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Over Oceans

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Unknown POV - During the Q&A portion of Sora's panel...

They stepped up to the microphone, their voice breathy as they asked their question. "Do you have a girlfriend, Sora?"

Seeing Sora looking like a deer in headlights was delightful. His reaction to their question was just what they were hoping for. Excited whispers started to swirl around the room, but Sora remained silent, his mouth hanging open.

Finally, after several moments, Sora audibly swallowed. His face became flushed. Perfect, they thought. "Um, well-" But they quickly cut him off with a surprising proposition before he could properly answer.

"I'm single. I'd love to get a drink sometime if you're open to it." The whispers quickly turned into wolf whistles and cheers from the crowd. They only had a moment to relish in the look on Sora's face and the attention they were getting from the rowdy crowd before they noticed Sora's eyes following someone out in the audience. This isn't what was supposed to happen, they thought. They wanted his attention. All of it.

"I, uh... That's uh..." Sora stuttered, looking more and more flustered. "I can't." His last words stumbled out of his mouth as his eyes panned to the only door in the back of the room. They quickly turned, but only caught the door closing behind someone. Who was he looking for? They wanted to find out immediately, but before they had a chance to say anything more, Sora stood up on the stage and leapt off, running past them. Everyone watched as he ran out, the volume of voices increasing tenfold as the inevitable gossip began.

While they were distracted by Sora running out, the microphone was ripped away from them by Terra. "Excuse me everyone! Sora had an emergency, but we're about to wrap up anyway. Thank you all for coming. And a huge thank you to Riku and Sora for their hard work. Let's give them a big round of applause!"

They didn't bother sticking around to see what Riku had to say. The whole reason they were here had run out of the door anyway. Clenching their fists, they stormed out of the room. Whoever stole Sora's attention from them would pay. Big time.

Kairi's POV - back at the hotel

"I'm so glad I packed a nice dress. I didn't expect to be going to a fancy restaurant while we were here, but I figured I'd better be prepared!" Kairi said as she pulled out a pink satin wrap dress.

Namine folded her legs underneath herself in the papasan chair, her eyes sparkling as she took in the dress. "Oooo, Kai! That is so pretty!"

Kairi gave her a smile. "Thanks. I bought it with my first big-girl paycheck. I've only been able to wear it to a wedding." Kairi held it up to herself as she looked into a large mirror, imagining what the date with Sora might be like...

"What a shame. You should just wear it around the house." Namine giggled at the thought of Kairi lounging in the satin dress, playing HoW, and petting Yuna. But another thought quickly replaced those. "Mmm, Sora is going to pass out when he sees you in this."

"Shush," but Kairi didn't really mean it. She had hoped to impress Sora and show that she could do more than just a t-shirt and jeans combo when she wanted to. "So what are you planning to do while I'm out for dinner with Sora?"

"Roxas invited me to go play some arcade games with him, Riku, and Axel. Probably gonna get something to eat while we're out, too." Namine replied, picking at the white fur of the chair so she could hide her face.

"He did, huh?" Kairi smirked and eyed Namine, waiting for her to look up so Kairi could see the blush she was most definitely hiding.

Namine dared to glance up at her cousin and regretted it. "Now it's your turn to shush. It's not a date. His friends will be there."

"Sure, sure, whatever you say," Kairi joked lightly, giving her cousin a dramatic eyeroll. Namine stuck her tongue out at her and quickly changed the subject back to Kairi's date with Sora.

While they chatted, Namine watched as Kairi laid out her outfit, adding strappy sandals and a necklace to the dress. Kairi then set to work putting her hair into a soft half-up hairstyle. Namine helped her into her dress, and then settled back in to offer Kairi advice on her makeup. Kairi finished off her lipstick just in time to hear a knock at the hotel suite door.

"It's him!" Namine squealed as she almost fell out of the papasan chair to race to the door.

"You'd think that you're the one going on the date by the way you're acting," Kairi said under her breath. She did one more check in the mirror to make sure she was ready before she stepped out of the bedroom.

Namine had already invited Sora in and was policing him on where they were going, what his phone number was, and when he would be bringing her back. "...and Kairi's location is tracked so don't even think about trying anything funny." Namine warned him.

Sora nodded, taking her completely seriously as he put his number in Namine's phone. He was wearing black suit pants, a black button up, and a gray plaid jacket. He looked really good, she thought, even better than when they were at his panel - and he looked damn good then too. Kairi cleared her throat not-so-subtly, and both Namine and Sora looked up. Namine smirked as she watched Sora's jaw drop. She mouthed the words "told you so" from behind Sora.

