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Over Oceans

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Kairi poked at her lukewarm office lunch, resting her chin in her free hand. It had been almost two weeks since Kairi’s interview, and the only update she had gotten was that a decision had yet to be reached on the position. She hadn’t had much time to think about it though considering what had happened to Sora the previous week. She had been doing her best to be supportive, but couldn’t help but feel like she could do more if she were with him in person.

Her fork briefly paused over her lunch as a thought struck her. She quickly pulled up her work calendar and counted the weeks. Sure enough, the four weeks of crunch time for Sora would be over soon! Heartless would be released at the end of this week. 

As excited as she was for Sora to release his game, she was more excited at the prospect of him visiting for a few days. She discreetly pulled out her phone under her desk and double checked the dates he had booked for his flight. Once she confirmed them, she typed up a short email to Aqua to request the same dates off.

As she took a bite of the microwaved lunch, her email dinged with a response from Aqua. Already? She chewed slowly as she moved her mouse over the email and clicked on it. Aqua had approved her time off, but she also wanted to see her in her office when her lunch break was over.

Kairi didn’t bother finishing the meal and simply dumped it in the kitchen trash can on her way to Aqua’s office. She wasn’t sure what the impromptu meeting was about but she was hoping it was another opportunity to travel to a convention. A smaller part of her hoped it was about the interview….

She knocked lightly on the door. She could hear Aqua’s voice faintly call for her to come in. When Kairi entered Aqua's office, she was finishing a call. She quietly sat down in the chair in front of her desk and waited.

Aqua said goodbye to the person on the other end before hanging up and turning to Kairi. She gave her a warm smile. “I have some amazing news for you! I just got off a call with Vexen, and they have finally chosen someone for the lead position… They picked you, Kairi!”

Kairi’s mouth dropped open. Once she was finally able to speak, she stuttered out, “W-what? Are you being serious?”

“Yes! This is so exciting! I knew you could do it, Kairi.” Aqua’s excitement was enough to finally bring Kairi the realization she needed. She got the promotion! 

“Thank you so much for your help with getting me this opportunity. I promise I won’t let you down!” She gushed, already bouncing out of her seat and leaning over the desk to give Aqua a hug. Aqua let out a soft “oomph!” as Kairi’s arms wrapped around her but returned the hug with enthusiasm.

She patted the redhead on the back before gently pulling away. “I know you won’t, but don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.”

Kairi nodded. “I’ll make sure I do.” She pledged.

Aqua stood up and began to walk around her desk. “With that said, the promotion does come with another perk besides the pay raise and title. Would you like to see your new office?”

Still bubbling with excitement, Kairi bounced on her tip-toes, giving Aqua a wide child-like look. “I get an office? To myself?”

“Yes! Come on, it’s on the same floor, but you’re a bit away from us now. I’ll show you.” 

Kairi followed Aqua out of her office. Her heart couldn’t possibly beat any faster as she started to accept that her career was about to change in the best way. Aqua led her down a couple of hallways and through a few doors. Soon they made it to a small section of the floor that seemed to house individual offices. There were no cubicles to be seen, and the kitchen area was nicer and neater than what she was used to.

Aqua walked over to one of the offices in the corner and flicked on the lights. She waved her in and gestured at the space. “What do you think?”

Kairi smiled as she took in her new office. The space itself was modest in size, but it would be all her own. The outer wall was less of a wall and more of a huge window that gave her a lovely view of the city. The modern, U-shaped desk in the corner of the room was much, much larger than the one at her cubicle. She made a mental note to bring in some of her knick knacks and some photos. The window let in amazing light so maybe she would even bring some plants, she thought.

As she looked around, Aqua began to explain that she could move in on Friday. They would be releasing the announcement tomorrow to the rest of the company. And, of course, they would provide some other furnishings to her office of her liking like a set of plush chairs for visitors and an ergonomic desk chair for the new desk. Aqua encouraged her to make the space her own which sparked creativity in Kairi. 

As the two women continued to discuss the new office, a knock came at the open door. They turned around to find Vexen in the open doorway. He smiled at them, and Kairi felt that same shiver from the interview creep up her spine. She brushed the feeling away and returned his smile. 

“Good afternoon, ladies. How are you finding the new office space, Kairi? I hope it’s to your liking. I picked it out myself.” Vexen put his hands in the pockets of his suit pants and leaned against the doorway as he studied Kairi.

