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Over Oceans

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The four boys rushed inside the expo, trying to avoid getting soaked by the rain. Island weather could be tumultuous sometimes, and the bottom had fallen out on their walk to meet Kairi and Namine. Luckily, Roxas, the unfortunate self-designated ‘mom’ of the group, had packed a couple of umbrellas.That hadn’t stopped them from running from the rain though.

“Didn’t realize we were getting rain today!” exclaimed Axel as he shook the water from his long red locks.

“Looks like no one else did either. The lobby is looking a little dead. Hopefully things will be more lively upstairs.” Riku said as he gestured around to the empty main floor. But things were not more lively upstairs. As the group exited the elevator, most of the crowds from the beginning of the weekend had dwindled down to almost no one. Thanks to the empty floor, finding Namine and Kairi was pretty easy.

“Hey guys!” Kairi called. She and Namine made their way over. Kairi’s camera equipment was missing today. Sora figured with today being the last day, there probably wasn’t much to film. She did, however, have her phone in her hand.

“Get any good pictures today?” Sora asked, pointing at her phone.

Kairi shook her head. “Things are kind of slow today. I thought with this being one of the biggest conventions of the year that even the last day would be busy.”

Riku nodded in understanding. “The island weather tends to put a damper on things like this. No one wants to get out in this rain wearing a full cosplay. Not to mention that the expo purposely puts the less popular panels on the last day so there’s usually a drop in attendance anyway. But this really is empty in comparison to other expo years…”

“Yeah, there’s not much for me to photograph, and the panel I wanted to sit in was canceled.” Kairi looked at Namine as if asking her a silent question. Namine shrugged her shoulders but gave her a nod of approval anyway. “I have an idea if everyone is game.”

Sora grinned. “Let’s hear it. I’m down for anything.”

“Want to come back to our hotel? We could just hang out.” Kairi asked. Sora could see the excitement in her eyes as she asked.

This would be the perfect way to spend their last day on the island together. There was no hesitation when he told her “Yes, most definitely!”

The rain hadn’t let up enough for the group to walk to the girls’ hotel so Riku called a taxi service to send a van that could accommodate them all. It didn’t take long for the van to get there. In no time at all, they had made it back to Kairi and Namine’s large hotel suite.

The boys crowded inside the doorway, looking a bit uncomfortable. Namine shoo’ed them into the living room, and Kairi asked everyone to make themselves comfortable while she and Namine tidied up the kitchen. It was obviously to keep them all from crowding around the kitchen island.

As they started toward the living room, Sora quietly told Riku, Axel, and Roxas to take off their shoes. “Don’t make a mess,” he warned. Riku rolled his eyes, but Axel and Roxas nodded in acknowledgment. Roxas was the least of Sora’s worries. Axel was the messiest of the bunch, which was the primary reason they had never asked him to move in with himself, Riku, and Roxas. All four of them removed their shoes and placed them by the door.

True to his nature, Axel flopped himself onto the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table. Before Sora could say anything, Roxas picked Axel’s feet up and dropped them on the floor with a heavy thud. “Ow!” Axel howled.

“Everything okay?” Namine asked, leaning over the kitchen counter on her tiptoes to get a look into the living room. Her small stature did her no favors though. Sora could tell she couldn’t see anything.

“All good. Axel just stubbed his toe.” Roxas answered, smacking Axel on the back of the head for good measure. Axel rubbed the back of his head with a grimace.

“Behave…” Riku whispered to the two boys before looking through the video games on the shelf beside the TV.

Sora took off his hoodie and put it over one of the kitchen barstools then stood at the threshold between the kitchen and living area. It was mostly to keep an eye on his friends, but this way he could also hear everything being said between Kairi and Namine in the kitchen.

“Things could get boring fast if we don’t figure out something for us all to do.” He heard Kairi say to Namine.

“This was your idea, Kai.” Namine sighed. She thought for a moment before offering up some suggestions. “Movies? Games? I think there’s enough controllers for all of us.”

“Hmm… Movies would be good. How do we get them to agree on something?”

“We won't. I say we take turns or put it to a vote: majority rules.” Namine answered simply.

“That’s not a bad idea.”

“What about food?” Namine asked. “We really should have thought this through more.”

“It’ll be fine! You worry too much.” She ruffled Namine’s long blonde hair. “Maybe we could do take-out? Or we can cook.” Kairi suggested, but Namine looked a little worried about the thought of cooking in the small hotel kitchen for four grown men and themselves.