"Wow... You look amazing, Kairi!" He exclaimed, his eyes (respectfully) moving up and down her body.

Kairi couldn't help the blush that spread across her cheeks, but she liked the look Sora was giving her. "Thank you. Shall we?" Sora nodded and handed Namine back her phone who whispered threateningly "no funny business" one more time at him. He turned away from Kairi briefly to grab something from the kitchen counter that she hadn't noticed before.

"One thing before we go. These are for you." Sora handed Kairi a small bouquet of red carnations.

Kairi smiled softly as she accepted the flowers. She couldn't remember the last time she had gotten such a thoughtful gift. "Thank you, Sora. They're beautiful."

Before Kairi could spend another second admiring them, Namine plucked them from her hands, promising to put them in water, while she ushered them out the door. "Have fun you two! And Sora..." Namine called from the door, waiting for him to turn and look her in the eye.

"I know! 'No funny business!'" He replied, giving her a big smile as he took Kairi's hand and placed it into the crook of his elbow.

"You would swear I'm not an adult with how overprotective she is. I'm sorry that she's treating you like a criminal." Kairi sighed as they walked towards the elevators.

"It's fine. She means well. And I can't say I wouldn't feel the same way about someone I care about." He looked down at Kairi as he said the last part, making her blush again.

"So, where are we going?" Kairi asked as they stepped into the elevators.

Sora pressed the button for the ground floor, never letting go of her hand. "Kind of a surprise, but it's a nice place. I heard good things about it, but I've never been myself."

"A first for both of us then. That'll be fun!" Kairi said excitedly.

"Haha, yeah. I hope it's good though. I'm hungry, especially after running after you today." Kairi bit her lip, but Sora tilted her chin up with his free hand to look into her eyes. "And don't apologize. I would run forever if it meant you were at the finish line."

Kairi giggled. "So cheesy." Her heart was doing backflips, but she was trying to keep her cool. They hadn't even left the hotel yet, and he was already turning the flirting up to 100.

"I thought everyone liked cheese!" Sora poked out his bottom lip, feigning being offended. This earned another giggle from Kairi.

"You're right. I do like cheese." She said as she grabbed onto his arm with both hands and smiled up at him. Sora's brain seemed to stop working temporarily as he looked down at her, his lips parted. And was that a blush she saw? Well, two could play that game.

Sora's POV

Sora helped Kairi into their awaiting taxi, explaining that it would be a bit too far to walk, especially in their attire, and gave the driver the address to the restaurant. The ride was a short one so there wasn't much time to talk, but it gave Sora plenty of time to think about the way that Kairi had looked at him in the elevator.

He hoped he held his blush back, but something told him he hadn't done a good job at it. The only thing on his mind at that moment was kissing her in the elevator. But that was something that needed to wait. The moment had to be perfect.

Once the taxi pulled up to their destination, a modern restaurant that seemed to have a semi-formal dress code, Sora helped Kairi from the car and tipped the driver. With her hand back in the crook of his elbow, he led her into the restaurant.

"Hello! Reservation?" the hostess asked politely.

Sora walked up to the small hostess stand with Kairi at his side. "Ah, yes. It's Sora-"

"Right this way, sir. We have your table ready for you." The hostess said, quickly cutting him off.

Kairi and Sora exchanged a confused look as they followed her to a small table set for two. The view from this table must have been the best in the house, Sora thought to himself. It faced the ocean, the sky clear of lights except for the twinkling stars above. He heard Kairi mutter "gorgeous" as she took in the sight.

Sora smiled and took out her chair for her. "Yes, very." He replied, his eyes never leaving hers. She looked away from him with a knowing smile and took her seat. Sora sat down and the hostess handed them both a menu.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly." And with that, she disappeared.

Kairi looked around to make sure she was out of earshot before she held up her menu to the side of her face and whispered across the table to Sora. "What the hell was that about?"

Sora felt just as confused and shrugged. "I have no idea." He whispered back.

Kairi carefully set down her menu. "Do you think they know who you are?"

Sora couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. "There's literally no way. No one hits celebrity status from making indie video games." Kairi looked like she was about to correct him so he nodded to agree with her. "Most people don't become celebrities from indie games. Still super weird though."

