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A Web of Fate & Lies

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Seokjin thrives in having control. Some people love him for it; others loathe him and his assertive nature. But Kim Seokjin could care less about those people who curse his name on a daily basis. After all, at a young age of 26, Seokjin has almost everything he needs. He has immense wealth thanks to his heritage. His father, already being a well-established chairman of an insanely successful company, places Seokjin in the rightful seat of vice-chairman. If his father earns millions, Seokjin also earns millions. Alongside with wealth, Seokjin has beauty. He hasn’t yet met any person that can outmatch his perfectly balanced face. 

Finally, Seokjin just has good luck. Though he is already rich, Seokjin has won multiple lotteries, big or small ones. He also somehow evades all sorts of trouble including jealous businessmen, robberies, or accidents caused by nature. Don’t ask Seokjin how he’s able to evade all kinds of issues, but he just does. Perhaps he is protected by some kind of spirit for him to be always around the police force when he’s being robbed or coincidentally catching jealous businessmen sabotaging him in the middle of their misdeed. His luck is only one of the few things in this world that he’s okay with having the inability to fully control. It benefits him, so there’s no need to complain about that. 

But the biggest thing Seokjin has that he feels incredibly blessed with is finding Jeon Jungkook, his boyfriend of 2 years.

 Before he met Jungkook, Seokjin’s love life was lackluster. He rarely dated. He was either too busy to do such a thing or too picky with his significant others. Seokjin’s parents were getting worried when their son would refuse any arranged date. Even though they searched thick and thin for a perfect partner for their son, Seokjin wouldn’t budge. 

He knew that he was too much to handle for just anyone. And that’s when he met Jungkook. 

This was another case where his luck kicked in. He stumbled upon Jungkook at his favorite local ramen shop. Jungkook had just broken up with his boyfriend, and the young man was in the mood for some ramen. When the two sat in the bar, ordering the same kind of ramen, they just clicked. 

Seokjin was also looking for stress relief that day, having some trouble with his employees back at work. And so, since it was very late that night, the two were the only ones sitting in the bar. They naturally gravitated toward each other-- two young, stressed men with a huge amount of love for this specific ramen in that specific restaurant. 

The story of Seokjin and Jungkook’s beginnings isn’t that exciting, but for the two of them, their lives drastically changed. Who knew that a meeting at a ramen business would bring together two people that were perfect together? 

No, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that. 

Seokjin and Jungkook’s dynamic was nearly perfect. Jungkook was a gentle, docile second year student at that time. Not only was he able to handle Seokjin’s fiery personality, but he was actually drawn to his assertiveness. 

Jungkook’s admiration for Seokjin’s typically not so loved qualities only fueled Seokjin’s ego more. But, ironically perhaps, Seokjin was humbled by Jungkook’s entire existence. He found someone more important than himself, and Seokjin wanted nothing more but to protect Jungkook from any harm and pain. He wanted to shower Jungkook with love, everything he can give from his power and heart. Seokjin was in love. 

Perhaps that was how it happened. 

Seokjin’s controlling nature from birth, Jungkook’s meekness, Seokjin’s strong desire to protect Jungkook, Jungkook’s strong desire to keep Seokjin by his side, Seokjin’s endless love for Jungkook, Jungkook’s endless love for Seokjin…. 

All of these factors contributed to their current addiction that has been going on for over 3 months now: taking revenge on all of Jungkook’s past lovers and bullies. 

Right now, they are finishing up one of Jungkook’s high school bullies, a guy named Taewon. 

So how it goes is that just a week ago, he and Jungkook ‘randomly’  approached Taewon and flirted with him. Taewon, being the buffoon he still is, didn’t recognize Jungkook initially. However, Taewon couldn't take his eyes away from the gorgeous couple. Seokjin took advantage of this, and proceeded in their next move-- seducing the ugly bully. Taewon had gotten their numbers, and they soon began to meet regularly at the same bar they first  saw Taewon at.  

In the following week, Seokjin and Jungkook took Taewon on the grandest date one could ever dream of. One date was at a 5 star restaurant, another was at a concert with VIP seats. 

And so, Taewon was manipulated into thinking that he and the couple had a thing. That was the goal of these extravagant dates. 