Kairi nodded. “It’s perfect.” She said as she admired the view out of the window again.

“Lovely. We’ll get started next week on your new duties as a lead. My office is just down the way if you need anything before then. Ah, Aqua, did you let Kairi know about the company providing additional furnishings?”

“Yes, we were just discussing that.” Aqua replied cheerfully.

He nodded, his attention already back on Kairi. “I’ll send you an email with the catalog then, Kairi. Don’t worry about the price tags; we want you to feel comfortable.”

As nice as it sounded, Kairi couldn’t help but feel like there would be an emotional or mental price tag in exchange for Vexen’s help. Again, she mentally shook off the negative thoughts. “That sounds amazing. Thank you very much.” She was still appreciative even if something felt off.

“You’re welcome, dear.”

Before the conversation could lull, Aqua checked her watch and exclaimed, “Oh, I forgot I have a meeting in 5 minutes! I’ve gotta run.” Before she left, she gave Kairi another hug - a proper one this time - and said, “Congratulations on the promotion, Kairi. I know you’ll do well.”

“Thank you again, Aqua.” She said softly. The older woman gave her a small squeeze before she let go then made a dash out of Kairi’s office towards her own, waving behind her as she went.

With Aqua gone, the mood seemed to shift. The air felt heavier than before. Kairi swallowed and decided to distract herself by checking out the drawers and shelves in her new desk. All the while, Vexen’s eyes seemed to follow her every move. 

Kairi wasn’t sure what to say to break the uncomfortable silence but when she looked up to say something, really anything that would pop into her head first, she found herself face to face with Vexen. She almost jumped backward but was able to keep her feet firmly in place. He grinned at the surprised look on her face.

“Sorry, my dear. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Kairi swallowed thickly, trying to keep her voice from showing any weakness. “Um, that’s alright. Is there anything I can help you with?”

He seemed to like her answer. He smirked like he had a secret. “Not at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty for you to do next week.” His eyes glimmered briefly before he finally turned away from her, walking back to the doorway. “Let me know if you need anything. I’m looking forward to seeing your face around here starting on Friday. It’ll be nice to have someone as pretty as you walking around the office.”

Kairi felt like any words she might have had were stuck in her throat. Vexen simply smiled over his shoulder and walked away, leaving Kairi alone in her office.

A few hours later, after her work day wrapped up, Kairi held her phone to her ear with her shoulder as she unlocked her apartment door. She was gushing to Sora about the promotion. Vexen’s peculiar behavior was all but forgotten as Sora’s excitement matched hers.

“That’s amazing, Kai! Congrats! Have you told Namine yet?” Sora asked.

“Not yet, I wanted you to be the first person I told.” Kairi felt just the smallest bit of guilt over calling Sora over her cousin and parents first, but he was her boyfriend after all.

“Well, I am honored to be the first person to wish you good luck at your new position.” He said with a faux posh accent. Kairi giggled at him. “And you get your own office? I’m so jealous.”

“Don’t you have your own office?” She asked.

Sora scoffed. “Well, it’s also my bedroom so it doesn’t count.”

Kairi hummed in response. Yuna playfully greeted her at the door, winding between her legs and rubbing her head against Kairi’s calves. Kairi scratched between her ears. Yuna gave her a short “mmrrreow” in response and began to purr as she continued bumping against Kairi’s legs.

Sora chuckled, no doubt hearing Yuna’s loud noises. “Sounds like you made it home.”

Kairi smiled as she picked up Yuna to give her a proper cuddle. “I did. I need to feed Yuna some dinner.” She paused as she set the old cat down to open the pantry door to fetch her wet food. “Will you be getting on HoW tonight, Sora?” She asked hopefully.

“Yes, but I’ll be later than usual. We’ve basically got Heartless finished up and ready to go, but Riku and I want to go over a few things tonight about the launch day on Friday.” He explained.

Kairi nodded. It was a week day, but she could stay up a bit later to talk with Sora some more. “I’ll meet you on HoW later then.”

“See you soon, baby. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Bye, baby.”

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Some time later, after feeding Yuna, eating dinner herself, calling Namine and her parents to share the news of her promotion, and throwing on some comfy clothes, Kairi sat down at the computer to play Heart of Worlds . She had another 15 minutes before Sora would be on, but she could find something to do in the meantime.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message from: Faeron

Hey, Kairi. I’m doing some more skill grinding today. Want to join me in the Dwarf Woodlands and chop some trees? I know it’s super boring, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for some company. If you aren’t busy, I mean.