Kairi nodded and turned her attention to the menu. Sora saw her nose wrinkle so he started to read the menu as well. As he read, he felt his brow furrow more and more. What was this? He couldn't pronounce anything on the menu.

"Um Sora?" Kairi asked, looking a bit embarrassed. "Do you know what any of this is?"

Sora shook his head defeatedly. "Nope. I'm totally lost."

"What kind of restaurant is this again?"

"I have no clue. Riku made the reservations so I assumed he knew what he was doing."

"Ah... what are you getting?"

"Um... I haven't decided. What are you getting?"

"I asked you first"

"I asked you second." Kairi pouted and Sora chuckled at her. "Okay, okay. Um..." He looked down at the menu again, and the words started to blend together. There was no way he could pick something from this menu. A plan began to form in his mind. He set the menu down and folded his hands as he looked at Kairi. This was going to either be the best decision of the night or the stupidest.

As if feeling his eyes on her, she looked up at him questioningly.

"Hey, Kai?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yeah?" She gave him a small confused smile as she continued to look at him. He could see her trying to decipher his change in mood.

So Sora said a silent prayer and asked her a question that would probably dictate the rest of the night. "What would you say if we bailed and got pizza?"

Her smile met her eyes as she put her menu down. "I would say that sounds like fun."

"Okay good, because I have no idea what this menu says. I am way out of my element here." Sora pulled out his wallet and put a few bills on the table.

Kairi giggled. "Yeah, me too. Don't get me wrong; this place is really nice, and I liked dressing up, but I don't know if I would eat anything on this menu."

Sora stood up and offered her his hand. "Let's get out of here." She took his hand without hesitation.

They passed the hostess station which stood empty for some strange reason, and then grabbed a taxi outside to head back to Kairi's hotel and order delicious cheesy pizza.

Unknown POV

They snapped a few more photos as they watched Sora and Kairi climb into a taxi. The couple hadn't been inside the restaurant more than ten minutes before they ditched their table. That was fine though; they got several photos of the two of them inside. Plan A was off to an excellent start.

As soon as the taxi door shut on Sora and Kairi, they noted the tag number, climbed out from their hiding spot in the bushes, and quickly walked into the restaurant. The hostess, now standing at the front, gave them a nod. They handed her a hundred dollar bill and grunted a "thanks."

"Any time," she replied, taking the bill and tucking it into her blouse.

They waved down a taxi of their own.

"Where to miss?"

"I'll give you $100 if you follow that taxi with the license plate number XX4321..."

Sora's POV

Kairi opened the door to her hotel suite, and Sora followed her in closely. He hadn't gotten a chance to get a good look around before their date, but he had to admit that Kairi's job must have paid a pretty penny to put her and Namine up in a place like this. As his eyes wandered around the main living area, they landed on Kairi who was already pulling off her sandals. Sora decided to follow suit and pulled off his own shoes and hung his jacket on one of the kitchen bar stools.

"I'm gonna go change real quick," Kairi said, gesturing to what Sora assumed was her bedroom. It was the same room she had come out of when he came to pick her up for their date.

Sora tried his hardest to not imagine Kairi taking off her dress. He pulled out his phone. Distraction, distraction... Oh yeah, pizza! "I'll go ahead and order the pizza then. What do you like?"

"I'm not picky; order whatever you like." She said over her shoulder as she started to walk to her room.

"What if it has pineapple on it?" Sora asked with a raised eyebrow.

Kairi stopped and turned to face him. She tapped her chin as if she was seriously considering his controversial pineapple-on-pizza question. "I never thought you'd be a pineapple-on-pizza person, but yes. I'll eat pineapple on pizza."

Sora grinned. "Great answer, I'll surprise you then."

Kairi disappeared into her room to change into something more comfortable. Sora called his favorite local pizza joint and placed his usual order to be delivered to the hotel's main floor lobby. The pizza would be there in about 30 minutes so Sora took a look around the big TV in the living room, eyeing the different gamestations and video games before he settled on something familiar. He popped the disc in and grabbed two controllers before sitting back into the plush couch. He undid a couple of the top buttons on his shirt as he sunk into the cloud-like cushions. Dang, this place is nice.

As the game's opening screen came into view, Sora glanced at the door to the room Kairi went into. Kairi must still be changing, he thought. But he didn't have to wait long. A few seconds later, the door slowly swung open to reveal Kairi clad in a t-shirt and lounge shorts. Before Sora could stop the words from fumbling out of his mouth, he said "Wow, you can wear anything and still be gorgeous."

