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Over Oceans

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Sora groaned and laid his head down on his keyboard. He’d been up for almost 24 hours straight working on Heartless and felt like he hadn’t made any progress on their laundry list of bugs and fixes. He had to give it to their QA testers though; they were extremely thorough which, while he was grateful for, made crunch time so, so difficult. He hadn’t anticipated so many issues with this game, but this one was really special to him. He wanted it to be perfect on launch.

Not to mention that he had barely talked to Kairi all week which was doing his head in. He missed her so much, but he had to get this done. One week down out of four, he reminded himself. As Sora continued to use his break to wallow, there came a knock at his bedroom door.

Without waiting for an answer, Roxas opened the door and tossed a bag from the hardware store onto Sora’s bed. “Hey bro, got that new door knob for you.” 

Without looking up from the desk, Sora replied. “Fucking finally.”

Roxas clicked his tongue against his teeth. “Don’t be ungrateful. You’re lucky that I could buy it on my student salary.”

Sora raised his head at the audacity of his little brother. He blinked dramatically a few times before he responded. “Roxas, I literally gave you the money for the doorknob.”

Roxas waved his hand in the air. “Potato, tomato. Anyway, how’re things going?”

“I don’t think that’s how the saying goes… but I don’t want to talk about the game right now. It’s just… UGHHHH…” He groaned, laying his head back down on the desk in (only slightly) exaggerated exhaustion.

“Yeah, Riku said the same thing.” Roxas was quiet for a moment as he studied his brother. He looked like hell, and that was him being nice. He was starting to get concerned. They had been in crunch time for only a week. How were they going to get through 3 more weeks of this? “Ya’ll are burning the candle at both ends, ain’t you?”

Sora sighed and sat up to crack his knuckles and his neck to reset himself. His break was basically over anyway. “Just three more weeks and the game will be ready. We’ll be okay.” It sounded like he was reassuring himself more so than answering Roxas.

Roxas rolled his eyes. His brother always overworked himself. It never failed. “Really? Because you both look like shit. When was the last time you slept?”

Sora squeezed his eyes shut as if it was painful to think. “Ummmm…”

Roxas scoffed, not letting him actually answer. “Seriously? Have you even eaten today?”

Before Sora could say anything, his stomach rumbled loudly in answer. The last time he had eaten had been yesterday morning and it was just some toast since that’s all he could make time for. He looked down in shame and answered verbally anyway. “...No.”

“Oh my god…” Roxas rubbed a hand down his face. He hated being “the mom” of these grown ass men. “Come on. Let’s go get ramen for lunch. I haven’t had any since Kairi and Namine left.”

“I can’t. I have to finish this.” Sora gestured half-heartedly at his computer screen, but Roxas crossed his arms and shook his head in finality.

“It can wait. I’ll give you five minutes while I drag Riku away from his computer.” And with that, Roxas stalked away to the bedroom next door where Riku was also huddled over his computer in a state of starvation and exhaustion that only came with crunch time for their tiny indie studio.

“Good luck.” Sora said under his breath, turning back around to the computer so he could save what he had been working on. As he was closing the last few windows, his phone vibrated with a message from Kairi. Sora smiled as he picked up his phone and opened the text. His smile quickly turned to pleasant surprise when a scantily clad Kairi graced his screen.

She was wearing a cute black pencil skirt that hugged her figure nicely. On top she had on a light pink button-up blouse which was unbuttoned down to her navel, putting a lacy white bra and her cleavage on delicious display. Her cheeks were tinged with pink but her lopsided smirk was all the proof Sora needed to know that she wanted to ruffle his feathers with the photo.

Hope you’re having a good day, love. Heading to work now.

Sora wasn’t having that great of a day before, but now he definitely was. He just needed to get that damn door knob installed as soon as possible. Right before he could reply, Roxas and Riku came barreling down the hall. Sora quickly closed the text and slipped his phone in his pocket.

“You come back here you little shit!” Riku yelled, trying to make a grab for the back of Roxas’ shirt, but Roxas was faster.

“It’s just lunch you fucking brat!” Roxas yelled back as he slipped out of Riku's grasp once more.

“Lunch doesn’t usually include pouring cold water on someone’s head!” Riku roared as the house shook with a loud crash of two bodies hitting the wood floor.

Sora stood up and made his way out into the hall where Riku had managed to tackle Roxas to the ground and put him in a headlock. “No fair! You’re bigger than me!” Roxas puffed, his face red from running.

