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Another version of Izuku

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Hisashi/All for One's POV:

So many years passed, since I was born. I never wanted to became a Supervillain, I just wanted to survive. Doesn't matter how hard I tried, the fate always find me. I'm waiting, my wife is pregnant and if I continue being a Supervillain, how can they live happily and free. I made my choose, I turned myself in. I visited Nezu, the UA's principal, since he is the only Pro Hero who maybe give me a chance to talk.

I standing in front of his office's door, still afraid to enter, but I already passed the turnimg point. I knock on the door and I enter.

"How can I help?" Nezu look at me and ask. "I'm sure, there are more heroes who can help."

"No, I think not." I said, which surprised him.

"Then, please talk. Do you want some tea?" Nezu asked.

"No, thank you." I said. "I want to turn myself in."

"So, you're a villain." Nezu said. "May I ask who you are?"

"My villain name is well known, it's All for One." I said, which made Nezu shocked. "My real name is Hisashi Midoriya."

"And, why would the Number 1 villain give up?" Nezu asked, while try to hide his scare. "You are a big fish."

"I have a wife, she pregnant. I don't want them to be in danger." I said. "I just want them to be safe."

"I see... Maybe I can offer a deal." Nezu said.

"What kind of deal?" I was surprised. I prepared myself to go to jail, for my families safty.

"You will teach here in UA, this will be a test time." Nezu said, which shocked me.

"But, how this will work?" I asked him. "I'm a very wanted man."

"Just leave it to me." Nezu said. "I will handle this paperwork. Not every day came to me the greatest villain."

"I'll accept." I said.


4 years later:

Still Hisashi's POV:

After becoming a teacher at UA lot's of things happened. We adopted Tenko after his Quirk got out of control. Inko's brother's dead shocked her, but after Tenko told his story to us, she became angry at her brother. Nezu and Shota helped me to teach Tenko how to control his Quirk and he perfectly control it now.

Months after Tenko's arrive, my son, Izuku was born. Recovery Girl help Inko when she gave birth to Izuku. Tenko was so happy when he saw Izuku. I was happy, I think my decision was right, when I decided to give up being a villain. I can't be more happier.

I was in classroom, teaching Class 3-A, when my phone began ringing.

"Apology, class, but I have to pick it up." I said after I saw Inko calling me.

Izuku just became 4 years old a month ago and his Quirk soon would appear. I take a deep breath and accept Inko's call.

"Inko, honey, everything is okay?" I ask after I hear her loud breathing.

"Dear, come home now! Izuku got his Quirk and destroyed half of the house. Tenko used his quirk to clear any dangerous part of the damaged house, but Izuku's Quirk can became uncontrollable anytime soon." Inko talked fast and it's took me time to understand what she was saying.

"I'm on my way!" I said. "Class, I have to go."

They looked at me as I run out from the classroom and heading to Shota's class. He is the only person who can help me right now. On my way I met with Hizashi and asked him to take care of Class 3-A, because I have emergency.

I rushed into Shota's class and they looked at me surprised.

"Shota, I need your help." I said. "Izuku got his Quirk and destroyed half of my house."

"Can't you handle it?" Shota said with his sleepy voice.

"Well, you're the only one who can disable Quirks, so...nope." I said a little sarcastically.

"Fine, class, until I arrive back read page 23-131 in this book." Shota said and left with me.

I called Kurogiri to open a portal for us. Poor Oboro, he was almost killed in a villain attack, but to be honest, if he die in that incident would be the best. He got amnesia and the worst, he was turned into a living shadow. My old friend Kyudai Garaki and Recovery Girl tried their best to bring him back, but because of his amnesia it turned out impossible. Shota and Hizashi tried to make him remember their past, but it should take more time. After that I took in Oboro, who changed his name to Kurogiri, and started helping my family. Turned out Inko and Oboro were childhood friends, which surprised use, but we hope Inko's presence would help him to recover.

Shota and I came out from the portal and saw a very damaged house. Inko was holding Izuku when we arrived. I calmed down when I saw everyone is okay. I walked to Inko and Izuku, Tenko was next to Kurogiri. He got tired, I thing he needed to work hard to handle Izuku's power.

