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Over Oceans

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Kairi and Namine huddled in Kairi's tiny dining room, feasting on last night's pizza. It was already the next afternoon. Playing Heart of Worlds, talking about life and boys, and attempting to watch a movie before they both fell asleep in her bed had proved to be difficult. As fun as last night was, Kairi had to remind herself she wasn't a teenager anymore. Kairi continued chewing her pizza and then giggled to herself because she knew tonight would be a replay of Friday.

She and Namine were planning on playing HoW with the boys again today. There weren't really any plans for group activities, but Kairi was enjoying Sora's company. And she could tell Namine was having fun too. The girls finished off their pizza and made themselves cozy again back in Kairi's room for another day of gaming.

Welcome to Heart of Worlds!

Username: Ariae

Password: ********


New Message from: Faeron

Hey. ;)

Kairi blushed. She had forgotten about Faeron, especially after getting that picture of Sora (which she saved to her phone once Namine was safely back at her laptop last night). Kairi patted her bed head, even though Faeron couldn't see her through the screen. Kairi felt a little embarrassed like she should have at least brushed out her hair and changed out of her pajamas. But the duties of being in the KH clan called, and Sora was on. Her cheeks were even more red now, thinking about his photo. "Ugh! Get it together girl!" she told herself.

Joining Kingdom Hearts clan chat...

Fainn and Geir are talking in the clan chat.

[Fainn]: Ari! Hey. :)

Kairi could feel her palms start to sweat. She quickly wiped off her hands on her pajama bottoms and went to send a reply to Sora and also the mysterious and flirty Faeron... who she would conveniently forget to tell Namine about for the moment. She didn't need anymore judgement right now.

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Back at the boys' house in Sora's room...

[Geir to You]: Not so enthusiastic dude. You'll scare her away.

[You to Geir]: My bad... :/

[Lumi]: Hello everyone!

[Ariae]: Hey guys! What are we doing today? :)

[Geir]: I was thinking of skilling today. I need to get about 5 levels up on my strength.

[Fainn]: We can train on that dragon in Enchanted Dominion. It's behind a gate so it's safer.

[Ariae]: Sounds good to me.

[Geir]: I was thinking of the ones that are loose in the player killing areas of Hollow Bastion.

[You to Geir]: Are you crazy? Ari doesn't have the combat levels to be that close to dragons AND pk'ers!

[Geir to You]: Just trust me... Bring extra food and don't engage with the dragons.

[Lumi]: Yeah... I don't think I'm down for Hollow Bastion...

[Godric]: Lumi, I was going to cut down some trees for a bit in the Dwarf Woodlands, wanna join me?

[Lumi]: Sure! I gotta stop at the bank and I'll meetcha there.

[Ariae]: I'm not sure if my character will hold up against pk'ers and dragons Geir...

[Geir]: No worries Ari. We'll protect you if the need arises.

[You to Ariae]: I got your back Kairi.

[Ariae to You]: Thanks. I still have a bad feeling though...

[Fainn]: Grab your stuff and then I'll teleport me, you, and Geir.

Sora had a bad feeling too. And just what was Riku planning? Sora decided he better stay on his toes while in Hollow Bastion and bring as much food as possible. He had to keep his hit points up and keep an eye on poor Kairi. There was no way they could train there without an incident from one of the dragons or a group of player killers.

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Back in Kairi's room...

Namine rolled her neck and then her shoulders to work out any muscle kinks from yesterday as she unloaded her inventory into the digital bank. She grabbed a couple of axes and a teleport tablet and then she was off to meet Godric AKA Sora's brother.

Casting: Teleport to Dwarf Woodlands...

After a bit of looking around and hopping from tree to tree, Namine gave up on looking for Godric and typed in the world chat.

World Chat has been activated.

[Lumi]: I'm in the Dwarf Woodlands but I don't see you Godric. :(

[Godric]: Over here.

Godric has waved to Lumi.

[Lumi]: I see you! :D

[TannerRPs]: Good evening Lumi. :)

[Lumi]: Oh cut with the bull crap.

[Godric]: Lmao!

[TannerRPs]: I'm sorry to have offended you.

Lumi has rolled her eyes at TannerRPs.

[Godric]: Damn... Pwn'd noob.

[TannerRPs]: S orry Lumi. Honestly.

[Lumi]: Just keep it real.

[Godric]: I like your style, Lumi.

[Lumi]: Just don't like the whole 'role-playing' thing too much. I feel like it's so fake sometimes.

[Godric]: I have to agree with you. I'd rather be myself at all times.