The final step was to take the target to bed and carry out the finale-- the finale being revealing their actual intentions. In the worst way possible of course. 

Seokjin smirks sadistically, looking down at Taewon’s wide eyes and gaping mouth. Oh how Seokjin loves this image of these bastards after they hear the very words from Jungkook’s mouth, “This was all a lie.” 

“W-what do you mean?” Taewon only stutters dumbly. The bearded man was already half naked when Seokjin and Jungkook were aggressively making out with each other a few minutes prior. Stupidly into believing that they were finally taking this ‘relationship’ to the next step and starting a hot threesome, Taewon was ready to join in the kiss until both Seokjin and Jungkook stopped. And then, their facial expressions turned dark. 

It is safe to say that Lee Taewon was going to be scarred for a while after what they spouted next. 

“Y-you’re that wimpy kid from h-high school?” Taewon stutters once more, not believing his ears. 

Jungkook, once so shy and gentle, is now more menacing than ever. Crossing his arms and glaring at Taewon, he snarls, “I was the one you tossed in that dump on exam day, remember? You and your goons all laughed when I was late to class an hour light, smelling like someone’s spoiled lunch.” 

Taewon couldn’t say anything. But, he began to lash out when he finally realized that Seokjin was recording this entire thing. 

“You fuckers! Stop recording this, shitheads!” 

Seokjin only cackles. “Nah, I am going to show this to you over and over again. You’re going to be tortured for life by watching how pathetic you look right now.” 

As Taewon tries to lunge for Seokjin, Jungkook easily grabs Taewon’s arm and knocks him down to the ground. And suddenly, policemen barges in the scene with a shout, “Police! Lee Taewon, you are under arrest for smuggling illegal drugs.” 

Taewon’s mouth falls wide open once again. Seokjin smirks and laughs, “Dumbass, never leave your date on their own in your truck. Who knows what they can find in the back of the trunk.” 


Jungkook smiles, looking more innocent than his eyes showed. “You wish.” Taewon shouts more curses, but he is forced out the door from the policemen Seokjin had called earlier. 

With that over, their 8th target is done and settled. This target was their second arrest, while the ones before were still crying to their sleep of what the merciless couple did to them. 

And Seokjin can’t help but feel glee knowing that he and Jungkook made a scar on their hearts. He is probably enjoying this more than he should, but the power he gains from this is indescribable. 

Also, he feels like justice has been served for his precious Jungkook. Seokjin wouldn’t be a good boyfriend if he didn’t do something to those that scarred his beloved Jungkook, right? 

Call Seokjin a sociopath, at least he's a happy one. Jungkook is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Everyday is a blessing to have this lovable human being by his side. 

He may be arrogant, impatient, and selfish at times, but he is fiercely protective of those he loves. Make his friends, family, or boyfriend cry, Kim Seokjin will make you pay three times over. He is a man of action, and he wouldn’t be at the top without these fundamental traits that helped him climb to where he is. 

That is until he meets another man who single handedly destroys everything he has built. 

Yet, gratitude doesn’t even begin to describe Seokjin’s feelings towards this one man. 

Unlike Seokjin, who is blessed by good fortune, Jungkook is a victim of misfortune. Despite being described as an ‘angel’ by his family, friends, teachers, and coworkers, Jungkook was bullied since childhood and had an awful love life until his early college years. 

The bullying began in his elementary school years. He would get picked on by his classmates, upperclassmen, and even a couple of teachers on some occasions. He would get teased for his short height (he was always the smallest in his class until high school). And because he was a pacifist from birth, he was picked on for being a ‘sissy’ according to his childhood bullies. 

Young Jungkook hoped that this bullying would stop once he graduated from elementary school, but the teasing persisted. Growing up in a small town didn’t help Jungkook’s situation since moving to a different neighborhood didn't mean a fresh start with new people. One will be bound to run into the same person again and again per week. And that was the case with Jungkook and his middle school life-- half of the students from his elementary classes attended the same middle school as him. And so, the cycle restarted. 

Jungkook did have friends that always tried to protect him from these students, but the thing was, Jungkook only had female friends. None of the male students wanted to be friends with the school bullies’ punching bag, and so, Jungkook could only make friends with sympathetic girls. 

