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Too many people, too little bathrooms

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Alex loved festivals, the crowd cheering you on, playing outside; introducing new people to your music was everything that Alex loved. But what he loved more was attending festivals. This was the first time in a long time that the band was attending a festival and they weren’t performing in any way. They were there just to watch and have fun.

It was the afternoon of day 2 of the festival. Rian and Alex were listening to one of the performances; they’ve lost Jack and Zack before lunch, hoping the two were still together and Jack wasn’t wandering around by himself. Alex had drank a few too many.

“Rian! Rian! Rian! Come on, I’m hungry we should go and get a snack.” Alex was just on the wrong side of drunk, but he was having fun. And he needed Rian to listen.

“Ok, relax would you. What do you want?” Rian started walking toward where several food trucks and vendors were set up, a little ways away from where they currently were.

“Taco!!” Alex tried running ahead of Rian but tripped and fell flat onto his face.

“Ok bud, you need to calm down. Let’s get you some water on the way. Then I promise we’ll get tacos.”

Rian pulled Alex off the ground and onto his feet. Rian took ahold of Alex’s elbow to keep him from running off or falling over, again. On their way they passed a stand selling water so Rian bought a couple bottles. He opened one and forced it into Alex’s hand was a stern ‘drink.’ Alex pouted but listened to Rian, having the whole bottle gone by the time they got in line at a taco truck.

“Look at all the optional Rian. I want them all.” Alex bounced on his toes, clutching the empty water bottle in his hands.

“You can’t eat them all, how about you go and find somewhere to sit and I’ll bring them over.”

“Okay Rian.”

“Drink this too, help sober you up.” Rian handed Alex another water bottle. He took it with an enthusiastic nod of his head. Rian watched as Alex skipped over to an empty table and sat down, shaking his head watching his drunk friend.

Alex sat at the table and sipped slowly on the water bottle. He pulled out his phone to see a text from Zack saying that him and Jack were back at the hotel after Jack threw up being too drunk. Alex responded saying that him and Rian would join them later that night and bring food with them. Now that Alex was sitting he realized that he needed to pee. He doesn’t even want to think about how much he’s drank since leaving the hotel that morning, and he’s pretty sure that the last time he’s went to the bathroom. He should probably get up and go find a bathroom. But he didn’t want to lose Rian, especially because he wasn’t sure where the bathroom was and he really wanted the tacos Rian was bringing him. He also didn’t want to lose the table, finding a table when there were this many people was lucky and he knew that when he got back the table would be gone and there probably wouldn’t be another one available.

So Alex sat. He made the decision to stop drinking the water, figuring he had enough and once he ate his tacos he’s sober up some. Alex kinda wanted to stand up but again didn’t want to lose his table, so he stayed sitting and clenched his thighs together. He hoped that Rian would be back with their food soon so that Alex could use the bathroom. Alex started shifting around while looking around to see if he could find where the bathrooms were but wasn’t having much luck. You would think that there would be some near where the food was but that seems like wishful thinking right now.

Now that Alex was aware of the need and a little more sober it became more pressing. His jeans were tight and caused unnecessary pressure now that he was sitting down. He kept shifting around on the bench trying to find a position that didn’t press his jeans into his bladder; which was proving to be impossible. Alex got distracted with trying to hold it he didn’t even notice Rian approaching the table with a tray of food.

“Alright tacos and more water. Are you okay?” Rian squinted watching Alex move around on the bench.

“Oh tacos.” Alex forgot about his need, more interested in finally eating his tacos.

“Here’s yours and some more water.” Rain sat a tray of four tacos down in front of Alex before sitting down and starting to eat his own tacos.

Alex was so excited about his tacos that he forgot about his need to pee until he got a sharp cramp in his abdomen and a small leak slipped out and dampened his underwear. Alex tensed up and almost dropped his taco. Alex then remembered his plan to go once Rian showed up. But now it just felt rude to get up and leave after they both started eating. So he decided to hold it, and once they were done tell Rian he had to go. Good plan.

Except it kept getting worse. He tried to focus on eating, telling Rian about to text from Zach. Eating his tacos as fast as he can, while also avoiding the water on the table. He crossed his legs as tight as he could under the table and bouncing them gently. And Rian didn’t seem to understand that Alex needed to pee and was taking his time eating, and trying to make conversation.

“Are you almost done?” Alex asked. He’d already finished his tacos and was bouncing his legs and squirming around constantly in his seat. His hands were gripping the edge of the bench, knuckles turning white with the tight grip.

“In a minute. Are you in a hurry or something?”

“Yes I am. I need too pee and the quicker you eat the quicker I can go and pee.” Alex decided he was done hiding, still a little to drunk to fully care.

“Alright sorry I’ll finish then we’ll find the bathrooms.” Rian finished his last taco quickly and the pair gathered their garbage and stood up. Alex moaned and double over when he stood, if he thought sitting was bad standing was even worse.

“Rian can we get moving. It’s real bad.” Alex straightened up as much as he could. His legs were still pressed together as he tried walking.

It was a slow and painful walk. Alex let Rian lead the way; he was more concerned about holding it. He could feel the weight of is bladder in his abdomen, and he was pretty sure his lower stomach was swelled slightly with the fullness of his bladder.

“There’s some just up ahead. There’s a line but I don’t think walking further and finding different ones would help you any.” Rian said. He lead the two over and into the line.

It was harder to hold while standing still. Alex marched to place, turning in circles while squirming around. Rian stood behind him and thankfully didn’t say anything. Alex was doing everything he could to hold it but the line wasn’t moving nearly fast enough for his liking. Alex felt a steady leak leak out into his underwear. He grabbed himself tightly and jumped up and down.

“Rian please tell me we’re close to the front.”

“Almost there Alex.” Rian was lying, there were still 15 people in front of them and Rian didn’t think that Alex was going to make it until they got to the front of the line.

Alex continued doing everything he could do to hold it in. He didn’t think he was going to make it, more had leaked out and his underwear was definitely wet now and his jeans were going to be if he didn’t get to go in the next few minutes. Alex gasped when pee jutted out of him, soaking his underwear through and causing a large wet spot on the front of his jeans.

“Rian I can’t hold it anymore.” Alex said. He knew that it was just a matter of seconds at this point before he lost it completely. Rian made a decision then. There were some tress no far and Rian didn’t think Alex wanted to wet himself while in line to use the bathroom. So he grabbed Alex’s arm and pulled him toward the trees.

“Here Alex you can go here.” Rian blocked Alex so no one could see when he started going.

“Too late, can’t stop it.” Alex gasped and he couldn’t stop going. The pee flowed down his legs into his shoes and puddling on the ground.

Rian couldn’t do anything but watch as Alex wet himself. Now Rian was really glad he pulled Alex out of line and away from the crowd. It took almost a minute before the puddle stopped growing. Neither said anything just stood there both staring at the ground.

“Sorry.” Alex apologized.

“It’s alright. Let’s go back to the hotel. I’ll order food for delivery for the other two.”

“Thanks Rian. Can we not tell the other two about this?”

“Your secret is safe with me.” Rian lead the two out a back way to the hotel, which was not far. Alex quickly changed before joining the rest, pretending like nothing happened.