[Lumi]: Same here. :)

Namine smiled softly. She was so caught up with Godric that she failed to notice Kairi looking over at her, smiling like Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire cat. Namine couldn't stop her face from slowly turning red.

"Whatcha doing, Namine?" Kairi asked, grinning slyly. She knew that face. The little smile meant Namine was liking the conversation she was having. Maybe enough for a crush on Sora's brother?

Namine quickly tried to neutralize her expression but it was too late. "Kai, don't." She started to plead.

Kairi giggled excitedly and yelled, "Double date!"

Namine covered her face, knowing she was blushing madly by now. "Oh shut up! That's not even funny!"

"And what were you saying about online relationships? Looks like you're about to eat your words. Should we ask Godric his real name? Maybe his email? And then... a selfie!"

"Kai! We have had literally had one conversation outside of the clan chat!" Namine hid her face in one of the pillows she had propped up around the bean bag chair, trying to hide from Kairi's knowing grin.

"Just think about it! It'd be so much fun. And family holidays would be amazing!" Kairi began to rattle off future ideas including family vacations and even a double wedding. She was half joking from what Namine could tell.

Kairi was so lost in her day dreaming that she didn't see the pillow hurtling towards her face until it was too late. "Ouch!" She cried, even though it didn't hurt.

"Watch it. I don't need you to plan my whole life before I've even had time to develop a crush on him!" Namine huffed quietly and went back to woodcutting with Godric.

"Okay, okay. Sheesh. A girl can dream..." As Kairi turned around, another pillow smacked her head from behind. "Nami!" Kairi turned, rubbing the back of her head.

"Sorry, not sorry." Namine shot back and stuck out the tip of her tongue.

•| ⊱♡⊰ |•

Back at the boys' house...

[Ariae]: Ready!

[Geir]: Me too.

[Fainn]: Alright. Here we go.

Casting: Teleport clan to Hollow Bastion...

[Geir to You]: Get ready.

World Chat has been activated.

Sora frowned as a few messages poured in from unknown players in the world chat. He ignored them and focused on his clan members' names on the screen which were highlighted with green. Kairi was sticking close to him while Riku ran out and began slaying the loose dragons. There were a few other players out and about, but for the most part, those other players stayed with the dragons.

[Ariae]: No one really looks interested in us. Wanna take down a dragon?

That's when Sora noticed a lone high-level player coming their way. He had trouble written all over him. "Aw shit," Sora thought as he equipped a long sword and shield. They weren't his battle axes but they would have to do. The player was headed straight for Kairi. Kairi was completely oblivious as she looked around for a lower-level dragon to kill.

[Geir]: Heads up Ari!

[Ariae]: What?

Ludwik(level 112) has engaged Ariae(level 86) in battle.

[Fainn]: Run Ari!

Fainn(level 124) has engaged Ludwik(level 112) in battle.

Ludwik has hit Ariae. Ariae has lost 25 hit points.

[Ariae]: I only have 54 hp!

Fainn has hit Ludwik. Ludwik has lost 34 hit points.

[Fainn]: Go Ari! Get out of the pk zone.

Fainn has hit Ludwik. Ludwik has lost 76 hit points in total.

Ludwik has cast 'stone' on Ariae. Ariae cannot move for 15 seconds.

[Fainn]: Shit!

Fainn has hit Ludwik with 'special'. Ludwik is 8 hit points from death.

Ludwik has hit Ariae. Ariae has lost 50 hit points in total.

[Faeron]: I got this.

Faeron(level 111) has engaged Ludwik(level 112) in battle.

Faeron has slain Ludwik. Congratulations!

[Ariae]: Fae! You made it just in time! I seriously thought I was about to lose my armor. :/

[Fainn]: Who the hell is this guy? You know him, Ari?

[Geir]: Wtf? You took his kill man.

[Fainn]: Nice of you to help Geir... -.-

[Ariae]: I met Fae the other night. I PM'ed him our location when I got attacked.

[Faeron]: I just happened to be nearby. I came as soon as my lady called. ;)

Faeron has kissed Ariae on the hand.

Sora's grip on his mouse almost broke the plastic. What. The. Fuck. Was this Kairi's boyfriend? He had never asked her if she had a boyfriend... but lots of people have in-game relationships that don't extend to real life... Could this be one of those cases? If not, Faeron was getting too close to Kairi for Sora's liking. He slowly eased his death grip on his mouse and let out a long exhale. There had to be some kind of misunderstanding.

[Geir]: And just who the fuck are you?

[Faeron]: Ari's friend. :)

[Ariae]: He's just a friend Geir. Why are you guys so mad?

[Fainn]: Mad?

[Fainn]: No one's mad.