Friends that never left his side include Jihyo, Momo, and Sana. The three were fierce and tried their utmost effort to shield their precious Jungkook. It worked. Sometimes. 

Most of the bullies wouldn’t dare to strike a girl, but not all of them. And so, Jungkook begged and cried for his friends to stay out of his trouble to protect them. Extra bruises and humiliation were nothing if it meant for his friends to not be involved with his misfortune. 

But year after year of constant bullying, Jungkook began to wonder, why? Why was he always picked on? What was wrong with him? He knew that he may be the most shrimpy male student in town, but then why go for the smallest sheep in a herd of larger sheep? These thoughts led to the downfall of his self-confidence and security. 

Yet, Jungkook was a dreamer, a romantic. He wanted to have a partner who he wanted to love and be loved in return. 

As he entered high school, Jungkook began to chase his dreams in finding the “right one”. And that was when he soon discovered that he also has bad luck with romance, or perhaps, even worse luck. 

Before he met Seokjin, Jungkook had about 4 relationships in total, with Seokjin being his 4th. He was cheated on two times, and his second relationship lasted only a week. To be more specific, his second one was only a sympathy relationship-- his partner at that time only dated him out of pity. 

Not only that, Jungkook was rejected about 8 times throughout his life. Almost all of them ended up in awful failure. There was one case where the person he confessed to told everyone in school that the ‘loser Jeon Jungkook’ confessed to him, which made Jungkook the laughing stock of the whole school for an entire month. 

Typically, one would fall into despair after all these horrible experiences, but Jungkook still came out strong after each one. Despite developing a low self-esteem through his years of being bullied, Jungkook was always still hopeful and a strong dreamer. His dream of having that one person who will love him and his entire being was what drove him to move past all his misfortune. Alongside that, Jihyo, Sana, and Momo all showered him with love that overpowered all the hatred he had been receiving from everyone else. 

He wanted to change, and he luckily did. Firstly, he grew a lot taller, growing up to be 178 cm. Secondly, after the second puberty stage, Jungkook’s facial features significantly reformed. He had a sharper jawline, lost a lot of baby fat, and he just appeared a lot more mature. It was a complete glow up from his middle school years. 

Even his family members couldn’t recognize him when he visited his hometown during his first winter break from college. 

 That led Jungkook to believe that maybe, perhaps all his misfortune had to do something with his looks, which encouraged him to try love again. Sadly, Jungkook was rejected three times during his first year in college. 

Jungkook inevitably felt even more discouraged, now convinced that something was actually wrong with him. For a while, Jungkook believed that his personality must be undesirable. This type of unhealthy thinking endangered him-- he jumped into a toxic relationship without thinking (nor did he truly care). 

He felt as if he was too ugly, too annoying to be anyone’s partner, and he just felt lucky to at least have Sungjae, his last boyfriend before Seokjin, tolerate him. Even though his three best friends tried to wake him up that Sungjae was not a good guy, Jungkook couldn’t see it due to his insecurities. 

Of course, it didn’t end well. But Jungkook nearly forgot everything that happened during the breakup of his 3rd relationship. Just after his breakup, he met the one-- Kim Seokjin. 

Unlike all of his other relationships, he and Seokjin took it slow. Even though it was pretty obvious the two were attracted to each other upon their first, unusual meeting at that ramen house, Seokjin wanted to savor their flirting stage. It was unlike anything Jungkook had experienced before in his past relationships. 

Seokjin went above and beyond to really shower Jungkook with affection. Seokjin gifted him almost everyday, went out of his way to spend more time with him, and most of all, Seokjin embraced all of Jungkook’s flaws. 

Seokjin held him through all the nights Jungkook cried, unreasonably scared that one day, Seokjin would just leave. Seokjin never discouraged Jungkook from anything, only encouraging him to show himself more whenever he caught the younger one holding back. And Seokjin made sure to remind Jungkook how precious he is to him. 

Jungkook was head over heels with Kim Seokjin after a month of seeing him. It wasn’t too long until Seokjin finally couldn’t hold back and asked him to be his boyfriend. It was the happiest day of Jungkook’s life. 