[You to Faeron]: Hey! I could use the wood so I’m down for joining you for a little bit, but I’ll have to go soon.

[Faeron to You]: Sweet! I’m here already. We can do like we did last time and keep it to world chat if you’d like.

[You to Faeron]: We can PM for now.

[Faeron to You]: You sure?

[You to Faeron]: Yep. Besides, it’d be nice to share some good news with a friend today.

[Faeron to You]: Oh yeah? Sounds good. I’ll see you soon then! 

[You to Faeron]: OMW

Casting: Teleport to Dwarf Woodlands...

[Faeron to You]: You see me? 

[You to Faeron]: Haha, yes. How can I not with that obnoxious outfit you’re wearing?

[Faeron to You]: Hey, this was a rare costume for an Easter event five years ago. 

[You to Faeron]: Riiight. Well, no wonder it’s rare. It’s hideous. And Easter??

[Faeron to You]: It’s SPRING! Now take that back or I’ll have to cry. 

[You to Faeron]: The mighty L crying? That’s a lie if I’ve ever heard one.

[Faeron to You]: I can be sensitive. Sometimes. Anywayyyyy…

[Faeron to You]: What’s the good news? 

[You to Faeron]: I got a promotion at work! 

[Faeron to You]: That’s awesome! Congrats! 

[You to Faeron]: Thank you :) 

[Faeron to You]: I hope you got more than a title out of it. 

[You to Faeron]: I got a raise and my own office so it’s pretty nice so far!

[Faeron to You]: Your own office? WOW! You must be someone’s boss now lol.

[You to Faeron]: I will have a team, yes. I’m really excited!

[Faeron to You]: Well, congrats again. I’m happy for you.

[You to Faeron]: Thanks!

[Faeron to You]: Does that mean you got a new boss?

[You to Faeron]: Yeah, I do. We’ll be getting together next week to go over everything.

[Faeron to You]: Cool. Well, I hope they treat you well!

[You to Faeron]: Me too. We had a weird interaction today. He didn’t say or do anything in particular but… 

[You to Faeron]: I guess I just felt uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just new job jitters.

[Faeron to You]: I’m sure you’re right. That was a lot of excitement at once. It makes sense that you feel nervous.

[You to Faeron]: Yeah. I have such a good work relationship with my old boss. It is a little intimidating to be working with someone higher up than her.

[Faeron to You]: Yeah, I get that. If you need someone to talk to about it, I’m here. You still have my email if you need me and I’m not on HoW.

[You to Faeron]: Thanks, L.

[Faeron to You]: Anytime.

New Message from: Fainn

Hey baby!

[You to Faeron]: I’ve gotta get going. Sorry, I know I just got here.

[Faeron to You]: No worries. I get it. See ya later.

[You to Faeron]: See ya L.

Casting: Teleport to Twilight Town...

Joining Kingdom Hearts clan chat...

Fainn is talking in the clan chat.

[Ariae]: I’m here!

[Fainn]: So I have a question…

[Ariae]: Yes?

[Fainn]: I know we said we’d play HoW today but…

[Ariae]: Spit it out lol.

[Fainn]: What if we video chatted instead? I want to see you. >.<

[Ariae]: That’s so cute.

[Fainn]: I know you are, but is that a yes?

[Ariae]: Yes. See you in a few minutes.

[Fainn]: YAY!

Kairi logged out of HoW and made sure to check herself in her phone’s camera. Once she was satisfied that she looked presentable she joined Sora’s server where he was already waiting for her. Before she could call him, her headphones began to ring with his private video call.

“Hi.” She answered, her cheeks already growing warm when she saw him on her screen. He was also in some comfy clothes: a plain white t-shirt and dark colored sweatpants. Kairi was pleased to see that he looked like he’s been able to get some rest lately now that Heartless was on its way to being completely finished.

“Hey, I’m sorry for pulling you into a call. I know we said we’d play together tonight.” Sora said a bit sheepishly.

Kairi smiled softly. “It’s okay. I’d rather talk to you than play a game any day.”

“I, uh…” He scratched the back of his neck nervously as he looked away from his screen. “I wanted to… celebrate with you tonight. If you’re in the mood.”

Kairi raised an eyebrow in confusion. “In the mood for…?” She prompted.