[Fainn]: Who's mad?

[Fainn]: Not me.

[Geir to You]: I'M fucking mad. I staged all of that for you to win Kairi's heart.

[You to Gier]: So she wasn't even in real danger?

[Geir to You]: Not in the least bit.

[Ariae]: Good, 'cause I was hoping we could let Fae join our clan. :)

Without warning, Sora's newly tightened grip on his mouse crushed the damn thing into pieces. "Goddamnit!"

[You to Geir]: Fuck.

Mika has joined the clan chat.

[Mika]: Where are you guys? :(

[Geir]: Hollow Bastion, PK zone.

[Geir to You]: What are we gonna do?

[You to Geir]: IDK yet dude.

[Mika]: Hey! I'm here.

[Geir]: Stfu.

[Faeron]: That's no way to talk to a lady.

[Ariae]: That's just Geir for ya. :P

[Faeron]: Geir needs some manners...

[Geir]: You can stfu too noob.

[Faeron]: Excuse me? Who even says noob these days...

[Ariae]: Hey guys... chill out. Fainn, make them stop please.

Sora was too busy trying to pick up the pieces of his busted mouse. He threw away the jagged pieces and plugged up his old, dusty one. He would have to buy a new one later. Just as he looked back up at the screen, they had trouble again. And this time, it was nothing Riku had staged.

World Chat

[Pker367]: I got the 124.

[Igotskillz99]: Got the 122.

[DestroyerOfAll]: 111 is mine.

[Pker367]: Leave the low level chicks. They don't have any good stuff.

[Fainn]: Ari, Mika get out of the pk zone.

[Geir]: I'm starting to think this was a bad idea.

[Ariae]: Run Mika!

[Mika]: What's going on?

Pker367(level 127) has engaged Fainn(level 124) in battle.

Igotskillz99(level 121) has engaged Geir(level 122) in battle.

DestroyerOfAll(level 120 has engaged Faeron(level 111) in battle.

Sora zoned in on his own battle and lay into the other player with two more of his special attacks which would deplete his character's 'special' limit per hour. This knocked out a good part of his opponent's hit points. Sora looked over at the girls. Mika was still standing there, and poor Kairi's character was trying to cast a protection spell over the clan since Mika wouldn't flee to safety.

Stupid girl, he thought as he finished off his opponent. The player killer may have been a higher level than himself, but using up his special attacks was enough to give him a leg up in the battle. Riku was almost finished with his battle as well, but Faeron was struggling. He and Riku both moved to help Faeron. It only took a few seconds to kill the last player killer.

Casting: Teleport clan to Twilight Town...

[Fainn]: I'm calling a clan meeting. Now.

[Faeron]: Thanks guys...

[Ariae]: Does that include Fae?

[Fainn]: Yeah. Everyone. He's already wormed his way into the clan chat anyway...

[Mika]: Fainn! I'm so glad you're okay. :)

[Fainn]: All of you get in the clan headquarters.

[Geir to You]: What's this about?

[You to Geir]: You're not in trouble so don't worry about it.

Sora watched as all of the 3D characters found a spot to sit around the large table inside Kingdom Hearts' clan headquarters. Once it seemed like everyone was calmed down, Sora inhaled deeply and prepared to be the leader the clan expected of him.

[Fainn]: First off, Ari, do you trust this guy?

[Ariae]: Fae? He seems trustworthy to me.

[Fainn]: For saving Ari, you're informally inducted into the KH clan.

[Faeron]: Wow, thanks dude. :)

[Geir]: WHAT?

[Fainn]: Second, Mika, what you did today was incredibly stupid.

[Mika]: Fainn... :( What did I do wrong?

[Fainn]: You knew we were in a PK zone. You know your character level is way too low to be out there with us.

[Mika]: I just wanted to be near you...

[Geir]: Gag me...

[Fainn]: Why are you acting so weird? Just play the game.

[Mika]: I'm not acting weird!

[Geir]: You totally are. You act like you're in love with him.

[Ariae]: Lay off her, Geir...

[Fainn]: ...

Mika has left the clan chat.

[Geir]: There is something up with that chick.

[Ariae]: I think Mika has a crush on you Fainn.

[Faeron]: I gotta go. See ya Ari.

[Fainn]: You guys can't be serious.

Faeron has left the clan chat.

Sora groaned and let his head drop onto his desk with a smack. He really liked Kairi, and now this Faeron dude was interfering. Not to mention Mika... Whoever that is. He was starting to get a headache from all of the sudden drama. As he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, his phone buzzed with a text.

