from, you know, shoving two mini humans out of her snatch.

Kylo warmed up to Grey quickly, tapping his nose lightly, eyeing his small hands in curiosity. Ben marvelled at Dottie, cooing at her and grinning, smoothing his hand along her head with the lightest of touches.

They switched eventually. Kylo tucked Dottie into his neck and watched as Ben tried to pay Greyson similar attention, but it only made the baby fussy. Eventually, he let Grey slink into sleepland, and Rey followed not long after at all.

Ben proposed pretty much as soon as Rey recovered; publicly, her relationship was with him, since he was a very touchy partner and Kylo was content to keep his hands, lips, and otherwise to himself in public. They’d call him Daddy; they’d call Kylo Ky. He was adamant they leave off the ‘uncle’ part. “Technically, I’m their grandfather,” he’d say sometimes in a darkly amused tone.

He warmed up to the thought of raising and living with children within the first month or so of taking them home.

Grey was an easy baby. He didn’t cry, just whined and fussed lightly. His tells were easy- he’d wiggle his hips when his diaper was dirty, he’d suck on his hand when he was thirsty, he’d chew his fingers when he was teething. Ben was too doting for him; he preferred Kylo and Rey, unless Ben was already exhausted.

Dottie was… Loud. She cried all the time. If she had tells, no one could name them- but Ben always figured it out quickly enough. She absolutely loved Ben- sometimes, Rey was pretty sure she cried for no reason other than to get Ben, specifically, to take care of her. She didn’t mind the other two, but when she needed something, she wanted Ben to be the one to give it to her.

Dottie started crawling first. Grey started walking first. Dottie started talking first- her first word was ‘BB’, who she lovingly terrorized from the moment she learned to move. Grey’s first word, months later, was ‘quiet’, when his sister wouldn’t stop crying. Grey was far, far easier to potty train, but had accidents at night for a lot longer than Rey was willing to admit for the sake of his future dignity.

As soon as the twins were old enough to be relied upon to play ring bearer and flower girl, Ben and Rey married. It was a very pale olive and hay yellow affair. Rey’s dress was ivory. Dottie had yellow flowers braided into her dark hair. Grey’s shirt was a thin, ivory muslin. Kylo gave her away; Mum didn’t show up at the wedding.

They didn’t have a honeymoon. They didn’t feel a need for one.

Rey got pregnant a few more times. She miscarried, until she didn’t. Twins- until there was just one.

She gave birth to a little girl with cystic fibrosis. They named her Hannah Leigh Solo. Her hair came out the same color that Han’s used to be, and she looked a lot like Leia, but Hannah had a cleft palate.

She gave birth one more time. He passed away a month later. His name had been Luca Landonis Solo, and he’d looked a lot like Baz.

It hurt. Life moved on, but the hole in Rey’s heart never faltered.

Kylo got a tattoo on his ribs for Luca, opposite the one he had for Dottie, Grey, and Hannah.

Hannah wasn’t very difficult, nor very easy. She didn’t scream, but she was difficult to parse out. Her first word was ‘Mama’ and liked to curl into Kylo’s neck for hours at a time- she behaved when he held her, but she was liable to be fussy and/or cruel whenever he put her down for a long, long time.

Dottie was bad at school and good with people. She was sociable and loud and silly and bright. Grey was good at school and bad with people. He was quiet and smart and solemn and sweet. Hannah was fairly average at both school and people. She was attentive and snarky and headstrong and blunt.

Rey had a piece of wall art put up in the wall a few yards from the front door, the one smack-dab in front of it. It was wiry and beautiful and strange. She started hanging her favorite pictures up there.

There were a few pictures of the three adults there. A baby picture of Kylo, a baby picture of Ben, and a baby picture of Rey. A few cute pictures from their childhood- Rey in a puffy yellow coat, missing half of her teeth, a lollipop stuck in her tangle-ridden hair. Her arms were stretched upwards and her face was twisted with laughter. Kay was crouched in front of her, face caught in a silly expression as she did whatever it was she had done to make Rey laugh so hard. Rose was crouched down behind Rey, a hand to her mouth, looking adoringly at Rey. Mum was in the background, at a picnic table, sipping what might have been a mimosa and looking off to the side. One of Ben and Kylo- Ben in a blue flannel and Kylo in a red one- standing by a lake; the picture must have been taken from the lake. Ben’s mouth was in a little ‘o’, his expression taken with wonder and awe, and he was clutching Kylo’s hand. Kylo was staring at Ben curiously, grinning with his brows knitted. Han and Chewie were fishing off to the side, and Lando and Leia were laughing just behind them. Engagement photos. Wedding pictures. Kylo did not often allow his picture to be taken.

Most of them were about the three Solo children, though.

An eight year old Dottie with a two year old Hannah sitting in her lap. To one side, Ben sat with Rey laying her forehead against his neck, looking tiredly over at the kids. To the other side, Kylo sat with Grey in his lap; Kylo was looking down at Grey in gentle appreciation, and Grey was looking out at the vineyard surrounding their carriage.

Dottie and Grey bickering- well. Dottie teasing Grey while he begged her to leave him alone.

Hannah finger-painting in the kitchen as Grey stared at the mess, horrified, and Dottie made slime with a little machine that Kylo had- the evil bastard- gotten her.

Hannah, Dottie, and Rey after a shopping spree to cheer Hannah up after she’d asked a boy out and he’d laughed at her. It had taken all of the power in all three of the children to keep all three of the adults from finding and skinning that boy. To the very end, not one among them admitted his name.

Them playing in the backyard, with their grandparents, around the world. Them opening presents and stockings. Them with Kay and Rose, and Chewie and Lando. A few of Luca alone; a couple of Luca with Ben, with Rey, with Kylo; one each of Luca and each of their surviving children.

The kids got along great, for siblings. Dottie adored Hannah until Hannah was old enough to be sassy. Grey adored Dottie on the rare occasions she wasn’t pestering him. Grey and Hannah got along well, but had no wondrous connection.

Dottie always kept Ben as her favorite. Grey grew to prefer Rey. Hannah’s favorite had always been Kylo, and it stayed that way.

Dottie became a lawyer like Ben. Grey became an author. Hannah became an actress, and she also sang even though it never quite took off.

Dottie looked a lot like Rey with the twins’ nose. Grey looked a lot like the twins with Rey’s nose. Hannah always resembled Leia, and as soon as she was old enough, she got a slew of cosmetic surgeries to ‘fix her face’- her cleft lip- and used a lot of makeup to cover it, no matter how hard her family tried to assure her that she was gorgeous with her cleft lip, too.

Dottie and Grey remained healthy. Hannah’s cystic fibrosis wasn’t always easy, but she was doing very well.

Every day that Rey lived was the best day she had ever lived. Even the bad ones, now that she had them.