Needless to say however, Jungkook was even more scared than before of his relationship with Seokjin. Seokjin was someone Jungkook wanted, even prayed that he was the ‘one’ for him. And so, there was some bumpiness on this road, but after two years, he and Seokjin are stronger than ever. 

Now, he and Seokjin are working on fixing Jungkook’s self-esteem by going back to the past. At first, Jungkook was terrified of doing what Seokjin suggested, but currently, Jungkook was finding himself becoming addicted to this quest-- taking revenge on all his bullies and exes. 

One thing he liked from these series of events was getting closure from his past bullies and exes as to why they treated him horribly.  He learned that sometimes, it wasn’t about him-- these people were blinded by jealousy, their own ego, and in some cases, pure greed. After hearing their confessions, Jungkook felt no ounce of remorse or sympathy anymore. He felt more disgusted that he actually felt bad doing this awful deed to his bullies and exes. In the end, they were just crappy human beings that went on and brought more pain to other people they envied. 

And as he and Seokjin move on to another of Jungkook’s bullies and exes, some weight was taken off his shoulder. 

They had just finished their 8th one. The next one, their 9th target, will be his worst crush-- the guy who pointed at him and laughed publicly when Jungkook confessed his feelings to him back in high school. The one who deliberately took advantage of Jungkook because he had a crush on that jerk. 

It’s been a week since he and Seokjin finished off their 8th target, and now it was time to move on to this one. It only took a simple search in social media to find their 9th target, Chung Hwangjoo. 

Wearing ripped, black jeans, patterned collared shirt, and a leather jacket, Jungkook confidently walks inside a college party that he wasn’t invited to, but no one cared cause everyone was welcomed. 

Beside him was Seokjin, also clad in expensive clothing that highlighted his good looks. Everyone in the party couldn’t help but steal a glance at the couple, who made their way to one of the kitchen counters. Their target was standing next to his two friends. 

When Chung Hwangjoo looks to the side, his mouth literally drops to the floor. And Jungkook can’t help but feel sexy in rendering people like his ex bullies speechless. 

Leaning against the counter across from them, Jungkook casually asks, “Can you grab a glass of water next to you for me?” Jungkook feels a strong arm wrapping around his shoulder, and Jungkook automatically leans into it. He knows his boyfriend is also smirking from Hwangjoo’s dumb face expression. 

Hwangjoo’s mouth gapes like a fish. He stutters, “M-me?” 

Seokjin nods, giving his deadly wink, “Yes you. Grab me one too while you’re at it.” 

Hwangjoo stumbles into grabbing their water, his two friends still frozen from awe of how gorgeous the couple are. As Hwangjoo hands Jungkook and his boyfriend their glass of water, Jungkook also gives him a wink. Hwangjoo trembles from that. 

If this was Jungkook from three years ago, before meeting Seokjin, he would have never imagined hiself doing these kinds of things. He couldn’t flirt for his life, too insecure to pull such a feat. He also never felt so beautiful before. But here he is now, being the center of the attention from a college party with about a hundred occupants. 

Jungkook still has a long way to go, but he’s making progress. Beneath his confident facade at the time being, Jungkook is still so uncertain. He has that gnawing fear that once this whole game is done, Seokjin is going to be bored and leave him one day. He’s scared that everything he has now, Seokjin, being loved by so many students in college, and now having family support are all but a dream. He’s going to wake up soon or maybe he will lose everything suddenly one day. 

And so, Jungkook is still doing things he truly doesn’t want to do, but does so to avoid his period of misfortune that he once experienced before college. 

Well, in the near future, another man, someone he will treasure as much as he treasures Seokjin currently, will inevitably be the one that brings such calamity in his life. However, Jungkook will accept this storm into his life if it means meeting this man and calling him his . Forever. 

“You were soo hot, Kook-ah. You should have seen that creep drool all over you. Ugh, I was so close to slapping him before our lovely finale.” 

“Haha. You would have blown our cover, hyung.” 

“I know, but as much as I'm having fun making a fool out of those bastards that hurt you, I can’t stand it whenever someone makes those googly eyes all over you,” Seokjin huffs. Shuddering from the memory of that Hwangjoo jerk making perverted faces towards his Jungkookie, Seokjin possessively pulls Jungkook into his arms. Squeezing his baby tightly, Seokjin whispers in a whiny voice, “You’re mine. They can't and shouldn’t even get a good look at you.” 