Kairi's eyes went to his chest, right where he had just undone a couple of buttons, before she looked away from him shyly. "Haha, thank you." She sat down on the couch next to him, leaving a space between them. "Oooh, are we playing a game?" It was like a switch had gone off the moment her eyes landed on the TV screen. No longer looking shy, she grabbed a controller from the coffee table in front of them.

"Yeah, I figured this would be a good way to pass the time," he replied. "The pizza should be here in about half an hour."

"Oh man, I haven't played this in years!" She exclaimed as she wasted no time picking out her favorite character.

Sora grinned at her childlike excitement, but he had a reason for picking this fighting game in particular. "I have to confess... I used to be really good at this one."

"Oh yeah?" She asked nonchalantly, but he could see a sparkle in her eye as she shot a sideways glance at him.


"Wanna bet?" She challenged him. Had she really fallen into his trap, he wondered? He was sure she knew what he was doing, but was playing along anyway.

"What are we betting?" He asked.

"I'll let you choose since you seem to think you'll win."

"Hmm..." He pretended to contemplate for a moment before answering. "Loser owes the winner a kiss."

Kairi giggled as if she had expected this all along. "You're the king of being cheesy, Sora."

"I wear my crown happily. Now, do you accept my stakes?"

"I accept. Gimme all you got."

"Best two out of three?"


Sora picked out a character he knew he was good at and started the first round. Kairi was a bit more rusty than he was and had a hard time landing any combos. He ended up winning round one, much to Kairi's dismay. "You cheat," he heard her mumble. He just grinned and started the next round.

Round 2... Fight!

Kairi was ready this time and locked his character into several stun hits, ending the match fairly quickly. Sora mockingly pursed his lips as he looked down at Kairi. She playfully shrugged and grinned up at him. "What do you know, it came back to me. Just like riding a bike."

"It might be one to one now, but I'm done messing around. Are you ready to lose, baby?" The nickname caught her off guard by the way he saw her eyes widen and her smile drop. That was exactly what Sora was hoping for. Not wasting any more time, he started the final round.

Round 3... Fight!

The tension in the room thickened as Kairi and Sora mashed the buttons on their controllers. Kairi chewed her bottom lip nervously as she attempted to lock Sora's character into another stun combo, but he was doing well evading her hits. Sora was bent over, elbows on knees as he skillfully blocked Kairi's hits and managed to land a few of his own. He had to admit, Kairi was really good. He wasn't so sure he was going to win now.

In a stroke of fate, he managed to land one of his character's most hard hitting combos and took over half of Kairi's remaining health. Her character could only take another hit or two before she'd be K.O.'ed. "Fuck," she mumbled.

Sora couldn't help but laugh, and Kairi took his moment of vulnerability to lock him into a few stuns. Sora was barely able to get out of the stun lock just in time for his health bar to match Kairi's. "Who's the cheater now?" Sora accused jokingly.

"It's a legitimate strategy." She responded without even looking his way. Her tongue was poking just slightly out of her mouth as she skillfully dodged another of his attacks. That's kinda hot... Sora was having a hard time thinking straight now. Was she doing it on purpose to tease him? Surely not, he thought.

Unfortunately, Kairi's tongue was a distraction that cost Sora the game. Right as he shook those thoughts mentally, he missed a chance to block and was faced with one of Kairi's character's deadly combos.

Player 1 wins!

"YES!" Kairi yelled as she leapt off the couch and punched her hand in the air in victory. "Hah! I win! What do you say to that, loser?" Kairi beamed down at Sora.

In a swift move, Sora stood up, discarding his controller on the couch to grab Kairi by the waist. She squeaked in surprise as he pulled her close. He looked into her eyes and subtly licked his lips. She looked from his eyes to his lips as if to answer his silent question of consent. He gently ran his fingers through her hair and slowly leaned down to give her the kiss as promised...

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Kairi startled in his arms, and he cursed the person on the other side of the door under his breath. He reluctantly let her go. She made to go towards the door, but Sora grabbed her hand gently to stop her. He went to the door himself and looked through the peephole. Standing outside was someone in a dark hoodie, baseball cap, and facemask. Suspicious.

"Can I help you?" Sora asked politely through the door, still watching the figure outside as they shuffled from side to side.