Sora’s face turned a shade of crimson as he attempted to explain. “Ya know… Like what we did on the phone a few weeks ago?”

Kairi’s eyes widened in realization, already clenching her thighs together in anticipation at the thought of seeing Sora like that . “But on a video call?”

“Yeah.” He quickly added, “I-I mean if you’re comfortable with it. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

She tried to stifle a giggle. “Of course I want to.” 


Without wasting any more time, Sora gripped the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head. Kairi’s cheeks felt warm as she took in his broad chest and lightly toned stomach. She watched as he leaned back in his chair and palmed his hardening cock through his sweatpants. Oh, fuck.

Following his lead, Kairi stood up long enough to pull off her sleep shorts, leaving her in panties and her tank top. After making herself comfortable (and checking to make sure Sora could see everything she wanted him to), she closed her eyes and slowly slid a finger down the middle of her panties, rubbing up and down slowly. Hearing Sora’s breath hitch in her ear at her sensual movements made her stomach flip.

Kairi peered through her eyelashes to see Sora had pulled his waistband down, freeing his own arousal. With one hand on his waistband, the other began to stroke his cock at the same pace that Kairi was touching herself. The head of his cock was already sticky with precum. She bit her lip at the thought of his warm, throbbing cock inside of her. Holding back a moan, she tugged her panties aside, finally slipping a finger inside of her wet pussy. 

“Please don’t hold back. Let me hear you, baby.” Sora whispered breathlessly, already stroking his cock harder and faster. Her body shivered under his lustful gaze. Wanting to please him, Kairi moaned softly in time with his quickening breaths. 

Sora’s eyes rolled back at the lewd sounds she was making. Knowing that she was making them for him made his cock throb. “Fuck… Just like that.”

“Like this?” Kairi plunged a second finger inside of her, curving them to hit that spot inside of her that would bring her closer to the edge. She let out a small gasp as her finger brushed against it with familiarity. Using her free hand, she pulled the top of her tank top down, revealing her bare breasts. She heard Sora breathe in sharply as she caressed her breasts, each in turn. She pinched her nipples gently, moaning loudly as she did so.

“God, yes. That’s perfect.” He groaned, gripping his cock a little tighter. “Would you like it if I licked them, baby? Want me to take those perfect nipples in my mouth?”

“Yes… yes, please… need you.” Abandoning her breasts, Kairi sucked a finger in her mouth which earned her another sexy groan from her boyfriend. Once satisfied with his reaction, she slowly slid her hand down her body to her pussy and using the finger covered in her saliva, she began to rub slow circles on her clit. She tossed her head back as she moaned out his name, feeling her walls tighten around the fingers inside of her.

Between labored breaths, Sora asked, “What do you need me to do? Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me. Fill me up with your cock… Need to feel you.” She answered without hesitation. Her thoughts were consumed with Sora burying his cock into her so the answer came easily. However, Sora seemed a little quiet.

“Can you add another finger for me, baby?” He asked softly. 

A bit taken aback, Kairi blinked a couple of times. With Sora back in focus, she stuttered out an answer. “I-I can try.”

Sora’s movements paused as he watched her face with concern. “Only do it if it feels good.”

Kairi nodded. As she pulled out her fingers, wet with her slick, she sucked a third finger into her mouth as she had done before. Sora’s eyes followed her movements, his hand still wrapped around his cock. He swallowed hard as she popped her finger from her mouth. All three were now slippery and ready. She spread her legs wider, as wide as she comfortably could in her chair. Sora sucked in a breath as he watched her ever so slowly slide them inside of her.

“Goddamn… You are so fucking hot.”

Kairi blushed and bit her lip as she tried to concentrate on slowly stretching herself to fit in all three fingers. Sora began stroking his cock again, picking up the pace as if he had never stopped. Kairi could feel his eyes roaming hungrily all over her body. It only made her wetter to know she had all of his attention right now.

Sora pushed his sweatpants further down, giving himself more room to stroke his length. His blue eyes glazed over. All he wanted was to reach through the fucking screen and take her right now. It was almost torture that he had to use his hand when Kairi was spread out so perfectly for him right now. 

But she would have to be prepped for him before he could have her. He wouldn’t say he was huge or anything, but he was definitely bigger than average. Having Kairi test three fingers would help him get her there when he could finally make love to her in person. “I want you to be ready to take me. All of me. Tell me how bad you want my cock, baby.”