“Yeah? And you’re too quick on your feet for a lazy ass gamer.” Riku roughly rubbed Roxas’ head with his fist.

“How dare you stereotype me! You play games too!” Roxas choked out, trying to pull his head from Riku’s arm.

Sora strode forward towards them. He knew he’d have to break this up before someone actually got hurt. “Alright, alright! That’s enough you two.” He pulled Riku off of Roxas who laid on the floor, gasping for air theatrically.

“Oh come on… I didn’t actually strangle you.” Riku kicked Roxas’ foot lightly, earning himself a glare from the boy below him.

“No, but it still hurts, damnit.” He rubbed at his neck. Riku chuckled and offered him a hand. Roxas accepted without hesitation and let Riku pull him up to his feet.

“If y’all are done fighting, I’m ready to eat.” Sora joked, crossing his arms and leaning against the hallway wall. 

Roxas ran his fingers through his hair, trying to “fix” the mess Riku had created, while Riku gestured to his soaking wet shirt. “Do I look like I’m ready to go out in public like this?”

Sora shrugged. “Go change then.”

“And I have to go fix my hair now since somebody ,” Roxas looked pointedly at Riku who rolled his eyes at him, “screwed it up.”

“I’ll wait here then…” Sora sighed and took his phone back out as the two men disappeared into their rooms. He opened Kairi’s text again and sent her a quick message back, a smirk on his face.

The things I would do to you, baby… 

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Kairi set her bag down at her desk and sat down, her cheeks still warm from reading Sora’s response to the photo she sent this morning. She patted her cheeks with cool hands, hoping to make the pink color fade away. After letting out a slow breath, she quickly logged into her computer and began checking her email.

Suddenly, her office phone rang. Startled, she picked it up tentatively. “This is Kairi. How can I help you?”

“Kairi, can you come to my office please?” Aqua’s warm and inviting voice came through the speaker, setting Kairi’s heart at ease. No one liked being called into the boss’s office, but by the way Aqua sounded, it didn’t sound like she was in any trouble.

She smiled and replied. “Yes, ma’am.”

Kairi stood up and brushed off her skirt. After a quick face check in her compact mirror from her purse, she quickly made her way over Aqua’s office through the aisles of cubicles. She knocked lightly on the door and Aqua called for her to come in.

Just as she had anticipated, Aqua greeted her with a sweet smile and asked her to sit down. Kairi did so, crossing her ankles as she gave Aqua her full attention.

“Apologies for calling you in as soon as you arrived. I had Selphie call me when you came in so I could talk to you first thing.” Aqua explained

When she didn’t continue, Kairi responded. “It’s no problem at all. I don’t mind.”

Aqua leaned in a little and dropped her voice. “Can I just say you look fantastic today? I know we have a pretty relaxed dress code, but it’s nice when I see people look put together.”

“Thank you.” Kairi said simply as she bit the inside of her cheek. She had purposely dressed like this to send Sora pictures so, needless to say, Aqua’s compliment was a tad embarrassing for her.

“Anyway, down to business.” She sat up straight and waved her hand in front of her as if she was clearing the personal chat from the air. “Firstly, I wanted to tell you that the work you did recently at Destiny Island’s Expo was amazing. Beautiful camera work! I loved the write-ups you did. I would like to send you to more conventions if that is something you’d like to do.”

Kairi almost jumped from her seat in excitement. “Yes! I would love to!”

Aqua smiled and nodded. “Excellent! It’s going to be a little while until the next big convention, but I’ll make sure to have everything ready for you when the time comes.”

“Thank you so much.” And Kairi meant it. This was everything that she wanted so badly. She had learned much from her time in Destiny Island and was ready to put that new knowledge to use at the next convention.

“Secondly,” Aqua leaned back in her chair as she continued. “Your work has caught the eye of the higher ups. They loved it just as much as I did and are equally as impressed. My boss came to me and told me that there is going to be a department lead opening this week. We both agree that you should apply.”

Kairi’s eyes widened. “Oh, wow… That’s a big step! I’d love to. Do you have a job description and what they’re looking for in candidates yet?”

Aqua looked pleased. “I do; I will email it to you now.” She turned slightly towards her computer and began typing out the email.

“Thank you so much, Aqua. This is an amazing opportunity for me.” Kairi’s heart felt so full. An opportunity like this didn’t happen often, and she was ready to jump at it. She’d give this interview her all.

