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It's Always Darkest Before the Dawn

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Buck had thought that Eddie leaving the 118 would have been the worst thing. In fact, it only made them grow closer. Taylor had gotten a job opportunity that she couldn’t refuse so she had left California to move to New York. Not long after she left Buck and Eddie finally got together.

It was a couple of months later now and Buck woke up comfy and warm. He had to get up for a shift, but Eddie had his arms wrapped around his middle. Buck had a smile on his face, yesterday they learned that they were expecting. Buck didn’t even know that he had the gene until they got the positive on the test.

Buck turned over to look at the time and sighed. He had to get up for work. Eddie had the day off from dispatch and would be spending the day with Chris. As he went to get out of bed, Eddie groaned and pulled him closer, causing Buck to chuckle a bit.

“I’ve got to go to work, babe.” Buck whispered which caused Eddie to groan some more.

“Five more minutes.”

“I wish I could, Eds, but I’ve got to get some breakfast started for you two before I head in.”

“Fine, remember to talk to Bobby.” Eddie said with a groan. He had a sleepy smile on his face.

“Yes, I know.” Buck leaned over and pressed a short but sweet kiss to Eddie’s lips.

Eddie growled and tried to bring him back to bed which caused Buck to laugh. Buck climbed into the shower and quickly cleaned up. Breakfast was done by the time Chris and Eddie stumbled out of bed and it was also time for Buck to leave. He hugged and kissed Chris bye before turning to Eddie.

“Please be safe out there.” Eddie begged, his hands resting on Buck’s waist.

“I will, I’ll talk to Bobby at the start of shift.” Buck promised. Eddie just nodded and they kissed one last time before Buck had to leave.

Buck, unfortunately didn’t have time to talk with Bobby before they got started. They were called out almost immediately to a multi-vehicle accident.

Working with Ravi was a bit different then working with Eddie. Buck knew that it wasn’t the Probie’s fault that he missed working with Eddie. They just finished pulling the last victim out when the sound of an engine filled his ears.

Buck didn’t have time to move, just as the car hit him, his only thought was on Eddie and their baby.

*Bobby’s P.O.V.*

It was supposed to be a normal shift; was Bobby’s only thought as Hen and Smith, who was a temporary medic, rushed to Buck. The car came out of nowhere.

“Dispatch, I need an additional RA unit, Firefighter has been struck by civilian vehicle. Vehicle did not stop, took off right away.” Bobby spoke into the radio. He didn’t hear the response as he made his way over to the group.

“Depressed breath sounds, probably pneumothorax. Hand me the four inch catheter, ten gauge.” Hen said ripping open Buck’s shirt.

“I’ve got the c-collar.” Smith called grabbing the collar and securing it to Buck’s neck.

Hen pierced the skin right below the clavicle and they heard the slight hiss of air.

“Starting a line!” Smith called as Hen felt down Buck’s body for any other injuries.

“Loss of bladder control, definitely some kind of spinal injury.” Hen said softly. “Let’s load him up.”

Bobby sighed, he was gonna have to call Eddie, Chim and Maddie. Hopefully before the hospital did. He shook his head and realized that dispatch was calling him.

“Captain Nash, please respond.” That was May’s voice. Mentally cursing he activated the radio.

“Go for Captain Nash.”

“The 118 has been taken offline. Who was hit?” she asked softly.

“It was Buck. Call your mom and meet us at the hospital. I’ll text you which one.” Bobby said.

“We’re taking him to LAC+USC Medical Center. ETA 5 minutes.” Hen called closing the doors and hopping in the driver’s seat.

Bobby nodded and headed back to the engine and pulled out his phone. Pulling out his phone he dialed Eddie’s number first.

“Hey, Bobby, I’m not gonna like this am I?” Eddie asked then after a brief second asked “Is Buck all right?”

“No, Buck was hit by a car at a scene. He’s being transported to USC+LAC Medical center.” Bobby said.

“Dios mío, no Buck. Oh Dios, el bebé. Bobby, did he talk to you before shift?” Eddie sounded panicked.

“He wanted to but we didn’t get a chance. We got called out right away. What’s going on, Eddie?” he asked.

“We found out yesterday, he’s pregnant. How bad was it?” There was rustling around as Eddie grabbed his shoes.

“It was bad. I didn’t notice any bleeding in that area but it was hard to tell though.”

“All right, I’ll call Carla. I’ll be there soon.” Eddie said before hanging up the phone.

Bobby pulled the phone away thinking who to call next. He finally decided on Chim. Thankfully he answered right away.

“Cap, I’ve found her, here in Boston.” Chim answered right away. Bobby could tell there was a smile on his face.

“That’s great news Chim. I’m not called with good news though, I’m afraid.”

“Cap, what happened?”

“Buck’s been hit by a car at a scene. It’s not good. You, Maddie and Jee need to get back here immediately.”

“Oh shit. Okay, we’ll be there as soon as we can.” Chim told him then after a second. “Bobby, how bad are we talking?”

“Definite spinal damage and a severe concussion I would say. The full extent I don’t know yet.”

“Shit, we’ll be there as soon as we can.” Chim said before hanging up.

Bobby and the rest of the engine crew made it back to the station. He and Ravi climbed into Bobby’s truck and headed to the hospital.

Eddie was waiting with Hen already by the time they got there. Eddie was a wreck, hair messy with red rimmed eyes. Bobby brought him in for a hug immediately which made Eddie sob into his shoulder. Bobby had a case of déjà vu, this was too similar to Shannon.

“He’s strong, Eddie. He’ll fight to stay with us.” Bobby said.

“I hope so.” Eddie sobbed as they sat and waited. Athena and May showed up not long after that. Once they showed up a doctor finally came out, looking exhausted and worn.

“Family of Evan Buckley.” She said.

Eddie stood immediately and the rest of their family stood as well.

“How is he? Is the baby okay?” Eddie asked immediately.

“Miraculously the fetus is perfectly fine, there was some stress to it but once we got Evan stabilized it stabilized as well.”

“What about Buck?” he asked.

“He has a fight ahead of him. Unfortunately, the spinal injury was complete. The cord was severed at the T6 vertebrae. I’m sorry to say that he will not be about to walk again.”

Bobby and Hen had to catch Eddie as he almost collapsed at the news. The doctor then went on with his list of injuries.

“Evan has been placed in a medically induced coma. He has several broken ribs, a broken left arm and a severe concussion with some brain swelling. We have him on a ventilator due to the pneumothorax.” The doctor said.

“How long will he be in a coma for?” Athena asked.

“Until the swelling has gone down then we’ll talk about bringing him out of the coma.”

“Can we see him?” Bobby asked.

“Yes, only two at a time for now. We have him in the ICU. The doctor said with a small smile. Bobby took Eddie’s arm and lead him to the room. Eddie broke down as soon as they made it to Buck’s side. He placed a hand on Buck’s belly and another in his hair and cried.