Sora thought this would be a good opportunity to cut in. “I can order pizza like I did last night. If you want, that is. Pizza is always a hit at our house.”

“Pizza?! I want pizza!” An excited shout came from the living room. Probably from Axel.

“Pizza it is then.” Kairi agreed with a small smile.

Sora and the girls made their way to the living room now that the kitchen was “tidied up.” Although, Sora was pretty sure that “tidying up” was code for talking. The kitchen was as spotless as it was when he came in last night for his date with Kairi. In the living room, Axel, Riku, and Roxas were playing a shooting game. It looked like Axel was losing by the way he was gripping his controller and swearing.

Namine didn’t skip a beat as she interrupted their game by standing in front of them. “Kairi and I were thinking we could watch some movies. It’s the best kind of weather for it.” Namine grabbed the controller from Axel, who seemed extremely displeased by this. “We can play games later.” She promised.

“I could go for some movies.” Roxas said, quickly agreeing with Namine and shooting Axel a disapproving look as Axel crossed his arms and pouted.

“What are we watching?” Riku asked, setting down his controller and looking up at the TV screen as Namine started scrolling through the movie listings.

While Namine, Roxas, Axel, and Riku were deciding on the first movie, Kairi and Sora sat on the couch in the same spots they had last night where they shared their first kiss. He wanted to kiss her again so badly. He reached over and gently took her hand. Kairi’s cheeks turned a cute shade of pink, and he couldn’t help but smirk. She had the same effect on him as he did her. And he hoped she knew it. If she didn’t, she would by the end of the night. There was no way he was going to let her board that plane in the morning without knowing exactly how he felt.

As if sensing his eyes on her, Kairi looked up at him. “Thank you for last night, by the way. That was the most fun I’ve had on a date in a long time.”

“I’m glad. I had a lot of fun with you, too.” Sora lowered his voice and leaned down to whisper in her ear. “I hope you’ll let me kiss you again. Without a bet this time.”

Kairi’s eyes widened a little bit, and she blushed even more. She slowly began leaning into him, looking at his lips… Sora hadn’t expected another kiss so soon, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be at this moment.

“Kairi, we need your vote!” shouted Axel, oblivious to interrupting them. Sora bit his lip and shut his eyes. Breathe. You can’t punch Axel for being a dumbass right now. You can punch him later.

Kairi cleared her throat and leaned back away from Sora, the blush still across her cheeks. “Uh, what are the choices?”

"Comedy or Action." Namine answered, looking between Kairi and Sora with a knowing smirk. Sora felt a blush of his own heating up his cheeks.

After only a small amount of bickering, and Namine making the final decision, they finally settled on a recent comedy film. Riku and Axel spread out on the floor with a couple of couch pillows while Roxas and Namine took one of the oversized chairs. They were looking pretty cozy, Sora thought to himself. Roxas didn’t need his approval, but Sora would have given it to him anyway. Good for him.

As they started the movie, Sora wrapped an arm around Kairi’s shoulders, and she leaned into him. The same feeling he got last night came over him. Being with Kairi felt like the most normal thing in the world. He never wanted this to end, even though he knew it would. At least they would have today together.

Sora had already decided that he’d tell Kairi how he felt tonight. A part of him thought it might be cruel to end the night with a confession, only for them to part ways, but it was something he needed her to know before she left. Waiting until she got home and telling her over voice chat just wasn’t going to cut it, not when she was here, right now, in his arms.

He also wasn’t sure how she would react. If his confession was unwelcomed, it would ruin their last day together. He was positive that Kairi at least liked him back. But would the idea of him falling for her drive her away simply because of the distance? A long distance relationship wasn’t something he had ever done before, but he was willing to do it for her. He was willing to do anything for her.

Right as the movie credits began to roll, the group heard a loud growling sound.

“What the hell was that?” Axel asked as he sat up and looked around the living room.

“Was that a bear?” Riku joked with a knowing look at Roxas. Axel must have taken Riku’s joke seriously because he began looking out of the large windows like a bear would be able to scale the hotel and burst through the window.

“It was me guys.” Roxas said, sounding ashamed. His face was slowly turning red from the attention as everyone turned to look at him.

“Are you hungry?” Namine asked him. Roxas nodded without looking at her.

“Guess it’s time for that pizza we talked about earlier.” Sora chuckled. He took out his phone and called the same pizza place from last night. “Yes, I'd like to get 3 large pizzas for delivery.” He paused, his brow furrowing. “It's going to be 3 hours?” He looked around the room, but no one made any other suggestions. He sighed. “Okay. We'll pick it up then. Twenty minutes? I'll be there. Thanks." He hung up and stood up, tucking his phone back in his pocket.