"Inko, what happened here? Nobody got hurt?" I asked her when I arrived to them.

"No, we all unhurt." Inko said.

"I brought Shota with me, let's visit Recovery Girl to check Izuku's Quirk." I said. "Shota will make sure everything is under control."

"Yeah, of course." Shota said. "Let's just go. Oboro, a portal please."

"Of course, Shota." Kurogiri said.

Shota and Hizashi call Kurogiri Oboro in private, trying to help him remember.

Kurogiri opened a portal for us and we went into it. Tenko and Kurogiri came with us too, because I wanted to make sure nobody got hurt.

When we came out from the portal Recovery Girl walked to me angrily and hit me with her stick.

"Hisashi Midoriya, how many time I have to tell you not to just teleport into my office!" she said angrily.

"Sorry, Recovery Girl." I said. "But it's an emergency. Izuku got his Quirk and destroyed half of our house."

"Fine, fine, but don't you dare to do it again." she said. "Let me check Izuku."

Izuku was a little too quiet, to be honest. I hope nothing happened to him.

Recovery Girl begin checking Izuku and when she got the result she was shocked.

"Hisashi, your Quirk is All for one, right?" she asked, when she looked at me.

"Yes, that's right. Why?" I asked.

"It looks like Izuku got your Quirk's mutated variant. To describe, he have every Quirk in his body. I think his Quirk's name could be All in One." she said. "I think he used Present Mic's Quirk, that's why he don't talk."

"Wow!" Izuku finally talked. "I tough I like Tenko, who can't control his Quirk without training."

"I didn't said this." Recovery Girl said. "I said, you can use any Quirk which ever existed and if a new Quirk is born, you get a copy too."

"Isn't it dangerous?" Inko asked.

"No, since he has a Quirk, which make his body powerful enough to handle those Quirks." Recovery Girl said.

"Izuku has All for One." I said. "My Quirk allow me to take and give Quirks, but make my body enough powerful to handle them."

"Can I ask something?" we all looked at Izuku when he asked us.

"Sure thing son, what is it?" I asked.

"Can Mr. Eraser Head teach me how to handle my Quirks?" Izuku asked.

"Why me?" Shota asked.

"Well, your Quirk can disable Quirks so you can stop it when I lost control." Izuku said, which surprised us.

{Maybe he has a Quirk which increase his IQ.} I thought.

"Fine, I'll teach you." Shota said. "But don't expect from me being nice to you, because you're a child."

"Yes sir." Izuku said energetically.

"I see you make a great family, Hisashi." we all heard Nezu's voice from behind us.

Nezu just entered into Recovery Girl's office.

"Principal Nezu!" Izuku said before any of us can say a single word. "What a honor to not just meet two Pro Hero, but also meet with the UA's principal himself!"

"I see, so your son is really interesting." Nezu said. "I would like to test him, if he good enough I will take him as my private student."

"You don't have to, Nezu." I said.

"No, no. I would love to. Normal middle school's can't handle so talented kids like your's, Hisashi." Nezu said. "And it's been so long, since I had a chance to teach a student."

"Fine, but please don't be to harsh on him." I said.

Nezu took Izuku with him to test his IQ. Shota went back to his class, while Inko, Tenko and Kurogiri went with me to Nezu's office. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Izuku pass Nezu's test. After Recovery Girl told us about his Quirk, some strange thing got explained. I think Izuku's Quirk improved him, since he was young. Prepared his body for this much power.

This test took half an hour, when finally they came out. Nezu smile told he passed.

"I will be honest, Hisashi. Your son got very high score, which disappoint me in myself. He was able to gain more then me." Nezu said. "I will teach Izuku myself, while Shota train him."

"Thank you, Nezu." I said. "But what about his Quirk? What should we report about it?"

"Why don't we just tell I have strong Telekinesis Quirk?" Izuku said. "I mean, Mom have one."

"Great idea, son." Inko said.

"Alright. Go home, Izuku. Rest until tomorrow, when Shota start your training." Nezu said.