Jungkook giggles, face beet red, “Hyung, we are in public. People are starting to look at us.” 

Seokjin whines once more, “I don’t care. Let them see that you’re mine.” Jungkook can never deny his Seokjin hyung. And even though the younger one is embarrassed right now, he loves every single second of his hyung’s affection. 

The two are heading over to their favorite ramen shop in celebration of their victory over their 9th target, Hwangjoo. They stopped celebrating this occasion after their third victory, but they are having a toast for this one because the list is coming near to the end. Well, Jungkook is hoping that this is their last one, but technically, there is one more target to go… 

Jungkook closes his eyes briefly to recall the events from last night with Hwangjoo. 



Hwangjoo was a sobbing mess by the time Jungkook let out all the anger and despair he held for this man. Jungkook wasn’t in any better shape either, eyes red from crying. Hwangjoo was truly one of his worst offenders, and it felt equally agonizing and relieving to let out his pain from all those years of torment. 

Seokjin was right behind him, rubbing his back in comfort. His eyes held no sympathy towards the weeping man, currently on the floor of the hotel room. Grasping onto Jungkook’s head, Seokjin sighed, “Looks like we are done here then. Don’t worry, this hotel room is paid for another night, so you can stay here if you want.” Jungkook smiled through his tears, squeezing back his hyung’s hand. Despite Seokjin’s tendency to be extra harsh towards their targets during the finale, he knew his boyfriend isn’t cruel at heart. He’s just… 

 “But I want you to get this straight. Don't you ever show your face to Jungkook ever again, you hear me? If you ever try to come near Jungkook or I swear, hurt him again, you’ll regret more than what you’re feeling now.” 

His Seokjin hyung is just a protective man. He’s also someone who will do what he says, one hundred percent. 

Yet, Jungkook still couldn’t shake off his anxiety that the person he loves most in the world will one day leave him. 

As the couple turned around to leave the room, Hwangjoo called out, “W-wait!” The two stopped, and only Seokjin could turn around to face the pathetic man on the floor. Jungkook has his back turned, not wanting to see his past bully’s current state. 

Sniffling loudly, Hwangjoo whispered, “I’m so sorry, Jungkook-ah.” Jungkook’s heart almost stopped beating from Hwangjoo’s sudden apology. None of the others, including his exes, had ever apologized this sorrowfully. The lump in Jungkook’s throat continued to grow, and the grip onto Seokjin’s hand tightened. Seokjin didn’t say anything, only side-eyeing his boyfriend to make sure he was doing okay. 

Jungkook’s lips trembled as he croaked, “Y-you’re 5 years too late. The last thing you said to me was that you hoped that I would break my leg on my way to the podium on graduation day. Do you know how scared I was for my graduation?” 

Hwangjoo sniffled once more, “I… I was having my own family problems, and so I was a troubled kid back then. I know that this was no excuse for all the things I’ve done to you, but I just want to say that I’m truly sorry.” 

Jungkook didn’t want to hear more after that. Shaking his head furiously, Jungkook pulls Seokjin toward the door and rushes out of the room. 

If he stayed any longer to hear Hwangjoo’s side of story, Jungkook knew that he was going to feel bad about it. And Jungkook already feels bad enough. Not just for Hwangjoo, but mostly for himself. 


The familiar chime of a bell sings, pulling Jungkook back to reality. It’s been two days since that incident, Jungkook realizes. So that means… Jungkook’s lips form into a small smile. This ‘celebration’ victory is just another one of Seokjin’s subtle ways to cheer Jungkook up, and Jungkook couldn’t feel any more endeared. 

“Welcome to Soo’s Ramen House-- oh, why isn’t it Seokjinie and Jungkookie? Come, the bar is currently free,” the owner of the restaurant greets. 

“Hi, imo! How have you been doing?” Seokjin greets back, offering his charming smile. 

“Ah, my day has just gotten better now that my eyes have been blessed by you two handsome men! Is today the usual?” the elderly lady laughs.

Seokjin chuckles politely, “You’re too sweet, imo. And yes, we will be having the usual today.” 