"So… You're going to pick up the pizza?" Roxas asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That's what I said.” Sora replied, walking over to the kitchen to grab his hoodie. Roxas continued to look at him with concern. “Why the look?”

Roxas simply pointed at the large windows which Sora hadn’t been paying much attention to until now. The rain was coming down hard, and the sky was turning almost black. He wouldn’t be surprised if the wind had also picked up already too. It was looking very nasty out there.

Sora deflated a bit. “Oh…” This was going to be rough.

“I'll go with you Sora.” Kairi said, giving him a big smile as she stood up next to him. "It won't be so bad if there’s two of us."

Sora frowned. "Are you sure? We're going to get soaked."

“You’ll both be fine." Namine said as she jumped up and practically pushed them both towards the door. "We'll call you a cab. Better hurry!" And with that she closed the door behind them.

“Nami… What was that about?" Roxas asked, watching as she dusted her hands off like she had just accomplished something.

“I'll tell you later.” Namine grabbed a controller and sat back down while the boys just looked at her curiously. “Come on! Let's play a game."

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

In the hotel hallway…

Kairi and Sora looked at each other sheepishly.

“Sorry about that…” Kairi blushed and started down the hallway, her eyes down.

“Wait a sec, Kai." Sora grabbed her hand gently, his heart beating fast. Ever since that kiss, all he could do was think about her and the incredible feelings she gave him. This could be it. He could tell her how he felt. Right now.

“Sora…” Kairi looked back at him. His name sounded so perfect on her lips. He couldn’t stop himself. He pulled her into his arms. He held her there for a moment before looking into her eyes. He slowly leaned down and pressed his lips against hers. She practically melted into his arms.

It wasn't the same kiss as last night. It was softer, but still passionate, and he hoped it was enough to tell her that last night wasn't going to be the end of his affection. When they finally pulled away from each other, Kairi smiled up at him. Sora couldn't help but smile back.

"Kairi, last night was–" He began, but she stopped him with her finger on his lips.

"I know." Her eyes shone with quiet understanding. This wasn’t the right time for a confession, he decided.

Sora nodded. “Let's go get the pizza then. I'm starving.” I’ll tell her later. After we get the pizza. For real this time.

Sora and Kairi made it down the elevator and to the entrance of the hotel. Sure enough, just as Namine had promised, there was a taxi waiting for them outside. Sora opened the door for Kairi and then slid in beside her. After giving the driver the address to the pizza place, they rode in mostly silence. Unfortunately, the storm made it hard to hear anything being said between them.

Once they pulled up to the restaurant, Sora asked the driver to wait for them. “We’ll be back right back. We’re just picking up.”

“I’ll leave the meter running then,” the driver grunted, seeming a bit annoyed.

Sora didn’t let it bother him and helped Kairi from the car. The rain was still coming down hard so they made a dash for the restaurant’s front door. Once they had their pizzas, they made another dash back to the taxi which was thankfully still there despite the driver’s attitude from earlier.

The ride back to the hotel went by quickly, which Sora was thankful for. Between the delicious smell of pizza and his heart practically beating out of his chest as he contemplated how he was going to confess to Kairi, Sora couldn’t wait to get out of the taxi.

When they pulled up to the hotel’s entrance, Sora paid the driver and helped Kairi out of the car, taking all of the pizza boxes. She was about to argue and pull a box back but Sora held them out of her reach easily. “I got these, baby. Just walk with me.”

Kairi blushed, and Sora gave her a wink. He really enjoyed her reaction every time he called her “baby.” Kairi gave in though and walked beside him to the elevator. Unfortunately, the ride up to the room went by too fast for Sora to say anything. As they got closer and closer to Kairi’s suite, Sora felt his hands start to sweat. It had to be NOW.

Right before getting to the door, Sora spoke up. “Wait. Kai… Before we go in, I have something I need to tell you.”

Kairi turned to him. “What is it, Sora?” She asked, her brows furrowed.

“Um…” Deep breaths. “Gosh this is harder than I thought it’d be.” He said under his breath. Kairi heard him though, and her face crinkled with worry.

Sora quickly back tracked. “It’s nothing bad! I just…” Sora stammered. He looked around and finally set the pizza boxes on a nearby windowsill before coming to stand in front of her. He reached for her hands and held them as he looked into her eyes. Deep breath, idiot. He inhaled deeply then exhaled slowly before he spoke. “I really like you.”