Aqua finished the email and turned back towards Kairi. Her eyes shined with pride. “Thank you , Kairi. I’m so happy that your efforts are getting recognized by people other than myself. You deserve all the good things coming your way. Including a nice pay raise if you get the title.”

Kairi nodded. “That would be really appreciated.” And needed. She could probably afford to visit Sora on her own sooner with a bump in salary.

“That job listing should be in your inbox now. That’s all I had for you. Again, fantastic work.” Aqua stood up and offered her hand out. 

Kairi stood up, grasped Aqua’s hand and shook it firmly. “Thank you. I’ll keep doing my best!”

Aqua smiled softly as she dismissed her. “I know you will. Have a good afternoon, Kairi.”

“You too, Aqua!”

Kairi practically skipped back to her desk. This was so exciting! Her career was picking up after all of her hard work. She couldn’t wait to tell her parents, Namine, and Sora. Speaking of Sora… Kairi sat back down at her desk and discreetly took out her phone. She had a few more photos to send him. Blushing furiously, she sent another picture to his phone along with a message.

Open when you’re alone.

This shot of her was probably her favorite out of the set of photos she took this morning in her bathroom mirror. It was the definition of a mirror selfie but spicy . Her blouse was gone, leaving her in only the pencil skirt and lacy white bra. The bra was a bit too small for her so she didn’t wear it anymore but it gave her the best cleavage. She had leaned herself over the sink, bent over the counter. She nibbled on a finger tip and gave the camera a smile as she took the photo. This would for sure get his attention.

She planned to send a few more throughout the day if he responded. They hadn’t been able to talk much lately so this was her way of letting him know she was thinking about him. She didn’t expect a response until much later as she assumed he was busy toiling away on the computer for Heartless .

She’d call him tonight and tell him the good news about getting an interview for a lead position. Maybe afterwards they could get their frustrations out, and he could tell her exactly all the things he wanted to do to her… Just taking the pictures for Sora and imagining his reaction had been enough to turn her on, but the more she thought about him and what dirty talk he’d have in store for her made her clench her thighs tighter underneath her desk.

To distract herself from any more dirty thoughts, Kairi opened her email to read the job description and see what they were looking for in potential job candidates. As her eyes scanned the email, her heart dropped further and further down to her stomach. The job description sounded like it was for someone with way more experience than her. It was intimidating. 

Kairi bit her lip, feeling discouraged. She had to remind herself that both Aqua and Aqua’s boss thought she was a good enough fit for her to interview for the position so maybe the entire list of candidate requirements were less strict than the way they were being presented. Either way, Kairi would need to find a way to stand out among the other interviewees if she really wanted this position. She’d have to do some brainstorming later. She had a week to prepare.

The work day dragged on, but when Kairi’s 8 hours were finally up, she grabbed her bag and fled the building, eager to get home and call Sora. As she walked home, couples kept catching her eye, making her heart ache. People holding hands, exchanging chaste kisses, holding doors open for each other, a hand on the other’s lower back… Every little action filled her with loneliness. She had Sora, but Sora wasn’t here with her. This was going to forever be a part of their long distance relationship: feeling envy for those who could actually touch each other. Kairi rubbed her nose as a sniffle threatened to escape. She picked up her pace, quickly walking away from the reminders of what she and Sora wouldn't have any time soon.

Some time later, after changing into comfier clothes and giving Yuna her dinner, Kairi turned on her computer to play Heart of Worlds . Hopefully, Sora would join her tonight like he usually did during the week. If not, she’d give him a call at their usual time.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message from: Faeron

Hi… Sorry about the other day. My feelings were hurt, and I didn’t want to take it out on you. I was hoping we could talk? If you’re okay with it.

Kairi blinked in surprise at L’s message. She had really believed that he had ghosted her for good. And even if he hadn’t, she wasn’t sure how they were going to continue their friendship if he was still carrying a torch for her. However, Kairi decided that she would let him explain, so she replied back and waited for an answer which came more quickly than expected.

[Faeron to You]: Hi.

[You to Faeron]: Hello.

[Faeron to You]: I’m really sorry, Kairi. I shouldn’t have ghosted you like that when you were being honest with me.

[Faeron to You]: I understand if you don’t want to be friends anymore. Blocking you was childish.

[You to Faeron]: It was, but I understand. I’m sure it wasn’t an easy thing to read.