Soo glances at the quiet man beside Seokjin. Smiling softly, she clicks her pen and asks, “You want the usual, today, Jungkook-ah?” 

Jungkook blinks his eyes rapidly and nods with wide eyes. “Ah, yes! Whatever hyung says. Thank you so much, imo.” The older lady hums, then rushes into the kitchen. 

Just as Soo mentioned earlier, the bar in front of the large noodle pot was empty, and so Seokjin and Junkook took seats in the middle. Another waitress arrives. The young woman pours water on their empty glasses and leaves. 

Seokjin stretches his arms and exhales, “Gosh, my body is getting so sore. I need to exercise a lot more or I’m going to break down a lot faster. Hyung is getting old.’ 

Jungkook smiles, “You’re not old at all, hyung.” 

“I know, I know. But I just feel like I am. Besides us chasing down those bastards, I’ve just been sitting in my office for hours doing nothing but paperwork. I really should go to the gym with you someday.” 

Jungkook’s eyes light up at the suggestion. “It would be so much fun if we worked out together!” 

“Haha, I don’t know, Kookie. You’re becoming really buff these days, and I feel like you might make this older man faint.” 

“I won’t!” 

Seokjin giggles fondly, caressing his baby’s hand. ‘We’ll see. I’m also lazy, so who knows when I’ll actually hit the gym. Anyway Kook, what do you think of me dying my hair blonde?” 

“You’ll look handsome as always,” Jungkook says without hesitation. 

Seokjin groans, “Well of course I’ll still be handsome. But I want to hear your opinion, Kook-ah. What do you think? Do you think blonde will suit me? Or maybe another color?” 

Jungkook blinks in confusion. The young boy still doesn’t understand why his hyung would need his opinion about this when it’s obvious that Jungkook will be amazed and madly in love with whatever color Seokjin chooses. 

Since Jungkook was taking too long to answer, Seokjin shifts his attention to his phone to look up different colors he could try. “Hmm, maybe I can try reddish brown. Ooh, Kook, you’ll look cute with strawberry blond! Or maybe we should both try daring colors like purple!” 

Jungkook chuckles at that, “I wouldn’t mind. But purple sounds really bold, hyung.” 

Still navigating through his phone looking at different hair colors, Seokjin hums, “But I bet you would look really good in it. Who knows, our final target might fall on his knees from just the sight of you with purple hair.”Jungkook freezes immediately. 

Heart picking up pace, Jungkook stutters, “L-last target? Wasn’t H-hwangjoo our last one?” 

Seokjin looks up from his phone and frowns. “No, we still have one more. We got your 3 exes, 4 of your bullies, and 2 of the jerks who rejected you. That leaves one more jerk who rejected you.” Jungkook knows exactly who Seokjin was talking about, but his lips are locked in place. 

Eyes furrowing to recall the name of the last one of Jungkook’s long list of rejectors, Seokjin whispers to himself, “There was Hwangjoo, Youngjung, Jangho… Oh, we are missing the first guy! That guy you first confessed back to in your freshman year.” 

Yes. Him. The first guy Jungkook fell in love with. His name was… 

“Kim Namjoon?” Seokjin asks thoughtfully. Jungkook merely nods. 

Not noticing the change in Jungkook’s behavior, Seokjin rambles, “Damn, I almost forgot about him. But it’s great we saved him for last, huh? Isn’t it funny that the first guy who rejected you will be the last one we will target?” 

No. We shouldn’t. Not Namjoon. 

“Hey, so what’s the deal with Namjoon? Besides him being the first one you confessed, you haven’t really told me anything else about him. Well, you did say something like he was tall and the complete opposite of you back in high school. But you didn’t tell me the whole story between you and him.”

Pushing past his fear over denying his hyung, Jungkook tries to speak, “H-hyung. About Namjoon--” 

In the near future, Jungkook will still not know how this happened. He knows that Seokjin has some kind of supernatural luck when it comes to these things, but this was too unreal. 

Because just as Jungkook tries to explain about Namjoon, the bell chimes again. And in comes a tall man in a business suit. Peach blonde hair. Thickly rimmed glasses. And those dimples that Jungkook could never forget. 

