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To my dear son, Fundy,...

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To my dear son, Fundy,

I was cleaning out your bedroom and remembered some things that happened when you were still here.

Do you remember when your uncle Tommy accidentally broke your favourite toy? You cried for ages.

Grandpa Phil tried to fix it using tape and when he realised it couldn’t run anymore he scolded uncle Tommy.

You still kept the toy though; It’s still here collecting dust in your desk drawer.

I found Technoblade’s scarf hidden in one of the drawers too. I know you miss him a lot.

I also saw the tuxedo you wore to the class Christmas party. I clean it everyday for you.

You also kept the box of chocolates your crush gave you, and even though it’s empty I never throw it away.

I know you insist he wasn’t your crush I could see how you looked at him.

Remember when we made that Christmas wreath together using paper, cardboard, and paint?

I always hang it up on my door every Christmas.

Every day I sit on the couch, waiting for you to come home from school with a smile.

But I know you will never do that again, will you?

You were so young when it happened.

It never should have happened.

I know you wouldn’t want me to cry over you for so long.

But I can’t help it, a father shouldn’t bury his son

I know you’ll always watch me in spirit

So that’s why I’m writing this letter

It’s time for me to move on but just know my dear son

I miss you so much


-Wilbur Soot