Kairi’s words came out broken and breathless. She tried to string words together into an actual sentence, but she was past that. This new feeling in combination with rubbing her clit was quickly pushing her to the edge. “Want it so bad… Want you so bad… Please…”

“Now rub your clit, baby. Moan for me. I want you to cum.” Kairi could have cum on his command but she held back, knowing he hadn’t caught up with her yet, but he was getting there.

“Sora…” She moaned, her hips lifting as her toes curled. She wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. She squeezed her eyes shut, pleasure starting to override everything else.

Sora gasped, nearing his orgasm now. “God, yes. Say my name.” He demanded breathlessly.

Through her moans and heavy breathing, Kairi was just barely able to make out his plea. She gave him what he wanted, babbling out his name over and over as she tried to keep herself from toppling over the edge. “Sora…!”

“Kairi…” He groaned her name, his head tipping back as his hips began to thrust into his hand. “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum…” He tried to suppress a loud moan as he watched Kairi fuck herself with her fingers, her legs shaking as she neared her orgasm. She wouldn’t last much longer.

“Cum with me… Please cum with me. Right now…” Kairi begged. Sora couldn’t help himself as he felt his cock pulse with her words. He groaned her name as stream after stream of cum coated his hand and his stomach. Kairi’s hands slowly stilled as her back arched off her chair, crying out as she came all over her fingers. 

Kairi felt a chill as she started to come down from the high of her orgasm. She quickly pulled her shorts back up and adjusted her tank top. She grabbed a blanket from her bed and sat back down. “...fuck me.” She sighed with a laugh.

She heard Sora chuckle, and she looked back at the screen. He had already cleaned himself up and pulled his shirt back on as well. “I will do anything you want, my love.” He said with a wink.

“Hush you.” She giggled, pulling the blanket tighter around herself.

Sora smiled and said a bit shyly. “I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.”

She nodded and assured him. “It was. We should do it more often.”

“I would really like that.” He looked off to the side, which prompted Kairi to do the same. The clock on the computer was reading past her usual bedtime. As if reading her thoughts, Sora sighed. “I should let you get to bed now. It’s just past 11 there now, right?”

“You’re right, unfortunately. I do have work tomorrow…” Kairi twirled her headset cord between her fingers as she hesitated. “I, uh, I don’t want to say goodbye yet though.”

“How about I call you? I’ll stay on the phone until you fall asleep.” He offered. He’s so sweet. So, so freaking sweet. And hot. What did I do to deserve a person like him?

“I would really like that.” She echoed his words from earlier. “Give me five minutes.” He grinned and gave her a wave before disconnecting from the video call.

Kairi quickly cleaned herself up and changed her panties before crawling into bed. Yuna laid down at the end of the bed with a huff, angry from being banished from the bedroom for so long. Kairi gave her some scratches between the ears then made herself comfortable as she answered Sora’s call. 

“Just two more days.” He sighed. 

Kairi knew exactly what he was referring to. “Until Heartless releases… I know. Are you excited?”

“Yes… and nervous. I really hope people like it.” The anxiousness in his voice made Kairi want to reach out and hug him. He had put so much time and effort into this game. It was only natural to hope that it did well.

“I’m sure they will love it.” She said comfortingly. “I’ll be downloading it as soon as I am home from work on Friday.”

“You don’t have to do that baby. You’ll be busy getting moved into your new office.”

Kairi huffed into the phone. “I’ll have all of Friday night to devote to your game. I wouldn’t miss supporting you, love.”

Sora’s smile could practically be heard as he said, “Thank you, Kai. That means so much. You have no idea.”

“I meant it when I said I’d always be here for you.” She added, a bit more seriously.

“I know.” He said softly. “You know what else I’m excited about?”

Kairi felt her eyes getting heavier. She pulled her covers up and snuggled deeper into the warm blankets. “Hmm?”

“Seeing you in a week.” Sora whispered excitedly.

Kairi giggled sleepily. “Me too. Trying not to think about it too much though. I’ll get too excited and won’t be able to sleep.”

“Same here, but it’s really helped me get through the last four weeks.” He admitted. “I can’t wait to see you.”

“I can’t wait to see you either…” She yawned and stretched beneath the covers. It was getting more difficult to stay awake.

Sora chuckled. “Get some sleep baby. I’ll be here until you fall asleep.”

“Okay, love you.”

“I love you too, Kai.”

True to his promise, Sora stayed on the phone with her until she drifted off to sleep.