Kim fucking Namjoon just happened to walk right in the restaurant where Jungkook was about to tell his boyfriend about the boy he first fell in love with. 

Noticing Jungkook’s wide eyes staring at the person that just walked in, Seokjin turns his body to see what Jungkook was drilling holes at. 

Or more like who Jungkook was drilling holes at. Cause whew. That man is a hunk. Seokjin shamelessly gives one good glance up and down. The tall man is wearing a simple white blouse and dress pants, smiling at the waitress as he sits down on the same bar where they were sitting. 

As soon as Namjoon was walking towards them, everything inside Jungkook’s body screams run ! Yet, his legs are constricted to the ground. 

Seokjin on the other hand glances back and forth between his boyfriend and the guy that just walked in. Hmm. Seokjin then squints at the silver name tag hanging on the hunk’s shirt pocket. 

Oh my god. Seokjin tries his best to hold back a gasp. The name tag reads, “Kim Namjoon.” Except, the name tag is upside down. 

Aww. That’s kinda cute. So this is the Kim Namjoon, Seokjin thinks to himself. No wonder why Jungkook’s eyes are bulging out right now. 

Dropping his voice down to a whisper, Seokjin mumbles, “Damn. The universe must be really telling us that we gotta attack Namjoon as soon as possible, huh?” 

“H-huh? W-wait--” Too bad Jungkook’s voice was not audible enough for Seokjin to hear his protest. Already excited to start this game with the gorgeous man in front of him, Seokjin stands up from his stool and walks several steps towards Namjoon. 

Namjoon is currently reading the menu, nose practically buried on the laminated paper. Namjoon is much cuter up close, Seokjin thinks internally. 

“Need help in deciding your lunch? You’ve been at that menu for a while,” Seokjin comments, casually sitting on the seat right next to Namjoon’s. Without looking up immediately, Namjoon chuckles. Damn. Just from Namjoon’s light laugh, Seokjin could tell that Namjoon has a deep, rich voice. 

“I always have a hard time picking something, especially when it comes to good food,” the tall man answers. He finally looks up from the menu, and for some reason, Seokjin stops breathing. Kim Namjoon is seriously good-looking. And he has the deepest dimples Seokjin has ever seen.  

However, Seokjin then notices the surprise in Namjoon’s eyes. Oh. Seokjin smirks. No matter who you are or who you are into, everyone always does a double take when seeing Seokjin for the first time. And Namjoon’s eyes are now twinkling. 

“Well,” Seokjin begins, “I can’t blame you. This place has amazing recipes. Mind if we help you?” 

“Of course… Pardon me, but what do you mean by ‘we’? Oh, by the way, my name is Namjoon. It’s nice to meet you,” Namjoon says in a slight rush. Aww, Seokjin coos again internally. Namjoon’s ears are red. Already, Seokjin finds Namjoon way more pleasant than any other target in the past. 

If only this man didn’t break his precious Jungkook’s heart, maybe they could have been good friends. 

Seokjin scoots to the side and reveals Jungkook behind him, “Oh, I’m here with my boyfriend Jung… Huh?” Seokjin is caught off guard when Seokjin looks to his side, behind, and around him when he realizes that Jungkook wasn’t actually beside him. 

Namjoon’s eyes widen almost comically, and he too looks around his surroundings. There is no sign of another person in the restaurant except for the waitresses and chefs. After a whole minute of scanning the bar and the door, both Seokjin and Namjoon glance at each other with wide eyes. 

Namjoon speaks first, careful with his words, “Um… I’m so sorry, I don’t know what is happening but um… maybe your boyfriend went to the bathroom?” 

Seokjin sighs, “Maybe… Wait.” Seokjin then spots a mop of black hair popping out from the leaves of the home plant across from him and Namjoon. His boyfriend is hiding, poorly he must add, from them for some reason. Seokjin pats Namjoon’s arm reassuringly and tells him, “It’s alright. I just found him.” 

Jungkook jumps slightly from being caught. He doesn’t know why he was hiding right now, but his feet moved on their own. Okay, that was a lie. Jungkook knows exactly why he was hiding behind a plant right now. 