"Pizza!" they called back, holding the steaming box towards the peephole so he could see that they indeed had a pizza. Weird... I didn't give them the hotel room number... Ah, well. Someone must have sent them up.

Sora unlocked and opened the door. "Hey, thanks!" They handed him the pizza, and he held out a tip. They paused before taking the bills from his hand. "Have a good night!" Sora called as the delivery person turned and quickly left.

Sora closed the door with his foot, hearing the click of the automatic lock, and sat the pizza box on the kitchen island. Kairi, who had been standing behind Sora during the interaction, grabbed it from the island and took it to the couch. Sora raised an eyebrow at her but grabbed a couple of plates from one of the kitchen cabinets and followed her to the couch anyway.

"Wanna watch something while we eat?" She asked as she sat the pizza on the coffee table.

Sora still hadn't forgotten about the kiss, but decided he could wait a little longer. Besides, his stomach was growling at him at this point, and he was sure Kairi was hungry too. "Sure, it looks like they have Netflix. What do you wanna watch?"

Kairi grabbed the remote and flipped through the choices while Sora set the plates on the table and opened the steaming box of pizza. He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of pizza wafting from the box. "Mmm... I never get tired of that smell."

"That looks sooo good!" Kairi said, forgetting about Netflix briefly as the steamy aroma from the pizza hit her nose.

"It's really good. You'll love it." Sora pulled a couple of slices for Kairi and put them on a plate in front of her before serving himself. Kairi settled on a comedic cooking show and the two of them ate their pizza, taking time to giggle at the show between bites. Sora loved the way Kairi laughed; it was so cute and genuine.

This feels nice... Really nice. Like I'm at home here with her. Sora watched Kairi laugh at something particularly hilarious on the TV, but he missed the punchline. He was too busy admiring her.

Eventually, they finished off the pizza. It was just the two of them on the couch now, and they had lulled into comfortable quietness. Sora was having a hard time not wanting to recreate the moment from earlier. His eyes flicked from Kairi's face as she watched Netflix, to her hand that was resting comfortably on her leg. He shifted a little closer to her, slowly closing the gap between them. If Kairi noticed, she didn't bring any attention to it.

Sora gently placed his hand over Kairi's. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but Kairi flipping her hand over to interlock their fingers like it was the most natural thing in the world, wasn't it. Butterflies danced in his stomach as he met Kairi's eyes. This was it. This was the right moment.

Afraid that he wouldn't get another chance, Sora tilted her chin up, brushing her lips against his as he reminded her of the bet. "S'only fair that I give the winner her prize. No more interruptions." He said huskily.

Then he pressed his lips against hers. Finally.

Her lips were soft and tasted like pizza with a hint of lip balm. Sora continued giving her gentle kisses as Kairi's hand found its way into his hair. She gripped his hair lightly as she brought him even closer, deepening the kiss. They were almost laying on the couch, Sora holding himself up above her on one hand while the other caressed her cheek and neck.

It seemed like Kairi wasn't a fan of the distance between them because before Sora could react, she grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him down on top of her. Without breaking their kiss, Kairi wrapped her arms around his neck. Sora felt a tightness in his pants that he ignored. Kairi's legs on either side of him were starting to make his imagination go wild, but he grounded himself back into this moment. This perfect moment.

A moment that was once again ruined.

The hotel room door flung open, and a cacophony of voices flooded the living space. Kairi peeked over the arm of the couch and saw Riku, Axel, Roxas, and Namine. "Fuck." She whispered. Sora gently pushed himself off of her and pulled her shirt down that had started to creep up her waist during their passionate kiss. He held a finger up to his lips to signal to her that he had a plan. A stupid plan, but a plan nonetheless.

Kairi gave him a nod. Sora stayed ducked on the couch as he took off his sock. He quietly knelt on the floor. Suddenly, he popped up, holding the sock in his hand. Kairi almost jumped out of her skin, but could barely contain a laugh as Sora exclaimed "Found it!"

There was a short stretch of silence as the group realized they were not alone in the hotel room and might have possibly walked in on something they shouldn't have. Kairi broke the silence first. "I'm glad you found it! We've been looking for that sock for twenty minutes, ahaha!" Namine raised an eyebrow at her obvious fake laugh.

"What are you guys doing here? Aren't you supposed to be at the fancy restaurant I booked for you?" Riku asked, his eyes narrowing on Sora's disheveled shirt.