He waited for Kairi’s reaction, but it wasn’t exactly what he had hoped for. She squeezed his hands gently and gave him a friendly smile. “Well, I like you too!” Like a friend? Or…?

Sora chuckled and shook his head. He had to make it clear right now before this turned into a romance trope of miscommunication. “No, no, I mean,” He leaned down so that his lips were close to hers, almost touching. Without breaking eye contact, he confessed. “I really, really, really like you.”

“Oh…” She breathed, her eyes wide. Sora moved back a bit to give her some space. She looked a bit shocked, which surprised him again. Hadn’t he been really obvious with the flirting? Maybe not as obvious as he had thought… We kissed right? I didn’t dream that… Right??

“Yeah… Um, so no pressure. I just didn’t want you to go home tomorrow without me telling you how I felt in person and-”

Suddenly Kairi gripped his hands and pulled him into her. His hands immediately went to her waist, and she used her hands’ new freedom to gently grab his face and kiss him hard. Now it was Sora’s turn to be surprised, but it was a welcome surprise. After the initial shock wore off, Sora kissed her back with just as much enthusiasm. One hand remained on her waist while the other gently combed through her auburn hair.

When they finally came up for air, Kairi gave him another smile. This one definitely had a more-than-friends vibe, Sora decided. Her next words confirmed his thought. “I really, really, really like you too.”

“Good. I had hoped you’d say that especially after kissing me like that.” Sora laughed. Kairi rolled her eyes but her smile told him she didn’t mean it. “Come on, we better get back before Roxas eats the furniture. Don’t want to have to explain that to the hotel staff.” Kairi giggled and agreed.

They grabbed the pizza boxes that Sora had set aside, and Kairi knocked at the door. “Forgot my key.” She gave Sora a half-hearted shrug. “I wouldn’t have forgotten it if a certain someone hadn’t shoved us out the door-”

Namine threw the door open with a big smile. It was like she knew what had just happened in the hallway. Somehow. “There they are! See? I told you they’d be fine.”

Roxas ran to the door and fell to his knees in front of them. “My saviors!”

“Glad to see you didn’t eat the sofa, Rox.” Sora snickered, stepping around him and setting the pizzas down on the kitchen counter.

Namine handed out plates from the kitchen cabinet. No one wasted any time helping themselves, and eventually the whole group was settled back into the living room chowing down on pizza. Everyone was focused on a new movie. Well… almost everyone.

Sora felt his phone buzz with a text in his pocket so he stuffed a last bite of pizza crust into his mouth and set his plate aside to pull out his phone. As he unlocked his phone and saw who the sender was, the color slowly drained from his face.

It was Unknown. Again. But this time, it wasn’t a strange love note.

Attached were photos of Kairi and himself at the fancy restaurant yesterday as well as them walking into the hotel hand-in-hand. The third photo made him feel sick to his stomach though… It was a photo of them from behind, Kairi opening the door to her suite. The sick fuck must have followed them through the hotel and even to their floor. They knew what room Kairi was staying in. He swallowed hard as he scrolled down to the messages below the photos.

Sora shoved his phone back in his pocket. He suddenly felt light-headed. He couldn’t let anyone see him like this right now. Especially Kairi. He looked over at her, sitting cross-legged on the couch and completely absorbed into the movie. Thinking quickly, Sora cleared his throat and turned to her. “Hey Kair? Can I use the bathroom?”

“Sure, you can use mine. Head through that door, and the bathroom is off to the side. Can’t miss it.” She pointed to the door she came out of last night.

“Thanks.” Sora tried to casually walk across the room even though everything in him was telling him to run. He opened her bedroom door and closed it behind him. He only had a moment to look around and appreciate the bedroom before he spotted the bathroom door. Sora quickly locked himself inside.

His breathing was starting to turn erratic. His chest moved up and down quickly. He put his back against the door and his hand on his chest as he slowly slid down until he was sitting on the cool tile. He tried to calm his breathing as he took out his phone again. In. Out. In. Out. He had to protect Kairi so the best thing he could do with this lover-scorned turned blackmailer was be direct.

48 hours? Kairi was leaving in the morning. Maybe they didn’t know that, but Sora couldn’t underestimate them. They had already figured out her identity and were able to follow them around last night without him noticing. It probably wouldn’t take much for them to figure out that she went home before the 48 hours was up.