It’s been years since he saw Namjoon. And unlike before, he always had time to prepare when meeting his old crushes. It was almost too much for the nervous Jungkook to face an old crush, especially since this old crush is Namjoon. 

“Hey, Jungkook? Everything okay? Do you need hyung to come and get you?” Seokjin calls out with concern. Because it’s his Seokjin hyung that is calling for him, Jungkook ignores his bubbling fear and drags his feet away from the plant. 

Now, he no longer had an obscure view of the first boy he confessed to, Kim Namjoon. And honestly, it was overwhelming just to look at Namjoon’s handsome face and shocked eyes. Wait, shocked eyes?

Against both Seokjin and Jungkook’s expectations, Namjoon hops out from his stool and gasps loudly, “Jeon Jungkook? Oh my goodness, it’s been so long!” Namjoon boldly rushes to where Jungkook was standing and gives him a one arm hug. Seokjin just stands there, speechless in the back as Jungkook has his mouth gaping in pure shock. Namjoon steps back and eyes Jungkook up and down, exclaiming, “Look at you! You’ve grown so much, Jungkook-ah!” 

Unable to contain his curiosity, Jungkook squeaks, “H-how did you recognize me?” Namjoon laughs, and Jungkook’s heart flutters from the taller man’s deep voice. 

“I haven’t met anyone with the same, big doe eyes like yours. They are a dead give away.” Jungkook blushes at that. The younger also couldn’t stop a wide smile from taking over his lips. 

He was so happy that Namjoon was able to recognize him immediately. 

His moment of glee gets interrupted when Seokjin clears his throat. Namjoon takes another step back from Jungkook and bows slightly in apology while Jungkook scurries back to Seokjin’s side. 

Still flustered from earlier, Jungkook clings onto Seokjin’s arm and introduces him to Namjoon. “H-hi Namjoon hyung. I’m sorry about hiding earlier, but as you may already know, this is my boyfriend, Seokjin hyung.” 

Namjoon holds out his hand and grins. “Hello, Seokjin-ssi. My name is Kim Namjoon. It’s so nice to meet you! Uh, wait, I already said that huh?” 

Seokjin firmly shakes Namjoon’s hand with a small smile. “It’s nice to meet you too, Namjoon. And please, call me hyung. 

As soon as they finish shaking hands, Seokjin and Namjoon both turn to Jungkook and ask simultaneously, “So why did you hide behind a plant?” 

Jungkook shrinks at that, half hiding behind Seokjin. He’s so embarrassed now. “I was just shocked, and my instant reaction was to hide.” Seokjin flicks Jungkook’s forehead playfully while Namjoon laughs fondly. 

Namjoon smiles at the younger and says, “Well, it has been about 8 years. And you were always a bit shy back then, but it’s all good.” Jungkook smiles widely once more. 

Suddenly, the waitress pops in between them with an apologetic look and says, “I truly apologize if I’m interrupting, but are you ready to order, dear customer?” 

“Oh no! Uh. I still don’t know what to choose…” 

“He will have what we ordered. Please tell Soo imo that this order is specially made by me,” Seokjin tells the waitress. The waitress nods and runs back to the kitchen. 

Namjoon gives Seokjin a questioning look to which Seokjin tells the other, “I promise, this will be the best ramen you will ever have. And it will be my treat.” 

Namjoon waves his hands in protest, “Oh gosh, please. You don’t have to! I can pay for my food and--” 

“Seokjin hyung is really rich, Namjoon hyung,” Jungkook blurts. Seokjin snaps his eyes almost quizzically toward his boyfriend. Jungkook is behaving differently, and Seokjin isn’t sure if he likes it or not. 

But they started the game, so he has to follow along. Smiling graciously, Seokjin nods in agreement, “Please, Namjoon-ah. I would love to treat you and hopefully we can have a good talk this afternoon. Besides, I’m the one who forcefully ordered for you.” 

Namjoon first looks at Seokjin’s charming smile and then Jungkook’s doe eyes, clearly begging him to accept the offer. So, Namjoon concedes.

“Alright. But there will be a next time where I will be paying for you two, got it?” 

Ah, Seokjin thinks, holding back a smirk. Kim Namjoon has taken the bait. They already caught him in their hook. 

And so the game begins.