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Over Oceans

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After finally being convinced by Riku, Sora went down to the police station the following day armed with his video recording as well as the video Kairi had been sent. Riku and Roxas came for emotional support, the latter taking a sick day from school so he could be there for his brother. However, Sora was separated from the boys as a detective took him into a private room to discuss details and get Sora’s perspective.

“I know you just spoke to a police officer, but would you mind repeating what happened for me?” She asked.

“Yeah, sure.” Sora relayed all the information he could remember to the detective who listened attentively, jotting down notes as Sora spoke. Once he was finished, he slid his phone over the table to the detective who watched the two videos.

When the detective handed Sora back his phone, her expression was one of compassion. “I’m so sorry you went through that, Sora. Unfortunately, due to not having her face in one video and it being obscured in the other, it’ll be hard to use these videos as evidence, that’s if we are able to find her with your description. While the island isn’t big, there’s still quite a large population. It will be difficult to find her."

"What about the emails?" He asked with a bit of hope still left in him.

"We will give them to our tech department, but I'm afraid it is likely that they will not be able to trace it back. I am going to do everything I can though. Please take my card.” She handed him a laminated card with her name and number on it. “If you remember anything else, please give me a call, okay?”

“Yeah… I can do that.” Sora’s shoulders slumped with the detective’s admission. He knew it would be hard to find the girl, but having the detective be so upfront about it made him feel sick to his stomach. He tucked the card into his hoodie and stood up from the chair. “Well, thank you for listening. Hopefully you find her. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else.”

“We don’t either. I am going to do my best to find her.” She gave him a soft smile before getting up and opening the door of the small room for him. Sora gave her a nod and went out into the main part of the police station, expecting to find Riku and Roxas on the bench where he had left them. Looking around, he couldn’t see where they had gone off to, but then he heard Riku shouting. Sora took off running down a hall, back towards the entrance as he followed the sounds of Riku swearing at some unfortunate soul.

“You take that back you son-of-a-bitch!” 

Sora stopped in his tracks as he made it to the large front doors of the police precinct. Roxas was barely able to hold Riku back as he lunged at a police officer. A few other officers were blocking off the entryway to the rest of the hall, trying to push the two men out. Sora walked up behind them and could hear the rest of the conversation between Riku and the officer he was trying to swing a fist at.

“You know I’m right. What kind of man would cry rape when a pretty girl throws herself at him? He wanted it.”

Sora felt his head start to swim. They were talking about him. How could someone who promised to uphold the law talk like that about someone who was assaulted? He even had proof that he was assaulted, and yet… this is who would be investigating his case alongside the detective? Someone who believed he had wanted it?

“Dude, just walk away,” said another officer to his buddy. But the officer smiled as he continued to egged Riku on.

Riku once again pushed forward, ready to wrap his hands around the man’s neck. “I’ll beat your ass if you say that shit again!” Roxas dug his heels in and pulled back as hard as he could, his face turning red as he struggled to hold Riku back.

“Go ahead. I’ll arrest your ass for assaulting a police officer.” He spat, pointing a finger in Riku’s face.

Sora’s hands clenched. Riku didn’t need to pay the price for some dipshit’s backward way of thinking. He had to do something before Riku got into serious trouble, and it looked like he was only inches away from being able to pull himself out of Roxas’ arms. 

“Yeah?! Sounds like you ‘want it’ if you ask me!” Riku threw his words from earlier back in his face. The officer opened his mouth to respond but everything went silent as a voice came from a few feet away.

“Stop!” He cried out. It seemed like everyone in the police station had heard the command. There were no more rustling papers, hushed conversations, or phones ringing. All Sora could hear was his heartbeat in his ears. 

The police officers parted slowly, revealing Sora. Riku met Sora’s tear-filled eyes. One look at Sora’s flushed face and Riku knew he had heard more than enough to know what they were talking about. The surprise of Sora’s presence had Roxas’ grip slipping on Riku. It was just enough for Riku to wiggle out.

“Riku, wait–!” Roxas went to grab from him again but only ghosted the hem of his shirt. Riku wasn’t going for the officer that started the mess in the first place though. No, he was wrapping an arm around Sora’s shoulders and guiding him outside, shooting glares at each of the officers in the entryway as he walked Sora out. He didn’t need to say anything else.

Once Riku and Sora were safely outside, Roxas turned back to the group that was still gathered at the entrance. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is why people don’t ask for your help. You’re a bunch of scumbags.” And with that, Roxas slung open the door of the precinct and let it slam behind him.

One Week Later…

Sora twirled the wire from his headset around his finger as he and Kairi voice chatted in his private Discord server. They had just finished the first chapter of a new co-op game he had wanted to try. What was going to be a short break before the next chapter turned into talking about their days. Neither of them minded though. This was what the calls were really for anyway.