Sora let his head lean back against the door, and he closed his eyes. This person knew he could care less if anything happened to him because of some photos. But Kairi? Kairi could have her entire career burnt down to the ground. The photos would look incriminating, and the public would crucify her for trading sex for an interview with one of the elusive Paopu Fruit Studios’ developers.

People had been canceled over less, and Sora couldn’t let something like this happen to Kairi. But he didn’t have a plan right now. She was leaving in the morning. He could take today and be with her then come up with something tomorrow.

The one thing that he knew for sure was that he was not letting this asshole come between himself and Kairi. He didn’t know what lay ahead of them tomorrow and after Kairi went back home, but he had no intention of letting her go without a fight. They really had no idea who they decided to mess with, Sora thought. His anxiety slowly turned to anger.

His jaw clenched as he gripped his phone. Fuck. He couldn’t do this right now. Not with Kairi in the next room and this being his last day with her. Sora took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled.

He looked back down at the texts. “Tomorrow, your ass is mine. And you’re going to wish you hadn’t fucked with me,” he whispered. After one last look at the text conversation, he turned off his phone. Sora stood up and splashed some water on his face from the sink. He dried himself off on one of the hotel towels, checked his reflection, took a few more deep breaths, then went back out to the living room.

He sat back down beside Kairi and wrapped an arm around her. She leaned into him, her eyes still glued to the TV. The others were all just as caught up in the movie, but unfortunately, Sora could no longer concentrate on the storyline.

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

A couple of hours later…

“Oh man, that was so good.” Axel gushed as he clapped his hands together. Beside him, Riku stretched his arms out above his head, a yawn escaping him. Axel patted him on the back, jarring the silver-haired man. Riku shot him a look that could kill and Axel sheepishly muttered “sorry.”

Roxas stood up and stretched as well. Namine poked him in the side, and he tried to hold back a grunt. “Woah now!”

“You all are boring. What’s there to do for fun around here?” Namine asked, a gleam of mischief in her eyes.

Roxas poked her nose which earned him a grin from the small blonde. “We’re not boring. And…” He glanced out of the windows. “I think the rain has finally let up. Should we go do something?”

“Oooh yes! Take us out please! Let’s do something cool!” Namine exclaimed, putting her hands together in front of him.

“Something cool, eh? Hmmm…” Roxas tapped his finger on his chin, grinning at her growing impatience.

“Let’s take ‘em to the arcade.” Sora suggested, still snuggled up to Kairi on the couch.

Roxas shook his head. “We took Namine there last night.”

“Well, Kairi and I didn’t get to go last night. Let’s go again.” Sora looked at Namine for help, but he didn’t even have to beg. She already seemed excited to go back.

“I’ll go again. It was a lot of fun. Maybe we can get ice cream after?”

“Sea salt ice cream!!!” Axel yelled excitedly. Everyone couldn’t help but laugh as Axel bounced up from the floor, full of sudden energy at the thought of ice cream.

The afternoon sun shone brightly as the group walked from the hotel to Destiny Island’s gigantic outdoor mall. Sora held Kairi’s hand tightly, his eyes subtly searching out anyone that looked suspicious as they made their way to the mall’s arcade. So far, no one looked out of place so Sora let himself relax just a little.

Kairi must have noticed though because she leaned in closer to him, one hand wrapped around his arm and the other gently rubbing his back. The tenseness slowly left him as he looked at her. She smiled at him. “What should we play first?”

Sora looked around at the different arcade machines and booths before his eyes landed on something he thought they’d both enjoy. “How about Zombie Mansion? It’s a shooter, and it’s really fun.”

“Let’s do it!”

Meanwhile, Axel and Riku picked up the rear of the group. Namine and Roxas had gravitated over to a racing game that they had favored last night, leaving the two alone for a moment.

“Man, I hate being the third wheel.” Axel whined. Riku followed Axel’s gaze to Sora and Kairi who were flirting pretty heavily while shooting zombies with plastic machine guns.

Riku smirked. “Technically, we’re the fifth and sixth wheels. Don’t let it bother you though. There’s someone for everyone.” He gave Axel a sympathetic pat on the back.

Axel sighed longingly. “They look really happy…”

Riku nodded, laughing softly as he watched Kairi bump her hip into Sora, making him miss a shot. Sora grinned and bumped back into her a little harder, making her character get bitten. They dissolved into giggles as the screen became bloody with GAME OVER written in gorey font. “It makes me happy to see him happy.”