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That special dance of ours

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"Prince Tubbo. Prince Ranboo from Enderia is here to see you'' one of the guards announced, opening the door to let the enderian prince in the room.
"Hello your majesty, long time no see" prince Ranboo smiled, kneeling in front of his friend for a moment.

They were left alone in the throne room, the sun happily shining on their crowns. The two didn't move for a while, but the enderian prince could see brightness and happiness in Tubbo's eyes, like he wanted to do something but didn't know if he was allowed to. With that Ranboo slowly opened his arms, knowing for a fact the shorter prince missed him too much to be formal at the moment. and he was right, the smaller boy jumped straight in his hug.

"God ranboo, I missed you so much! Where have you been? Is everything alright? How's your kingdom? I heard you got into a fight with the Menlora kingdom. Are you hurt? Can Astropola help you and your kingdom with anything?" Tubbo asked frantically
"Tubbo… I'm alright, the kingdom is doing good, don't worry about us, if i need your help i would ask for it'' Ranboo petted his hair "Though, talking about Menlora, we won the fight against them. And I believe that deserves a big celebration. What do you think… Prince Tubbo?"
"I think you're right Ranboo, your majesty'' Tubbo smiled, making the tall white haired prince smile wide as well.

And like that they started preparing, putting both their powers together to make the most beautiful dance the kingdoms have ever seen. They invited their friends from the different kingdoms, all of them accepting it.

The dance day was here, everyone was having a grand time enjoying seeing old friends of theirs, some of them dancing, some of them eating and drinking and others talking outside on the balcony. Prince Tubbo was there on the balcony too, the moon’s rays making his grey eyes glow, showing the softness in them and his happiness caused by seeing his old friends again. Prince Tommy, from Alliumia, managed to be here for the first time in decades and that alone made Tubbo the happiest prince he could ever be.
A small tap on Tubbo’s shoulder made him turn around, now facing a very nervous enderian prince. Slowly his hand extended, a way of inviting someone to dance, the dance that the two hadn’t had the time to do in a while. The two of them used to sneak around and watch their parents practice it, at night trying to replicate their parent’s steps. At some point in their teens they managed to get their parents to hire a teacher to teach them the actual dance, after that they used to stay up late and dance on this exact same balcony. What they didn’t realise then was that Ranboo’s moms were watching the two with small smiles on their faces, trying their hardest not to join the two. Enderia and Astropola have been there to help each other for decades, ages, the two kingdoms were always raising their children together, but never has anyone seen this type of strong bond between the children of the two kingdoms.
Tubbo’s hand happily slipped in Ranboo’s, laughing when the tall prince dragged him into the ballroom. Of course they remembered the steps, how could any of them forget the happiest moments in their childhood?

Different sizes purple particles were floating around the two, Tubbo noted somewhere far in his brain, since they were small, that those were happy particles that Ranboo was emitting, exactly like him moms, the brunette boy remembers seeing them around the castle whenever the two enderain queens had to give happy news to his parents.

Grey eyes looking into purple ones, whenever they were dancing they couldn't see the other people around them, there was nothing around them other than themselves and the most beautiful view the two have ever seen, Ranboo’s secret garden. They danced, their steps never being wrong, even if they were, nobody would know, nobody would realise and nobody would say anything.

Their dance ended, both smiling, cheeks red from the amount of exercise they did after years of not dancing. Tubbo was stolen again by some guest that ranboo didn’t care to remember the name of, all he knew was that Tubbo still remembered the garden, he remembered their place that Tubbo swore he will protect forever, that was their safe place, Ranboo built it in his dimension for them to be safe to have a place to be calm and protected, only Ranboo, his mothers and Tubbo being able to access it.

The astropolan prince used it once while in battle when he almost got killed by a kingdom that attacked Astropola out of nowhere, at that moment Ranboo was so happy that it actually helped Tubbo and that he actually saved the prince.

“Your dancing skills never get old hm?” Krystalin, one of Ranboo’s mothers, gave him a glass of one of his favourite drinks.
“I am just that good at dancing ma. But he’s also such a good dancer, I'm so glad I have him.” Ranboo smiled, leaning on the doorframe watching some of his other friends laughing and having a good time on the other side of the room.

There was silence after that, Ranboo was sure his mother went to her own world to take care of the flowers there, his mothers’ world being all just pastel flowers, fields and big trees that go further than someone could ever walk or teleport, the sun always shining and making you feel warm, fuzzy and happy. He loved his mothers, he loved them so much, but he also loved Tubbo. He knew he always felt safe being with the astropolian prince, and he loved that feeling, that was what he loved at him, the being safe feeling, the feeling of protection. The enderain prince loved being loved, that’s all he knew, and Tubbo loved him the same way.