Kairi still hadn’t heard anything about the promotion she interviewed for, although she thought it went pretty well, all things considered including her lack of experience. Sora and Riku had made good time on Heartless with all the weeks of debugging and fixes despite the disturbing events from last week. Sora had thrown himself deeper into the game after that, but they were set to have it released next week which they were very excited about. It had left him more free time to spend with Kairi now.

And then there was Sora’s open case with the local police department. Sora knew Kairi had been tip-toeing around the subject for the most part for his sake. He was grateful for her tact since it was truly the last thing he wanted to think about. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t affected by what happened both at the hotel and at the police station. Luckily, he had Riku and Roxas to lean on at home. 

Riku had been much more overprotective than usual: making Sora share his location 24/7, screening Sora’s emails, and always having someone on standby to go with Sora somewhere if he needed to leave the house. Roxas was also taking his role of being the mother hen of the group more seriously. He was constantly checking on Sora, bringing him meals, and reminding him to shower and drink water, especially while he was working tirelessly on Heartless .

After a brief lull in their life catch-up, Kairi finally asked him, “Any word from the detective?”

“None…” He admitted with a sigh. “But she did warn me that the case would be a difficult one.”

Kairi paused, and Sora could hear the hesitation in her voice when she spoke again. “How are you feeling about that?”

“I’m… okay.” He was being honest. Well, as honest as he could be when he was struggling with his emotions from everything that happened. From the hotel room to the police station, all of it had left him with feelings he didn’t know how to describe. “I feel better than I did after leaving the police station last week.”

“I’m so sorry that happened.” Her genuineness always surprised him, even though it shouldn’t have. That was the type of person Kairi was.

He quirked his lips into a small smile. “It’s okay, Kai. Thank you for being there for me.”

“Of course. Is there anything I can do for you?” She asked.

Sora untangled the wire from around his finger as he gave it some thought. “I can’t think of anything right now to be honest...”

“Well, I’m here if that changes.”

“I know…” He hesitated. “I’ve been, uh, meaning to tell you something actually. I just haven’t found the right time. …I’m starting to think there isn’t a right time.” He muttered. He had it on his mind for awhile now, but he was also worried about Kairi’s reaction to what he wanted to say to her.

“Is it bad? Hahaha.” Sora’s smile widened a bit at her adorable laugh. So cute.

“No, not bad. At least I hope it’s not.” He light-heartedly joked. 

“Then what is it? Got me curious now.” He could tell by the way she was talking that she was smiling. He really wanted to see that smile, too.

Am I really doing this right now? Yes. Yes, I am. “It’s uh… Can we video chat actually? I want to see you.”

“Sure. Let me just…” After some fumbling around (Sora assumed she was probably fixing her hair), she said, “Okay, ready.”

With a few clicks, Sora video called her. He couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw her video feed finally come up on his screen. She was sitting cross-legged in an old anime t-shirt that had seen better days. Her elderly cat Yuna was curled up in her lap, sleeping peacefully.

“Hey baby.” He grinned as that familiar blush crept up to her cheeks. “I’ll never get tired of your reaction to me calling you ‘baby’”

“Shush you. Don’t change the subject.” She pointed her finger at him. The sudden movement made Yuna crack open an eye in annoyance at her mom, but she fell back asleep once Kairi scratched between her ears.

Sora chuckled at the sight. “You’re right, you’re right.” He cleared his throat and tried to be more serious. “Uh, yeah so… I wanted to tell you… that…” His thoughts were running away from him; fear of her response (or lack of one) was making him second guess himself. Should I do this right now? Is this the right time?

“Mmhmm??” Kairi pressed a little impatiently, a smile still on her lips.

“That I…” He tried to continue, but he was struggling. How was it that he was so much more confident with her in person? He had wanted to wait until he was with her anyway for this. “Fuck. I had wanted to do this in person.”

Kairi’s smile slowly dropped. “What is it, Sora?” She asked, her voice full of concern. He didn’t blame her considering everything that had happened recently. He needed to explain himself before she got the wrong idea.

“Well, Heartless will be released next week, and I know we planned for me to fly over a few days after that, but…”

“Are you… Do you not want to visit? It’s okay if you don’t want to right now. We can–”

Sora quickly shook his head. “No, no, it’s not that. I just don’t think I can wait until then.”

Kairi was quiet as she waited for him to collect his thoughts. Sora closed his eyes and took a deep breath. With his mind made up, Sora looked into his camera so Kairi would see that he was looking straight at her. The action surprised Kairi, her mouth forming a little “O”. Trying not to get distracted, Sora pushed on.

“I know it hasn’t been long since we decided to give this long distance thing a chance, but my feelings for you are just as strong as when you were here with me and have grown since we first started playing together on HoW . Maybe it’s too soon, but I feel like I need to tell you now.” He took a deep breath before finally letting the words he had been holding back come out. “Kairi, I love you.”

