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New beginnings

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- we have to leave

He whispers to his wife who was staring at her newborn child with tears in her eyes.
They had to do this, not for them but him, he did not deserve to be in this mess.

-lotus pier is out of the question

His wife stared at him with an intense gaze as she spoke. Her husband nods in agreement knowing full well that the leader wasn’t the reason but his wife, his wife would be a nightmare for their poor child.


She said suddenly as realization hit her, she looked at her husband and got up from where she was sitting on the grass.

-wen kexing? The immortal?

He questioned getting up.

-yes,His parents were great people and his mother was a friend of mine when I was in the healer's valley.

-we should leave now, we don’t have much time.

And so they were on the route to the four-season manor far away from home.


Gu Xiang yelled as she ran after her brother trying to catch the boy.

-stop running around like kids,stop.

Zhou zishu said as he took a hold of chenglings collar and stopped him from running away.


Whined gu Xiang as she got closer to the two.

-shut it, you two.

He said letting go of the boy who stumbled before falling on the floor.

-you are no longer kids why are you two making a fuss?

He asked.

-jiejie started it

Chengling said as he cleaned his light blue robes


Gu Xiang yelled about to hit Chengling but before she could reach him zhou zishu took a hold of her arm.

-a-Xiang you are married and yet you still act like a child

Gu Xiang lowered her hand and huffed

-not fair you always take his side!

Zhou zishu smiled at her before flicking her on the forehead.

-not taking anyone's side

-now where is cao weining?

Zhou zishu looked around not seeing the boy who was smitten for his daughter.

-he is home

Gu Xiang replied as she rubbed her forehead

-then what are you doing here?

He asked as he told them both to follow him to sit down

-I just missed you guys so decided to stop by, but this brat! Had to start talking nonsense.

She pointed at Chengling.

Chengling pocked his tongue at gu Xiang who returned the action

Making zhou zishu wince at their behaviour they will never learn he thought.

-since you aren’t going to do anything but run around come with me on the hunt, it will help both of you take your energy out and be a lesson at the same time.

-but it’s my day off-

Before Chengling could whine more zhou zishu pulled both of them up by their forearms and dragged them out of the manor.

-we will be there in a few hours

Said Wei changze as he rocked his son to fall back asleep in his arms.

His wife nodded.

-he’ll be fine

He said to sanren as he took a hold of her hand assuring her that her decision was the right one to be made.

Wen kexing woke up from his nap to find no one around the Manor.

He walked outside his room and stretched his arms before walking around to stretch his legs

He stared at the moon and sighed in content but the smile was gone as soon as a knock was heard.

He walked toward the front and opened the gate only to find a man and woman with a small child in her arms.


Said the women and suddenly he realized who they were

-a-Yi, how- what’s going on

He said as he gestured at them to come in.

As they sat down all wen kexing could do was stare at the child in the woman's arms.

Wei chengze spoke as he told everything that was going on in the cultivation world and how they were the target of the big clans at the moment because of some rumours.

-how can I help?

He asked ready to face anyone who tried to come for people close to him but all he got was a small smile from his aunt.

-only one thing my dear, just one thing

She said choking back a sob

-yes a-Yi

-please take him

She said as she gestured to the child in her arms


He questioned confused

-you heard me, wen kexing I can’t take care of him, we won’t last even to see him grow up, we can’t let him suffer at the hands of the unknown.

Before wen kexing could retort and give them another option than death a child was placed in his arms as his aunt got on her knees in front of him.

She stroked the baby’s face as she spoke

-we don’t have any other options, this is our end and we have accepted it, but he deserves better, kexing doesn’t he?

She stared at the silver head as he gazed at the child in his arms.

-he’s yours

She whispered as she pulled away from the child and back into her husband's arms.


Wen kexing said but nothing else followed.

-he should not be known as a Wei

Changze announced and wen kexings eyes went wide.

-you don’t mean

He didn’t need to finish his sentence that his aunt nodded her head.


His aunt begged

Wen kexing looked down at the child in his arms who squirmed to get comfortable only to face wen kexings chest and stop moving.

-he is a wen starting today

He announced still looking at the child

His aunt let out a deep sigh of relief as she smiled at the man and let her tears fall.

-thank you

His uncle said but all wen kexing could do was nod at them

-will you stay the night?

He asked only to get a no as a response

He nodded his head in understanding and got up to give them both a hug

-you need to let go of your worries he is in good hands

They both nodded and were leaving the room when his uncle turned back to him and spoke

- his golden core is strong even at such a young age

He didn’t need to say more, wen kexing understood the plea.

He nodded his head

And watched them leave.

He turned back and went to his room where he laid the child so he could keep sleeping on a comfortable bed but as he was about to place the boy on the bed a cry left his small lips.

Wen kexing smiled and pulled the child back in his arms and laid on the bed with him. He admired the beauty of the baby and his inside warmed, he hasn’t felt this way in such a long time.

He kissed the top of Wuxians head and then his nose making the sleeping baby scrunch his nose.

He giggled at the reaction and laid his head on the pillow and soon he was pulled into a deep sleep.