Sora's heart felt like it stopped as he read the text

Sora's heart felt like it stopped as he read the text. His phone slipped out of his hand, landing with a CLACK onto his desk. "What the hell ...?"

Sora's throat began to burn, and he decided he was done for the night. He quickly sent a goodnight message to Kairi then logged out abruptly, completely forgetting about asking her to video chat. Grabbing his phone from his desk, Sora marched next door to his best friend's room. He knocked loudly on Riku's bedroom door, still feeling sick to his stomach as he fiddled with his phone and waited to be let in.

Sora heard the click of the door knob's lock and the door creaked open to reveal his best friend clad in pajama bottoms and not much else. "Why'd you log out?" Riku held the door open as a silent invitation which Sora quickly accepted. He handed Riku his phone without a word then sat down on Riku's bed, his head in his hands.

Riku's brows furrowed at Sora but he unlocked Sora's phone to see the unknown sender's text still on the screen. He read the creepy text over and over again, trying to think of anyone who would act this way toward his best friend. He could tell this weird text exchange was seriously bothering Sora, but Riku was having trouble taking it to heart. It was probably nothing. He just shook his head as he handed Sora back his phone.

Sora didn't bother to look up as he accepted his phone back. Instead, he continued to stare at Riku's bedroom floor as he sighed deeply. After a few moments, he spoke. "I got this text right after Mika logged out. I'm starting to think she's the one texting me. I just don't know who else would send this shit. Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I feel... violated."

"Did you ever think that maybe it was just a practical joke?" Riku asked, hoping this situation wasn't as bad as it was starting to sound.

"What's a practical joke?" Roxas said from the hallway. He stuck his head in Riku's doorway and then saw his brother's face. "What's wrong Sora?"

Riku sighed and gestured to Sora's phone. "Sora thinks that weird girl on HoW might be stalking him."

"She doesn't seem that bad in the game. Maybe she's just shy." Roxas said. Sora loved his brother dearly, but Roxas always looked for the good in people, sometimes to a fault.

"It's worse than you think. You haven't been around her since the beginning." Riku tried to explain. "This girl is creepy. 'Oh Fainn! Fainn!' She sends him messages on HoW constantly and always fucks up our quests, because she's trying to get his attention. She's a pain in the ass. Just look at the texts Sora's got."

Roxas grabbed Sora's phone and looked over the text exchange. "I wish I knew who that could be... What makes you think it's her? Besides the whole 'Fainn' obsession." Roxas handed Sora back his phone then crossed his arms and leaned against Riku's door frame.

Sora looked at his phone as if it would burst into flames but slid it back into his pocket so he wouldn't continue to look at the texts from the unknown sender. "I got the text right after I told her off for following us to a PK zone and putting the clan in danger. She logged out and then the text came in. I think Mika and whoever is texting me is the same person."

"That would mean that she lives nearby, knows you play Heart of Worlds, has your player name, and has your phone number. Sounds like a bad anime plot." Roxas said. He wasn't trying to be harsh but there's a good chance that Mika isn't the one sending the texts, and he didn't want Sora to keep spiraling.

Sora barked out a humorless laugh. "None of it adds up, but it seems unlikely to be just a coincidence. As soon as she logged off, I got this text." Sora rubbed his sweaty hands over his sweatpants and stood up, looking like a sense of resolve had come over him. "I think we need to do some investigating."

Riku laughed and ruffled Sora's hair, trying to break the cloud of tension hanging in the air. Sora slapped his hand halfheartedly away from his head. "We'll 'investigate' if it will make you feel better, Sora. And actually, I forgot to mention that I checked into the info that's available to the beta testers for Heartless and our media kit but there's nothing there that could have gotten someone your phone number that way."

Roxas pushed himself gently from the doorframe, his hand on his chin as if in deep thought. He glanced over at Riku then looked at Sora's tired eyes. "You know what? That username sounded familiar. I might have a place to start looking for answers. I'll let you know if anything pans out."

"And I think that's my cue to go to bed." Riku said as he started to push Sora and Roxas out of his room.

"Hey!" The brothers yelled as Riku shoved them out and closed the door, the lock clicking back into place.

"Ugh... Fine. Good night!" Sora called, giving up and slinking back to his room.

"G'night!" Roxas called out. As he passed Sora, just before he got to his bedroom, he squeezed his shoulder. "It's gonna be okay."

"Thanks, man." Sora gave him a small smile before closing his bedroom door and crawling into his bed. He fished his phone out of his pocket and pulled up Kairi's picture. He needed to set his heart at ease after that text, and he had immediately thought of Kairi. He plugged his phone into the charger and propped his phone up so he could see her picture as he slowly fell asleep.