"Oh we, uh-"

"YOU GOT PIZZA?! And you didn't even save me any?" Axel cried out as he pulled the evidence of their pizza date from the trash bin.

Riku sighed and rubbed his forehead. "You didn't eat at the restaurant, did you?"

Sora hung his head. "Sorry..."

"It was my idea." Kairi piped up. All five sets of eyes landed on her, and she blushed under their gazes. "I, uh, didn't like anything on the menu. Sorry, Riku. It was very thoughtful, and the view was beautiful."

Riku shook his head and gave her a smirk. "All good, Kai. I was just trying to teach this one," he reached over and playfully ruffled Sora's hair, "how to be romantic. Looks like he did just fine without me." Sora cut his eyes up at him and straightened his shirt self-consciously.

"Well, we have to get back." Roxas said. "As much as I don't want to." Sora heard him whisper to Namine.

"Hey, the last day of the con is tomorrow. We should get together and celebrate before you both leave the island." Axel offered, looking excited.

"That's a good idea." Roxas agreed. He turned to Namine. "We'll see you tomorrow? At the expo?" Namine gave him a smile and nodded. "Good. I'll text you later, K?"

"You better." She said, giving his hand a soft squeeze.

As the others started to file out, Sora looked over at Kairi who was twisting a lock of her auburn hair in thought. "You okay?"

"Hmm? Oh, yes. I'm fine." She smiled at him but it didn't meet her eyes. He felt the same sadness she did. There wasn't enough time, and her vacation was quickly coming to an end.

"I guess I better head out too, then. We'll have tomorrow at least."

"Yeah, tomorrow." Kairi gave him a short nod.

Sora leaned down and gave her a kiss on the cheek causing a cute blush to bloom on her cheeks. Adorable. "Tomorrow will be amazing. I promise. Just wait for me, okay?"

"Okay. I can do that." She agreed.

"Goodnight, Kairi."

"Good night, Sora."

Kairi's POV

With Namine and Kairi finally alone in the hotel suite, Namine immediately asked Kairi to spill what happened on her date with Sora. Kairi recounted the trip to the restaurant and then the dash back to the hotel room for pizza. She told Namine that they played games and watched Netflix. She hadn't planned to go into the details about their kiss, but Namine pestered her until she finally confessed that yes, they kissed. And it was wonderful.

"I have never felt like this before. Definitely the best kiss I've had in my life so far." Kairi sighed longly, her skin still tingling from Sora's weight on top of her moments earlier.

"Wow, so he's a good kisser. Think it runs in the family?" Namine joked, her mind obviously on Roxas.

"Maybe you should find out." Kairi gave her a wink, and Namine's face turned red.

"Shush you." She wagged a finger at Kairi playfully. "But maybe I will. Tomorrow."

Kairi's stomach dropped as she thought again of how she only had one more day with Sora, and then she'd be on a flight back home. "Tomorrow..." She muttered, willing the tears that were right on the surface of her emotions back down.

Namine luckily interrupted her thoughts, bringing her back to the present. The future could wait for now. "Hey Kai?" She asked hesitantly.

"Yeah?" Kairi's brows furrowed at the uncharacteristic way Namine was looking everywhere but at her. A bubble of anxiety filled her stomach as she watched Namine open and close her mouth a few times.

Finally, as if she knew she found the right words, Namine asked, "Where do you stand with Sora?"

That wasn't what Kairi was expecting. "W-what do you mean?" She stuttered out, already blushing.

"I mean like, do you like him? Like a lot?"

Kairi exhaled slowly, gripping the hem of her shirt as she thought. She did like Sora. A lot. But the uncertain future was enough to make her second-guess herself. She knew if she wasn't honest with Namine though that the girl would drag it out of her anyway. Kairi resolutely nodded. "Yeah. I really do. I don't want to leave yet, but I know I have to."

"Do you really think you could do the whole long distance thing?" Namine's voice became pretty serious. Her eyes searching Kairi's for... anger? Sadness? Kairi wasn't sure.

"Uh, I don't know..." She responded honestly. "Maybe I would be willing to give it a try. That is if he wants to give it a shot too."

"I don't mean to be the voice of reason here but..." Namine held her hands up in surrender before she continued. "Maybe it's better to just be in the moment? For now at least? You might feel different once we land back home."

Kairi was quiet as she twirled her hair again anxiously. "Maybe you're right. Tomorrow, though. Tomorrow I will have no regrets before we leave Destiny Islands."