[You to Faeron]: But I don’t really know where to go from here.

[Faeron to You]: Me either… Can we maybe start over? As friends.

[You to Faeron]: Idk. I really care about Sora, and I don’t want anything to come in between us.

[Faeron to You]: I understand. But for real, just friends. Nothing else. 

[Faeron to You]: I promise I won’t cross any boundaries that you set. Just say the word.

[You to Faeron]: Okay, let’s set some ground rules then.

[Faeron to You]: Okay.

[You to Faeron]: No flirting, not even in private.

[Faeron to You]: Done.

[You to Faeron]: I can’t think of anything else right now but this is a starting point.

[Faeron to You]: Understood. Then… 

[Faeron to You]: Do you want to hang out and chat a bit? I’m fishing in the spot where we first met if you want to join me.

[Faeron to You]: I’ll keep it in world chat and use your username so you don’t have to worry.

[You to Faeron]: Yeah, sure. I’ll be there soon.

Casting: Teleport to The Caribbean...

World Chat has been activated.

[Faeron]: Over here Ari!

Faeron waves you over.

[Ariae]: Hey Fae, trying to level up fishing?

[Faeron]: Nah, I’m actually trying to get a bunch of food so I can do some strength training.

[Ariae]: Nice. Where are you going to train?

[Faeron]: I was thinking I’d take down the dragons in Hollow Bastion.

[Ariae]: Yeah, with your high level you probably need something challenging.

[Faeron]: Yep, so I need lots of food to keep my HP up so I can stay as long as I can.

Kairi heard the chime of her phone. She checked it and, sure enough, there was a text from Sora. The smile his name gave her quickly vanished when she saw what he had sent.

She should have expected that, but it didn’t make her any less disappointed. She sent him back a reply to let him know she understood and would talk to him tomorrow. With a sigh she set her phone down. She turned back to HoW. She could still game with L tonight to keep her mind off things. It is what it is.

[Ariae]: So what’s your level at right now?

[Faeron]: Str or fishing?

[Ariae]: Both? Haha

[Faeron]: Str is at 87 and fishing is at 94.

[Ariae]: Dang!

[Faeron]: I play a lot in my downtime. Probably a bit embarrassing to be that high lol.

[Ariae]: Nah, I think it’s an accomplishment.

[Faeron]: Thanks!

Unfortunately, the HoW banter with L wasn’t working as much as she had hoped it would. She couldn’t get her mind off of Sora and the couples she saw today on the way home. She had sent him naughty pictures today, but that wasn’t enough for him to call her tonight.

Kairi shook her head at herself. He isn’t like that. He already told you things would be hard this month. Just let it go and send the other pictures tomorrow. He liked them even if he only had time to respond to one of them. Kairi glanced at her phone again, but couldn’t stop the feeling of being self-conscious no matter how much she tried to be logical about the situation.

Making up her mind at the last second, Kairi sent a third picture to Sora. If they couldn’t talk, at least she’d be on his mind tonight anyway. And she looked hot as hell in this one. There was no way that he could ignore it.

Kairi had removed her lacy bra for the photo, letting her breasts be the center of attention. With her phone propped up at the best angle she could manage with a self timer, she had sat back on the heels of her bare feet and caressed herself as well as her breasts, her eyes closed in pleasure. Her skirt was the only thing left on her at this point. 

And there was one more photo after that one with the skirt gone as well. She had hoped to send the last one tonight right before their call, but Sora hadn’t replied to the second photo so she had waited. Maybe tomorrow, she thought, as she turned back to her computer to play HoW for a little while longer. Soon she would crawl into bed and relieve the ache between her thighs that she had given herself this morning when she couldn’t stop thinking about the supposed “things” Sora would do to her.

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Somewhere else…


Their fingers danced across the keyboard as they breathed a sigh of victory. They had finally managed to hack into Kairi’s email and iCloud account. They could gather more information now about her and maybe Sora. They curiously clicked on the photos that had made their way into Kairi’s iCloud most recently.

“Oh? What have we here?”

They grinned as they downloaded the photos Kairi had meant for Sora. These could come in handy later. In fact… They went to Kairi’s email and began examining her contacts, looking for work addresses. They saved a few that had masculine sounding names to their own email. Maybe they could circulate the photos in her workplace and really stir some shit up.

They turned back to their game of Heart of Worlds, muttering to themselves. “People are so, so stupid. Who puts their faces in nudes nowadays?”