The redhead blinked a couple of times, her mouth still open. His stomach flip-flopped and his face felt hot. Sora looked away from the camera, chewing on his bottom lip. Did I just fuck up? Was it too soon? The silence began to stretch into awkward territory.

Right as Sora was about to apologize, Kairi spoke up. “I love you, too, Sora.” His eyes snapped back to the screen to see Kairi wiping tears from her eyes. Yuna was looking especially miffed at all of the movement and “moewffed” loudly in protest, making her giggle.

“Oh shit! I didn’t mean to upset you! I’m sorry!” Sora said, hands waving and eyes darting around like he was looking for a box of virtual tissues to give her.

Kairi grabbed a real tissue from her desk to blot at her eyes. “I’m not upset, dummy. I’m surprised, but, more than anything, I’m happy.” As if to prove her point, she gave him the cutest smile that just about made his heart pop out of his chest like a cartoon.

“You are?” He asked, still not sure if he believed this was actually happening.

She nodded. “Yes. Very happy.”

“I’m so glad… I wasn’t sure how you felt and,” He let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding before he continued. “I just couldn’t wait any longer. You’ve been amazing, especially with everything going on lately. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive girlfriend.”

“Oh, Sora. I’ll always be here for you, no matter what. You mean a lot to me.” And he could tell she meant every word.

“And you mean the world to me.” There was a much more comfortable silence as they looked at each other. Sora wanted so badly to reach out and hold her, but he’d have to wait. It made him wish he had waited a little longer so he could actually show her that he loved her.

“Sorry I didn’t wait until I was there in person.” He said a bit sheepishly. He wasn’t always this impatient but he couldn’t help himself when it came to her.

“S’okay. You can make it up to me when you’re here in a couple of weeks.” She gave him a playful wink, and Sora had to immediately pull his mind from the gutter.

He recovered quickly though and agreed. “Sounds like a plan.”

“Speaking of you being here in a couple of weeks, have you sent me your flight info yet? I want to make sure I’m there to pick you up.” She sounded as excited as Sora felt, which made him even more excited if that were possible.

“I will as soon as we get off here.” 

“Don’t forget.” 

“I won’t, I won’t. I promise.” He quickly scrawled himself a reminder on a sticky note so he could actually hold to that promise. A thought struck him as he looked back up at his screen to see Kairi petting Yuna. “Soooo what do you have planned for us?” He asked with an eyebrow raised.

She looked thoughtful as she answered a bit vaguely. “I have a few things in mind but I’ll have to see what we can squeeze in since you’re only going to be here for a few days.”

“Like?” He pressed, hopeful that she would at least give him something.

“I was thinking we could go on a date again. I really enjoyed our pizza date on the island but maybe we can go for something different this time around.” They both smiled, remembering the kiss they shared that night. Their first one.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Kinda. “Oh yeah? What would that be?”

“It’s a surprise! Stop asking so many questions, silly boy.” She wagged her finger at him.

Sora pouted, poking out his bottom lip and crossing his arms. “Fiiiine. I’m just excited to see you.”

Kairi giggled. “I know. Me too. I’m trying not to get too excited since we still have a couple of more weeks to go.”

“Same. Kinda hard not to though.” He confessed. It was all he could think about most nights while he was plugging away at Heartless , but it was better than dwelling on the open case with the detective.

Kairi picked up her phone and frowned as she read the time. “Well, it’s getting pretty late here, and I have work in the morning…” She trailed off. He could tell she really didn’t want to go, but he didn’t want her feeling exhausted tomorrow while trying to get her work done. So he decided he’d be the responsible one this time .

“I understand. Talk tomorrow?” He asked hopefully.

“Of course. I’ll text you when I get up.”

“Okay. G’night, baby.” He grinned as she blushed again.

“Night, Sora.” Before he could respond, she quickly followed it up with, “Love you.”

He couldn’t help the smile that felt permanently fixed to his face now. His heart leapt as he answered back. “I love you too.”

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

With their last plan failing miserably, they knew they had to come up with something else. But what? They tapped their chin in thought, spinning around in their desk chair in the dark. The only light in the room coming from their desktop computer, basked their face in an ominous glow. As the chair slowed to a stop, a grin slowly spread across their face.

They pulled themselves back to the desk, their hands dancing over the haphazardly put-back-together keyboard. They quickly found what they were looking for: a folder full of Kairi’s private photos. There were only a few that they cared about though and those were the ones of Kairi in various states of undress.

Smirking, they went to work, finding her boss’s email. But wait… maybe they could take it a step further? After digging through Kairi’s email, they found messages about her interview… and the names of the men on the panel who did the interview. Perfect.

They drafted a bogus email and attached the photos of Kairi. Unfortunately, there was only one email they could find that matched the men who did Kairi’s interview. No matter. This would either get her fired or at least cause some chaos at work. Either way, it would be satisfying to take her down a notch. That bitch.

With a victorious smile, they hit send.

“Let’s see you get out of this one, Kairi.”